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INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYINTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGENERAL ELECTION 2013CANDIDATE STATEMENTSThe following statements have been prepared by the candidates for the InternationalBallistics Society General Election of 2013. They have been arranged in alphabeticalorder.There are 3 vacancies on the Board of Directors and 12 candidates standing in theelection. Each member of the Society will therefore be able to vote for three candidatesin the election.The election will be electronic and accessible from the website: Theelectronic election will open for Society members on 20 February 2013 and close on 14April 2013.Society members attending the 27th International Ballistics Symposium, to be held inFreiburg, Germany, may choose to vote when they register at the symposium.New members joining the Society at the Symposium will also have the opportunity tovote when they register.A copy of this document can be found on the Nominations Committee page of theSociety’s website.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20131

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYNicolas EchesNexter MunitionsINTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETY – General Elections 2013CANDIDATE STATEMENTThis is the second time I run for the board election, and I’m still convinced that it is important togive time to volunteer in a Society such as the IBS. I can tell that because since the verybeginning of my career as a mechanical engineer in munitions development, I have used theproceedings of the International Symposiums of Ballistics as a basis for my work, and as a sourceof knowledge that was very useful for the beginner I was at that time. In particular, I appreciatedthe fact that all fields of ballistics are addressed, which is, I think, rather unique in that type ofevents. Then, I had several times to attend the symposium (89, 95) and the opportunity ofpresenting some papers (1998, 2002, 2011, 2013). I then wish to increase my involvement in theballistics community, by running for the board election.I'm a 51 former military engineer, educated at the ENSIETA (French school for armamentengineers). My first job was the development of 105 and 120 APFSDS ammunition, during whichI introduced the use of hydrocodes in Nexter. I then was in charge of the 140mm Future TankMain Armament APFSDS project, and gradually switched to expertise. I am currently in chargeof issues related to ammunition behaviour during the in-bore travel (strength of design, gunresponse, SAU arming, etc ), to kinetic energy penetration and perforation (APFSDS, missilepenetration warhead, SAU functioning under impact, and recently, less than lethal ammunition). Itake part in collaborative works with other experts of Nexter, mainly in the field of developingnew dynamic materials and failure models.Thanks to my developer background and to the fact that I am very close of the products, I becamerather polyvalent in the different fields of ballistics, with a particular expertise in terminalballistics and gun dynamics. Then, I think that I can bring this polyvalence to the paper selectionmeetings, by opening vistas on the system implications of a given topic.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20132

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYDr Gkritzapis D.N. (1973) is Captain of HellenicPolice in office of Research and Development (R&D) inCriminal Investigation Division and currently serving inEuropean & Development Programs Division inHellenic Ministry of Public Order and CitizenProtection, Athens, Greece, and graduated from theDepartment of Physics, School of Applied Sciences atthe University of Patras, Greece.Also, he is a PhD holder in Mechanical Engineering andAeronautics Department, in Polytechnic School atUniversity of Patras, for thesis of ‘Computationalanalysis of exterior ballistics - Aerodynamic behaviour investigation ofatmospheric flight for axisymmetric projectiles’. He took part in AtmosphericFlight Mechanics Conference and Exhibit, AIAA, on Hilton-Head, South Carolinaon August 2007. Also he was at the conferences of World Scientific andEngineering Academy and Society and at World Academy of Sciences,Engineering and Technology, in the International Conference of Numericalanalysis and Applied Mathematics, in the International Conference on AvionicsSystems / Guidance and Control Systems Design and Simulation (Uav & CivilAircraft), in 26th International Symposium on Ballistics and at the end, he took partin other three International conferences in Greece. His papers were acceptance ofthe Open Mechanics Journal, Journal of Pyrotechnics, Journal of BattlefieldTechnology, International Journal of Mathematical, Physical and EngineeringSciences, Journal of Wseas Transactions on Information Science and Applications,Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, in International Reviewof Aerospace Engineering and in Journal of Applied Mechanics (American Societyof Mechanical Engineers).He is director in Unmanned Vehicle University for Greece, lecturer in HellenicArmy Academy, founding lifetime member in International Ballistics Society andpoint of contact from Greece and member in Society of Hellenic Physicists.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20133

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYHanspeter KaufmannDr. Sc. Tech., EMBARUAG Schweiz AGRUAG DefenceInnovation&ResearchAllmendstrasse 863602 ThunSwitzerlandNomination CommitteeBoard of DirectorsISBThun, 7.1.2013Letter of Qualification and MotivationElections, Board of DirectorsTo the nomination committeeAfter 12 years of engagement in R&D for Swiss defense industry as well as for procurement, andalmost as many years of regular participation in the IBS (with at least 1 paper per participation), Iwould be very honored to become the possibility to proceed my engagement now in the Board ofDirectors. Why proceed? As a matter of fact, I’ve already been member of the IBC from 2005 to2008 under Chairman Dr. Bo Janzon when this committee was restructured according to theneeds of the new legal form of the IBS.My motivation for this engagement is very much linked to my personal and professional interestin scientific aspects all around defense-related technology, and here especially in terminalballistics and the aspects related to the warhead engagement against targets. Continuouslyseeking new opportunities to learn about and understand new technical challenges, internationalcontacts to research institutes as well as to R&D from industry are a key factor for my activitiesat RUAG. Based on this contacts international research projects with different institutes (e.g. ISL,TNO and IABG) as well as opportunities for consulting and education on applied basics ofprotection (e.g. for Carl Cranz Gesellschaft (D), K2B (Singapore) and Defence Academy ofCranfield University (UK)) became possible through my support or direct involvement.Looking at the potential of a sound knowledge-link between industry and the IBS myengagement will certainly help to support and enhance this link in the future. My background asprocess engineer but especially my profound understanding of management of technology arestanding for this capability. Bound to the legal and social conditions of a country which tries hardto keep up its political neutrality, my involvement in the Board would certainly be characterizedas ‘mediating’ and ‘progress encouraging’. Last but not least, my naturally Swiss- andfurthermore Europe-focused network will clearly help to maintain and strengthen the IBS-networkfrom this side.Sincerely,Hanspeter KaufmannINTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20134

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYIntroductory Statement of Professor Kenneth KuoAt the Pennsylvania State University (PSU), I am a Distinguished Professor of MechanicalEngineering (Emeritus) and the Director of the High Pressure Combustion Laboratory. I am alsoserving as the President and Chief Scientist of Combustion Propulsion & Ballistic TechnologyCorporation (CPBT). I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1971. I have worked atPSU for 40 years. My research focuses on combustion, gun interior ballistics, rocket propulsion,industrial hazards, high-temperature insulation material erosion phenomena, and processing ofnano-energetic materials. I have directed more than 95 research projects at PSU and 12 projectsat CPBT, with emphasis on the combustion and ignition of energetic materials, including solid,liquid, and gel propellants, solid fuels, metal particles, pyrotechnics, and gaseous reactants. Ihave established multiple theoretical models and numerical codes for studying these problems.My lab is equipped with numerous advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments and testfacilities for energetic material combustion and chemical propulsion studies. I have guided thethesis work for over 40 Ph.D. and 86 M.S. Students, and the research work of 18 post-docs. Iauthored 2 editions of Principles of Combustion, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and coauthored 2 newly published Wiley books on Fundamentals of Turbulent and MultiphaseCombustion and Applications of Turbulent and Multiphase Combustion in 2012. In addition tothese 4 books, I have edited and co-edited 11 books on ballistic topics, chemical propulsion, andenergetic materials published by AIAA and Begell House, Inc. I first participated in the 6thInternational Symposium on Ballistics in 1981; thereafter, I have participated in many subsequentISB symposia. I published more than 495 technical papers. Eleven of my co-authored paperswon Best Paper Awards from different professional societies. In addition, I have received manyCombustion and Propellants awards from different organizations and US Government agencies,including the prestigious 2009 Pendray Aerospace Literature Award from AIAA and the 2011Wyld Propulsion Award from AIAA. I am a Fellow of 3 different societies, including AIAA,ASME, and IBS. I am one of the founding members of IBS and served as Chairperson of theStudent Program Committee of IBS during its formation. I strongly encourage the researchexcellence and the participation of IBS by young engineers and scientists. If elected, I shall trymy best effort in establishing additional best paper awards for innovative research anddevelopment in the ballistic areas. I would also encourage the formal publication of ballisticpapers, not only in the Journal of Applied Mechanics, but also in the International Journal ofEnergetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion, for which I serve as the Editor-in-Chief.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20135

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYDr. David LambertDr. David Lambert is a Senior Scientist within the MunitionsDirectorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory,overseeing the technical vision and researchcompetencies of over 100 scientists and engineers. Dr.Lambert has over 25 years in the area of warheads,ballistics, dynamic material properties, lethality andexperimental design for munitions technologies. Specificareas in ballistics range from 1-D theory (presented at ISBVancouver) to vulnerability model development to shockresponse of materials and explosive-metal design.David’s pioneering research interests were the basis of US adaptable warheadconcepts and miniaturization of explosive systems. He has over 80 publications inboth closed and open, peer reviewed forums and journals. Dr. Lambert is afounding member of ISB has served as committee chair for the ISB (Miami) andresides on the Ballistics Division organizing board for NDIA. He was recentlyelected the President of the Hypervelocity Impact Society and is the AFrepresentative of the International Detonation Symposium. David also is the AFRLrepresentative to Aeroballistics Range Association, vice-chair of the NorthwestFlorida Section of ASME, and a member of the American Physical Society. Dr.Lambert brings extensive knowledge of professional societies and is a proactivemember, holding Board positions (HVIS) and hosting/co-hosting full-up symposia(HVIS2012, ARA2013) as well as serving as chair of numerous related forums (NDIAWarheads and Ballistics, Int’l Symp on Ballistics, APS-SCCM).His broadbackground and ties makes for a robust member to increase ISB participationand his creative methods (iPads at the HVIS2012 with a near-record attendanceand making a profit) would be put in place to advance ISB and its vision for thefuture research workforce.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20136

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYCandidate StatementDongguang Li, 47 years old, professor in charge of Departmentof Mechatronical System Engineering, director of National KeyLab of Mechatronical Dynamic Control, comes from BeijingInstitute of Technology, China. Research interests focus onexterior ballistics, system dynamics, dynamic measurement andcontrol, etc. Won two times the Prize of Ministry Progress inScience and Technology in area of trajectory correctiontechnology, and invented eight patents. Published more thanthirty academic papers, and trained nine PhD students and thirtyMaster students. Attended the 25th in China and the 26th inAmerica International Symposium on Ballistics, and will attendthe 27th in Germany. Be as a lifetime member of the International Ballistics Society.I run for the Board of Directors of International Ballistics Society, because I love ballistics researchwork, and eager to public service activities of the IBS with democratic and scientific attitude. It needssense of responsibility, courage and enthusiasm as a board of director candidate. If elected, I willabide by the relevant laws and regulations. Do the best of my knowledge and abilities serving on theStudent Program Committee and the Publications Committee. I will use diligence of return on yourtrust, loyalty to repay your hope.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20137

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYCandidate Statement(Candidate for a Member of IBS Board of Director)To whom it may concern,My name is Seokbin (Bin) Lim. I am currently an Assistant Professor in Department ofMechanical Engineering at New Mexico Tech, and would like to take an active role as a memberof the Board of Directors in IBS.My specialty area is about the explosives system design especially in EFPs (explosively formedprojectiles), CSCs (conical shaped charges) and LSCs (linear shaped charges), and I have beenrunning the M.S. in Explosives Engineering Program in New Mexico Tech around six years sofar awarding over a dozen of M.S. degrees under my support and advising. During last sevenyears of tenure as a faculty in New Mexico Tech, I was able to bring multiple external funds fromDoD, DHS, DoE and NSF in the area of explosives science/technology, and have understood theimportant role of professional societies in a general education as well as research aspects.I have been a member of educational committee in ISEE (International Society of ExplosivesEngineer) since 2008, and am well aware of the role of a board member and the criticality of theeducational aspect in a professional society. My involvement with the IBS has been quite limitedand short, however, I was able to learn that IBS hasn’t focused much on the educational aspect orstudent involvement so far, and I strongly believe it is time to strengthen such area to improve thequality of IBS and increase the enrollment of member near future. Because I am an experiencedperson about the educational/student involvement aspect in other professional society, having meas a board member would be beneficial for the future of IBS, and I would appreciate your vote forme.Best Regards,Seokbin (Bin) Lim, Ph.DAssistant ProfessorEnergetic Systems Research GroupDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringNew Mexico Tech801 Leroy Place, Socorro, NM 87801INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20138

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Elections 2013Candidate Statement for Ake Persson My name is Ake Persson, born in Stockholm, Sweden February 22, 1939. I am a Swedishcitizen, living in Sodertalje, Sweden. My education includes a Swedish Tekn. lic. degree in Physics 1962 (corresponding toPhD) and I have been working with Warhead Physics, Penetration Mechanics andVulnerability for more than 50 years, presently in my own company, Dynaholding AB. I have attended all International Symposia on Ballistics except one (number 4 inMonterey) and I was the Program Manager for the 1992 symposium in Stockholm. I am a Life Time Member of the International Ballistics Society. I may bring a long time experience to the Board of Directors and the membership maywant to vote for me to add continuity to the Board.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 20139

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Elections 2013Candidate Statement – John (Jack) P. Riegel, IIICandidate StatementI am the President of R3 Technology, Inc., which was the first corporate sponsor of theIBS. I have two papers in the synposium, both focussed on terminal ballistics. I beganwork in 1978 with Dr. Wilfred Baker working on explosion phenomenolgy. I wroteseveral sections of the DOE manual, “Prediction of Blast and Fragment Loading ofStructures” and I served as an instructor for a course based on this manual for anumber of years. I have also lectured on Penetration Mechanics, Interior Ballistics, andFortran. I developed several experimental instrumentation procedures including theuse of 2-dimensional projective transformation for use with flash x-rays. I recentlydeveloped a Ballistics Data System that has over 5000 data points and is being appliedto a current DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project. In 1990 Iserved as Chairman of the 12th ISB. I participated in the organization of every ISBsince 1990, including participation in every paper selection meeting. I was a memberof the International Ballistics Committee (IBC) from the first year of its founding and wasa strong advocate for the formation of a professional society. I was elected to serve asChairman of the IBC in 2008 and I made a commitment to transition to a society duringmy term as Chairman. In January of 2010, we officially incorporated the InternationalBallistics Society and I had the privilege of serving as the founding President. I amcurrently serving on the Board of Directors and my goal now is to help the societydevelop a strong education program. If I am re-elected to the Board of Directors, theeducation committee will be my primary focus.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 201310

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYNevin L. RupertI received a B.S. (1973) and a M.S. (1982) in Engineering Mechanics from the PennsylvaniaState University. I am currently a consultant with NLR Technologies (since 2007) and cofounding a company which deals with next generation advance camouflaged fabrics (since2012). I have completed tests to reduce blast and blunt force trauma with improved suspensionand retention systems for military helmets. I have introduced controlled fragmentation,increased efficiency, to small explosive devices. Prior to my retirement from federal service, for24 years I worked for Army Research Laboratory (formerly the U. S. Army Ballistic ResearchLaboratory [BRL]) in the areas of mechanical design, material science, engineering mechanics,structures, dynamic effects on materials, terminal ballistics, armor, material testing, and failureanalysis. My accomplishments include the improvement of passive armor technologies forapplication to presently fielded and developmental U.S. armored vehicles and personnelprotection systems, development/evaluation of new materials, and evolving physicalexplanations for terminal ballistic phenomenology. I am a recipient of the 1994 Army Researchand Development Award for "Fundamental Advances in Experimental and AnalyticalPenetration Mechanics" and was nominated for the 2001 Army Research and DevelopmentAward for “Innovative Nondestructive Damage Assessment of Armor Targets: 2-D and 3-DVisualization Via X-ray Computed Tomography.” I am the inventor of R-Armor and co-inventorof the QuadGard extremity protection system. Before joining BRL, I served as amechanical/material engineer at the Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA. My work forthe Navy established the current procedures for the evaluation of flammability and toxicologicalproperties of composite armors, originated the current internationally accepted ballistic baselinefor Kevlar composite armors, and promoted the introduction on new analysis techniques forarmor applications. I have published more than 100 papers and reports dealing with armordevelopment. I am a founding Life Member of the International Ballistic Society andpresented/published on a wide verity of topics at the International Symposium on Ballistics.INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 201311

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYFilipe Teixeira-DiasGRIDS-DAPS - Division of Armour & Protection SystemsAssistant Professor, University of AveiroGRIDS-DAPS - Division of Armour &Protection SystemsCampus Universitário de Santiago3810-193 Aveiro, PORTUGALT «Phone»F «Phone»E c and professional profileMy name is Filipe Teixeira-Dias and I am a Mechanical Engineer, academic (BEng, MSc,PhD, Hab), teacher, researcher and author by profession. During my academic degrees Ispecialised on computational and applied mechanics, finite element analysis (FEA) andnumerical simulation, structural dynamics, blast, ballistic impact and dynamics with aspecial focus on armour materials and protection systems. I am a faculty member since1997. Presently I am an assistant professor at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Irecently become a member of the International Ballistics Society (IBS), albeit my connectionto armour and ballistics is much longer. I was president of the LWAG - Light-WeightArmour for Defence & Security from 2008 to 2012 and am now a member of the governingboard of the LWAG. I am founder and past-director of the GRIDS research group andcurrently head of its Division of Armour & Protection Systems (DAPS), a research group atthe University of Aveiro, Portugal.I have supervised many PhD and MEng theses on topics related to the InternationalBallistics Society, namely on the interaction between blast-waves and structures, terminalballistics, perforation mechanics, high-energy impact, EFP formation, materials (compositeand cellular materials) for protection systems and crashworthiness. I also have co-authoredand published papers in international journals, book chapters and conference proceedingson such topics.Personal profileI was born in 1969 in Brighton, United Kingdom, and am currently living in Aveiro, amedium sized seaside town in the north of Portugal. I am an amateur photographer anda cycling, trekking, gardening, bee-keeping and agriculture enthusiast. I am marriedand the father of three girls.Commitment to the IBSI deeply believe that my academic, scientific and management experience andbackground can contribute to the continuance of a dynamic and active Board ofDirectors of the International Ballistics Society. You can count with my full commitmentand dedication!INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 201312

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYBoard of Directors electionCandidate StatementProf. Dr. Klaus ThomaDirector Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-InstitutSince 1996 Prof. Thoma is the head of Ernst-Mach-Institute (EMI),which is the leading German research institute in the area ofarmour/antiarmour and the whole field of Ballistics.EMI has about 200 employees, is situated in the Freiburg area at three locations.EMI hosted in the last years the Hypervelocity Impact Symposium and the European DYMATconference.Within the institute we cover practically the whole field of ballistics, from interior ballistics toterminal ballistics. Thus EMI is and has been one of essential contributors to the BallisticSymposia.Thoma serves as research adviser to the German Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Researchand was elected in the National Academy of Engineering Sciences.He participates in the Ballistic Symposia since 1996.In 2013 my institute will be the host of the Ballistic Symposium. In this time span starting withthe last symposium in Florida, the taking over the responsibility for the symposium in Germanyand then handing over the responsibility to the next symposium organizers,I believe that it is very beneficial if I could be a member of the board.Freiburg, December 18, 2012Klaus ThomaProf. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus ThomaDirectorFraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMIChair of the Fraunhofer Group Defense and SecurityEckerstraße 4, 79104 Freiburg, GermanyINTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETYGeneral Election 201313

INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETY General Election 2013 2 Nicolas Eches Nexter Munitions INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS SOCIETY – General Elections 2013 CANDIDATE STATEMENT This is the second time I run for the board election, and I’m still convinced that it is important to

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