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OEMWindowsCo-BrandGuideMarch, 2016Microsoft Confidential

Welcome to the OEM Windows Co-Brand Guide!This guide contains important Windows 10 and Office brandelements and guidelines to help tell our brand story together.

Our logo is a window—and an iconicsymbol known the world over. Thissymbol has an active feeling to it,representing a person’s uniqueperspective on their world.When communicating generalWindows brand information,use the Windows logo with noversion attached.The Windows logo includes the Windows symbol and logotype, whichmust be used together in a horizontal lockup. The symbol must not beused by itself, and OEMs must not put a box, circle, or other confiningshape around the Windows logo.Trademark symbolsLogos provided without trademark symbols (TM and ) shouldbe used in marketing materials only. Trademark symbols arestill required in certain places in and on product, and onproduct packaging.More trademark ellectualproperty/Trademarks/EN-US.aspxClear spaceWe respect the logo by giving it some space. The preferredclear space is equivalent to the height of the symbol.Minimum sizeIn print, the logo should never appear smaller than 1” (25mm). On-screen, it must appear at least 70 pixels wide.Download the Windows logo here:https://omap.microsoft.com/When the conversation isspecific to Windows 10 orhighlighting Windows 10specific features, always use theWindows 10 logo lockup.Minimum sizeClear space

The Logo Artwork Is Available inThree sizesSelect the appropriate asset by determining the heightrequired for your layout. Each asset may be scaled up withinthe specified ranges only.Measurements arebased on the height ofthe Windows symbol.SmallScale height between:0.2 – 0.399”5 – 9.99 mm14 – 28 pixelsMediumScale height between:0.4 – 2.99”10 – 75.99 mm29 – 215 pixelsDisplayScale heightbetween:3" and larger76 mm and larger216 pixels and largerWindows Logo ColorContrast is important — use a white logo on color backgrounds anda color logo on white backgrounds.The Windows logo may also be used on an image background withsufficient contrast. Use a color logo on light image backgrounds anda white logo on dark image backgrounds.

Co-branding logo usagePlacement of the Windows logo.Position the Windows logo in a cornereither centered on the same plane as thePartner logo either vertically orhorizontally, or in alternating corners.For Online Landing Pages/Web Pages,the Windows logo must appear in the firstviewable portion of the page.The size of the Windows logo must be atleast 50% and no larger than 100% of thesize of the largest Partner logo.

If the Logo Is Used IncorrectlyPixelation occurs when a small fileis scaled up to fit a larger logospace. Look for any wavy ornoticeable jagged lines.Logos Don’tsLoss of detail can occur when alarge logo is scaled down to fit asmall space. Ensure the linesinside of the symbol are correct.

ScreenshotsScreenshots are Microsoft-approved graphics representing the Windows OS screen in use. For all advertising activities, OEMs must include an approved screenshot onevery device display where a display is shown, and screenshots must be used as provided by Microsoft and not altered in any way, except in accordance with theScreenshot Customization Requirements. Screenshots are divided into two categories.Primary ScreenshotsThe largest or first viewable Screenshot in an Activity (if allDevice display sizes are the same). Primary Screenshots maybe customized in accordance with the Primary ScreenshotCustomization Requirements. See Appendix.The desktop background image cannot be modified from whatMicrosoft provided.Secondary ScreenshotsSecondary Screenshots include any Screenshot other than the PrimaryScreenshot, such Cortana and Store. See Appendix.OEMs are required to include certain disclaimers depending on the app beingshown in the Secondary Screenshot and the Device on which it’s shown.The desktop background image cannot be modified from what Microsoft provided.Primary Screenshot examples“Familiar than better than ever” ScreenshotSecondary Screenshot examples“Excel” ScreenshotDownload the Screenshots ell.aspx

Box shotsWindows product box shots may only be used inmarketing related to offering of the full packaged product(when a customer will receive the actualWindows product box).Partners may make limited use of these box shots inmarketing activities such as: print or online advertising, instore merchandise or retail circulars.Box shots must not be used to represent a pre-installededition of Windows—product tiles should be used inthose scenarios.Use in full color only.Do not alter the artwork provided: do not change the color,and do not skew or stretch the shape of the asset.Assets are available for online (RGB) and print (CMYK)use, and in multiple angles (left, right, and flat).Minimum size: The width of the box (x) should be at least1.0 inch or 2.54 cm (for print) or 100 px (on-screen).Clear space: A clear space of at least one-fourth the heightof the box shot must surround the box shot on all sides.Download the Screenshots here:https://omap.microsoft.com/Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro

Product TilesProduct tiles should be used when marketing adevice pre-installed with Windows.Assets are available to partners for limited usein marketing activities, such as advertising,documentation, (including educationalbrochures), tutorial books, videotapes, orwebsites provided that all uses comply with allterms in this document, including the followingadditional guidelines.Use in full color only.Do not alter the artwork provided: do notchange the color, and do not skew or stretchthe shape of the asset.Assets are available for online (RGB) and print(CMYK) use.Clearance: Maintain a minimum clearance x,where x is equal to 1/4 of the width of theproduct tile.Download the Screenshots here:https://omap.microsoft.com/

Referencing the Windows Product NameIn text such as headlines and body copy, OEMs shouldreference all Windows Products as “Windows 10”, exceptWindows 10 Mobile. Windows 10 Mobile should be referencedas “Windows 10 Mobile”.In body copy, OEMs may only reference the specific WindowsProduct name when delivering system specification that areexclusive to the particular Product. The following productnames may be referenced: Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 MobileIn Line Lists, the specific SKU must be defined. The followingproduct names may be referenced: Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 MobileEnterprise product may be referenced as follows, and only inconjunction with the product preinstalled on the Device: Windows 10 Pro (Windows 10 Enterprise available with aVolume Licensing Agreement) Windows 10 Mobile (Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise availablewith a Volume Licensing Agreement)Do this All words must start with a capitalized letter except for prepositions, such as with and for.Do not state “windows 10”. Windows operating system must start with a capitalized letterin a Line List. Include spacing where applicable. Do not state “Windows10”. The full Windows Product name must appear on the same line and must never be splitor word-wrapped. Always use the numeral 10. Do not spell out “ten”. The number 10 must not be localizedin writing. Within a given market, the number 10 should be pronounced in the same manner thatthe version numbers are typically pronounced in other Microsoft Products, such as“Internet Explorer 11”. Where you include a trademark footnote to give notice of your own trademarks or thirdparty trademarks, you must add the following wording to the trademark footnote whenreferring to Windows 10 “All other trademarks are the property of their respectiveowners.”Do not Never refer to the Product simply as: 10. Windows must always be included in theProduct name. Never abbreviate Windows 10. For example, do not state: Win 10” “W 10” “Win 10 Pro” Windows 10 Mobile must not be referenced as “Windows Phone.” Do not include Microsoft in the name. The Product is Windows 10, not MicrosoftWindows 10. Do not use Windows 10 in the possessive (e.g. do not state “Windows 10’s securityfeatures are impressive”. State “The security features of Windows 10 are impressive”.

Localized Windows Product NamesIf the Windows Product names are not provided in the localizedlanguages, OEMs must use the English Windows Productnames.LanguageChinese (Simplified CN)Chinese (Traditional TW)French (FR)French (CA)RussianWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 家庭版Windows 10 家用版Windows 10 FamilleWindows 10 FamilleWindows 10 ДомашняяLanguageChinese (Simplified CN)Chinese (Traditional TW)French (FR)French (CA)RussianWindows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015Windows 10 企业版 2015 长期服务Windows 10 企業版 2015 長期維護Windows 10 Entreprise 2015 LTSBWindows 10 Entreprise 2015 LTSBWindows 10 Корпоративная 2015 с долгосрочным обслуживаниемLanguageChinese (Simplified CN)Chinese (Traditional TW)French (FR)French (CA)Windows 10 ProWindows 10 专业版Windows 10 專業版Windows 10 ProfessionnelWindows 10 ProfessionnelLanguageWindows 10 MobileChinese (Simplified CN) Windows 10 移动版Chinese (Traditional TW) Windows 10 行動裝置版LanguageChinese (Simplified CN)Chinese (Traditional TW)French (FR)French (CA)RussianWindow 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 企业版Windows 10 企業版Windows 10 EntrepriseWindows 10 EntrepriseWindows 10 КорпоративнаяLanguageChinese (Simplified CN)Chinese (Traditional TW)French (FR)French (CA)RussianWindows 10 Mobile EntrepriseWindows 10 移动企业版Windows 10 行動裝置企業版Windows 10 Mobile EntrepriseWindows 10 Mobile EntrepriseWindows 10 Mobile Корпоративная

Referencing the Office Product NameOfficeThe first mention of “Office” in body copy must bereferenced as “Microsoft Office”.After the first mention, Office may be referencedas:Office 365Office Mobile AppsOffice 365 is a sub brand of Office that reflects Office asa service and include traditional Office apps and cloudbased services.The Office apps must be referenced as follows: Word Mobile Excel Mobile Microsoft OfficeThe first mention of “Office 365” in body copy must bereferenced as “Microsoft Office 365”. OfficeAfter the first mention, Office 365 may be referenced as: The latest version of Office Microsoft Office 365Office is a brand, not a version. Never refer toOffice as “Office 2016”. Office 365Office ProductsOffice 365 SKUsLine ListsOffice Products must be referenced with theversion year, for example:Office 365 SKUs should be referenced as follows: Office Home & Business 2016 Office 365 PersonalWhen used in Line Lists, Office 365 SKUs, OfficeProducts and/or Office Trial must be referencedon its own on a separate row after the Windowsmention. Office 365 Home Office Professional 2016Office 365 Disclaimer!Office should not be mentioned as “Free” or“Included for Free” in Advertising Activities.Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal havenon-commercial rights and are meant for personaluse only. If the Office 365 SKUs are beingmarketed to small or mid-size businesses (SMB),the following Footnote Disclaimer must be included:“Office 365 SKU has non-commercial use rights,for personal use only. PowerPoint Mobile

“Office Included” labelWhen to useThe “Office Included” label is available for OEM partners touse where a device or SKU price shown includes Office.Usage guidelinesWhen the label is used, the full Office SKU name must beincluded somewhere in the text e.g. within the “line list” ofproduct specifications.Color optionsFrom the label options available, select the label colorwhich works best with your creative from the optionsprovided. Ensure clear contrast between the art and colorsof your communication and the label asset. In other words,if your communication uses colors similar to our Officeorange, consider using the black version. Do not changethe color of the assets provided.Alternate textIf you don't use the label, the alternative text is still requiredin PC spec or line list on packaging: “Includes 1-year Office365 Personal Subscription.”

For Devices with Office Line List and Messaging RequirementsOffice CoverageDevice OfficeExpiration DateMessaging GuidanceOffice Single Image with Office 365Device with Office 365, Activation Card,ESD or Full Packaged Product (FPP) NoneMessaging: “Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription included. Office activationrequired.”Line List: Office 365 Personal 1 year** Activation requiredOffice Single Image with Office 365AFODevice with Office 365 AFO Within 6 months of Windowsactivation dateMessaging: “Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription included.*”*”Activation required within 6 months of Windows activation.”Line List: Office 365 Personal 1 year** Activation required with 6 months of Windows activation dateDevice with Office Single Image withno Office LicenseOffice 365 1-month trialOffice MobileDevice with Office Mobile 1-month trialMessaging: “Buy Microsoft Office”Line List: “1 month trial for new Microsoft Office 365 customers” NoneMessaging & Line List: Device with full Office 2016 included inthe price of deviceDevice with Office 2016 NoneDevice with Windows 10 Mobile OS: “Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint andOneNote apps.”Device with a display size up to 10.1 inches: “Includes Words Mobile, ExcelMobile, PowerPoint Mobile and OneNote.”Device with a Fixed Storage Drive with less than 32 GB: “Includes WordMobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile for reading only. Office 365subscription required to unlock full create and edit capabilities.Messaging & Line List: “Office SKU name included" Appropriate messaging must be provided to resellers, distributors for use in advertisements, marketing materials, point of sale materials, and communications to end customers. Office should have a separate row after the Windows mention, when used in Line Lists (print and online). Windows 10 Device(s) including Office or Office Mobile should display the “Office Included” label on the Device box packaging . Windows 10 Device(s) must never be marketed with Office using the messaging “comes with Free Office” or “Free Office included.”


7-29 Launch Primary ScreenshotsThe largest Device display must have the Primary Screenshots. For the full JS Screenshot guidelines, see page 24 – 28 of Jumpstart 2016 Guide.Please note that the background image must not be customized.Mini Start DesktopAll Screenshots must be used with the below Screenshot disclaimer, in addition to the feature specificdisclaimers:“Screens simulated, subject to change; Apps sold separately, availability may vary.”Start - TabletStart - PhoneMini Start Laptop7-29 Launch7-29 LaunchAvailable Versions Desktop 16x9Laptop 16x9 CortanaNo-CortanaAvailable Versions Tablet 16x10Tablet 10x16 CortanaNo-CortanaAvailable Versions 9x16 CortanaNo-Cortana

Secondary ScreenshotsCortanaContinuum Desktop Mode & Tablet isclaimer: *External monitor must support HDMI input. [If Continuum-compatible accessory is not included, add: “Accessoriessold separately.”] **App availability and experience varies by device and market. Office 365 subscription required for somefeatures. ¹Limited to select premium phones at launch.Disclaimer: Cortana available in select markets; experience may varyby region and device.

Secondary Screenshots cont.Multi-doingMicrosoft EdgeSee page 24 – 28 of Jumpstart 2016Guide for the full JS SecondaryScreenshot guidelines.Please note that the background imagemust not be customized.Disclaimer: Hardware dependentUniquely Yours – Windows HelloStoreAll Screenshots must be used with thebelow Screenshot disclaimer, in additionto the feature specific disclaimers:“Screens simulated, subject tochange; Apps sold separately,availability may vary.”There are more Secondary Screenshotsthan ones being shown here. Pleasecheck https://omap.microsoft.com.Disclaimer: Windows Hello requires specialized hardware,including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or otherbiometric sensors.Disclaimer: Feature and app availability and experience mayvary by market and device.

Secondary Screenshots CustomizationIf a specific screenshot is not available or localized in a particularregion, a customized Secondary Screenshot may be created inaccordance with the Secondary Screenshot CustomizationGuidelines, and ensuring that the screenshot represents actual inuse functionality of the Product: OEMs may create a screenshot of the following approvedWindows Store and Built-in Modern apps: Calendar, Camera,Mail, OneDrive, Photos, and People.Microsoft will provide pre-approved localized screenshots for Bingapps, Internet Explorer, Office apps, Skype, and Xbox apps thatshould be used in all Activities. However, in instances where thescreenshots provided do not support the overall message or valueprop of the ad, OEMs may work with the respective MicrosoftProduct Group to create a custom screenshot. For customscreenshots, the below process should be followed: OEMs must work directly with their Account Marketing Managerand the respective Microsoft Product Group prior to creating thescreenshot. This process can take up to six business weeks orlonger. OEMs must plan for this lead time in their creative orcampaign schedules as it varies by selling seasons, productgroups, and Product release schedules.OEMs may create a screenshot of 3rd Party Apps or OEM 1st Party Appsonly if: A comparable Microsoft app is not available. It is critical to the overall creative/messaging of the Activity. It cannot be fulfilled by the Microsoft app customizations or Microsoftprovided preapproved screenshots. Apps are available to download at the time the Activity is in market. Pre-approved by Microsoft.OEMs may not: Create Secondary Screenshots that contain third- or first-party logosthat are not part of the app user interface. Create Secondary Screenshots that show the desktop background.OEMs are required to include certain disclaimers depending on the appbeing shown in the Secondary Screenshot and the Device on which it’sshown. OEMs are responsible for obtaining usage rights for all customcontent shown within the app screenshots. Customized screenshots mayrequire OEMs to purchase the rights to use the image in marketing priorto execution.

MUST READ: Messaging Usage Guidelines Do use the legal disclaimers associatedwith any copy without altering. Review withyour local LCA on other necessarydisclaimers. Do not mix and match the messaging from the different pages. Forexample, the Sub headline from the “Work across all of your devices” pagecannot be used with one of the Pillar Proof Points from the “Feels familiarand better than ever” page.

Best Practices: The Windows Headline is the all up Windows headline. The Sub-Headlines are used to pay off theHeadlines. The Pillar Proof Points pay off the Headline and the Sub-Headline. In this execution type, the Pillar Proof Points MUST NOT be interchanged and must ladder up to theappropriate headline and/or sub-headline. If space is an issue you can drop either the Headline or the Sub-Headline, but you MUST always haveone of those associated with the Pillar Proof Points. You DO NOT need to use all the Pillar Proof Points and can use as many as makes sense for yourexecution as long as you follow the other guidelines in this section.

FAMILIAR & UP TO DATEWindows HeadlineWindows 10. Do great things.Windows HeadlineThe best Windows ever.Use consistently across all retail areas. Ties ATL and BTL.Used at device levelHeadlineFamiliar & up to date.Use to deliver pillar valueSub-headlineIt’s the familiar feel of Windows - only better.Use to pay off headlineCopy LengthPillar Proof PointsUse to explain pillar.1Hardwaredependent.Short ( 15 words)Medium ( 30 words)Familiar and easy to use.With familiar Start menu and taskbar. you’ll feel like an expert.Familiar and easy to use.With familiar Start menu and taskbar, you’ll fe

Office 365 is a sub brand of Office that reflects Office as a service and include traditional Office apps and cloud-based services. The first mention of “Office 365” in body copy must be referenced as “Microsoft Office 365”. After the first mention, Office 365 may be referenced as: Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 Office 365 SKUs

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