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THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOLF&R%FAIRFIELD COUNTY0090001500Bethel Board of Education01 Frank A. Berry School16.144%04 Anna H. Rockwell School21.513%05 Ralph M.T. Johnson School20.941%51 Bethel Middle School20.852%61 Bethel High School19.665%01 Barnum School81.068%02 Beardsley School81.073%03 Black Rock School81.104%04 Bryant School81.039%05 Columbus School81.125%07 Edison School81.111%10 Luis Munoz Marin School81.146%11 Hall School80.913%12 Hallen School80.952%13 Hooker School81.197%14 Cesar Batalla81.120%15 Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet High School81.068%16 Bridgeport Military Academy81.111%17 Park City Magnet81.198%20 Madison School81.055%21 Classical Studies Academy (Maplewood)81.171%22 Tisdale School (formerly McKinley)81.173%25 Read School81.124%Bridgeport Board of Education26 Roosevelt SchoolNutrition Center (ARRA funding)27 Career & Craftsmanship Alternative School81.120%100.000%28 Bridgeport Learning Center @ Sheriden80.328%30 Waltersville School81.113%32 Johnson School (formerly Webster)81.078%36 Winthrop School81.037%37 CES Cooperative Educational Services81.818%38 Discovery Magnet School81.028%39 Cross School81.000%40 Blackham School81.095%41 Dunbar School81.055%42 Curiale School81.062%44 Skane Center80.889%45 High Horizons Magnet81.128%46 Multi Magnet School81.087%61 Bassick High School81.092%62 Central High School81.131%63 Harding High School81.068%90 Six to Six Magnet81.197%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL91 CES Cooperative Education Services, SpecialEducation (second site)0180004 Huckleberry Hill Elementary School0510081.070%Brookfield Board of Education03 Center Elementary School03400F&R%8.427%11.188%53 Whisconier Middle School8.976%61 Brookfield High School8.691%Danbury Board of Education01 Danbury Early Childhood Center48.428%02 Haystown Avenue School57.230%03 St. Gregory the Great School26.667%05 Mill Ridge Primary School42.896%06 Morris Street School78.571%08 Park Avenue School68.266%09 Saint Peter - Sacred Heart Diocesan School50.427%10 South Street School (2011 & 2014)77.017%11 Great Plain School53.659%12 Shelter Rock School (2011 & 2014)49.206%13 King Street Primary School45.977%14 Ellsworth Ave School77.342%15 Pembroke46.954%16 Stadley Rough School53.321%17 King Street Intermediate School44.169%19 Western CT Academy of International Studies Magnet26.536%51 Broadview Middle School46.862%52 Rogers Park Middle School57.881%53 Pathways Academy64.103%54 Westside Middle School Academy33.453%61 Danbury High School40.251%62 Alternative Center for Education65.079%90 ACCESS/Gertrude Fielding Learning Center60.000%Fairfield Public Schools01 Dwight Elementary School3.245%02 Burr Elementary School9.795%04 Holland Hill School19.324%06 McKinley School28.572%07 Mill Hill School4.134%12 Riverfield School2.899%13 Sherman School3.727%14 Stratfield School3.636%16 North Stratfield School5.489%17 Jennings School9.006%18 Osborn Hill School3.265%51 Tomlinson Middle School16.736%52 Fairfield Woods Middle School9.101%53 Roger Ludlowe Middle School4.674%60 Fairfield Ludlowe High7.668%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode05700SCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL15.025%02 Cos Cob School12.352%03 Julian Curtiss School31.322%Greenwich Public Schools04 Glenville School0910009700103005.747%05 Hamilton Avenue School62.568%06 New Lebanon School60.618%07 North Mianus School3.226%08 North Street School3.430%09 Old Greenwich School2.982%10 Parkway School4.418%11 Riverside School0.642%13 International School at Dundee08500F&R%62 Fairfield Warde High School8.403%51 Central Middle School14.855%52 Eastern Middle School4.309%53 Western Middle School37.692%Monroe Public Schools01 Monroe Elementary School8.123%03 Stepney Elementary School8.140%05 Fawn Hollow Elementary School6.627%52 Jockey Hollow School8.913%61 Masuk High School8.804%01 Consolidated School7.066%02 Meeting House Hill School9.560%61 New Fairfield High School8.396%01 Hawley Elementary School2.492%02 Sandy Hook Elementary School8.876%03 Middle Gate Elementary School8.493%04 Head O'Meadow Elementary6.061%05 Reed Intermediate School8.702%51 Newtown Middle School8.231%01 Side by Side Community43.651%02 Brookside Elementary School61.345%03 Columbus Elementary School37.607%04 Cranbury Elementary School34.917%07 Jefferson Elementary School64.935%08 Kendall Elementary School67.731%13 Rowayton School32.280%14 Tracey School62.857%20 Fox Run Elementary School41.309%21 Naramake Elementary School44.956%22 Marvin Elementary School51.230%23 Silvermine Elementary School62.374%24 Wolfpit School46.687%New Fairfield Public SchoolsNewtown School LunchNorwalk School Lunch

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode1180012600Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL46.921%53 Ponus Ridge Middle School64.222%54 West Rocks Middle School57.397%55 Roton Middle School51.782%61 Norwalk High School41.106%62 Brien McMahon High School49.159%63 Briggs High School80.357%Ridgefield School Lunch02 Veterans Park Elementary4.983%03 Ridgebury Elementary School2.029%04 Farmingville Elementary School1.497%05 Scotland Elementary School3.014%06 Branchville Elementary School2.344%08 Barlow Mountain Elementary0.690%51 East Ridge Middle School2.108%52 Scotts Ridge Middle School2.811%01 St. Joseph School8.661%Shelton School Lunch02 St. Lawrence School13500F&R%52 Nathan Hale Middle School5.556%05 Elizabeth Shelton School15.919%06 Sunnyside School33.190%08 Long Hill School36.207%09 Mohegan School9.456%10 Booth Hill School9.639%11 Perry Hill School22.598%51 Intermediate School19.563%61 Shelton High School17.428%05 K.T. Murphy School53.888%06 Newfield School57.504%08 Rogers International School41.915%09 Roxbury School59.936%11 Springdale School58.850%12 Julia A. Stark School53.084%14 Westover School54.522%18 Northeast School48.992%19 Toquam Magnet63.277%20 Davenport Ridge School47.840%21 Stillmeadow School58.748%22 Hart School51.020%23 Stamford School for Excellence Charter School65.244%53 Dolan School50.000%55 Turn of River School52.080%56 Cloonan School60.980%57 Scofield Magnet Middle School50.628%58 Rippowam Middle School50.391%61 Stamford High School54.310%Stamford School Lunch

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode1380014400SCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYStratford School LunchSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL50.181%64 The Academy of Information Technology andEngineering38.484%01 Institute of Professional Practice Lower and UpperProgram2.054%03 Chapel School2.597%04 Franklin School3.081%08 Lordship School2.301%09 Nichols School2.132%10 Second Hill Lane School2.235%13 Whitney School1.543%14 Wilcoxson School1.691%22 Stratford Academy/Victoria Soto School (formerlyHoneyspot)1.887%51 Stratford Academy/ Johnson House1.470%52 David Wooster Middle School2.099%53 Harry B. Flood Middle School2.452%61 Stratford High School2.650%62 Bunnell High School2.267%01 Booth Hill School9.190%Trumbull School Lunch03 Middlebrook School15700158001610020900F&R%63 Westhill High School15.493%04 Jane Ryan School7.958%08 Daniels Farm School5.435%09 Tashua School3.242%10 Frenchtown Elementary12.094%51 Madison Middle School10.732%52 Hillcrest Middle School10.663%61 Trumbull High School8.939%01 Hurlbutt Elementary School1.887%51 Weston Middle School3.259%52 Weston Intermediate School2.060%03 Coleytown Elementary School2.927%04 Green's Farms4.808%05 King's Highway Intermediate6.314%07 Long Lots School2.857%08 Saugatuck Elementary School1.938%51 Bedford Middle School3.952%53 Coleytown Middle School4.167%05 Miller-Driscoll School0.904%07 Cider Mill School0.821%52 Middlebrook School1.276%01 Samuel Staples Elementary School4.085%Weston School LunchWestport School LunchWilton School LunchRegion District #9 School Lunch

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode2690027800SCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITY28200Stamford Academy28300Park City Prep Charter School, Inc.29700F&R%3.333%51 John Read Middle School3.594%52 Helen Keller Middle School4.531%61 Joel Barlow High School5.456%01 The Bridge Academy85.663%01 Trailblazers Academy88.800%01 New Beginnings Family Academy82.365%01 Stamford Academy89.933%01 Park City Prep Charter School71.667%01 Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, Inc.82.940%02 Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Elementary81.466%03 Achievement First Bridgeport High School76.023%01 Great Oaks Charter School81.858%01 Capital Preparatory Harbor School61.600%Trailblazers AcademyNew Beginnings Family Academy, Inc.29400SCHOOL02 Redding Elementary SchoolThe Bridge Academy2800028500Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedAchievement First Bridgeport Academy, Inc.Great Oaks Charter SchoolCapital Preparatory Harbor School, Inc.HARTFORD COUNTY0040000700Avon Board of Education03 Roaring Brook School7.904%04 Pine Grove School6.954%05 Thompson Brook School6.159%51 Avon Middle School5.495%61 Avon High5.385%Berlin Board of Education01 Richard D. Hubbard School14.286%04 Emma Hart Willard School15.905%05 Mary E. Griswold School01100017009.054%51 Catherine M. McGee Middle School10.863%61 Berlin High School13.746%05 Metacomet School69.170%06 Laurel School60.417%08 Wintonbury Early Childhood Magnet School36.533%52 Carmen Arace Middle School63.043%Bloomfield Board of Education61 Bloomfield High School57.060%63 Global Experience Magnet School (GEMS)51.163%03 Edgewood School39.003%Bristol Board of Education

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode02300043000470004900SCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOLF&R%05 Greene Hills School54.908%11 South Side School52.392%12 Stafford School59.130%14 Ellen P. Hubbell69.634%17 Mountain View School44.828%19 Ivy Drive School44.828%20 West Bristol School61.427%51 Chippens Hill Middle School47.820%52 Northeast Middle School37.020%61 Bristol Central High School43.750%62 Bristol Eastern High School42.977%02 Cherry Brook School13.938%03 Canton Intermediate School15.137%61 Canton Jr Sr High School13.660%04 Joseph O. Goodwin School61.873%05 Hockanum School76.491%06 Franklin H. Mayberry96.491%09 Anne E. Norris School96.563%10 Thomas S. O'Connell School56.250%Canton Board of EducationEast Hartford Board of Education12 Silver Lane School93.684%18 Robert J. Obrien School93.698%20 Governor Wm. Pitkin School51.585%22 John A. Langford School74.118%24 Sunset Ridge School Elementary Academy for Arts75.490%50 Two Rivers Magnet Middle47.184%51 East Hartford Middle School75.560%52 Odyssey Community School40.549%62 East Hartford High School66.801%80 Willowbrook Early Childhood12.973%90 Transitional Education Program93.583%01 Broad Brook Elementary School39.740%03 East Windsor Middle School46.373%61 East Windsor High School39.564%02 Enfield Street School41.053%04 Hazardville Memorial School49.447%11 Nathan Hale School24.783%13 Edgar H. Parkman School39.514%15 Prudence Crandall School43.062%16 Eli Whitney School39.568%18 Henry Barnard School43.597%52 John F. Kennedy Middle School36.565%61 Enfield High School35.922%East Windsor Board of EducationEnfield Board of Education

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode0520005400Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL24.018%01 Union School16.404%02 Noah Wallace School10.165%03 West District School10.299%04 East Farms School8.784%Farmington Public Schools05 West Woods Upper Elementary School10.392%51 Irving A. Robbins Middle School10.433%61 Farmington High School12.003%01 CREC - Glastonbury-East Hartford ElementaryMagnet School02 Buttonball Lane37.916%Glastonbury Public Schools3.516%04 Hebron Avenue School5.000%07 Naubuc School3.866%27.701%08 Gideon Welles School7.469%09 Nayaug School7.052%52 Smith Middle School7.567%61 Glastonbury High School16.379%03 Wells Road Intermediate School10.687%Granby Public Schools04 Kelly Lane Intermediate School9.225%51 Granby Memorial Middle School11.218%61 Granby Memorial High School064007.625%03 Eastbury School06 Hopewell School05600F&R%62 Enrico Fermi High School9.801%Hartford Public Schools01 America's Choice at SAND90.777%02 PreK Magnet School90.566%04 Batchelder School90.720%05 Montessori Magnet School @ Moylan90.615%06 Burns Latino Studies Academy90.669%07 Asian Studies Academy at Dwight School/Belizzi90.634%08 M.D. Fox Elementary School90.730%09 Hooker Environmental Studies Magnet School90.715%10 Kennelly School90.656%11 Kinsella School90.739%12 McDonough School90.875%13 Achievement First Hartford90.705%14 Naylor School90.638%15 Parkville Community School90.620%16 M.L. King School90.793%17 Rawson Elementary School90.658%19 Milner School90.782%20 Webster School90.640%21 West Middle School90.765%22 Wish School90.712%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITY06500Hartland Public Schools07700Manchester Public SchoolsSCHOOLF&R%23 Burr School90.767%24 Clark School90.769%25 STEM Magnet School at Annie Fisher90.762%26 Simpson-Waverly School90.798%27 High Road School of Hartford Primary89.655%28 Betances Early Reading Lab Magnet School90.852%30 Sanchez School90.662%31 Montessori Magnet School49.171%32 Moylan School90.662%35 Breakthrough II Magnet School90.790%36 IB Global Communications Academy90.634%37 Annie Fisher/Hartford Montessori Magnet School90.741%38 Dr. Ramon Betances STEM Magnet School90.606%39 Capitol Community College Magnet Academy90.909%40 Jumoke Academy59.500%41 Renzulli Academy90.385%54 Hartford Magnet Middle School (Learning Corridor)90.713%61 Bulkeley High School - Upper & Lower90.682%62 Hartford Public High School90.692%63 Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver (formerlyWeaver/Journalism and Media High)90.625%64 Sport Sciences Academy90.642%66 Pathways to Technology Magnet School90.625%68 High Road School in Hartford High91.379%69 Capital Preparatory Magnet School90.715%76 High School, Inc.90.688%77 Journalism and Media Magnet School90.667%79 Great Path Academy at MCC90.566%91 Classical Magnet School90.672%98 Breakthrough Academy90.676%99 University High School90.730%01 Hartland Elementary School10.989%01 Bowers School48.469%03 Buckley School36.842%04 Highland Park Elementary School38.931%05 Saint James School3.593%06 Keeney School36.544%10 Robertson School55.779%12 Verplanck Elementary School82.732%13 Waddell Elementary School60.790%14 Washington School84.034%16 Martin School58.582%17 Elisabeth Bennet Academy58.333%52 Saint Bridget School10.135%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode0790008900Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL61.538%61 Manchester High School53.434%01 Elmer Thienes-Mary Hall Elementary/formerlyMarlborough Elem.10.037%03 Chamberlain School98.351%04 Connecticut Children's Medical School66.667%Marlborough Public SchoolsNew Britain Public Schools05 Gaffney School98.240%06 Holmes School98.364%07 Jefferson School98.194%08 Lincoln School98.271%09 Northend School98.233%10 CREC Medical Professions and Teacher PreparationAcademy11 Diloreto Magnet School57.115%12 Smalley Academy98.296%13 Smith School98.348%15 Vance School98.296%52 Slade Middle School98.323%53 Pulaski Middle School98.310%54 HALS Academy98.000%61 New Britain High School98.285%90 Transitional Center97.674%94 CLIMB Vocational Program09400110001190098.246%100.000%Newington Public Schools02 Elizabeth Green School30.848%06 Anna Reynolds School23.013%07 Ruth Chaffee School25.982%08 John Paterson School21.149%51 Martin Kellogg Middle School26.494%53 John Wallace Middle School18.535%61 Newington High School22.011%02 Linden Street School40.898%04 Frank T. Wheeler School27.832%05 Louis Toffolon School26.287%52 Middle School of Plainville28.440%61 Plainville High School26.309%04 Myrtle H. Stevens School24.568%Plainville School LunchRocky Hill School Lunch Program05 West Hill School12800F&R%53 Illing Middle School4.645%07 CREC Academy of Aerospace and EngineeringElementary School44.602%51 Middle School18.239%61 Rocky Hill High School16.111%Simsbury School Lunch01 Central School7.416%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL03 Tariffville School9.626%06 Latimer Lane School9.358%07 Squadron Line School8.716%61 Simsbury High School139001550010.497%8.063%Southington School Lunch02 Hatton School22.388%06 Plantsville School10.848%07 South End School18.750%08 Strong School17.308%09 Thalberg School14.188%13 Flanders School28.572%14 Urbin T. Kelley School1320018.339%04 Tootin' Hills School51 Henry James Memorial School13100F&R%6.482%15 Derynoski Elementary School19.714%51 Joseph A. Depaulo Middle School16.137%53 John F. Kennedy Middle School12.684%62 Southington High School14.292%South Windsor Board of Education01 Philip R. Smith School4.673%02 Pleasant Valley School17.647%04 Wapping Elementary School15.823%06 Orchard Hill School16.154%07 Eli Terry School14.133%51 Timothy Edwards School13.800%62 South Windsor High School9.559%Suffield School Lunch03 McAlister Intermediate School14.376%04 A. Ward Spaulding School17.342%51 Suffield Middle School12.544%61 Suffield High School12.201%02 Braeburn School14.905%West Hartford School Lunch04 Bugbee School6.279%05 Charter Oak School51.703%06 Duffy School12.320%09 Morley School10 Norfeldt School9.635%8.732%12 Webster Hill School30.000%13 Whiting Lane School34.986%15 Wolcott School25.684%16 Aiken School7.752%17 Smith School48.468%51 King Philip Middle School16.613%52 Sedgwick Middle School27.294%53 Bristow Middle School15.877%61 Conard High School25.317%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL62 Hall High School159002100024100064121.072%02 Emerson-Williams School18.896%08 Alfred W. Hanmer School22.051%10 Charles Wright School27.895%11 Highcrest School15.652%12 Samuel B. Webb Elementary School22.581%13 CREC Discovery Academy37.885%52 Silas Deane Middle School18.994%61 Wethersfield High School18.665%99 CREC - Soundbridge13.158%01 Clover Street Elementary36.178%02 Metropolitan Learning Center46.648%05 Poquonock Elementary School44.291%08 John F. Kennedy School33.415%09 Oliver Ellsworth School36.029%11 CREC Museum Academy49.266%51 CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering46.262%53 Sage Park Middle School39.207%61 Windsor High School36.316%Windsor School Lunch99 St. Gabriel School1650018.981%Wethersfield School Lunch01 Corpus Christi16400F&R%3.721%Windsor Locks School Lunch01 North Street School56.675%04 South Elementary School42.480%51 Windsor Locks Middle School39.474%61 Windsor Locks High School42.405%Region District #10 School Lunch02 Lake Garda Elementary School7.191%03 Harwinton Consolidated School8.271%51 Har-Bur Middle School7.585%61 Lewis S. Mills High School7.801%CREC01 John Allison Polaris Center85.000%02 University of Hartford Magnet School55.769%03 Reggio Emilia Magnet School for the Arts53.716%04 International Magnet School for Global Citizenship47.193%07 Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts ElementaryMagnet School54.247%52 Public Safety Academy Interdistrict Magnet67.944%53 CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts MiddleSchool64 Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts High School58.671%67 CREC Two Rivers Magnet High School59.112%01 St Augustine School95.652%51.059%St. Augustine School

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownSCHOOL FOODCode04301 St. Christopher SchoolAUTHORITYSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL01 St Christopher School049039860111.798%St. Bernard School01 St. Bernard School06414F&R%9.494%Grace S. Webb School01 Webb School at Cheshire76.923%02 Grace S. Webb School77.612%Klingberg Family Center01 Klingberg Family Center100.000%LITCHFIELD COUNTY0050002900Barkhamsted Board of EducationKent Center School07400Litchfield Public Schools096000980011.240%01 Colebrook Consolidated School16.667%01 Kent Center School14.583%02 Litchfield Center School17.037%03 Litchfield Intermediate School18.722%60 Litchfield Middle School15.429%61 Litchfield High School11.409%01 Bakerville Consolidated School12.389%02 New Hartford Elementary School20.755%Colebrook Board of Education068000920001 Barkhamsted ElementaryNew Hartford School Lunch03 Ann Antolini School9.797%05 Hill and Plain School32.821%08 Northville Elementary School20.802%09 Sarah Noble Intermediate School25.000%52 Schaghticoke Middle School21.727%61 New Milford High School19.214%01 Botelle Elementary School24.762%01 North Canaan Elementary School25.475%02 Plymouth Center School23.962%04 Harry S. Fisher Elementary School39.050%51 Eli Terry Jr. Middle School (formerly H Fisher Middle)30.564%61 Terryville High School27.178%01 Salisbury Central School12.590%01 Sharon Center School24.849%New Milford School LunchNorfolk School Lunch10000North Canaan School Lunch11100Plymouth School Lunch12200Salisbury Board of Education12500Sharon School Lunch

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownSCHOOL FOODCode14000 Thomaston School Lunch143001530016200Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedAUTHORITYSCHOOL01 Black Rock School23.247%02 Thomaston Center School27.315%62 Thomaston High School20.588%01 East School43.137%02 Forbes School65.365%08 Southwest School69.231%09 Torringford School39.516%13 Vogel-Wetmore School86.047%51 Torrington Middle School53.649%61 Torrington High School45.208%02 Trumbull School21.365%03 Fletcher W. Judson School23.448%04 Polk School26.462%51 Swift Junior High School26.355%61 Watertown High School21.240%Torrington School LunchWatertown School LunchWinchester Board of Education01 St. Anthony School20100206007.784%02 Mary P. Hinsdale School52.743%04 Batcheller Elementary School64.865%51 Pearson Middle School60.819%61 Housatonic Valley Regional High School21.609%01 Goshen Center School17.568%02 James Morris School16.379%03 Warren Elementary School14.103%61 Wamogo Regional High School18.783%Regional District #1Region District #6 School Lunch20700Region District #7 School Lunch21200Region District #12 School Lunch21400F&R%61 Northwestern Regional High School9.002%51 Shepaug Valley Middle/High School10.706%01 Bethlehem Elementary School14.844%02 Mitchell Elementary School13.859%51 Woodbury Middle School12.684%61 Nonnewaug High School12.450%01 Chester Elementary School12.736%01 Abraham Pierson School18.211%03 Lewis G. Joel Jr. School26.960%Region District #14 School LunchMIDDLESEX COUNTY0260002700Chester Board of EducationClinton Board of Education

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode03300036000410004200Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL22.807%61 The Morgan School14.182%02 Edna C. Stevens School23.282%03 Woodside Intermediate School23.185%51 Cromwell Middle School20.217%61 Cromwell High School20.569%01 Deep River Elementary School18.750%01 East Haddam Elementary17.081%51 Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School15.948%61 Nathan Hale-Ray High School15.254%01 Memorial School15.411%03 Center School11.448%51 East Hampton Middle School14.088%61 East Hampton High School14.175%Cromwell Board of EducationDeep River Board of EducationEast Haddam Board of EducationEast Hampton Board of Education90 The Learning Center at East Hampton050000830010600154008.333%Essex Board of Education01 Essex Elementary School10.628%01 Spencer School57.705%02 Bielefield School59.044%05 Farm Hill School81.633%09 MacDonough School81.301%11 Snow School47.720%12 Moody School23.755%13 Lawrence School30.282%14 Wesley School41.636%15 Keigwin Annex43.312%54 Woodrow Wilson Middle School45.147%62 Middletown High School45.323%Middletown Public SchoolsOld Saybrook School Lunch01 Saint John Catholic School11300F&R%51 Jared Eliot School4.930%02 Kathleen E. Goodwin School21.409%52 Old Saybrook Middle School19.540%61 Old Saybrook Senior High Schol14.823%02 Valley View School22.549%03 Brownstone Intermediate School20.354%04 Gildersleeve School27.650%61 Portland Secondary School18.889%02 Daisy Ingraham School21.293%51 Westbrook Middle School16.667%61 Westbrook High School16.609%Portland School LunchWestbrook School Lunch

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedTownSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYCode20400 Regional District #4 School LunchSCHOOL51 John Winthrop Junior High School61 Valley Regional High School213002170030101F&R%12.420%8.696%Region District #13 School Lunch01 Frederick Brewster School11.979%02 Francis E. Korn10.417%04 Middlefield Memorial School7.865%05 John Lyman School7.627%51 Frank Ward Strong9.907%61 Coginchaug Regional High School9.892%01 Haddam Elementary School7.692%Region District #17 School Lunch02 Burr District Elementary School11.348%03 Killingworth Elementary School4.706%51 Haddam-Killingworth Middle School9.772%61 Haddam-Killingworth High School8.929%CT Technical High School System11 Bullard Havens Technical High School70.791%12 Henry Abbott Technical High School44.774%13 H.H. Ellis Technical High School62.078%14 Eli Whitney Technical High School82.672%15 A.I. Prince Technical High School82.055%16 Howell Cheney Technical High School43.185%17 H.C. Wilcox Technical High School45.132%18 Vinal Technical High School39.626%19 E.C. Goodwin Technical High School66.719%20 Norwich Technical High School33.942%21 J.M. Wright Technical High School63.347%22 Oliver Wolcott Technical High School28.158%23 W.F. Kaynor Technical High School50.198%24 Windham Technical High School47.590%25 Emmett O'Brien Technical High School47.735%26 Platt Technical High School44.020%27 Ella Grasso Southeastern Technical High School62.846%03 Mead School73.045%08 Prendergast School72.661%51 Ansonia Middle School76.339%61 Ansonia High School69.134%NEW HAVEN COUNTY00200Ansonia Board of Education00800Bethany Board of Education01400Branford Board of Education90 St. Mary-St. Michael School4.000%91 Assumption School3.600%01 Bethany Community School7.311%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCode02500Schools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL36.136%15 Mary R. Tisko School13.564%16 John B. Sliney School30.532%51 Francis Walsh Intermediate25.106%61 Branford High School24.024%01 Chapman School10.602%02 Darcey School10.526%04 Highland School10.519%Cheshire Board of Education05 Norton School06 Doolittle School0370004400060006.054%11.250%51 Dodd Middle School8.623%61 Cheshire High School9.176%Derby Board of Education04 Irving School79.009%06 Bradley School47.429%50 Derby Middle School62.090%61 Derby High School59.591%01 Deer Run School41.640%East Haven Board of Education07 Momauguin School59.788%10 Grove J. Tuttle School58.857%13 Dominick H. Ferrara School45.790%14 D. C. Moore School60.432%17 East Haven Academy35.472%18 Overbrook School57.310%51 Joseph Melillo Middle School61.824%61 East Haven High School51.285%90 Pathways60.000%02 Guilford Lakes School11.009%03 Melissa Jones School10.248%Guilford Public Schools04 Calvin Leete School06 A.W. Cox School06200F&R%14 Mary T. Murphy School6.299%12.914%07 A. Baldwin Middle School8.734%51 E.C. Adams Middle School9.928%61 Guilford High School8.571%Hamden Public Schools01 Shepherd Glen School55.844%02 Church Street School79.641%03 Dunbar Hill School47.872%04 Helen Street School63.522%10 Spring Glen School21.124%11 Ridge Hill School56.881%12 Bear Path School15.284%14 West Woods School10.396%52 Hamden Middle School40.072%

THE CONNECTICUT STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONFree and Reduced-price Student Percentage Enrollment by SchoolData from October 2015 Claim for ReimbursementTownCodeSchools in bolded RED were previously fundedSCHOOL FOOD AUTHORITYSCHOOL61 Hamden High School0760008000084000880009300F&R%35.280%Madison Public Schools01 J. Milton Jeffrey Elementary School2.071%02 Island Avenue Elementary School6.320%03 Kathleen H. Ryerson Elementary School4.348%51 Robert H. Brown School4.327%52 Walter C. Polson Upper Middle School4.496%61 Daniel Hand High School4.639%01 Benjamin Franklin School67.209%03 Hanover School62.751%04 Israel Putnam School70.558%05 John Barry School87.500%07 Nathan Hale School64.706%08 Roger Sherman School73.703

Dwight Elementary School Burr Elementary School King Street Intermediate School Western CT Academy of International Studies Magnet Broadview Middle School Rogers Park Middle School Pathways Academy Westside Middle School Academy Great Plain School Shelter Rock School (2011 & 2014) King Street Primary School Ellsworth Ave School Pembroke Stadley .

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Food Fraud and "Economically Motivated Adulteration" of Food and Food Ingredients Congressional Research Service 1 Background Food fraud, or the act of defrauding buyers of food and food ingredients for economic gain— whether they be consumers or food manufacturers, retailers, and importers—has vexed the food industry throughout history.

catering and other forms of food hazards. The media currently serves as the main source for reporting of food borne diseases. Food establishments and other sources contributing to food borne diseases included . Food Control 47 (2015) 92e97. food safety. The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)

Apr 07, 2020 · Food Webs and Food Chains Worksheet 1 Look at this food chain. lettuce greenfly ladybird thrush cat a What does the arrow mean in a food chain? b Name the producer in the food chain c Name the third trophic level in the food chain. d Name the tertiary consumer in the food chain. e What is the ultimate source of energy that drives the food chain?

6.2.5 Impact of food aid on food availability 153 6.2.6 Impact of food aid on food accessibility 153 6.2.7 Impact of food aid on food utilisation 154 6.2.8 Impact of food aid on vulnerability 154 6.2.9 Impact of food aid on local markets in Ngabu 154 6.3 RECOMMENDATIONS 154

the area, the Food Authority's home or originating authority responsibilities and the need to ensure that the provisions of food law are enforced. The sampling programme should not normally be published. The sampling policy should commit the Food Authority to providing the resources necessary to carry out its food-sampling programme"

Control Legislation in the United Kingdom an d Food Hygiene: A Guide for Businesses - in the column for The Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006. Page 5 . Lays down the general principles and requirements of food law and establishes the European Food Safety Authority. The Food Safety Act 1990 - A Guide for Food Businesses Guidance .

What is food chemistry? Food Science deals with the production, processing, distribution, preparation, evaluation, and utilization of food. Food chemists work with plants that have been harvested for food, and animals that have been slaughtered for food. Food chemists are concerned with how these food products are processed, prepared, and .