Midwest Honor Band And Orchestra Festival February 9-11,

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SuitesEvents in GrantHallIn TransitLunch 11:30am12:30pm11:3012:30SCC SheratonConferenceCenterUT Unity Temple9:3010:00PAC PerformingArts Center(UMKC)Free time to eat with parents/guardians. All students must be in PAC (White Hall) by 6:00pm, and must providetheir own transportation.3:004:00Abbreviations:Sectionals 12:452:00pm GH122,PAC 326, WH

Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra Festival – February 9-11, 2018TENTATIVE 2018 Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra Festival Schedule (continued)SATURDAYHS SYMPHONYORCHESTRAHS WINDSYMPHONY3:30HS SYMPHONICBANDMS STRING ORCHESTRATravel to UT 3:30pmTravel to SCC - 3:30pmMS CONCERTBANDPAC PerformingArtc Center(UMKC)4:004:305:00Rehearsal 4:005:30pm WHRehearsal 4:155:30pm GH Rm 122Rehearsal 4:15-5:15pmUTTravel to UMKC 5:30pm5:306:00Rehearsal 4:155:15pm SCCRehearsal 4:005:30pm PAC 326Travel to UMKC - 5:30pm7:00Travel to UT 7:15pmTravel to SCC - 7:15pmRehearsal 7:459:45pm UTRehearsal 7:45-9:15pmSCCSCC SheratonConferenceCenter7:308:008:309:00Rehearsal 7:459:45pm WH10:00Travel to Hotel 10:00pm10:30Free time in hotel11:007:007:308:00Travel to Hotel 9:45pmFree time in hotelEvents in GrantHall Rm 122Lights OutEvents inWhite HallHS SYMPHONYORCHESTRAHS WINDSYMPHONYBreakfast 7:00amBreakfast 7:15amTravel to UMKC 8:15amTravel to UMKC 8:15amHS SYMPHONICBANDMS STRING ORCHESTRABreakfast 7:45am9:3010:0010:3011:00Rehearsal 8:4510:00am GH Rm122Performance10:00am WHTravel to UMKC 9:15am1:00Rehearsal 8:45-10:15amSCCRehearsal 9:15Watch HS10:45am PAC 326SymphonyOrchestra 10:00am Travel to UMKC - 10:30amWHPerformance10:45am WHLunch 11:00am12:30Breakfast 7:30amTravel to UMKC 8:45am11:30NoonMS CONCERTBANDBreakfast 8:00am8:309:00UT Unity TempleFree time in hotelLights OutRehearsal 8:4510:00am WHRehearsal 7:308:45pm PAC 326Travel to Hotel 9:00pmTravel to Hotel 9:30pm9:30SUNDAYRehearsal 7:459:15pm GH Rm 122WH WhiteRecital Hall(UMKC)GH Grant Hall(UMKC)Dinner - Pizza Party 5:45-7:15pm White Hall6:30Abbreviations:Rehearsal 11:45am12:45pm PAC 326Performance1:00pm WHTuning - 11:00amSnack 10:4511:15am PAC 326Performance 11:30amWHWatch MS StringOrchestra11:30am WHPerformance12:15pm WHEvents at UnityTempleEvents atSheratonConferenceCenterEvents in PACRm 326In Transit

Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra Festival – February 9-11, 2018What happens when and where?A timeline for parents and participantsDateTimeEventLocationInfo to knowEach school has been assigned a check-in time –please arrive during your school’s assigned time.Friday,2/9Friday,2/912:00pm –4:00pm6:00pmCheck-in andAuditionsOrientationMeeting andPlacementPostingsSheraton SuitesCountry Club Plaza770 W 47th St,Kansas City, MO 64112White Recital HallJames C. OlsonPerforming Arts Center4949 Cherry StKansas City, MO 64110Each participant’s audition will take place shortlyafter he or she checks in. Wind & stringauditions take place here.Percussion auditions will be held on the UMKCcampus – please see Auditions section for moreinformation.The Festival will not provide transportationfrom check-in/auditions to Orientation; this isthe responsibility of each participant’sparent/guardian. A map from the SheratonSuites to the PAC is included with this packet.Parents/guardians are responsible for studentsuntil the start of the Orientation Meeting.Please be sure to eat before the meeting.Orientation is for participants only – parentsmay leave after dropping participants off at theStudent Union.Sunday,2/11Sunday,2/1110:00am –1:45pm11:00am –2:45pmFinaleConcertWhite Recital HallJames C. OlsonPerforming Arts Center4949 Cherry StKansas City, MO 64110Each ensemble will be assigned a performancetime at the concert. Due to space limitations, weencourage parents and spectators to attend onlythe performance of their participant’s ensem

Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra Festival – February 9-11, 2018 ENSEMBLE PLACEMENT & SEATING AUDITIONS All Midwest Honor Band and Orchestra participants are required to play an audition, which will take place following program check-in. The results of this audition will determine which ensemble each participant will be placed into, as well as

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Members of the Committee Kevin Clayton, CHS Band and Orchestra Director Sandra Parsons, MAC Orchestra Director Randy Bjur, 5-12 Band/Jazz/Orchestra Specialist Jeff Sizer, 5-12 Band/Jazz Specialist Colleen Spadoni, 5-6 Orchestra Specialist Kristilyn Williams, Elementary General Music Kelli Kruse, Elementary General Music Kerry Koelzer, Elementary General Music

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