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Product InformationECN 1313ECN 1325ERN 1387Rotary Encoders withPlane-Surface Coupling forElevator Servo DriveControlJuly 2017

ECN/ERN 1300 seriesRotary encoders with integral bearings for elevator technology Simple installation Rigid shaft coupling Plane-surface coupling for large mounting tolerances Uniform dimensions for various electrical interfacesཱིི ཱུཷཱུྲྀ Bearing of mating shaft Bearing of encoder Required mating dimensions Measuring point for operating temperature1 Screw plug, width A/F 3 and 4. Tightening torque: 5 0.5 Nm2 PCB connector3 Self-tightening screw M5 x 50 DIN 6912 width A/F 4, tightening torque 5 0.5 Nm4 M10 back-off thread5 M6 back-off thread6 Max. permissible tolerance during motor shaft rotation 1.5 mm7 Max. permissible static radial offset of motor shaft in indicated direction 0.13 mm8 Direction of shaft rotation for output signals as per the interface description2Product Information ECN 1313/ECN 1325/ERN 13877/2017

AbsoluteIncrementalECN 1325ECN 1313ERN 1387Part number683643-xx768295-xx749146-xxInterface1)EnDat 2.2Ordering designationEnDat22EnDat01–Position values/revolution33 554 432 (25 bits)8192 (13 bits)Z1 track3)Electrically permissiblespeed/error2) 15 000 rpm(for continuous position value) 1500 rpm/ 1 LSB 12 000 rpm/ 50 LSB–Calculation time tcalClock frequency 7 µs 9 µs ––Incremental signals1)– 1 VPP 1 VPP 1 VPPLine count/system accuracy 2048/ 20“Reference mark–OneCutoff frequency –3 dB– 400 kHz 210 kHzElectrical connectionVia PCB connectorRotary encoder: 12-pinTemperature sensor4): 4-pin12-pin14-pinVoltage supplyDC 3.6 V to 14 VDC 5 V 0.25 VPower consumption1)(maximum)3.6 V: 600 mW14 V: 700 mW–Current consumption5 V: 85 mA (typical, without load) 130 mA (without load)Stator couplingPlane-surface couplingShaftTaper shaft 9.25 mm; taper 1:10Mech. permiss. speed n 2000 rpmStarting torque 0.01 Nm (at 20 C)Moment of inertia of rotor2.6 · 10Permissible axial motion ofmeasured shaft5) 1.5 mmRadial runout of themeasured shaft0.13 mm–6kgm2Vibration 55 Hz to 2000 Hz 300 m/s2 6) (EN 60 068-2-6)Shock 6 ms 2000 m/s2 (EN 60 068-2-27)Operating temperature–40 C to 115 CProtection EN 60 529IP40 when mountedMass 0.25 kg–40 C to 120 C1)See Interfaces of HEIDENHAIN Encoders brochureVelocity-dependent deviations between the absolute value and incremental signals3)One sine and one cosine signal per revolution4)Evaluation optimized for KTY 84-1305)Compensation of mounting tolerances and thermal expansion, not dynamic motion6)As per standard for room temperature; for operating temperatureUp to 100 C: 300 m/s2Up to 115 C or 120 C: 150 m/s22)Product Information ECN 1313/ECN 1325/ERN 13877/20173

Electrical connectionPin layoutsECN 1313 pin layout17-pin coupling orflange socket M2312-pin PCB connector121)Power 2b5aUPSensorUP0VA A–B ellow/BlackBlue/BlackRed/BlackGrayPinkOther signals12Serial data transferIncremental signals56////Sensor Internal0VshieldWhite/CLOCK CLOCKVioletYellowCable shield connected to housing; UP Power supply voltage; T TemperatureSensor: The sensor line is connected in the encoder with the corresponding power line.Vacant pins or wires must not be used.1)2)Only with ordering designations EnDat 01 and EnDat 02Only for cables inside the motor housingBrown2) White2)ECN 1325 pin layout8-pin coupling orflange socket, M129-pin flange socket,M2316-pinPCB connector16Voltage supplySerial data transferOther a8a8bUPSensorUP0VSensor0VDATADATACLOCKCLOCKT ellowBrownGreenCable shield connected to housingUP Power supply; T TemperatureSensor: The sensor line is connected in the encoder with the corresponding power line.Vacant pins or wires must not be used.4Product Information ECN 1313/ECN 1325/ERN 13877/2017

ERN 1387 pin layout17-pin coupling orflange socket M2314-pin PCB connectorVoltage supplyIncremental sorUP0VSensor0VInternalshieldA A–B B–R low/BlackRedBlackBlue/Black Red/BlackOther signals141798567b1a2b6a//C C–D D–T 1)T–1)GrayPinkYellowVioletGreenBrownCable shield connected to housing;UP Power supply; T TemperatureSensor: The sensor line is connected internally with the corresponding power line.Vacant pins or wires must not be used.1)Only for cables inside the motor housingProduct Information ECN 1313/ECN 1325/ERN 13877/20175

HEIDENHAIN measuring equipmentPWM 20Together with the ATS adjusting andtesting software, the PWM 20 phase anglemeasuring unit serves for diagnosis andadjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders.PWM 20Encoder input EnDat 2.1 or EnDat 2.2 (absolute value with or withoutincremental signals) DRIVE-CLiQ Fanuc Serial Interface Mitsubishi high speed interface Yaskawa Serial Interface Panasonic serial interface SSI 1 VPP/TTL/11 µAPP HTL (via signal adapter)InterfaceUSB 2.0Voltage supplyAC 100 V to 240 V or DC 24 VDimensions258 mm x 154 mm x 55 mmATSLanguagesChoice between English and GermanFunctions System requirementsand recommendationsPC (dual-core processor 2 GHz)RAM 2 GBOperating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit/64-bit)200 MB free space on hard diskFor more information, see the PWM 20/ATS Software Product Informationdocument.Position displayConnection dialogDiagnosticsMounting wizard for EBI/ECI/EQI, LIP 200, LIC 4000and others Additional functions (if supported by the encoder) Memory contentsDRIVE-CLiQ is a registered trademark of SIEMENS AG.6Product Information ECN 1313/ECN 1325/ERN 13877/2017

PWT 100The PWT 100 is a testing device forchecking the function and adjustment ofincremental and absolute HEIDENHAINencoders. Thanks to its compact dimensionsand robust design, the PWT 100 is ideal formobile use.You can find more information in theProduct Information PWT 100.PWT 100Encoder inputOnly for HEIDENHAINencoders Display4.3” color flat-panel display (touch screen)Voltage supplyDC 24 VPower consumption: max. 15 WOperating temperature0 C to 40 CProtection EN 60 529IP20Dimensions 145 mm x 85 mm x 35 mmEnDatFanuc Serial InterfaceMitsubishi High Speed InterfacePanasonic Serial InterfaceYaskawa Serial Interface1 VPP11 µAPPTTLTest cable for connection to PWM 20/PWT 100AGK ERN 1387 Ø 4.5 mm PUR (with shield crimping Ø 6 mm);PCB connector (with shield strain relief, 14-pin/D-sub connector(male), 15-pin incl. three 14-pin adapter connectors2m2xAWG30/71118892-02AGK ECI 11xx/ECI 13xx/EQI 11xx/EQI 13xx/ExN 11xx/ExN 13xx, Ø 4.5 mm EPG (with Ø 6 mm shield crimping;PCB connector with strain relief, 12-pin/D-sub connector (male),15-pin incl. 3 adapter connectors, 12-pin and 3 adapter connectors,15-pin2m2xAWG30/7621742-01DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbHDr.-Johannes-Heidenhain-Straße 583301 Traunreut, Germany{ 49 8669 31-0 49 8669 32-5061E-mail: info@heidenhain.dewww.heidenhain.de1085677 · 03 · A · 02 · 7/2017 · PDFThis Product Information supersedes all previous editions, which thereby become invalid.The basis for ordering from HEIDENHAIN is always the Product Information documentedition valid when the order is made.For more information:Comply with the requirements described in the following documents to ensure thecorrect operation of the encoder: Brochure: Position Encoders for Servo Drives Brochure: Rotary Encoders Brochure: Interfaces of HEIDENHAIN Encoders

† Brochure: Interfaces of HEIDENHAIN Encoders PWT 100 The PWT 100 is a testing device for checking the function and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders. Thanks to its compact dimensions and robust design, the PWT 100 is ideal for mobile use. You can fi nd more information in the Product Information PWT 100. PWT 100 .

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