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2021 UTA ME/AE/ Graduate StudentsOrientation12‐1 pmRoom 413413, WHAugust 17, 2021http://mae.uta.edu/orientation

Agenda Welcome remark: Dr. Erian Armanios, Chair Staff advisor introduction:Wendy Ryan (206), Lanie Gordon (204), Kathy Priester(211) Faculty research presentation:––––––Dr. Ashfaq AdnanDr Dereje AgonaferDr.Dr.Michael BozlarDr.Ankur JainDr Robert TaylorDr.Dr. Liwei Zhang Graduate pprogramgoverview:– Dr. Kamesh Subbarao (AE)– Dr. Ratan Kumar, Dr. Seiichi Nomura (ME)

Proper Way to Address Faculty/Staff Dr. Last Name (for faculty) First Name ((or Mr./Ms./familyy name)) ((for staff ) Email salutation (in order of appropriateness) Dr. Nomura (appropriate)(i ) Prof. Nomura (formal) DearDSir/MadamSi /M d(OK) Respected Sir/Ma’am (too formal) NomuraN(OK ini military)ili) Mr.Nomura (some are offended.) HeyH duded d (if you expect no reply.)l )

Hold the door

Vacation Home Must return before school begins. Employment rescinded if late return. Must be approved by your professor.

AE Master of Science (Thesis,(Thesis 30 hours) 2CCore courses (6 hhours)) 2 Math courses (6 hours)– Substitution of other MATHS courses needs approval from SupervisingProfessorfandd theh GraduatedAdvisord 4 AE elective courses ((12 hours))– Can use one non‐AE course. Thesis ‐ 6 hours: AE5698 or two AE5398 courses Thesis advisor: Find professor by end of Fall 2021. Three committee members Can switch to MEngr, with appropriate course adjustments. If youhave already been working on the thesis, then your supervisingprofessor should confirm that he/she approves this change.

AE Master of Engineering (30 hours) 3 CoreCcourses (9 hhours)) 2 Math courses (6 hours)– Substitution of other MATHS courses needs approval fromthe Graduate Advisor 5 AE elective courses (15 hours)– Can use one non‐AE course. Can switch to MS only if all MS admission requirementsare satisfied and if a supervising professor for thesis hasbeen identified. Need an email confirmation for thesame from the identified supervising professor.

AE Course requirements For both the M.S. and the M. Engr. degrees, the balance of therequired coursework hours may be chosen in consultation with theSupervising Professor (MS) or Graduate Advisor (MEngr) to meet thestudent’s needs and interests. Courses taken outside the Aerospace Engineering program requireapprovalppof the student’s Supervisingpg Professor as well as the GraduateAdvisor. The elective courses cannot include special project courses (forexample, AE 5391 / 5291 / 5191 Advanced Studies in AerospaceEngineering) or research courses (for example, AE 5397 / 5297 / 5197Research in Aerospace Engineering). Some courses such as AE 5397/6397 etc. are graded P/R/F. An earnedgrade of P or R (can be taken for repeated credit) will not affect theGPA. However, earning an F will adversely affect the GPA.

CORE AREAS IN THE AEROSPACE ENGINEERINGPROGRAMThe four core areas in the Aerospace Engineering program along with therecommended courses in each core area are listed below:Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics and PropulsionCLASSICAL AERODYNAMICSAE 5301AE 5326AIR‐BREATHING PROPULSIONGAS DYNAMICSAE 5342Solid Mechanics and StructuresAE 5310FINITE ELEMENT METHODS.STRUCTURAL DYNAMICSAE 5311AE 5339STRUCTURAL ASPECTS OF DESIGN333Flight Mechanics and ControlsADVANCED FLIGHT MECHANICSAE 53023AE 53623GUIDANCE, NAVIGATION, AND CONTROL OF AEROSPACEVEHICLESFlight Vehicle DesignAE 5368FLIGHT VEHICLE SYNTHESIS AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING3333

ME Master of Engineering (Non‐thesis,30 hours) 3 Core courses (9 hours)2 Math courses (6 hours)5 ME Elective courses (15 hours)Can be switched to M.S.

ME Master of Science (Thesis, 30hours) 3 Core courses (9( hours)h)2 Math courses ((6 hours))3 ME elective courses (9 hours)6 hours of thesis: ME5698 or two ME5398Thesis advisor: Find Prof by the end of 2ndsemester at theh llatest. Three committee members Can be switched to M.Eng.

ME Core Courses

How to browse courses www.uta.edu/mymav

How to choose courses AE students take AEXXXX courses. MEstudents take MEXXXX courses. There is no specific course sequence. TakeT k courses iin your area ffor theh fifirstsemester. If lost, start taking two core courses and onemath (AE5331 or ME5331).ME5331) It is important to maintain good grades.

Course Registration Process1234E‐mail the formGo tohttp://mae.uta.edu/form.pdfDownload theRegistrationFormFill and Savethe Form(instructionsprovided in alater slide)

Download the File Fill Saveit.(This is preferred)201911.Student ID # (Will start with1001).2.If you have been admittedunder Probation, pleaseindicate3.Please provide the correctCourse and Section numbereg: 5310‐0014.Supervisor’s Name (LeaveBlank if none).2ME5310‐001Finite Element Methods5390‐001ReactorThermalhydraulicsMEDo notfill‐in morethan3 classes.3If needed, check with yourAdvisor/Supervisord i /SiCheck the Accept Button.4Provided theh datedoff submission.b

Steps 3 & 4: Form Submission1.2.Save the filled formTheh savedd ‘file‘f l name’’ shouldh ld beb your UTA‐ID #.eg: 1001456789.pdfdfUse your myMav account to send e‐maileg firstname.lastname@mavs.uta.edueg.firstname lastname@mavs uta edu(NO gmailgmail,, hotmail etc)3.The Subject Line of your e‐mail should contain the following:UTA‐‐ID LastName FirstNameUTAegg 1001456789 Smith Johneg:4.E‐mail the saved file to:A) To your Supervisor(In case you have your supervisor)B) ElseME students:AE students:Last NameA through MN through ZA through ZSend E‐E‐mail tome1@mae.uta.edume2@mae.uta.eduae@mae.uta.edu

Checklist1.Carefully review your filled form.2.Send it to the correct e‐mail else it will not be processed.3.Give us 2 business days to process the form.44.IIn case you are nott ablebl tto registerit bbeyondd2ddays afterft submission,b i iththenbring a copy of your saved form and meetMs. Wendy Ryan (WH 206), Staff advisor (wendy.ryan@uta.edu)5.DO NOT SEND YOUR FORM MULTIPLE TIMES.TIMES

Academic Integrity CheatCh––––––Copying another’s testCommunicating with each other during examsContacting the internet during examsGiving/seeking aids during examsUsing unauthorized materials during examsBuying a test/report from the internet Plagiarize– Using someone else’ work without acknowledgment– Makingg slightg modification without acknowledgmentg

Internship Opportunities Eligible after 2 semestersMust be in good standingMaximum: 2 semestersLocal/Out of state companiesSend 500 resumes.resumesCan take distance courses while awayCan lead to permanent employment

MAE Computer Lab Room 320, Woolf Hall Open: TBA Account automatically activated uponenrollmentll Office/Matlab/Mathematica/Ansys/Pro‐E/// y/

MISC and some life hacksMISC. Choose a research professor ASAP or by theend of the second semester at the latest. There is NO GRADE REPLACEMENT policy. AttendAd campus seminars.iManyMcome withihsnack/lunch. You learn something new. Use VIA within Arlington. 3 a ride. LibraryLibresources: Lynda.comL d

Tips for Success Be punctual.Be sure to include your UTA ID.Never miss an appointment.Ask questions. That makes difference.Your grade follows you until you die !

Question ?

A through M me1@mae.uta.edu N through Z me2@mae.uta.edu AE students:students: A through Z ae@mae.uta.edu. Checklist 1. Carefully review your filled form. 2. Send it to the correct e‐mail else it will not be processed. 3. Give us 2 business days to process the form. 4. In case you are not able to regitister bdbeyond 2 days after subiibmission .

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