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2015 STRATEGYBuilding upon our diversity and inclusionsuccess in the past decade, we willbroaden our efforts to embed diversityand inclusion across the company todrive exceptional business results. We willcontinue our commitment to fostering atrust-based inclusive environment whereour associates feel connected to andsupportive of each other and where theyhave unlimited opportunity to developand grow.Planning forthe FutureAcquire and retainhighly competentand diverse talentto meet theneeds of thenext generationcustomersLeadership Messages6Planning for the Future12Inclusive Environment20Business Integration302014 U.S. EEO-1 DataAdvocate inclusivebehaviors todevelop andengage diversetalentBusiness IntegrationTable of Contents4InclusiveLeadershipEnable diverse talent by providingopportunities and tools to maximizetheir contribution to the enterpriseMISSIONWe will embed and inspire diversity andinclusion across the organization

3WA L M A R T A R O U N D T H E W O R L DAs of January 31, 2015CanadaMarket entry: 1994Units: 394United StatesMarket entry: 1962Units: 5,163United KingdomMarket entry: 1999Units: 592MexicoMarket entry: 1991Units: 2,290JapanMarket entry: 2002Units: 431ChinaMarket entry: 1996Units: 411GuatemalaMarket entry: 2005Units: 217El SalvadorMarket entry: 2005Units: 89NicaraguaMarket entry: 2005Units: 86Costa RicaMarket entry: 2005Units: 217HondurasMarket entry: 2005Units: 81BrazilMarket entry: 1995Units: 557ChileMarket entry: 2009Units: 404ArgentinaMarket entry: 1995Units: 105VISIONWalmart will unleash the power of diversity and inclusion to strengthen customerrelevance, build talent capacity, and drive innovation for business solutionsIndiaMarket entry: 2009Units: 20AfricaMarket entry: 2011Units: 396

4A message from DougI hope you’ve seen firsthand how important diversity and inclusion are to ourcompany. We want that to be clear by what we say but more importantly by what wedo. I’m proud of the intentional work we’ve done over the past decade to broadenour talent pool and diversify our leadership ranks. Now more than ever, Walmartreflects our diverse customer base, and that makes us a better company. We’ve alsodemonstrated that we’re willing to speak out on behalf of diversity and inclusion,particularly when we need to support our company’s core value of respect for theindividual.Doug McMillonPresident and CEO,Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.As I think about the year ahead, two of the words that are on my mind areopportunity and inclusion. There is a very real and meaningful debate happeningaround the world these days around opportunity. People everywhere want a fair shotin life, and they want to see a path up for themselves and their families. Walmart has arole to play here. We offer jobs at all levels, training and advancement opportunities,and the chance to reach the middle class and beyond. Walmart should be a placewhere anyone can grow, advance, and exceed their own expectations.In addition to a path up, we owe our associates a work environment that is inclusive of all people. We want to make sure that the very besttalent is drawn to Walmart and that all of our associates feel valued and respected here. We will continue to build a diverse and inclusivecompany that allows all associates — regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristics — to bring theirwhole selves to work so they can contribute at their best.We can make a difference in people’s lives if we have the right individual and collective attitudes and the willingness to take action. I’m soproud of the progress we’ve made. And together, we will make this company even better.Thanks for your interest in our business. Please share your views with us on how we can be doing more.Sincerely,Doug

5A message from SharonOne of Walmart’s core basic beliefs is respect for every individual—our customers, our associates, oursuppliers, and our stakeholders. As the world’s largest employer, we have a responsibility for setting ahigh standard of inclusive behavior. We believe inclusion propels innovation and business success.We open our doors every day around the world to welcome all customers in our stores. We provideaccess and affordability to the daily necessities of living. We expect that our associates treat allcustomers respectfully regardless of race, religion, gender identity or other personal characteristic.Sharon OrloppGlobal Chief Diversity Officerand SVP Coporate PeopleTo me, diversity is like the ingredients to a recipe. To make a good dish, you need to have differentingredients that work together. At Walmart, we want people who come from different places, think indifferent ways, and look and act differently from one another. Inclusion is how we mix those ingredientstogether – it’s the environment that we create, the real culture of the company. Inclusion is grounded inrespect for the individual and requires us to value and recognize the contribution of every associate.In addition to providing a diverse and inclusive work environment, we provide unparalleledopportunities and access to jobs. In February, we announced a significant investment in our U.S.associates with 1 billion committed to workforce training and a new starting wage of 9 effective April2015—and the opportunity for at least a 10 starting wage next year. Our investment includes enhanced training, scheduling choices and access to educationalopportunities for our associates.From associates in senior leadership roles to our store and club associates, we have provided pathways to opportunities for tens of thousands of women andpeople of color each year. In 2014, more than 228,000 associates received promotions in Walmart U.S. alone – 54 percent of them were women and 40 percentpeople of color. From taking their first job to stepping into their first leadership role – we are proud of being the destination for opportunity for all associates.Our associates make the difference. With these new opportunities, there will be no better place in retail to learn, grow, and build a career than Walmart. Webelieve that no matter who you are or what your background is, at Walmart you will find an environment that gives you an opportunity to rise to the top.Sincerely,Sharon

6PLANNING FOR THE FUTUREI choose Walmart because it’s a place where my unique skills,special talents, and one-of-a-kind potential mean a lot to myteam, to my customers and to my own future, too.“Our business is changing at a rapid pace.Our customers are also changing. We must prepare ourselves for thishuge shift by continuing to build a diverse workforce. One that can relateto the customers we serve now and in the future.Diversity and inclusion at Walmart goes beyond gender or race. It goes beyondreligion or disability. Here, it is also about embracing people who stand fordifferent things. They have different perspectives and ways of thinking. All ofthis diversity helps unlock a creative environment. New and different ideas can beshared to help drive innovation and business growth.”U.S. TOTAL WORKFORCEGreg ForanPresident and CEO Walmart U.S.WOMENAFRICAN AMERICANH I S PA N I CASIAN784,000 279,000185,000 48,000As of January 31, 2015

7Diversity Goals ProgramOur Diversity Goals Program is the most significant means by which we haveaccelerated opportunity for our women and people of color associates inthe U.S.The program encompasses: Field management placement goals of women and people of colorassociates Good Faith Efforts to drive ownership of diversity and inclusion Five-year aspirational goals to stretch our management placement goalsfor store and club manager positions Active coaching reviews centered on discrimination and harassment Customized diversity and inclusion plans for senior leadersWOMEN REPRESENTATIONU.S.Total Workforce57%Management42%CorporateOfficers32%As of January 31, 2015PEOPLE OF COLOR REPRESENTATIONTotal Workforce40%Management30%CorporateOfficers22%

8PLANNING FOR THE FUTUREA diverse workforceWalmart associates reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Weare a company of full- and part-time associates from a variety of ethnicities,orientations, backgrounds, experiences and styles. Our associates thinkglobally and serve locally. Around the world, Walmart continues to attract,seek and hire diverse talent, as well as foster a diverse and inclusive cultureand talent pipeline within Walmart.Hiring diverse talentThe importance of creatively reaching top talentaround the world has never been greater. So, inaddition to investing in such areas as college relations,social media engagement and virtual interviewtechnology, we’re collaborating with universitiesand other organizations directly to address themost significant issues within the talent pipelineitself. Together, we’re proactively working to addressspecific needs, which will result in a stronger, morediverse talent base to draw from moving forward.U.S. new hires for the last three years WOMEN50%51%53%20122013201445%49%51%PEOPLE OF COLOR

9Veterans Welcome HomeCommitmentIn May 2015, Walmart announced the next step in its VeteransWelcome Home Commitment by guaranteeing a job offer toany eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from activeduty since the commitment’s original launch on Memorial Day2013. The previous commitment was for veterans within 12months off active duty. In addition to the Veterans WelcomeHome Commitment, Walmart is expanding its 2013 projectionof hiring 100,000 veterans by 2018, increasing the projection to250,000 veterans by the end of 2020. Since Memorial Day 2013,Walmart has hired more than 92,000 veterans, and nearly 8,000have already been promoted to jobs with higher pay and greaterresponsibility.Also, through a 20 million philanthropic investment, Walmartand the Walmart Foundation are working with private and publicsector organizations to support veteran reintegration.Heather BriceK E E P I N G O U R M I L I TA R Y FA M I LY P R O M I S EWhen Heather Brice, an assistant manager at Walmart got married,she knew her husband’s career in the military meant there was a goodchance they would move far – and potentially often. But she wascomforted when she learned from her Neighborhood Market managerin Beaverton, Ore., that Walmart is just as committed to militaryspouses as it is to active service members and veterans.A few months later, Walmart made good on that commitment whenHeather’s husband, Ryan, was assigned to Idaho to serve his firstduty station as a pharmacy tech within the Air Force. The companypromptly connected Heather with a position at a Walmart Supercenterin Jerome, Idaho, just 30 minutes from their new home.“When we were waiting to find out where my husband would betransferred, he was worried about me keeping my job. But I wasn’t. I’vealways known that my company would support me,” Heather said.

10PLANNING FOR THE FUTUREGlobal recruiting story - ChileTaeko NirasawaD I V E R S I F Y I N G T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A LLEGAL PIPELINEE M B R AC E D F O R W H O I A MLast year, we identified an opportunity to strengthen the WalmartLegal department by diversifying the pipeline of attorneys servingour international markets. Through conversations with internal andexternal stakeholders in our Latin American markets, we determinedEnglish proficiency and professional networking opportunities and skillsrepresented the most significant hurdles for diverse law students seekingjobs.In October 2014, we launched a first-of-its-kind pilot program aimed atdelivering on this specific need and, in turn, building a stronger pipelineof diverse legal talent in Chile. Walmart Legal – International, with thesupport of Walmart Legal in Chile, pledged to provide English lessonsand create clerkships for 12 law students from local universities for threeyears. We’re also collaborating with Walmart legal departments in our LatinAmerican markets and other corporations to incorporate this model inother countries in the future as well as in other regions of the world.As a mother to three daughters, Taeko Nirasawacertainly has priorities beyond her careeras manager of the Seiyu store in Kamisugi,Japan. But she says she has always beenencouraged to tap into her point of viewas a mother and housewife to strengthenher teams and grow her career.“When you build a great team, it’s alot like having another family,” Taekosaid. “If you respect your fellowassociates, you’ll create a greatteam. I make sure I greet them every day, talk with them and, most important,listen. I’m here to help them grow and accomplish their goals, not just myown.”Hired into the Endo chain in 1987, Taeko became an assistant manager at theKita-Sendai store in 2008 and was promoted to co-manager by 2010. Sincebecoming store manager in Kamisugi last year, she has become focused onhelping other female associates to become managers.“I’ve been embraced for who I am and I want to be a role model for others,”she said. “I motivate the people I work with because I know anyone can makea career here with hard work.”

11Walmart U.S. jobsAt Walmart U.S., we’re proud of the jobs and opportunities we offerour associates – but we knew we could do better. So we took a stepback and listened to what our associates were telling us. In additionto new development and training programs, we’re making a numberof changes to enhance the job and advancement opportunities weprovide. We have raised the starting wage, are piloting a programto create more choice in scheduling and are introducing a trainingprogram to help deliver the skills our associates need to be successfulin their jobs and advance their careers. We’re committed to creatingopportunity for everyone who chooses to work with us.PAYAverageFULL-TIMEAverage9 10Our startingwage is nowIN FEB 2016,current U.S.associates willearn MinimumSTARTINGOR HIGHERwage in 2015SCHEDULINGStarting in 2016 Walmart will be oneof the first retailers to offer someassociatesFIXEDSCHEDULEShourly wagewill be10 9AN HOUROR MOREPART-TIME wagewill be13 PER HRPER HRPER HRAssociates will knowschedules at least2.5WEEKSin advanceeach weekAssociates who wantmore hours canVIEW OPENSHIFTSin thier store to build aschedule that meetsthier needsKristin OliverExecutive Vice President,Walmart U.S. People“We have a rich history of creating opportunityfor advancement, and we’re determined tobuild on that. Over 75% of our current storemanagement teams started as hourlyassociates. A store manager earns sixfigures and manages hundreds ofemployees.”BENEFITSHEALTHCAREBenefits start at 22 perpay period for qualifiedassociatesWE OFFERPAIDSICK LEAVEtoday and we are looking at waysto provide a time-off programthat better meets associates’needs. This includes eliminatingthe one-day wait period* for sickleave early next year.*Our U.S. associates are paid every two weeks401(K)Associates can begincontributing on their 1stday. Walmart will match401(K) contributions up to6% after 1 year on the job

12I N C LU S I V E E N V I R O N M E N TI choose Walmart because this is a place where I matter, whereI am supported and encouraged to be me.“When I think of inclusion – inclusion is a real call to action, and it causes youto actively listen – to your associates, your members, your customers – and make sure that we’re reflective ofwho’s shopping our units. Inclusion is critical to our success. It will help us maximize our business, but at thesame time, it makes us better as a company.Today we really operate in a very complex and diverse global environment. And inclusive leaders arethose who are able to drive performance and innovation while managing change. And while you’remanaging that change, it’s about the relationships and the talent that you build around it.It also means really being adaptable. Again, it’s about listening and really managing theworkplace of the future. We need to create a culture that’s not only diverse but can leveragethe differences in our people. It’s critical to who we want to be in the future.” Rosalind G. BrewerPresident and CEO – Sam’s ClubWe promoted more than300,000 200,000associates have beenwith the company for10 or more yearsassociates to jobs withmore responsibility andhigher payAbout seventy-fivepercent of our storemanagement started ashourly associates In 201475%

13Developing senior leadersGisel Ruiz’ story demonstrates the opportunity available to associates atWalmart. Gisel began her career at Walmart in 1992 as a store managementtrainee and is now Executive Vice President, Walmart International HR. Sheachieved a variety of leadership positions in store operations, labor relationsand Human Resources. Now she is responsible for more than 6,000 internationalstores with over 1 million associates, which netted more than 279 billion in slaeslast year. From a start as an hourly associate, she is now one of the top executives inthe organization.“The Walmart I know is all about opportunity,” Gisel said. “It’sa place where anyone who’s willing to work can come and build a career. I’m very proud towork for a company that encourages its associates – like me – to take our careers as far as wewant to take them.”Gisel is not alone, as the percentage of women officers throughout the corporation todaydoubles that of the average Fortune 500 company. During our ten year journey, we increased ourwomen officer representation a full 16 percentage points while the Fortune 500 average declined apercentage point.Gisel RuizWalmart women officer representation doubles Fortune 500Executive Vice President,International People Division16%16%200215%20140%5%10%15%Fortune 50032%20%25%WalmartSources: Catalyst Census, 2002; Catalyst U.S. Women in Business, 201430%35%

14I N C LU S I V E E N V I R O N M E N TInaugural African American ForumIn July 2014, the Global Office of Diversity, in partnership with the African American Officers’Caucus (AAOC) and the UNITY Associate Resource Group, hosted our inaugural AfricanAmerican Forum (AAF). It is no secret that associates make the difference in our customers’and members’ lives every day by working hard to deliver on our company promise.The African American Forum (AAF), as part of the African American Talent Strategy, wasdesigned to push that idea even further.The theme of the two-day event was “Make the Difference” in the business, the participants’careers and for African American talent at Walmart. The associates in attendance walkedaway from the event with a true ownership of their careers. There were over 600 inattendance, including the approximately 500 invited participants, executive leadership,board members and external guests.Throughout the event, participants: Had an opportunity to network with each other, company officersand board members Learned about AA140, an ongoing project designed to ensurewe are meeting the needs of our African American customersthrough innovation in merchandising, marketing and customerexperience Attended breakout sessions led by a panel of AAOC memberswhere they learned about panel members’ personal journeys,experiences and views about winning at Walmart, and wereable to share, whether sharing issues they’ve faced, or askingquestions Heard messages from board members, the CEO and threenationally recognized speakers on relevant and timely business,career and personal development topicsThis Forum has been an exciting new stepon our diversity & inclusion journey.In addition to providing access to others of a similar backgroundand the benefits of their experience at Walmart, through the AfricanAmerican Forum we were able to provide unmatched developmentand exposure to associates across the country. This developmentfurthers Walmart’s efforts in growing the representation andinclusion of diverse managers in our senior level leadership positionsthroughout the company. Building on the success of this event, wewill be hosting the inaugural Hispanic Forum, August 5-6, 2015.

15Interfaith in the WorkplaceUnconscious Bias PilotOn the U.S. National Day of Prayer in May 2014, the Global Officeof Diversity hosted an interfaith summit that highlighted theimportance of inclusion of associates from all creeds, faithsand beliefs. The Summit featured a keynote speaker and paneldiscussion, providing an opportunity for associates to share theirdiverse religious backgrounds and how faith can often intersectthe workplace. The Summit has spawned continuous discussionregarding inclusion of associates of all beliefs and faiths, includingcontinued conversation about the increased visibility and acceptanceof agnostic/atheist associates at Walmart.In the Global Office of Diversity, we are working to develop a robust inclusioneducation curriculum. The first step we’re taking is around the topic ofunconscious bias, which occurs when individuals’ preferences for objects andpeople at a subconscious level unintentionally influence both behavior anddecision-making.This year, we began an unconscious bias training pilot within our Logisticsdivision. The pilot kicked off with face-to-face training of roughly sixty U.S.Logistics leaders in two Texas distribution centers over a two-day, foursession period. Throughout the year, the same training will be deliveredto approximately 4,000 salaried management associates utilizing multipledelivery methods – face-to-face, eLearning modules and WebEx virtuallearning.Through increased awareness, understanding and unlocking the filters ofunconscious biases that affect our everyday decisions, we aim to improvebusiness results by fostering an inclusive culture that helps increase retention,employee engagement, inclusive leadership, innovation and creativity.THE U.S. MENTORING PROGRAM IN 2014TOTAL NUMBEROF MENTORS73,552Women represent54%of the mentoredassociatesTOTAL NUMBER OFASSOCIATES MENTORED239,613People of colorrepresent35%of the mentoredassociates

16I N C LU S I V E E N V I R O N M E N TGuest speakers included:Global Women’s Development SeriesDoug McMillonIndra NooyiPresident and CEO, Wal-MartStores, Inc.Chief Executive Officer ofPepsiCoAt Walmart, we are committed to celebrating, developing and lifting up women around theworld – both within the company and in the communities we serve. To that end, we createdthe Global Women’s Development Series (GWDS), a series of events that took place in springfounded on the following principles:Aida AlvarezFawn GermerWalmart Board of DirectorsAuthor and Leadership SpeakerKatty KayGeena Davis Champion opportunities for women to grow and thrive across the globe Be a catalyst for development of women globally Provide accessibility and a platform to support womenLead Anchor of BBC WorldNews America, Author,and co-author of TheConfidence CodeAcademy Award -winningactor, advocate andFounder, Geena Davis Instituteon Gender in MediaThrough two live events, supported extensively by technology, we provided developmentopportunities to Walmart associates around the world and local nonprofit organizationsthat support girls and women.On March 9, we celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD). Celebrations, occurring in ourmarkets around the world, were broadcast in the Home Office auditorium throughout theday. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Engaging Men in Women’s Development,” duringour local event in Bentonville, we heard from Jeffery Tobias Halter, author, gender strategistand the president of YWomen, a strategic consulting company focused on engaging menin women’s leadership issues. Jeffery also moderated a panel of associates from acrossthe business to discuss how we can each take action in our daily work to understand andempower women. In addition to a full auditorium of 800 plus associates, we had 47 videoconference locations connected globally and 312 people joined on webcast.Our second event, the Global Women’s Forum, was held on April 21. This half-day inauguralpowerhouse event was focused on connecting women around the world. The town-hallstyle event included interviews and discussions with Walmart executives, women leadersand celebrity guests. We focused on many issues facing women in the workplace today –specifically confidence, life/work integration and mentoring.The Forum encouraged and achieved global participation. We hadmore than 5,000 associates and guests participate live in this eventacross the U.S. and 10 international locations. The event was alsoviewed by 700 live YouTube viewers, as well as by thousands ofassociates across 29 states via internal broadcast channels.Global Sourcing partnered with Walmart Asia, Walmart China,Global Technology Services and Seiyu to ensure the Global Women’sForum was a truly global event. More than 500 associates in Asiaparticipated in local forums hosted by Global Sourcing teams inShenzhen and Shanghai China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangalore,India. These forums were also broadcast to associates in Pakistan,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Turkey.Utilizing and building on the content from the events above, we arecreating a Library of Content, an online library of digital assets thatwill be used as a resource for development on an ongoing basis.


18I N C LU S I V E E N V I R O N M E N TA S S O C I AT ERESOURCEGROUPS2015 will mark ten years since theformation of the Associate ResourceGroups (ARGs) at Walmart. Over thelast decade, U.S. ARGs have enrichedcultural awareness, increasedengagement in the local diversecommunities and created a greatersense of community and connectionamong diverse associates at Walmart.ADAE stands for “Associates for DisabilityAwareness and Education.” The missionof this resource group is to create anenvironment that educates, engagesand empowers families, associates, andcommunities impacted by disabilitiesthrough inclusion, sharing ideas andresources and implementing best practices.SUCCESS: Dining in the DarkIn Fall 2014, ADAE, in partnershipwith Downtown Bentonville, Inc., theBentonville School District, and non-profitAs we look toward the impact ARGswill have on the next ten years, ARGswill be a strong development tool forour top, diverse talent and a significantchannel to drive meaningful changeand impact across the Enterprise. TheARG strategy is designed to createsynergy and business impact throughalignment to the Global InclusionStrategy by helping drive talentattraction, development and retention,inclusion and community engagement.organizations, held a Dining in the Darkevent to promote disability awareness.In this immersive event, participants arebroken into pairs – one blindfolded, andone to serve as guide – and experience ameal from the point of view of people whoare blind. The event was both educationaland engaging for those in attendance.ADAE plans to expand into larger eventsthat highlight not only blindness, but otherdisabilities. They have a vision to build aportable program that can be tailored anddelivered by any group that wants to drivedisability awareness in their organization.APAN, or the Asian Pacific AssociatesNetwork, is an associate resourcegroup dedicated to connecting andintegrating the community with AsianPacific cultures and heritage.SUCCESS: STEMPOSIUMIn August, APAN partnered with theOzark STEM Foundation to put onthe STEMPOSIUM, an interactiveevent for parents, students, teachers,and community members to learnmore about the incredible Science,Technology, Engineering andMathematics (STEM) opportunitiesin Northwest Arkansas. This eventcombined hands-on demonstrations,workshops, competitions, andinformational booths into oneafternoon of exploration.HLARG, Walmart’s Hispanic LatinoAssociate Resource Group, has themission of strengthening our Hispanictalent to lead diversity & inclusionefforts that impact business, developassociates and build communities. Theysupport Walmart through ongoingeducation and promotion of Hispanic/Latino culture and values for themutual benefit of our company and thecommunities we serve.SUCCESS: Gateway HispanicLeadership ProgramHLARG spent the year developing theGateway Hispanic Leadership Program,focused on building the Hispanic talentpipeline at Walmart. This program isfocused on driving change and growthpertaining to our Hispanic talent andbusiness in the areas of associatedevelopment and advancement. It isdesigned to prepare and support highpotential Hispanic talent at all levelsin order to transform Walmart intobecoming the best place to work for thefast growing Hispanic talent.

19PRIDE is Walmart’s Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Ally(LGBTA) Associate Resource Group.Their mission is to ensure Walmartis the workplace of choice for theLGBTA community with an inclusiveenvironment where they contributeto Walmart’s mission of saving peoplemoney so they can live better.SUCCESS: Workplace GenderTransition GuidelinesTo cultivate an inclusive environmentwhere all associates, including ourtransgender associates, are comfortablebeing their authentic selves at work,Pride worked with HR to roll outthe Workplace Gender TransitionGuidelines to all facilities across theU.S. in May, 2014, as a resource forHR representatives in helping fosterdialogue and understanding ofworkplace transgender issues. Theguidelines include information onhow to provide a safe, welcoming andsupportive environment for associatesundergoing gender transition.UNITY is Walmart’s African AmericanAssociate Resource Group. Their vision isto ensure inclusion of African Americanexperiences and perspectives in order tostrengthen our company and improvethe corporate and shopping experiencefor African American associates,customers, suppliers and communities.SUCCESS: Black Men’sSolutions SummitThe Northwest Arkansas Black Men’sSolutions Summit (BMSS), held inNovember, was a free, educational,professional and social developmentevent attended by 500 African-Americanmen over the age of 14. It was a forumdesigned to equip and develop AfricanAmerican men and young men with thetools and solutions for leading, givingand mentoring. The mission of theBMSS is to enhance positiv

El Salvador Market entry: 2005 Units: 89 Costa Rica Market entry: 2005 Units: 217 Nicaragua Market entry: 2005 Units: 86 Honduras Market entry: 2005 Units: 81 India Market entry: 2009 Units: 20 Africa Market entry: 2011 Chile Units: 396 Market entry: 2009 Units: 404 Brazil Market entry: 1995 Units: 557 Argentina Market entry: 1995 Units: 105 As .

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