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OutlineAPEX OverviewAPEX Clothing used by CCPClothing considerationsMaya DCC plug-in overviewAPEX IntegrationDemosAPEX ModulesAPEX DestructionAPEX ParticlesAPEX VegetationAPEX Turbulence

What is APEX?APEX is a “Scalable Dynamics Framework”Scalable: Content adapts to different hardware capabilitiesDynamics: The way things move and interactFramework: A structured environmentAPEX consists of two major components:Authoring:High-level authoring of dynamic systemsDCC plugins, standalone tools, and game engine pluginsRuntime:A modular SDK – minimal integration into game engineLeverages PhysX for simulations

APEX ArchitectureRun-time VegetationStandaloneAPEX ToolsClothingDestructionAuthoringDCCPlug-InAPEX CoreRendererConsolesPhysX SDKPCPC GPU

APEX is Artist Focused Artist level abstractions of dynamic systems “Destructible bunker” vs. “collection of bricks” Intuitive and easy to use 2008 NVIDIACorporation.

Why Cloth Simulation?Adds variety and secondary motion to animationCan increase plausibility in realistic scenes a lotThe same toolset can also be used to create softbody simulation

Things to be aware ofLike any other simulation, cloth requiresboundaries and “taming”Sometimes non-realistic cloth simulation looksbetterElaborate cloth assets can be quite complex tokeep nice at all timesIteration and testing are the key

Pipeline IntegrationAPEX export was easily integrated into CCP exportpipelineUse of cloth templates speeds up clothing creationCreate once, use oftenACAApex Cloth DataCCP ExportGR2REDOther Model Data

Maya Demo

ChallengesNumbers of characters on-screen can’t becontrolled in an MMOLODs are a mustHigh visual fidelity requires lots of considerationfor collision meshesSitting on furniture – how do you handle that?Characters must affect each other too

APEX integration

Implement a few classes NxResourceCallback Manage shared objectsNxUserRenderResourceManager Manage vertex and index buffersNxUserRendererPerform the rendering

ActorsLoad clothing assets from .aca filesCreate clothing actor from assetAPEX renders actors through your engine

Debugging aidsLots of debugging info tobe renderedUseful for the programmersBut even more so for clothauthoringWorth spending time tosupport it all

More debugging aidsVisual debuggerAllows recording of dataAnalyze simulation withoutgame engine

Maximizing performanceCloth simulation is heavyGPU can do heavy liftingMaximizing parallelism maximizes performanceDelay skinning to match up with simulationRendering lags further behindSyncing audio and other effects with animation maybecome a bigger issue

Benefits of APEXFast, easily iterated authoringArtist friendlyTweakable data easily exposed in engine for finaltweakingDebug preview in engine availableEasily integrated into game engine

Live Demo

APEX Modules

APEX DestructionFully and partial destructible environmentsPhysXLab tool with preview functionalityFully integrated with APEX ParticlesFracture with noiseHierarchical destructionPlastic deformationLevel of DetailScalability

APEX DestructionAuthoring PipelineOBJFBX BMPUSERMesh data & Fracture MapDestructionAPEXAPEX CoreRendererAPXAPEX Asset filePhysX SDK

APEX ParticlesFull Collision with PhysX environmentForce fields (wind, explosions)Authorable behavior and effect modifiersRenderable as sprites or meshes (with orientation)Generic emitterSpecial purpose emittersAir/Ground emitterWeapon emitter

APEX ParticlesAuthoring PipelineOBJFBX BMPUSERMesh data & Fracture MapParticlesAPEXAPEX CoreRendererAPXAPEX Asset filePhysX SDK

APEX TurbulenceGame Example

APEX Vegetation / SpeedTreeFull and partial tree destruction/deformationState transition between physical and static treesTight integration with APEX ParticlesLevel of DetailFully integrated into SpeedTree ModelerAutomatic generation of tree skeletonConfigurable bone and joint systemSupport for multiple APEX Particle Emitters

APEX Vegetation / SpeedTreeAuthoring PipelineTGA PNG OBJ STMImages, meshesVegetationAPEXAPEX CoreRendererSPMProcedural FilesPhysX SDK

Where To Find UsMobile-friendly schedule: http://bit-ly/gdc-nvidiaNVIDIA - Main Expo Area, Booth 1702CCP – Career Pavilion, Booth 2502March 11th Sponsored Sessions0900-1000Room 310,South HallTegra - Developing Killer Content for Advanced Mobile Platforms1330-1430Room 310,South HallPhysically Simulated Clothing by CCP (EVE Online) Using NVIDIA APEX1500-1600Room 310,South HallAuthoring Physically Simulated Destruction with NVIDIA APEX1630-1730Room 310,South HallNVIDIA's New Game Development Environment: NVIDIA ParallelNsight March 12th Presentations0900-1000Room 304,South HallTaking Fluid Simulation Out of the Box: Particle Effects in Dark Void,Sarah Tariq (NVIDIA), Joe Cruz (VFX)Twitter: nvidiadeveloper, Website:

Maya DCC plug-in overview APEX Integration Demos APEX Modules APEX Destruction APEX Particles . OBJ FBX BMP USER APEX Destruction Renderer PhysX SDK APEX Core APX APEX Asset file Mesh data & Fracture Map. APEX Particles Full Collision with

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California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §§ 335-366.3. The statute of limitations for several common causes of action in California include: Personal injury or wrongful death: 2 years (CCP § 335.1). Damage to personal property: 3 years (CCP § 338). Breach of a written contract: 4 years (CCP § 337). Breach of an oral contract: 2 years (CCP .

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CCP Muppet Hunter - Game Design Director CCP Falcon - Senior Community Manager CCP Convict - Community Developer CCP Dopamine - Community Developer . this was the inspiration for the fleet finder tool. CCP Mannbjörn adds that they have to be careful to not only treat the symptoms and never fix the underlying issues.

CCP General Guidelines uEach public school student is awarded 30 credits per academic year uA CCP academic year is summer, fall, and spring semesters/terms uAny classes taken at the high school or at another college count toward those 30 credits uThree Options for CCP enrollment: Option A/self-pay, Option B/state- pay (Option B is the default option for CCP students), Combo

or self pay for course to be in compliance (3333-1-65.2) If a course exceeds the limit, and student opts to self pay, entire course is self pay -no splitting payment option Ensures enrollment in CCP course does not circumvent taking required end of course exams Does not disadvantage student in class standing or grades because of CCP

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