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Turn It Up Dance ChallengeAll Results2019 TURN IT UP BUFFALO COMPETITIONMarch 22, 2019Amherst, NY, USAAmherst Middle SchoolMini SoloNovicePlace1Entry # Routine Name22 I SEE THE LIGHTStudioSoul 2 SolePlace-87654321Entry #22754275512345871StudioTonawanda Dance ArtsInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsTonawanda Dance ArtsTonawanda Dance ArtsTonawanda Dance ArtsInnovation Dance CentreDansationsDansationsPlace21Entry # Routine Name50 CIRCUS9HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOTStudioInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreEntry #47367Routine NamePURE IMAGINATIONUNCONDITIONALLYLOLLIPOPStudioSoul 2 SolePalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceJeannie's Dance ConnectionEntry #31191760Routine NameMERMAID PARTYHOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOUBIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOOICE CREAM FREEZEStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionJeannie's Dance ConnectionDansationsDansationsEntry #189126Routine NameDANCER-CISECRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DansationsIntermediateRoutine NameDETROIT SWING CITYCAR WASHQUEEN BEESTUPID CUPIDWINGSALL ABOUT MELIP GLOSSLUCK BE A LADYBEYOND THE SEACompetitiveMini GroupsNovice / Small GroupPlace321Novice / Large GroupPlace4321Intermediate / Large GroupPlace321Intermediate / Duo/TrioPlace21Intermediate / Small GroupPlace21Competitive / Small GroupPlace21Competitive / Duo/TrioPlace1Junior GroupsNovice / Small GroupPlaceEntry # Routine Name69 TOO MANY FISH IN THE SEA33 DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEARTStudioDansationsDansationsEntry # Routine Name217 MARRY YOU34 SOMEWHERE OUT THEREStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionInnovation Dance CentreEntry # Routine Name43 GIRLS219 SWEETZStudioInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreEntry # Routine Name21 BEAT THE NIGHTStudioInnovation Dance CentreEntry # Routine NameStudio

544432211961859918738021849EVERMOREKNOCK ON WOODSHOTGUNALL THE WAY UPGIRLS WILL BE GIRLSFIVE MINUTES MOREBRAND NEW EYESNO EXCUSESSoul 2 SoleDansationsDansationsJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionNovice / Duo/TrioPlace21Intermediate / Duo/TrioPlace54321Intermediate / Small GroupPlace54321Intermediate / Large GroupPlace321Competitive / Small GroupPlace5443211Competitive / Large GroupPlace4321Competitive / Duo/TrioPlace54321Competitive / LinePlace21Junior SolosEntry # Routine Name206 POLAR EXPRESS238 YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANTStudioSoul 2 SoleClark Academy of Performing ArtsEntry #556622139122Routine NameBEAUTIFUL THINGIMMA LADYWHAT IS THIS FEELINGSALUTEGOOD MORNINGStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsEntry #200306542216Routine NameBLACKBIRDSISTERHOODPEOPLE GOT TO BE FREEEL MATADORTHE WAY OF THE WORLDStudioAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsDansationsJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyEntry #237228214Routine NameBOP TIL YOU DROPWILD WILD WESTYOU CAN'T STOP THE BEATStudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyInnovation Dance CentreEntry #412022023519597199Routine NameARE YOU READY FOR A MIRACLERULE THE WORLDSUGAR PLUM SCARYMAMBO NO 5HOMEBREATHEANGELStudioPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceDansationsDansationsInnovation Dance CentreDansationsDansationsInnovation Dance CentreEntry #6210220232Routine NameMONEYCANDY STORESTEP IN TIMERAMALAMAStudioPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceDansationsDansationsDansationsEntry #205564857234Routine NameWEIRD PEOPLEYOU'RE THE TOPUNTAMEDLITTLE MESOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOWStudioTonawanda Dance ArtsPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceTonawanda Dance ArtsInnovation Dance CentreDance SpectrumEntry # Routine Name183 LONDON226 DON'T STOP THE MUSICStudioInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance Centre

IntermediatePlace10101098777654321Entry #18610976190181918624174811310519237Routine NamePARTY DRESSROCKSTARSHOUT OUT TO MY EXCRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVEGIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOOI GOT RHYTHMPARTY GIRLSMILEBOXING RINGFIERCEALL ABOUT MELOST BOYA DIFFERENT DRUMKISS OF THE SPIDERWOMANStudioCAN Dance AcademyDansationsInnovation Dance CentreAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsInnovation Dance CentreJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsDansationsJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyTonawanda Dance ArtsPlace1099876544321Entry #18424020821253631079194289211Routine NameCOMING BACKMADNESSA DIFFERENT BEATBE STILLRHYTHM INSIDESERPENTINEHOT NOTETHE GREATESTHIDE AND SEEKMEMOIRSEMERGENCYBARATA TONTAStudioThe 716 Dance LabDance SpectrumFusion Dance StudioDance SpectrumTonawanda Dance ArtsTonawanda Dance ArtsDansationsTonawanda Dance ArtsDance SpectrumDansationsInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentrePlace321Entry #136140299Routine NameINSTRUCTIONSHOOTING STARWAVESStudioCenter Stage Dance CompanyCenter Stage Dance CompanyCenter Stage Dance CompanyPlace10987654321Entry #62942572914220187116295119Routine NameJEALOUSMILLION BUCKSFALL OR SURVIVEI HAVE NOTHINGWHO YOU ARESHAKE IT UPGIRLSZOMBIEWAKING UP AGAINWARRIORStudioCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDreams of DanceCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyPlace1010987654Entry #1021615911485154172151Routine NameARABIAN NIGHTSPIECE BY PIECEI WILL WAITUNEVEN ODDSHUMANWILD HORSESEMINENCEIS YOU ISStudioDansationsLAW Dance StudioFusion Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentrePalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsCompetitiveTeen SolosNoviceIntermediateCompetitive

321158305110GRAVITYGAME OF SURVIVALCOASTERDansationsFusion Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentrePlace654321Entry #182178117126269108Routine NameHUMANWARRIORHOLLOWGRINCHWHEN THE PARTY'S OVERGROWNStudioCenter Stage Dance CompanyCenter Stage Dance CompanyCenter Stage Dance CompanyInnovation Dance CentreCenter Stage Dance CompanyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyPlace109876554321Entry #6781193133115256101181262247127Routine NameI'M THE GREATEST STARMONEYSPECTRUMI DON'T THINK ABOUT YOUIN MY BLOODDON'T YOU CRY FOR MEWEAKWAVESFOR MY HELPGODS PLANWARRIORStudioCAN Dance AcademyCAN Dance AcademyCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionClark Academy of Performing ArtsFusion Dance StudioPlace1098766544321Entry #31231014414731113912926027864148180Routine NameROYALSSORRYPAINTING GREYSTHANKS FOR THE MEMORIESBREATHE MEMUST HAVE BEEN LOVESHELTERRETROGRADECASTLE ON A HILLCRY TO MELANDSLIDEYOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNGStudioClark Academy of Performing ArtsInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsFusion Dance StudioDansationsDance SpectrumClark Academy of Performing ArtsCelebrity Dance EmporiumInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsSenior SolosNoviceIntermediateCompetitiveTeen GroupsNovice / Small GroupPlace1Novice / Large GroupPlace1Intermediate / Small GroupPlace54321Intermediate / Duo/TrioPlace543Entry # Routine Name165 ROOTSStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionEntry # Routine Name132 I WILL WAITStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionEntry #284143156176304Routine NameOBSESSIONSTHE HUNGER GAMESSTONE COLDPROUD MARYLAST DANCEStudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyEntry #274266104Routine NameBREATH OF LIFEMOMMA KNOWS BESTHALOStudioSoul 2 SoleInnovation Dance CentreAmazin Grace Dance Studio

21267134IT'S ABOUT THAT WALKIT'S ABOUT THAT WALKCAN Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyEntry #29424696Routine NameWHEN YOU'RE AN ADDAMSJUST DON'T MIXUNWRITTENStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyEntry #277263168280125Routine NameFEELING GOODLET'S DANCEOPENING UPSODA POPRISEStudioAmazin Grace Dance StudioAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyAmazin Grace Dance StudioEntry #253264135303292Routine NameCOMPASSSOLDIERHANDS ON MEANXIETYWHOLE LOT OF WOMANStudioDansationsDansationsInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreEntry #236298296297146175Routine NameFRIEND LIKE MEQUEEN OF POPRUN BOY RUNESCAPERAISE ME UPPLAY THAT SAXStudioPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceLAW Dance StudioDansationsCelebrity Dance EmporiumInnovation Dance CentreDance SpectrumEntry #222124254130Routine NameMAHNA MAHNAEAT SLEEP RAVE REPEATPERMCLOSUREStudioPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DancePalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance CentreIntermediate / LinePlace321Intermediate / Large GroupPlace54321Competitive / Small GroupPlace54321Competitive / Duo/TrioPlace543211Competitive / Large GroupPlace4321Senior GroupsNovice / Duo/TrioPlace21Intermediate / Small GroupPlace54321Intermediate / Duo/TrioPlace4321Competitive / Duo/TrioPlace543Entry # Routine Name308 DOMINO265 WORK ITStudioCenter Stage Dance CompanyCenter Stage Dance CompanyEntry #279250120100244Routine NameAMERICANOI WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODYBALLROOM BLITZGOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROADPERMStudioCAN Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionJeannie's Dance ConnectionJeannie's Dance ConnectionClark Academy of Performing ArtsEntry #17995258283Routine NameRESCUESHAKING AT THE HOPSINGLE LADIESTHE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENERStudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionCAN Dance AcademyCAN Dance AcademyClark Academy of Performing ArtsEntry #72276249Routine NameWATCHGOTTA BELOTUS EATERStudioPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceClark Academy of Performing ArtsDivine Dance Studio

21Competitive / Small GroupPlace5432116189Entry #281242301272248TO BUILD A HOMEALL AMERICANPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceCelebrity Dance EmporiumRoutine NameDANCING WITH MYSELFBLACK AND GOLDHALL OF FAMEGAME ONINFECTIOUSStudioDivine Dance StudioCelebrity Dance EmporiumDivine Dance StudioCelebrity Dance EmporiumInnovation Dance Centre

Dance Team InvitationsEntry #Routine NameStudio37383941576566687189100Kiss Of The SpiderwomanSaluteSaluteAre You Ready For a MiracleLittle MePeople Get To Be FreeI'm A LadyHold My HandBeyond The SeaAll AmericanGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadTonawanda Dance ArtsSoul 2 SoleJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyPlamyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceInnovation Dance CentreDansationsCAN Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionDansationsCelebrity Dance EmporiumJeannie's Dance tionsRiseIt's About That WalkShelterPainting GreysIs You IsGravityPlay That SaxYou Make Me Feel So YoungLondonComing BackBoogie ShoesHomeBlackbirdIt's Party TimeA Different BeatThe Way Of The WorldStep In TimeDon't Stop The MusicThat's What I LikeSomewhere Only We KnowJust Don't MixInfectiousLotus EaterFall Or SurviveRetrogradeBreath of LifeCastle On A HillCircle of LifeFusion Dance StudioAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsDansationsDance SpectrumTonawanda Dance ArtsInnovation Dance CentreThe 716 Dance LabCelebrity Dance EmporiumDansationsAmazin Grace Dance StudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionFusion Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsInnovation Dance CentreClark Academy of Performing ArtsDance SpectrumJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyInnovation Dance CentreDivine Dance StudioDreams of DanceDance SpectrumSoul 2 SoleClark Academy of Performing ArtsCAN Dance Academy

298 Queen of Pop304 Last Dance311 Breathe MeLAW Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyTonawanda Dance ArtsJudge’s Special AwardsAwardTerrific TexturesSassy & SpunkyTotal PackageEntry # Routine Name16 Piece By Piece21 Beat The Night24 Bleed The SamePerformance PlusShe's Got Pizazz & StyleSuper CuteCirque BoundCrisp - Clean - ClearStar PotentialMusical Connection414560636471105Are You Ready For A MiracleOopsIce Cream FreezeSerpentineCry To MeBeyond The SeaLost BoyFull of GraceSincere EmotionYou Drew Me InBeauty & GraceWide OpenEffortlessly ElegantFun & FunkyLady In RedYou Light Up The StageSharp as a TackStrong & IntenseClassy & Sassy112127130139142173175180190192202216Blue BirdWarriorClosureMust Have Been LoveWho You AreBeautiful ThingsPlay That SaxYou Make Me Feel So YoungCrazy Little Thing Called LoveA Different BeatRule The WorldThe Way of the WorldCutest AcroTop Notch Energy222 Mahna Mahna226 Don't Stop The MusicMr. MusicalityPrecious Partners230 That's What I Like234 Somewhere Only We KnowSwabby Sistahs!Fantastic Formations &Terrific TransitionsPicture PerfectAll The Right Noise249 Lotus EaterI Wanna Dance With250 Somebody260 Retrograde272 Game OnStudio NameLAW Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentreSoul 2 SolePalmyra-Macedon Conservatoryof DanceTonawanda Dance ArtsDansationsTonawanda Dance ArtsCelebrity Dance EmporiumDansationsDansationsPalmyra-Macedon Conservatoryof DanceFusion Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentreFusion Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyJeannie's Dance ConnectionDance SpectrumTonawanda Dance ArtsAmazin Grace Dance StudioJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyDansationsJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyPalmyra-Macedon Conservatoryof DanceInnovation Dance CentreClark Academy of PerformingArtsDance SpectrumDivine Dance StudioJeannie's Dance ConnectionDance SpectrumCelebrity Dance Emporium

Tap Dogs BoundFierce "7"Joy of DanceMusical ConnectionChillin In That PocketPowerhouse278292295299301305Clark Academy of PerformingArtsInnovation Dance CentreJaclyn Carol's Dance AcademyCenter Stage Dance CompanyDivine Dance StudioFusion Dance StudioCastle On A HillWhole Lot of WomanWaking Up AgainWavesHall Of FameGame of SurvivalOther Special AwardsAwardEntry #Routine NameOutstanding CostumeChoreographyMost EntertainingTechnical ExcellenceOutstanding CostumeChoreographyMost EntertainingTechnical ExcellenceClass Act AwardADCC Studio ofExcellence4197175180222248272234Are You Ready for a MiraclePalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceBreatheDansationsPlay That SaxDance SpectrumYou Make Me Feel So Young Tonawanda Dance ArtsMahna MahnaPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceInfectiousInnovation Dance CentreGame OnCelebrity Dance ImporiumSomewhere Only We KnowDance SpectrumPalmyra-Macedon Conservatory of DanceStudio NameTonawanda Dance ArtsTitle AwardsWinnerMiss Mini Turn It UpNameStudioAubree FarmerInnovation Dance Centre2nd Runner Up1st Runner UpWinnerWinnerMiss Junior Turn It UpNameStudioAmora MabonLAW Dance StudioJulia CampanaDansationsGabby FarmerInnovation Dance CentreMr Junior Turn It UpNameStudioBrody ScottInnovation Dance CentreMiss Teen Turn It Up

2nd Runner Up1st Runner UpWinnerNameKailey MartinPanroea TsoukalosLydia EvansStudioLAW Dance StudioLAW Dance StudioLAW Dance StudioHeart of Gold Award WinnersAgeMini iDance4aCureJunior iDance4aCureTeen iDance4aCureSenior iDance4aCureEntry#Title71 Beyond The Sea52 Rhythm Inside158 GravityYou Make Me Feel So180 YoungDancers NameGianna VitaleStudioDansationsEminee NievesEmma CefarattiLaurenSutherlandTonawanda Dance ArtsDansationsTonawanda Dance ArtsOverall Highest Scoring Solos & Duo/TriosOverall Highest Scoring Solo Runner UpOverall Highest Scoring Solo WinnerOverall Highest Scoring Duo/Trio Runner UpOverall Highest Scoring Duo/Trio Runner UpOverall Highest Scoring Duo/Trio WinnerEntry#Routine Name11 Barata TontaYou Make Me Feel So180 Young146 Raise Me Up175 Play That Sax89 All AmericanStudioInnovation Dance CentreTonawanda Dance ArtsInnovation Dance CentreDance SpectrumCelebrity DanceEmporiumIndustry Dance Award NomineesAward NameEntry #Best Jazz PerformanceRoutine NameWhole Lot of292 WomanBest Tap PerformanceBest Hip Hop PerformanceBest Lyrical/Modern/Contemporary PerformanceBest Musical Theater/Novelty/CharacterPerformanceBest Open/Ballet/Acro PerformanceIDA People's Choice Award272 Game On301 Hall Of Fame248 InfectiousDancing With281 Myself303 Anxiety130 ClosureStudioInnovation Dance CentreCelebrity DanceEmporiumDivine Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentreDivine Dance StudioInnovation Dance CentreInnovation Dance Centre

2 272 GAME ON Celebrity Dance Emporium 1 248 INFECTIOUS Innovation Dance Centre. Dance Team Invitations Entry # Routine Name Studio 37 Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Tonawanda Dance Arts 38 Salute Soul 2 Sole 39 Salute Jaclyn Carol's Dance Academy 41 Are You Ready For a Miracle Plamyra-Macedon Conservatory of Dance .

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3 58 RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES Creative Force Dance Center 2 32 PINK PANTHER Showcase Dance Studio Inc 1 36 SHOWSTOPPER Showcase Dance Studio Inc Teen Solos Novice Place Entry # Routine Name Studio 2 98 FANCY St. Mary's Dance Academy, Inc. 1 141 POWER St. Mary's Dance Aca

2 FUNKY FARM 366 Showbiz Kidz Dance Center 1 I'M A LADY 325 Showbiz Kidz Dance Center Novice / Line Place Routine Name Entry # Studio 4 MR. POSTMAN 372 Broadway Bound Dance Center 3 A MOTHER'S PRAYER 137 Broadway Bound Dance Center 2 SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING 100 Broadway Bound Dance Center 2 VAN

accessible type of dance to teach is the patterned communal dance form called folk, or more often nowadays, world dance. It may be called “traditional dance” in the British Isles or in Arab lands, “peasant dance” in parts of Europe or Asia, “village dance” in the Balkan countries, “tribal dance” in sub-Saharan Africa, or all of .

Hot Wings Bellevue Dance Academy Power DYNAMYX Dance Company Uptown Girl iDance Proj ect Heaven On My Mind DYNAMYX Dance Company Sucker Bellevue Dance Academy Cruella de Vil Bellevue Dance Academy Something To Believe In Center Stage Dance Flashlight Center Stage Dance Intermediate 9-11 Small Groups Place Routine Name Studio Cooties Dance .

8:30 AM - Dance Xtreme 11:05 AM - AWARDS 11:40 AM - Dance Kraze 1:42 PM - Style Dance Academy 2:00 PM - Rockford Dance Company 2:03 PM - Dayton Dance Conservatory 3:50 PM - AWARDS 4:30 PM - Studio 4 4:33 PM - TDP Dance Company 5:04 PM - Dance Class Studio 9:15 PM - AWARDS Sunday, March 14 7:00 AM - Prestige A

In technique and dance history classes, students gain a deeper understanding of dance as an art form and leave the course with a bigger appreciation for dance. Course Description Dance History is designed to provide students with a significant background in dance genres, dance influencers, famous dance pieces, and history.

additif alimentaire ainsi que d’une nouvelle utilisation pour un additif alimentaire déjà permis. Les dispositions réglementaires pour les additifs alimentaires figurent à la partie B du titre 16 du RAD. L’article B.16.001 énumère les exigences relatives à l’étiquetage des additifs alimentaires. En particulier, l’article B.16.002 énumère la liste des critères qui doivent .