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TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txt*************** show version ***************Switch: 1System Description. M4300-28G-PoE ProSAFE 24-port1G PoE and 2-port 10GBASE-T and 2-port 10G SFP ,, Model.Serial Number.Burned In MAC Address.Software Version.CPLD version.Bootcode Version.Current Time.CET(UTC 1:00)Current SNTP Sync Status.M4300-28G-PoE 27 08:49:20 2017Success*************** show sysinfo ***************System Description. M4300-28G-PoE ProSAFE 24-port1G PoE and 2-port 10GBASE-T and 2-port 10G SFP ,, Name.System Location.System Contact.System Object ID. Up Time. 2 days 20 hrs 51 mins 40 secsCurrent SNTP Synchronized Time. Nov 27 07:49:21 2017 UTCMIBs Supported:RFC 1907 - GEAR-POWER-ETHERNET-MIBThe MIB module for SNMPv2 entitiesThe original version of this MIB, publishedas RFC3273.A MIB module containing textual conventionsfor high capacity data types.This MIB module defines objects to helpsupport coexistence between SNMPv1, SNMPv2,and SNMPv3.The MIB for Message Processing andDispatchingThe Target MIB ModuleThe management information definitions forthe View-based Access Control Model for SNMP.NETGEAR Power Ethernet Extensions MIBSeite 1

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtSFLOW-MIBsFlow MIBNETGEAR-ISDP-MIBIndustry Standard Discovery Protocol MIBNETGEAR-BOXSERVICES-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR BoxServices Feature.IANA-ADDRESS-FAMILY-NUMBERS-MIBThe MIB module defines theAddressFamilyNumbers textual convention.NETGEAR-DHCPCLIENT-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR DHCPClientNETGEAR-DENIALOFSERVICE-PRIVATE-M The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR DenialIBof Service.NETGEAR-KEYING-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR KeyingUtilityLLDP-EXT-DOT3-MIBThe LLDP Management Information Baseextension module for IEEE 802.3organizationally defined discoveryinformation.NETGEAR-LLPF-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR LinkLocal Protocol Filtering.DISMAN-PING-MIBThe Ping MIB (DISMAN-PING-MIB) provides thecapability of controlling the use of theping function at a remote host.DNS-RESOLVER-MIBThe MIB module for entities implementing theclient (resolver) side of the Domain NameSystem (DNS) protocol.NETGEAR-OUTBOUNDTELNET-PRIVATE-MI The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR OutboundBTelnetNETGEAR-TIMEZONE-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR forsystem time, timezone and summer-timesettingsLAG-MIBThe Link Aggregation module for managingIEEE 802.3adRFC 1493 - BRIDGE-MIBDefinitions of Managed Objects for Bridges(dot1d)RFC 2674 - Q-BRIDGE-MIBThe VLAN Bridge MIB module for managingVirtual Bridged Local Area NetworksRFC 2863 - IF-MIBThe Interfaces Group MIB using SMIv2NETGEAR-SWITCHING-MIBNETGEAR Switching - Layer 2NETGEAR-PORTSECURITY-PRIVATE-MIBPort Security MIB.IANAifType-MIBThis MIB module defines the IANAifTypeTextual ConventionMAU-MIBManagement information for 802.3 MAUs.NETGEAR-MVR-PRIVATE-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for MVR ConfigurationIEEE8021-PFC-MIBPriority-based Flow Control module formanaging IEEE 802.1QbbIEEE8021-PAE-MIBPort Access Entity module for managing IEEE802.1X.NETGEAR-DOT1X-AUTHENTICATION-SERV The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR Dot1xER-MIBAuthentication ServerRADIUS-ACC-CLIENT-MIBRADIUS Accounting Client MIBTACACS-CLIENT-MIBDefines a portion of the SNMP MIB under theNETGEAR Corporation enterprise OIDpertaining to TACACS client configuration.Seite 2

TION-MANAGER-MI The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEARBauthentication manager feature.RFC 1724 - RIPv2-MIBRIP Version 2 MIB ExtensionRFC 1850 - OSPF-TRAP-MIBThe MIB module to describe traps for theOSPF Version 2 Protocol.NETGEAR-ROUTING-MIBNETGEAR Routing - Layer 3IP-MIBThe MIB module for managing IP and ICMPimplementations, but excluding theirmanagement of IP routes.NETGEAR-QOS-MIBNETGEAR Flex QOS SupportNETGEAR-QOS-COS-MIBNETGEAR Flex QOS COSRFC 3289 - DIFFSERV-DSCP-TCManagement Information Base for the TextualConventions used in DIFFSERV-MIBNETGEAR-QOS-DIFFSERV-EXTENSIONS-M NETGEAR Flex QOS DiffServ Private MIBs'IBdefinitionsNETGEAR-QOS-ISCSI-MIBNETGEAR Flex QOS iSCSI Flow AccelerationMIBs' definitionsdraft-ietf-magma-mgmd-mib-03MGMD MIB, includes IGMPv3 and MLDv2.RFC 5240 - PIM-BSR-MIBBootstrap Router mechanism for PIM routersIANA-RTPROTO-MIBIANA IP Route Protocol and IP MRouteProtocol Textual ConventionsIPMROUTE-STD-MIBThe MIB module for management of IPMulticast routing, but independent of thespecific multicast routing protocol in use.NETGEAR-NSF-MIBThe MIB module defines objects to configureNon Stop Forwarding.RFC 2466 - IPV6-ICMP-MIBManagement Information Base for IP Version6: ICMPv6 GroupNETGEAR-ROUTING6-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR IPv6Routing.NETGEAR-IPV6-LOOPBACK-MIBThe NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR LoopbackIPV6 address configuration.*************** show interface ethernet switchport ***************Total Packets Received (Octets).Packets Received Without Error.Unicast Packets Received.Multicast Packets Received.Broadcast Packets Received.Receive Packets s Transmitted.Packets Transmitted Without Errors.Unicast Packets Transmitted.Multicast Packets Transmitted.Broadcast Packets Transmitted.Transmit Packets Discarded.7179930236163210671350951100Packets forwarded by cpu. 0Seite 3

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtIP Packets received without errors. 2275948Most Address Entries Ever Used. 111Address Entries Currently in Use. 107Maximum VLAN Entries.Most VLAN Entries Ever Used.Static VLAN Entries.Dynamic VLAN Entries.VLAN Deletes.Time Since Counters Last Cleared.409344002 day 20 hr 51 min 40 sec*************** show port all ***************AdminIntfTypeMode--------- ------ /0/26Enable1/0/27Enable1/0/28Enablelag 1Enablelag 2Enablelag 3Enablelag 4Enablelag AutoAutoAutoAutoAutoAutoAutoAuto10G Full10G FullPhysicalLinkStatusStatus---------- 0 Full UpDownDown10G FullUp10G FullUpDownDownDownDownDownSeite leDisable

DownDisableDownDisableSeite DisableDisableDisable

bleDownDisableDownDisableDownDisableSeite DisableDisableDisable

lag 110lag 111lag 112lag 113lag 114lag 115lag 116lag 117lag 118lag 119lag 120lag 121lag 122lag 123lag 124lag 125lag 126lag 127lag 128vlan eDownDisableUpEnable*************** show process cpu ***************Memory and Process CPU Utilization Info of Unit:1Memory Utilization ReportstatusKBytes------ ---------free314308alloc703132CPU 71480148114911496150415061510Name5 Secs 60 Secs 300 Secs------------------- -------- -------- 23%0.24%tap monitor task0.00%0.55%0.20%simPts %0.10%0.08%hapiRxTask0.00%0.24%0.11%Seite e

1709poe ----- -------- -------- -------Total CPU Utilization26.47%25.44%23.07%*************** show process memory ***************Total:Allocated:Free:1017440 KB703132 KB314308 KBComponentMaxAllocated[Allocs/Frees]1- SIM[1650/26]2- NIM3- TRAPMGR5- CNFGR6- DRIVER[17592/14636]7- POLICY8- DOT1Q9- PBVLAN10 - DOT3AD11 - STATSMGR14 - USMDB17 - FDB18 - GARP19 - SNMP[4299/4088]20 - DTL21 - USER MGR22 - CLI WEB[42221/22206]24 - IP25 - RTR DISC27 - RIP28 - IGMP29 - MCAST30 - PIMDM31 - DVMRP32 - PIMSM33 - VRRP[1207/0]CurrentAllocated[change]4591817[ 4591817]5281553813157[ 813157]1416[ 1416]21448[ 21448]23460484[ 23460484]813157 [20/0]1416 [1/0]21448 [123/0]2347152427928[ 27928]5115260[ 5115260]2760[ 2760]643308[ 643308]11618228[ 11618228]747960[ 747960]638976[ 638976]2496894[ 2496894]11369[ 9689412845426204[ 426204]29616[ 29616]7292916[ 7292916]8176957[ 8176957]26048[ 26048]129257[ 129257]8457628[ 8457628]72071296[ 72071296]34644[ 34644]108[ 108]59052[ 59052]70189914[ 70189914]Seite 8[2/0][13/0][1/0][6/0][8/0][2/0][4/0][27/4]426204 [18/0]29616 ][1/0][2/0]

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txt37 - QOS ACL17531748[ 17531748]38 - QOS COS197700[ 197700]39 - QOS DIFFSERV54426040[ 54426040]40 - PORT MIRROR1716[ 1716]41 - MFDB1469352[ 1469352]42 - FILTER737944[ 737944]43 - IP HELPER355704[ 355704]44 - SNOOPING12703252[ 12703252]48 - DOT1S68465704[ 68465704]49 - RADIUS1894400[ 1894400]50 - TACACS364856[ 364856]51 - DOT1X2074963[ 2074963]52 - DHCPS1971712[ 1971712]53 - DVLANTAG19448[ 19448]55 - OPENSSL164[ 164]56 - SSLT204[ 204]57 - SSHD41364[ 41364]60 - UNITMGR23332[ 23332]61 - CARDMGR146700[ 146700]62 - STACKING8192[ 8192]63 - EDB1240[ 1240]66 - FFTP20828[ 20828]67 - OSAPI122964332[ 122964332][3583/107]68 - POE110696[ 110696]70 - LOG160888[ 160888]71 - SNTP648[ 648]72 - OUTBOUND TELNET112[ 112]73 - PORT MACLOCK847720[ 847720]75 - DENIAL OF SERVICE13496[ 13496]81 - OSPFV3127684[ 127684]82 - IPV6931834[ 931834]83 - RLIM2052[ 2052]84 - DHCP6S196772[ 196772]85 - LLDP2595707[ 2595707]86 - IP SUBNET VLAN5804[ 5804]87 - MAC VLAN24748[ 24748]88 - PROTECTED PORT456[ 456]90 - DNS CLIENT361640[ 361640]92 - BSP512[ 512]94 - MFC54272[ 54272]95 - VOICE VLAN82728[ 82728]96 - DHCP SNOOPING7465372[ 7465372]97 - DYNAMIC ARP INSPECTION2847112[ 2847112]98 - QOS VOIP59696[ 59696]99 - SFLOW454012[ 454012]100 - CAPTIVE PORTAL9338518[ 9338518]101 - ISDP1489443[ 1489443][16533/16524]102 - MGMT ACAL2244[ 2244]103 - BOX SERVICES140[ 140]105 - QOS ISCSI308652[ 308652]Seite 917531748 [18/0]197700 [4/0]54426040 [51/0]1716 [1/0]1469352 [3/0]737944 [4/0]355704 [136/0]12703252 [128/0]68465704 [32/0]1894400 [2/0]364856 [3/0]2074963 [18/0]1971712 [4/0]19448 [2/0]164 [1/0]204 [1/0]41364 [1/0]23332 [6/0]146700 [20/0]8192 [1/0]1240 [31/0]20828 /0][14/0][33/0]2244 [2/0]140 [1/0]308652 [6/0]

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtRMON7207040[ 7207040]AUTO INSTALL3236[ 3236]DHCP CLIENT189952[ 189952]BOOTP CLIENT1416[ 1416]CAPTIVE PORTAL WIRED INTF OWNE131232[ 131232]DHCP6 CLIENT684[ 684]PRIVATE GROUP VLAN39126[ 39126]CHECKPOINT SERVICE8192[ 8192]ARP124640[ 124640]MVR1202414[ 1202414]PFC26220[ 26220]LLPF708[ 708]TIMERANGES148100[ 148100]GREENETHR143580[ 143580]MRP17024[ 17024]MMRP1946952[ 1946952]MVRP6876632[ 6876632]USBFLASHDRIVE468[ 468]OPENFLOW3778282[ 3778282]PFXLIST10264[ 10264]ROUTEMAP2576[ 2576]PBR22900[ 22900]UDLD842563[ 842563]RPC SERVER1049996[ 1049996]RPCAP23284[ 23284]RMT SESSION100[ 100]STATS APP3890080[ 3890080]OpEN API58880[ 58880]AUTHMGR206292[ 206292]RAGUARD140[ 140]DAS1093520[ 1093520]LOOP PROTECT44308[ 44308]-Unknown458[ 458]Total Current Usage 559079757osapi Debug overhead 1804488*************** show mbuf total MbufsMbufsTotalTotalTotal.Free.Rx Used.Rx Norm Used.Rx Mid2 Used.Rx Mid1 Used.Rx Mid0 Used.Rx High Used.Tx Used.Rx Norm Alloc Attempts.Rx Mid2 Alloc Attempts.Seite 0][13/0][2/0][8/0][3/0][24/0]

xtMid1 Alloc Attempts. 94609Mid0 Alloc Attempts. 0High Alloc Attempts. 132192Alloc Attempts. 882197Norm Alloc Failures. 0Mid2 Alloc Failures. 0Mid1 Alloc Failures. 0Mid0 Alloc Failures. 0High Alloc Failures. 0Alloc Failures. 0*************** show switch nSwitchCodeSWSwitchStatusModel IDModel IDStatusVersion--- ----------- --------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------------1Mgmt SwM4300-28G-PoE M4300-28G-PoE OK12.0.2.17*************** show port status all ----------------------------------------------- /8DISAutoDownNA1/0/9DISAutoDownNASeite 11

/24Copper1000 Full1/0/2710GBase-SRFWD10G Full10G FullUpNA1/0/28DACFWD10G Full10G FullUpNAlag 1DISDownNAlag 2DISDownNAlag 3DISDownNAlag 4DISDownNAlag 5DISDownNAlag 6DISDownNAlag 7DISDownNASeite 12

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtlag 8DISDownNAlag 9DISDownNAlag 10DISDownNAlag 11DISDownNAlag 12DISDownNAlag 13DISDownNAlag 14DISDownNAlag 15DISDownNAlag 16DISDownNAlag 17DISDownNAlag 18DISDownNAlag 19DISDownNAlag 20DISDownNAlag 21DISDownNAlag 22DISDownNAlag 23DISDownNAlag 24DISDownNAlag 25DISDownNAlag 26DISDownNAlag 27DISDownNAlag 28DISDownNAlag 29DISDownNAlag 30DISDownNAlag 31DISDownNAlag 32DISDownNAlag 33DISDownNASeite 13

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtlag 34DISDownNAlag 35DISDownNAlag 36DISDownNAlag 37DISDownNAlag 38DISDownNAlag 39DISDownNAlag 40DISDownNAlag 41DISDownNAlag 42DISDownNAlag 43DISDownNAlag 44DISDownNAlag 45DISDownNAlag 46DISDownNAlag 47DISDownNAlag 48DISDownNAlag 49DISDownNAlag 50DISDownNAlag 51DISDownNAlag 52DISDownNAlag 53DISDownNAlag 54DISDownNAlag 55DISDownNAlag 56DISDownNAlag 57DISDownNAlag 58DISDownNAlag 59DISDownNASeite 14

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtlag 60DISDownNAlag 61DISDownNAlag 62DISDownNAlag 63DISDownNAlag 64DISDownNAlag 65DISDownNAlag 66DISDownNAlag 67DISDownNAlag 68DISDownNAlag 69DISDownNAlag 70DISDownNAlag 71DISDownNAlag 72DISDownNAlag 73DISDownNAlag 74DISDownNAlag 75DISDownNAlag 76DISDownNAlag 77DISDownNAlag 78DISDownNAlag 79DISDownNAlag 80DISDownNAlag 81DISDownNAlag 82DISDownNAlag 83DISDownNAlag 84DISDownNAlag 85DISDownNASeite 15

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtlag 86DISDownNAlag 87DISDownNAlag 88DISDownNAlag 89DISDownNAlag 90DISDownNAlag 91DISDownNAlag 92DISDownNAlag 93DISDownNAlag 94DISDownNAlag 95DISDownNAlag 96DISDownNAlag 97DISDownNAlag 98DISDownNAlag 99DISDownNAlag 100DISDownNAlag 101DISDownNAlag 102DISDownNAlag 103DISDownNAlag 104DISDownNAlag 105DISDownNAlag 106DISDownNAlag 107DISDownNAlag 108DISDownNAlag 109DISDownNAlag 110DISDownNAlag 111DISDownNASeite 16

TechSupportSwitch1V12.0.2.17.txtlag 112DISDownNAlag 113DISDownNAlag 114DISDownNAlag 115DISDownNAlag 116DISDownNAlag 117DISDownNAlag 118DISDownNAlag 119DISDownNAlag 120DISDownNAlag 121DISDownNAlag 122DISDownNAlag 123DISDownNAlag 124DISDownNAlag 125DISDownNAlag 126DISDownNAlag 127DISDownNAlag 128DISDownNAvlan 1-UpNA*************** show environment ***************Temp (C). 33Temperature traps range: 0 to 90 degrees (Celsius)Temperature Sensors:UnitSensor Description--------- ---------------11MAC12SystemTemp (C)---------3331Fans:Seite 17State-------------NormalNormalMax Temp (C)-------------9090

System-2System-3Power Modules:UnitPower 17.txtTypeSpeedDuty level--------- ------------- scription---------------Internal AC-1Internal ationalNot present*************** show stack-status all ***************Stack Unit 1 StatusSampling Mode: Cumulative Summing-------------------------------------Unit Current Average Min Max ********** show mac-addr-table ***************Address Entries Currently in Use. 107VLAN ID------11111111111111111111MAC 71/0/271/0/24Seite arnedLearned

CPU Interface: 0/5/1 4179C:3D:CF:EE:5A:EBvlan 2727Seite dLearnedLearnedLearned

Learned*************** show mac-address-table stats ***************Max MFDB Table Entries. 1024Most MFDB Entries Since Last Reset. 1Current Entries. 1*************** show mac-address-table multicast ***************FwdVLAN ID MAC AddressSource TypeDescriptionInterface Interface------- ----------------- ------- ------- --------------- --------- --------101:00:5E:00:64:FA IGMPDynamic Network Assist Fwd:Fwd:Seite 20

********* show mac-address-table igmpsnooping ***************VLAN ID------1MAC DynamicDescription---------------Network AssistInterfaces------------------------Fwd: 1/0/27*************** show interface counters nBcastPktsInDropPkts--------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- /1700000Seite 21

0000000Seite 22

0ch390ch400ch410Seite 23

0ch650ch660ch670Seite 24

0ch910ch920ch930Seite 25

ch1140ch1150ch1160ch1170ch1180ch1190Seite 26


NETGEAR-KEYING-PRIVATE-MIB The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR Keying Utility LLDP-EXT-DOT3-MIB The LLDP Management Information Base extension module for IEEE 802.3 organizationally defined discovery information. NETGEAR-LLPF-PRIVATE-MIB The NETGEAR Private MIB for NETGEAR Link Local Protocol Filtering.

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