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THE HISTORYAt WALTHER innovation has been an enduringtradition – for 130 years. WALTHER’s stateof-the-art research and production facilities,which extend over more than 12,000 squaremeters, are where visions become reality forthe arms market of tomorrow.Certified quality and environmentalmanagement.WALTHER’s renowned models are manufacturedaccording to the highest quality standards. Itsquality and environmental management systemis certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ENISO 14001:2004.This means that WALTHER’s customers andbusiness partners can be sure of gettingexcellent products and flexible, reliable service.Top-quality guns for sport, defense andpolice use.Today WALTHER is one of the leading manu facturersof weapons for sporting and police use. Police units,armed forces and sport shooters have the highestregard for the performance of these sophisticatedrifles and handguns. The name WALTHER has beeninseparably linked with police pistols for 130 years.These weapons meet the highest possible standardsof quality and reliability.PPQ, P99 and PPS.The series of world-famous police pistols began withthe now legendary Walther PPK. Today the innovativemodels of the PPQ/P99 family cover all the variousneeds of professional users. The reliable P99 andPPQ pistols are used by the police in several Germanstates, the Royal Malaysia Police, the Polish NationalPolice, the Dutch Police, the National Police Agencyof Taiwan, the Chilean Air Force and numerous otheragencies around the world.

FEEL THEDIFFERENCEOF PRECISIONENGINEERING.The Walther PPQ is a smooth-shooting,precision-engineered masterpiece. The PPQ M2has a traditionally positioned magazine releasebutton, reversible for right-hand or left-handoperation. A smooth quick-defense triggerdelivers accurate and fast follow-up shots.Interchangeable backstraps ensure that thesculpted grip meshes comfortably in your handfor greater control.2 3

PPQ M2 9 MM13PQM4" Model9825461071 Low profile 3-dot steel sights.Phosphorescent markings. Rapid aiming and targetacquisition. Rear sight drift-adjustable for windage, frontsight interchangeable. Low profile won't snag clothing.6 Ambidextrous magazine releasebutton.Conveniently positioned for thumb operation. Reversiblefor right or left hand operation.2 MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail.Mounts optional flashlight or laser.7 Ergonomic Walther grip.Comfortable shape. Non-slip crossdirectional grip surfacefor better control.3 Tenifer coated slide and barrel.Resists corrosion. Matte finish.4 Serrated trigger guard.Perfect for tactical two-handed grip stance.Also available in .45 Auto 4,25"with 12-round magazine5 Quick defense trigger.Smooth, light 25 N trigger pull for all shots. Short 7 mmtrigger travel with safety and 2.5 mm trigger reset forfast, accurate second shots. Facilitates double-taps.Superb trigger feel aids accuracy.8 Ambidextrous slide stop.Slide locks back on empty. Slide stop is extended foreasy gloved operation.9 Front and rear slide serrations.Non-slip surface to operate the slide smoothly. DistinctiveWalther styling.10 Interchangeable backstrapSmall / medium / large inserts change in seconds.Customize the grip to fit your hand for comfort, triggerfinger reach, fast recoil recovery, and natural point ofaim.

PQMPPQ M2NAVY SDFor operations in and near water. Developed incollaboration with special forces: The PPQ M2 NAVY SDis WALTHER’s pistol for tough police missions.Power in spite of water resistance.The firing mechanism of the WALTHER PPQ NAVY hasbeen optimized for operations in and near water.Delivery contents:1 15-round, 1 17-round magazineMagazine speedloaderPhosphorescent steel sights117 mm barrel with threadedmuzzle (1/2" x 28)TeniferTM coated steel partsAnti-friction coating for magazines4 5

5" ModelPPQ M2AN EXTENDED BARRELFOR GREAT ACCURACYAND VELOCITY.The smooth-shooting PPQ M2 is available with a 5-inch barrel.Extended barrel length offers a longer sight radius for greater accuracyand an increase in muzzle velocity. A smooth quick-defense trigger deliversaccurate and fast follow-up shots. Interchangeable backstraps ensurethat the sculpted grip meshes comfortably in your hand for greater control.The PPQ M2 5” is everything you desire in a high performance handgun.Delivery contents: 2 15-round magazines(optional 17-round) Magazine speedloader Adjustable polymer3-dot sights, whiteShown with optional 17-round magazine

6 75MATC

Q5 MATCHDYNAMICS & PRECISIONWith its 5-inch slide the PPQ M2 unmistakably shows that it is made for sportshooters, and it has proved itself in many competitions. In addition to the longersight radius it offers shooters excellent balance and trigger characteristicsthat are unequalled by any pistol in its class. The new large-caliberWALTHER Q5 Match goes a step further: its sportier slide sets it apart from thestandard PPQ M2 5". The grooves at the rear facilitate rapid but safe loading.Recesses at the front save weight and let the slide move forward more quickly.

Q5 MatchThe Q5 Match is supplied with three interchangeableadapter plates for red-dot sights from Trijicon,Leupold and Docter/Meopta. The neutral adapter plateholds an LPA click sight with elevation and windageadjustments, and the matching LPA front sightadditionally has a fiber-optic insert (please note:these components have a different dovetail mountand do not fit the standard PPQ models).Delivery contents:With tuned AFC trigger bar3 15-round magazines Click adjustable LPA match rear sightLPA fiber optic front sight 3 adapter plates prepared for red dot sights:Docter sight, Trijicon, LeupoldADAPTERPLATESNEWQ5 MATCHCHAMPIONsame execution as Q5 Match but:"Dry" trigger by adjustable sear engagementextra heavy recoil guide rod made of tungsten (2820790) 49 g three 17-round magazines (instead of three 15-round magazines)Q5 MatchA red-dot sight is not included8 9

PPQ M2 Q4 TACPPQ M2Q4 TACThe Q4 shares the best in class PPQ Quick Defensetrigger, which provides a smooth 25 N trigger pull andshort 2,5 mm reset. The optics ready slide comes withLPA fiber optic front sight and rear LPA competitioniron sight. The Q4 shares the same mounting platesystem as the Q5 Match (mounting plates are notincluded). The pistol comes with one fifteen round, andtwo seventeen round magazines. Also available withten round magazines.Delivery contents:1 15-round magazine2 17-round magazines 1 interchangeable adapter plate for LPA rear sightClick adjustable LPA-Match rear sight LPA fiber optic front sight redDesign and features are equal to Q4 but is equipped with4.6“ (117 mm) threaded barrel 1/2“x28 for silencer.


NEWPPQ M2SUBCOMPACTWith its superior trigger system and perfect ergonomics the PPQ M2sets the standards worldwide for service pistols. Now the robust andreliable PPQ is available in a subcompact version.Users will be highly impressed by the advantages compared to thecompact PPQ M2 4": The handy “SC” is 13 mm shorter, 25 mm lowerand 104 g lighter. The subcompact version combines excellent shootingperformance and ease of use. The closed outer contours of the slideare a new feature: The extractor and other small moving parts areprotected inside, making the subcompact perfect for concealed carry.The pistol comes with two 10-round magazines (with and withoutextension), a 15-round magazine plus a grip extension and a PS metalsight. This subcompact pistol is ideal for a wide range of uses, and withits adjustable grip length it can fit any hand size.10-round without extensionDelivery contents:1 magazine 10-round without extension1 magazine 10-round with extension 1 magazine 15-round1 magazine sleeve (adapter) for grip extensionPS metal sight 3-dot10-round with extension15-round

PQM12 13

The PPS M2 is everything you look for in aconcealed carry handgun. It’s lightweight,comfortable and very slim. At less than an inchwide, the PPS is so discreet you won’t evenrealize you’re wearing a gun – until you need it.It’s fast to bring into action and easy to shootaccurately.PPS M2SOME SECRETSARE HARD TO KEEP.THE PPS M2 ISN’TONE OF THEM.

PPS M214 15

PPS M2CALIBER 9 MM X 1913826459Delivery contents: 1 6-roundmagazine 1 7-roundmagazine 1 8-roundmagazine 3-dot phosphores cent steel sights1 Low profile 3-dot steel combat sights.Rapid aiming and target acquisition. Rear sight adjustable for windage.Low profile won’t snag clothing.2 Tenifer coated slide and barrel. Resists corrosion. Matte finish.3 Loaded chamber viewport. Quick status inspection.104 Smooth, light 27 N trigger pull. Short trigger travel and reset for fast,accurate second shots. Superb trigger feel aids accuracy.5 Traditional push button magazine release Fast, no-look magazine changes.6 Smooth no-snag slide stop. Slide locks back on empty.7 Red cocking indicator. Tactile and visible status for low light.8 Rear and front slide serrations. Non-slip surface to operate the slide.Distinctive Walther styling.9 Ergonomic Walther grip. Comfortable shape. Non-slip cross-directionalgrip surface.10 Three magazine options. Flat for concealment, mid for comfort,and large for extra capacity.Shown with 6 round magazine.7

PPS M2VARIABLE MAGAZINECAPACITIESThe PPS M2 comes with all three magazine sizes.6-round magazine7-round magazineModel:PPS M2Caliber:9 mm x 19Finish:BlackBarrel length:3.2" (81 mm)Trigger pull:27 NCapacity S / M / L:6 / 7 / 8 roundsOverall length:161 mmHeight S / M / L:112 / 124 / 135 mmWidth:27 (23) mmSight radius:137 mmWeight (empty mag):596 gNumber of magazines:3 (6 / 7 / 8 rounds)8-round magazine16 17

CCPEASY.VERY EASY.Small. Accurate. Reliable.11398724561 L ow profile 3-dot polymer sights.Adjustable rear sight, 3 front sight heightsfor easy target acquisition.2 M IL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail.For adding today‘s accessories such aslasers and lights.3 E asy cocking stainless steel slide.Available in black with Tenifer coating orsilver stainless.4 L ight weight trigger for greateraccuracy.Smooth, light 25 N (5.5 lbs) trigger pullfor all shots, short 7 mm (0.27") triggertravel.5 R eversible magazine button.Reversible for right or left hand operation.6 E rgonomic grip.Comfortable shape. Non-slip Hi-Grip surface.7 C onvenient manual thumb safety foreasy use and accessibility.Additional internal firing pin safety for safecarrying.8 S lide stop lever.Slide locks back on empty.9 F ront and rear slide serrations.For easy racking of the slide.10 M agazine with comfortable fingerrest.8-round single stack.10

CCP12345CCP 9 mmStainless508.00.01761234567 Slide Barrel Firing pin Gas port Gas cylinder Protection against burning through Gas pistonCCP 9 mmBlack508.00.00INNOVATIVE SOFTCOILGAS TECHNOLOGY.When the trigger of the CCP is squeezed andthe striker hits the cartridge, the bullet is setin motion. Once it passes the barrel’s gasport, some of the gas generated by the ignitedpropellant is directed through the port into agas cylinder. The gas pressure in the cylinderacts against a piston that’s attached to theslide opposing its rearward motion, whicheffectively lowers felt recoil.The benefits of SoftCoil Gas Technologyextend beyond the softened recoil of theConcealed Carry Pistol. It allowed Waltherengineers to specify a recoil spring withdecreased tension, resulting in a slide that’seasy to manipulate and a shooter that remainsfocused and accurately on target.Model:508.00.01508.00.00Caliber:9 mm x 199 mm x 19Finish:StainlessBlackBarrel length:3.54" (90 mm)3.54" (90 mm)Trigger pull:25 N25 NCapacity:8 rds8 rdsOverall length:163 mm163 mmHeight:130 mm130 mmWidth: (B2 slide)30 mm B2 24 mm30 mm B2 24 mmSight radius:138 mm138 mmWeight (empty mag):633 g633 g18 19

PK3801COMPACT.VERY COMPACT.The WALTHER PK380 is a compact handgun perfectfor concealed carry.36894257Silver ormatte black slide.Tactical styling.Roughly 7/8 scaleof the P99.1 L ow profile three dotpolymer combat sights.Rapid aiming and target acquisition.Rear sight screw adjustable for windage.Low profile won’t snag clothing.6 L oaded chamber viewport.Quick status inspection.2 W eaver accessory rail.Mounts optional flashlight or laser.8 R ear slide serrations.Non-slip surface to operate the slide.Distinctive WALTHER styling.3 T enifer coated slideand barrel.Resists corrosion. Matte finish.4 Take down lever.5 D ouble/single action trigger.45 N trigger pull for double action.28 N trigger pull for single action.7 P addle-style ambidextrous magazinerelease lever.Fast, no-look magazine changes.9 M anual safety.Blocks firing pin for safe handling.10 Ergonomic WALTHER grip.Comfortable shape. Small size ideal forsmall hands.11 8 -round magazinewith finger rest.1011

PK380PK380 .380Black2766426Model:27664262768232Caliber:.380 ACP / 9 mm short.380 ACP / 9 mm shortFinish:BlackSilverBarrel length:3.66" (93 mm)3.66" (93 mm)Trigger pull:DA: 45 N / SA: 28 NDA: 45 N / SA: 28 NCapacity:8 rds8 rdsOverall length:165 mm165 mmHeight:133 mm133 mmWidth:31 mm31 mmSight radius:136 mm136 mmWeight (empty mag):560 g560 gPK380 .380Silver276823220 21


PPQ M2 .22 L.R.INTRODUCING THEFINEST RIMFIRE HANDGUNIN THE WORLD.The PPQ M2 .22 is the best of both worlds. By combining smooth-shooting, ergonomicallyadvanced components of the PPQ with the fun and cost savings of .22 rimfire, you have thepleasure of shooting shot after shot both accurately and affordably.Delivery contents: 2 12-round magazines (optional10-round) Click adjustable metal rear sight 4” with polymer front sight 5” with fiber optic front sight Tactical SD with 4,6” threadedbarrel 1/2x28PPQ M2 .22 L.R., 4"Black510.01.00PPQ M2 .22 L.R., 5"Black510.01.02NEWPPQ M2 .22 L.R., 4"FDE510.06.02PPQ M2 SD .22 L.R., 4,6"Black Tactical510.01.0122 23

P22 QDFUN.VERY FUN.The WALTHER P22 is a fun handgun perfectfor recreational shooting.1782934561 L ow profile three dotpolymer combat sights.Rapid aiming and target acquisition.Rear sight screw adjustable for windage.Low profile won’t snag clothing.6 P addle-style ambidextrous magazinerelease lever.Fast, no-look magazine changes.2 T hreaded barrel.Threaded for suppressor.Easy to change to/from target barrel.Barrel wrench provided.8 F ront and rear slide serrations.Non-slip surface to operate the slide.Distinctive WALTHER styling.3 P icatinny Style accessory rail.Mounts optional flashlight or laser.4 S errated trigger guard.The “Sport” version with longer grip.5 D ouble/single action trigger.49 N trigger pull for double action.18 N trigger pull for single action.7 L oaded chamber Indicator.Quick status inspection.9 E xternal slide stop.Slide locks back on empty.10 Ergonomic WALTHER grip.Comfortable shape.Small size ideal for small hands.10

P22 QDNEW: P22 QDP22 TARGETBlack 5"P22 TARGETNickel 5"Now with de-cocking safety and fullycaptured recoil springP22FDE 3.42"P22Nickel 3.42"Interchangeable backstrap.Small/medium inserts change in seconds.Customize the grip to fit your hand for comfort,trigger finger reach, fast recoil recovery,and natural point of aim.Nickel or matte black slide.Model:P22 TARGETP22 TARGETP22P22Caliber:.22 L.R.22 L.R.22 L.R.22 L.R.Finish:BlackNickelFDENickelBarrel length:5" (127 mm)5" (127 mm)3.42" (87 mm)3.42" (87 mm)Trigger pull:DA: 49 N / SA: 18 NDA: 49 N / SA: 18 NDA: 49 N / SA: 18 NDA: 49 N / SA: 18 NCapacity:10 rds10 rds10 rds10 rdsOverall length:200 mm200 mm160 mm160 mmHeight:114 mm114 mm114 mm114 mmWidth:28 mm28 mm28 mm28 mmSight radius:170 mm170 mm130 mm130 mmWeight (empty mag):575 g575 g480 g480 gTactical styling.Roughly 7/8 scale of the P99.24 25

2814455ModelPPQ M2 SubcompactPPQ M2 4" CompactPPQ M2 5" Full SizePPQ Q5 MatchCaliber9 mm x 199 mm x 199 mm x 199 mm x 19Slide materialSteelSteelSteelSteelFrame materialsPolymerPolymerPolymerPolymerA: Overall length (mm)167,5180206206Slide length (mm)167,5180206206B: Width (mm)34343434C: Height (mm)110,5135135137D: Barrel length (inch / mm)3,5" / 88,64" / 1025" / 1275" / 127E: Sight radius (mm)145156183181F: Trigger reach distance72727272G: Grip circumference (mm)134134134134H: Distance barrel/shooting hand25252525Weight, w/o magazine (g)608635660695Weight, w/ empty magazine (g)543715740775Magazine capacity (rounds)10151515Magazine capacity option1510 & 1710 & 1710 & 17Trigger ger pull (N)25252525Trigger travel (mm)7777Number of safeties3 auto.3 auto.3 auto.3 auto.Accessory rail icatinny/MIL-STD-1913Picatinny/MIL-STD-1913All pistols come with 2 magazines, Q5 Match with 3 magazines.* SD threaded barrel 1/2" x 28 US

DATATECHNICAL DATA PPQ 0.01.00Black510.01.01Black510.01.02PPQ Q4PPQ M2 4.25"PPQ M2 SD*PPQ .22 4"PPQ .22 SD*PPQ .22 5"9 mm x 19.45 Auto9 mm x 19.22 L.R.22 L.R.22 51354" / 1024.25" / 1084.6" / 1174" / 1024.6" / 1175" / 5121512121210 & 17none10 & e-cockedpre-cocked2525252222227777773 auto.3 auto.3 auto.2 auto.2 auto.2 ny/MIL-STD-1913Picatinny/MIL-STD-191326 27

WALTHERA GERMAN SUCCESS STORYThe second volume begins with the 1993management change and is dedicated to thedynamic advances WALTHER made in theworld market. By creating new models anddeveloping innovative sports promotions,WALTHER has firmly positioned its companyin the new century.The first book begins with an overview ofthe events that occurred in the early 1990s,which brought the hand of fate in leading theWALTHER Company to merge with the UmarexGroup. The historical portion addresses theorigin of the WALTHER family business.This is an amazing combination of history,innovation, and photography. If you are afirearms enthusiast or history buff, this bookwill be a valuable addition to your collection.Available inEnglish orGermanSales / Marketing:Carl Walther GmbHDonnerfeld 259757 ArnsbergGermanyTel. 49 2932 / 638-100Fax 49 2932 / 638-149sales@carl-walther.dewww.carl-walther.comWe reserve the right to make color and design changes and technical improvements.No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or incorrect information. Carl Walther GmbH2834103.U.01-18.5.14 Printed in GermanyCarl Walther GmbHIm Lehrer Feld 189081 UlmGermanyTel. 49 731 / 1539-0Fax 49 731 / 1539-109This book, available in two volumes,was conceived to celebrate the 125year anniversary of Carl Walther GmbH.This successful German company had itsbeginnings in the 19th century in the townof Zella St. Blasii (Thuringia), as a gunsmithworkshop.

PPQ, P99 and PPS. The series of world-famous police pistols began with the now legendary Walther PPK. Today the innovative models of the PPQ/P99 family cover all the various needs of professional users. The reliable P99 and PPQ pistols are used by the police in several Germ

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.22 l.r. Small-Bore Rifles and Accessories Walther 19 - 21 Laser LTS Laser Training Systems and Accessories Röhm 22 Sights Walther 23 Defense 9 mm PPQ, Q5 Pistols and Accessories Walther 24 - 25 9 mm, .380 P99, PPS, CCP, Creed, PK380 Pistols, Accessories Walther 26 - 27.22 l.r. PPQ, P22Q

WALTHER P99. The WALTHER PPK and PPK/S combine extremely efficient concealment with sleek elegance. WALTHER P22 and G22 models provide the unique features and design of full-power, centerfire firearms in .22 caliber platforms. New to the growing WALTHER line are the PPS and SP22 mod

walther p22. walther p22 pistol owners instruction and . walther ppq m2 owners manual. Actual Jeep Patriot (2007-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc ) may vary depend on the model . 3 days ago — Download Walther Tph Owners Manual. Airgun Part Diagram Ppks. Scientists

WALTHER-PRÄZISION Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG Westfalenstraße 2 42781 Haan PO Box 42 04 44 42404 Haan Germany telephone: 49 (0) 2129 / 567-0 telefax: 49 (0) 2129 / 567-450 E-Mail: info@walther-praezision.de Internet: www.walther-praezision.de Contact: Application technology and service Holger R. Figge

WALTHER-PRÄZISION Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG Westfalenstraße 2 42781 Haan PO Box 42 04 44 42404 Haan Germany telephone: 49 (0) 2129 / 567-0 telefax: 49 (0) 2129 / 567-450 E-Mail: info@walther-praezision.de Internet: www.walther-praezision.de Contact: Application technology and service Holger R. Figge

INSTRUCTION MANUAL INSTRUCCIONES DE USO MODE D'EMPLOI . Carl Walther GmbH Vertrieb /Service Carl Walther GmbH Im Lehrer Feld 1 D-89081 Ulm Germany Weitere Informationen zur Carl Walther GmbH und unseren Produkten erhalten Sie unter www.carl-walther.de oder über die vorstehenden Kontaktdaten.

Walther P38 9mm Auto Pistol Owner Instruction & Safety Manual* The Walther Police Pistol Models PP and PPK have, by virtue of their unique construction, proved themselves to be the World’s safest and most dependable handguns. The absolute faith in these two products induced specialists both at home and abroad