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New Mexico Military Institute14 January 2020Office: @nmmi.eduThe NMMI Alumni E-NewsletterWow! 2019 Flew by!See below our majorevents, Motorcycle Rally,Trail Ride and Homecoming, for 2020. This yearwe have added the NMMIAlumni ATV Adventure. Watch fordetails!We visited 18 cities in 2019 and hadJanuarySanta Fe – LegislativeBreakfast Reception – Friday, 1/24Las Cruces – Sat. 25thPhoenix 19th12 Alumni After Hours gatherings. Wehope you can make it to one of the alumnigatherings in 2020.We are working hard to form get together’sall across the country! Look for us in yourarea and we would be honored with yourpresence.As always, if you are in Roswell, please stopby our office to visit! Locally, our NMMIAlumni After Hours in Roswell, has been aFebruaryhuge success, so if you are in town, joinus!Our monthly alumni conference calls,continue to keep people updated and informed. We welcome you to listen in tosee what is happening at the “Old Post”and have the opportunity to ask questionsof the Superintendent and Alumni Relations Director.MarchndAprilthD.C/NYC. – 22AMSCUS 23rd – 25thAlumni After Hours 13thTucson Thurs. 5Phoenix Fri. 6th & 7thAlbu. Rajun Cajun Saturday18thNMNG Saturday 25thNMMI Conf. Call 11thBataan 14th & 15th (R)Alumni After Hours 9thOKC 27th ?28th ?Herb GravesLegacy Dinner?NMMI Conf. Call 14thAlumni After Hours 16thNMMI Conf. Call 21stAlumni After Hours 12thNMMI Conf. Call 10thMayKansas CitySaturday 2ndNMMI Graduation May 15thand 16thMotorcycle RallyMay 21st thru 24thJunethDallas June 5 – 8thTrail RideJune 16th – 19thNO After HoursJulyAugustColorado Springs?Denver RockiesJuly 18thHouston Saturday - Aug. 1stATV AdventureAugust 13th -16thIngram BBQ Sat. 22ndAlumni After Hours 9NMMI Conf. Call 9ththNMMI Conf. Call 14thAlbu. Burgers Orell?Alumni After Hours 6thNMMI Conf. Call 11thMexico June 25 – 28?Alumni After Hours 7thNMMI Conf. Call 12thSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberSalt Lake City – Saturday 5thGeneral’s Cup 18 - 20San Antonio 2ndAlumni After Hours 10thAustin 3rdVeteran’s DayOffice Close 11thAtlanta 14thParent’s Weekend LegacyDinner 25-27Alumni After Hours 10thHomecoming 14th thru 17thAlumni After Hours 12thAlumni After Hours 8thNMMI Conf. Call 17thNMMI Conf. Call 15thNMMI Conf. Call 20th1NMMI Conf. Call 8th

Forbes list:“There exists up to 52 high ranking colleges in the Forbes list where application fees is not required.”Some nice company in this article; look who’s #41 in the of-colleges-without-applicationfees/Trail Ride 2020 AuctionIt’s that time of year again and the Alumni Relations Office is looking for donationsfor the 2020 Trail Ride Silent Auction. In recent years the auction has helped raise restricted and unrestricted funds for cadet scholarships and donated items have variedfrom: paintings, blankets, pocket knives, decorative belts, chaps, handcrafted tables,and much more. We are making a push this year to get donated items submitted earlier so that we can put a list up on the internet of all auction items prior to the start ofthe trail ride. If this is something you are interested in please contact Ben Manatt at575-624-8246 or Remember all donations will qualify as a gift inkind and the donor will receive tax deductible benefits based on an estimated value.We hope to see you all there and looking forward to another outstanding event duringthe 30th Annual Trail Ride.Interested in working at NMMI?See what is available at the Old PostJobs at NMMINew jobs posted!2

Get your NMMIAlumni caremblem. 18shippedView the NMMI AlumniCalendarView the NMMIAthletics CalendarPlanning a visit to the Old Post?Schedule your visit.Click here!Hello Alumni!We have had a lot of requests forNMMI branded merchandise. Wewanted to let you know that thereare some new items on the CadetStore website.Check it out!Are there any Alumni items you would like to see for purchasein the Cadet Store? Please let us know at Cadet StoreGet the latestNMMI AlumniChallenge coin!We found this history ofChallenge coins on Here is a linkto read it!“A literal token ofAppreciation”Place an order through Amazon and provide scholarship money to the Corps of Cadets!Do you shop through Amazon? If your answer is yes, make sure you are signed up with AmazonSmile before you make your nextpurchase; and that the NMMI Foundation, Inc. is chosen as your favorite charity.Each time you place an order, AmazonSmile will make a donation to the NMMI Foundation, Inc. All AmazonSmile donations willsupport the NMMI Annual Fund, which in turn provides recruiting and retention scholarships to the Corps of Cadets.Just click this link to sign up today:

Reported deceased since the last Newsletteron 29 Sep 2019NameMr. Marshall R. Foley 1931 JCMr. Robert J. Hobby 1939 HSMr. Richard Thomas Miller 1939 HSMr. Charles Lawrence Cole 1940 HSCOL Arthur Copeland Jackson, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1940 JCMr. Ray Ford Rusk 1940 HSJudge Charles Zook Fitzalan Sutton 1940 HSMr. James E. O'Neal 1941 JCMr. Milton Petersen, Jr. 1941 JCMr. George R. Armstrong 1942 JCDeceased 1-Apr-1703-Apr-0213-Jul-7208-Oct-15Deceased Alumni 2001 – 2020Deceased Alumni 1946 – 1950Deceased Alumni 1981 – 2000Deceased Alumni 1941 – 1945Deceased Alumni 1971 – 1980Deceased Alumni 1921 – 1940Deceased Alumni 1961 – 1970Deceased Alumni 1897 – 1920Deceased Alumni 1956 – 1960Deceased Faculty and StaffDeceased Alumni 1951 – 1955Memorial donations can be made to the NMMI Foundation by calling575-624-8035 or email Jennifer Rawdon at

NameMr. Charles R. Clardy 1942 HSMr. Fred L. Dickinson 1942 JCMr. Walter L. Dorris 1942 HSMr. Harold George Powell 1942 HSMr. Donald F. Collins 1943 JCMr. Gerald J. Geiger 1943 JCMaj Gen Harrison Lobdell, Jr., USAF (Ret) 1943 JCMr. Hayden M. Moberly 1943 HSDr. James B. Moss, Jr. 1943 JCMr. George Thompson, III 1943 HSCAPT Edward Guy Buck, USN (Ret) 1944 JCMr. Francis E. Carr 1944 JCMr. Richard Walter Holesapple 1944 HSMr. Robert T. Hardeman 1945 JCDr. Harmon Edward Keyes, Jr. 1945 HSMr. Gerald E. Main 1945 HSMr. Howard William Regester, Jr. 1945 JCMr. Houston Harriman Harte 1946 JCMr. Vernon L. Miller 1946 HSMr. Neal H. Phelps, Jr. 1946 HSDr. William E. Hood, Jr. 1947 HSMr. Ben H. Rosenthal, Jr. 1947 JCLCDR Tyler R. Sturdevant, USNR (Ret) 1947 JCMr. John Corbett Wyman, Jr. 1947 HSMr. Wilfred E. Friedman 1948 HSMr. William P. Gregory 1948 HSMr. Lester B. Merrill, Jr. 1948 HSMr. Jose U. Otero 1948 HSMr. Jack Dixon Welch 1948 JCMr. Richard A. Cotter, Jr. 1949 JCMr. Robert L. Danson 1949 HSMr. Frederick J. Disque 1949 JCMr. Austin T. Glover, Jr. 1949 JCLTC John E. Martling, USA (Ret) 1949 HSProf Harold A. Titus, Jr. 1949 JC5Deceased 8

NameMr. John S. Ahlquist 1950 HSMr. James M. Gerdeman 1950 HSMr. James A. Hollingsworth 1950 JCMr. Robert Bruce Knight 1950 JCCOL Henry Russell Mannex, USA (Ret) 1950 HSMr. Noel D. Matkin 1950 HSMr. James A. McDonald 1950 JCMr. Robert W. Noll, Jr. 1950 HSMr. Donald K. Riffe 1950 JCMr. Lincoln Aston 1951 HSMr. Babe N. Drum 1951 JCMr. Edward L. Goodrum 1951 HSCAPT Roger B. Granum, USN (Ret) 1951 HSMr. W. Watson LaForce, Jr. 1951 HSMr. David A. Sowles 1951 HSMr. Preston A. Stofer 1951 HSLTC Floyd W. Cox, Jr., USA (Ret) 1952 SCMr. Craig A. Cunningham 1952 HSMr. Norman MacDonald Jordan 1952 HSMr. Arthur R. Lundien 1952 SCMr. M. Mabry Peel 1952 SCMr. Spencer L. Taylor, V 1952 HSMr. Richard Earle Thomas 1952 HSMr. Don W. Weathers 1952 HSMr. Stillman Roby Abbott 1953 HSMr. John N. Beers 1953 HSMr. Robert B. Bell 1953 JCMr. Paul H. Jones, Jr. 1953 HSMr. Joseph J. Lane, III 1953 HSMr. Wayne Kellum McMurtry 1953 JCMr. Robert E. Rankin 1953 JCMr. Richard G. Weil 1953 JCMr. Robert Wertheim 1953 JCMr. Charles W. Faris 1954 JC6Deceased 1

NameMr. John F. Hermann 1954 JCLTC Sylvester A. Merritt, Jr., USA (Ret) 1954 HSMr. Leonard R. Anderson 1955 HSLt Col C. Roger Bogard, USAF (Ret) 1955 HSMr. David Bowser 1955 JCMr. William K. Crockett 1955 HSMr. Johnnie L. Gibson 1955 HSMr. Joe W. Mangum 1955 JCMr. Everett E. Putney 1955 HSMr. Kenneth R. Ray 1955 HSMr. Leonard Gregory Smith 1955 JCMr. Larry P. Spaniol 1955 HSJudge Jesus J. Baca 1956 JCMr. Donald R. Brown 1956 HSMr. Timothy W. Daniel, Sr. 1956 HSMr. Mumford A. Graham 1956 JCMr. Harry G. Heaney 1956 HSMr. Paul W. Hurt 1956 JCMr. J. Coulter Kirkpatrick 1956 HSMr. C. Ross Randolph 1956 HSMr. Malcolm J. Raub, Jr. 1956 HSMr. Pete Cator, Jr. 1957 HSMr. Stephen P. Cheney 1957 JCMr. George Carter Emrick 1957 HSMr. Edward J. Fornes 1957 JCMr. Paul F. Foust, Jr. 1957 HSMr. Lonnie B. Ross 1957 HSMr. David L. Rossman 1957 HSMr. Gerald J. Schwartz 1957 HSMr. Leroy F. Blank 1958 HSMr. John M. Carroll 1958 HSLTC John C. Gilbreath, USA (Ret) 1958 JCMr. Whit M. Harvey 1958 JCMr. Ronald A. Hedrick 1958 HSMr. Jay Michael Johnson 1958 HS7Deceased Jul-1907-Sep-0906-Jun-1806-Jun-8810-Aug-17

NameMr. Gordon W. Marlowe 1958 JCMr. John E. Reindorp 1958 HSMr. Joseph A. Robertson 1958 JCMr. Robert L. Sandoval 1958 HSMr. John E. Torres 1958 JCMr. Jay F. Yoakum 1958 HSMr. James Thomas Davis 1959 JCSGT Forrest M. Faulkner, Jr., USA 1959 JCMr. James A. Fleming, II 1959 HSMr. Volney E. Hamm, Jr. 1959 JCMr. Samuel W. Hawkins, Jr. 1959 JCMr. Logan M. Hines 1959 JCMr. John W. King 1959 JCMr. Joe D. Laughter 1959 HSMr. James L. Scott 1959 HSMr. Robert B. Shirley 1959 HSMr. Kenneth E. Willis 1959 JCMr. William E. K. Allen, Jr. 1960 JCMr. Peter J. Broullire, III 1960 HSMr. Ernest L. Camunez 1960 JCMr. Sam F. Cochran, Jr. 1960 JCMr. Max B. Cohen, Jr. 1960 HSMr. Richard F. Downey, Jr. 1960 HSMr. Fred A. Erickson 1960 HSMr. Lincoln B. Fletcher 1960 HSMr. William W. Holmes 1960 HSMr. William D. Lee 1960 HSMr. Robert E. Letson 1960 JCMr. Gray H. McCraw, Jr. 1960 HSMr. Salvador A. Santiesteban 1960 HSMr. David C. Smith 1960 HSMr. George W. Sparks, Jr. 1960 HSMr. Thomas K. Trezona 1960 HSMr. John L. Walker 1960 HSMr. Thomas H. Baird 1961 HSDeceased 38

NameMr. Benjamin A. Bassett 1961 HSMr. Orval C. Beus 1961 JCMr. Max D. Clark 1961 HSMr. Edward H. Deems, Jr. 1961 HSDr. Joseph Harris 1961 JCMr. Edward V. Hunt 1961 JCDr. John C. Keller, Jr. 1961 JCMr. George P. McGuire 1961 HSLTC James Carlyle Parker, USA (Ret) 1961 JCMr. Forrest R. Slavens 1961 HSMr. Terry S. Stone 1961 HSMr. Joe E. Turner 1961 JCMr. Franklin G. Turrentine 1961 JCMr. Larry D. Warner 1961 JCMr. Michael E. Wiley 1961 HSMr. Michael A. Chase 1962 HSMr. Bryan P. Dowdle 1962 HSMr. Fred Freeman, III 1962 JCMr. William Harold Gates 1962 HSMr. Bradford G. Ingles 1962 HSMr. Larry R. Jones 1962 HSMr. Charles D. Keney 1962 JCMr. William J. May 1962 JCMr. John S. Puster 1962 JCMAJ Michael L. Shaw, USA (Ret) 1962 JCMAJ Richard L. Cobb, USA (Ret) 1963 JCMr. William J. Ferguson 1963 JCMr. Donald S. Fry 1963 JCMr. Monte L. Gould 1963 JCMr. Holland B. Manning 1963 HSMr. Joseph D. Morris 1963 HSMr. Bailey W. Nelson, Jr. 1963 HSMr. Dennis T. Tidwell 1963 JCCPT William L. Tolbert, USA (Ret) 1963 JCMr. Jimmie D. Cain 1964 JC9Deceased 2

NameMr. Stephen J. Doimas 1964 HSMr. Kirke E. Johnson 1964 JCMr. Dennis P. Martin 1964 JCDr. Bobby Gene Ray 1964 HSMr. Paul D. Shaffer, Jr. 1964 JCMr. Douglas W. Smith 1964 JCMr. Harry L. Doolittle, Jr. 1965 HSMr. Patrick A. Evermon, P.E. 1965 JCMr. Lawrence D. Laut 1965 JCMr. Frank Q. McCutchen, Jr. 1965 HSMr. William W. Tinus 1965 HSMr. Gary A. White 1965 JCMr. J. L. Brooks 1966 JCLt Col Timothy D. Caruthers, USAF 1966 JCMr. Earl L. Gartman 1966 JCMr. James M. McKenna 1966 JCCol Robert C. Muncy, USAF (Ret) 1966 HSMr. Frederick D. Reynolds 1966 HSMr. Delmer M. Woods, Jr. 1966 HSJudge Clyde R. Ashworth, Jr. 1967 JCMr. Andrew D. Crosby 1970 HSMr. Donald Galbraith 1970 JCMr. Thomas W. Powell 1970 HSMr. Joseph D. Stewart 1970 HSMr. Bertil D. Vendel, Jr. 1970 HSMr. C. G. Gordon 1971 JCMr. Rodney F. Jenkins 1971 HSMr. James M. Ryan, II 1971 JCMr. William J. Whatley 1971 HSMr. Henry R. Miles 1972 JCMr. Russell W. Burgner 1973 HSMr. Michael E. Harder 1974 HSMr. Michael A. Varela 1974 JCMr. James Thomas Armstrong 1975 HSCWO William O. Hawkins, USA 1975 JC10Deceased Jul-9513-Jun-7919-Dec-1913-Oct-9429-Sep-19

NameMr. Kiyoshi Akima 1977 JCMr. Richard D. Chavez 1978 HSMr. Gregory T. Flack 1980 HS2LT Paul B. Caulfield 1981 JCMr. Ruben R. Alvarado 1983 JCMr. Herman J. Bosse 1983 JCMr. Michael S. Rockholt 1983 JCMr. Andrew M. Casados 1985 HSMr. Sam L. Wolf 1985 HSCPT Charles Edward Jones, USA (Ret) 1987 JCMrs. Aimee L. Paul 1987 JCMr. Daryl L. Ritch 1987 HSMr. Brody L. Prieto 1991 JCMr. Michael G. O'Dair 1996 JCMr. Ruben P. Ramirez 1998 HSMr. Raymond Phillip Moya, Jr. 1999 HSMr. Jack D. Vescovi 1999 JCMs. Amanda C. Greer 2000 JCMr. Kaylon Mickel Pierce 2019 JCDeceased -Dec-1931-May-19Do you get the Sally Port magazine? If not,become a donor to qualify. All donatedfunds go directly to the Corps of Cadets.Please call Ben Manatt at 575-624-8246 todiscuss your giving t/Every dollar counts!11


Ways to Give Bequest — a provision in a will or estate plan that allocates all or part of the individual’s estate to NMMI. Charitable Remainder Trust — an irrevocable trust that pays a specified annual amount to one or morepeople for a fixed period of years (often the life of the individual). At the end of the term of the trust, the remaining trust assets are distributed to NMMI. A charitable remainder annuity trust provides a fixed payment;a charitable remainder uni-trust pays out a fixed percentage of the trust value each year. Charitable Lead Trust — Similar to a charitable remainder trust, but the principal reverts to the donor orhis or her designated heirs at the end of the trust term. If the principal reverts to the donor, he or she gets acharitable income tax deduction; if an heir, that person gets a charitable gift tax deduction. Charitable Gift Annuity — an irrevocable transfer of property (e.g. securities) in exchange for a contractto pay the donor an annuity for life. Because the value of the property exceeds the value of the annuity, it ispartially a gift to the institution. Life Insurance — an arrangement in which a donor gives a life insurance policy to NMMI. The cash value of that gift is tax deductible, as are any future premiums the donor may opt to pay on that policy. Note thatonly life insurance policies that are paid in full qualify as planned gifts. (needs a not regarding proper way ofdoing this.) Life Estate — an arrangement in which a donor gives his/her home to NMMI while retaining the right tolive there for the remainder of his/her life. The donor receives an immediate income tax deduction. NMMImay sell the property upon the donor’s death. Pooled Income Fund — an arrangement, similar to a mutual fund, in which a donor contributes to a fundand receives a share of the proceeds based on the percentage of his contribution. Donors pay no capital gainson the transfer of appreciated property. When the donor dies, his shares transfer to NMMI. Endowments – A fund created by your bequest can carry your name or the name of a family member orother person you wish to honor. Named funds, because of the support they offer to programs and people, are away to share what is meaningful to you within the institute family well into the future. Note that minimum giftamounts required for creating named, endowed funds vary, so please contact the NMMI Foundation for further information. Unrestricted Gifts - are among the most valuable to NMMI, because they allow the institute to allocatefunds wherever the need is greatest, and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise. Your unrestricted contribution may be used to support costs associated with financial aid, educator development, cadetequipment, facilities, and much more. Matching Gifts - An easy way to double or even triple your donation to NMMI is to find out if your company has a matching-gift program. Such programs typically match all or a percentage of employee contributions to charitable organizations, making the employer a partner in employees’ personal philanthropy. Simplyobtain a matching-gift form from your employer’s personnel office, fill it out, and provide it to NMMI withyour contribution. Non-Traditional – Boats, cars, land, jewelry, paintings etc.Call Ben Manatt at 575-624-8246 or email to or go to Support NMMI tocontribute.13

575-624-8035 or email Jennifer Rawdon at Reported deceased since the last Newsletter on 29 Sep 2019 Deceased Alumni 2001 – 2020 Deceased Alumni 1981 – 2000 Deceased Alumni 1941 Deceased Alumni 1971 – 1980 Deceased Alumni 1961 – 1970 Deceased Alumni 1956 – 1960 Deceased Faculty and Staff Deceased Alumni 1951 – 1955

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There are over 60 New Mexico Military Institute alums, friends, and family that have registered so . Colonel Chris Ward, NMMI class of 94JC is the Garrison Commander at White Sands Missile Range and Steve Duran, your host from the class of 83HS, 87JC, along with the NMMI Alumni . Jobs at NMMI New jobs posted! Forbes list:

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