Nutrition Therapy For Children With Multiple Food Allergies

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globulin,lactoferrin Rennet casein Milk derivative, milkpowder, milk protein,milk solids, nonfat milksolids, nonfat dry milk Whey (all forms, includingcured whey, lactose-freewhey, demineralizedwhey, sweet dairy whey,whey protein concentrate,whey powder, wheysolids)Egg ingredients:Soy-based foods: Albumin Apovitellin Vegetarian and veganproducts that may containsoy ingredients Avidin Edamame Globulin Miso Livetin Natto Lysozyme Shoyu sauce or soy sauce Eggs Ovalbumin Egg substitutes thatcontain egg proteiningredients, egg powder,egg white or egg yolk Ovoglobulin Soy foods (including soycheese, fiber, flour, grits,ice cream, milk, nuts,sprouts and yogurt) All fresh or frozen meats(beef, veal, pork, lamb)or poultry prepared withindicated allergenicingredients Processed meats andluncheon meats preparedwith allergenic ingredients Fresh, frozen or cannedfish or shellfish Ovomucin Ovomucoid Ovovitellin Vitellin Soy protein (concentrate,hydrolyzed, isolate) Tempeh Textured vegetableprotein Tofupg. 3 of 5DCH 3041217 1/12

Food Groupfoods not recommendedMeat and Other ProteinFoods (continued) Peanuts Chestnut Macadamia nutTree nuts: Chinquapin Pecan Pili nut Almond Coconut Pine nut/pignolia nut Beech nut Filbert/hazelnut Pistachio Brazil nut Ginkgo Shea nut Butter nut Hickory Walnut Cashew Lychee nutAny of the following, ifmade with wheat or otherallergenic ingredients:Wheat ingredients: Kamut Bulgar Semolina Breads and rolls (white,whole wheat, multi-grain,potato, rye, etc.) Cereal extract Spelt Durum flour, durumwheat Sprouted wheat Bread crumbs Emmer Cereals Einkhorn Vital gluten, wheat (bran,germ, gluten, malt, starch) Couscous Farina Wheat berries Pancakes and waffles Farro Pasta Flour (all-purpose,bread, cake, enriched,graham, high-gluten,high-protein, pastryand wheat)Grains Flour tortillas TriticaleVegetables All fresh, frozen or canned vegetables prepared with indicated allergenic ingredientsFruits All fresh, frozen or canned fruits prepared with indicated allergenic ingredientsFat and Oils Butter Fish oils Béarnaise sauce Margarines with milk,soy or other indicatedallergenic ingredients Nut oils (such ashazelnut, walnut oralmond oil) Hollandaise sauce Gravies, sauces or saladdressings made withindicated allergenicingredients Cold-pressed,expressed, expelled orextruded peanut oilspg. 4 of 5DCH 3041217 1/12 Mayonnaise

Food Groupfoods not recommendedBeverages All forms of cow’s milk Alternative milk beveragesmade from soy Almond, hazelnut or othernut-based milksOther Nut-flavored coffees(made with naturalnut extracts) Nut-flavored alcoholicbeverages Clam juice Beverages with addedfish oils Goat’s milk Meringue Sheep’s milk Marzipan Other mammalian milksand their products Nougat Marinades andcondiments withindicated allergenicingredients Artificial nuts Worcestershire sauce Pesto Soy sauce Nut meal Tamari sauce Simplesse (a fat substitute) Gianduja Natural extracts such asalmond or hazelnut extract Caesar salad and Caesarsalad dressings Marinades andcondiments withindicated allergenicingredients Surimi: “sea legs,” orartificial crab Recaldent (an ingredientin whitening chewinggum) CustardSample 1-Day MenuFood GroupRecommended foodsBreakfast ½ cup oatmeal ¼ cup fresh blueberries ½ cup enriched rice milk 1 turkey sausage link ½ cup corn pasta saladwith two ounces grilledchicken, carrots and grapetomatoes served withhomemade vinaigrette ½ cup enriched rice milkSnack 5 tortilla chips with 2 Tbsp.white bean dip WaterDinner 2 ounces pork tenderloinpan roasted with onionsand apples ½ cup brown rice with1 teaspoon allowedmargarineLunch ½ cup green beansSnackDCH 3041217 1/12 1 homemade oatmealchocolate chip cookie ½ cup freshstrawberries ½ cup enriched ricemilk Smoothie: ½ cup enriched rice milk, ½ banana, 1 teaspoon milk-free cocoa powder1,482 kcal, 53 g protein, 204 g carbohydrate, 50 g fatpg. 5 of 5 ½ cup orange juice

All fresh, frozen or canned meats (beef, veal, pork, lamb) or poultry without indicated allergenic ingredients Processed meats and luncheon meats without indicated allergenic ingredients All dried beans and peas except peanut and soy. Grains All alternative grain products, such as breads, other baked goods, cereals, crackers,

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eCriteria applicable only to the following subtopics: medical nutrition therapy and chemotherapy; medical nutrition therapy and radiation treatment. fMedical nutrition therapy is provided by a registered dietitian nutritionist. gCriteria applicable only to the following subtopics: malnutrition screening tools; nutrition assessment tools. Figure 1.

in the history of family therapy. They include Bowen Natural Systems Theory, contex-tual therapy, Virginia Satir’s Growth Model, brief therapy of the Mental Research Insti-tute, strategic family therapy, Milan Systemic Family Therapy, structural family therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and narrative therapy.