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The Neon PuebloTucson’s mid-century vintage advertisingThe Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation(THPF) has worked to document, study andpreserve Tucson’s unique, eclectic mid-twentiethcentury neon signs. As part of this initiative, THPFhas restored a collection of these classic signs,salvaged over the last decade by individuals whoforesaw their historic value. The signs have beenreinstalled in partnership with Pima CommunityCollege along West Drachman Street betweenOracle Road and Stone Avenue, once part of thehistoric alignment of US Routes 80 and 89 andArizona Route 84, which ran through the middleof Tucson.In 2010, THPF was awarded a grant from theArizona Humanities Council to develop this guideto illuminate our favorites of this flickering andhumming resource.For decades, the City of Tucson Sign Codeoutlawed these neon creations. Many colorfuldynamic nocturnal landmarks disappearedfrom our arterial streets and historic highways,and continue to vanish at an alarming rate. Ina multiyear initiative, the Tucson-Pima CountyHistorical Commission, the City of TucsonHistoric Preservation Office, the Citizen SignCode Committee, and the Sign Code Divisionworked together to draft sign code revisions thatencourage the retention and preservation of theseunique assets.The Tucson City Council unanimously voted toamend the code in June, 2011. It is now possiblefor vintage signs to be reborn, restored, and reerected to delight visitors and locals, and keepalive a part of Tucson’s colorful history.

About the Historic Landmark Sign Preservation ProgramIn 2011, the City of Tucson’s Historic Landmark Signs Preservation Program was created to encouragevoluntary preservation of historically significant older signs, which are often larger than what is allowedby Tucson’s Sign Code. Signs that meet the criteria may be designated as Historic Landmark Signs,allowing them to be repaired, restored, adaptively reused, and even relocated. Designated signs maybe exempted from a business’s sign allowance.Learn more online at or by calling 520-837-6965.

Broadway BlvdSwan Rd2110HISTORIC80 8926292827HISTORIC89BensonAjo Way29th St36th StHwyCountry Club Rd25nBensoIrvington Rd10BensonyHwPark Ave30HISTORIC8030Palo Verde RdHwyTucson Blvd1. Ghost Ranch Lodge2. Riviera Motor Lodge3. SunLand Motel4. Monterey Court5. Tiki Motel6. Quail Inn7. La Siesta Motel8. Sparkle Cleaners 199. Frontier Motel10. Tucson Inn11. Medina’s Sporting Goods12. Tropicana Motor Hotel13. Magic Carpet Golf14. Canyon state/arizonan15. Flamingo Hotel16. Sahara Motor Inn17. Pat’s Chili Dogs18. Caruso’s19. Hotel Congress20. Empire & The Buffet21. Lucky Wishbone22. Pueblo Hotel23. Downtown Motor Hotel24. Alamo Apartments25. Valencia Market26. T&T Market27. Arizona Motel28. Sue’s Fish29. Cross Roads Drive Inn30. Western MotelColumbus Blvd

8489HISTORIC802 3 4Miracle Mile15HISTORIC80 89671820Drachman St1914th St2289 10 11-14 1516HISTORIC80 89Congress StCushing St23tioaAvinPGlenn StGrant RdSpeedway Blvd6th St9th Sty22nd St21Broadway Blvdkw244th Ave10St Mary’s RdN1st Ave6th AveEuclid AveStone AveStone AveOracle RdMain AveFairview AveStarr Pass Blvd10th Ave17Grande Ave

25733 S. Stone Ave.Alamo ApartmentsThe Alamo Apartments are located at the “FivePoints” intersection, the southern gateway todowntown on the historic alignment of US Routes80 and 89. Frank and Elizabeth LaMar built“The Alamo” in 1937 with the vertical projectingsign designed by Isadore Posner, one ofTucson’s neon artists who was active from 1934onwards. Isadore was the son of Philip Posner,who established Tucson’s first sign paintingenterprise in 1913.The sign includes flat block, single- and doubletube letters and a neon “office” arrow pointingto the Stone Avenue entrance. The sign wasrestored in 2008 by Addisigns when thePrimavera Foundation restored the building.

281746 S. 6th Ave.Arizona MotelOn the historic alignment of US Routes 80 and 89, the Arizona Motel was opened in 1930 by the Yuntfamily. Along with a trailer court, the large sign was added in 1939. The sign originally read “ArizonaTourist Court” but was reconfigured over time. The southwestern Art Deco flavor remains emblematicof historic South 6th Avenue andthe transcontinentalhighway.The sign featuresdouble-tube red neonover white paintedflat block lettersand a white singletube outline witha sunburst on top.The background ispalo verde green.

14W. Drachman St.Canyon State Motor Lodge / Arizonan MotelThe large pole-mounted sign in the shape of Arizona wasoriginally located at 437 Casa Grande Highway, AZ Route84 (today’s “Miracle Mile”). The sign was constructed in1951 for the Canyon State Motor Lodge. The motel wasrenamed the Arizonan Motel in the 1970s.The sign includes a single-tube outline, single-tube flat cursiveand block lettering. The sign was torn down in 2010 butsaved by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation. It wasrestored in 2011 by Cook and Co. Signmakers and installedon the downtown campus of Pima Community Collegefeaturing both the 1951 and 1970s design configurations.The original side of the Entrance arrow advertises “Panel RayHeat,” evidence of an earlier time when heating and coolingwere not taken for granted.

19434 N. 4th Ave.Caruso’sCaruso’s, Arizona’s oldest Italian restaurant,opened at its current location in 1939.The pole-mounted, painted steel sign with flat,single-tube cursive, block and italic letters datesto the mid-twentieth century. Art deco featuresinclude a stylized chef sporting a classic toque,black handlebar mustache, and white aprondelineated in neon. The portly chef holdsa plate of neon spaghetti whose flashingsequence creates fork and pasta movement.

302602 S. 4th Ave.Cross Roads Drive InnThe 1951 irregular shaped pole-mounted CrossRoads sign has single-tube neon. The signincludes three distinct elements: the “CrossRoads” name on a red square background,the yellow arrow listing restaurant specialties:“Chicken, Shrimp, Beer,” and a foaming beermug topping the sign. This restaurant continuesin operation, albeit without drive-in service.

24383 S. Stone Ave.Downtown Motor HotelThis motel was advertised as “The OnlyMotor Hotel in the Heart of the City.” Theoriginal pole-mounted neon sign wasreplaced by the current sign around 1953.The background of the enamel and neonsign is painted with stylized wood grain.Above this is an open steel lattice encasingan array of vertical squiggly bands and anoutline, all in yellow neon. In neon tubing,the word “Downtown” is in a single-tubecursive font, “Motor Hotel” is in a moderne sansserif font, and “air conditioned” is in simple blockletters. A neon AAA badge is also applied to thefaux wooden backdrop.

21526 - 538 E. 9th St.Empire & The BuffetThe roof-mounted Empire Market sign evokesthe Empire State Building in both name andstreamline style, featuring single-tube flat blockletters with eleven embedded vertical neonbands and two floating horizontal bands oneach side of the structure.The building was originally “Joe W. Tang’sMarket,” renamed “Empire Foods” around1957, the second location of this local chain.The sign is integral to the building’s simple artdeco architecture.

The Buffet wasestablished in 1934,its name inspired by thebuffet car on America’searly twentieth centurypassenger trains. Apainted streamlinedlocomotive andtrain cars, similarin design to thepopular SunsetLimited that ran throughTucson, forms an angularboomerang shape along theedge of the sign.The projecting blade sign includes flat singletube italic and block letters and an orange neonoutline.

161300 N. Stone Ave.Flamingo HotelThe Tucson Flamingo Hotel, designed by LloydT. Willams & Associates of Phoenix with notedTucson architect Anne J. Rysdale consulting,opened on 24 January 1954. The monumentalvertical pylon-mount neon sign was built in 1963by Zeon Signs Electrical Products and featurespink single-tube cursive channel letters and fivesingle-tube blue neon truncated ellipses, eachconnecting to a plastic letter spelling “hotel.”The sign exemplifies Space Age design,influenced by cultural developments beginningwith the launch of Sputnik I, the first artificialEarth satellite, in 1957. Other channel letterand porcelain neon signs previously adornedthe building, but have been removed.

10227 W. Drachman St.Frontier MotelMr. and Mrs. Charles Paul opened the PioneerMotel in September of 1941. They renamed itFrontier Motel and sold it to Mr. and Mrs. LouisBarrasso in 1943.The 1943 neon double-sided sign is designedin a “frontier revival” style emulating an oldwood western motif with boxy flat block,single-tube neon letters and a white neonoutline. “Frontier” is yellow; “Motel” is red;“Air Conditioned” is italicized and green;“By Refrigeration” is white.

1801 W. Miracle MileGhost Ranch LodgeJosias Joesler designed the original buildings ofGhost Ranch Lodge which opened in 1941. Thelodge was purchased in 1942 by Arthur andPhoebe Pack. Pack was a founder of the ArizonaSonora Desert Museum and owner of the famedGhost Ranch in New Mexico. The sign wasconstructed in 1952; American Modernist painterGeorgia O’Keefe designed the iconic cow skull asa wedding gift to the Packs.The sign features stylized Western channel letterswith white double-tube neon, and a neon triangleoutlining the cow skull. The lower half of the signwas altered to include the word “Restaurant”sometime after 1958.Originally mounted on a single pole on theeastern edge of the motor court, the sign hasbeen relocated twice and continues to front theoriginal property, which is now senior housing.The property and sign were restored by AtlanticDevelopment and Investments, Inc. in 2010, andreceived the “Preservation Honor Award” from theNational Trust for Historic Preservation, one of thenation’s highest honors for historic properties.

20311 E. Congress St.Hotel CongressThe landmark Hotel Congress was designed byarchitect William Curlett, and built in 1919. In1934, a fire destroyed the third story, leading tothe only capture of John Dillinger, Public EnemyNumber One. Architect Roy Place remodeledthe building; the steel-framed billboard roof signwas added around 1940.The open roof structure consists of a framework ofangle iron upon which two lines of individual steelblock letters are mounted, outlined with single-tubered neon. The Hotel Congress sign is an icon ofthe city. The hotel also features other interior andexterior historic neon details.

81602 N. Oracle Rd.La Siesta MotelThe La Siesta Motel retains two original polemounted neon signs commissioned in 1940by owner-operator Fanny Weiner. The largeLa Siesta Motel sign includes single-tube blockand cursive neon in red, green and blue andincludes two iconographic stereotypical profileimages of a sleeping Mexican with sombreroand serape outlined in yellow neon.A painted steel box representing a saguaroencloses the pole and extends above the top ofthe sign to create an archetypical advertisingimage of the southwest. The smaller office signof single-tube neon repeats the “rancho” motif.

2310 N. Swan Rd.Lucky WishboneLucky Wishbone opened as Tucson’s first “fastfood” restaurant in the summer of 1953 onSouth 6th Avenue and quickly expanded to otherlocations. The Swan Road location was designedand constructed by Jay E. Fuller ConstructionCo. in 1957 and redesigned by Clyde Cook in1969.The neon sign, built by Arizona Neon, includesflashing, radiating irregular neon stars with acentral, strobe-like incandescent flash. The signhas become synonymous with the local chainand is a Broadway Boulevard landmark.

13W. Drachman St.Magic Carpet GolfThis sign originallyfronted the MagicCarpet miniaturegolf course at 6125East Speedway.Commissioned by LeeKoplin in 1971, the largescale of the sign and use of decorated plastic reflects signmaking trends toward the end of the postWorld War II era. The pole emulates the shape of a golf tee, with the word “Golf” in the ball, uponwhich a curved panel reads “Magic Carpet.” A back-lit plastic genie, inspired by the Joyva Candylogo, rides a carpet atop the sign.The sign originally featured chasing and flashing incandescent light bulbs, but was re-configured withblinking neon. Chapman Automotive purchased the property for redevelopment and donated the signto the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation in 2009. The sign was restored in 2012 by Addisigns,its original fabricator.

11W. Drachman St.Medina’s Sporting GoodsDesigned and fabricated by Zeon SignsElectrical Products in 1956, the Medina’ssign was originally mounted on the roof at1047 Main Avenue next door to the Zeonplant. Zeon Signs was established in 1912and opened a Tucson office in 1953. Thecompany was responsible for many ofTucson’s most memorable and eclecticsigns including the Indian Village TradingPost Hoop Dancer, Green Lantern/Ye OldLantern, and the Flamingo Hotel.The simple Medina’s design embodies aclassic 1950s industrial motif and contains flat single-tube cursive and block letters.In 2009 the building was demolished and the sign was rescued by the Tucson HistoricPreservation Foundation. The sign was restored by Cook and Co. Signmakers in 2011.

4505 W. Miracle MileMonterey CourtEstablished as the Monterey Court in the late1930s, the name was changed by the early1940s under the ownership of Mike and MargeOpels to the more contemporary “MontereyMotel.” The pole-mounted sign was installedapproximately 20 feet east of its currentlocation. The typography of the sign used asingle large “M” for both Monterey and Motel.In 2011, Cook and Co. Signmakersrefurbished the sign when the property wasadaptively renovated into arts-related retail.The text was changed to “Monterey Court,” inhomage to the property’s original name. Stopin and experience a vintage motor court whilevisiting the local shops and galleries.

181202 W. Niagara St.Pat s’ Chili DogsPat Patterson began his chili dogs and fries careerat East Speedway near Alvernon in the 1950s,then moved downtown to the corner of Congressand Church. He opened another location at South6th Avenue and East Ajo Way before openingthe surviving location on Grande just south ofSpeedway in 1962.The Pat’s sign was designed and constructed in1962 by the ABCO Sign Company. It featuresthree dimensional red Plexiglas letters encircledby four flashing neon bands recessed in a metalraceway. The drive-in restaurant was designedby Edgar Adams Hollman and continues to servetheir famous chili dogs.

22145 S. 6th Ave.Pueblo Hotel and ApartmentsThe Willard Hotel (1902-1904) was commissioned byWillard Wright and designed in the Spanish Revival styleby Architect Henry C. Trost. In 1948 the property wasrenamed the Pueblo Hotel and Apartments. The landmarksign was manufactured in two phases with “Pueblo Hotel andApartments” initially. The swimming pool text, and diver wereadded in 1955 when the pool was installed.The sign is a local icon; the diving beauty has been poised onher diving board for decades. Both sections were designed andfabricated by the Acme Neon Company under the ownershipof Grady L. Beard. The company was active in Tucson from1929 through 1966. Acme Neon Sign Co. participated in anelectrician apprentice program and worked with World War IIveterans training programs. The whimsical sign was restoredby Cook & Co. Signmakers in 2012.

71650 N. Oracle Rd.Quail InnThe De Luxe Motel was built in 1936 in theSpanish Revival style by Mr. and Mrs. C. A.Dunlap. After World War II, it was expandedand renamed the Starline Motel – denotedby a Mid-Century Modern neon sign – whicheventually evolved into the “Quail Inn.”The sign features an inverted triangle with asteel star shape outlined with three multicoloredneon tubes. The fancy script of “Quail” iscreated with double-tube white neon. The neonvacancy sign, mounted on a plinth of glassblocks in a classic Art Deco motif, is thought todate from the “De Luxe” period.

2515 W. Miracle MileRiviera Motor LodgeThe Riviera Motor Lodge sign’s post-World War II“Streamline” design was commissioned by motelowners Mr. and Mrs. Walczak and Mr. andMrs. Pearson in 1952. The sign, supported by amassive steel post, originally rose from a brickplinth situated in a small reflecting pool. Thesign was raised when relocated closer to thebuildings, and now projects toward the centerof the property.“Riviera” is spelled out in flat block blackpainted sheet steel letters, backed by sevenred neon bands. The sign includes flat block,single-tube letters and a neon outline.

17919 N. Stone Ave.Sahara (Tidelands) Motor InnThis sign was installed as part of the TidelandsMotor Inn in 1960. The scale and design ofthis glowing monument, including double-tubechannel letters and a wavy line of chasingincandescent light bulbs weaving in and out ofthe main structure, indicate 1960s trends.It was redesigned in 1975, changing the textfrom “Tidelands” to “Sahara.” The words“Motor Inn” were changed to “Apartments”during a renovation in the mid-1990s thatadapted the property into student housing.

92 W. Drachman St.Sparkle Cleaners - Sud’n Service Laundry & Dry CleaningThe building and sign were constructed in 1955for Wash Well Drive In Cleaners. The biomorphicpalette shape in the upper corner originally hadincandescent light bulbs in a channel outline; thesewere later replaced with neon. The trapezoidalsign includes flat block and cursive, single-tubeneon letters. Throughout the 1970s, “Sud’nService” offered cash prizes for clever sayingssubmitted by customers for the marquee. Thebuilding still houses a dry cleaning service.

292500 S. 4th Ave.Sue’s FishSue’s Fish opened in 1960.The small pole-mounted steelsign is shaped like a catfish andoutlined and detailed in neonfeaturing flat block letters. The fishis cantilevered from the side ofthe pole with angle iron. Centeredon the pole is a backlit plastic signwith hand painted black lettersadvertising highlights of the menu.Although the sign is not operational,its imagery and scale are irresistible.

3564 W. Miracle MileSunLand MotelLocated on Miracle Mile (Casa GrandeHighway, AZ Highway 84) among adense concentration of vintage neonsigns, the SunLand Motel’s pole-mountedsign features flat block, single-tube lettersand a neon outline. The top of the signincludes a painted mountain range withtwo saguaro silhouettes. “SunLand” is inred-orange italic neon, and “Motel” ingreen neon. The original color palette wasyellow, brown and white; the current basecolor is a light green. The motel is stilloperational, renting rooms by the night.

272048 S. 6th Ave.T&T MarketThe pole-mounted T&T Market sign is on thehistoric alignment of US Routes 80 and 89on south 6th Avenue. The street was oncefestooned with early twentieth century neonsigns of which only a few survive. The signfeatured red flat block, single-tube lettersand an outline of green neon. The shape ofthe sign is a detail of classic Art Deco.Later neon additions include a rectangular signreading “Liquors” and a small sign featuring the “A-1 Pilsner Beer”logo. “A-1” was a 1940s product of the Arizona Brewing Company, whichwas started in Phoenix, just after the end of Prohibition. Between 1942 and 1958, the logofeatured an eagle which was changed following a threatened copyright lawsuit by Anheuser-Busch.The A-1 sign is a relic of Arizona’s brewing history.

26328 W. 29th St.Valencia MarketOne of a handful of surviving functionalneighborhood markets, “Valencia Market”retains its original double-sided roof-mounted artdeco style sign.The inverted ‘T’ shape of the sign features flatblock, single-tube letters spelling “Valencia,”the horizontal portion spelling “Market.” Eachletter is white with a red outline.

52649 N. Oracle Rd.Tiki MotelBuilt as the Oracle Motel by Mr. and Mrs. LutherR. Campbell, the original Art Deco monumentsign was lost by the late mid-twentieth centurywhen the property was renamed the “Tiki Motel.”The Polynesian-inspired sign was designedand constructed by Zeon Electrical ProductsCompany in 1963.The sign’s details include a once-flashing red,ruby red and canary yellow simulated neonflame, a brown simulated wooden Polynesian/Maori war shield, and a white painted sheetsteel Tiki mask. Integrated into the sign isbacklit plastic reading “Motel,” and beneaththat, the ubiquitous word in neon: “Vacancy.”

12W. Drachman St.Tropicana Motor HotelOriginally located at 617 Casa GrandeHighway, AZ Highway 84, (today’s “MiracleMile”), the Tropicana sign was commissionedby motel owner B. Migliore in 1960, andmanufactured by Arizona Neon Advertising, Inc.The pole-mounted sign was designed to represent two tropicalpalm trees and a classic 1950s/60s design form with a fruitloop color palette. Single-tube multicolored neon adorns theflat block letters.The sign was a luminescent landmark until it was unceremoniouslycut down in 2004 with the demolition of the motel. Almost lost tothe scrap yard, the sign was rescued by Lance Lesney, who donated it to the TucsonHistoric Preservation Foundation in early 2011. The exuberant sign was beautifully restoredin August 2011 by Cook and Co. Signmakers. The restoration of this sign would have beenimpossible without the generous support of Buffalo Exchange.

11143 W. Drachman St.Tucson InnArchitect Ann Rysdale designed the Tucson Inn in1953. The sign and the port-cochere were addedin the following years. The sign is a fanned series ofpole-mounted rectangular cabinets with channel block,quadruple-tube letters spelling “TUCSON.” The lower halfof the sign features a large arrow of flashing incandescentlight bulbs surrounding the word “INN.”Other neon signs on the property included a wall-mounted flatsign on the east façade and a roof-mounted sign advertising therestaurant. This huge sign is a premiere Tucson icon that hasappeared in countless promotional materials and even inspiredthe logo of an international entertainment company.

303218 E. Benson Hwy.Western MotelThe double-sided pole-mounted Western Motelsign dates from the late 1940s when the motelwas constructed along Benson Highway, USRoute 80, that connected Tucson to Benson,Bisbee, Tombstone, and Douglas.The distinctively Western sign features a halfcircle sunset with a sheet steel silhouette of amounted cowboy with a lasso chasing a steer,above a rectangular panel with flat block,single-tube red neon letters. Mounted atop thesign is a flashing incandescent bulb channelstar, typical of pre-fabricated elements whichcould be added to existing signs.

Thank YouTucson Historic Preservation FoundationBoard of DirectorsDemion Clinco, Bill Doelle, Jennifer Levstik, Lisa Erly,Michael Fassett, Suzy Gershman, Julie Hecker, Elaine Hill,Penny Kautz, Allison Kennedy, Christopher Mathis,Shana OseranAddis SignsMike Addis, Gonzalo Lopez, Karen Haire, Edward Fern,Shawn Ostrowski, Walter Hicks, AJ Lee, Sarah AddisPima Community CollegeBill Ward, Luba Chliwniak, Ray Flores, Johnson Bia,Jason BrownRialto Block PartnersArizona Humanities CouncilCity of TucsonCouncil Member Karin UhlichAlbert Elias, Rebecca Ruopp, Jonathan Mabry,Jennifer Burdick, Aline Bertelsen, Tamara PrimeBuffalo ExchangeHotel CongressHecker & Muehlebach, PLLCThe Kautz FamilyGhost Ranch Lodge/Atlantic Development and Investments, Inc.Carlos LozanoLance LesneyCook & Co. SignmakersJude Cook, Steve Gaspard, Mike Spronken,Sam Richardson, Rudy Flores, Mike Braun, Cisco Campista,Scott Reeves, Isaac ReyesText by Demion ClincoCopyright 2012 Tucson Historic Preservation FoundationPrinted by Arizona LithographersGraphic Design by Dirk J. Arnold Endangered ArchitecturePhotos by fotovitamina Matthew Yates and Rosanna SaloniaEdited by Paul Clinco

4 1 16 17 21 5 30 N 30 Tucson Blvd Country Club Rd Palo Verde Rd Benson Hwy Benson Hwy Irvington Rd 10 1. Ghost Ranch Lodge 2. Riviera Motor Lodge 3. SunLand Motel 4. Monterey Court 5. Tiki Motel 6. Quail Inn 7. La Siesta Motel 8. Sparkle Cleaners 9. Frontier Motel 10. Tucson Inn 11. Medina

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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