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Integrated Business Management at DuPontOptimize Sales and Operations Planning withIn-Memory ComputingMay 16, 2013Pamelyn G Lindsey, CSCPBusiness Process ManagerIntegrated Business PlanningDuPontRay AdamsIBU ChemicalsSAP

Integrated Business Management at DuPont (DIBM) This is DuPont What is DIBM? Evolution of “S&OP” in DuPont Enabling DIBM Enabling Integration2

DuPont is a market-driven science companyOur PurposeDuPont is a science company. We work collaboratively to findsustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions to solve some ofthe world’s biggest challenges, making lives better, safer, andhealthier for people everywhere.


DuPont’s 12 Businesses Pioneer Hi-Bred Protection Technologies Crop Protection Building Innovations Nutrition & Health Sustainable Solutions Performance Polymers Titanium Technologies Packaging & Industrial Polymers Chemicals & Fluoroproducts Electronics & Communications Industrial Bio Sciences

DuPont Global Integrated Operations – At a glanceDiverse OperationsDuPont Integrated Operations Worldwide Seeds Discrete Parts Food Additives Industrial Biotech Film production Polymer Production Fiber production Consumer goods Electronic materials Continuous chemical process Fine and custom chemicals Fluorine ChemicalsGlobal Supply ChainsPlant sitesWarehousesShippingEmployees (approx.)CountriesContract operations70 of 98207 Sites740 Major Container user34,000 45 1000 Sites

Improving Performance Requires Transformational ApproachFrom Improve CustomerExperience Inconsistent deliveryperformance Difficulty meeting promises Significant churn and effort High inventory Misaligned policies Non productive inventoryReduceInventory ReduceCost to Serve High complexityManual interventionsNumerous work aroundSignificant expeditingTo Reliable Supply Competitive Lead Times Differentiated service levels Advantaged working capitalproductivity Aligned E2E performance Capital available to re-invest Automated, streamlined,rules based processes Reduced manufacturingcosts Reduced expediting costs

DuPont Integrated Business Management (DIBM)5-Step Managing ProcessGuiding PrinciplesDuPont Integrated Business Management’s 5Step model is a formal process led by a businessteam, on a monthly basis, which evaluatesaggregate plans for time-phased projections forproduct, demand, supply, and the resultingfinancials for the next 24 months Business management ownershipIt’s a decision-enabling process that makesvisible the alignment of the DIBM functionalplans in all geographies and whether they are insupport of the business’ strategy Commitment and regularparticipation from executive staffThe DIBM process enables the key objective ofreaching consensus on a single operating planthat allocates critical resources to mosteffectively and profitably meet customers’ needs Business process simplification Speak the truth Rolling monthly planning One set of operating numbers Simplification – focus on changeKeys to Success Accountability and discipline Common goals across allparticipantsBenefits Streamlined performance Product plan execution Focus on the customer Planning vs. Firefighting Revenue, market share, margin,customer service & cash-flow8

DIBM: Integration and VisibilityIntegratedReconciliationMake visible the possiblebusiness outcomes andimplication: Decisions to make Gaps & gap closers Alignment withStrategyDemandManagementSupplyManagementMake visible theoptions for meetingthe demandscenarios; and theconsequences ofeachDrives proactivemanagement bymaking visible thedemand scenarios (asinfluenced by external& internal forces)ProductManagementWhat are the 2year ins & outs tothe product line?DIBM IS A VISIBILITY MACHINE9

Evolution of “S&OP” in DuPontDIBM Strategic Initiative – Evolution of Focus and Capability2007 - 2008DIBMS&OPFoundation(PHASE 1) Strategydeployment viaS&OP discipline s Acceleration –resources &development 1.5B WCproductivitydelivered2010WorkStreams:Cash, Cost& Customer(PHASE 2) Product, Demand& SupplyManagement Strong content,global andregional delivery2011 - 2013Enable Growth &Improve Returns:Integrate & Optimize(PHASE 3) Deeper projects: Product,Demand & Supply together,with key functions Connects Strategy, Executionand People Development Improve Fixed AssetProductivity, DTP, Cash

Enabling DIBMBefore and After DIBMCharacteristicsBefore DIBMAfter DIBM3 – 12 MonthsHorizon24-Month rollingNext few months onlyFocus4 MonthsWeekly/quarterlyFrequencySKU & detail (units only)LanguageProduction plan outputOutcomesMiddle managementInvolvementMonthly, with weekly refreshwhen appropriateSegment/markets, families,regions, units, GAP closing strategies scenariosw/ action plansBusiness leadership & middlemanagementExecution & short termDecisionsTactical & strategicMeeting to review numbersProcessIntegrated business functionsand plan with strategy12

Enabling DIBMScenario Planning: Needs Qualitatively Different CasesTypical low-med-high variations on a single case(forecasts & D&RA)24 monthsScenarios Are Fundamentally Different Cases, Not Variations on a Single CaseMore about sensitizing thebusiness to possibilities enablingthem to be more responsive tochanging business conditionsLess about prediction24 months13

Enabling Integration in the FutureStrategy / Planning / Tactics / ExecutionOverall business strategyAnnual financial goalsBPCLong-term planningDIBMMid-term planningS&OPShort-term tacticsAPO/SCM7Detailed execution14

Optimize Sales and Operations Planning withIn-Memory ComputingSAP Sales and Operations PlanningPowered by SAP HANA

Where S&OP Fits Across Enterprise PlanningValue Make strategy actionableStrategicPlanning Integrate tactical planning &execution Drive visibility and agilityScenario PlansStrategicPlansConstrained RevenueMargin s,PromotionsSalesPlanningS&OPConstrainedSalesQty PlanForecastFinance PlanShort TermPlansScenario PlansConstrained Rev &Margin ProjectionsFinancialPlanningOperationalPlanning 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.16

Solution ArchitectureSAP Sales and Operations PlanningPowered by SAP HANA User InterfaceBPCAPOBWAnyOtherSystemData ServicesCRMOut-of-the-box IntegrationERPWeb UIsftp httpsSAP HANA Excel 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Sales/MarketingPlanning Views(Excel)S&OP Model & EngineDimensionsAttributesKey FiguresCalculationsScenariosSimulationProcess cel)SupplyChainAdministration(Web)Executives17

How S&OP on SAP HANA Drives Process Maturity1. Reacting2. Anticipating3. Collaborating4. OrchestratingLevel of S&OP MaturityOut of the boxintegration withAPO and ECCReal Time Demandand SupplyConstrained ModelSocial Collaborationand ProcessDashboardReal Time gross andnet profit per supplyconstraintsFamiliar ExcelInterfaceUnlimitedSimulationReal Time Cost &InventoryProjectionsFinancial PlanningIntegrationReal Time Alerts onentire modelMaintain details tosynch with tacticalplanningAdvanced nStage 4 is sometimes referred to as “IBP”

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Integrated Business Management at DuPont Optimize Sales and Operations Planning with In-Memory Computing May 16, 2013 Pamelyn G Lindsey, CSCP Business Process Manager Integrated Business Planning DuPont Ray Adams IBU Chemicals SAP

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