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Introduction to AdvertisingChapter 1Part One:Foundations Part 1 provides the ‘bigpicture of advertising’ Examines advertisingand marketing and theirplace in societyChapter OutlineI. Chapter Key PointsII. What is Advertising?III. Roles and Functions of AdvertisingIV. The Key PlayersV. Types of AdvertisingVI. What Makes an Ad Effective?VII. The Evolution of AdvertisingVIII.The Current Advertising Scene1

Key Points Define advertising and explain its keycomponents Discuss the roles and functions of advertisingwithin society and business Identify the key players and their roles increating advertising Explain the different types of advertising Summarize the characteristics of effectiveadvertising and explain why it is always goaldirected Analyze the changes affecting the advertisingindustryThe Mandate for EffectivenessVisit theSiteDefining Modern Advertising Paid persuasivecommunication Uses nonpersonalmass media toreach broadaudiences Connects anidentified sponsorwith a targetaudience2

Five Basic Components1. communicationSponsor is identifiedTries to persuade or influenceReaches large audienceConveyed through impersonal massmediaKey Concepts of AdvertisingFigure 1.1Strategy The logic and planning behind the ad that give itdirection and focus Advertisers develop ads to meet objectives Advertisers direct ads toidentified audiences Advertisers createmessages that speak tothe audience’s concerns Advertisers run ads inthe most effective mediato reach the audience3

Succeeding Through StrategyVisit theSiteCreative Idea The central idea thatgrabs the consumer’sattention Creativity drives theentire field ofadvertisingExecution Effective ads adhereto the highestproduction values inthe industry Clients demand thebest production thebudget allows4

Media Communication channelsthat reach a broadaudience How to deliver themessage is just asimportant as coming upwith the creative idea ofthe messageThe Marketing ixBrandVideo SnippetDunkin’ Donuts explainsits marketing philosophyThe Communication RoleStrengths of Advertising as a Marketing TechniqueStrengthsExamplesCan reach a massaudienceA commercial on the Super Bowlreaches 150 million consumersIntroduces productsWindows 98 was simultaneouslyintroduced in multiple world marketsExplains importantchangesMTN Cellular’s ads explain changes inits technologyReminds and reinforcesPepsi-Cola has been advertisingcontinuously over the last 50 yearsPersuadesNike campaigns have helped increasesales by 300% during the last decadeTable 1.15

The Economic RoleAdvertising decreases the likelihood that aconsumer will switch to an alternate productregardless of priceAdvertising is a means to objectively provideprice-value information, creating a morerational economyThe Societal RoleInforms consumers about innovations and issuesMirrors fashion and design trendsTeaches consumers about new productsHelps shape consumer self-imagePerpetuates self-expressionThe Functions of Advertising Builds awareness of products andbrands Creates a brand image Provides product and brand information Persuades people Provides incentives to take action Provides brand reminders Reinforces past purchases and brandexperiences6

Key Players: Advertiser Uses advertising tosend out a messageabout its products Initiates effort byidentifying a problemthat advertising cansolve Approves audience,plan and budget Hires the agencyKey Players: AdvertiserBiggest U.S. Advertisers in Terms of Categories1.2.3.AutomotiveRetailMovies, media, andadvertising4. Food, beverages, andconfectionery5. Medicines and proprietaryremedies6. Financial services7. Telecommunications8. Toiletries, cosmetics, andpersonal care9. Airline travel, hotels, andresorts10. Restaurants11. Direct-response companies12. Home-furnishings,appliances, supplies13. Insurance and real estate14. Computers, software,Internet15. Government, politics, andorganizations16. Apparel17. Beer, wine, and liquor18. Audio and video equipmentand supplies19. Sporting goods, toys, andgames20. Entertainment and eventsTable 1.2Key Players:Agency Has strategic andcreative expertise,media knowledge,workforce talentand negotiatingabilitiesFigure 1.27

Key Players: Media Channels of communication that carry the message to theaudience Are also companies or huge conglomerates Cost effective because the costs are spread over a large number ofpeopleVisitthe SiteKey Players: Supplier Assist advertisers, agencies and the media in creatingand placing the ads Vendor services are often cheaper than those in-houseKey Players: Target Audience The desired audience for the advertisingmessage Data-gathering technology improvesaccuracy of information about customers Advertisers must recognize the varioustarget audiences they are talking to andknow as much about them as possible8

Types of Advertising Brand advertising Retail or Local advertising Direct-Responseadvertising Business-to-Businessadvertising Institutional advertising Nonprofit advertising Public Service advertisingWhat Makes an Ad Effective?1. If it creates animpression for aproduct or brand2. If it influencespeople to respond3. If it separates theproduct or brandfrom thecompetitionPepsi: It’It’s the Cola (and it’it’s effective)Visit theSite9

Award Shows Award Shows EFFIES, AME, IPA– Judge effectiveness CLIOS, One Show,Cannes– Judge creative ideas Not all award-winingads are effectiveVisit the site – www.clioawards.comThe Evolution of AdvertisingFigure 1.3The Evolution of AdvertisingFigure 1.3 continued10

The Evolution of AdvertisingFigure 1.3 concludedThe Current Advertising Scene:Expanded View Electronicmedia arechangingthe medialandscapeVisit theSiteThe Current Advertising Scene:Integrated Marketing Communication Unifying allmarketingcommunication toolsso they send aconsistent, persuasivemessage11

The Current Advertising Scene:Globalization Advertisers aremoving intoglobal markets Agencies areforming hugemultinationaloperationsVisit theSite12

Creative Idea The central idea that grabs the consumer’s attention Creativity drives the entire field of advertising Execution Effective ads adhere . The Evolution of Advertising Figure 1.3 continued. 11 The Evolution of Advertising Figure 1.3 concluded The Curre

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the advertising is placed, the language of the advertising, and the release date identified in the advertising. Advertising that is intended for international audiences may nonetheless be subject to these Rules if, in the opinion of the senior executive of the Advertising Administration, the advertising is being made available to a significant

the impact of online advertising on consumer buying behaviour increased any other forms of advertising. Keywords: Advertising, Consumer buying behaviour, Internet, Online advertising. 1. INTRODUCTION Online Advertising may be a kind of offering and promoting that uses the web to convey promotional selling messages to customers.

What is Salesforce Advertising Studio? Advertising Studio is Salesforce Marketing Cloud's enterprise solution to digital advertising. Drive real business results and manage your advertising campaigns at scale with Advertising Studio Campaigns. In addition, unlock your CRM data in Salesforce to securely and powerfully reach your customers,

the TfL advertising estate, one of the most valuable out-of-home advertising networks in the world. It has a particular focus on the . implementation of the TfL Advertising Policy, which sets out criteria for the acceptance of advertising on the estate and covers the types of advertising we run and the complaints received and resolved.

Advertising & Promotion: George E.Belch,THM Advertising and Promotion- An Integrated Marketing Communication approach, Shimp, Cengage References: Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications, Clow, Baack, Pearson. Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications,Kruti shah, Alon D’Souza,

unit overview vocabulary Advertising media and methods reading A new kind of campaign listening How advertising works language review Articles skills Starting and structuring presentations case study Alpha Advertising ‘Advertising isn’t a science. It’s persuasion, and persuasion is an art.

Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary Actuarial Science Professor x 43-9111 Statistical Assistants Actuary Clerk 29-1199 . 11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Director x 27-3041 Editors Advertising Editor x 11-2011 Advertising and Promotions Managers Advertising Executive x

Digital out of Home (DOOH) advertising started to increase its share of the digital advertising market. Revenues increased 116% in 2017 compared to 2016, resulting in DOOH realizing a market share of more than 16% out of home advertising. Programmatic Advertising Display ads sold via programmatic

It includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM)1, social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising. Like other advertising media, online advertising frequently involves both a publisher, who integrates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser, who .

Advertising Works a helpful guide to getting the most from advertising in the medium. This report is a synthesis of the large body of existing research which demonstrates how readers use magazines, how the advertising within them works, and that magazine advertising sells products.

Advertising : any form of commercial advertising, marketing campaigns or events designed to promote the goods and/or services of a company or brand, including social media, paid -for advertising ( such as press adverts, billboards and television and radio adverts), direct advertising, PR, product promotion, lending or gifting of

Ethnicity in Advertising'. These latest findings show that the UK advertising industry has improved. The proportion of B.A.M.E. people in advertising has doubled, however only a small proportion of adverts feature people from ethnic minorities in lead roles. Our Ethnicity in Advertising report is a fascinating read and provides insight

Lamar Advertising x x Casper-Riverton, WY (197) EYE x Lamar Advertising x x Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City & Dubuque, IA (93) EYE x Lamar Advertising x x NCM x ZOOM x Champaign & Springfield-Decatur, IL (85) Adams Outdoor x x EYE x Lamar Advertising x

frequent experiments (on advertising copy, targeting techniques, etc.) in order to measure direct-response effects by consumers. In this study, we address brand advertising, where the expected effects have to do with longer-term consumer goodwill rather than direct responses. In this field, advertising's effects are much less well understood.

work/products (Beading, Candles, Carving, Food Products, Soap, Weaving, etc.) ⃝I understand that if my work contains Indigenous visual representation that it is a reflection of the Indigenous culture of my native region. ⃝To the best of my knowledge, my work/products fall within Craft Council standards and expectations with respect to

Mobile advertising helps developers of mobile apps obtain revenue without directly charging users. Therefore, advertising is a key component of the mobile app ecosys-tem. Mobile advertising is typically integrated into mobile apps via an advertising library or SDK (AdSDK), which fetches and displays mobile ads while the app is running.

To know the principles and steps of layout in Advertising To understand the role of layout and design in Advertising To discuss the appeals of an Advertisement To learn the principles of good Advertising To understand the importance of Regulation of an Advertisement 1.1 INTRODUCTION Ediτεδ ω ith the trial version of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor

Advertisement supplements personal selling to a great extent. Advertising has acquired great importance in the modern world where tough competition in the market and fast changes in technology, we find fashion and taste in the customers. 1.2 DEFINITIONS OF ADVERTISING 1. American Marketing Association has defined advertising as "any

Mobile measurement, Mobile advertising 1 INTRODUCTION . To leverage the opportunities of advertising-based measure-ment, we have developed a system called Advertising as a Platform (AaaP), which places ads on mobile devices and can measure a wide . location information, under numbers 2016-3112 and 2016-3141. Ob-

IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Editors FORSYTH & PONCE Computer Vision: A Modern Approach GRAHAM ANSI Common Lisp JURAFSKY & MARTIN Speech and Language Processing, 2nd ed. NEAPOLITAN Learning Bayesian Networks RUSSELL & NORVIG Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd ed. Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach Third Edition Stuart J. Russell and Peter .