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Course Fee & Placement Support Details1)2)3)4)5)6)Course FeeCourse DurationMode of TrainingTimingsSAP S4 HANA AccessProjects4) Support: Rs. 15,000/: 40 Hours: Online: 8:00 to 9:00 ( Mon – Fri) – Daily One Batch: 2 Months ( Practice): Real Time Documents (One Implementation andOne Rollout and Support projects ): Resume PreparationInterview Questions and Mock Interview100% Placement support.Call Us for More DetailsVisit or call us 91 – 99490 73103

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE uction of FICO Organizational StructureAssignment of Organizational elements.Master Data Management (GL ,Vendor, Customer, Asset Master)General Ledger AccountingNew Genera ledger Accounting (Parallel Ledgers, Document splitting)Currencies ( Maintain Exchange rates, Foreign currency valuations)Accounting Documents ( Parking, Holding, Recurring documents)Bank Accounting ( Define House bank, Bank Accounts).Accounts payables Master Data.Outgoing Payments ( Manual/Automatic)Down Payment MadeAccounts Receivables Master Data.Incoming Payments ( Manual , Lockbox )Down Payment ReceivedIntegration Between SD/MM with FI

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSFICO Organizational Structure Overview of Organizational Elements in AccountingOrganizational UnitsDefine and Assign Organizational Units for FinanceCompany, Company Codes, Business Areas, Functional Areas, etc.,Variant PrincipleFiscal Year and Posting PeriodsField Status VariantsDocument types and Number RangesPosting KeysDefine Tolerance for GL Accounts and EmployeesGlobal Parameters

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSGeneral Ledger Master Data OverviewChart of AccountsTypes of Chart of AccountsDefine and Assign Chart of Accounts,Define Account Groups and Screen Layout for GL Accounts,Define Retained Earnings Account,Creations of GL Accounts Master Records,Postings, Display GL Account Balances and Document.New General ledger accounting: Parallel ledgers Document splitting Segments.

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSCurrencies Maintain Exchange Rates Maintain TableDefine Translation Ratios for CurrencyDefine Accounts for Exchange Rate DifferencesPosting with Foreign CurrencyDefine Methods for Foreign Currency ValuationPrepare Automatic Posting for foreign currency valuationRevaluation of foreign currency balances.Accounting Documents Parking DocumentHolding DocumentReference DocumentRecurring DocumentSample DocumentFast Data Entry.

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSBank Accounting Define House Banks with Bank AccountsIssue of a checkManual paymentAutomatic Payment Program – F110Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) - ManualBank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) - MT940 - Upload statement.Validations and Substitutions Validations and Substitution Define Validation for posting GL Posting to check Validation

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSAccounts Payables Overview on Procurement ProcessOverview on Vendor Master DataDefine Account Groups with Screen LayoutDefine Number Ranges for Vendor AccountsAssign Number Ranges to Vendor Account GroupsReconciliation AccountsCreation of Vendor Master RecordsVendor Document Types and Number RangesPosting KeysDefine Payment TermsDefine Tolerance for Vendors/CustomersPosting of Purchase InvoicesDisplay Vendor Line ItemsOutgoing PaymentsVendor ClearingsCredit Memo PostingsSpecial GL Transactions (Down Payments Made)Posting Down Payments and Clearing of Down Payments against Invoices

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSAccounts Receivables Overview on Sales ProcessComplete Customer Master DataDefine Account Groups with the Screen LayoutsCreate Number Ranges to Customer AccountsAssign Number Ranges to Customer Account GroupsReconciliation AccountsCreate Customer Master RecordsDocument Types and Number RangesPosting KeysPayment TermsPosting of Sales InvoicesIncoming Receipt with ClearingsDisplay Customer Line ItemsSpecial GL Transactions (Down Payments Received)Posting of Down Payments (Advance Receipt)Clearing of Down PaymentsCustomer Credit MemoTypes of Payments – Standard / Partial / Residual

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSAsset Accounting Overview on Asset AccountingOrganizational StructuresChart of DepreciationDepreciation AreasAccount DeterminationScreen LayoutNumber RangesFunctions of Asset ClassesCalculation MethodsDepreciation KeysScreen Layout for Asset Master DataAsset Master RecordsSub Asset Master RecordsAcquisition of AssetsDepreciation RunRetirement of AssetsTransfer of AssetsScrapping of Assets

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSIntegration with Other Modules Finance with Material Management ( FI-MM) Finance with Sales & Distribution (FI-SD) Finance with Production Planning ( FI-PP)Taxes Tax on Sales & Purchases With Holding Tax (TDS) CGST , SGST , UGST & IGST

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSControlling Define Controlling AreaAssignment of Controlling area to Company CodesImportance of Different Fields in controlling AreaPrimary cost and secondary cost elementsActivity TypeStatistical Key FiguresReposting, Distribution and AssessmentActivity type categoriesPlanning and Budgeting of Cost ElementsCost Element categoriesCost Element groupsCost Element Reports

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSCost Center Accounting Cost Center HierarchyCost center GroupsCost Center CategoriesDefine Planner Profile, Versions for Planner ProfileCost Center ReportsProfit Center Accounting Maintain Profit Center and Activation of company code in profit centerControl Parameters for Actual dataPlan VersionsProfit Center Standard HierarchyProfit Center GroupsTransfer Pricing process with profit centerMaintain planner profilesDistribution & AssessmentAutomatic Account Assignment for Revenue ElementsReports in profit center Accounting

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSInternal Orders Order Management in Controlling AreaDefine and Assign number ranges to Order GroupsTypes of OrderAUC (Assets) process with Internal Order (Real)Investment Management Integration with Internal OrdersMonth end and final settlements of Internal OrdersInformation System (Reports) for Internal OrdersCO-PA Define Operating ConcernDefine Characteristics and value fieldsDefine profitability Segment CharacteristicsDefine Characteristics Hierarchy and DerivationMaintenance and Assignment of value fieldsTransfer of Billing Document to COPAAutomatic Account AssignmentMaintain PA Transfer structure for Direct FI PostingsInformation System in COPA

SAP – FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTSProduct Costing and Material Ledger Define and Activate Material LedgerAssign Currency type to Material LedgerDynamic Price Change in MLMaterial CostingMaintain Overhead cost ElementsDefine Cost SheetsDefine Overhead Keys and GroupsDefine Cost Component StructureProduct Costing by OrderProduct Cost by PeriodProduct Cost by SalesVariance CalculationWork In ProgressSettlementResult AnalysisSettlement

SAP Project Activities1)2)3)Explanation on ASAP MethodologySystem Landscape Model – Transport StrategyImplementation Project on real time business objects Project Preparation Business Blue Print Realization Final Preparation Cutover Activities Go-Live4) Project Environment & roles n responsibilities in other types of projects5) Support/ Maintenance Project6) Roll-out Project7) Upgrade project8) Overview on Interaction with clients & team9) On-site/ Off-Shore Model10) Interview steps and Mock Interview by real-time faculty 91 – 99490 73103

SAP –FINANCE & CONTROLING (FICO) COURSE CONTENTS 1) Introduction of FICO Organizational Structure 2) Assignment of Organizational elements. 3) Master Data Management (GL ,Vendor, Customer, Asset Master) 4) General Ledger Accounting 5) New Genera ledger Accounting (Parallel Ledgers, Document splitting)

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SAP ERP SAP HANA SAP CRM SAP HANA SAP BW SAP HANA SAP Runs SAP Internal HANA adoption roadmap SAP HANA as side-by-side scenario SAP BW powered by SAP HANA SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Simple Finance 1.0 2011 2013 2014 2015 Simple Finance 2.0 S/4 HANA SAP ERP sFin Add-On 2.0

SAP Certification Material SAP Certification Material for SAP Aspirants at Low cost Home Home SAP Business Objects SAP BPC CPM SAP BPC 7.0 SAP EWM SAP GTS SAP Public Sector SAP Real Estate SAP FSCM SAP FI/CO SAP AC - FI/CO SAP BI 7.0 SAP CRM 5.0

Customer Roadmap to SAP Simple Finance - Example " Adopting SAP Simple Finance is a journey - start early" Side-by-side SAP HANA Acceleration SAP HANA accelerators, BW, BPC, GRC SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA SAP ERP on SAP HANA SAP ERP in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud SAP Accounting Powered By SAP HANA Simple Finance add-on/

SAP FICO MODULE (This is the most opted module) FICO SD PP MM SAP FICO Program Structure SAP Overview Overview of ERP and SAP Navigation Procure to Pay Process Order to Cash Process Plan to Produce Pro

SAP Master Data Governance SAP Information Steward SAP HANA smart data integration SAP Data Hub SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services SAP HANA, platform edition SAP Vora Customer Experience IoT Workforce Engagement SAP Cloud for Customer SAP Commerce SAP Marketing SAP Asset Intelligence Network SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service SAP .

A "hard inquiry" could lower your FICO Scores. Annual household income is part of the calculation of a FICO Score. Closing unused credit cards will improve a FICO Score. FICO Scores may be different across the 3 credit bureaus. The reporting of a credit account in forbearance or a deferred payment plan is considered negative by a .

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