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KRAHN CHEMIE – A STRONG PARTNERWELCOME TO KRAHN CHEMIE. As an independent chemicaldistributor and sales partner to leading producers, we know thatsome things are simply better together. That’s why we connectmarkets with innovations, processors with producers andquestions with international producers, competent technical support, laboratory services and logistic solutions. We share your high standardsin terms of speed, flexibility and quality – and have proudly servedas your strong and reliable partner for more than 100 years.We look forward to assisting and advising you.At KRAHN Chemie, you can find everything that a processorin the chemical industry values: a broad range of products fromADD ITIVESPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAdhesion promotersBYK BYK-ChemieAdditives to improve adhesion of aqueous systems on oldalkyd coatings or to improve adhesion of 2K and curingsystems on metal substrates.EastmanTM APEastman ChemicalChlorinated and non-chlorinated, solvent- or water-based,adhesion promoters for coatings applied on plastic parts(PP, PE, TPO).Eastman AdvantisTMEastman ChemicalWaterborne, chlorine-free and APEO-free, adhesion promoterfor adhesion of water-based coatings to thermoplastic,polyolefin-based plastics (TPO, PP).Biocides(Film preservation)Preventol LanxessExtensive range of film preservatives for protection againstalgae, fungi and lichens for interior and exterior applications.Biocides(In-can preservation)Preventol LanxessExtensive range of in-can preservatives for improvement ofthe shelf life of aqueous products as well as for cleaning ofproduction plants.EastmanTM CP2

COATINGSA D D ITIVESCONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONCatalystsBYK -CATALYSTBYK-ChemieBlocked acid catalysts to accelerate the cross-linking ofamino resins (especially HMMM).Coalescing agentsEastmanTM EEHEastman ChemicalCoalescing agents for aqueous coatings and emulsion paints.Eastman OptifilmTM Enhancer 300Eastman ChemicalOptifilmTM Enhancer 300 and TexanolTM are non-VOC.EastmanOptifilmTMEnhancer 400Eastman ChemicalOptifilmTM Enhancer 400 is non VOC and is suitable forsystems with no emission.ConductivitypromotorsBYK -ESBYK-ChemieTo increase the conductivity of electrostatically sprayedcoatings without altering film properties.Defoaming andair-release additivesBYK BYK-ChemieMineral oil, silicone as well as silicone-free polymericdefoamers and air-release agents for aqueous andsolvent-borne coatings, printing inks and emulsion paints.No-Air-flüssigBaerlocherSilicone-free defoamer, in xyleneFluoro surfactantsPolyfoxTMOmnovaSolutionsFluoro surfactants to improve flow, wetting and leveling foruse in waterborne, solvent-based, solvent-free and UV/EBcoatings as well as for PUD’s modification.Functional aminesAdvantexTMEastman ChemicalFunctional amine additive for waterborne coatings that optimizes pigment dispersions capabilitites, improves early waterresistance and supports flash rust inhibition. Enables overallformulation optimization.VantexTM-TEastman ChemicalVOC-free amine additive for low emission and yellowing freewaterborne formulations. Eastman VantexTM ensures optimizedsyneresis-control at low dosages.EastmanTMDTBHQEastman ChemicalHydroquinone and derivatives are practical storage and inprocess inhibitors when used by themselves or in combination.Alugel BaerlocherAluminium stearates, which can be used as thixotropicagents in paints and coatings.CalciumstearatBaerlocherNeutral calcium soaps with good matting properties to improve hydrophobicity in paints and plasters.ZincumBaerlocherNeutral and dibasic zinc soaps with matting properties toimprove sandability of wood coatings.Open time ifilm OT1200 allows formulators to significantlyreduce VOC content in water-based trim and wall paints byreplacing volatile glycols while improving open time and wetedge, without negatively affecting other paint properties.PhotoinitiatorsChemacureUV Chem-KeysUV-Photoinitiators to initiate polymer reaction in radiationcuring systems.Eastman TexanolTMInhibitorsEastmanTMMTBHQMetal soaps3

COATINGSA D D ITIVESCONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONRheology modifiersBYK BYK-ChemieLiquid additives for solvent-based and waterborne systems toimprove anti-settling properties and sag resistance as well asto control the rheology behavior (thixotropic, pseudoplastic)of the system.CLAYTONE BYK-ChemieOrganophilic bentonite derivative as thixotropic thickener andanti-settling agent in solvent-based coating systems. Also asself-activating and easy to disperse version available.EastmanTM CABEastman ChemicalCellulose acetate butyrate provides a number of performancebenefits including sag control, improved flow and leveling,redissolve resistance and aluminium flake orientation insolvent-borne printing inks and coatings.Eastman SolusTMEastman ChemicalAdditives for excellent anti-sag behavior enhance metal flakeorientation, surface defect reduction, and faster dry-to-touchtime in high solids and waterborne paint systems.GARAMITE BYK-ChemieEasy to disperse rheology additives based on mixed mineraltechnology for solvent-borne unsaturated polyester, epoxyand vinyl ester resins that provides excellent anti-sagging,anti-settling and anti-syneresis properties.Krosflex DynaplakAdhesive &StarchesModified starch ether polymers with a large dissolving rangeused as universal thickening agent or compounder for manyapplications.LAPONITE BYK-ChemieFully synthetic, highly shear thinning layered silicate rheological additives for waterborne systems with thixotropicbehavior. They show excellent clarity, gloss and smoothnessin varnishes. Available as easy to disperse powder or readyto-use aqueous dispersion.OPTIBENT BYK-ChemiePowdered rheology additive based on a modified phyllosilicate for aqueous, hydraulically hardening constructionsystems to increase the anti-sagging properties with goodprocessing properties and improved open time.OPTIFLO BYK-ChemieAssociative thickeners for aqueous systems based on HEATand HEUR technologies. For adjusting the desired applicationviscosity and improve the storage stability. Show improvedwater and corrosion resistance compared to other thickeners.OPTIGEL BYK-ChemieSmectite based rheological additives for waterborne systemswith mostly thixotropic behavior, easy to disperse. The formation of a yield point makes possible to apply thick layer of paintin one application step without sagging.PLIOLITE OmnovaSolutionsThixotropic styrene/acrylate or respectively vinyl/acrylate resinto combine with PLIOLITE or respectively PLIOWAY binders.RHEOCIN BYK-ChemieCastor derived thixotrope for solvent-based for aliphatic systems and powder coatings, can improve flow and levelingof powder coatings during backing.RHEOTIX BYK-ChemieCastor derived organic thixotropic agent for solvent-basedaromatic systems. Shows good thixotropic, thickening andantisettling effect.TIXOGEL BYK-ChemieOrganophilic bentonite derivative as thixotropic thickener andanti-settling agent in solvent-based coating systems. Also asself-activating and easy to disperse version available.ZencelloseZen GlobalSolutionsHigh performance cellulose ethers (HEC, MHPC) for paintsand different construction applications (mortar, plaster andrender, tile adhesives and grouts, self-leveling flooringcompounds) to improve workability, adhesion strength, waterretention. Zencellose also allow proper setting of differentproducts based on gypsum, cement or lime.PLIOWAY 4

COATINGSA D D ITIVESCONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSurface additivesBYK BYK-ChemiePolyacrylic, polysiloxane and silicone surfactants to improvesurface slip, flow and substrate wetting of liquid and powdercoatings.BYK -SILCLEANBYK-ChemieAdditives to improve dirt release and ease of cleaning of thecoating surface. They can be used in aqueous, solvent-borneand UV coatings.BYKETOL BYK-ChemieLeveling additives for solvent-borne and aqueous systems toprevent surface defects such as craters, orange peel, bubblesand pinholes.BYKETOL -PCBYK-ChemieAdditives to prevent drying-out and caking of aqueouspigment concentrates.NANOBYK BYK-ChemieLiquid (aqueous and solvent-borne) stable nanoparticle dispersions (nano ceria, zinc oxide, alumina, silica, etc.) toimprove scratch resistance and UV resistance.Baerolub BaerlocherAmide waxes with high melting point to improve scratchresistance, surface slip sandability.CERAFLOUR BYK-ChemieMicronized PE, PP, PTFE, amide and Fischer-Tropsch waxesfor water-based, solvent-borne, solvent-free and powdercoatings. CERAFLOUR improves water repellency, surfaceslip as well as scratch and abrasion resistance andalso gives good matting.AQUACER BYK-ChemieParaffin, PE, PP, PTFE, EVA and carnauba wax dispersionsand emulsions to improve surface properties (water repellency, anti-blocking, surface slip, mechanical properties) ofwaterborne coatings and printing inks.AQUAMAT BYK-ChemieFlatting aqueous wax dispersions for the surface protectionof aqueous systems, improving scratch and rub resistance aswell as anti-blocking.AQUATIX BYK-ChemieRheology-modifying wax emulsions to improve the orientationof effect pigments in waterborne systems.CERACOL BYK-ChemieParaffin, PE, PP, PTFE, EVA, carnauba wax dispersions andemulsions to improve surface properties (especially surfaceslip and scratch resistance) of solvent-borne printing inks andcan and coil coatings.CERAFAK BYK-ChemieParaffin, PE, PP, PTFE, EVA, carnauba wax dispersions andemulsions to improve surface properties of solvent-borneprinting inks and can and coil coatings.CERAMAT BYK-ChemieFlatting wax dispersions to improve surface protection ofaqueous and solvent-borne coatings.CERATIX BYK-ChemieRheology wax dispersions to improve the orientation of effectpigments in solvent-borne base coats.HORDAMERBYK-ChemiePrimary polyethylene dispersions for mold-release agents andadhesives as well as to improve surface properties ofaqueous printing inks and overprint varnishes.MINERPOL BYK-ChemiePE wax compounds to improve surface properties of offsetprinting inks.WaxesWax compounds (dispersions, emulsions, pastes)5

COATINGSA D D ITIVES6CONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWetting and dispersing agentsANTI-TERRA BYK-ChemieControlled flocculating wetting and dispersing additives toimprove pigment wetting and stabilize the pigment dispersionin solvent-free, solvent-borne and waterborne systems.ANTI-TERRA UBYK-ChemieDeflocculating wetting and dispersing additives for solventbased and solvent-free coatings to improve pigment wettingand stabilize the pigment dispersion.BYK BYK-ChemieControlled flocculating and deflocculating wetting and dispersing additives to improve pigment wetting and stabilize thepigment dispersion in solvent-free, solvent-borne and waterborne systems.BYK SYNERGISTBYK-ChemieAdditives to improve efficiency of wetting and dispersingagents in solvent-based and solvent-free systems.BYKJET BYK-ChemieHigh molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives fordispersing and stabilizing pigments in solvent-borne, aqueous and UV-curable inkjet inks.BYKUMEN BYK-ChemieControlled flocculating wetting and dispersing additives to improve pigment wetting and stabilize the pigment dispersionprimarily in primers and undercoats.DISPERBYK BYK-ChemieHigh molecular weight polymeric wetting and dispersing additives to stabilize organic and inorganic pigments in aqueous and solvent-borne systems.

COATINGSBIND ERSPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAcrylic copolymersPLIOLITE OmnovaSolutionsStyrene/acrylic, styrene/butadiene, vinyl/acrylic and vinyltoluene/acrylic copolymers, soluble in several solvents for masonry paints, plasters, anticorrosion coatings and primers.PLIOLITE UltraOmnovaSolutionsStyrene/acrylic copolymer, soluble in aromatic-free solvents,for odorless masonry paints and plasters.PLIOWAY OmnovaSolutionsSubstituted styrene/acrylic copolymer with excellent stainblocking properties, soluble in aromatic-free solvents, for masonry paints, plasters, primers, correction fluids and paints.PLIOWAY UltraOmnovaSolutionsSubstituted styrene/acrylic copolymer with excellent stainblocking properties, soluble in odorless “isoparaffinic” solvents, for masonry paints, plasters, primers, correctionfluids and paints.Mowilith Celanese EmulsionPolymersAcrylic dispersions for eco-friendly coatings with excellent properties for different applications such as: facade paints, stains,plasters, functional interior paints and special applications.PLIOTEC OmnovaSolutionsPure acrylic and modified styrene acrylic dispersions for aterborne masonry, garage and floor paints as well as forwDTM protection coatings with excellent adhesion on metallicand non-metallic substrates.Acrylic emulsionsHYDRO PLIOLITE OmnovaSolutionsWaterborne resin with exceptional adhesion for masonry andinterior stain-blocking paints.Biobased dispersionsKrosflex DynaplakAdhesives &StarchesModified starchpolymer dispersion for “biobased” paints,coatings and printing inks.Cellulose estersEastmanTM CAEastman ChemicalCellulose acetate types with different degrees of acetylationand viscosity for several coating systems, also for productionof foils.EastmanTM CABEastman ChemicalCellulose acetate butyrate, which can be used as additive,modifying resin or major film former in printing inks and coatings (automotive, wood, plastic, industrial) to reducedry time and/or to improve flow and leveling, sag control, redissolve resistance and aluminium flake orientation.EastmanTM CAPEastman ChemicalBecause of its low odor, cellulose acetate propionate is principally used in printing inks and clear overprint varnishesto improve antiblocking and grease resistance.ADHOtsuka ChemicalAdipic dihydrazideECA 100 NCDixie ChemicalCompanyBlend HHPA/MHHPA/MTHPA, epoxy curing agent with excellent physical (UV and alkaline resistance) and electrical properties.HHPADixie ChemicalCompanyHexahydrophthalic anhydrideAquolin WanhuaChemical GroupHydrophilically modified, aliphatic polyisocyanates forwaterborne 2K-PU metal, glas, plastic and wood coatings.Acrylic dispersionsEpoxy hardenersIsocyanate7

COATINGSBIND ERSCONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONOH-acrylicdispersionsAntkote WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne hydrofunctional polyacrylic dispersions(OH-acrylic) for metal and glass coatings with excellent adhesion, high gloss and good chemical and corrosion resistance.Wantipro WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne hydrofunctional polyacrylic dispersions(OH-acrylic) for effect coatings with excellent orientation ofaluminum pigments.Tetrashield EastmanChemicalHighly resistant polyester resins for improving clear coatsand pigmented coatings. Tetrashield binders combine theadvantages of acrylate and polyester resins and enable permanent protection of different substrates.VitelBostikLinear polyesters for coatings and adhesives.Polymer dispersionsEastekTMEastman ChemicalAqueous dispersions of sulfopolyester polymers with excellent performance charasteristics (grain rising, clarity, dryingspeed, etc.) to enhance and improve waterborne coatingsystems for industrial wood applications.PolyurethanedispersionsCrysol WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for plasticcoatings with very soft touch, excellent flexibility and goodchemical resistance.Lacper WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for woodcoatings with very good open time, fast drying properties andgood blocking resistance.Leasys WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for syntheticleather with very good adhesion properties, excellent flexi bility and good resistance properties.Tekspro WanhuaChemical GroupWaterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUD) for textile andtextile printing with very good adhesion properties, excellentflexibility, good haptic and good resistance properties.Polyvinylbutyral resinsButvarTMEastman ChemicalSolid PVB-polymers with excellent properties (adhesion,clarity, toughness with flexibility, compatibility) especially forwood and metal coatings as well as for wash-primers.SAIB (sucrose acetateisobutyrate)EastmanTM SAIBEastman ChemicalModifying resin, SAIB can yield coatings and printing inks of higher nonvolatile content, resulting in lower solvent requirements and greater coverage. In many cases, film adhesion and gloss are improved.Styrol-Acrylat- DispersionsMowilith Celanese EmulsionPolymersStyrene-acrylic dispersions for interior and facade paints,primers and special applications.Vinylacetate-ethylene(VAE) dispersionsMowilith Celanese EmulsionPolymersDispersions based on vinyl acetate and Ethylene for low emission and eco-friendly coatings. For mat, semi-gloss andsatin-gloss interior paints, latex paints, spot colours, facadepaints, plasters and thermal insulation systems (WDVS).Vinylacetate-vinylesterof neodecanoic acidMowilith Celanese EmulsionPolymersDispersions based on vinyl acetate and ethylene for low emission and eco-friendly coatings for mineral substrates. Forspot colours, facade paints, plasters and latex paints.Polyester resins,saturated8

COATINGSI NTERMEDIATE SPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAcetoacetatesEastmanTM EAAEastman ChemicalTo acetoacetylate hydroxyl-bearing coating resins such aspolyesters, acrylics, cellulosics and epoxies.EastmanTM1,4-CHDA-HPEastman Chemical1,4-cyclohexandicarboxylic acid, chemical intermediate fora number of polymers.ExxalExxonMobilChemicalBranched, primary alcohols (C8 – s to increase thermal and hydraulytic stability ofderived products.EastmanTM TBAAAcidsNeo-PentanoicacidAdipic dihydrazideADHOtsuka ChemicalCross-linking agents for acrylic dispersions and chainextenders in polyurethane dispersions.AnhydridesHHPADixie ChemicalCompanyHexahydrophthalic anhydrideDiolsEastmanTMCHDM-DEastman ChemicalCyclohexanedimethanolEastmanTM HPHPEastman ChemicalHydroxypivalylhydroxypivalateEastman NPGTMEastman ChemicalNeopentylglycol MPDTMEastman TEastman ChemicalTrimethylpentanediolEH DiolGulf astmanTM DMCDEastman mersDAISO DAP Osaka SodaDiallylphthalate monomers, cross-linking agents for unsaturated polyester and insulating varnish as replacement forstyrene monomer.EastmanTM AAEMEastman ChemicalAcetoacetoxyethylmethacrylate for the synthesis of resins formelamine and isocyanate cross-linkable coatings.ExxalExxonMobilChemicalBranched, primary alcohols (C8 – C13)Oxo alcohols9

COATINGSFILLERSPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONBarium sulfateALBARYTDeutsche BarytIndustrie (DBI)Extremely white, fine, easily dispersible natural barium sulfateextenders for emulsion paints, primers, putties, anticorrosionsystems, powder coatings and flooring systems.Deutsche BarytIndustrie (DBI)Extenders on a natural barium sulfate basis. The product rangecomprises several grades of differing fineness for standardapplications with a moderate lightness requirement.Valtris SpecialtyChemicalsSpecialty plasticizers offering flame retardant and smokesuppressing properties. The phosphate ester based materialsare nonhalogen with high plasticizing efficiency, great compatibility in multiple polymer systems and fast fusion in FLAME RETA R D A N TSPhosphates10Santicizer

COATINGSP IGMEN TSPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAluminium pastesAlpateToyal EuropeLeafing and non-leafing aluminium paste with all sorts of forms(cornflake, silver dollar, high-tech) and particle sizes suitable forsolvent-borne automotive, consumer electronics, can and coiland industrial coatings as well as for printing inks.Alpate BPToyal EuropeResin coated aluminium paste with excellent resistance tochemicals, adhesiveness and voltage resistance.Toyal EuropeNon-leafing aluminium paste, passivated by silica or a polymeric phosphate treatment, for waterborne systems.Alpate PCZToyal EuropeAluminium pigments for powder coatings.Alpate TDToyal EuropeAluminium paste for printing inks with high opacity and excellent brillance.ChromashineToyal EuropeColored aluminium pigments for solvent-borne andwaterborne systems.ToyalshineToyal EuropePVD-Pigments with high hiding power to achieve chromeeffects.Fluorescent pigmentsCRANE ColorKRAHN ChemieFluorescent pigments for printing ink, paint and plasticprocessing industries.Iron oxide pigmentsIron OxideToda UnitedPigmentFull color range of iron oxide pigments with excellent colorconsistency, very good dispersibility and high tinting strength.Liquid pigment pastesChroma-Chem ChromafloT echnologiesSolvent-based and waterborne colorants for tinting high performance industrial coatings. High weathering, chemicaland heat resistance.Colortrend ChromafloT echnologiesVOC-free colorants for architectural (interior and exterior)systems.ColtecTMChromaflo TechnologiesUniversal colorants developed to meet the performanceneeds of decorative paints. They are suitable for solventbased and waterborne interior and exterior paints systems.HydrasperseTMChromaflo TechnologiesWater-based colorants with high color strength for in-planttinting of all kind of coatings systems.MaestroTMChromaflo TechnologiesWater-based colorants specially designed to tint leatherfinishes (top quality) in rapidly changing industry, includingautomotive and upholstery. VOC-, APE- and lead free.MonicolorTMChromaflo TechnologiesUniversal colorants specially designed to meet and exceedthe technical requirements demanded by various decorativearchitectural applications. They are formulated to satisfy theneeds of both water- and solvent-based interior and exteriorpaint products.NovapintTMChromaflo TechnologiesHigh performance, water-based colorants for exterior paints andplasters based on acrylic, silicate, silicone or synthetic resins.SolvasperseTMChromaflo TechnologiesSolvent-based colorants with high color strength for in-planttinting of long and medium-oil alkyd paint systems.TemacolorTMChromaflo TechnologiesSolvent-based and waterborne colorants for economical andaccurate tinting of industrial coatings. Performance characteristics such as resistance to weather, chemicals and heatare excellent.CrystalFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsEffect pigments used in a variety of applications such asprinting inks, industrial coatings, automotive and decorativepaints, cosmetics, textiles and plastics, based on syntheticmica. Grades with excellent weathering resistance available.ChameleonFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsOptically variable effect pigments, depending on viewing angles,used in a variety of applications such as printing inks, industrialcoatings, automotive and decorative paints, cosmetics.Alpate FZAlpate EMRAlpate WXTAlpate TDEAlpate TSBPearlescent pigments11

COATINGSP IGMEN TSCONT I NUE DPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPearlescent pigmentsDiamondFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsEffect pigments used in a variety of applications such as printinginks, industrial coatings, automotive and decorative paints,cosmetics, textiles and plastics, based on glas flakes. Gradeswith excellent weathering resistance available.KuncaiFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsEffect pigments used in a variety of applications such asprinting inks, industrial coatings, automotive and decorativepaints, cosmetics, textiles and plastics, based on naturalmica. Grades with excellent weathering resistance available.PlovenceFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsPearlescent pigments based on synthetic mica displayingthree-dimensional vision, super flash and bright chroma.SetallicFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsPearlescent pigments based on synthetic mica exhibitingmagnificent, glistening orange and red colors along withunmatched dimensional visual effects.SkyaKarpFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsPearlescent pigments based on natural mica displaying threedimensional vision, super flash and bright chroma for highend coatings and decorative paints.XillaMayaFuzhou KuncaiFine ChemicalsPearlescent pigment based on flaky aluminum silicate substrate with extraordinary color saturation and excellent hidingperformance for high-end automotive and industrial coatings.FP-XXX-SeriesFP-PigmentsThe products of the FP-Series are manufactured by a patentedunique process. Its high opacity enables the products to replace titanium dioxide up to 30 % in mat formulations and up to10 % in glossy paints.RuichemRuichemAnatase and Rutile TiO2 pigment, with organic and/or inorganic treatment for water-based and solvent-based paintsand coatings as well as for powder coatings. These pigmentshave very good opacity, color strength and dispersing properties as well as excellent light and weather resistance.Titanium dioxide12

COATINGSP LA STICIZE R SPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAdipatesDOAPlastifayPlasticizer to improve the flexibility at low temperature.Furthermore, it reduces viscosity with favorable solid dispersion properties. Food contact applications are possible.BenzoatesJayflexTM MB 10ExxonMobilC hemicalPhthalate-free, benzoate-based plasticizers for PU, CN andacrylic-based coatings as well as for printing inks.Benzyl phthalatesSanticizer Valtris SpecialtyChemicalsPhthalate based plasticizers, combining the following properties: Low volatility, excellent extraction.Fast fusers –Benzyl-phthalates /CarboxylatesSanticizerPLATINUM P-1400Valtris SpecialtyChemicalsPhthalate free and fast fusing plasticizers which shows a highcompatibility and efficiency, and performs by high permanence and low water solubility.HexanoatesOXSOFT 3G8OxeaSpecialty plasticizer with low viscosity, good UV stability, lowvolatility and migration. Furthermore, OXSOFT 3G8 showsexcellent results as to flexibility at very low temperatures.PhthalatesChemflexx 911PThe ChemicalCompanyLow volatile linear C-9 and C-11 alcohol based phthalate plasticizer. Due to its outstanding weather resistant propertiesand general good permanence especially suitable for outdoorand durable applications.JayflexTM DIDPExxonMobilC hemicalHigh molecular standard plasticizers which are used for theplasticization of nitro-cellulose in wood coatings as well as forprinting inks and floor coatings.JayflexTM DIUPExxonMobilC hemicalHigh molecular special plasticizer on phthalate basis, compatible with various polymers. Due to its excellent fogging andmigration values it is suitable for car interior parts and for hightemperature range.JayflexTM DTDPExxonMobilC hemicalHigh molecular special plasticizer, compatible with variouspolymers. Due to its high molecular weight and the especiallylow volatility, it is recommended for use in high temperatureapplications.Santicizer Valtris SpecialtyChemicalsPolymeric adipates which provide outstanding migration andextraction resistance.CRANE PlastKRAHN ChemieTerephthalatesPlast Soft DOTPPlastifayStandard plasticizer, suitable for sensitive applications withdirect food contact as well as in the toy industry and for leisure products.TrimellitatesOXSOFT TOTM LEOxeaHighly permanent plasticizer, compatible with various polymers, extremely low volatility, excellent protection againstcalcium soaps, low fogging and good processability.JayflexTM DINPPolyadipatesOXSOFT TOTM LE STKRAHN Chemie s laboratories offer a wide variety of product testing.If you are interested, please ask for our brochure “Technical Service Center”.13

COATINGSSO LVENTSPRODUCT GROUPPRODUCT NAMEPRODUCERPRODUCT e polar aprotic solvent, suitable as nontoxicreplacement for NMP, DMF and DMAC in coatings and manChemicalSlow evaporating, urethane grade solvent with good solvencyfor most coating resins. Eastman NBP also enhancesperformance of paint stripping formulations and shows verygood synergistic effects with other active solvent like DMSO.Ester alcoholEastman TexanolTMEastman ChemicalRetarder solvent for coil coatings, curing enamels andprinting inks.Ether esterEastmanTM EEPEastman ChemicalSlow-evaporating ether ester with moderate odor, low surface tension, high electrical resistance and good resistance to solvent popping in baking applications.Glycol etherEastmanTM EEHEastman ChemicalEastmanTM EEH offers an excellent balance of performanceproperties (coalescence, fat release, low surface tension, etc.)in architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.EastmanTM EPEastman ChemicalColorless, water-miscible solvent providing a slow evaporation rate and good viscosity control in waterborne systems.EastmanTM MAKEastman ChemicalSolvents with high solvent activity, slow evaporation rate, lowdensity, low surface tension and a high boiling point. Theseproperties make MIAK a very good solvent for high solids andlow VOC coatings.Eastman ChemicalActive solvent for most synthetic resins including acrylics,polyesters, cellulosics, epoxies, vinyls and alkyds.KetonesEastmanTMMIAKEastmanTM MPKTES T EQU IP M E N T A N D G R IN DI NG M E DI ACeramic grindingmediaYTZ Tosoh/NikkatoHigh wear-resistant yttria-stabilized zirconia grinding balls(size: 0.1 mm–25 mm) and cylinders (size: 1/2” and 3/8”).Paint test chartsLenetaThe Leneta CompanyTest charts (paper, steel, aluminium) to determine opacity andspreading rate as well as scrub resistance, color and gloss.Product Disclaimer1. Any information given on the chemical and physical characteristics of our products, including technical advice on applications whether verbally, inwriting or by testing the product, is given to the best of our knowledge. However, this information is given without obligation and does not exempt thebuyer from carrying out own investigations and tests in order to ascertain the product’s specific suitability for the purpose intended. The buyer is solelyresponsible for the application, utilisation and proces

Optifilm TM Enhancer 300 Eastman exanolT TM Eastman Chemical OptifilmTM Enhancer 300 and TexanolTM are non-VOC. Eastman OptifilmTM Enhancer 400 Eastman Chemical OptifilmTM Enhancer 400 is non VOC and is suitable for systems with no emission. Conductivity promotors BYK -ES BYK-Chemie To increase the conductivity of electrostatically sprayed

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May 2020 (FY 2020) France J2 1 France L1 2 France L2 4 France NATO2 14 Georgia A1 1 Georgia A2 1 Georgia B1/B2 1 Georgia H2B 1 Germany A1 12 Germany A2 6 Germany B1 3 Germany B1/B2 12 Germany C1 1 Germany C1/D 20 Germany G1 8 Germany G4 13 Germany H1B 1 Germany J1 5 Germany L1 4 Germany L2 2 Germany NATO2 43 Germany NATO6 8 Ghana B1/B2 2 Ghana .

VANSIL W is an excellent extender pigment for powder coatings as well as solvent-thinned and latex paints. VANSIL W-50 disperses to a to egman fineness at three pounds per gallon. This grade is suitable for liquid industrial and corrosion resistant coatings, powder coatings, and semi-gloss architectural coatings. n powder coatings, this grade

OptifilmTM Enhancer 400 is non VOC and is suitable for systems with no emission. Functional amines AdvantexTM Eastman Chemical Functional amine additive for waterborne coatings that optimizes pigment dispersions capabilitites, improves early water resistance and

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are analysed. Throughout, the focus is on coatings formulation and how to arrive at the final recipe. A special feature of the book is its detailed index, which allows the reader to conduct targeted searches for specific aspects of coatings formulation. Ulrich Poth Automotive Coatings Formulation Bodo Müller Ulrich Poth · Coatings .

Thermal Barrier Coatings, as the name suggests are coatings which provide a barrier to the flow of heat. Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) performs the important function of insulating components such as gas turbine and aero engine parts operating at elevated temperatures. Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) are layer systems deposited on

RG Firearms Range Building STO Range Storage Building F1 Firearms Range 1; 50 Yard Paper Target Range F2 Firearms Range 2; 25 Yard Paper Target Range F3 Firearms Range 3; 50 Yard Paper Target Range F4 Firearms Range 4; 50 Yard Paper Target Range RAP Rappel Tower F5 Firearms Range 5; 200 Yard Rifle Range F6 Firearms Range 6; Tactical Entry House

of tank wall, which would be required by each design method for this example tank. The API 650 method is a working stress method, so the coefficient shown in the figure includes a factor of 2.0 for the purposes of comparing it with the NZSEE ultimate limit state approach. For this example, the 1986 NZSEE method gave a significantly larger impulsive mode seismic coefficient and wall thickness .