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Reviewers Guide – AT&T Yahoo! Go MobileAT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile gives you access to a wide range of the Yahoo! services youknow and love, using the convenience of your mobile phone! This includes Yahoo!Mail, Messenger, Photos, News, Finance and Search. You can also download gamesand ringtones for your phone.AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile connects your phone to your Yahoo! Mail, Photos, AddressBook, Calendar events and tasks in real time. You can manage your personal data onthe phone, and changes will be automatically saved in your Yahoo! account. Otherfeature highlights include: Receive new Yahoo! Mail automatically onyour phone. Chat with your friends using a full-featuredmobile Yahoo! Messenger. Upload photos you take with your cameraphone to your Yahoo! Photos account. Use your phone's own applications formanaging your email, contactsand calendar. No need to open separateapplications. Forget having to copy Yahoo! data to your phone or manually syncing it. Senda mail, change a mail's read status, edit a contact – everything is saved in yourYahoo! account.1

Getting Started1) To use AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile you will need to sign in with your Yahoo! orAT&T Yahoo! ID and password.2) When you use Yahoo! Mail, Photos, Address Book or Calendar for the first time,a Setup wizard guides you through the process of linking your phone to yourYahoo! account. Using an Internet connection, setup takes about 10 minutes toretrieve your Yahoo! Mail, contacts, etc. and save them to your phone (this mayvary according to how much data is stored in your Yahoo! account).3) Once Setup is complete, the phone’s screen will return to the Yahoo! Go Mobilestart menu and you can begin using Yahoo! Go Mobile.Using AT&T Yahoo! Go MobileAT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile has a single, permanent sign-in feature. This gives you theadvantage of only having to sign in with your Yahoo! ID and password once. After youdo so, all Yahoo! services on your phone are bound to your Yahoo! ID. You do not haveto sign in again. Even after you restart the phone, you can use Yahoo! Go Mobileimmediately.The AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile is the starting point for accessing all of your Yahoo!services on your mobile phone. Any changes in your Yahoo! account (for example, anew email, a changed contact or a deleted calendar event) are sent to your phoneimmediately: Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Photos Yahoo! Address Book and Calendar Yahoo! Search Yahoo! News, Sports, Finance, Games, Ringtones, Movies, Weatherand Driving Direction2

Yahoo! MailYahoo! Go Mobile connects your emails, contacts, calendar events and tasks in yourYahoo! account to your phone in real time. It does this automatically and in thebackground. You do not have to open your phone’s browser to check emails—yourphone will receive new emails automatically. You can also send email and performother functions and the changes will be reflected in your Yahoo! account.To check your email, click on M ail in the AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile start menu. This willtake you immediately to your Yahoo! Mail Inbo x . From your Inbox you can press theOptions key to access a full range of functionality, including the ability to movemessages to your folders, delete, reply and forward emails and even mark themas spam.After reading the message, you can use the Options key to access further Yahoo! Mailfunctionality including the ability to view and download email attachments. You canalso view and download email attachments such as photos. Press the Options key,select download then select attachments to view and download the attachment.3

You can also create a new email message and add any of your contacts saved in yourYahoo! Address Book to the recipient list. You can add attachments, even photos fromyour Yahoo! Photos account.Yahoo! Messen g erAT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile includes a full-featured version of Yahoo! Messengerdesigned for your phone. You can do almost everything you are used to doing inYahoo! Messenger on your PC. You can control your presence information, send andreceive messages, emoticons, audibles, voice IMs and attach photos to IMconversations.To use Yahoo! Messenger, click on M e s s e nger in the Yahoo! Go Mobile start menu.This will take you to your contacts list, with each contact’s presence informationshown. From your contacts list you use the service much like on a desktop, just click4

on the Options key for a list of available activities. Or you can simply click on afriend’s name to initiate a conversation.Press the Options key to insert emoticons, audibles, or photos to active IMconversation.Yahoo! P hotosThe Yahoo! Photos service in the Yahoo! Go Mobile applications allows you to viewand manage your pictures and albums from your Yahoo! Photos account. With Yahoo!Photos on your mobile phone, you can automatically upload photos to, and viewphotos from, your Yahoo! Photos account on your phone.To use Yahoo! Photos, click on P hotos in the Yahoo! Go Mobile start menu. Once youare in the Yahoo! Photos portion of the application, you will be able to access andview all of the photos you have saved in your Yahoo! Photos account on the desktop.You can also automatically upload photos that you take with your camera phone to5

your Yahoo! Photos account. Photos that you upload will be saved in your album onYahoo! Photos, in your Yahoo! Photos application on your phone and in your phone’sown photo Gallery application.6

Yahoo! Address Book and CalendarYahoo! Go Mobile links your phone to your Yahoo! Address Book and Calendar,meaning your contacts, events and tasks are also stored in your phone’s Contacts,Calendar and To-do applications respectively.Similarly, the changes you make on Yahoo! on your computer are also reflected in thecontact list and calendar on your phone.You can view, edit and delete Contacts and Calendar events using your phone as younormally would and these changes will also be saved in your Yahoo! account.7

Yahoo! SearchYou can perform normal web searches using your phone. Yahoo! currently offers threeways to search:Search the entire web.Search for images or search for businesses in your local area.8

Yahoo! News, Sports, Finance, Games, Ringtones, Movies,Weather and Driving DirectionsAT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile also connects you to a number of various Yahoo! MobilePortal services, including Yahoo! News, Sports, Finance, Games, Ringtones, MoviesWeather and Driving Directions.Select these services from the AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile start menu to open yourphone’s web browser.For additional information on Yahoo! Go Mobile please visit or

Reviewers Guide – AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile gives you access to a wide range of the Yahoo! services you . select download then select attachments to view and download the attachment. 4 . emoticons, audibles, voice IMs and attach photos to IM conversations. To use Yahoo! Messenger, click on Messenger in the Yahoo! Go .

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