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IHI Open School GlobalChapter Network CallMotivating theMiddleJune 13, 201912:00 – 1:00 PM (ET)WebEx

WebEx Quick ReferenceWelcome to today’s session!Please use chat to “AllParticipants” for questionsFor technology issues only,please chat to “Host”Follow the instructions in thepop-up box to connect youraudio (either by phone, orthrough your computer)Raise your handSelect Chat recipientEnter Textand hit send

ObjectivesLearn strategies and tips for “motivating the middle”, particularlyas they apply to your Chapter improvement and organizing workDiscuss how these tactics can be used to distribute leadershipand build momentum for Recover Hope Campaign projectsBuild community across the Chapter Network

Today’s AgendaWelcome and IntroductionsIHI Open School OverviewMotivating the Middle & Organizing TacticsDiscussionConnecting Learnings to the Recover Hope CampaignDebrief and Next Steps

Help us get to know you!In the chat box, select “All Participants” as the recipientsand share:––––Your NameChapter Name (University/Organization)What motivated you to join or start your Open School Chapter?What would you like to learn from today’s call?

IHI Open School TeamGreg AlfaroProject Manager,IHI Open SchoolHannah FlathProgram Coordinator,IHI Open School

Global Chapter Leaders

Global Chapter Leaders on today’s call:Kevin ShahGlobal Chapter CoachMedical Student, BaylorCollege of MedicineKristen Swain, RN, BSNChapter Network CoachPerformance ImprovementProject Manager

Call FacultyKate Hilton, JD, MTSSenior Faculty, ReThink HealthOS Faculty Advisor, Lead Faculty forLeadership and Organizing forChange

Our Mission“Advance quality improvement, patient safety, and leadershipcompetencies of health and health care professionalsworldwide.”

Online Courses 30 online courses in ImprovementCapability, Patient Safety, Person- andFamily-Centered Care, Triple Aim forPopulations, Leadership – all free tostudents, residents, and faculty Almost 800,000 students andresidents registered on andtaking courses More than 4 million coursecompletions More than 1,500 institutions use thecourses as a core part of their trainingprograms or curriculum

Project-Based LearningLeadership & Organizing for Change

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

IHI Open School Community795,000 studentsand residentsregisteredOver 945 Chaptersstarted in over 95countriesOver 50% of ourChapters areinterprofessionalAllied HealthSocial Work ProfessionalsPhysician AssistantPhysical althInformaticsNursingHealth PolicyHealth ScienceMidwiferyMedicineLaw

“Motivating the Middle”Kevin ShahGlobal Chapter Coach andMedical Student at Baylor College of Medicine

THE THIRDS Top Third– Often comprised of student leaders– Have strong thoughts about the direction and mission of the group– Success or failure within the organization reflects personally on them Bottom Third– Least likely to be involved within the organization– Often have negative attitudes (they complain, but don’t come up with anysolutions) The Forgotten (Middle) Third

THE FORGOTTEN (MIDDLE) THIRD Positive attitude and want to contribute Fly “under the radar”– Happy to contribute to the success of an organization, but more likely in asupporting type of role– Involvement without a high level of responsibility Often have multiple priorities that compete for their time,attention, and energy

Initial Thoughts & Reflection What are you already doing to motivate the middle? What leadership success have you had throughmotivating the middle?

LESSONS FROM MOTIVATING THE MIDDLE Biggest mistake organization leaders (top-third members)make: assuming that all members will respond to thesame things that motivate them Organization leaders often spend the majority of theirtime trying to motivate the bottom third of an organization

STRATEGIES FOR MOTIVATING THE MIDDLE Value their opinion, suggestions, and concerns byinvolving them in decision making within the organization Start and end meetings or events on time Ask for their help for specific time-limited tasks Ascertain their values and let them lead initiativesthat they enjoy most

Psychology of ChangeAGENCYThe ability of an individual or groupto choose to act with purposePowerThe ability toact with purposeCourageThe emotional resourcesto choose to actSource: Hilton K, Anderson A. IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement. Boston, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2018.

Three Levels of AgencySelfAn individual’s agency to make his or her ownchoicesInterpersonalThe collective agency of people acting togetherSystemThe structures, processes, and conditions thatsupport the exercise of agency within andacross institutions and organizationsSource: Hilton K, Anderson A. IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement. Boston, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2018.

IHI Psychology of Change FrameworkUnleash Intrinsic MotivationTapping into sources of intrinsic motivationgalvanizes people’s individual andcollective commitment to act.Co-Design PeopleDriven ChangeAdapt in ActionActing can be amotivational experiencefor people to learn anditerate to be effective.ActivatezPeople’sAgencyDistribute PowerPeople can contributetheir unique assets tobring about changewhen power is shared.Those most affected bychange have the greatestinterest in designing it inways that are meaningfuland workable to them.Co-Produce inAuthentic RelationshipChange is co-produced whenpeople inquire, listen, see andmutually commit to oneanother.Source: Hilton K, Anderson A. IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement. Boston, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2018.

Improvement MeasuresPrimary MeasuresSecondary Measures Higher change adoptionrates Increased sustainabilityof change Sustained integration ofpsychology of changemethods over time Increased joy andsatisfaction Higher discretionary effort Higher resiliency: lowerburnout and “dropout”Source: Hilton K, Anderson A. IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement. Boston, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2018.

Discussion with Kevinand Kate

DISCUSSION How does ‘motivating the middle’ relate to your Chapter’smodel of leadership or how it can inform potentialchanges to your leadership structure? How can we utilize this framework within the RecoverHope Campaign or when coaching individual Chapters? What commitment will you make to motivating themiddle?

Connecting Learnings to theRecover Hope Campaign

The IHI Open School Recover Hope Campaignpromotes awareness, prevention, and treatment ofsubstance use disorders.Together, we will improve the lives of 50,000people living with substance use disorders aroundthe world by April 2020.We will do this by engaging 150,000 members ofour diverse, global network of change agents and150 IHI Open School Chapters to take actiontogether.

What we’ve accomplished so far Over 90 individuals and teams across 10 countries participated in theChange the Narrative Challenge from April 15 to May 15 These teems collected over 6,500 pledges to change the narrative onsubstance use disorders!– OS Chapters, professionals, people with lived experience, community organizations, and moreparticipated in the Challenge

Motivating the middle to continue the work Can you commit to motivating additional stakeholders tolaunch a project in one of the Campaign’s four actionareas?– Changing the Narrative: sign the pledge, if you haven’t already! Help usget to 20,000 signatures by April 2020.– Launch a project in these action areas, and learn more– Saving Lives from Overdose– Improving Pain Management– Reforming University and Organization Curricula Take the Fall 2019 Leadership & Organizing forChange course to learn to more community organizingand leadership skills like motivating the middle

Next Steps andAnnouncements

Next StepsApply to attend the 2019 Leadership Academy on July 31– August 2! The Leadership Academy offers in-depthtraining and guidance on leading Recover HopeCampaign projects, and applications are due tomorrow,July 14Submit your Chapter Progress Report to maintain activestatus and to tell us more about your progress this yearJoin our next Campaign Momentum Call on Measuringyour Chapter & Campaign work on July 18 from 12:00 to1:00 PM ET

Global Chapter Leaders are just an email awayNew Chapter Coaches:newchaptercoach.ihi.os@gmail.comGlobal Chapter Coaches:globalchaptercoach.ihi.os@gmail.comChapter Network

Feedback for us?What did you like about this call?What was missing?What would you like to see on a follow-up call?

Thank you!

Motivating the middle to continue the work Can you commit to motivating additional stakeholders to launch a project in one of the Campaign’s four action areas? –Changing the Narrative: sign the pledge, if you haven’t already! Help us get to 20,000 signatures by April 2020. –Launch a project in these action areas, and learn more at

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