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Faculty/Guest Artist RecitalAfternoon of Vocal MusicFebruary 24, 2013 – 4:00 p.m.Barness Recital HallKyoung Cho, SopranoEvan Thomas Jones, BaritoneEdward Rothmel, PianoJack Rain, PianoKim McCormick, FluteUSF School of MusicTampa, FL

ProgramǂStargazer .Joon-Hee Im(b. 1959)ǂBaby's Breath (Gypsophila) . Gui Sook Lee(b. 1964)*What a Lovely Sweetheart! . Han-Ki Kim(b. 1954)Kyoung Cho, Jack Rain, and Kim McCormickLiederkreis, Op. 24 . Robert Schumann(1810-1856)Evan Thomas Jones and Edward Rothmel신아리랑 New Arirang . Dong Jin Kim(1913-2009)동심초 Heart Bonding Grass .Sung Tae Kim(1910-2012)보리밭 The Barley Field . Yong Ha Yoon(1922-1965)Kyoung Cho and Jack RainLast Letter Home . Lee Hoiby(b.1926)Evan Thomas Jones and Edward RothmelLà ci darem la mano . Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartfrom Don Giovanni, K. 527(1756-1791)Kyoung Cho, Evan Thomas Jones, and Jack Rainǂ North American Premiere* World Premiere

Program Notes별지기 (Stargazer)A Stargazer who fell asleep counting the starsPicked up a star in his dreamy path.In the midst of dark night,Where even the moon is hidingThe lonely star was lost and wandering.Slumber, slumber, dear baby.신 아리랑 (New Arirang)Arirang Arirang Ara ri yo.He is crossing the Arirang Hill.Are you waiting for himBy the bush covered wall?The geese are flying in lineOver the moonlit sky.The Stargazer wrapped the babyIn the Milky Way blanketAnd sang a star-lullaby.Wishing it to sleep till the Sun wakensSlumber, slumber, dear baby.My beloved, I met last springWhen peonies bloomed,Does not return even in fallWhen the mums wither.참 좋은 당신 (What a Lovely Sweetheart!)One spring day, I tasted the joy ofYour love casting the sunlightOver the shadow behind me.The moon has crossedBehind the western valleyAnd I have no way of healingThe sorrow in my heart.You gently called me from the darknessTo the fireside of love.With the bright light that canOnly be made by someoneWho crossed over the darkness.Maybe I should live within the deep forestIn a small hut beside the brook.You stood before me and smiledLike an innocent wildflower.Ah, just thinking of you I realize.What a lovely sweetheart!동심초 (Heart Binding Grass)Though the flowers witherIn the wind yet once again,안개꽃 (Baby's Breath)After sacrificing the entire lifeAnd burning it,Even after going through it several times,Again that path is a silent never-drying riverThat flows, no matter how hard one drains it.When I lay my head on my mother's breastWho offers a heart-warming feelingAll my life long,All joy and sorrow become a whisperand blossom as a longingLike the misty foggy road of Baby's Breaths.When I walk with her hand in hand,Warm tears arise because of the ardorThat fills the depth of my heart.I want to live on the beautiful road filledwith blossoming Baby's Breaths forever.Arirang Arirang Ara ri yo.He is crossing the Arirang Hill.There is no tellingIf I'll ever see my beloved one again.Our bond will only be madeWith the leaves of grass,When our hearts so long to be united as one?보리밭 (The Barley Field)As I walk through the Barley FieldOf my hometownThere is a voice calling me that stops me.As I whistle out of lonelinessFrom the old memories,There is a song that I hear.But when I turn around,There is no one and all I see isThe empty evening sunset that fills my eye

Liederkreis, Op. 24 (1840)Robert Schumann (1810-1856)Set of poems from Buch der Lieder (Book of Songs) by Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)Liederkreis Op. 24 is the first song cycle composed by Robert Schumann. It was among the firstof many vocal works that Schumann composed in the year 1840, his famous Liederjahr (year ofsong). Within this one year, Schumann composed some 175 songs, including his othermasterworks Liederkreis Op. 39, Frauenliebe und leben, and Dichterliebe. The inspiration for thissudden prolific outburst of song was due in large part to an important event in Schumann’spersonal life. It was in 1840 that Robert Schumann was finally able to marry Clara Wieck, afteryears of courtship, and legal battles with her father.The mood in both Heine’s text and Schumann’s music portrays deep feelings of isolation,betrayal, and unrequited love. These were likely not direct reflections of the composer andpoet, both of whom were experiencing great joy in their personal live at the time. Rather thanpersonal strife, the dramatic impetus for the work is more a result of the political and socialthemes of the day, as well as a striving for the “romantic ideal” that permeated most art.Op. 24 is not a song cycle that tracks out a single course of events, nor the narrative of onecharacter. It is a cycle that is connected through atmosphere and unity of expression.Schumann composed the work with the idea that it could be published in two separatevolumes. Volume one contains songs 1-5 and volume two contains songs 6-9. This makes for aninteresting arc in which song number 5, “Schöne Wiege meiner Leiden”, acts as a climax in themiddle of the cycle; it also stands by itself as one of Schumann’s most performed songs.Morgens steh' ich auf und frageEvery morning I awake and askMorgens steh' ich auf und frage:Kommt feins Liebchen heut?Abends sink' ich hin und klage:Aus blieb sie auch heut.Every morning I awake and ask:Will my sweetheart come today?Every evening I sink down and lament:She stayed away again today.In der Nacht mit meinem Kummerlieg' ich schlaflos, lieg’ ich wach;träumend, wie im halben Schlummer,träumend wandle ich bei Tag.All night with my griefI lie sleepless, walking;dreaming, as if half asleep,dreaming, I pass the day.Es treibt mich hin, es treibt mich herI’m driven here, I’m driven thereEs treibt mich hin, es treibt mich her!Noch wenige Stunden, dann soll ich sie schauen,sie selber, die schönste der schönen Jungfrauen; du armes Herz, was pochst du so schwer!I’m driven here, I’m driven there!In only a few more hours I will see her,she herself, the fairest of fair young women; you true heart, how heavily you pound!Die Stunden sind aber ein faules Volk!Schleppen sich behaglich träge,schleichen gähnend ihre Wege; tummle dich, du faules Volk!But the hours are lazy people!They drag themselves comfortably and sluggishly,creeping with yawns along their paths; rouse yourself, you lazy fool!Tobende Eile mich treibend erfaßt!Aber wohl niemals liebten die Horen; heimlich im grausamen Bunde verschworen,spotten sie tückisch der Liebenden Hast.A charging hurry seizes and drives me!But the Hours have never been in love;sworn secretly to cruel conspiracy,they mock treacherously the lover’s haste.

Ich wandelte unter den BäumenI wandered among the treesIch wandelte unter den Bäumenmit meinem Gram allein;da kam das alte Träumenund schlich mir ins Herz hinein.I wandered among the trees,alone with my suffering;along came that old dreamand crept into my heart.Wer hat euch dies Wörtlein gelehret,ihr Vöglein in luftiger Höh'?Schweigt still! wenn mein Herz es höret,dann tut es noch einmal so weh.Who taught you this little world,you tiny birds in the airy heights?Be quiet! if my heart hears it,then all my pain will return."Es kam ein Jungfräulein gegangen,die sang es immerfort,da haben wir Vöglein gefangendas hübsche, goldne Wort."“It came from a young woman,who sang it again and again;that is how we tiny birds capturedthis pretty, golden word.”Das sollt ihr mir nicht mehr erzählen,Ihr Vöglein wunderschlau;ihr wollt meinem Kummer mir stehlen,ich aber niemandem trau'.You should not explain this to me now,you tiny, cunning birds;you wanted to steal my grief from me,but I trust no one.Lieb' Liebchen, leg's Händchen aufs.Dear sweetheart, lay your hand on my heartLieb' Liebchen, leg's Händchen aufs Herze mein; ach, hörst du, wie's pochet im Kämmerlein?da hauset ein Zimmermann schlimm und arg,der zimmert mir einen Totensarg.Dear sweetheart, lay your hand on my heart: ah, do you hear the hammering inside?inside there lives a carpenter, wicket and evil;he’s building my coffin.Es hämmert und klopfet bei Tag und bei Nacht;es hat mich schon längst um den Schlaf gebracht.Ach! sputet euch, Meister Zimmermann,damit ich balde schlafen kann.He hammers and pounds by day and by night;it has been a long time since I could sleep.Ah, hurry, Mister Carpenter,finish so that I can sleep.Schöne Wiege meiner LeidenPretty cradle of my sorrowsSchöne Wiege meiner Leiden,schönes Grabmal meiner Ruh',schöne Stadt, wir müssen scheiden, Lebe wohl! ruf' ich dir zu.Pretty cradle of my sorrows,pretty tombstone of my rest,pretty town – we must part, farewell! I call to you.Lebe wohl, du heil'ge Schwelle,wo da wandelt Liebchen traut;lebe wohl! du heil'ge Stelle,wo ich sie zuerst geschaut.Farewell, you holy threshold,across wich my darling would tread;farewell! you scared spotwhere I first saw her.Hätt' ich dich doch nie gesehen,schöne Herzenskönigin!Nimmer wär' es dann geschehen,daß ich jetzt so elend bin.Would that I had never seen you,lovely queen of my heart!Never would it then have happened,that I would now be so wretched.Nie wollt' ich dein Herze rühren,Liebe hab' ich nie erfleht;I never wished to touch your heart,I never begged for love;

nur ein stilles Leben führenwollt' ich, wo dein Odem weht.all I wished was to lead a quiet lifewhere your breath could stir me.Doch du drängst mich selbst von hinnen,bittre Worte spricht dein Mund;Wahnsinn wühlt in meinen Sinnen,und mein Herz ist krank und wund.Yet you yourself pushed me away from you,with bitter words at your lips;Madness filled my senses,and my heart is sick and wounded.Und die Glieder matt und trägeschlepp' ich fort am Wanderstab,bis mein müdes Haupt ich legeferne in ein kühles Grab.And my limbs are heavy and sluggish;I’ll drag myself forward, leaning on my staff,until I can lay my weary headin a cool and distant grave.Warte, warte wilder SchiffmannWait, wait, wild boatmanWarte, warte, wilder Schiffsmann,gleich folg' ich zum Hafen dir;von zwei Jungfraun nehm' ich Abschied,von Europa und von ihr.Wait, wait, wild boatman,soon I’ll follow you to the harbor;from two maidens I am taking my leave,from Europe and from Her.Blutquell, rinn' aus meinen Augen,Blutquell, brich aus meinem Leib,daß ich mit dem heißen Blutemeine Schmerzen niederschreib'.Stream of blood, run from my eyes,stream of blood, burst from my body,so that with this hot bloodI can write down my agonies.Ei, mein Lieb, warum just heuteschauderst du, mein Blut zu sehn?Sahst mich bleich und herzeblutendlange Jahre vor dir stehn!Ah, my dear, why just todaydo you shudder to see my blood?You’ve seen me pale, my heart bleeding,standing before you for many years!Kennst du noch das alte Liedchenvon der Schlang' im Paradies,die durch schlimme Apfelgabeunsern Ahn ins Elend stieß.Do you know that old songabout the serpent in Paradisewho, by wickedly giving an apple,threw our ancestors into misery?Alles Unheil brachten Äpfel!Eva bracht' damit den Tod,Eris brachte Trojas Flammen,du brachst'st beides, Flamm' und Tod.Apples have caused every ill!Eve brought death through them,Eris caused the flames of Troy;and you brought both, flame and death.Berg' und Burgen schaun herunterMountains and castles gaze downBerg' und Burgen schaun herunterin den spiegelhellen Rhein,und mein Schiffchen segelt munter,rings umglänzt von Sonnenschein.Mountains and castles gaze downinto the mirror-bright Rhine,and my little boat sails merrily,the sunshine glistening around it.Ruhig seh' ich zu dem Spielegoldner Wellen, kraus bewegt;still erwachen die Gefühle,die ich tief im Busen hegt'.Calmly I watch the playof golden, ruffled waves surging;silently feelings awaken in methat I have kept deep in my heart.

Freundlich grüssend und verheißendlockt hinab des Stromes Pracht;doch ich kenn' ihn, oben gleißend,birgt sein Innres Tod und Nacht.With friendly greetings and promises,the river’s splendor beckons;but I know it – gleaming aboveit conceals within itself Death and Night.Oben Lust, im Busen Tücken,Strom, du bist der Liebsten Bild!Die kann auch so freundlich nicken,lächelt auch so fromm und mild.Above, pleasure; at heart, malice;O river, you are the very image of my beloved!She can nod with just as much friendliness,also smiling so devotedly and gently.Anfangs wollt ich fast verzagenAt first I almost despairedAnfangs wollt' ich fast verzagen,und ich glaubt', ich trüg' es nie;und ich hab' es doch getragen –aber fragt mich nur nicht, wie?At first I almost despaired,and I thought I would never be able to bear it;yet even so, I have borne it –but do not ask me how.Mit Myrten und RosenWith myrtle and rosesMit Myrten und Rosen, lieblich und holdmit duft'gen Zypressen und Flittergold,möcht' ich zieren dieß Buch wie 'nen Totenschrein,Und sargen meine Lieder hinein.With myrtle and roses, lovely and pretty,with fragrant cypresses and gold tinsel,I would decorate this book like a coffinand bury my songs inside it.O könnt' ich die Liebe sargen hinzu!Auf dem Grabe der Liebe wächst Blümlein der Ruh',da blüht es hervor, da pflückt man es ab, doch mir blüht's nur, wenn ich selber im Grab.O if only I could bury my love there as well!On the grave of Love grows the blossom of peace;it blooms and then is plucked, yet it will bloom for me only when I ammyself in the grave.Hier sind nun die Lieder, die einst so wild,wie ein Lavastrom, der dem Ätna entquillt,Hervorgestürtzt aus dem tiefsten Gemüt,und rings viel blitzende Funken versprüht!Here now are the songs which, once so wild,like a stream of lava that flowed from Etna,burst from the depths of my heart,and spray glittering sparks everywhere!Nun liegen sie stumm und totengleich,nun starren sie kalt und nebelbleich,doch aufs neu die alte Glut sie belebt,wenn der Liebe Geist einst über sie schwebt.Now they lie mute and death-like,now they stare coldly, pale as mist,but the old glow will revive them afresh,when the spirit of love someday floats above them.Und es wird mir im Herzen viel Ahnung laut:der Liebe Geist einst über sie taut;einst kommt dies Buch in deine Hand,du süßes Lieb im fernen Land.And in my heart the thought grows loud:the spirit of love will someday thaw them;someday this book will arrive in your hands,you, my sweet love in a distang land.Dann löst sich des Liedes Zauberbann,die blaßen Buchstaben schaun dich an,sie schauen dir flehend ins schöne Aug',und flüstern mit Wehmut und Liebeshauch.Then shall the songs’ magic spell be broken,and the white letters shall gaze at you;they’ll gaze beseechingly into your eyes,and whisper with sadness and a breath of love.

Last Letter Home (2006)Lee Hoiby (b.1926)Jesse Givens Private First Class, U.S. Army, drowned in the Euphrates River on May 1,2003, in the service of his country, in his 34th year. He wrote a letter to his wife,Melissa; five year-old son, Dakota, nicknamed “Toad”; and his unborn child Carson,nicknamed “Bean”. He asked Melissa not to open the envelope unless he waskilled. “Please, only read it if I don’t come home,” he wrote. “Please put it awayand hopefully you will never have to read it.”(Lee Hoiby)“I searched all my life for a dream and I found it with you. I would like to think Imade a positive difference in your lives. I will never be able to make up for thebad. I am so sorry. The happiest moments of my life all deal with my little family. Iwill always have with me the small moments we all shared. The moments when youquit taking life so serious and smiled. The sound of a beautiful boy’s laughter or thesimple nudge of a baby unborn. You will never know how complete you havemade me. You opened my eyes to a world, I never knew existed.Dakota, you are more son than I could ever ask for. You have a big, beautifulheart. I will always be there in our park when you dream so we can still play. Ihope one day you will have a son like mine, a son like mine. I love you Toad. I willalways be there with you. I’ll be in the sun, shadows, dreams, and joys of your life.Bean, I never got to see you but I know in my heart you are beautiful.I have never been so blessed as the day I met Melissa Dawn Benfield. You are myangel, soul mate, wife, lover and best friend. I am so sorry. I did not want to haveto write this letter. There is so much more I need to say, so much more I need toshare. A lifetime’s worth. I married you for a million lifetimes. That’s how long I willbe with you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me for leaving you alone. Do meone favor, after you tuck the children in, give them hugs and kisses from me. Gooutside and look at the stars, go outside and look at the stars and count them.Don’t forget to smile.”Là ci darem la mano from Don GiovanniNear Don Giovanni's villa. Don Giovanni is immediately attracted to a peasant girl,Zerlina who is about to marry her fiancés Masetto, and he immediately begins hisseductive arts.Don GiovanniQuel casinetto è mio: soli saremoe là, gioiello mio, ci sposeremo.Don GiovanniCome to my quiet dwelling, we will be alone.There, my joy. I will marry you.Don GiovanniLà ci darem la mano,Là mi dirai di sì.Vedi, non è lontano;Partiam, ben mio, da qui.Don GiovanniThere we’ll be hand in hand, dear,There you will say, “I do.”Look, it is right at hand, dear;Let’s go from here, me and you.ZerlinaVorrei e non vorrei,Mi trema un poco il cor.Felice, è ver, sarei,Ma può burlarmi ancorZerlinaI want to, but it’s not pure,My heart is ill at ease.I would be happy, I’m sure,But it may all be a tease

Don GiovanniVieni, mio bel diletto!Don GiovanniCome, my dearest delight!ZerlinaMi fa pietà MasettoZerlinaI feel bad for MasettoDon GiovanniIo cangierò tua sorte.Don GiovanniI’ll change your life forever.ZerlinaPresto. non son più forte.ZerlinaSoon I am not strong enough.Don GiovanniAndiam!Don GiovanniLet’s go!ZerlinaAndiam!ZerlinaLet’s go!DuettoAndiam, andiam, mio bene.a ristorar le peneD’un innocente amor.TogetherLet’s go, my love, let’s go,To heal the painOf love that’s innocent.BiographiesKyoung Cho, soprano, is a teacher and singer of international recognition andreputation, one who has developed a strong presence in Asia, Europe, and NorthAmerica. Music critics have praised her performances as "Sublimely beautiful,transcendent, serene, dazzling, and heavenly". She has performed in solo concertsat many prestigious venues in the United States, Italy, Germany, Austria, the CzechRepublic, Luxembourg, France, Israel, China, Canada, and her native Korea, withsome of these appearances taking place at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, andthe Kennedy Center.She is also in high demand as a voice teacher and pedagogue. Her students havebeen accepted to prestigious graduate programs including the Manhattan Schoolof Music, the Eastman School of Music, the Peabody Conservatory, Yale University,and the Mannes College of Music.Prior to her current appointment as Assistant Professor of Voice at USF, Dr. Choserved at the State University of New York at Fredonia and at Luther College inIowa. She has also taught at several prominent summer music programs, includingthe Vianden International Music Festival and the Nei Stëmmen Vocal Institute inLuxembourg. She has presented master classes in the United States and abroad,including recent appearances at universities in Alaska, North Carolina,Luxembourg, Korea, and China.As a pioneer in research on Korean Art Songs, she has presented a number oflectures, concerts, and lecture-recitals in the United States and several othercountries. Her CD recordings have been published in Italy, Korea, and the UnitedStates through the SonArt, KukJe, and Centaur labels, to critical acclaim from allthree countries.

Dr. Cho holds degrees from Yonsei University in Korea, the Manhattan School ofMusic, and the University of Memphis with extended opera study from the YaleUniver

Abends sink' ich hin und klage: Aus blieb sie auch heut. In der Nacht mit meinem Kummer lieg' ich schlaflos, lieg’ ich wach; träumend, wie im halben Schlummer, träumend wandle ich bei Tag. Es treibt mich hin, es treibt mich her Es treibt mich hin, es treibt mich her! Noch wenige Stunden, dann soll ich sie schauen, sie selber, die schönste .

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