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This booklet contains a summary of the hunting andtrapping regulations and other information for thosewho plan to hunt or trap in Prince Edward Island.In an effort to improve the service it provides toIslanders, the Department is now providing the optionof purchasing a hunting license online. To access thisservice, visit our website at a safe and successful hunting season.George Webster, MinisterEnvironment, Energyand Forestry

Summary of Hunting RegulationsGuides and OutfittersHunting Guides and Outfitters are now licensed by theprovince.Non-resident hunters must be accompanied by eithera licensed resident hunter or a registered hunting guidewhile hunting in Prince Edward Island.A resident of PEI who has a valid hunting licensemay accompany up to two non-resident hunters but theymay not accept payment or other compensation for theseservices.A registered guide may accompany up to four nonresident hunters. Registered guides may not activelyhunt while guiding but may kill an injured bird for a clientif necessary.Use “1-800-327-BAND”to report Waterfowl BandsHunters can now report bird bands (bands on ducks andgeese) by dialing this toll-free number: 1-800-327-2263You should have the following information available before youcall:1. the band number; and2. where and when you shot the bird.2

Chasing WildlifeNo person shall use any air, land or water vehicle to chase,pursue, worry, molest, take, hunt or kill any wildlife or wilfullydestroy wildlife habitat.Attention Rabbit SnarersEveryone who snares rabbits (snowshoe hare) must purchasea Snowshoe Hare Snaring Licence. See summary forregulations and snaring season.Summary of Hunting RegulationsA resident is a person who has taken up permanentresidence in Prince Edward Island six months prior topurchasing a hunting licence.All other hunters are not considered to be residents andrequire a Non-resident Hunting Licence.Non-resident hunters must be accompanied by either alicensed resident hunter or a registered hunting guidewhile hunting in Prince Edward Island.Youth (under 16 years of age) require a Youth HuntingLicence. No youth shall use or carry a firearm except incompany with a parent or guardian, subject to the provisions ofthe Firearms Act and Criminal Code.3

Assume every firearm is loaded.Licences and FeesProvincial hunting licences can be obtained fromauthorized vendors around the province.Resident Hunting 10Non-resident Hunting 75Youth Hunting Licence (under 16)No ChargeResident Hunting Guide Licence 30Non -resident Hunting Guide Licence 50** Wildlife Conservation Fund 20Senior 13*** Permit to Hunt Raccoon at Night 7Snowshoe Hare Snaring Licence 5(Above fees include GST)** Charged once annually with first fishing, hunting ortrapping licence purchased.*** Available only at the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Officeor from any Conservation Officer listed in this booklet.Note: Youth who acquire a Youth Hunting Licenceare NOT required to purchase a WildlifeConservation Fund Licence.4

Control the muzzle by pointing it ina safe directionHunting Season Dates and Bag LimitsThe open season, bag limits and possession limits fortaking and shooting of game are as follows:Hunting Seasons and LimitsGameOpenSeasonDailyBagPossessionPheasantNo openseason--Ruffed GrouseSept. 29 toDec. 3136Hungarian (Grey)PartridgeOct. 20 toNov. 15*36SnowshoeHare*** (Rabbit)Oct. 1 toFeb. 285-FoxNov. 1 toJan. 31--RaccoonOct. 15 toJan. 31--CoyoteOct. 1 toMar. 31**--5

* There will be no open season for Hungarian (Grey)Partridge in Lots 1 to 10, inclusive, and Lots 43 to 47inclusive, in 2008/2009.** Hunting with hounds is permitted from October 1 toFebruary 28. The running of hounds for training or anyother purpose will not be permitted during March 1 throughMarch 31, except by permit. (Please note that it is alsoillegal to chase or pursue wildlife with dogs during theclosed season for that wildlife, except by special permit.)*** A Snowshoe Hare Snaring Licence is required tosnare showshoe hare.It is illegal to have in your possession, whenhunting all game birds, migratory birds, crows orravens, any shot larger than “BB” in the case oflead shot or size “T” in the case of steel shot.NoteA shipping permit is required for all game leaving PrinceEdward Island. A valid non-resident hunting licence,attached to the game being exported, is a shipping couponauthorizing the export of game from the province by thelicense holder in accordance with possession limits.Most birds are completely protected throughout the year,including eagles, hawks, owls, seagulls, cormorants andnon-game migratory birds.6

Migratory BirdsOnly the following migratory game birds may be killed:ducks, geese, woodcock, and Wilson or common snipe.Both a Provincial Hunting Licence and a Migratory BirdHunting Permit are required. Seasons and bag limits areestablished by the Federal Government. A Migratory BirdHunting Permit can be obtained at your local post officeand most provincial licence vendors for a fee of 17 plusGST.Open Seasons – Both Dates InclusiveWoodcockSept. 29 to Dec. 13Ducks, Geese and Snipe(other than HarlequinDucks)Oct. 6 to Dec. 13Waterfowler Heritage Day*Ducks and Geese (otherthen Harlequin Ducks)Sept. 20Note: No open season for Harlequin Duck7

*A special day for youth ages 12 to 17 to hunt with a licensedadult mentor before the opening of the regular waterfowlhunting season. The mentor is not permitted to carry or shoota firearm but is there to provide a safe hunting environmentand offer guidance on hunting skills, conservation and theethical aspects of hunting. A license from the Forest Fish andWildlife Division is required at no charge.Bag and Possession LimitsGameDaily 16* Except that not more than four may be Black Ducks orBlack-Mallard Hybrids, and not more then one may beBarrow’s Goldeneye.** Except that not more than eight may be Black Ducks orBlack-Mallard Hybrids, and not more then two may beBarrow’s Goldeneye.Non-game migratory birds are all protected under theMigratory Bird Convention Act. It is illegal to shoot such nongame migratory birds as yellowlegs, shorebirds, plover,curlews or any of the smaller non-game birds.8

Hunters are reminded that a permit is required to huntraccoon at night.Because raccoons are traditionally hunted after dark,hunters should be aware that their activities (dogs, lights,etc.) may alarm uninformed members of the public. Huntersshould make every effort to advise local residents beforethey hunt in that area.Landowner permission should be obtainedprior to accessing private property for thepurpose of hunting.HuntingIt is unlawful to:1) carry a firearm in game habitat or hunt any game unlessyou are in possession of a Firearm Safety Certificate;2) hunt any wildlife for which an open season has not beenprescribed;3) without a shipping coupon take, or ship out of theprovince any game or parts thereof;4) disturb, molest or take the nest or eggs of any gamebird;5) hunt any game birds by means of any trap, cage orsnare;6) hunt game birds with a rifle or other firearm loaded witha bullet or bullets;9

7) use a shotgun that has a capacity of more than threeshells in the magazine and chamber combined, whilehunting game;8) possess more than one shotgun, unless each shotgunin excess of one is unloaded and disassembled orunloaded and cased, while hunting game;9) hunt on Sunday;10) shoot at any game within 200 metres of any school,church, meeting place or any dwelling, farm building, orlivestock, without the owner's permission; or shoot anygame within 300 metres of a location where migratory birdsare kept under permit;11) while in or on any vehicle, discharge or have inpersonal possession a loaded firearm;12) discharge any firearm in any locality where game isusually found between one-half hour after sunset and onehalf hour before sunrise;13) sell fox, raccoon or coyote to anyone other than alicensed fur dealer or fur auction house representative;14) wilfully allow the flesh of any game suitable for food tobe spoiled or destroyed;15) hunt waterfowl within 400 metres of an area baited withgrain or other food;16) ship or take out of the province, snowshoe hare,raccoon, fox or coyote without a Game Export Permit. Ifpelts are held by the hunter longer than 10 days after theclose of the open season, a Possession Permit is required;10

17) possess or use shot other than non-toxic shot forhunting ducks, geese or snipe;18) be in possession or under the influence of an intoxicantwhile hunting;19) possess a firearm that is not cased one hour aftersunset to one hour before sunrise unless authorized by apermit;20) hunt or shoot at waterfowl, including all ducks andgeese, from within the highway right-of-way;21) hunt any game birds, crows or ravens with shot sizelarger than BB (lead shot) or T (non-toxic shot);22) set a snare for snowshoe hare made of materials otherthan single strand brass wire of 22 to 24 gauge, or set asnare for snowshoe hare with a wire loop greater than10 cm. (4 inch);Note: If you are in possession of migratory birds belongingto or taken by another person, each bird must be taggedwith:(a) the name and address of the owner,(b) the number of the migratory game bird permit underwhich the bird was taken, and(c) the date the bird was taken and signed by the personwho killed the birds.Please check your local newspaper for official sunrise andsunset times or go to Environment Canada’s website at: e.html and clickon Charlottetown.11

Hunter Safety CertificateEveryone hunting in Prince Edward Island is required to bein possession of a Hunter Safety Certificate. ALLPERSONS wishing to acquire a PEI hunting licence arerequired to exhibit a Hunter Safety Certificate to the licencevendor. Vendors are prohibited from issuing a licence toany person who does not possess a certificate.Hunter Safety Certificates are available, from the Forests,Fish and Wildlife Division as follows:1. All first-time hunters and all individuals born on or afterSeptember 1, 1968, are required to successfullycomplete a Hunter Safety Course before being issueda PEI Hunter Safety Certificate. You can register at anyAccess PEI Centres in order to take the course.2. All individuals who were born before September 1,1968, and who have hunted previously can apply for aPEI Hunter Safety Certificate by signing an affidavit.Changes of address or lost or stolen cards should bebrought to the attention of the Forests, Fish and WildlifeDivision (902) 368-4683.Non-residents are advised that Hunter SafetyCertificates issued by the province, state, or countrywhere they live are accepted in PEI.12

Summary of Fur Harvesting RegulationsTrapping SeasonsOpen SeasonBeaver (Prince andQueens Counties) . 8 a.m., October 31 - February 28*Beaver (Kings County) . . . November 15 - February 28*Mink . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 a.m., October 31 - February 28*Muskrat . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 a.m., October 31- February 28*Weasel . . . . . . . . . . . 8 a.m., October 31 - February 28*Fox (snaring and trapping) . . November 15 - January 31Fox (modified foothold, only)**. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . November 1 - November 14Raccoon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . October 15 - February 28Coyote (snaring and trapping). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . November 15 - January 31Coyote (modified foothold, only)**. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . November 1 - November 14Red Squirrel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Closed SeasonSkunk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No Closed SeasonNote:*During the month of February, set traps for beaver, muskratand mink are restricted to those set in or over water. Weaseltraps are restricted to Victor rat traps.**A “modified foothold trap” is a foothold trap that has beenaltered to improve the humaneness of the trap by laminatingthe jaws, off-setting the jaws or padding the jaws.13

Licence FeesResident Trapping Licence (16 and older)Junior Trapping Permit (under 16)Permit to hunt Raccoon at nightResident Fur Dealers LicenceNon-Resident Fur Dealers Licence 10 5 7 25 175Trapping licences may be obtained from the Forests,Fish and Wildlife office, 183 Upton Road, Charlottetown,or from the Access PEI Centre in your area.Licences1. Any person who traps furbearing animals must be theholder of a Trapping Licence or a Junior Trapping Licence.2. The Minister may issue a Trapping Licence to anapplicant who is 16 years of age or older and hassuccessfully completed a trapper education course. AJunior Trapping Licence may be issued to an applicant whois under 16 years of age and has successfully completeda trapper education program.3. A trapper who has not held a valid trapping licencewithin the previous five years must successfullycomplete a trapper education program prior to beingissued a trapping licence, unless the Minister exemptsthat person from this subsection.14

4. All licensed trappers are issued a permanent trapperregistration number (a combination of letters and/ornumbers) and the metal dies for stamping their registrationnumber on traps and snares. No person shall set a trap orsnare for furbearing animals unless the trap or snare isclearly stamped with their trapper registration number.Foot-hold Traps1. No person shall set a foothold trap for takingfurbearing animals unless:(a) the trap is set for beaver, mink or muskrat and isattached to a device that is designed to submergethe animal and prevent it from resurfacing;(b) the trap is set for muskrat or mink and is sufficientlyheavy to submerge the mink or muskrat and preventthe animal from resurfacing;(c) the trap is set for weasel or red squirrel and is set insuch a manner as to kill the animal immediately uponthe springing of the trap;(d) the trap is set for a raccoon and has jaws which arepadded with rubber compound specifically designedto reduce injury to the animal;(e) the trap is set for coyote or red fox and has beenmodified to improve humaneness by such means aslaminating the jaws, off-setting the jaws, padding thejaws, or other similarly effective means of improvinghumaneness of the trap.15

Body-gripping Traps1. No person shall set a body-gripping (Conibear type)trap having a jaw spread greater than 6.3 inches or 16centimetres (No. 220 or larger) except(a) in or over water(b) in a dog-proof box or(c) where the trap is set at least five feet off theground.2. A person may only use a body-gripping trap that islisted in Schedule C as approved as a killing trap foruse on land for that species to take a beaver,raccoon or muskrat on land.3. A person may only use a body-gripping trap totake a beaver or muskrat underwater if one of thefollowing applies:(a) the trap is listed in Schedule C as approvedas a killing trap for use underwater for thatspecies;(b) the trap is set for muskrat and prevents themuskrat from resurfacing.Snares1. No person shall place in wildlife habitat any snarelarger than single strand brass wire of 20 gauge exceptduring the open season for snaring red fox or coyote.16

2. All snares larger than 20 gauge single strand brasswire must be equipped with a self-locking device. Thissection does not apply to snares set under water duringthe open season for beaver.3. No person shall set a snare for coyote or fox within 50metres of a bait unless the bait is camouflaged orconcealed in a manner that renders the bait undetectablefrom the air. This does not apply to bait placed in openfields.4. No person shall have in possession untagged snareswhile in wildlife habitat.5. No person shall set a snare within 200 metres of anoccupied dwelling without the permission of thehomeowner or occupier.6. No person shall set a baited snare within 300 metresof an occupied dwelling without the permission of thehomeowner or occupier.7. No person shall set a snare for coyote or red foxunless the snare is constructed of wire cable having aminimum size of 1.98 millimetres or 5/64 inches.8.No person shall set a snare for coyote or red foxwithin the highway right-of-way.17

General RegulationsNo person shall,1) while in wildlife habitat, possess or set a trappingdevice unless the trapping device is:(a) a box trap;(b) a body-gripping trap that is designed to killquickly;(c) a submarine trap;(d) a non-powered snare; or(e) a steel-jawed trap that has a jaw spread of lessthan 19 cm (7.5 inches).2. shall set a trap designed to hold animals alive withoutexamining each trap at least once a day.3. set a snare designed to kill a fox or coyote withoutexamining each snare at least once every 48 hours.4. set a body-gripping trap listed in Schedule C, asubmarine trap or underwater snare for beaverwithout examining each trap at least every 72 hours.5. set a toothed trap, a deadfall or a hook.6. use a running pole set or a spring pole set incombination with a foothold trap.7. shall place a trap or snare in wildlife habitat, either setor unset, before the opening of the trapping season foreach species.8. leave a trap or snare in wildlife habitat, either set orunset, after the close of the season for each species.18

9. be in possession of a green hide, pelt, carcass or anyportion thereof of any beaver, muskrat, raccoon, fox,coyote, mink, weasel, skunk or squirrel between the 10thday after the close of the open season and the first dayof the next open season without a permit10. cut, spear, break, destroy or interfere with any beaverhouse or dam, a muskrat house or den, a mink den, a foxden or burrow, a coyote den or burrow or set a trapwithin 10 feet of the house or den of a beaver.11. break, interfere with, destroy, remove or otherwisedisturb any trap not registered to that person. Thissection shall not apply to enforcement officersresponsible for the enforcement of trapping regulations inthe discharge of their duty.12. during the closed season for mink or muskrat, settraps for or attempt to trap raccoon in places frequentedby mink or muskrat, or at any time during the closedseason for mink or muskrat attempt to trap raccoon byuse of traps set in or over water.13. take or attempt to take any beaver, mink or muskratby any means other than trapping.14. shall set a trap inside an active muskrat house.15. shall ship raw furs from the province (PEI) withoutfirst obtaining an Export Permit.16. trap on private property without asking permission.19

17. anyone who buys the pelts or hides, either skinned orunskinned, of wild furbearing animals in PEI must be theholder of a valid Fur Dealer’s Licence.18. everyone is guilty of an offence who sells furs to aresident or non-resident who is not the holder of a FurDealer’s Licence.General InformationHunters and trappers are advised that seized equipmentshall be automatically forfeited to the crown for thefollowing offences:(1) all second offences,(2) taking game or wildlife out of season,(3) hunting while under suspension, and(4) possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle or boat.An automatic one-year suspension of hunting privilegesresults from a conviction under the Wildlife ConservationAct or Regulations or the Migratory Birds Convention Actor Regulations. A trapper will be required to take atrapper education course after the date of convictionbefore purchasing another trapping licence.20

Schedule CList of Approved Body-gripping Traps(Certified under the Canadian Trap CertificationProgram and Approved for use as killing traps forbeaver, muskrat and raccoon in Prince Edward Island)BeaverTraps approved for use underwater and on land:Bélisle Classic 330Bélisle Super X 280Bélisle Super X 330B.M.I. 330 Body GripperBridger 330Duke 330LDL C280LDL C330Rudy 330Rudy 280Sauvageau 2001-11Sauvageau 2001-11FSauvageau 2001-12Species-Specific 330 DislocatorHalf MagnumSpecies-Specific 440 DislocatorHalf MagnumWoodstream Oneida VictorConibear 280Woodstream Oneida VictorConibear 330Traps approved for use on land only:LDL C330 MagnumTraps approved for use underwater only:B.M.I. 280 BodySauvageau 2001-8GripperLDL C280 Magnum21

RaccoonTraps approved for use on land:Bélisle Classic 220Bélisle Super X 160Bélisle Super X 220Bélisle Super X 280B.M.I. 160 Body GripperB.M.I. 220 Body GripperB.M.I. 280 Body GripperB.M.I. 280 MagnumBody GripperBridger 160Bridger 220Duke 160Duke 220LDL C 160LDL C 220LDL C 220 MagnumLDL C 280 MagnumNorthwood 155Rudy 160Rudy 160 PlusRudy 220Rudy 220 PlusSauvageau 2001-6Sauvageau 2001-7Sauvageau 2001-8Species-Specific 220Dislocator Half MagnumWoodstream Oneida VictorConibear 160Woodstream Oneida VictorConibear 22022

MuskratTraps approved for use on land:Bélisle Super X 120B.M.I. 120B.M.I. 120 MagnumB.M.I. 126 MagnumBridger 120Duke 120Koro MuskratLDL B120 MagnumRudy 120 MagnumSauvageau 2001-5Sauvageau C120 MagnumSauvageau C120 “ReverseBend”Triple MWoodstream Oneida VictorConibear 110Woodstream Oneida VictorConibear 120This summary is prepared for the information andconvenience of those who plan to hunt or trap in PrinceEdward Island. The original act and regulations shouldbe consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applyingthe law. These laws are subject to change at any time.For the complete regulations please refer to the WildlifeConservation Act, Regulations available on request fromthe Forests Fish and Wildlife Division or online For further information contact the Forests, Fish andWildlife Division, 183 Upton Road, PO Box 2000,Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8 or phone 368-4683.23

For enforcement of any of the environment acts orregulations during regular working hours, telephone aConservation Officer at any of the following locations:Alberton853-8622Sandra KeoughAccess PEI AlbertonO’Leary859-8800Aaron WaddellWellington854-7250Roland Richard(bilingual officer)S’side888-8000Roland Richard(bilingual Officer)Ch’town368-4808368-5000John Clements(Chief ConservationOfficer)Wade MacKinnonMontague838-0600Locke JonesSouris687-7000Trevor MacKinnonFor environmental or enforcementemergencies after normal office hours,telephone 1-800-565-1633.24



Summary of Hunting Regulations Guides and Outfitters Hunting Guides and Outfitters are now licensed by the province. Non-resident hunters must be accompanied by either a licensed resident hunter or a registered hunting guide while hunting in Prince Edward Island. A resident of PEI who has a valid hunting

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