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SCFC and ArborGenhave joined forces!What the partnership means to SC landownersThe South Carolina ForestryCommission is proud to partnerwith commercial seedling providerArborGen on the production, salesand delivery of forest tree seedlingsfor SC landowners. Taylor Nursery,near Trenton, S.C., is still ownedby the Forestry Commission,but ArborGen is now providingmanagement services to operate thenursery.ArborGen is making capitalinvestments to the facility toincrease its production capacity; thisunique public/private partnershipwill guarantee SC landownersimproved genetics and qualityseedlings for years to come.Under this partnership, theForestry Commission will determineseedling production for up to 5million seedlings annually, with3.34 million seedlings to be grownin 2019-2020. The ForestryCommission will set prices for theseseedlings grown specifically for SouthCarolina landowners by ArborGen.The prices in this guide will onlyapply to the first 100,000 seedlingsordered each year by qualifiedlandowners for seedlings to beplanted in South Carolina.When placing your order, besure to state if the seedlings are tobe planted in South Carolina.As always, feedback from you onour seedling program is essential.Please supply ArborGen withyour email address when placingyour order so we can include youin our annual Seedling CustomerSatisfaction Survey at the end ofeach planting season.For more information, or ifyou just have questions about thispartnership, please contact SCFCResource Development DirectorTim Adams at (803) 896-8802 [email protected] don’t forget to ask for SouthCarolina landowner pricing whenmaking your order!

ions10501005001,000# of seedlingsproduced forSCFCPine, Loblolly (Pinus taeda)N/A N/A 30 45 64600,000Coastal OP ElitePine, Loblolly (Pinus taeda)Coastal OP SelectN/AN/A 28 43 60600,000Pine, Loblolly (Pinus taeda)Piedmont OP EliteN/AN/A 30 45 64800,000Pine, Loblolly (Pinus taeda)Piedmont OP SelectN/AN/A 28 43 60200,000Pine, Shortleaf (Pinus echinata) 11 21 28 43 6010,000Pine, Virginia (Pinus virginiana) 11 21 28 43 6018,000Pine, White (Pinus strobus) 20 35 45 70 1208,000Christmas tree varietyHARDWOODS# of seedlingsproduced forSCFCBaldcypress 30 45 60 170 2509,000Cedar, Eastern Red 30 45 60 200 30012,000Crabapple, Southern 30 45 60 170 2504,000Dogwood 30 45 60 200 3004,000Oak, Cherrybark 30 45 60 175 2605,000Oak, Live 30 45 60 200 3003,000Oak, Northern Red 30 45 60 175 2602,000Oak, Pin 30 45 60 175 2602,000Oak, Sawtooth 30 45 60 175 2606,000Oak, Shumard 30 45 60 175 2602,000Oak, Swamp Chestnut 30 45 60 175 2604,000Oak, White 30 45 60 175 2603,000Oak, Willow 30 45 60 175 2604,000Persimmon 30 45 60 170 2504,000Redbud, Eastern 30 45 60 200 3002,000Sycamore 30 45 60 170 2501,000Walnut, Black 30 45 60 200 3001,000Yellow Poplar 30 45 60 200 3004,000Malus angustifoliaCornus floridaQuercus pagodaQuercus virginianaQuercus rubraQuercus palustrisQuercus acutissimaQuercus shumardiiQuercus michauxiiQuercus albaQuercus phellosDiospyros virginianaCercis canadensisPlatanus occidentalisJuglans nigraLiriodendron tulipfera250/box 48.75/box900,000Pinus palustris** Improved**Improved longleaf pine seedlings are from seed collected from our longleafseed orchard at Niederhof Forestry Center.CYPRESSSeedlingsCost perSelectionsper unitunitSeedlings perbox for UPSshippingCypress,Carolina Sapphire32/tray 45/tray1,200Cypress,Clemson Greenspire32/trayCypress, Leyland32/tray 45/tray6,000Cypress, Murray32/tray 45/tray5,000var. Hesperocyparis arizonica 45/tray1,200var. Hesperocyparis arizonica& OTHER SELECTIONSSelections10501005001,000Juniperus virginianaPine, Longleaf# of seedlingsproduced forSCFCPine, Longleaf (Pinus palustris)N/A N/A 50 65 110120,000ImprovedTaxodium distichumPINESSeedlingsCost perSelectionsper unitunitCupressocyparis leylandiivar. Cupressocyparis leylandiiWhy you should choose ArborGenseedlings grown for SC landowners.Genetic qualitySeedlings produced for the Forestry Commissionare based on our top-rated selections from agencyorchards in Jasper County.Affordable pricingThe Forestry Commission has negotiated pricesavings for South Carolina landowners into thisunique public-private partnership. Payment should bemade to ArborGen, but be sure to state if the seedlingswill be planted in South Carolina.Christmas treesJoint research with SC Christmas tree growers hasresulted in improved tree selections in support ofthe Christmas tree community.Technical assistanceCustomers have access to free assistance throughour network of professional agency foresters.

Customer Information FormCompany Name:Ship To Address (if different than Bill To):ShipCustomer ick-UpPlease submit form VIA Fax, Email or USPSOffice Phone:Fax # 803-275-5227Email: [email protected] Box 219, Trenton SC 29847Home Phone:Cell Phone:Fax:E-Mail (must have for Treelines)Website:Suggested Pick-Up / Ship DatePlease Call 803-275-3578 1 week prior to ensureOwnership Type (Choose one):Containerized**Please make All Checks Payable To ARBORGEN**AvailableOct 16 - Mar 31Requested Ship DatesPayment MethodCheck / Money Order #Bareroot PineCredit Card #Requested Ship DatesAvailableDec 1 - Mar 31Expiration Date:HardwoodCCV #AvailableFeb 1 - Mar 31Requested Ship DatesPrint Name:UPS Delivery ChargesCustomers Signature:Boxes Total 0.00 16.50 per box of 10 onlyTreelines Subscription Requested?(Enter Yes or No) 0.00 25 per box (quantities over 10) 5.00 per 1000, Pales Weevil Treatment,OnlyLoblolly 0.00All Request for Refunds must be made in writing and received prior to October 31st,requests received after October 31st will be at the descrepancy of the Taylor Nursery Staff.QTYSelection Price(MINIMAL ORDER QTY OF 10)Pales Weevil Treatment: 0.00Shipping: 0.00Grand Total: 0.00

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is proud to partner with commercial seedling provider ArborGen on the production, sales and delivery of forest tree seedlings for SC landowners. Taylor Nursery, near Trenton, S.C., is still owned by the Forestry Commission, but ArborGen is now providing management services to operate the nursery.