The VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge (VoxSRC .

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The VoxCeleb Speaker RecognitionChallenge (VoxSRC) Workshop 2019Joon Son Chung and Andrew Zisserman

Introduction Creation of the VoxCeleb dataset Overview of the speaker recognition challengeVoxSRC

Datasets: VoxCeleb2VoxSRCa large-scale audio-visual dataset of human speech150,000 YouTube videosof7000 different celebrity speakers1 million utterances2000 hours of videoChung, J. S., Nagrani, A., & Zisserman, A., VoxCeleb2: Deep Speaker Recognition. INTERSPEECH, 2018

Clips from the same identityVoxSRC

YouTube videos are a great source Multi-speaker environments Varying audio quality andbackground channel noise Freely availableStudio InterviewsRed Carpet InterviewsOutdoor and pitch InterviewsVoxSRC

Fully Automated PipelineVoxSRCAim: Automatically obtain audio segments of speakers from videos uploadedto YouTubeTo do this we need to solve the following: When is a person speaking? Done using Active Speaker Verification (ASV)Which speaker is the celebrity that we want? Done using Face Verification

Fully Automated PipelineDownload videosAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFace detectionVoxSRCFelicity JonesFace trackingFace detection and TrackingFace VerificationWho is the rverificationWhen is a person speaking?Face verificationVoxCeleb databasematchVOXCELEB

Fully Automated PipelineVoxSRC1. Candidate ListDownload videosAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFace detectionFelicity JonesFace trackingFace detection and TrackingFace eakerverificationFace verificationVoxCeleb databasematchVOXCELEB

1. Candidate ListVoxSRC Celebrities are the ideal choice – many ‘interview’ videos 7000 identities, ranging from actors and sportspeople to entrepreneursA.J. BuckleyA.R. RahmanAamir KhanAaron TveitAaron YooAbbie CornishAbigail BreslinAbigail SpencerAdam BeachAdam BrodyAdam CopelandAdam DriverAdrianne CurryAdrianne PalickiAgyness DeynAidan TurnerAjay DevgnAkshay KumarAlain DelonAlan AldaAlan CummingAlan RickmanAlan TudykAlba RohrwacherAldis HodgeAlex BorsteinAlex KingstonAlex PettyferAlex TrebekAlexa DavalosAlexander SiddigAlexandra DaddarioAlexandra RoachAlexz JohnsonAlfre WoodardAlice EveAlicja BachledaAlison ArngrimAlison PillAllison WilliamsAmanda SeyfriedAmaury NolascoAmber RileyAmerica FerreraAmitabh BachchanAmy PoehlerAmy SchumerAna GasteyerAndre BraugherAndrea RiseboroughAndrew Dice ClayAndrew GarfieldAndrew Lee PottsAndrew RannellsAndrew ScottAndy RichterAndy SambergAneurin BarnardAng LeeAngela KinseyAnne HathawayAnsel ElgortAnthony AndersonAnthony MackieAnthony RappAnton YelchinAntonio CupoArden ChoArmand AssanteArmie HammerAsa ButterfieldAshley GreeneAshley JensenAudra McDonaldAudrina PatridgeAvan JogiaB.J. NovakBarbara EdenBarbara HersheyBear GryllsBellamy YoungBen FeldmanBen McKenzieBen StillerBen WhishawBeth GrantBethany MotaBetty WhiteBill NighyBill PullmanBillie Joe ArmstrongBingbing LiBlair UnderwoodBlake MichaelBlake SheltonBob BarkerBobby CannavaleBonnie WrightBooboo StewartBrad PaisleyBradley Steven PerryBreckin MeyerBrenda BlethynBrendan GleesonBrett DavernBrian BlessedBrian CoxBrian DennehyBridget MoynahanBridget ReganBrit MarlingBrooke Burke-CharvetBruce BoxleitnerBruno GanzBruno MarsBurt ReynoldsCCH PounderCaitriona BalfeCaity LotzCallan McAuliffeCallie ThorneCameron BoyceCandace Cameron BureCandice AccolaCandice PattonCaroline RheaCarolyn HennesyCarrie Ann InabaCarrie FisherCarrie UnderwoodCasey AffleckCasey WilsonCassandra PetersonCaterina MurinoCaterina ScorsoneCatherine HardwickeCedric the EntertainerCelia ImrieChace CrawfordChadwick BosemanChariceCharles DanceCharles S. DuttonCharlie DayCharlotte GainsbourgChazz PalminteriChelsea HandlerCherCheryl LaddChi McBrideChiwetel EjioforChloe BennetChloe DykstraChris ColferChris HemsworthChris LowellChris MartinChris MessinaChris PineChristian KaneChristina HendricksChristina RicciChristopher MintzPlasseCierra RamirezCilla BlackCillian MurphyCindy WilliamsClaudia BlackCliff CurtisClive OwenColin DonnellConstance ZimmerCorbin BleuCorey StollCory MonteithCostas MandylorCote de PabloCristin MiliotiCyndi LauperDakota FanningDamian LewisDamon LindelofDamon WayansDan AykroydDan FoglerDan StevensDana DelanyDane CookDanica McKellarDaniel AuteuilDaniel CraigDaniel Dae KimDaniel ToshDanielle CampbellDanielle PanabakerDanny DyerDanny McBrideDanny PinoDarren CrissDave BautistaDave FoleyDavidAttenboroughDavid CassidyDavid FaustinoDavid GiuntoliDavid HarewoodDavid HenrieDavid JasonDavid KoechnerDavid KrossDavid LettermanDavid LyonsDavid MametDavid MazouzDavid MorrisseyDavid MorseDavid OyelowoDavid SchwimmerDavid SuchetDavid TennantDavid WarnerDavid WenhamDavid Zayas Names are taken from the existing VGGFace2* dataset*Cao, Qiong, et al. "Vggface2: A dataset for recognising faces across pose and age." Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition, 2018.

VoxSRCFully Automated PipelineDownload videosFace detectionFelicity Jones2. Data ExtractionAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFace trackingFace detection and Tracking MFCC extraction Face Detection Landmark DetectionFace eakerverificationFace verificationmatchVOXCELEBVoxCeleb database14

2. Face Tracking and Landmark DetectionVoxSRC

VoxSRCFully Automated PipelineDownload videosFace detectionAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFelicity JonesFace trackingFace detection and TrackingFace speakerverification3. Active Speaker DetectionFace verificationVoxCeleb databasematchmatchVOXCELEB

3. Active Speaker Detection - SyncNetVoxSRCsmall distance ifsynchronisedlarge distance ifnot synchronisedChung, J. S., and Zisserman, A. "Out of time: automated lip sync in the wild." Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 2016.

3. Active Speaker DetectionVoxSRC

VoxSRCFully Automated PipelineDownload videosAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFace detectionFelicity JonesFace trackingFace detection and TrackingFace eakerverificationmatchVOXCELEB4. Face verificationFace verificationVoxCeleb database VGGFace classification score

VoxSRC4. Face Verification7000 scorevector for eachidentitySE-ResNet-50 CNNPre-trainedCao, Qiong, et al. "Vggface2: A dataset for recognising faces across pose and age." Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition, 2018.

4. Face VerificationJones 0.00VoxSRCJones 0.00Jones 0.99

High thresholds – no manual intervention1Precision0. speaker verificationFace verification0.

Fully Automated PipelineDownload videosAudio featureAudio featureextractionextractionFace detectionVoxSRCFelicity JonesFace trackingFace detection and TrackingFace VerificationWho is the rverificationWhen is a person speaking?Face verificationVoxCeleb databasematchVOXCELEB

The VoxCeleb1 DatasetVoxSRC22,496 YouTube videosof1,251 different celebrity speakersNagrani, A., Chung, J. S., and Zisserman, A. VoxCeleb: A large-scale Speaker Identification Dataset. INTERSPEECH 2017.

The VoxCeleb2 Dataset150,480 YouTube videosof7000 different celebrity speakersChung, J. S., Nagrani, A. and Zisserman, A. VoxCeleb2: Deep Speaker Recognition. INTERSPEECH 2018.VoxSRC

The VoxCeleb Speaker RecognitionChallenge

VoxSRC 2019VoxSRC The goal of this challenge is to probe how well currentmethods can recognize speakers from speech obtained'in the wild’. A new dataset has been collected for evaluation. VoxCeleb1 test sets are used for validation.

VoxSRC 2019 test setVoxSRC 500 speakers, 19K utterances, 208K pairs Collected using a similar pipeline to VoxCeleb From YouTube videos of celebrities that do not appearin the VoxCeleb datasets 90% of the impostor pairs are from same gender All utterances are at least 4 seconds in length

VoxSRC 2019 test set Manual verification of allspeech segments In addition, annotators payparticular attention toexamples whose speakerembeddings are far fromcluster centresVoxSRC

VoxSRC 2019 - TracksVoxSRC Fixed: Participants can train only on the VoxCeleb2dev dataset for which we have already releasedspeaker verification labels. Open: Participants can use the VoxCeleb datasetsand any other data (including that which is not publiclyreleased) except the challenge's test data.

Bellamy Young Ben Feldman Ben McKenzie Ben Stiller Ben Whishaw Beth Grant Bethany Mota Betty White Bill Nighy Bill Pullman Billie Joe Armstrong Bingbing Li Blair Underwood . David Koechner David Kross David Letterman David Lyons David Mamet David Mazouz David Morrissey David Morse David Oyelowo David Schwimmer David Suchet David Tennant David .

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to answers A–F. There is one extra answer. Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5 A The speaker is inspired by Jessica. B The speaker is critical of Jessica’s parents. C The speaker congratulates Jessica. D The speaker describes the event. E The speaker comments on how Jessica looks. F The speaker knows Jessica personally.

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ter.: Approximate number of utterances. †And its derivatives. ‡Number of telephone calls. varies by year. 3. Dataset Description VoxCeleb contains over 100,000 utterances for 1,251 celebri-ties, extracted from videos uploaded to YouTube. The dataset is gen