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Students couldlose food stampstree' afOic t ed with a mysterious b · · -lig 11THEEX.PON ENTOF MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITYTuesd ay. Dece m ber 8, 197 0Bozeman. MontanaB. J. Thomas performs Thursda1 lrhomas will appear in a,ncert on Dec I 0, fromto pm 111 the SUBAd mission will beperson Bring yourt W. aswasvotedmostg male vocalist by theBi II boa rd . . Raindropsllm ' on My Head," hishit. was performed1e Academy Awards thisher hits include "Billyue," . Hooked on a. Little Green Apples,"nus Minds," and manyavis.a co-writer of"Raindrops Keep Fallin' On MyHead.'' described Thomas ashaving "an 111definible thmgca lled magic. The differencebetween a performer and a star··Thomas also performed at l heBillings Fair this summerGary Johnson, head of bigname entertainment, said tlrntThomas' performance will lastfor one hour. A preceding actwill be provided by big nameentertainment.J ohnson added that Thomaswill provide his own backupba nd. Big n ame entertainment 1Sa lso renting a P.A. sys t em forthe co ncert.NCREASE DEFEATEDFood st am ps may be takenaway f ro m stud e nt s. Rep. DaveRul esMartin, R -Neb., aCommittee member said that hewou ld favor amendments barringfood stamps to either collegestud e nts or strikers.A co nt rover ial food stam pbill was cleared Dec. I , 1970 forHouse act io n a mid clear signs ofa fight t o both libera li ze it andhang more restri ctions o n theprogramThe meas ure , which bearslitlle resemblance lo the Senatepa ssed bill , mJy be considered inth e House this week. It wascleared by the Ho use rulesco mmitt ee.As approved by t he HouseAgriculture Committee, the billimpose new workwouldrequire men ts and minimumpJyments for recipients andullimately makes states pay 10percent of the program's cost.A bo u t 5 9 million persons in44 states and 1h e District ofC'olumhia now p;.irticipate in theprogram under which !hoseeligible can exr.::lrnnge moneythey normally spend for food on;.111 allotment of coupons w hi chthen are worth more.forAuthorizat1onsappropriat ions under theprogram are scheduled to expireat the e nd of this month .Agriculture Chamnan \V . R .Poage. D-Texas. contended l h althe bill actually represents 'llhera lizat1o n of 1he presenprogra m . H e defended the wor requirements in the hJll and saidth e over-all program sho ul d nothecome one for relief b ut asupplement.Foley.rhomas SRep .1hesaid0-Washmeasure'scommittee-approvednet effect . may he regressiveand he plans 10 offer a substi tutepJckagc on the ll ot1\c I loorl·oky S Iid his pl.in wouldclim111;.1te the 'italt' cost-,hanng.provide. free stamp:-. lur l.11niliesof lour wuh an 111come uf le-.than )30 a month and include atl1ffcrent work \CCtion.I he cornrn1ltee-approved billrequire a nnmmumv. ou l lmonthly payment of at least 50cent per pcr"on per IJlllnth forth e coupons.rhere also are plans undercon s1deraL1011 to propose astrnight contin uation of theexisti ng program bu t wiLh no setspending ceiling.Students pass judgment on candidatesSuresh C. Kaus hikSM U senate electionsI week had a turn o ut of100 voters. The Optionalan referendu m was·nd the student acti vitydefeated.creaseresult ,. A (*) before a candidatemeans 'elected'.SENATORIAL CA Debora h George* Bob J ovick* Mik e Yeager* Dave Roseleip Lind a Wh itt Denn is Rosele1p*Wayne Gildroy*Wayne Houston Joe Erickson* Bert TarrantGinger StanleyMyles WattsDavid WheelerLen McCombLeon SpaethJeff GruenertDIDATl:.S :I 05 2I 003948866811798719701658649625557550458443405Pat ri cii:I. RossMichael Ke nnedyBill llumencz ukThomas Rippingal eRuss 1-ricksonLee Flournoy403401390385374232Randy Rod leyBrian De Ru shaA rthur J orda nDavid GardnerR obe rt Shep.irdDe nn is Fahlgren1056765632212A new feature o f ! his elec1ionR efe re ndum No. I:was th e S2 fi lin g fee, used toOptiunal Montanave a ll ca mpaign mater ialmoreFor an optiona l Montana 643Against an optio na l Monlana328 from campus prior t o the vote.Kelly Addy , president of th eASMSU, 5lated t hat ··puttin g theRefere ndum No. 2:Montanan on subscript ion basisFee I ncrese:was a stl!p in the nght lirection .For a fee increase270the s tud en twayThis771Against a fee increasegovernment has eliminated thenecessi t y of buying a MontanaFres hm an Class President:Kurt K, uegerfor those who don't want it.319Robert D;ivis108··1 was disappointed that thefee increase d idn't go through ,"he continued .If it had passed the budgetfor the radio station could beexpanded. without making it a'commercial' stati on, of course(co nti n ued on page 12)Last Issueof the quarter

Bed Falls, Drinking, Murder Jail for Thore.I heatrc1Do youwant to be someoneyou're not ? Walt er Mitty willshow you how.Theatre Arts 12 l (rehearsaland performance class) willA THURBERpresentCAR !VAL at 8 pm Dece mber11 and 12 in the hoestnngTheatre, located al th e rear o rthe Student Union Build111g nextto the health center."A se rie s o f dclighlfulvignettes written by JamesThurber and adapted for stagepre se n1ation. A T ll URBERCA RNI VAL 1s excellent forintimate theatre prese nt ation, .stated play direct o r Dr Bruce C.Saturday, unday, December 12, 13TheStalkingGregory PeckEva Marie SaintJacobsenAmong the vignettes to besho wn are. TllE NIG ll 'I 1111:BED Fl-LL, T iil: U ICOR INrlll: GARD EN, lift Lill Lr.G IRL Ai D TllE WOLF , II'Bf·ENllADGRANTORI Kl G AT A PPOMATOX,CASUALSOl'T lll:K l:Y . rHEM RDERtA CBl:f llfll E Pl· TMYSTl· RY .1 ,F ILL:: \ DDFPARTML Tl'ORGET , IR PRLBLl GI· rsRID OF HIS WIF :. , I AKI' llLRP fl: DERLY . AND THES f CRET UF L OF WALTFRMITIY .Members of 1hc ca't areS i eveMoon7:30 pmSUB TheatreP tlmcr.usanKam p h ammer. Sally Storm.Sieve M1ddl csworth, JanetKeeler. Dchora h George, Kenl erry Roach. SteveBuch1.Bennel 1. (;crry Clark.and Dennis·Peten.onMILITARY OBLIGATION Gu ard 1s acce ptingThe Coastappltcat1ons for the SeptemberOCS class now . Apply ea rly to see1f you can qu alify. See th e Caree rPlacement Office. 242 Reid, for1nformat1on. c·memowmterplay director Jo,ep h C Fitchlll OR lAL\IC.HTflll·Poetess displaysA poetess who 1s also an avidK at hr ynphotographer,Qu1ck·"1cCullough, " d1Splay1nga collect10n of her pho togra phi ctalents a l MS uMrs. fcCull ough, wife of anLnghs h mstructor. ha s JS\I Sphotographs on VJew m thechool's library mner cou rtfh e collection range' fromabstract to reali. IIc. Most of t hepictureswereshotinIowa.where Mrs. \l cCull o ugh receivedher master of fine arts dcgrt:ethis \ummer from the Writers'Workshop at the University ofIowa 111 Iowa Ci1y., everal of I he pho1ogra pha re unusual prints of oldnegatives, 1n c lud111g glassncgat 1ves. The restca mcra work.1s origina IPoetry 1s Mrs. 1cCu llough'spnmary work. and s he haspub I 1 hed pieces in severalliterary me1gazinesfhe photographic ex h1b1t willbe on view through earlyDecember:J 1111111 II I I I I I I 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111lIII111 L!:1-ELLENIOZfMANTO.lStarts Tomorrowat 7:00 - 9:004 DAYS ONLYTWOSPI '\I I\ JAIL" an r '. :: : :Jir 1:: l : : l : s; : appear at the ShoestringHow does one get rid of one'swife? Simple. take JamesThurber's advice and tell herthere's a unicorn in the garden.maiorart'Showing at7 :30 and 9 :30StarringBruce DavisonKim Darby .\1A IE ·1 HOREA lJ.,"called by the ca'prese nted 111 the tudTheatre. February IFebruary 25-27. [Jacobsen. che:t1rmaniarts said that , . f"henew policy begmni1quarter will be to rundays, Thursday, FrSaturday o f consecut rA cqu ired fromPlaywrtght s The;dis! 'fororgamzauonworthy new plays tand cun1versttie .the atres, TllETHOR!' U SPl'ITa goodreflectcontemporary th ed1scnmmation, pollut'ew York crit iwarOppenheimer said o r""The man imprisone,more to the I 970's titage m w hi ch he hved. the smog before we vCast m principleDa\ld Sederholm . Gfilm & TV majorTho reau, John HoskuYork archnecture ma11Tho reau. Dave MaclntiF nghsh maior plays RaErner o n while Rh"n j unior theatre arts maj'role of Lydian. l:mersOther members ofinclude rran CalvDanfield . Jo hn P1-1 amuk, Jerry SmitPalmer. Llnd a Sec le'hend Leigh. Frank l ormon. Terry Roa1Johnston. and Bell} TProfc: or htch cothat "T Hl 1'.IGHT TlSPl::\11 I'\ J-\IL is a n:ne\\ pl:.ty a r:ontempo\\:ith J future \\e are itto t e among the 50 coumver 1tit"'"Jre 1thi.ltl llORL'Al., th1 year .li eWo uldtos1ror capartme111'acatio11 in the Boz erPlea e con 1ac 1 Bo b 7-7iVillage ImFree Beer cfDa ily 2-5 Take AdvanofHeidenChip ProgrOurPizza ToPhone 587-0i . ,806 N . 7tl

rr KN W .DO miles of skum growing11plast11.· ··drippy spoon holder'··SmollackYou will remainft.'\\Lstudent thJther Stephen or ae whoo buyht. r or his111hear! forever and will b1. though!of evt.'ry ume that person "lin Jnything. from chkkc:'n g:uml'o toalmostChri,1mas1sZUCCll11.\nether fJntast11.: item foryou to consider as a unique gift1s a ··double bristle bathtub ring.brush: · These handy Hems i.ITeavo11lable in a wide range ofcolors and size:-,.The brush sizes a re ava1labk1nd tmensions rhat are inaccordance w!l h just ho'' faryou want to bend down to sc rubyour bathtub.you have hea rtl ofle innovations inonsumer affairs for.,ho ha s everyt rung.coffee cups and r back scrntcher indance in notablete . oddto buyunique gift thatshould be the· of is a . drippyThis item comes with Jlifet11ne guarantee o r 50.000miles of bathtub ring scrubb111gor you will receive a lifetimec kitchen utensil isif you rentent. It prohibitsducts. that have, by a spoon fromiidue on your stoveunter.:iin someone will beChristmas morningshe wildly tears offcolored Christmasd viola! an orangemembers hip in Swedish Sauna cessit yBath Incorporated plus 17 sharesof the company stock.Whether , your . hard to buyfor"' friend or relative is youngor old he will be able to makevaluable use of these twopriceless gift items. MerryChristmas and may you andyours have an "un-drippy'" and"skum-free" holiday season.Mountain chairman electedJacobsen , chairman11rts at MSU, was. ' board of directorsjil Mountain 'fheatret the group's recent1 Peterson, Lewistown.Nola Goosey , Ind, to KevinFloerchinger , Ind.ancy Bickel, Ind , to R ichardMitc hell, Miles City.Diana Heltbo rg to RussellTauteLau ri e Dell Wood, Ind, toTerry E. Nugent, Delta Sig.Peggy Neuman, Ind, to RossIi . Fitzgera ld, Phi SigSusan Judisch, Ind , to RobertRivinoja, Phi SigUniversityinProvo.Jacobsen also served as an.Karen Rae Jo hannes, Ind. toJon T. Jo hnson US ArmyJ oe Barp vs . Hildega rdHam hock elBecky Nash, KAT. to RogerWoltermann, Ind.Kathy Johnson. Ind, to DavidYoungad"udicatorfor regiona lJcompetitio n of the AmericanCollege Theatre Festival,spon oredby the AmericanEducational Theatre Association(AETA). The competition washeld in conjunction with the17 o. T racyB 1ze manApples make you sterileEngagementsannual meeting, held at BrighamUtah.t i·NU'sho The Mo 11ranan ·s pe rfo rmed during las t night" s Madrigal dinn er.meeting.SpecialAll This Week-disc ussed.3tatcdi n forma t io n .Mrs.Ann Siebel,P.E.instr uctor.A ll ealth and Sex Ed ucatio nclass is being offered by t he P.E.department as a 480 Specia lTopics co u rse next quarter. T heneedforrelL.1 b le, ho nestinforma t ion abouth u ma nsexuality has been ever present.In add it ion to the biologicalneedin this class," said MrsEducationconsistsofaemphasizesopen d iscussio ns.I nformatio nJivi nga ndabo utfamilyother interpersonalrelations, standards of behavior,a nd social no r ms are included ." We are attempting to fill t hatSiebel.ilal tit ude development. T his canmost often be accomp lis hedthro ugh the group process inMrs. Siebel said that schoolsarein creasinglyaccepting t hec hall enge of sex education.Since, for the most part. thethorough understanding of thesuccessbiological processes inConct!ption 1birth.program is directly propQrtionalto ;he competance of theteacher involved.contraceptionsarcma n .a ndfu llyofasexeducatio nWig ClJiscount Co.Quality Wigs - at Discount PricesGiant Lorry. heese Burgers - LoadedFull Y2 lb. Good sex ed ucatio n can.and s hould. in fl uenct! behavior,"312 East Main StreetPhone: 587 -8073Phone 406/587-804385 for Christmas Gifts!Wig Discount Co . Introduces:The Villager"The Pussy Cat"a cross from Langford"- the new Shake & Wear Wig-Have a Cool YuleIl 1 ElectncalGIFT CERTIFiCA TESAppliancesC a n be Purch a sed inA n y Amoun t1 u tomatic. rlushes . . . . 9.95I ent, were 14.95Sun Mark . . 7.29Casco . . . 8 .95, 6 .95Battery Type.,lr unbeam.IJr . 10.95Sunbeam ElectricSlicing Knife . . 13.85S unbeam Frypan . . 15.95Get YourRe-Curl & ReconditionYour Old WigwithAny PurchaseService Pe rform e d Loca lly to ProvideYou w ith F ast e r S e rv iceMadeBefore ChristmasPrescription Specialistsi G1, w iuGCO:'ii'i"\I\. OLLEGE'IRPHONE 581 - sos&t OrMBOZEMAN, MONT.New Service to be Offered!FREEMini-Lifti&pBANKAMERICARD.at the LowPrice of Onlys500·Hours 8:30 a m to 6:00 p mMonday thru Saturday.1 . . . ,.Open Friday Evening 'til 9\JThru December 18th. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,. . . . . . . '!111, ,lllSJD.l:;"" - Ollll'!lltlTHE EXPONENT * * Tuesday, Dec. S, 1970 3MM/W·I

1·· TnJ.f"[email protected] ," . : : ,. ,".:. . .:!: :Start by communicationsYesterdayExponent '70. MSU '70.Many things have passed th rough and overour heads. Many things neither of us have seen,some things neither of us have cared to see.Because they hurt us too deeply .Because we cannot stand naked before ourfellow man , nor before ourselves. We cannotadmit that we are weak, and capable.Of failure. And of greatness.* " .We have tried . Expo startt?d with two issuesa week last spring, trying to communica te, thatwe all may see. A little farther, a little moredeeply.We have opened to you, havP. asked foryour life, your thoughts, your opinions.Some of you have helped us see. Some ofyou have turned out the light that we have triedto burn .* . * .We have seen a huge scar grow deeper, intobleeding wounds upon our campus' tenderbreast that suckled the trees , green reminders o fanother spring.For which we hope.When responding to life surging intheir students' veins, not new life sciencesbuildings are built, but life and science are builtby teachers and administrat ors.And students.Who share the responsibili ty of their owneducation . Who must take the responsibil ity ofWe have seen the passage of a 19 year-oldvote. We have sent a veteran back to the USS enate , as well as two not-so-vete ranrepresentati ves.Yet we have not involved ourselves in th eirlife , or in our life, which is the concern of theirlife.bobcat Freddy Fang, adequately taken care offor his' well being and personal comfort7 A n dmore important, do we honestly want a real livemasc btNTSof issue : Frank and Jan Wrighthave spearh eaded a drive for the bobcat'sliberation. They feel the cat is inadequate lycaged and fed, as well as unwanted. "Thissummer he didn't have water part of the time ,and when he did it was in a rusting tin can. Thiswinter his water has been frozen over most ofthe time. (This summer ) He looked more dismalevery week and sometimes it appeared asthough they were feeding him dog food ."The cat has been defanged and declawedwh ich hampers his dai ly consumptio n of meat,usually venison donated by students or the Fishand Game Departmen t. Maybe dog food has itsmerits.LACK 1NG enough room to run , Freddyhas to pace for exercise, though rumor has it, ittakes four hung-over Fangs to catch him beforea football game.DUR ING their inquest into the bobcatsituation, the Wrights rec ei ved a wide variety ofrhetoric." IT COULD get you into a heck of a lot o ftroubl e. You better not try it." threatenedGary Johnson , former president o f the Fangs." You could get your head cut off!" (ReallyGa ry isn't that just a littl e hot under thecollar7)DE AN HANSON offered this falsecomparison . " He's better off than he would bein the wild." The same suggestion was made bya Fish and Game warden .BOB THOMAS, president o f Fangs,repeated Hanson 's already popular answer andwent on to say the Fangs don 't want the catand would rather have the funds spent onFreddy for other uses. Then he added, ' Waituntil after Christmas."KELLY ADDY , ASMSU president, shedmost on the situation, " The cat is a pain in theFangs ' ass.'''We have seen deaths on our campuses. Andwe have said it can't happen here . Becausewe're good studen}s * * .cat organizatio n in Los Angeles idomestic breeding and humane tre.one call to the National Ocelot SoYork. Both of these groups referredto Mr . William Engler of New OrlearEngler is the most reputable cthe U.S. He stated that should th decide to dispose of the Bobcat, htor the air freight and arrangemen tscat sent to him.A STUDENT 'S opinion of ttwell being went like this, " On sorr'he yowls like he's dying-it's so cold.'DEAN HANSON 'S opinion we1" The bobcat never suffers at all.""The bobcat never suffers at all."CAMPUS CHARLIE had this t Ireally a good pet, I enjoy him .playful and just waits for me to pe1imorning. But you can't put that iricause I don't have anything to do wdoes.)FISH AND GAME Warden Mr." The cage is adequate in size but shden to get out of the weather. "A note might be made here ofRegul ations for Roadside Zoos orAmended January 13, 1970.They don't apply in any inieducationa l institutions .AN INTEREST ING point brocrthe issue is, who owns the bobcat? initially dedicated him to the uni11they still feed and care for him.interesting also to see who finally d0tFreddy and when.AN AN SWER to the questiohonestly want a real live bobcat, amongst the first steps taken . The Cl!!'in fact is going to be remodeled;bother if not enough people show anour mascot .LOV E him or leave him?IT MAY be a cold Christmas!By Wm. ElMethodist C1We have elected new student senators.We have won a basketball game.How much haven 't we done7And when will we have time for it?Next year .a new decade.Start by com mu nicat ing. Tomorrow.Merry Ch ristmas.fod·----------EXPON·--ENT ----···editorassoc. editornews editorcopy editormanaging editorsIwayne blnghamjohn dineenfrank dudascathy coreyloulse keoughken oorterreen1e scott, bob kaze, debble walck, carolpope, carey ma t ovlch, kathy 11nse, patcowge r , ·dick Clawson, sue gardner, barbconltz, dlana dunlap, lorna loeffler, Ken rice.bob smith, dan rasrr.ussen, Joe erlckson.m\che11e, gary tsc ha che, cliff edwardsken slaterbobthomson,peterfrelvalds ,terryschumackergeorge kllnkema ry Schmidtgary gullicson, mike kllnkewritersph oto editorphotogra p hersbusiness managerasst. business ma nagersa les m en·TheExpone n tIsanI ndepe nd ent,student -writtenandstu den t -managed newspaper at Montana State University,Bozeman .The opinions expressed herei n are not necessa rily thoseof theUn iversity o r t he st ud ent body . Published twice weeklyexceptholidays an d final week during the school year by theAssoc iatedStu d ents of Montana Sta t e Un i ve rsity . Known office ofpublica t iont he Exponent, Student Union Building, Montana StateUniversity'.Bozeman , Mont.ana 59715. Ed i torial, business phone 587-3121,ext.333. Subscription rates, second class p ostage paid atB o zeman,Mon t ana, to any point within the United States and Itspossessionsat S6 per college year .GALLATIN COUNTY TRIBUNE4"-1-1 - T E EX PO N,ENT Tuesday. D ec. . 1970The truth of the Christmas event is notbound to the tradtl1onal story in the SynopticGospels. The story can and has been told inmany other ways. Let me share one of theseways with Exponent readers.During World War II a group of Germa nChristians were prisoners of war in Russia. Asthe time for Chnstmas approached thoughtsnaturally turned toward home, to loved onesand to remembran ces of Christmase s of thepast.As the Advent season came the men beganlo decorate their bare barrack prison with bitsof evergreen. Permission was sought andgranted for small groups to go outside the campto gather trees and boughs.Then a committee approached the prisonauthont1es with a request to have a Christ masprogram The request was granted on conditionthat the sermon be submilled first for finalapproval.With enthusiasm the men set to workplanning a service and making a crude worshipcenter. Finally two days before Chnstmas theword came that the sermon had not beenapproved because it told of J es us C hrist as theSon of God and since this was o nl y a myth itwas therefore not true Any such words as GodJesus, Christ , etc. would have to be left o ut.'All the decoration became mockery a ndonly e mpha 1zed their loneliness . Separationfrom home a nd reiatives was height e ned by thev1s1b le symbols without the Word of God whichga ve meaning to it all and bridged the gap ofmiles.Finally Christmas Eve arrived. The progra mo pened with a few carol-. Sung hesitantly alftrst , not knowing what the guard wo uld do.But as no o ppositio n was raised the singingbecame more SUIC.The Lord 's Prayer was prayed .'memo ry the Christ mas acco unt ftChapter I, was recited by four yourThen at the time for the sermoGerman pastor , Erich Dinkier, aroseof telling the Christmas storyment:oning the words of God , Jesus,His sermon went somet hing like tOnce a man was wandering aforest searching for his way home. IIand a snow storm was raging . Awandered about the ma n stumbledfell or bumped into trees. Just as heto give it all up and sit down a lightand said, " I am faith. Follow me.'light moved off into the darkness aronly a tiny flow to lead the mafollowed the light. But it was still datlight was only a little light and sostumbled and fell and bumped on . Fas he was about to give up again a seappeared and said, " I am hope. "FoThis light moved off into the darkntthe other light a nd now the manguides. But even these two lights lighten the darkness and so his strtlittle better than before. Again he tllgiving up.Suddenly there was a great tr flash of light and a voice said. " I 'follow me." And so the man folio now he had a much better guide th but even this light didn't illumine thetsufficiently t hat t he man didn't st n 1fall. But this time as he followedother men wandering , following theLove also and as they stumbled andhelped one anot her to regain foot inmove o n through t he dark ne

An Open LetterTo Mike Yea2er:Your leltcrOccem berI.What means this, letter?I.mtheTuesday.1970 issue of theExponenl was well tuned :ind Jlsobrought up an issue which none ofthe other senatorial candidatesthought to use. for thi" 1 \inccrclycompliment you.Bui, I think that you nw scd themost import:rnt features of the"'Foods Proposal '' which was rc-l'Cntlypassed by the SUB board. The features arc: nate! we hear the same oldr;: ody knows what'sJstudcnt government,Wh y yes, of course. it'sity of the people in1lution is 10 get rid ofs. You know the kindhy, they're all outmg our cam pus .s on all 100 numerousTh eypromised'revision and haven'tJr claims.s them a bunch ofupportunists. politicalall the same. Believeit outside of it all andthe answers, all thend all the ridiculoushake, bccau;,e I 'm notke a great armchairon't 11 ." It kindon wonder doesn't it?c:ing as one of thosecreatures you voted, there arc no easypt the blame for ant.lent government? Theo. Is constitutionalwhole answer?It it. Reason: student1 any cam pus has noexist under Montana1xistence only through·him of the board ofu want a powerfuldon't blame yourem men t primarily. the system whichbe a rather ghostly,ture .e legislature is thecan we do to aJ terming use of studentMCIIivanThcproccdun:s.prict .:;,andalloperatingolher issue"co111:crnme Student Union operatingpolit.:y. '' II b(' deti.·nnincd by riteSUB boJrd, not thl.' on-c1mpus livingdcpart111cnt .2. In order to avert lossc . thi:01H.:ampus living dcpar1mcnt will befoKcd to serve food whid1 is as goodor belier than the. food now served inthe Student Union Cafeteria.In other words. the StudentUnion is now competitive with theneeds aid! ! !fees? Just lei this student governmenttry to cut our athletic budget forinstance. and watch the fireworksexplode in Helena and Montana Hall .This then. is where the problemlies in the view of one person. We areineffective largely due to a studentbody which only arouses itself whenfaced with controvenial issues likethe allowance of funds for a KentLegal Fund.The body isn't nroused at thepossibtlHy of attempting to changethe system at the level where it willdo any good - state law.We have a new senate now, and1'm sure we 'IJ be concerned againwith the pressing issues of our timefood quality, and the campus phonenetwork . These senators arewell-intentioned and reasonablycapable individuals.For the most part we're probablynot any more capable than you, butwe're by no means less capable. Wearc working on your behalf as best aswe are able to aSl·crtain what it is thisstudent body needs.Change will come. but they taketune. Criticism is indeed welcome,desired. and mo.st bcnclil'i;1I.However. I for one rcful'C to acceptcriticism unJco;s it b: at leastintelligent. Our pledge is to do thebest that we can do under the ratherfrustrating: circumstances in which wemust operate.I feel that student government h:1.sthe right to c\pect intelligent aid andresponsive involvement from boththose who so vocally criticize ourrather shaky ill.\titution nnd lho'\Cwho don't even bother to criticize.We sure as hell can't change thingsat the top if we can 't get atd inworking at the bouom.Sen. Mike LawlorJr . Historyany building. whether it is adormitory, a c lass room , or theStudent Union Building, are retiredas a whole.In other words, the monies thatgo to retire the bonds against RoskieHall also help to retire the bonds:igainst th e Student Union Building,and vice-versa.I since r ely appreciate yourconcern about the quality of foodserved in th e Student UnionCafe ter ia. I a lso s1nccrcly hope thatyou :ire re-elected 10 student senatebccuause I fee l you seriously considerthe interests of the majority of the'i ludcnts.Sincerely.Russ EricksonStudent Director. SUBdin('rs. cafes. and restaurants ofBozeman and will have to remainthat way in orde r to even break even.Because of th e basic differencesbetween dormitory cafelerias and theStudent Union Cafeteria. the SUBCafeteria must se ll food with appetiteappea l instc;1 d of being obliged toservr nourshing. vitamin-packed, nndusiwlly rotten ta sting food like th edormitory dwellers are nowe\pericndng.In rcfercnn· to your statementcom:erning t he retirement of bondson the do rmiloril'S by using profits!!k;rncd from the operation of theStudent Union C:1foteria. all I can sayi th;1t you aren't doing yourhomework as an architecture major.All of the bond., . old at MSU forNot me, baby!To the 1.-d ilorcDo NOT "'"d ANY of my fundsto Kcnl St llc Univcr ity .Those who wis h to send mont.!yshould end it from thei r person.i ifunds.Only a few on campus are t ryingto make lhe re11t of the studen ts payfor thi weird idea.Cleo ButlerSenior, NsgDudas, a pointed head?To the Fdirors.The editorial Mr. Duda' wroteabout Zabri sk ie Po int w indeed -;adSad in the idea that you didn'tundcr,tand a thing you Wl'rc lookingat.You made the mist;ike of going toLets taste the student firstWhat do 8,000 students taste like?To the Editors,We, as students within thisinstitution, have little enough meansfor expression or control over ourcollective affairs. indeed, it seemsthat many things are decided for usin dark little rooms by people withno names.It has come to the attention ofthe undersigned arch i tccturaJstudents that KGLT, that great"student owned and operated'' radiostation has fallen to those ··powersthat be."As we understand it, somedecisions have been made abou t theprogramming content which willreduce KGLT to a KllM or KXXLthose wonderful. wonderfulWclkian. pablum spewing. nag wavingrad10 stations.It seems that the "Underground''varieties of music will eventually beeliminated along with the D.J.s \\hoplayed them .We spend a great deal of time onthe 4th Door of Reid Hall and weoften listen to KGLT - at least weused lo. How is it possible that a fewindividuals can determine the taste of8.000 \tudents and ;.issume that wearc all 40 and older'!Robert IV. KellyJay KirbyDaryl I te . k111G. WhirryGary MJTtinDaniel A. ObermeyerG.C. Fro,tCorbm Ro -.Richard LohmullcrRobert ewlwll1 ·-------------------tBOOKS· ilrnt Ntg4t.3Rnly Ntg4f'hotothe movie w!lh what you assumed tobe an open nund , (:1t bast I a1 sumcthat you went with an open mind)then lcttmg your nuddle class idealstake over.A' for Antonioni. he is a fine:trthl. I would feel o;afe m c;tatmg thatAntoniom has been developing hisparticular form of art for more yearsth;.in you h 1vc been on this earth.What is deprc,smg is when"omconc viewing a film such a this iseither not soph1 . ticatcd enough toundcrstnnd it or i toonarrow-minded.Su mn Murphyl'r.,A rtHinky DinkyCollegeSurvival UnitBRITISH RACING GREENIs HeavyTrl1 p SpitfireTR-6GT6 MGBMGB/GTJag11rOUR CARS ARE ENGLISHEast Main So are Th Beatles, Th Sto11s,tan's Exclusive1oto Storea1d Th Mary PopplH Q11rtet . p/ete Photo' ''\\1/)\1 y Service oning , both B&Wnd ColorMAKE PERFECTGlfTSMSU Bookstore, Inc.CHECK OUR SCENE at thSPORTS CAR CENTERNext to Western Volkswagen617 10th Ave. So .Great Falls - 452-6481 & 451 -2331literature Available Of! RequesttliE'. !EXPONEN'f' Tuesday, tiet. 8, i9fo-5

AEC Questionnaire3. Ju niorstudents ratefaculty 1n classes4. Senior2. SophomoreI. FreshmanGPA3.504. 3.013. 2.50 3.00I. 0 .00 - 1.902. 1.91 - 2.50The grade you think you will receive:1. A2. B3. C4. DHow many hours per week do you spend preparing ror this class?I. 0-1 hours2. 1-2 hours3. 2-4 hours4. 4-6 hoursGlorietta Sth well and thriv5. Graduate5. 3.504 .005. FThere have been rumors inrecent months to the effect thatthe Glorietta School which wasHow well does the professor express a consistent and earnest interest in teaching the course?)to be established near Santa FeI. (very well) (very/oorlyby former MSU instructors JayHow we

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