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Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Report 2015EnvironmentAdditional Documents and DataINDEXBusiness Sites Certified with ISO 14001Environmental AccountingChemical Substances and Emission Levels

Ajinomoto Group Environmental Report 2015[Environment] Additional Documents and DataBusiness sites certified with ISO14001Business sites of Ajinomoto Group certified with ISO 14001 etc.As of March, 2015 OverviewAjinomoto Co., Inc.Subsidiaries in JapanIn JapanSub totalOutside JapanGroup totalAjinomoto Co., Inc.under Planning/Supporting Divisionunder Food Products DivisionSubsidiaries ofAjinomoto Co., Inc.under Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals Divisionunder ProductionAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. and its subsidiariesAJINOMOTO LOGISTICS CORPORATION and its subsidiariesAjinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc.Group totalCertifiedIn ifiedIn 85%100%100%100%100%100%94% DetailBusiness sites and Group CompanyAjinomoto Co., Inc. Kyushu PlantAjinomoto Co., Inc. Tokai PlantAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. Chubu Plant2000Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd. Bien Hoa PlantAjinomoto Co., Inc. Kawasaki Plant2001Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Pathum Thani FactoryAjinomoto do Brazil Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda. Limeira PlantLianyungang Ajinomoto Ruyi Foods Co., Ltd.Lianyungang Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.2002Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Kamphaeng Phet I FactoryKnorr Foods Co., Ltd. Tokai PlantKnorr Foods Co., Ltd. Chubu PlantAjinomoto Engineering CorporationAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. Kyushu PlantAjinomoto Co., Inc. Research Laboratories and CenterAjinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc. Head OfficeAjinomoto Co., Inc. Head Office and Branch Offices (18 offices)2003Ajinomoto do Brazil Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda. LaranjalPaulista PlantKnorr Foods Co., Ltd. Kawasaki PlantAjinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Phra Pradaeng FactoryHokkaido Ajinomoto Co., Inc.AJINOMOTO NORTH AMERICA, INC. Iowa PlantAjinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc. Activated Carbon DivisionPT Ajinex InternationalPT Ajinomoto Indonesia Mojokerto donesia】Certified 003.112003.122004.022004.02*1

Ajinomoto Group Environmental Report 2015[Environment] Additional Documents and DataFY200420052006Business sites and Group CompanyAjinomoto Heartland LLCFlavor Food Products International Inc.AJINOMOTO NORTH AMERICA, INC. North Carolina PlantAjinomoto Packaging Co., Inc. Head OfficeAjinomoto Packaging Co., Inc. Kansai PlantAjinomoto Packaging Co., Inc. Kanto PlantHokkaido Knorr Foods Co., Ltd. Kunneppu PlantHokkaido Knorr Foods Co., Ltd. Mikasa PlantHokkaido Knorr Foods Co., Ltd. Tokachi PlantOkinawa Ajinomoto Co., Inc.Ajinomoto do Brazil Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda. Valparaíso PlantFuji Ace Co., Ltd. Bangpoo FactoryAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. Head OfficeAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. Kanto PlantAjinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. Shikoku PlantAJINOMOTO BAKERY CO., LTD. Head Office and Shimada PlantAjinomoto Packaging Co., Inc. Sano PlantHENAN AJINOMOTO AMINO ACID CO., LTD.Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o.Shanghai Ajinomoto Amino Acid Co., Ltd.Ajinomoto Communications, Inc.FFA International Co., Ltd.Ace Kounai Service CorporationKomec Co., Ltd. Osaka PlantKomec Co., Ltd. Tokyo PlantAjinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.AJINOMOTO HEALTHY SUPPLY, INC. Takasaki PlantVege Pro Foods Co., Ltd.Ajinomoto Sweeteners Europe S.A.S.Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Nong Khae FactoryAjinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. Kamphaeng Phet II FactoryAjinomoto (Malaysia) BerhadAJINOMOTO EUROLYSINE S.A.S.Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. Fukushima PlantAjinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. Head OfficeAJINOMOTO LOGISTICS CORPORATIONChuo Ace Logistics CorporationKansai Ace Logistics CorporationKanto Ace Logistics CorporationHokkaido Ace Logistics CorporationTokai Ace Logistics CorporationTohoku Ace Logistics CorporationKyushu Ace Logistics CorporationNippon Protein Co., Ltd. Ashikaga PlantWan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd.Xiamen Ajinomoto Life Ideal Foods Co., LtdABBTAJINOMOTO FOODS EUROPE S.A.S.S.A. Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. Louvain-la-Neuve PlantS.A. Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. Wetteren PlantS.A. Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. Balen PlantFREC KANTO CO., LTD.ACE BAKERY CO., LTD.Business sites certified with ertified in2004.042004.042004.05 *4*5

Ajinomoto Group Environmental Report 2015[Environment] Additional Documents and DataFY2007200820092010201220132014Business sites and Group CompanyAjinomoto del Perú S.A Callao PlantAjinomoto do Brazil Industria e Comercio de Alimentos Ltda.Pederneiras PlantFREC DESSERT CO., LTD. Main PlantDelica Ace Co., Ltd. Ageo PlantShanghai Ajinomoto Seasoning Co., Ltd.Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc. Gunma PlantFD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Delica Ace Co., Ltd. Yamagata PlantAjinomoto Philippines Global Food Inc.XIAMEN AJIRAKU IDEAL FOODS CO., LTD.Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd. Long Thanh FactoryAjinomoto Betagro Specialty Foods Co., Ltd.Bonito Technical Laboratory Co., Inc.FREC DESSERT CO., LTD. Kita-kanto FactoryAjinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. BIRDY PlantAjinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.SHANGHAI AJINOMOTO FOOD RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTCENTER CO., LTD.Fuji Ace Co., Ltd. Sinsakhon FactoryShanghai Amoy Food Co., Ltd.Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. Research CenterAjinomoto Animal Nutrition Group, Inc.Amoy Food LimitedAjinomoto Frozen Foods U.S.A., Inc.Business sites certified with ISO14001【Peru】Certified nomoto Food Ingredients LLC and Ajinomoto AminoScience LLC were merged into AJINOMOTO NORTH AMERICA, INC.*2:The certification acquired by Vege Pro Foods Co., Ltd. and Bonito Technical Laboratory Co., Inc. is "Eco Action 21".*3:Saitama and Fukushima Plant of AJINOMOTO PHARMACEUTICALS CO.,LTD. have renewed their certification in April, 2006 as scopeextension of the previous scope certified in March 2005, due to the merger.*4:The previously obtained Green Management Certifications by the transportation subsidiaries of AJINOMOTO LOGISTICS CORPORATION (ALC)were integrated in ALC's ISO14001 certification.*5:Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. changed the company name to ABBT Co., Ltd., after the divestiture of Calpis Co., Ltd.*6:The Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition and Dialysis Research Laboratories of AJINOMOTO PHARMACEUTICALS CO.,LTD. expanded thecertification in other laboratories, and as the Research Center, newly acquired the certification in May 2012.Note:1. Malaysia Packaging Industory Berhad was excluded from the scope of the Ajinomoto Group's environmental management system from fiscal year 2005.2. Headquarters, Okayama and Gumma Plant of Calpis Co., Ltd., and Calpis Foods Service Co.,Ltd. was excluded from the scope of the Ajinomoto Group'senvironmental management system since Calpis Co., Ltd. was divested in October 2012.*2*6

Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Report 2015Additional Documents and DataEnvironmental AccountingEnvironmental Accounting Scope of data collection: Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Period: 2014/04 2015/03Environmental Conservation Cost(Unit: \ million)InvestmentCategoryBusiness areaItemFY2005Environmental conservation investment to control environmentalimpacts resulted from production and service activities within thebusiness area1) Pollution prevention 2FY2013RemarksFY20141,159 Investment for environment related facilities and1,0042,0851,1291,0758082,018311390497 Investment for maintaining facilities of keepingequipments in Head office,Branch offices and 3 plantsin Japanquality of discharged air and waste water.2) Global environmental conservation investment019257729521508 Investment for CO2 emission reduction, energy saving.3) Resource circulation investment051188164154 Investment for byproducts, waste recycle and wastedisposal.Environmental conservation investment to control environmentalimpacts resulted from business operations upstream or downstream03105Environmental conservation investment stemming from administrativeactivities0188869258 Investment for the environmental management andEnvironmental conservation investment stemming from related R&Dactivities0010189 Investment for the packaging design supportSocial activityEnvironmental conservation investment stemming from stment incurred for dealing with environmental onR&DTotal0the risk management.system including equippments.29 Investment for the IFRS* adaptation.01,205 *IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards(Unit: \ million)ExpenditureCategoryBusiness areaItemFY2005Environmental conservation cost to control environmental impactsresulted from production and service activities within the 3663,1552,7612,287 Operating cost in environment related facilities or1,5921,3892,3071,8121,403 Cost for maintaining air and water quality (mainly cost48653838311,607944939809918852 Cost for by-products, waste recycle and waste disposalEnvironmental conservation cost to control environmental impactsresulted from business operations upstream or downstream495275259257252247 Cost for the Containers and Packaging Recycling ActEnvironmental conservation cost stemming from administrativeactivities433491438402369418 Cost for maintaining EMS and environment relatedEnvironmental conservation cost stemming from related R&Dactivities2891,6842,7773,1053,0441,715 Cost for the environmentally contributing R&DSocial activityEnvironmental conservation cost stemming from social activities378147143125128123 Cost for Environmental Report, Eco Products ,EnvironmentalremediationCost incurred for dealing with environmental degradation00005,1995,9837,0446,5551) Pollution prevention cost1,5362) Global environmental conservation cost3) Resource circulation 00Total4,786DetailInvestmentFY2005Capital investment21,600Investment for environment related equipment/facilityincluded in capital investmentR&Dof wastewater treatment etc.)31 Cost for CO2 emission reduction, energy savingadministrative operations in headqiarters.(Excluding social activities cost)themes.Environmental campaigns and so on.108 Cost for countermeasures for soil pollution inKawasaki area.4,898(Unit: \ million)Investment/ R&D expenditures (Ajinomoto Group)Itemequipments in headquarters , branch Offices and 3plants in JapanR&D5525,700Investment for environment related development includedin R&D 01,17427,5693,044RemarksFY201412,1313,49428,419 (*) Total amount of the cost for the environmentallycontributing themes.1,715(Unit:\ 100million)Major environmental nergyOutputWaterNOxSOxCO2WasteWaste productEconomic effectVolumeRiver waterIndustrial waterOtherTotal water inputElectricityCity gasLNGHeavy oilTotal energy inputPer-unit energy usageDischarged waterPer-unit discharged waterBOD emissionsTN emissionsEmissionsEmissionsCO2 emissionsPer-unit CO2 emissionsWaste generationResource recovery ratioTotal amountTotal weightUnitThousands of tonsThousands of tonsThousands of tonsThousands of tonsThousands of tonsMWHKM3KNM3KLTJGJ/Production(t)Thousands of tonsThousands of tons /Production(t)ttttThousands of tonst/Production(t)Thousands of tons%100 million (JPY)t100 million 402591.486799.88.02,348FY2011EconomicEffect ct fect ��2.0---1.1-FY2014EconomicEffect 281184972181.596399.711.099526.6*: ①Compared to FY2005 based on technical cost②CO2 reduction benefit is calculated by \2,000/t-CO2

Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Report 2015[Environment] Additional Documents and DataChemical substances and emission levelsChemical Substances and Emission LevelsAggregation period: 2014/4 2015/3 (Japan), 2014/1 2014/12 (Outside Japan)Aggregation scope: Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries in and outside JapanThe Ajinomoto Group manages chemical substances and reports on the results in accordance with laws in each region.The Group reports on the results in accordance with PRTR Law or relevant laws/regulations in each country.(*PRTR: A law which estimates the amounts of specific chemical substances released into the environment, and promotes the improvement of management.)JapanApplicabale laws and regulations : PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) System( )Class I Designated Chemical SubstancesSubstance nameNo.Amount released intoSpecificClass sulfonic acid andits salts(alkyl C 10-14)030Asbestos033Bisphenol roform127Dichloromethane(methylene enol349Formaldehyde411Methylnaphthalene438Tritolyl phosphate460Triphenyl phosphate461 ---28---------190-----190-- Land(inside)Amount transferred to4502012-37210-*Bussiness sites which reported performance are:Ajinomoto Co.,Inc (Kawasaki Plant,Tokai Plant,Kyushu Plant), Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co.,Inc(Fukushima Plant,Laboratory),Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc (Head Office, BU Activated Carbon, Gunma Plant), AJINOMOTO BAKERY CO.,LTD. (Shimada Plant)*Each site's data is available on the website of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.(Performance of FY2014 will be released in March, 2016)http://www.meti.go.jp/policy/chemical management/law/prtr/6.html (Japanese only)

Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Report 2015[Environment] Additional Documents and DataNorth AmericaChemical substances and emission levelsApplicabale laws and regulations :EPCRA (Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986)( )Chemical substance nameAmmoniaMethanolAmountAmount used ssiness sites which reported results are:AJINOMOTO HEARTLAND, Inc., AJINOMOTO NORTH AMERICA, Inc.Applicabale laws and regulations :South America IBAMA Normative Instruction No. 31 of December 3, 2009.( )Chemical substance nameAmmoniaPotassium hydroxideSodium hydroxideAcid chloridePhosphoric acidHydrochloric acidSulfuric acidEthyl alcoholPhosphate TricalciumSodium hypochloriteAmount 179*Bussiness sites which reported results are:AJIMONOTO do BRASIL Ind. e Com. de Alimentos Ltda (4 business sites)Applicabale laws and regulations :Flemish Decree on General Environmental Policy, Flemish Environmental Regulation (Vlarem II) (Belgium)Ministerial order from February the 2nd 1998, modified by the decree from May the 29th 2000 (France)Europe( )Chemical substance nameTolueneMethanolAcetic acidDichloromethaneFormic acidTrichloromethaneSolventsNon-methane short chain organic compoundsHalogenated hydrocarbonsAromatic hydrocarbonsOther chemical substancesAmount tranceferred (released) 82516,7379-*Bussiness sites which reported results are:S.A. AJINOMOTO OMNICHEM N.V., Ajinomoto Sweetners Europe S.A.S., AJINOMOTO EUROLYSINE S.A.S.,AJINOMOTO FOODS EUROPE S.A.S.Other AreasThailand :Introduction of similar system is under consideration.

*1:Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC and Ajinomoto AminoScience LLC were merged into AJINOMOTO NORTH AMERICA, INC. *2:The certification acquired by Vege Pro Foods Co., Ltd. and Bonito Technical Laboratory Co., Inc. is "Eco Action 21".

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