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DIGITAL MASTER780USER GUIDE V4.0Simon Brown, HB9DRVLast update: Friday, May 30, 2008

User GuideMartin Lynch and Sons of London supplies all radios used byHB9DRV and GD4ELI.Special thanks are due to Chris Taylor for his friendly and efficientservice.If you are looking for a new radio to use with digital mode softwareI recommend Kenwood’s TS-480SAT. It offers excellent value formoney, is very easy to use and has the best computer supportavailable today.2

ContentsIntroduction .7Supported Modes . 7Operating System Support . 8VISTA . 8Hardware Requirement . 8Meet The Users. 9Getting Started .11Audio Interfacing. 11Commercial Solutions . 11DIY. 12Tags . 13Soundcard . 13SignaLink USB . 14USInterface Navigator . 14Radio Control . 16PTT . 17COM Port . 18Ham Radio Deluxe . 18Soundcard / VOX . 18Your First QSO .19QSO Window . 19More Detail. 20Mode . 20Transmitting . 21Test Transmission . 21Using Macros . 21Add Log Entry . 22Add . 24More . 25My Station . 26Advanced QSO Options .27Squelch . 27AFC . 27Signal Quality . 27Multi-Channel Support . 27TX Lock / Split Mode . 28Repeats . 28Waterfall . 28Main Toolbar . 29Favourites Toolbar . 31Modes Toolbar . 31Markers . 31Appearance . 31Options . 33

User GuideQSO Modes .35Wikipedia . 35PSK. 35CW. 35Filter . 369- N . 36Signal Analysis . 36Options . 36Winkeyer . 36Hellschreiber. 36Bandwidth . 37Screenshot . 37Browse. 37Erase . 37Feld-Hell Club . 37Options . 37MFSK . 39MT63 . 39Olivia . 40RTTY. 40Reverse . 40Defaults . 40UoS (Unshift On Space) . 40LtoF . 40Throb . 40SSTV.41Quick Start . 41First Steps . 41Dedicated Soundcard . 41Soundcard Calibration . 42Receiving Images . 43Signal Detection . 43Transmitting . 44More Options. 44Template Editor . 45Default . 45Background . 45Adding Text . 45Saving . 47FTP . 48Image Window . 49Receive Window . 49Transmit Window . 49Webcam. 49Callsign Lookup .51CD Lookups. . 51Subscriptions . 51Web Browser . 51Donations . 52Logbook .53Quick Log . 53Main Logbook . 54Layout . 55ADIF . 55Cabrillo . 58Merge HRD . 58Google Earth . 594

User GuideOptions . 59Countries File . . 60QSO Forwarding . 60Analysis . 60SuperBrowser .61Options . 62Main Toolbar . 62Favourites Toolbar . 63Transfer To QSO Window . 63QSO Window . 63Options . 63Visual . 64Operation . 64PSK Propagation Reporter. 65Web Browsers .67World Map.69Alarms .71Manager . 71Editor . 72Match Text . 72Testing Alarms . 75SuperBrowser Colours . 75Text-To-Speech . 75Identities .77Options . 78Logfile .79Macros .81Manager . 81Editor . 82Definition . 84Radio Control . 85Video ID . 87Preview . 87Program Options . 89Themes And Skins . 90Storage . 90Radio Interface.91Favourites . 91Manager . 91Editing . 92Release Notes.93Various .95Time Synchronisation . 95WWV Updates. 96Index .9755

User GuideIntroductionDigital Master (DM780) is a new program supporting the mostcommonly used digital modes, a replacement for PSK31 Deluxe.DM780 is closely integrated with Ham Radio Deluxe.Too see what is new look at the Error! Reference source notound. (page Error! Bookmark not defined.).Q: What does 780 signify?A: A tribute to one of the finest computers ever built, theVAX 11/780.Q: Why write Digital Master 780?A: Many reasons: Self-education, Encourage people to try the digital modes, Put something back into the hobby.Supported ModesThe first release supports the main digital modes as well as SSTV:77 PSK / QPSK, CW, DominoEx, Hellschreiber, MFSK, MT63,

Olivia, RTTY, Throb.The source for the digital mode DLL is available, if you can’t find iton the Ham Radio Deluxe website just ask and I’ll make sure it’savailable.Copyright and credits is available from the Help menu in DM780.In DM780 you find all the features you expect of a modern programsuch as an integrated logbook, world map and web browsers. TheDM780 philosophy is to get the UI working properly before moremodes are added.A lot of the decoder code is taken from Fldigi, a fine digital modeprogram for Linux. For more information: . The author of Fldigi, W1HKJhas kindly allowed me to use his code for these modes.Operating System SupportDM780 is designed for Windows 2000, XP and VISTA. Olderversions of Windows such as Windows 98 are not supported.There are no plans for Linux or Mac OS versions. The UI codecannot be made available; also it is not possible to port it to aUNIX-based operating system. If you want a UNIX / Linux solutioneither look at Fldigi (see above) or use WINE from .VISTAVISTA introduces a new API for soundcard access, fortunately theolder NT / XP API is still available. DM780 uses the older API for thetime being.Hardware RequirementAlthough one member of the test team has satisfactory resultsusing a 500 MHz CPU and Windows XP a realistic minimum systemwould be a 1 GHz Intel CPU and 512 MB of RAM.A high-end soundcard such as the M-Audio Delta 44 or Edirol FA-66is not essential but recommended (I have had problems with myDelta-44 on VISTA). Currently I am using a TS-480SAT with anEdirol FA-66 and VISTA-32 – a great combination.Please consider the excellent Navigator from .If you are using a laptop be aware that the internal soundcard maybe very poor indeed, consider the SignaLink USB from Tigertronics

User GuideMeet The UsersThe HRD and DM780 support forums are found at .The homepage is .You do not need to register to view the forums!99

User GuideGetting StartedFollow these steps to configure DM780 and enjoy your first digitalmode QSO.Audio InterfacingYou need an audio interface to connect your rig's audio in/out tothe computer's soundcard. This eliminates troublesome groundloops and prevents hum and noise from degrading the signals.Audio interfacing can be done in so many ways that it would takedays to plough through all the available information. It is possibleto connect your radio directly to your soundcard without any formof isolating interface but this is not recommended.Commercial SolutionsFrom England there are the ZLP Electronics DigiMaster interfaces,inexpensive, very well made and used with my TS-480SAT.From Oregon USA, Tigertronics manufactures the SignaLinkinterfaces, used with my IC-703 and FT-817.From Maryland USA the Navigator from is anexcellent solution.1111

From Connecticut USA, West Mountain Radio provides theRIGBlaster solutions.DIYHere is a circuit recommended by Peter PH1PH (SK), this text waswritten by Peter in 2004."Here is a circuit that has proved its worth many times. It will workwith any ICOM or Yaesu rig that has a 6-pin mini-DIN connector forexternal audio. It will of course work on just about any other rigthat exists, but you will have to make changes to the connectionsto your radio. Please check the actual connections to the mini-DIN I can accept no responsibility for damage to your rig should thingsgo wrong. I have to say that the one that I built to this circuitworked perfectly well on my FT-817 and IC-703 without changes.""You should always use the rig's high-impedance audio output ifthere is one available: this supplies a constant signal level to thesoundcard. Most rigs also have a TX audio connector independentto the microphone input: you are advised to use this input. Somecommercial interfaces don't allow this: my recommendation is toavoid any interface requiring use of the microphone connector andspeaker output unless there is no other option for getting signals in12

User Guideand out of the radio."TagsEnter values in the Tags window; these values are used in macros(shortcuts which save you entering the same text every time youhave a QSO). The values are savedautomatically.If you want more tags select the QSO:General page of the ProgramOptions and enable the option:[ ] Show multiple sets of tags (displays the Tags toolbar)SoundcardSelect your soundcard as follows:Either: From the View menu select Soundcard, In the Soundcard pane press the Options button. Press F8 to display the Program Options (or select ProgramOptions from the Tools menu), Sele

Guide User 17 17 In DM780 select Radio from the View menu, in the Radio pane press the Configure button. In the Configure Radio Pane window: HRD address - the address or name of the computer where HRD is running, localhost (or if the local computer. HRD port - the default port is 7809. Press Connect to HRD.

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780 CMR 33.00 and NFPA-241 listed in 780 CMR 35.00 in order to safeguard against fires during construction, alterations and demolition of all buildings and structures regulated by 780 CMR. 901.7.2 Authority. In accordance with the requirements of 780 CMR 110.0 and 780

Ahmed, Ahmed Edmonton 780-244-2995 CCFP Ahmed, Bilal Affan Edmonton 780-426-1121 DRAD Ahmed, Ghalib Edmonton 780-468-6409 CCFP Ahmed, Iftekhar Edmonton 780-440-2040 - Ahmed, Imran Edmonton 587-521-2022 - Ahmed, Khaled Masood Abdullah Calgary 403-460-5171 CCFP Ahmed, Maaz Edmonton 780-990-1820 - Ahmed, Moheddin St. Albert 780-569-5030 -

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Public Input No. 29-NFPA 780-2014 [ Global Input ] NOTE: The following Public Input appeared as a Rejected but held (Hold) in Comment No. 780-49 of the A2013 Second Draft Report (ROC) for NFPA 780 and per the Regs. at Additional Proposed Changes Fi

5 Chart.-Chart. 41 Shrimp Glo/Shrimp Glo 6 Chart.-Orange44Pink/Pink Stock # Size 780-6 1/16 Spec Rig 780-8 1/8 Spec Rig 780-8HVY 1/8 Magnum Spec Rig 780-4 1/4 Magnum Spec Rig Pack: 2 pcs. per pack - 12 packs To order, add color # to stock # No Snags Add on Weights Benefits Can add additional weight by snaping on more Flexi Draggin’ weights.

Digital inclusion is defined in various ways and is often used interchangeably with terms such as digital skills, digital participation, digital competence, digital capability, digital engagement and digital literacy (Gann, 2019a). In their guide to digital inclusion for health and social care, NHS Digital (2019) describe digital

LEXION 780 TT 10 C69 540 / 576 385 LEXION 780 10 C69 540 / 576 360 LEXION 760 TT 8 C69 503 / 543 360 LEXION 760 8 C69 503 / 543 360 LEXION 750 TT 8 C68 456 / 436 330 LEXION 750 8 C68 456 / 436 330 LEXION 740 TT 7 C68 402 / 394 300/330 opt. LEXION 740 7 C68 402 / 394 300/330 opt. LEXION 730P 7 C68 348 / 375 300/330 opt. LEXION 730 7 C68 320 / 354 300/330 opt. LEXION 670 TT 7 C67 375 / 400 300 .

VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios TK-780(H)/880(H)-Multi-Mode without compromise. The changing telecommunications landscape mandates products and services that can fill both your current needs and grow with the challenges of tomorrow.The Kenwood TK-780(H)/ 880(H) Multi-Mode wireless mobile units operate on multipl