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Super Affiliate HandbookThe SuperAffiliateHandbook:How I Made 436,797 Last Year SellingOther People's Stuff OnlineBy Rosalind Gardner, Super Affiliate2

Super Affiliate HandbookCopyright 2003 Rosalind Gardner, WebVista Inc.Published by Rosalind Gardner, WebVista Inc.All rights reserved.All content contained within the "Super Affiliate Handbook" is copyright 2003 RosalindGardner of Webvista Incorporated.All literary work contained within the "Super Affiliate Handbook" belongs to and is the soleproperty of its respective authors and is reprinted with permission. Reproduction, copying, or anyother form of use of the pieces contained within the ebook is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN withoutexpress permission from the author him or herself. If perjury is discovered the offenders will beprosecuted to the full extent of the law.Note: The owner of this ebook is permitted to print ONE copy for his or her own use.These rules have been established to protect the rights and ownership of the authors and toensure that their work is upheld as their own.National Library of Canada Cataloguing in PublicationGardner, Rosalind, 1959The super affiliate handbook : how I made 436,797 last year sellingother people's stuff online / authored by Rosalind Gardner.ISBN 0-9733287-0-31. Internet marketing. I. Title.HF5438.35.G37 2003658.8'00285'4678C2003-904359-2iii

Super Affiliate HandbookTable of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTS . IIINTRODUCTION . 1Thank You & Congratulations . 1Make No Promises, Tell No Lies (Disclaimer) . 2Acknowledgements . 3About the Author. 4How to Get the Most from the “HandBook” . 5LET'S TALK BUSINESS . 6Debunking the 6 Biggest Internet Marketing Myths . 6Profile of an Entrepreneur. 10Quiz: Are YOU an Entrepreneur? . 12Can You Handle the Lifestyle? . 14AFFILIATE BUSINESS BASICS. 16How Do Affiliate Programs Work? .15 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer .What is a Super-Affiliate? .A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing.Affiliating vs. Reselling.How to Become an Affiliate .Overview of the Business-Building Process.16182021222425SETTING UP SHOP . 27Basic Knowledge . 27Computer Codes and Macros. 27File Management . 28Basic Hardware & Services. 30Computer. 30Internet Connection. 30Telephone. 31Printer. 32Router. 32Basic Software . 33AntiVirus Software . 33Browsers . 35Compression/Extraction Utility . 35STUFFIT EXPANDER CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE FOLLOWINGSITE. 36Email Software. 37Accounting Software . 38File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 38ii

Super Affiliate HandbookFirewall . 38PDF Reader. 39Spreadsheet Software. 40Text Editor . 40Business Expenses . 41RESEARCH PROFITABLE IDEAS. 42What's Your Passion?. 42Targeting a Market . 47Market Research Tools . 48Keyword Research Tools. 49Top 200 Searches in 60 Days. 56Search Toolbars . 62Google Search Engine. 64Pay Per Click Search Engines. 65Market Research Begins . 66What are the Trends for this Industry? . 66Is there Sufficient Demand?. 66How Much Competition Are You Up Against? . 73How Much Does it Cost to Advertise? . 77WHO is Your Competition? . 79Will Your Niche be Profitable? . 82WHERE TO FIND PRODUCTS & SERVICES TO SELL ONLINE. 86Affiliate Networks . 86Affiliate Fuel. 87BeFree/ . 89Casino Coins Network . 95Casino Rewards . 96ClickBank . 97ClickxChange. 98clixGalore. 99Commission Junction. 99Commission Soup . 102Dark Blue Affiliate Network . . 104LeadHound. 105Linkshare. 106Quinstreet. 108ReferBack . 109ShareaSale. 109WebSponsors . 110Affiliate Networks - Quick List . 112How To Search the 'Net for Merchant Sites .Affiliate Program Directories."Ready-Made" Affiliate Marketing Business .Great Product - No Program - Now What? .113113115117HOW TO CHOOSE PRODUCTS & PROGRAMS . 1205 Ways to Assess a Product or Service . 120iii

Super Affiliate HandbookHow to Choose an Affiliate Program. 121Let's Play 20 Questions. 121Is the Company Reputable? . 122Is there an Affiliate Agreement?. 123What are the Conditions of the Agreement?. 123May I Terminate the Agreement? How? . 123Is My Site Eligible for this Program? . 124Is there a Fee to Join the Program?. 125Does the Program Require Exclusivity? . 125What is the Program Type?. 126How Much is the Commission?. 126Do I Get Credit for Recurring Sales?. 128Does the Program Pay Lifetime Commissions? . 129Is the Program 2-Tier? . 130Are Cookies Used to Track Sales?. 130Are Sales Statistics Reported in Real Time? . 131Are Sales Tools Offered?. 132Is Co-Branding Available? . 135When Do I Get Paid? . 135How Do I Get Paid? In Cash? Credit? Food Stamps? . 135Does the Merchant use Third Party Billing?. 136Is There a Minimum Payout Amount?. 136Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe Choosing Between Affiliate Programs . 137Commission Rates . 137Brand Name Products . 139Should You Affiliate with Bookstores?.Sorry, Your Application was Rejected.You're Fired! .A Good Program to Join.A Program to Avoid .Programs to Drop .140141142144147149Spammers. 149Inconsiderate Affiliate Managers. 149Customer Complaints. 151Slow Payments. 151DOMAIN ISSUES . 153Free Domains - Worth about that Much .How to Choose a Domain Name.Register Your Own Domain Name .Web Hosting - How to Choose A Home for Your Domain .153155157158Key Hosting Features. 158Support. 159Value . 159Recommended Hosting Services . 160PLAN YOUR WEB SITE . 162Don't Build a Mall Build a Theme Park! .One Topic - Multiple Domains? .Site Structure - 'Micro' or Content? .Develop a Site Plan .162164165166iv

Super Affiliate HandbookBUILD YOUR SITE . 1714 Site Building Options . 171Do it Yourself . 171Use a Template . 171Get A Web Site Package Deal . 172Hire a Designer . 173Design Software. 175Graphics Software. 175HTML Editor . 175HTML/Graphics Combination Software . 175Web Site Essentials . 177Logo . 177TAG line / Slogan . 177Privacy Statement . 178Contact Information . 179'About Us' Page. 180Ezine/Newsletter Sign-Up on Every Page . 180Design Rules-of-Thumb . 181Font Face, Color & Size. 181Links Should Look Like Links . 182Color Scheme. 182White Space . 182Page Width. 183Page Backgrounds. 183Consistent Navigation. 183Bandwidth Hogs. 184Use of Pop-Ups . 184Music/Noise . 185Frames. 186Keep it Fresh . 187Web Site Building Primers & Help . 1879 Ways to Make Your Pages Search Engine Friendly. 188Keyword-Rich Page Names. 188Site Map . 189Relevant Content. 189Eliminate Clutter. 189Meta Tags. 189Dynamic Pages. 190Avoid Tricks and Deception. 191TURN CLICKS INTO CUSTOMERS. 192How to Write Compelling Product Endorsements . 193Learn the Art of Copywriting . 194Credibility Pays . 19629 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR AFFILIATE BUSINESS . 1989 Ways to Get Traffic Fast . 199Google AdWords . 199Pay Per Click Search Engines. 200Pay for a Yahoo! Listing. 202v

Super Affiliate HandbookGoogle’s Premium Sponsorships. 203Ezine Advertising. 203Build an Opt-In Subscriber List. 204Publish an Ezine, eCourse or Both . 205How to Use Auctions to Sell Affiliate Products . 206Site Submission Services & Software. 2099 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site For Free . 210Joint Ventures . 210Write Ezine Articles. 211Free Directory Listings . 212Search Engine & Crawler Listings . 213Group and Forum Postings . 213Link Trading, FFA's & Banner Exchanges. 215Use an Email Signature. 219Start or HomePage Traffic Networks . 220Refer-a-Friend Scripts. 22111 Ways to Market Your Site Offline. 222Car decals. 222Business cards. 222Personalized Stationery. 222Speaking Engagements . 222Classified Ads . 222Press Releases . 223Trade Publications . 223Wear Your URL. 224Promotional items . 224Tell Your Friends and Family. 224Happy Customers. 224MANAGE YOUR AFFILIATE BUSINESS . 226How to Get & Stay Organized . 226Regular Tasks. 229Daily Tasks . 229Weekly Tasks. 230Monthly Tasks . 231Quarterly Tasks. 231Evaluate Your Site's Performance . 232Stats to Track & Numbers to Crunch. 232Collecting Data . 235Recording Data . 238How to Prevent Commission Theft . 24425 Avoidable Mistakes. 247GROW YOUR BUSINESS . 250How Much is Your Effort Worth? . 250Forums: Participate & Learn. 253RESOURCES . 255Glossary of Terms . 255Rosalind's Directory of Goodies. 266vi

Super Affiliate HandbookA Few of My Favorite Affiliate Programs. 267Recommended Reading . 269AFTERWORD . 270vii

Super Affiliate Handbookviii

Super Affiliate HandbookIntroductionThank You & CongratulationsThank you for buying the "Super Affiliate Handbook", and Congratulations! for taking apositive step towards your future as an affiliate marketer.Before reading any further, please be sure to sign up to receive the'Net Profits Coach' newsletter. Reading it regularly will keep you upto date on Internet and Affiliate marketing changes anddevelopments.Get it at: to the Handbook I know you'll find it a valuable resource that you return to again andagain as you build your affiliate marketing business.Affiliate marketing has been very good to me. My Internet business success has allowed me toquit my job, and pursue a lifestyle I could only dream about just a few years ago.I attribute my good fortune to a combination of hard work, perseverance and large doses of luck.As someone once said, 'the harder I work, the luckier I get'. So true, and yet I still feel incrediblylucky to be where I am.Now I'm going to share my 'lucky secret' with you.Affiliate marketing on the Internet is here to stay, and merchants want YOU!I urge you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity as soon as possible. Part of whatmakes this so special is that you can start an Internet business part-time while you enjoy thesecurity of your full-time job.Happy reading! I wish you health, happiness and much prosperity!1

Super Affiliate HandbookMake No Promises, Tell No Lies (Disclaimer)As much as I'd love to think that everyone who follows the advice in the "Super AffiliateHandbook" (SAH) will become fabulously wealthy by result, the truth is that I can't promise thatwill happen for you.I can't guarantee that you will actually read the book, follow my suggestions to the letter andwrite copy that will entice your site visitors to buy vast amounts of your merchant partners'products.I wish I could, but I can't.So here's the nitty gritty legal statement.Legal Notices and DisclaimerTHE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY:While all attempts have been made to verify information provided, neither myself, nor anyancillary party, assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contradictory interpretationof the subject matter herein.Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, in no event shall SAH, agents or suppliers beliable for damages of any kind or character, including without limitation any compensatory,incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of use, loss of data,los

Super Affiliate Handbook 2 The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made 436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online By Rosalind Gardner, Super Affiliate

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sales invoices and VAT returns. The Qunote invoicing data export is validated by Xero so it is important that only VAT tax codes which exist in Xero should be set up in Qunote. IN XERO: In Xero, go to Accounting Advanced accounting Tax rates to view the tax rates that you have set up in Xero

1. prism finance, prism pay and xero 3 1.1 setting up the prism finance module 4 1.2 organisation configuration 6 1.3 top twelve tips and tricks 8 2. setting up xero 10 2.1 xero introduction 10 2.2 data flow diagram 16 2.3 getting started 17 2.4 xero faq 17 2.5 additional xero support 18 3. ownership shares 19 3.1 managing owners in a horse 19

AEQB Super QuickBooks-Export (i.e. Accounting-Export QuickBooks) BRW Super Browse DIA Super Dialer FF Super Field-Filler IE Super Import-Export INV Super Invoice LIM Super Limiter PCD Super Passcode QBE Super QBE SEC Super Security TAG Super Tagging MHSTF Super Stuff (a.k.a

Super Affiliate Commissions Transcript 2 Welcome to the final module of Super Affiliate Commissions. In this module you will learn some of the highly powerful methods used by Super Affiliates. As we all know, traffic and conversions equates to profits for any affiliate. With that said, you will learn

Both SAS SUPER 100 and SAS SUPER 180 are identified by the “SAS SUPER” logo on the right side of the instrument. The SAS SUPER 180 air sampler is recognizable by the SAS SUPER 180 logo that appears on the display when the operator turns on the unit. Rev. 9 Pg. 7File Size: 1MBPage Count: 40Explore furtherOperating Instructions for the SAS Super 180www.usmslab.comOPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND MAINTENANCE MANUALassetcloud.roccommerce.netAir samplers, SAS Super DUO 360 VWRuk.vwr.comMAS-100 NT Manual PDF Calibration Microsoft“SAS SUPER 100/180”, “DUO SAS SUPER 360”, “SAS .archive-resources.coleparmer Recommended to you b

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between affiliates and advertisers. Affiliate networks allow affiliates to easily find and participate in affiliate programs suitable for their inventory. Advertisers who offer affiliate programs work with affiliate networks to reach larger audiences (i.e. all affiliates participating in the network).

Grade 2 Writing and Language Student At-Home Activity Packet 3 Flip to see the Grade 2 Writing and Language activities included in this packet! This At-Home Activity Packet is organized as a series of journal entries. Each entry has two parts. In part 1, the student writes in response to a prompt. In part 2, the student completes a Language Handbook lesson and practices the skill in the .