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“In a World of Copy Cats Why not be, an Original?”CARDIO KICKBOXING CardioKickboxing . What isit?It is not karate.It is not Traditional AerobicDance with Kicks, Punches &Grapevines thrown in.It is not Tae Bo, or Karate andAerobics Choreographed toMusic.It is not Fitness Kickboxing on aStep Bench, Trampoline,Swimming Pool or Yoga Mat.It is fitness based on sportspecific conditioning & coachingscience.It is the top fat-burning workoutat an average of 1000 caloriesper hour.It is endorsed by the IntlKickboxing Federation IKFwww.ikfkickboxing.comIt is the Original Sport SpecificEquipment Based High IntensityLow Impact Interval TrainingMixed Martial Arts BasedWorkout with a KickOFFICIAL INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAMMay 19, 2013 (Sunday) 10:30a.m.-4:30 p.m.Marcus DeValentino, CKB Director and PresenterAmerican Fitness Professionals & AssociatesNational Board of Fitness ExaminersMemberNational Exercise and Sports Trainers AssociationAerobics and Fitness Association of AmericaWHERE?Hickam Fitness/JBPHH Hickam AFB, HawaiiPracticum and written exam 2-years national certification 6 CEU’s. 275, Early Registration, 300 after April 12th.Just want the training? * 100 (non-certification option) 4 CEU’sContinuing Education Units by American Fitness Professionals andAssociatesInstructor package includes pre-mixed music CDs, workout DVDs, text & written exam,Certificate membership & job placement assistance. Logo wear & publications soldseparately. You may petition for six Continuing Education Credits. Please check with youraccreditations. AFPA, NASM, NATA, SFA, NFTA, AFAA, NSPA, ACA, NSCA, AEA, NDEITA,AFAARegister on line in 3 steps at www.CardioKickboxing.comCheck the “Bill me Later” option for 6 months to pay w/nointerest!NameAddress City StateCountry ZipDate of Birth age height weight sexFitness Certification ExpirationFitnessCertification ExpirationCPR Certification ExpirationMartial Arts Certification Date of issueTel. Email http:I unconditionally release and hold harmless Marcus DeValentino and CardioKickboxing.comof any and all claims for any and all injuries, accidents, illness, liabilities, or loss which mightoccur in relation to my participation in the Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Program. This, ofsound mind and body I affirm with my signature below.Amount enclosed Signature DateRETURN A COPY OF THIS FORM AND NON REFUNDABLE FEE TO:MARCUS DEVALENTINO, Director, Cardio Kickboxing 98-487 Koauka Lp. B-1704, Aiea, Hawaii 96701Email: marcus.devalentino@cardiokickboxing.comMobile (808) 457-7164, Fax (808) 354-0013CASH RCPT#. CHECK PMT# ON LINE PMT CONF#Cross Trainer/Court Shoes, Bag Gloves, and Sport Drink is Recommended.Order Team CKB Shirts & Publications Today at www.CardioKickboxing.comOffice use/Approved by DateFile no. #CKB-777-MDHI05192013AFPA

Marcus DeValentinoHe is founder and director of DeValentino Shudokan SchoolsInternational. www.OkinawaKenpoDssi.comMarcus DeValentino is the owner and director of the trademark Cardio Kickboxing programMarcus DeValentino has trained and certified over 1000 CardioKickboxing Group Fitness Instructors and trainers worldwideHe served as International Director of the National Karate andKobudo (classical weapons) Federation and AAU National ViceChairman for Martial Arts Chinese and open divisionsMarcus provides Training, Certification and Continued EducationInternationally www.CardioKickboxing.comAccomplishments: Three times National Martial Arts Champion,Faculty member, advisory council memberPresenter for AFPA or American Fitness Professionals and Associateswww.afpafitness.comFormerly presenter for International Sports Sciences Associationwww.FitnessEducation.comMember of AAFA—Aerobics and Fitness Association of AmericaMember of NESTA—National Exercise and Sports TrainersAssociationCertified Mixed Martial Arts Coach Candidate NESTA.Marcus has produced a complete series of martial arts and CardioKickboxing videos, CD & DVD (also @ GOOGLE & YOU TUBE).Marcus hosted “Karate Stars”, a seven years martial arts televisionprogram in Hawaii.For information, please visit the Web Sites or emailmarcus.devalentino@cardiokickboxing.comCardio Kickboxing has been endorsed by International KickboxingFederation“CARDIO KICKBOXING The Original Sport Specific, HighIntensity Interval Training, Equipment Based, Mixed MartialArts Workout with a Kick”Cardio Kickboxing is a registered trademark, Reg. No. 1,890,451,1995.Use of the name without permission is prohibited2

CARDIO KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM COURSE OUTLINEROUND ONE Cardio Kickboxing (CKB) Intro with lecture and Q/A Registration and Waiver, Welcome, Intro & Course Materials Issue Overview of Instructor Certification Manual Workout Music Selection Music Tempo Cueing, Transitions, and Charisma Proper Training Attire, Shoes, Bag Gloves, and Equipment Safely transporting and position the standing heavy bag. Basic Anatomy Identification and Targeted Muscles Heart Rate, Perceived Rate of Exertion Monitoring, and Recovery Contraindicative technique, Over Exertion, and Hyper Extension Proper Exertion and Breathing Low Impact High Intensity Footwork, Stance/Active Phasic Knees Transitioning Defensive--hand positioning, Parrying, Moving, Evasiveness, Weaving, and Recoiling.ROUND TWOTheory and Application of Cardio Kickboxing Punches / Strikes Jab Hook Upper cut Cross Back Fist Spinning Back Fist Elbow StrikeROUND THREETheory and Application of Cardio Kickboxing Kicking Technique w / without equipment Knee Kick (Power Knee) MMA Knee (Power Knee Crunch) Front Kick Side Kick Round House Kick (Round Kick) Back Kick Crescent Kick The Plyometric Jump Kick (Power Kick)ROUND FOURCardio Kickboxing Heavy Bag Applications for Punches / Strikes Bag gloves recommended. Jab Hook Upper Cut Cross Punch Back Fist Spinning Back Fist Elbow StrikeROUND FIVECARDIO KICKBOXING Non-Contact Modified Sparring Segment The Target in Front of the Target Concept in Non-Contact Sparring Shadow Kickboxing Modified Sparring Offense vs. Defense and Vice Versa Modified Sparring (Offense and Defense Combined)3

ROUND SIX CKB CARDIO SETS (Non-equipment based cardio intervals)Cardio Set One “Twist n Go” Jumping Jacks Twists Squats Twists Butt Kickers Twists Speed Bag Twists Swimmers Twists Road Runners (AKA Flash Dance) Twists 100’s (Knee ups Standing Lateral Crunches Left Side) Twists 100’s (Knee ups Standing Lateral Crunches Right Side) Twists Skip RopeCardio Set Two “Road Runners” Start Road Runners to the front, and backwards Shuffle lateral to the left Shuffle lateral to the right 360 turn around to the left 360 turn around to the right Begin elevators down and up for a ten countdownCardio Set Three “Fantastic Fours” Four count jumping jacks x 4 left turns, 4 count jumping jacks x 4 right turns Four count bouncers (boxer’s shuffle) x 4 left turns, 4 count bouncers x 4 right turns Four counts road runners x 4 left turns, 4 count road runners x 4 right turns Four counts skip rope x 4 left turns, 4 count skip rope x 4 right turnsCardio Set Four “Run Jumpers” Run in place for a seven count then, jump and turn to the left. Do this four times and then repeat to the right side.Cardio Set Five “Suicides” Lateral shuffle to the left-touch the floor with right ha

3 CARDIO KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM COURSE OUTLINE ROUND ONE Cardio Kickboxing (CKB) Intro with lecture and Q/A Registration and Waiver, Welcome, Intro & Course Materials Issue Overview of Instructor Certification Manual Workout Music Selection Music Tempo Cueing, Transitions, and Charisma Cueing, Transitions, and Charisma

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UM Cardio-oncology Program-2 ½ full day dedicated cardio-oncology clinics-Dedicated cardio-oncology nurse-Subspecialty Programs: Sarcoma Survivorship,Cardiac Tumors -Diverse Group of Patients: Cardiotoxicity, Cardiac Tumors, Carcinoid, Cardiac Amyloid, XRT, Pericardial Disease, Arrhythmia

DAY 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 DAY 7 PROGRESS CHECK WEEK 1 Date: Studio Pilates Cardio 30-45min Date: Studio Pilates Date: Studio Pilates Cardio 30-45min Date: Home workout Date: Studio Pilates Cardio 30-45min Date: Studio Pilates Rest Day I've done: 5 Studio Pilates 3 cardio sessions 1 Home workout Take progress pic

Wireless Cardio Theater Installation Manual Receiver Configurations There are two (2) configurations for attaching the receivers. Contact the manufacturer of the cardiovascular equipment to determine if the unit is Cardio Theater ready, or call the Cardio Theater Service Center (1-800-776-66

authorized Cardio Theater Technical Support Representative at 1-800-776-6695 or Representatives are available to serve you from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, U.S.A. Pacific Time. Returning Equipment to Cardio Theater To return equipment to Cardio Theater for any reason, you must

Cardio-cerebral infarction syndrome can generally be defined as Primary disorders (infarction or its complications) of 1 of these 2 organs (Heart or Brain) often result in secondary infarction/injury to the other or to both organs (Figure 1). Types of cardio-cerebral infarction syndrome Type I: concurrent cardio-cerebral infarction syndrome

For cardio: The exercise guidelines suggest 30 to 60 minutes of cardio but the duration of your workout depends on what you're doing. If you're a beginner, you might start with a workout of 15 to 20 minutes. If you're doing steady-state cardio, such as going for a run or getting on a cardio machine, you might exercise for 30 to 60 minutes.

The API is most useful when there is a need to automate a well-defined workflow, such as repeating the same tasks to configure access control for new vRealize Operations Manager users. The API is also useful when performing queries on the vRealize Operations Manager data repository, such as retrieving data for particular assets in your virtual environment. In addition, you can use the API to .