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Tech Tuesday:Getting More from C-TechTuesdayGettingMoreFromGmail.pdfBeyond basic sending and receiving1

Beyond Sending- Extra Content Formatting TextSending LinksEmoticonsInserting a PhotoAdd Attachment2

Beyond Sending – Extra DestinationsMultiple Recipients Manually Added Reply All CC- More recipients BCC- Secret recipients –useful when you don’t want peopleto see each other’s email address 3

Example of BCCTo: my email@gmail.comBcc: comThen, each person receiving the email doesn’t see who else got the email.And, if they type reply-all, it only goes to your email@gmail.com4

Adding Attachment(s) From compose window, click on paperclip Locate the file you want to add (e.g. fromDocuments Library), and click OpenIf you want to add more files, simply repeatthe process5

Receiving Attachment(s) You can tell there’s an attachment if yousee a paperclip (in Inbox or message) If you trust the sender and the message,click on the paper clip from the message Below the message, find the attachment,and click on the arrow to Download Depending on your browser, Gmail will: Store the attachment in yourDownloads Library (Chrome) Give you the chance to Open or Savethe file (Firefox or Internet Explorer) Choose the Save option6

Finding a Downloaded/SavedAttachment From Start menu, choose the DocumentsLibrary On the left side of the Windows Explorerwindow, click on Downloads (Library) The most recently downloaded file shouldbe shown at the top of the list. Select the file, drag it to the left intoDocuments (Library) On the left side of the Windows Explorerwindow, click on Documents (Library)7

Filing OptionsFrom your inbox, or a message, you can: Archive (big bucket of things to save) Report as Spam Delete Move to Label Label (copy)8

Filing Options- Dealing in BulkFrom your inbox, you can select: A single message A collection of messages (click the box tothe left of the star) Select a range of messages (shift click) Select all messages on the page (abovefirst message) Select all messages in the Category Deselect some of the selected messages Deselect all of the selected messages Deal with all selected messages at once(with action from previous page)9

Managing Your Contacts Add additional informationCreate groups of peopleMail to a groupSelect people to emailImport/Export contactsFind/Merge duplicates10

Example: Managing Your Contacts In the upper left, where it says Gmail, click onthe red triangle and choose ContactsClick New Contact to add a contact,or click on the name of an existingcontactAdd extra fields (like mailing address) byclicking on the triangle by Add11

Example: Creating a Group On the left, choose New GroupProvide a Name and click OKAlong the top row, choose the iconfor adding to the groupStart to type the name of one of your contacts,then click on itClick Add12

Useful Settings Change how many conversations are shown per pageTurn off Conversation mode (each message shown)Undo SendYou can set a delay between the time you hit “Send” and themessage going out, so you can Undo it if you hit send bymistakeReceive Notifications on your Desktop when you receivemessagesAutomated Reply (vacation response)Forward Emails to another accountMultiple stars13

Beyond Email: Google Group can be restricted (public, anyone can ask to join, or byinvitation only)Members can be added or invited to joinSend emails to the group address (not a list of individuals)Group members can set their own email delivery preferences All email, as it is sentDigest (grouping of emails, up to 25 in one message)Abridged (daily summary)No email (available to be read from group web page)Group can be moderated, or individual members can bemoderatedArchive of messages are maintained on-line14

Getting Fancy: Filtering (1 of 2) Define treatment ofmessages as they arriveFilter based on From, To,Subject, Contains Words,Excludes Words, Date,Attachments, or size15

Getting Fancy: Filtering (2 of 2) Treatment can includeimmediate archive,deletion, labeling,starring, and categorizing16

Beyond Normal Gmail Use Adding extra Information to your email addressMy email address is prc.barry@gmail.comIf you send things to prc.barry, thosewill come to me also. If I have filters set up, I can use thesedifferent email addresses in different waysModify Reply-To email addressIf you want responses to your email to go to a differentaddress, you can change a setting17

Special Additions (Plug-ins) Send mails at a scheduled d a message that will self-destruct or can be revokedDmailHas email been opened? Have links been clicked?SignalsRemind you to deal with an email laterSnoozeFreeze your Gmail from receiving messagesInbox pause18

9 Filing Options- Dealing in Bulk From your inbox, you can select: A single message A collection of messages (click the box to the left of the star) Select a range of messages (shift click) Select all messages on the page (above first message) Select all messages in the Category Deselect some of the selected messages Deselect all of the selected messages

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