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KNOW YOUR MANORA collection of new 1, 2 & 3bedroom apartments

INTRODUCINGTHE MANORManor Place Depot is one of themost exciting new developmentsin the centre of London. It’s right onthe edge of the City, just south ofthe Elephant & Castle regenerationarea. A distinctive environmentwhere new residential, shoppingand entertainment spaces arebeing built.Manor Place Depot combines beautiful newone, two and three-bedroom apartmentswith independent retail and entertainmentspaces built into characterful redevelopedviaduct arches. With commercial spaces intwo revitalised heritage buildings – it’s wellconnected, spacious and eclectic. It’s the newLondon manor you’ll want to call home.In keeping with the wider regeneration ofElephant & Castle, Manor Place Depot is aplace for everyone. First-time buyers whowant a home in the heart of the capital,second steppers seeking a new start and avibrant neighbourhood, and City workerslooking for a short commute. Families willlove Manor Place Depot too, with threeplay areas for young children built into thelandscape design.MANOR PLACE DEPOT1

YOURMANORWith its light brickcontemporary exterior,spacious balconies andprofessionally landscapedgardens, Manor PlaceDepot is an open andwelcoming place to meetfriends, spend your leisuretime and call home.2MANOR PLACE DEPOTCGI for indicative purposes only.MANOR PLACE DEPOT3

THE STORYBEHINDTHE MANORFeaturing tales of bottles, bathsand boxers, Manor Place’shistory is as rich as it is exciting.From farming community to wealthyGeorgian mansions to urban workingclass neighbourhood – the Walworth areahas had a varied history, but it was duringthe Victorian era that Manor Place beganto play an important role in the story ofthe locale.Kray twins boxing poster at Manor Place Baths, 1951Manor Place Baths, 1978 *Manor Place Baths, 1937 * quickly led to boxing – an importantsport in the area – and one that could makeuse of the surplus space at the baths. Withfights featuring the notorious Kray twins, aboxing reputation became established thatcompelled the BBC to make the baths theirfirst choice venue when it began broadcastingboxing. An annual charity boxing match alsotook place at the baths for 40 years – thenoble art and Manor Place have enjoyedan illustrious combined history.The Manor Place Baths opened in 1895and were a valuable resource for the localcommunity with its high levels of overcrowding and poor sanitation. Built by thevestry of Newington, the baths were oneof the biggest and best in London andfeatured three swimming pools, showersand a public laundry.14MANOR PLACE DEPOT* Material in this work that is the copyright of theArchive is published with the permission of theSouthwark Local History Library and Archive.MANOR PLACE DEPOT5

Ceramic pot lid: This lidonce sealed a pot of coldcream prepared by ArthurJ. Taylor, a chemist of StLeonards-on-Sea, EastSussex, during the mid tolate 19th century. MOLABone syringe: Rather thanfunctioning as a modern medicalsyringe for vaccination, thisobject was for administeringenemas and used for irrigatingparts of the body. MOLAALL MANOROF ARTEFACTSGlass vase: This English white glassflower vase would have made a finedecorative item in the parlour of aVictorian home. MOLABone toothbrush (3 views):Victorian toothbrushes weremade of bone with bristles madeof boar hair, which have decayedon this example. MOLACeramic bottle: This would havecontained ginger beer producedby Whites, Camberwell andWalworth’s famous soft drinksmanufacturer and they bearWhites’s George and the Dragontrademark. MOLAMOLA (Museum of London Archaeology)*monitored the excavations on site in2016-2017 and found evidence that, prior tothe construction of the Manor Place Baths, thesite was used as a bottle dump. Intriguing findslike late-Victorian ceramics and glass providean impression of how the Victorians lived andtheir diet, health and lifestyle.Many of the finds were from local producerssuch as mineral and carbonated water bottlesfrom Robert Whites and Sons – the precursor tothe well known lemonade brand that still existstoday. Pottery discoveries included whitewareused for vinegar and preserves and stonewarebottles for ginger beer and ink. Most of theglass bottles recovered from the site wereunbroken, and the collection from Manor Placeis the largest and most complete group of thisdate found in London so far.Ceramic jar: Devonshireclotted cream was a productsold by Tuckers, a poultererat 287 The Strand in the1880s. MOLACeramic pot lid: The fancy gothictransfer-printed script on thisVictorian lid advertisestoothpaste ‘for preserving theteeth & gums’. MOLA lay tobacco pipe: This French pipe is in theCform of the bearded head of St Nicholas andwas marked by the ‘fancy pipe manufacturerand importer of tobacconists’ fancy goods’,Fiolet of St Omer, who had a retail outlet inLondon during the Victorian period. MOLA6MANOR PLACE DEPOTCeramic bottle: ThisVictorian stoneware bottlecontained ginger beer madeby Western & Wolland ofGrange Road and GrangeWalk, Bermondsey. MOLA* MOLA is a leading archaeological and builtheritage practice and educational PLACE DEPOT7

AT HOMEIN THEMANORThree blocks of apartmentsenvelope a centralcourtyard. This wideopen space encouragesmovement and communalliving and lets light shineinto apartments.8MANOR PLACE DEPOTCGI for indicative purposes only.MANOR PLACE DEPOT9



CENTRAL LONDON LIVINGYour manor is a ten-minute walk from Zone 1 tubestation Elephant & Castle, giving you easy accessto the sights, sounds and shopping of the West Endand City. But with a new, top of the range shoppingcentre planned at the Elephant, you can have justas much fun close to home. CREATIVE CONNECTIONSLondon South Bank University and LondonCollege of Communications (LCC) are a big part ofthe Elephant & Castle community. A new cuttingedge building, providing excellent new facilitiesfor the creative arts students of LCC, is part of theElephant & Castle regeneration programme. Justaround the corner you’ll find major creativity ofanother kind, at megaclub Ministry of Sound, thatcontinues to draw in fans from around the world. EAT, DRINK & PLAYALLMANOROF THINGSDiscover the wide mix of cuisine,culture and creativity that’s onoffer just minutes from Manor PlaceDepot. This part of London is thefresh destination for people seekingeclectic influences and entertainment.Borough Market is the destination on Saturdaymornings for gourmet drinks and street food plusSouth Bank entertainment. Equally busy EastStreet Market has been trading since the 16thCentury and is a fresh place to shop if you’recooking at home. If it’s street food and relaxationyou’re after head to Flat Iron Square in Banksideor the other great foodie hub Maltby Street Market. A RELAXED LIFESTYLEDiscover the tranquility of the Tibetan PeaceGarden at the Imperial War Museum or takepart in the nature therapy and workshopsat Walworth Garden. Another great outdoorspace in the process of being created isElephant Park. It’s the centrepiece of Elephant& Castle’s regeneration programme.There’s a big South American and Caribbeaninfluence from market-traders and localrestaurateurs, inspirational street art andcultural events, pop-up food stalls and artsfestivals, and three top clubs to choose fromif you love to dance ‘til dawn. And the variety isonly going to grow as the 3 billion transformationof Elephant & Castle progresses. Look forwardto an exciting new shopping centre hosting topretail and leisure brands, a multi-screen cinemaand other sports and leisure facilities.MANOR PLACE DEPOT15

EAT, DRINK& PLAY12You will never run out of peopleto meet and fun places to eat,drink and play.Look forward to new bars and restaurants underthe arches at Manor Place Depot, as well asfirm favourites around Elephant & Castle andWalworth. Louie Louie at 347 Walworth Roadcontinues to get great reviews, for its café-byday, restaurant-by-night approach and widemix of talented chefs. If a traditional pub withlots going on is more your thing, head to TheManor of Walworth, also on Walworth Road.345HOLA!671. Deli, 1a Browning StreetLouie Louie, 347 Walworth RoadJohn serving coffee at his stallManor of Walworth pub, 140 Walworth RoadEast Street MarketThe Elephant & Castle pub, Newington CausewayThe Electric Elephant Café, 186a Crampton StreetMANOR PLACE DEPOT17

A RELAXEDLIFESTYLE1There are plenty of optionswhen you need a slowerpace too, whether you enjoymeditation, brain stimulationor fresh air.RELAX!Southwark Playhouse focuses on newand emerging theatre and has regularworkshops and events to participatein, as well as rehearsal rooms to hire.While Salty Yoga offers classes in heatedrooms that increase your pulse rate andmetabolism. After which a calm walk inBurgess Park could be what you need.Burgess park is one of South London’sbiggest parks and slowly emerged fromthe space left by demolished factories,churches and streets, as well asbomb damaged areas and the filled-inGrand Surrey Canal from Camberwellto Peckham. It underwent furthertransformation in 2012 with 8 millionreceived from the Mayor of London,with a complete redesign to include animproved lake, dedicated gardens, a5km fitness route, a 3.5 km stretch ofnew footpaths, a designated BBQ areaand a new vibrant cafe.42531.Southwark Playhouse, 77-85 Newington Causeway2 & 5. Burgess Park, 150 Albany Road3. Walworth Garden Farm, 206 Manor Place4. Salty Yoga, 4 Browning Street18MANOR PLACE DEPOTMANOR PLACE DEPOT19

CREATIVECONNECTIONSThe creative community in Elephant& Castle is thriving, with studentsfrom the London College ofCommunication rubbing shoulderswith local creative businessesand cultural events attractingmore and more people.INSPIREDBuilt from repurposed shipping containers,The Artworks Elephant is a hub of creativeactivity. Food and drink outlets surround aground floor outdoor courtyard and creativebusinesses occupy two floors of shippingcontainers upstairs.1236347586Corsica Studios is another independent artsorganisation that sets up and develops creativespaces in London. They also run undergrounddance nights, at their club behind the shoppingcentre, that draw in the crowds. Built inthe 1870s, Iliffe Yard just off the WalworthRoad, is one of the original sites of artisanworkshops. One such artist operating in IliffeYard is Kelvyn Laurence Smith of Mr Smith’sLetterpress Workshop. Mr Smith is a polymathof sorts — a craftsman, designer, typographer,printmaker, wordsmith and maker whocreates exquisitely crafted contemporarytypographic printed matter using wood andmetal type.1. The Arches Ministry of Sound,Arches 80 & 81, Newington Court2. Mr Smith’s Letterpress Workshop,20 Iliffe Yard3, 5 & 8. The Artworks Elephant, Elephant Road4.Iliffe Yard6.East Street Market7.Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant RoadMANOR PLACE DEPOT21

BUSYou really can head in any directionon a bus from Elephant & Castle. Selectfrom the 28 bus routes which serve thearea giving you direct journeys to andfrom central London and further intosouth London.BIKESegregated cycle lanes openedin Elephant & Castle in 2016 andinvestment continues to make thispart of London a cycle safe area.Check out the Quietway cycle routesthat help you get across London usingmainly backstreets. They complementthe Cycle Superhighways, includingthe North-South route running fromElephant to King’s Cross. You can cycleto King’s Cross in under 20 minutes.AIRIt’s around 30 minutes by car fromManor Place Depot to City airport,giving you an easy route to destinationsall over Europe, as well as New York.If you’re flying from Heathrow take theBakerloo line to Paddington, and hopon the Heathrow Express whichtakes 15 minutes. Thameslink trainsrun direct from Elephant & Castleto Gatwick Airport, which takes 42minutes, and Luton Airport, whichtakes just over an hour.The big gyratories at Elephant & Castlehave been redesigned to make them morepedestrian friendly and the North-SouthCycle Superhighway will provide a directroute for cyclists from Elephant & Castle toKing’s Cross. When the options are this good,which do you choose?There’s no better way to discover your manorthan hopping off public transport and delvinginto the side streets. You can take a guidedwalk and learn about local history or createyour own routes around town. A walk toBorough Market along the River Thameswill take you under 30 minutes.Journey times are approximateand sourced from PLACE DEPOTYour new home couldn’t be moreconnected! Manor Place Depotgives you easy access to Zone 1and Zone 2 Underground stations,28 different bus routes, andOverground trains into the City.Travelling into central London from Elephant& Castle is an enviable journey compared tomost other parts of London. The Bakerlooline ends at the Elephant, so in the morningsyou can always get a seat, and it’s fiveminutes on the Northern line to Bank.WALKING22BEYONDTHE MANORTUBEManor House Depot is under tenminutes by foot to Zone 1 Undergroundstation Elephant & Castle, served by theNorthern and Bakerloo lines, and Zone 2Kennington served by the Northern line.You can reach Bank in five minutes andOxford Circus in 10.TRAINIt’s only seven minutes into the Cityon a Thameslink train from Elephant& Castle. Or get to St Pancras Internationalin under 15 minutes and travel down toMargate on the Kent coast or further afieldon the Eurostar to Lille, Brussels or Paris!MANOR PLACE DEPOT23

Imperial1.London’s Southbank2. Borough Market3. The Shard4. Tibetan Peace Garden, 107a St George’s Road5. Quick journeys to London Bridge6. The London EyeBorough17 MINS MarketLondon17 MINS WaterlooJourney times are approximate andsourced from Journey timesfrom Elephant & Castle underground station.London22 MINS Bridge25 MINS BankKing’s Cross19 MINS St PancrasOxford1O MINS CircusNorthern line13 MINS War Museum17 MINS London Waterloo9 MINS Bank65 MINS Bank547 MINS London Bridge34 MINS London WaterlooA vibrant and unique experience is always justaround the corner. You can step back in timein London’s creatively curated museums. Takein the whole of the capital from the top of TheShard or The London Eye. Discover past andcontemporary artists at world famous galleries.Or zip into the West End for shopping andtheatre on the Santander hop-on, hop-off bikes.12 MINS London BridgeWhen you’re this close to centralLondon, you can really make themost of this diverse and buzzing city.6 MINS London Waterloo123 MINS London BridgeCENTRALLONDONLIVINGLondon’s23 MINS Southbank33 MINS Oxford CircusOxford21 MINS CircusKing’s Cross13 MINS St PancrasBaker28 MINS StreetBaker14 MINS StreetBakerloo lineMANOR PLACE DEPOT25

1CLOSERTO HOMEManor House Depot has plenty going on too, withspaces for retail, bars, restaurants and creativebusinesses designed into the characterfulviaduct arches and mixed-use spaces in tworevitalised heritage buildings. Proposed optionsfor commercial use include a yoga studio, cycleshop and independent art gallery.21.2.26MANOR PLACE DEPOTViaduct arches, coffee shop interior (indicative only)Viaduct arches, exteriorCGI for indicative purposes only.MANOR PLACE DEPOT27

WE ARETHE MANORMeet some of the locals that helpmake the manor such a vibrantand lively place to live. These arethe people who may be pullingyour next pint or serving up yourmorning latte., Legacy Food BarPatricya, Elephant DeliBashdar, East Street MarketLunch at Louie LouieDrinks at The Artworks ElephantAndres, German KraftTatiana, Elephant & Castle PubEmili, The Electric ElephantAusel, Elephant & Castle128349657

3OMANOR PLACE DEPOTOCCUPATION ROADMPABLOCKBBLOCKCDEBLOCKBLOCKBLOCKFBLOCKVIADUCT ARCHESKBLOCKMANOR PLACEJBLOCKLBLOCKMThe Manor House Depot site is 1.7 hectares. That’sbigger than two football pitches which enables hugecreativity on the layout of the apartment blocks,the use of heritage buildings, and the design of thecentral courtyard and surrounding public realm.There will be a variety of communal and open spaces,including three play areas for young children. Shopsand leisure facilities are clustered to the north of thesite by the listed buildings and down the full length ofthe viaduct arches. An exciting new neighbourhoodand community is being born.GPENROSE STREETTHERE’SNO PLACELIKE THEMANORWALWORTH ROADBLOCKKEYG Affordable HousingManor Place, formerlyMP The Coroner's CourtP E N TO N PLACEMANOR PLACE DEPOT31

Perfectly suited to contemporaryurban living, your new homeat Manor Place Depot has beendesigned to make the best useof natural light, with inspiredlayouts that maximise space.Each stylish home at Manor Place Depotoffers sleek modern appliances, qualityfittings and private outdoor space.32MANOR PLACE DEPOTCGIs for indicative purposes only.MANOR PLACE DEPOT33

MAKE ITYOUR MANORInterior specificationKitchens:- Handeless matt finish light greydoors with soft close hinges- Samsung Starron compositeworktop in colour ‘Sanded Dover’- LED strip feature lighting underwall mounted units- Integrated Zanussi appliances:oven, induction hob, extractor,fridge/freezer, dishwasher- Integrated Bosch washer dryeror freestanding Zanussi washerdryer (refer to plot layouts)- Integrated Zanussi microwave- Glass splashback behind hobBathrooms:- W hite bathroom suites withHansgrohe Ecostat chrometaps & mixers- Bath with Hansgrohe Ecostatthermostatic shower mixerand glazed shower screen(where applicable)- Matt finish ‘Cool Grey’ floorand skirting tiling by RAKCeramics- Matt finish ‘Off White’ walltiling by RAK Ceramics- Chrome heated towel rail34MANOR PLACE DEPOTFlooring:- Living/Dining/Hallway – AmticoFirst, ‘Featured Oak’ colour-K itchen – Amtico First,‘Featured Oak’ colour*-B edrooms – JHS HaywoodTwist carpet, ‘Oatmeal’ colourSecurity & Warranties:- NHBC ten year warranty onall homes- Estate wide CCTV coverage- Audio visual secure fobentry system with door bells onsome ground floor apartmentsGeneral:-B rilliant white emulsionto all walls & ceilings-W hite satinwood finish toall woodwork (skirting& architraves)- Internal doors – timber veneer-U nderfloor heating to allhomes fed by a communalheating system-W ardrobes to master bedroomby Impress. Wardrobe finish– white acrylic sliding doors,(private units have LEDilluminated hanging rail)**-C ontemporary chrome handlesto all doors-C hrome light switches andsockets- Orlight low profile LED spotlights* Homes with a separate Kitchen/Dinerwill have ‘Cool Grey’ tiled flooring** Please check specific plots for masterbedroom wardrobesCGIs for indicative purposes only.MANOR PLACE DEPOT35

THEDEVELOPERNotting Hill Genesis is one ofLondon’s leading housing providersoffering a range of propertysolutions including Shared Ownershipsales and re-sales, open marketsales and leasehold management.Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest housingassociations in the country, with around 64,000homes across London and the south-east,serving more than 170,000 residents.It was formed in April 2018 when Notting HillHousing amalgamated with Genesis HousingAssociation. It is a social enterprise committedto creating thriving communities and providinghomes for lower-income households.NHG owns and manages homes across a range oftenures including social, affordable and privaterent, leasehold, care and support, temporaryhousing and Shared Ownership, of which we arethe largest provider in the country.Notting Hill Sales is the trading name of CanonburyDevelopments Ltd which is part of Notting Hill Genesis.36MANOR PLACE DEPOTSpecification details are correct at timeof going to print but are for guidanceonly and remain subject to change.Exact fittings and finishes are subjectto availability at time of installation.Computer Generated Images of typicalinterior styles at Manor Place Depotare for indicative purposes only. Proposeduses for the commercial spaces underthe viaduct arches are indicative only.Please speak to your sales consultantfor more information.

manorplacedepot.comManor Place Depot, Manor Place,London SE17 3BDmanorplacedepot@savills.com020 7531 2500

18 MANOR PLACE DEPOT MANOR PLACE DEPOT 19 A RELAXED LIFESTYLE 1. Southwark Playhouse, 77-85 Newington Causeway 2 & 5. Burgess Park, 150 Albany Road 3. Walworth Garden Farm, 206 Manor Place 4. Salty Yoga, 4 Browning Street There are plenty of options when you need a slower pace too, whether you enjoy meditation, brain stimulation or fresh air.

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