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Phleger Estate 2005 Karl KroeberRancho Cañada del Oro 1999 Robert BueltemanI am one of those who has no troubleimagining the sentient lives of trees,of their leaves in some fashioncommunicating or of the mossy trunksand heavy branches knowing it is Iwho have come, each morning, to walkbeneath them, glad to be alive andglad to be there.Mary OliverPeninsula Open Space TrustCelebrating 30 Years of Local Land ProtectionThe mission of the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)is to give permanent protection to the beauty, characterand diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula landscapefor people here now and for future generations. POSTencourages the use of these lands for natural resourceprotection, wildlife habitat, low-intensity publicrecreation and agriculture.

Fee Ownership, Easements and FranciscoBaySan MateoHillsboroughMossBeachFosterCityCounty LineSources:USGS,San Mateo County, POSTMap Updated January, 20070246MilesBelmontElGranadaSan CarlosRedwood CityHalfMoonBayPurisimaCreekRedwoodsOSPMenlo ParkAthertonWoodsideEastPalo AltoPalo AltoMountain ViewEl CorteMaderaOSPPortolaValleyLos AltosSanta ClaraLos AltosHillsPacificOceanRanchoSan AntonioPreserveSan JoseCampbellPescaderoCreek ParkPescaderoCastle RockState ParkLos GatosPigeonPointAño NuevoState rtinoButanoState ParkLands Protected By POST Since 1977Sierra AzulPreserveAlmadenQuicksilverCounty ParkCalero CountyParkBig Basin RedwoodsState ParkLoch LomondRecreation AreaForest ofNisene MarksState ParkFall CreekState ParkHenry CowellRedwoodsState ParkWilderRanchState ParkSanta 4849505152535455565758POST ProjectsSan Pedro PointShelldance NurseryRancho Corral de TierraRiviera Ocean VillaPillar Point BluffWicklowNurserymen’s Exchange/Highway 92WavecrestJohnston RanchJohnston Ranch AdditionMadonna Creek RanchMiramontes RidgeMills Creek CanyonRancho RaymundoRedwood Park SubdivisionPhleger EstateGreenBair IslandMohr (1/2 interest)Ross (1/2 interest)Dumbarton BaylandsCooley Landing222 High Street (POST headquarters)Cowell RanchDohertyLobitos RidgeBluebrush CanyonLower Purisma CreekBald KnobTunitas CreekHoskingOswaldDyerDriscoll RanchSkyline Boulevard: PG&EMelchorWindy Hill: Corte MaderaWindy Hill: Spring RidgeArastraderoCrittenden MarshAlviso/New Chicago MarshCloss ICloss IIRose Basich ThomasCoal CreekRose AllenRapley RanchSan Gregorio FarmsDiamond H RanchAlbert WilsonRobinsonKleinCowdenDaniellPortola LookoutSonntagRyan 7980818283848586878889909192Cox BequestHeather HeightsStevens Canyon RanchZabelSchwabacherConsigny/Stevens CreekBergerDieselFelton StationBear Creek RedwoodsHuntCathedral OaksLilesScottRancho de GuadalupeNorthNewhagen MeadowsMt. Umunhum: DieterichBaldwin WallaceMc KannayPreston PipelineRancho Cañada del OroLoma Prieta RanchBolsa Point RanchesSouth Pescadero FarmsCloverdale Coastal RanchesBolsa Point Ranches TransferCloverdale TransferAño NuevoGreen Oaks RanchNely LaneKraynickSkyline Ridge Preserve: Lohr & Skyline RanchMc Donald 10111112113114115POST Conservation Easements & RestrictionsCowell North CEPurisma Farms CECowell South CEMountain Meadow CESan Gregorio Ranch CEArata CERedgate Ranch CEDjerassi Resident Artists Program CESugano CECorte Madera CEHawthornes CERose-Basich CELittlefield CELittlefield-Skyline CENack CEGuenther CEKrauskopf/Conley CEMudd CEBartowski Deed RestrictionPezzoli CEMichelson CEBean Hollow Deed RestrictionHoffman/Stone CE

Mountains, Meadows and Milestones:Three Decades of POST-Protected Landsvalue our spectacular surroundings. Since 1977,nearly 17,000 donors have made at least one giftto POST, and the numbers keep growing.Like our founders, every donor to POST isan entrepreneur for the environment. That’sbecause every gift to POST is an investment in thefuture of the land. In the pages that follow, wecelebrate the storybook hillsides, mist-shroudedridgetops and sweeping coastal plains that youhave helped POST protect in our 30-year history.These images make clear that what we are savingisn’t just real estate, but a rich tapestry of landscapes that have the power to soothe, awe andinspire. For everything you do for POST and theselands, thank you! 1999 Robert Buelteman 2006 Paolo VesciaIn 1977, ten visionaries—all local residentswho cared deeply about the land—launched thePeninsula Open Space Trust in Menlo Park, Calif.POST was conceived to work in partnershipwith a then five-year-old public agency called theMidpeninsula Regional Open Space District(MROSD). POST’s charge at the time was to workwith private landowners reluctant to deal withLooking south from Wilbur’s Watch, part of POST’sCloverdale Coastal Ranches property acquired in 1996.government agencies and to raise money tosupplement public funds available for landconservation.True to their word, POST’s founders createda nimble, fast-acting, independent organizationthat would save threatened land by way of boldvision, entrepreneurial instincts and gutsy resolve.POST has since saved 115 properties totalingnearly 60,000 acres of open space from South SanFrancisco to San Jose. Today, POST works closelynot only with MROSD and private landowners,but with national, state and county park systemsand other agencies to create strong, effectivepartnerships on behalf of local natural lands.Now headquartered in Palo Alto, we remainfortunate to work in an area where people trulyRancho Cañada del Oro, in south San Jose, transferred toSanta Clara County Open Space Authority and Santa ClaraCounty Parks system in 2003. Acquired by POST in 1999.SPRING 2007 3

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,There is a rapture on the lonely shore,There is society, where none intrudes,By the deep Sea, and Music in its roar:I love not Man the less, but Nature more.George Gordon, Lord ByronArata Ranch, in San Gregorio. Protected by POST conservation easement since 2004.4 LANDSCAPES

2005 Karl Kroeber 1998 Robert Buelteman 2002 William MatthiasCowell Ranch Beach, near Half Moon Bay, transferred toCalifornia State Parks and local farming families in 1992.Acquired by POST in 1987. 2003 Robert BueltemanStevens Canyon Ranch, near Cupertino, transferred toMROSD in 2006. Acquired by POST in 2005.Lobitos Ridge, near Half Moon Bay. Acquired by POST in 2004.SPRING 2007 5

2003 Robert BueltemanWe abuse land because weregard it as a commoditybelonging to us. When wesee land as a community towhich we belong, we maybegin to use it with loveand respect.Aldo Leopold 2006 Paolo VesciaWhaler’s Cove, at Pigeon Point, transferred to California StateParks in 2005. Acquired by POST in 2000.The Council Circle and Mel’s Lane, at Whaler’s Cove, opened to the public in 2006.6 LANDSCAPES

2001 Robert Buelteman 1995 Robert BueltemanSan Gregorio Farms, in San Gregorio. Acquired by POST in 2001. 2001 William MatthiasCorte Madera, near Skyline Ridge, transferred toprivate owners and MROSD as part of Windy Hill OpenSpace Preserve in 1998. Acquired by POST in 1995.Rancho Corral de Tierra, near Montara and El Granada, to be transferred to the Golden Gate National Recreation Areaonce federal funding is approved. Acquired by POST in 2001.SPRING 2007 7

2000 Robert Buelteman Brian O’Neill 2001 Brian O’NeillBolsa Point Ranches, near Pigeon Point. Acquired by POST in 2001 and 2002.Johnston Ranch, in Half Moon Bay.Acquired by POST in 1999 and 2001.Bear Creek Redwoods, near Los Gatos, transferred toMROSD in 2001. Acquired by POST and MROSD in 1999.8 LANDSCAPESCloverdale Coastal Ranches, near Pigeon Point. Acquired byPOST in 1996.

2005 William Matthias 2003 Robert BueltemanBair Island, in Redwood City, managed by the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge since 1998. Acquired by POST in 1997.We need the tonic of wildness, to wade sometimes in marshes where thebittern and the meadow-hen lurk, and hear the booming of the snipe;to smell the whispering sedge where only the wilder and more solitaryfowl builds her nest, and the mink crawls with its belly close to theground. We can never have enough of nature. We must be refreshed bythe sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea-coastwith its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, thethunder cloud, and the rain which lasts weeks and produces freshets.We need to witness our own limits transgressed, and some life pasturingfreely where we never wander.Henry David ThoreauSPRING 2007 9

1997 Robert Buelteman 2005 David Hibbard 1995 Robert BueltemanPurisima Farms, near Half Moon Bay, transferred to farmerJohn Giusti in 2006. Acquired by POST in 1998.Newhagen Meadows, in south San Jose,transferred to MROSD in 2005. Acquired byPOST in 1999. 2003 Robert BueltemanPillar Point Bluff, near Moss Beach. Acquired by POSTin 2004.The Bill and Jean Lane Meadow at Portola Lookout, transferred to MROSD in 2005.Acquired by POST in 2003.10 LANDSCAPES

If the sight of the blue skiesfills you with joy,if a blade of grass springing up in the fieldshas power to move you,if the simple things of naturehave a message that you understand,rejoice, for your soul is alive. 1995 Brian O’NeillEleonora DuseDriscoll Ranch, in La Honda, transferred to MROSD in 2006. Acquired by POST in 2002.SPRING 2007 11

Donation of Conservation EasementProtects Coastside RedwoodsPOST shields the redwood forest from all developmentand timber harvest. 2007 Paolo VesciaIn December 2006, POST received a donation of aconservation easement over 16 acres of beautifulredwood forest adjacent to POST’s Tunitas Creekproperty along the San Mateo Coast. The easementwas a generous gift from Carl Hoffman, owner of HalfMoon Bay Feed and Fuel, and Roxy Stone, director ofsales and marketing for the Grand Hyatt hotel in SanFrancisco and a board member of the San MateoCounty Resource Conservation District.The protected acreage is part of a larger 77-acreproperty owned by Hoffman and Stone along LobitosCreek Road. Part of the original Rancho Cañada Verdey Arroyo de la Purisima land grant, the property islocated halfway between Half Moon Bay andPescadero.Hoffman and Stone donated the easement inorder to give permanent protection to a toweringgrove of redwoods covering a hillside on their propertyleading into Tunitas Creek. Their agreement withCarl HoffmanNew Law Expands Benefits for Easement Donors, Allows Tax-Free Gifts from IRAsDonors considering gifts to POST have goodnews thanks to temporary provisions of a federal taxlaw passed last summer.Under H.R. 4, “The Pension Protection Act of2006,” some individuals may, for a limited time, maketax-free gifts to organizations such as POST fromtraditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts(IRAs). The new law also encourages private landconservation by significantly increasing tax incentivesfor donations of voluntary land protection agreementsknown as conservation easements.For gifts made in 2007, these incentives enablequalifying farmers and ranchers to deduct up to100 percent of their income. They also increase thededuction that landowners can take for donatingconservation easements from an amount equal to30 percent of their yearly income to 50 percent.12 LANDSCAPESIn addition, easement donors may now take deductionsover a period of 16 years instead of six years. The lawcurrently applies only to easements donated or sold forless than market value and not to donations or bargainsales of an entire property.The new law also allows individuals age 701/2and older to make charitable donations up to 100,000in 2007 from an IRA without having to count theirdonations as taxable income. These gifts can alsofulfill annual IRA distribution requirements. If youqualify, your gift from an IRA can now be counted asa tax-free rollover, making it advantageous both foryou and for POST.For more information about this legislation andmaking a gift to POST, please contact POST’sDirector of Planned Giving, Adelaide Roberts, at(650) 854-7696.

POST Property Transfer RoundupL 2006 Karl Kroeberate 2006 was a busy time at POST as wetransferred two premiere properties to theMidpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD)for permanent protection and future public access.By working closely with our longtime public agencypartner on behalf of these and other strategicallyimportant lands, POST ensures that their grandeurand beauty will remain intact long into the future.Critical Skyline-to-the-Sea Link:Lower Purisima CreekOn November 1, POST sold 183-acre LowerPurisima Creek to MROSD for 2.25 million. Risingbetween Lobitos and Tunitas creeks four miles southeast of Half Moon Bay, the property is adjacent toPOST’s Lobitos Ridge and Bluebrush Canyon propertiesand to MROSD’s Purisima Creek Redwoods OpenSpace Preserve.This sloping land with ocean views featuresscrub-covered knolls, lush meadows, redwood groves,eucalyptus stands and a winding, alder-lined creek. Itwas purchased from a private owner for 2.25 millionin February 2005 as part of POST’s Saving theEndangered Coast campaign, and is slated to become acritical link in an extensive trail network from SkylineRidge to the Pacific Ocean.Volunteers harvest fruit from the orchard at Stevens CanyonRanch, near Cupertino.Fruits of the Land: 2005 William MatthiasStevens Canyon RanchLower Purisima Creek, near Half Moon Bay.In another transfer to MROSD, POST sold238-acre Stevens Canyon Ranch on December 29 for 6.6 million. Funding support from key public agencypartners made the sale possible, including 5 millionfrom MROSD, 500,000 from the California CoastalConservancy, and 1.6 million from the Santa ClaraValley Water District for the purchase of a conservationeasement on 69 acres of riparian habitat on the ranch.Tucked into the foothill canyons of the SantaCruz Mountains near Cupertino, the ranch is a formerfruit farm and vineyard dating back to the 1880s.A scenic apple and pear orchard, which POST willcontinue to manage, still bears fruit at harvest time.POST purchased Stevens Canyon Ranch from privateowners in 2005 for 6.6 million as part of its coastalcampaign. The District plans to add the land to itsexisting Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve for recreational trail development and eventual public access. SPRING 2007 13

2006 Paolo VesciaKarie ThomsonAppointed NewPOST Board ChairKarie Thomson has been named the new chair ofPOST’s Board of Directors. Thomson is an activephilanthropic supporter of environmental causesaround the globe. She serves on the board of directorsof the Kinship Foundation, a family foundation basedin Northbrook, Illinois. She is also a former memberof the board of directors for Ecotrust, a Portland,Oregon-based nonprofit that restores and preservessalmon fisheries and rainforests in the western UnitedStates and Canada. With her husband, David, she isalso a generous supporter of the African WildlifeFoundation.Closer to home, Thomson served as Chair ofPOST’s record-breaking Saving the Endangered Coastcampaign. Originally from Chicago, she moved toWoodside with her husband and three sons in 1985.“As POST enters its thirtieth year as a land trust,I can’t think of a better person to help lead POST thanKarie Thomson,” said POST President Audrey Rust.“Her demonstrated devotion to POST’s mission, herdepth of experience in environmental matters, and herinfectious enthusiasm for our natural local landscapewill greatly benefit POST’s land-saving work.”Thomson, whose term as Board Chair began onJanuary 1, has been a member of POST’s Board since1996. She succeeds Susan Ford Dorsey, whose termas Chair expired at the end of 2006 and who will continue to serve as the Board’s Vice Chair.Said Thomson, “As Board Chair, I intend to keepPOST’s momentum going strong as we complete our20,000-acre campaign goal and continue to save theopen landscapes that are so precious to this region.” 2007 Paolo VesciaPOST Welcomes Sandra Thompson to BoardPOST is pleased to welcome Sandra Thompson to its Board ofDirectors. A native of Iowa, Sandi grew up on her family’s farm andspent 18 years in various sales, marketing and strategy positions withIBM, including vice president of network solutions.After leaving IBM, Sandi attended law school, graduating in May2002 from the University of California Hastings College of Law. She laterjoined Fenwick & West as an international corporate tax attorney. She iscurrently self-employed representing clients pro bono in tax litigation.Sandi serves as a regional board member for Teach for Americaand sits on the planning commission for the town of Woodside, whereshe lives with her husband, John. Of her decision to join POST’s Board,she said, “I love our wonderful California and want to ensure that futuregenerations are able to do the same.” 14 LANDSCAPES

TributesOctober 1 – December 31, 2006Your honorary and memorial gifts to POST create a lasting tribute to friends and loved ones byhelping to protect the beauty, character and diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula landscapefor people here now and for future generations. If you would like to make a tribute gift, pleasecontact POST’s Development Associate, Kathleen Ward, at (650) 854-7696.Gifts in Honor ofThe Animal Doctors in Palo AltoPhil and Erika BaileyThe marriage of Fran Bennionand Tony DohenyAnne and David BernsteinMary BernsteinHelen BoyerAllen BrownRobert and Nancy BrownGail Brownell and Mark AekerSara BuntingJenny and Ken BurkeForest CarevicJanet CookMrs. June DalyRobert DarnleyJennifer DignumTom DonlonRene and Peter FenerinNancy GlaserSue GrassoJoan P. Ira’s birthdayJoel JensenMel and Joan LaneKy-Van Lee and Scott BensonSuzanne Legallet and Grant GiskeMartin LevinGreg LongThe birth of Milo LukatchArt LundAlan MarstonCarrie and Ben MaserAnn Mason and Reeba LynnKaty McLaughlinAlex Meyer and Heather WakeleeDave MitchellSally and Wick MorenosThe birth of Zoe Georgia MossJoyce MuellerDouglas Patterson MurrayTim MyersMarcia NarterDavid Nelson’s birthdayMatt NoelMichael Norris, M.D.Peggy and Boyce NuteJann OldenburgLou OnealLee and Cindy PittJoan PrattLennie Roberts’s birthdayGeorge RoslundPatricia SalinasMary and Lloyd SchouweilerDoris and Hank SciaroniKarin StromKen SumrallTed and Nancy VianWadsworth Softside EAs/AEsMarilyn WalterCharles O. WaltonJim WholeyFinnlee Wilkin’s birthdayDarren Wong and Craig BennerSally WulinichDick and Rossini ZumwaltGifts in Memory ofDonald AllanMary Elizabeth AllariGertrude J. BalchChristian G. BeckChadwick BrennanLeonard Charles ChanFred Adam ChoyStarr J. ColbyDwight and Betsy CrowderDavid C. DanielsLewis F. DavisRonald Allen DunkinMarion EggerMargaret M. FisherLawrence M. GelbWalter GillThomas G. HandGil HennigarAlbert HooverArt KezerEllis M. KirkhamHenry I. KolmJean LauerLuna LeopoldBarbara LevinTony LookRose and George MackayRichard Van MetreJohn P. MetropulosHope T. MooreLewis PlattRomayne PonleithnerKay ReimerRachel Holeton RemsburgPaul V. RobertsEdward RosenstielHoward SchopmanRay SpanglerAvis WaltonHelen YuleDr. David ZlotnickLandscapesLandscapes is published quarterlyby the Peninsula Open Space Trust222 High StreetPalo Alto, CA 94301Telephone: (650) 854-7696Fax:(650) 854-7703Web site:www.openspacetrust.orgPOST is a public benefit California corporation andis tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the InternalRevenue Code. Contributions to POST are tax-deductible.Edited by Nina NowakDesigned by DiVittorio & AssociatesPrinted by TradeMark Graphics, Inc.BOARD OF DIRECTORSKarie Thomson, ChairAllan F. BrownSusan Ford DorseyLarry JacobsCharlene KabcenellMartha J. KanterRobert C. KirkwoodNorman E. MatteoniDianne McKennaPaul NewhagenWilliam RellerJoseph R. SeigerSandra ThompsonMark A. WanSTAFFAudrey C. RustWalter T. MooreKaren P. DouglasPresidentExecutive Vice PresidentChief Financial OfficerSarah AllenWill ClarkChris DetwillerStephanie DingErin GressMegan HansenSue LandsittelLand SpecialistGrants OfficerConservation Project ManagerLand AssistantOffice Assistant/ReceptionistCommunications AssociateAssociate ConservationProject ManagerLand SpecialistDirector of Major GiftsDirector of CommunicationsOffice ManagerCloverdale Project ManagerDirector of Land StewardshipDirector ofPlanned GivingConservationProject ManagerDevelopment AssociateAlexandra MichalkoDaphne MuehleNina NowakJane PotterJeff PowersPaul RinggoldAdelaide RobertsNoelle ThurlowKathleen WardSPRING 2007 15

POST Invites You to“Open Doors to Open Space” 2006 Paolo VesciaAn Earth Day Celebration and Open HouseFriday, April 204:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.222 High Street, Palo AltoJoin POST in celebrating ournew “green” headquartersin downtown Palo Alto!To RSVP,call (650) 854-7696or emailopenhouse@openspacetrust.orgLANDSCAPESSPRING 2007Peninsula Open Space Trust222 High StreetPalo Alto, CA 94301(650) 854-7696www.openspacetrust.orgAddress Service RequestedRecycled Paper/Soy InkNON-PROFIT ORG.U.S. POSTAGEPAIDSAN FRANCISCO, CAPERMIT NO. 925

83 South Pescadero Farms 84 Cloverdale Coastal Ranches 85 Bolsa Point Ranches Transfer 86 Cloverdale Transfer 87 Año Nuevo 88 Green Oaks Ranch 89 Nely Lane 90 Kraynick 91 Skyline Ridge Preserve: Lohr & Skyline Ranch 92 Mc Donald Ranch POST Conservation Easements & Restrictions 93 Cowell North CE 94 Purisma Farms CE 95 Cowell South CE

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