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AcknowledgementThis employer resource guide was created to educate all employers on the wide array of programs, services,and incentives available in Connecticut. This guide will be periodically updated, and automatically emailedto all registered employers in CTHires, (www.cthires.com), the Department of Labor’s no cost online jobbank. In addition, a link to the resource guide will be available on the Department of Labor’s rceguide.pdf.The Connecticut Department of Labor would like to express its gratitude to the state agencies, organizationsand individuals contributing to the publication of this guide: Connecticut Adult Education Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System CONNSTEP Department of Aging and Disability Services Workforce Development BoardsPlease note: Although many offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many partners in thisresource guide are offering services virtually.We hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions, please contact the Connecticut Department ofLabor’s Employment Services Operations Unit via email at: [email protected] Connecticut Department of Labor, Employment Services Operations Unit – November 20201

Table of ContentsRecruiting and HiringDepartment of Labor - American Job CentersDepartment of Aging and Disability Services (ADS)Department of Labor - Local Veterans’ Employment RepresentativesDepartment of Labor - Work Opportunity Tax Credit48911Grants, Training, Consultation, and Workplace Safety8Department of Labor - Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training GrantsDepartment of Labor - Trade Adjustment Assistance On-the-Job TrainingDepartment of Labor - Office of Apprenticeship TrainingDepartment of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health (CONN-OSHA)Capital Workforce Partners – National Dislocated Worker GrantCONNSTEPConnecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU)Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology1516171921232426Layoff Aversion Management3134Department of Labor - Rapid ResponseDepartment of Labor - Shared WorkBusiness Development and Partnerships373942Connecticut Adult EducationWorkforce Development BoardsConnecticut Center for Advanced TechnologyOther Department of Labor Resources4748495051525354Wage and Workplace StandardsBenefit Payment ControlMerit RatingFirst Level AdjudicationsAppealsEmployer StatusLabor Market InformationState Information Data Exchange System (CT SIDES)2

Recruiting and Hiring3

The American Job Center (AJC) NetworkThe ResourceThe American Job Center network is a partnership of organizations working as a team to promote a universalapproach to provide effective workforce assistance to businesses. This collaboration of state, regional andlocal organizations is designed to provide a seamless delivery system of programs and services.American Job Centers (AJCs), located throughout the state, provide a variety of employment-related servicesfor Connecticut’s businesses for little or no cost. Staff at the AJCs can provide assistance with services suchas recruiting and screening qualified applicants, guidance on reaching out to specific populations inemployers’ recruiting efforts, job matching, and labor market information.Benefit and Eligibility Criteria Post job openings - Employment opportunities can be posted on Connecticut’s job bank system,www.CTHires.com making them accessible to thousands of job seekers at no cost. Creating a Virtual Recruiter in CTHires - Virtual Recruiter allows employers to save a candidate searchand periodically identify new job seeker résumés that fit the search criteria. Results are reported tothe employer’s message box in CTHires or email address. Targeted recruitments - AJC staff can organize a customized recruitment for the employer at thejob center. Staff contact candidates with the qualifications, skills, and experience needed to fill anemployer’s vacancy, all focused on an employer’s requirements. The job center offers privatefacilities to interview candidates, staff assistance, and marketing of the company and its availableopenings to a large pool of skilled job seekers. Screening of applicants prior to referral - Based on qualifications desired by employers, AJC staffmay screen applicants for job openings prior to referring individuals to the employer. Job matching - AJC staff can match qualified candidates with employers’ job openings and send therésumés of candidates with the required skills, education, and experience to the employer. Labor Market Information - AJCs have current labor market information and can provide employerswith data on prevailing industry wages, employment data by community, and other state/nationaltrends regarding employment and labor market. Outreach services - AJC staff can provide programs and services to help dislocated workers find jobsfollowing a layoff or reduction in force. Staff also assists with career/job fairs throughout the state. Informational seminars – Financial incentives, employer roundtables, and apprenticeship programs. Specialized services including coordinating services and referrals with other state agencies.Contact InformationEmployers may contact their nearest American Job Center and speak witha Business Services Representative.4

Business Services TeamSouthwest Region(Bridgeport, Derby, Stamford, Norwalk area)Lori-lynn ChatlosBridgeport American Job Center2 Lafayette Square, Bridgeport, CT 06604Phone: (203) 455-2601 / Fax: (203) [email protected] Central Region(New Haven, Meriden, Middletown area)Abby Leslie GayleHamden American Job Center37 Marne Street, Hamden, CT 06514Phone: (203) 859-3414Fax: (203) [email protected] AlbertHamden American Job Center37 Marne Street, Hamden, CT 06514Phone: (203) 859-3417Fax: (203) [email protected] Central Region(Hartford, New Britain, Bristol, Enfield area)Donna SmithHartford American Job Center3580 Main StreetHartford, CT 06120Phone: (860) 256-3869Fax: (860) [email protected]

Business Services TeamEastern Region(Danielson, Montville, Willimantic area)Mark FillmoreMontville American Job Center601 Norwich New London Turnpike, Suite 1Uncasville, CT 06382Phone: (860) 848-5251Fax: (860) [email protected] CosgroveMontville American Job Center601 Norwich New London Turnpike, Suite 1Uncasville, CT 06382Phone: (860) 848-5252Fax: (860) [email protected] Region(Waterbury, Danbury, Torrington area)Michelle CaffeWaterbury American Job Center249 Thomaston Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06702Phone: (203) 437-3308/ Fax: (203) [email protected] Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER)(LVERs promote the hiring of Veterans to Connecticut Employers)All RegionsTim RockefellerPhone: (860) 263-6016/ Fax: (860) [email protected]

Map of Connecticut American Job Centers by Region7

Department of Aging and Disability Services (ADS)The ResourceThe Department of Aging and Disability Services (ADS) programs are designed for Connecticut businesses toleverage a largely untapped talent pool of people with disabilities while providing opportunities for workforcedevelopment, skill building, employee growth and retention. ADS is ready and willing to assist your business inthe areas of: Talent RecruitmentDiversity and Inclusion AssistanceEmployee RetentionTraining for Business (Understanding the ADA, Accommodations, Assistive Technology)Training for Employees (Disability Awareness, Occupational Skill Building, On-the-Job Training)Tax Credit and Incentive AssistanceBenefit and Eligibility CriteriaConnecticut businesses that build a diverse and inclusive workplace foster an atmosphere of teamwork andproblem solving that drive productivity. These businesses promote a dynamic approach to their respective,competitive markets. Benefits of ADS business resources include: Statewide network of ADS rehabilitation professionals as an extensive resource for talentedapplicants who are pre-screened to meet your business needs.Pre-screening of referrals that can result in both time and cost savings.ADS will partner with businesses and labor organizations in the design and delivery of educationand training programs to meet current and future hiring needs.Available programs include on-the-job training, internships, registered apprenticeships andcustomized training programs.ADS business resources provide Connecticut businesses the opportunity to offset costs of recruitmentand training and provide additional capacity to build a more dynamic and diverse workforce.ADS actively works to coordinate services and supports with its participants and business partners topromote workforce development opportunities.While there are eligibility requirements for individuals with disabilities to utilize ADS participantservices, there are no requirements for ADS business partners.Contact InformationMark Henry and Jonathan Richmond are available to immediately address your business needs. Mr. Henry canbe reached at (860) 424-4859 or at [email protected] and Mr. Richmond can be reached at (860) 602-4031 orat [email protected]

Department of LaborLocal Veterans’ Employment RepresentativesThe ResourceThe Connecticut Department of Labor strives to provide all eligible veterans with the resources and servicesneeded to succeed in the workforce, by maximizing their employment opportunities, protecting theiremployment rights and meeting the demands of today’s labor market. Employer workforce resourcesinclude Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVERs) who are qualified veterans themselves andserve as statewide advocates for the hiring of veterans.Benefit and Eligibility CriteriaLVERs conduct employer outreach and facilitate the employment, training, and placement services furnishedto veterans in Connecticut’s American Job Centers. LVERs are available to conduct workshops andpresentations to employers, unions, and business organizations; to inform Federal contractors of the processto recruit qualified veterans; and to promote credentialing and licensing opportunities for veterans. LVERsalso perform job development, which involves the matching of a specific veteran to a specific employer, andrequires the LVER to have a thorough understanding of the occupation, industry, skill level and knowledgenecessary to meet the employer’s needs.LVERs work in concert with CTDOL’s Business Services Representatives to assist employers with theplacement of job listings, employer recruitments, on-the-job training, and apprenticeship opportunities.They inform employers of hiring incentives offered by state and federal programs, including the VocationalRehabilitation & Employment program, which is available to disabled veterans who can no longer performthe duties required for their military occupation specialty. LVERs plan and host CTDOL’s annual Heroes 4Hire career fair, and they assist employers in translating an ex-service member’s military experience to thesame or similar experience in the civilian workforce.Contact InformationFor assistance with hiring veterans, employers can contact an LVER or another member of CTDOL’s BusinessServices team. Refer to pages 5 & 6 for a complete staff listing. Additional information about veterans’services and hiring initiatives may be accessed by visiting www.ctvetjobs.org.9


Department of LaborWork Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)The ResourceThe Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers that hire individualsfrom certain target groups who have faced significant barriers to employment. The regulations are set bythe IRS and the U.S. Department of Labor and are administered by Connecticut Department of Labor.Benefit and Eligibility CriteriaThe tax credit ranges from 1,200 - 9,600 depending on the target group of the individual hired. There isno limit to the number of people they can hire, with minimal paperwork, so this program can be worththousands of dollars to a business.This credit provides a reduction in federal tax liability. Even a tax exempt 501c business can benefit froma reduced tax credit if they hire a qualified veteran and the business is a § 501(a) "qualified tax-exemptorganization".WOTC is a one-time tax credit for hiring and retaining individuals from one of these target groups:Veterans:Tax Credit Amount—up to a maximum of:Veteran receiving benefits from the SupplementalNutritional Assistance Program 2,400Disabled veteran receiving compensation for serviceconnected disability 4,800Disabled veteran receiving compensation for serviceconnected disability and unemployed for six months 9,600Unemployed veteran four weeks 2,400Unemployed veteran six months or more 5,600Other Categories:Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipient 2,400Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) 2,400Ex-Felon 2,400Designated Community Residents 2,400Vocational Rehabilitation Referral 2,400SSI and Ticket to Work 2,400Summer Youth 1,200Long Term Family Assistance Recipient 4,000 year one and 5,000 year twoLong Term Unemployment Recipient 2,40011

An application package consists of IRS Form 8850 and ETA Form 9061 with additional documents needed forthe groups listed below: Veteran—DD214 or separation paperwork from the militaryDisabled Veteran—DD214 or separation paperwork from the military and proof of receipt ofcompensation for a service connected disability Designated Community Resident—proof of age and address Vocational Rehabilitative Referral—Authorization of Disclosure—JS-182 Long Term Unemployment Recipient-- ETA Form 9175 –(ETA-United States Department of Labor) notrequired but may expediteMail the completed package to:Connecticut Department of LaborAttn: WOTC Unit200 Folly Brook BlvdWethersfield, CT 06109Connecticut Department of Labor will provide a determination letter that either certifies or denies the taxcredit. Once certified, employers will provide the letter, number of hours worked by the employee, and theirwages to their accounting professional.Contact InformationInformation on Work Opportunity Tax Credit can be found s/taxcreditprogramspage.htmOr:Sharon GripWOTC [email protected] Unit860-263-606012


Grants, Training, Consultation,and Workplace Safety14

Department of LaborThe Manufacturing Innovation FundIncumbent Worker Training GrantsThe ResourceThe Manufacturing Innovation Fund Incumbent Worker Training (MIF IWT) program provides traininggrants to Connecticut manufacturers for growing innovative and technology-based manufacturingbusinesses in Connecticut. The goals are: To support advanced manufacturing and innovative companies in their efforts to trainincumbent workers in the appropriate skills to meet current and emerging market needs.To bring technological innovation to the market and help manufacturing companies leapahead in productivity and efficiency by enhancing the skills of their current workforce.To maintain sales and grow revenue and profitability.Benefit and Eligibility CriteriaEmployers are reimbursed up to 50% of an approved training plan within a 12-month period. The maximumgrant is 50,000 and could cover a training plan costing 100,000. Reimbursement may be distributed inpartial payments as training line items are completed or in whole when all the training is completed. Forexample, if a company is approved for a training plan totaling 40,000, the employer could receive as much as 20,000 in reimbursement.Applications requesting funding prior to the start of training are evaluated by the Department ofLabor to ensure the following mandatory requirements are met: Connecticut-based manufacturer with 2,000 or fewer employees in CT and registered for at least 12months with the Secretary of the State’s office to conduct business in Connecticut.Operate a manufacturing facility located in Connecticut. Training covered underthis program is for Connecticut based employees only.In good standing with the Department of Revenue Services, Department of Labor andother relevant state or local agencies.Have a training project that meets criteria to enhance employee skills.Contact InformationEligible manufacturing companies should complete and submit the online application form found at:www.ctdol.state.ct.us/IWTmanufappform.htm. Please contact Bernice Zampano at (860) 263-6732 orvia email at [email protected] for further assistance with the program.15

Department of LaborTrade Adjustment AssistanceOn-the-Job TrainingThe Resource Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) provides training benefits to workers in firms who have lost theirjobs due to foreign trade.On-the-job training (OJT) is a method of training new employees at the work site using other skilledemployees as instructors.TAA-OJT brings together employers and workers by providing funding to employers to offset aportion of the cost of training workers in skilled occupations.Benefit and Eligibility Criteria Provides up to 50% of the starting wage rate for a new employee.TAA funds can also pay for the necessary schooling not provided in the OJT.Reimbursement between two and nine months (104 weeks maximum), depending on complexity andskill level of the job.Department of Labor (DOL) staff will work with you to design a customized OJT plan to meet yourneeds.The new employee will be trained to your specific work requirements.Funding can also be used to support a Registered Apprenticeship program through wagereimbursements to the employer and covering the costs of related instruction, books, supplies andequipment for the employee.How does it work? If you would like to create an OJT program, please contact your local Business ServicesRepresentative listed on page 5 of this guide. Once you create an OJT program with DOL, we refer TAAcertified workers to your OJT openings, assist with paperwork and record keeping, pay the agreed-uponmonthly OJT reimbursement, and provide ongoing employer/employee support. The employer agrees tooffer full-time OJT training to the worker.Contact InformationInterested in TAA, OJT or Apprenticeship for your business? Contact the Trade Adjustment Assistance Unit at(860) 263-6070, or for a listing of local DOL Business Services Representative, see page 5.16

Department of LaborThe Office of Apprenticeship TrainingThe ResourceAs technology and demand for highly-skilled, entry-level workers increases, pre-apprenticeship and RegisteredApprenticeship strategies have proven to be successful examples to meet potential employee, employer andindustry needs.Apprenticeship programs in the State of Connecticut are administered by the Department of Labor’s, Officeof Apprenticeship Training. Skilled consultants provide technical assistance, monitoring, and consultingservices to qualified employers that take on the responsibilities of program sponsorship.Apprenticeship is a program of "learning while earning." Unlike other vocational training which is held ina school setting, apprenticeship is based on an employer-employee relationship. The apprentice employeeenters into a mutual agreement with an employer regarding training. It can thus be perceived thatemployment and training are interrelated. Apprenticeship can be seen as part of the "conditions of work."Quality pre-apprenticeship programs offer a starting point toward a successful career path and business modelfor those that may not be aware of this approach.Pre-apprenticeships help individuals and employers cultivate talent and accelerate entry requirements forapprenticeship programs and ensure pre-apprentices are prepared to be successful in their apprenticeship.Pre

[email protected] Janice Albert Hamden American Job Center 37 Marne Street, Hamden, CT 06514 Phone: (203) 859-3417 Fax: (203) 859-3120 [email protected] North Central Region (Hartford, New Britain, Bristol, Enfield area) Donna Smith Hartford American Job Center 3580 Main Street Hartford, CT 06120 Phone: (860) 256-3869 Fax: (860) 256-3580