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BEAUTYDENMARKFINLANDNORWAYby FORE VERSWEDEN10TIPSTHINK YOURSELFGORGEOUSNicolineArturssonFrom Miss Sweden to ForeverInspirationalMagazine!GuideSmashing style tipsfor ladies andgentlemenSKIN CARE TOMATCH YOUR AGE

BEAUTY IS IN THE HEART OF THE BEHOLDER // H.G. WELLSBEAUTYFacts & FiguresOur left side is our most beautiful sideWhen US college students in a study were asked to rank photos of ten male and tenfemale faces, all photos that showed faces from their left was found more aestheticallypleasing than the others.50 % BALDSKIN CARE58-98 IN12 YEARSIS NO. 1BALDNESS WILL NOT BE VISIBLE UNTIL YOU’VE LOSTMORE THAN HALF OF THE HAIR ON YOUR HEAD.At 34 %, skin care products make up the bulk of the cosmeticsindustry. The fastest growing segment is nail polish.In 1938, 58 % of womenowned at least one lipstick.In 1950 the equivalentnumber was 98 %.1919The year of thefirst patent fornail polish. Thecolor was lightpink. 12 000 AND TWO YEARSA British study shows that the average woman spends over 12,000 on beauty productsin her lifetime – and two years of her life using them.1880The year when the first commercially successful lipstickwas released.214 000SHAVESThe average man shaves 14 000 timesin his lifetime.

4In themagazine:Beauty byNicoline2 Beauty Facts & Figures4 Beauty by Nicoline8 The trendiest makeup9 Forever Loves Makeup10 Choose skin care to match your age12 Skin care, not only for the ladies13 Our skin care favorites14 Think yourself gorgeous– tips from the coach16 Have you bought the beauty myths?18 Eat yourself beautiful20 Beauty throughout the ages21 Beauty favorites from head to toe22 Spice up your style– smart tips for her & him24 About Forever Living Products9BEAUTYBY FOREVERWhat is beauty to you? Psychologists,historians and anthropologists have beenresearching the subject for ages, andthough they’ve found that historical andcultural factors all play a part, there aresome things people all over the world findbeautiful. For example, radiant skin andthick, lustrous hair. In this magazine, we’dlike to offer you new inspiration on how toForever Loves Makeupbring forth your own, unique beauty. It’s, ofcourse, about skin care and makeup, butyou’ll also get to meet the beauty queenwho believes that beauty has a purpose.You’ll even learn how to think yourselfbeautiful – and more Happy reading!Want to know more about our beauty products?Talk to your Forever Business Owner!1220Beautythroughoutthe agesSkin care – not onlyfor the ladiesTHE STAFF:Publisher: Åsa NyvallEditor: Maria SödergrenArt Director: Malin AlgotssonProject Manager:Anna-Karin Peter Gaudiano, Shutterstock.com3

BEAUTY byNICOLINENicoline Artursson is only 22 years old, but she has alreadyexperienced more of the beauty business than most of us do in ourlifetime. She’s been a model for well-known brands and seen thespotlight as one of the world’s most beautiful women in the MissWorld contest. Today she’s the face of Forever Living Productsbeauty line. Here, Nicoline shares her views on beauty – and herbest beauty tips.PHOTO: Peter GaudianoAged 17, Nicoline packed her bags and leftfor Paris. The plan was to study economics,but once there it didn’t take long before themodel scouts spotted her, and her careertook off. Though for an adventurous and curious girlas Nicoline, this was far from enough. The next stepwas winning the Miss Sweden contest. This gave herthe opportunity to represent Sweden in the world’sbiggest beauty contest: Miss World, where she placedherself in the top 12 out of 127 participating countries.– It’s among the biggest and mightiest things I’vedone. All the extraordinary people I’ve gotten to meetaround the world, all the different cultures and excitingplaces have really given me a broad perspective onlife and our fellow man, Nicoline says.BEAUTY AS SOMETHING POSITIVENicoline believes that beauty contest is not all aboutappearance and weird ideals. It’s just as much aboutstanding up and selling yourself in a way that enhancesyour value for everyone who’s watching. It’s aboutshowing your true beauty, something Nicoline believescan be made up of many different things:– Beauty to me is about true passion. It can be yourpersonality, something you’re good at, or how you treatpeople – just as well as a stunning look. I believe thatbeauty has a purpose. When you find yours, use itright, and you can achieve anything you want.4

Beauty by NicolineAMBASSADOR FOR A BEAUTIFUL BUSINESSIn her job as a Forever ambassador, Nicoline is involved ineverything from product development and promotion to trainingin skin care and makeup as well as projects for helping ForeverBusiness Owners around the worldboost their businesses. A perfectmatch for a girls who seems to be aborn entrepreneur.– Being my own brand and at thesame time inspiring others, helpingthem achieve their dreams and goalsin life, this gives me an enormousjoy and willpower. To show peoplethat anything’s possible, that it’snot so dangerous to ”put yourself out there” – I believe this isimportant to everybody. And, there’s definitely beauty heretoo, like someone who has built their business from scratchand become successful.working out. Exercise is vital for feeling better, she says. Andfeeling better is connected to looking better.– Feeling that my body is working and that it’s strong is veryimportant to me. I want to feel fresh andalert. And, in my experience, exerciseand a healthy lifestyle helps me do somuch better in everything else I do in life."Taking care of your body –showering, exercising andeating tasty and healthyfood is important. Surroundyourself with love – and, byall means, spread the love!"EXERCISE FOR LIFEWith a mother who’s a former Danish champion in tennis anda triathlete for a father, perhaps it’s no wonder Nicoline lovesOBSESSION WITH LOOKS ANDBEING WHO YOU AREWhen asked if she thinks we’re living ina society obsessed with looks, Nicolineagrees. In her opinion it goes even furtherthan how we people look: it’s also about the appearance ofour homes, our pets and so on . Her advice on how to dealwith this is to understand what’s real in life, but at the sametime allow yourself to dream. To keep your feet on the ground,but never be afraid of standing out in the crowd. Be who youtruly are, and share that joy with others.HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST // AUDREY HEPBURNWant to see more of Nicoline?Check out her awesome Instagram @nicolineartursson5

Beauty by NicolineNICOLINE’S BEAUTY ROUTINEIt’s vital to understand that your insideis connected with the outside. Whatgets inside your body will show in yourappearance. Ever since I discovered thecombination of Forever Aloe Vera Geland the Sonya Skin Care line – I’m sold.It was a true ”hallelujah moment”. Everymorning and evening I drink my Gel, thenI cleanse my face and moisturize, usingmy Sonya Skin Care products.Always let your skin’s current conditiondecide. Let’s say you wake up with oily skin.Then, it’s easy to believe you should use alight day cream, but your skin is actuallytelling you that it needs nourishmentand is desperately trying to replenish itsmoisture by itself. In this case, you needa rich, deep moisturizing face cream.NICOLINE’S BEST MAKEUP TIPgo for the big eyesHere’s how I do it: Start with applyingVolumizing Mascara, since its fibers worksideways, to get a wide, luscious look.Then, finish off with Lengthening Mascarabecause its fibers work upwards. Placethe brush in the middle of the lashes, thenpull it outwards, almost to the tips, andhold the brush there for a while (about15–25 seconds, experiment a little to findyour perfect time). Then, take the brush therest of the way. Keep layering until you’vegot your desired result.NICOLINE’S TIP FOR HANDLING A REAL”bad-hair-day”GOES SHOPPING WITHOUT MAKEUPDespite her role as a beauty ambassador, Nicoline does not hesitate to leave the house without makeup. She says that lots ofcosmetics doesn’t automatically make you more beautiful. But sheconsiders it important take care of yourself, mostly for your ownsake. Nicoline says she focuses on the fact that beauty comesfrom within. But is that really as simple as it sounds?– Taking care of your body – showering, exercising and eatingtasty and healthy food is important. Surround yourself with love –and, by all means, spread the love! If you treat your body right, itwill make you glow. Can you feel an inner peace? Can you receivelove and warmth and pass it on? Then your appearance will radiatehealth and give you a wonderful charisma.6There are days when everything goes south.But I’ve realized that you shouldn’t stopyourself from feeling anger or frustration. Letyourself feel the ”pain” – it’ll do you good.And those days that are just about bad hair,remember it’s not the end of the world. Justlaugh at it and look at it as a cool hairdo.Twist up your tangled hair into a tousled knotand boom: you have a stylish, casual look.

5 THINGSBeauty by Nicoline1. the age of 10,Nicoline arranged abiking school for herfriends on the blockNicoline loves towrite – both storiesand songsShe once came secondin the Mini Olympicsin team gymNicoline loves nutsand avocadoShe can be a realnight owl7

MakeuptrenderTRIGHNOWTHE TRENDIEST MAKEUPIn the mood for a change? Some new makeup is an easyway to update your look. Here are some trends we thinkworthy of attention. Let’s get inspired!Get inspired!90s lipsDark, rich lipstick tones adds delicious drama to your look. Red is always right,but dare to try a plum or brownish hue as well. Extra cool paired with light eyemakeup.Or frosted lipsAfter several seasons of matte lipsticks the frosted and shimmering onesare back. Lovely news, since many of these are easier to wear than theirmatte colleagues.Bronze eyeshadowMetallics aren’t new, but after gold and silver comes warm, bronzy tones. Thesegive your face a nice warmth and works perfect with the dark 90s lips.Strong browsThe trend with power brows persists. But now, they’re supposed to be shapedwell so enlist help from an expert is you’re feeling unsure. More and more salonshave brow stylists, so you’ll be sure to find one near you.Loads of lashesAt the moment, you can’t really have too much lashes. Go for a reallygood mascara.New smoky eyesThe smoky eyes are back, but in a new form. This time around, think ”less ismore”, a little more subtle and sophisticated. Looks great with nude lips.Rosy cheeksImagine the color of your cheeks after you’ve been out on a nice, long winter walk.That natural, rosy look is super-hot right now.No makeup-makeupPerfect skin, nude lips and neutral eyes. This is possibly the most popular andversatile trend there is at the moment. It’s all about using makeup to hide possibleflaws and bring out your own, natural, beauty.“Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face.”8

Forever loves makeupForeverloves makeupVolu mFlawlessi z i ng Mas c a ralashes.c blackaradramatidnaMllg ascus, fuolumizinVLuxurio asyunlu m in os by Soa te s voFlawleseVe ra c res fo r theehsloAlaw ithc u rl e dyllfutiuaand lookglamorog Ma s c aSilky smooth blush with Aloe Vera. Provides wonderfully sheer colorto bring forth, define and shape your cheeks. Creates a natural,healthy and beautiful glow. Choose from six beautiful shades.radenricheloe VeraA.eraathwithMasclashese n in gral,en youL e n g thr a natu foasyLengthenhosSlaydbesefinfl aw le swell- ds long,ult.sre,Cre atelergettabfonuteyC on c e ale r D u etshcils witler penae.chncoaces in e-sidedry shadytadoublesnarteeammSmpleVe ra isectly condit h A lo eaweglatwo perfurarmt c ovea my foeenxc e ll e nT h e c rese betwv id e s eropCit. hoo;heons.isstinuafitoscombinrflawles,loothcotoa smif ferenthree [email protected] loves Luscious Lip ColourSee more FBO Beauty Favorites onInstagram at #forevbeautyfavFBO FavoriteFlawlethenins s L en gBrilliant BlushCream to PowderFoundationA wonderful creamy formula thattranscends into a silky powderwhen applied. Extracts fromAloe Vera and Orchids worktogether to create a foundationthat melts into your skin andgives a smooth, flawless finish.Nine different shades makes iteasy to find your perfect match.Delicious LipstickHottest at t:nthe mome s!plid a rkOur luxurious lipsticks enriched with Aloe Vera provides beautiful color with a smoothsensation. Choose between 12 delicious colors – from sheer to dramatic. Who are you today?9

CHOOSESKIN CARETO MATCHYOUR AGEA fresh, radiant complexion is on everybody’s wish list.But what to do to get it? Step one is not to use the sameskin care products your whole life, but instead payattention to what your skin needs right now. Becauseyou skin is changing with the passing years.20 SKINRight now, it’s time to create some good habits to keep your skin’syouthful glow. Your best weapon for that fight? Sunscreen. Some peoplealso notice that their skin gets slightly drier, so don’t cut corners with yourmoisturizing. Wash your face both morning and night – but if you need toprioritize, do it in the evening. Never fall asleep in your makeup. To rememberto use your moisturizer, put it next to your tooth paste. Apply it all over yourface, neck and décolletage. And, if you’re using anything against acne, youmay need to change your product to something less dehydrating.YOUR KEY PRODUCTALOE SUNSCREENSilky smooth sun lotion with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Gentle, caring andmoisturizing – protects against both UVA and UVB. Water resistant. SPF 30.30 SKINIf you’ve been diligent with your sunscreen, you probably don’t seemuch change in your skin since your 20s. But this is the decadewhen slower cell renewal might make your skin look duller, so makeregular exfoliating your top priority. Sun lovers may experience anincrease in fine lines, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity – butit’s never too late to get on the sunscreen train. Besides this, continueyour skin care routine as usual.YOUR KEY PRODUCTSONYA ALOE DEEP-CLEANSING EXFOLIATORA gentle exfoliator that effectively removes all kinds of impurities. Your skin becomesclean and soft as silk. With Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Lemon and Cucumber extract.10

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty,and irresistible for the rest of your life // Coco Chanel40 SKINNow, your skin is not producing as much collagen as before. Yourbody’s estrogen production lessens and your skin’s cell renewalslows down. This can cause hyperpigmentation, fine lines andwrinkles. You may experience your skin losing firmness and elasticity. At this point, most skin types need a little something extra.Get yourself a good serum, and preferably an eye cream. Checkthat the products you use are suitable for the 40-something skin.YOUR KEY PRODUCTFOREVER ALLURING EYESThe first fine lines appear in the sensitive skin around your eyes.Alluring Eyes acts soothing and caring and helps increase yourskin’s suppleness. It also attenuates swelling and dark circles underthe eyes. The ingredients includes Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Vitamin E.50 SKINAfter the menopause your skin changes more radically. It getsdrier and often more sensitive than before. Your skin may feel thinand saggy, the lines and wrinkles deepen and hyperpigmentationincreases. What you need now is nourishing and deeply moisturizing creams. Try one with a tightening effect, to give your skin atemporary "lift".YOUR KEY PRODUCTFIRMING DAY LOTIONA caring day cream that keeps your skin soft and supple. Moisturizes, strengthens and protects your skin against the elements.A perfect makeup base. Aside from Aloe Vera the ingredientsinclude Herbal extracts, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C and E.60 SKINYour skin's renewal process is now noticeably slower. The linesand wrinkles you’ve received will not disappear, but you canmitigate the appearance of new ones and reduce the impression ofthe existing ones. Continue using good products, preferably thosecontaining hyaluronic acid that helps your skin retain moisture andincreases elasticity. And treat yourself to a great night cream.YOUR KEY PRODUCTRECOVERING NIGHT CREMESilky smooth, restorative night cream that takes care of your skinwhile you sleep. Based on Aloe Vera, additional ingredients includeCollagen, Plant oils, Vitamins C and E and Pro Vitamin B5.11

SKINCARE– not only for the ladiesThe stores are filled with products promising to make your skin look youngerand more radiant. Products are marketedalmost solely w ith images of beautifulwomen. But sk in care is not only aboutlook s. Tak ing care of you r sk in is important for your health and wellbeing,for women as well as for men.Our skin is amazing. As the body’s largestorgan it continuously renews its millionsof cells to form an elastic, water proofa nd protect ive shield t hat helps pushaway harmful bacteria and v iruses andprotects us from the damag ing rays ofthe sun. This shield is called Epidermis.Help your skin help youThe Epidermis is 0, 05 to 1, 5 mm thick, depending on how exposed to wear the area is.It’s thinnest on your eyelids and thickest onyour heels and consists of several differentkinds of cells, for example the Langerhanscells who support the immune system. Butdespite its inherent resilience, the skin is constantly under attack from the sun, air pollutants and chemicals which could push it outof balance. This is why it is important to havea working skin care routine.The importance of choosing great productsUsing the wrong kind of skin care productsis not only a waste of time and money, worstcase scenario is you risk damaging yourskin. You may need to change products asyour skin changes over time. The seasonalchanges in temperature and humidity, hormonal changes and ageing can make yourskin drier, oilier or plainly more sensitive.And using them12However, it doesn’t matter how good yourproducts are as long as they’re just standingon your bathroom shelve. Cleanse, tone andmoisturize. Morning and night. Every day. Itdoesn’t have to be harder than that. A regular skin care routine helps your skin retainits natural balance, Healthy skin is beautifulskin, and that in turn strengthens your selfesteem. And even if you can’t turn back theclock, god skin care will help you keep youryouthful appearance for longer.PT Nick’sfavoritesFor him and herThe idea that skin care is something for theladies only is a thing of the past. Real menalso need to take care of their skin. Regularcleansing is needed, not only for makeupremoval but to avoid buildup of dead skincells and impurities that may cause acne.Shaving can make your skin dry and sensitive, in this case your skin needs help torestore its natural moisture. But, how do you doit? Check out our skin care guide for men here:CHECK OUT OURSKIN CARE GUIDEFOR MEN HERE:Forever Scandinavia’s ambassador Nick Söderblomis a fitness expert and personal trainer to Hollywoodstars as well as regular Joes – and he knows theimportance of skin care. Here are some of hisfavorite products”Aloe Nourishing Serum and Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream suits me perfectly since my professionchallenges my skin by frequent showers, plenty oftraveling and being out in the sun a lot.”

Foreverloves skin careSONYA DEEPMOISTURIZING CREAMAn unmatched moisturizer for the skin thatneeds a little extra care. With Aloe Vera,oils from Macadamia Nut and SunflowerSeed and Pine Bark Extract, amongstother fine ingredients.ALPHA E-FACTORA caring treatment that brings vitalityback to your skin. Vitamins A, C andE, Borage Oil and Bisabolol are someof the ingredients that make tired skinfresh, smooth and supple again. Alsosuitable for sensitive skin.clea nsinFOREVER MARINE MASKProvides deep cleansing while restoring your skin’s balance.With natural sea minerals from Kelp and Algae plus Aloe Vera,Honey and [email protected] loves Aloe Nourishing SerumFBO FavoriteYOU ONLY LIVEONCE, BUT IFYOU DO IT RIGHT,ONCE IS ENOUGH// Mae WestalFor maxim g!FOREVER ALLURING EYESThe first fine lines and wrinkles appearin the sensitive skin around your eyes.Alluring Eyes acts soothing and caring,and helps to suppress swelling and darkcircles below your eyes. Among theingredients are Aloe Vera, Jojoba andVitamin E.ALOE PURIFYING CLEANSERA gentle and pleasant formula for daily use.Cleanses efficiently without dehydratingand leaves your skin feeling clean and softwithout [email protected] loves Aloe FirstSee more FBO Beauty Favorites onInstagram at #forevbeautyfav13

THINKYOURSELFGORGEOUS– tips from the coach60 % of the respondents in a British survey says they are ashamedof how they look. But when walking around town an ordinaryday, the majority of the people you meet are not ugly, right? Anotherstudy in turn says the average woman thinks no less than 36 negativethoughts about her appearance every day. Is there a connection to befound here? Are we imagining ourselves more ugly than we really are –and in that case: can we do something about it?AboutJennieJennie Ricci works with coachingand counseling. She’s a certifiedNLP Master Practitioner andconversational therapist, amindfulness instructor and hasa Degree of Master of Sciencein Business and Economics.She’s passionate about personaldevelopment and mental training.14Every day billboards and ads bombard uswith smiling, gorgeous people. People,whose bodies are perfect in every detail,who promotes the latest diets, exerciseprograms or miracle products. Of coursewe are affected, says Jennie Ricci, coachfocusing on personal development.– The beauty ideal tells us to getskinnier and skinnier at a time when theaverage person instead is gaining weight.This is an unsustainable equation. Research has even concluded that only onewoman out of 40 000 is able to matchtoday’s ideals.If only And yet, we strive for the perfect body,the most beautiful hair, luscious lips anda cute nose. Thinking that, when we’redone fixing ourselves up we’ll do all thethings we’re not doing today – and livehappily ever after. Because if you’re reallybeautiful, then you must be happy, right?– No, that’s hardly the case, says JennieRicci. Just because someone is beautifuldoesn’t mean they’re automatically happy.It’s easy to imagine that cosmetic surgeryor lots of lost pounds will change yourwhole life. Usually, it’s not that simple,even though weight loss for examplemay be the starting point of your journeytowards a new life.True beauty lies in your self-esteemWhat is it that makes a person attractive?Beauty is about so much more than yourlooks. It can be about charisma, charm,your voice, your laugh – yes, all of yourpersonality. So what happens to yourbeauty if you don’t feel good about yourself? Too many negative thoughts on yourappearance eventually turn into ”truths”that erode your self-esteem. We compareourselves with photo-shopped celebritieswhose perfect looks radiate discipline andcontrol, and feel we aren’t good enough.Then, what does that say about us? Thatwe are a bunch of lazy couch potatoeswith no self-control? This kind of thinkingdoes not do any wonders for your selfesteem either. Instead, to start buildingour self-esteem we need to becomeaware of what we’re saying to ourselves.Jennie means this is where we need to start.

Think yourself gorgeousThink yourself gorgeousBuilding your self-esteem is not a quick fix. It’s an ongoing processthat takes a lot of practice. But it’s totally possible. You can do it. Infact, you can think yourself beautiful. At least in the sense that youwill feel beautiful – and that’s really all that counts, right?OUR COACH’S BEST TIPS ON HOW TO GET STARTED:123Being a little shallow is totally okThere’s no need to feel stupid for thinking thesenegative thoughts on your appearance, you are farfrom alone in doing so. The point is to becomeaware of the problem and be willing to work with it.Become aware of your inner criticWhat do you tell yourself about your body andyour appearance? Listen to the voice within andwrite it all down. Also, be observant of how youcompare yourself to others. It’s perfectly all rightto be inspired, to think ”if she can do it, so can I”,but never let your inner critic get you down.”478” 910Make an active choiceEvery time a negative thought pops up, you havea choice. Either you do something about it, or youlet it go. The choice is yours. Can’t let it go? Get upand do something. Call a friend, go for coffee andtalk about other things, go to the gym or bake acake. Anything that will take your mind off it.56Say nothing to yourselfthat you wouldn’t say tosomeone you love.Stick to the truthStanding in front of your mirror and tellingyourself you’re beautiful is great – as longas you believe it. But don’t let it becomesomething you do, just because someonetold you to. Remember that you can’talways trust your feelings to be the truth.There will be good days and bad days –that’s completely normal. Instead, trust inthis: you are totally OK. All day, every day.Work with what you can controlGetting stuck in thoughts about things you can’tcontrol will only lead to hurt. Focus on thingsyou can control: your thoughts, decisions andactions. Here’s where you’ll find the key to the lifeyou want.Put up your stop signOnce and for all: stop dwelling. Nothing getsbetter by getting stuck in a loop of negativethoughts. Put up your mental stop sign andchange into your problem-solving hat. Insteadof thinking ”why am I so fat?” think ”what canI do to lose weight?”Shift your focusPursue a greater self-awareness. Shift your focusfrom appearance to personality, highlight yourstrengths and work with your weaknesses.Evaluate your valuesSometimes it’s all too easy to accept otherpeople’s values as our own. These situationsactually call for some critical thinking. Dare toquestion society’s views on beauty, how doesthat correspond with your own?It’s ok to be unhappy sometimesWe all have our bad days, nothing wrong withthat. It’s no big thing to dislike something in yourappearance for a day. It’s when the thought staysin your head for weeks or months that you needto start working Step out of the waiting roomYou’re already good enough as you are. Stopmaking plans for what you will do they day you’vetaken care of everything on your wish list. Livenow, that’s so much more fun. And there’snothing more beautiful than people who are happywith themselves and their life 15

HAVE YOUBOUGHTTHE BEAUTYMYTHS?From your mom or your grandma or well-meaningbut ill-informed friends, beauty myths are passedon through generations. But is there any truth tothem? Join us for some serious beauty myth busting.YOU GET PIMPLES FROM EATINGCHOCOLATE?Science says: false. Instead they suspectthat the milk in milk chocolate may makeacne worse. Junk food is another possibleculprit, since food with high GI triggers yourblood sugar, which in turn may affect yourskin the same way that hormonal changesdo – PMS for example.CHLORINE IN THE POOL WILLMAKE YOUR HAIR TURN GREEN?Actually, copper is the culprit here. Especiallyin older pool systems, copper may be secretedfrom the pipes and leave traces in your hair.Soaking your hair in drinking water beforejumping in helps, your hair won’t be so eagerto soak up the pollution when already wet.If the damage has been done, go for a deepcleansing shampoo and a hair mask.YOUR HAIR GROWS QUICKER IF YOU CUT IT OFTEN?Not true. Your hair always grows at the same speed, regardless of howoften you cut it. However, the risk of split ends increase without regulartrimmings, this may cause your hair to break easier and because of thisyour hair might lack the strength to grow past a certain length.16SLEEP DEPRIVATION CAUSES DARKCIRCLES UNDER YOUR EYES?Lack of sleep can cause lots ofproblems, for example weight gainor memory loss. But it has nothing todo with the dark circles under youreyes. Instead, these are your parentsfault. Dark circles are caused by a highconcentration of veins below the superthin skin under your eyes – somethingthat’s genetically conditioned and notaffected by lack of sleep. However, thebags under your eyes may very wellturn up after a late night on the town

Beauty mythsCUCUMBER REDUCES SWELLINGUNDER YOUR EYES? Yes, this mightwork. But it’s not really the cucumberitself that does the trick – it’s the coolingeffect it provides. So for maximum results,grab your slices straight from the fridge.Cold tea bags is not a bad idea either.SHAVING MAKESTHE HAIR COARSER?False. The prickly feeling when hairis growing out after a shave comesfrom the strands being cut straight off.When they regain their usual length,everything will feel the same again.Nail polish should be kept in the fridge?False. Nail polish should be stored in the dark, but they may actuallyspoil if the temperature is too high or too low. Room temperaturedoes the trick.BRUSHING YOUR HAIR 100 TIMESMAKES IT SHINE?Doubtful. Although it can providesome shine by distributing your scalp’snatural oils into your hair it’s hardlyworth it, since over-eager brushingdoes too much damage to your hair.CROSSING YOUR LEGS GIVES YOUVARICOSE VEINS?False. Crossing your legs has nothing to do with it. Varicoseveins occurs when the blood vessels transporting the bloodback to your heart expands and can’t pump the blood backproperly. Prevent the problem by getting enough exercise andmaking sure you don’t stand up for too long at a time.RUBBING YOUR TEETH WITHLEMONS MAKE THEM WHITER?No, no, no – not a good idea. The acidin lemons damages the teeth’s enamel– and it can’t be repaired.17

EAT YOURSELFGORGEOUSMost of us already knowthat a well-balanced dietmakes us feel better. Butdid you know that thereare specific ingredientsthat’ll help you look betteras well? The road to beautygoes through the kitchen,tag along and let us guideyou to the best ingredients.BLUEBERRIESThey may not look like much, but theselittle super berries contains loads ofantioxidants that’ll help protect your skinfrom premature aging. Vitamin C and Bare also part of the bargain.SALMONOne of the finest sources of Omega-3acids will help your skin stay smooth andsupple. Salmon also contains Selenium, amineral

Beauty throughout the ages Skin care – not only for the ladies 12. 4 BEAUTY by NICOLINE . health and give you a wonderful charisma. 7 Beauty by Nicoline 5 THINGS 1. At the age of 10, Nicoline arranged a biking school for her friends on the block 2. Nicoline loves to