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5/2/2021Dance ScoresOmaha, NE, USAMay 01, 2021Mid America CenterNovice 8 & Under SoloPlace12345678Routine NameStudioGreat Balls of FireHumble & KindShoop ShoopRockin' RobinReal Wild ChildPiece by PieceFireEvil Like MeiDance ProjectiDance ProjectiDance ProjectMelinda's School of DanceiDance ProjectBellevue Dance AcademyKissesDance DynamicsIntermediate 8 & Under SoloPlace1Routine NameStudioPlease Don't GoiDance ProjectAdvanced 8 & Under SoloPlace1Routine NameStudioCootiesKissesTitle - Mini Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine s/326/All Results.php1/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresNovice 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio12345Baby I'm a StarBe Like YouNothin' Like ThisHit Me UpDon't Wanna Dance Alone6Open Hands7Whole Lotta Woman8910Do You Love MeShyFreaks Like MeAimee's Premier DanceiDance ProjectiDance ProjectBellevue Dance AcademyiDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyVilla Dance CompanyBellevue Dance AcademyBellevue Dance AcademyIntermediate 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Heart CryNa Na Na3Possibility45678910Queen BeeThe KingI Am A Good GirlBefore You GoLittle BoxesReckless LoveChandelierDance DynamicsiDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyiDance ProjectDance DynamicsHardCor Performing ArtsDance DynamicsElements Dance ConceptBellevue Dance AcademyKissesPremier Title - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioNa Na NaiDance ProjectAdvanced 9-11 SolosPlace1234Routine NameStudioExpensiveWhy Haven't I Heard From YouStand in the LightI Don't Speak FrenchiDance ProjectiDance ProjectiDance ProjectiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php2/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresTitle - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlace12Routine NameStudioWhy Haven't I Heard From YouI Don't Speak FrenchiDance ProjectiDance ProjectNovice 12-14 SoloPlace12345Routine NameStudioI Will SurviveBrand New DayHollywoodTrue LoveWho You AreHardCor Performing ArtsiDance ProjectiDance ProjectCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceIntermediate 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Go Crazy2One Day3456LonelyBrown Derby JumpSo CloseBallroom Blitz7Before You Go8910Love MyselfBlack and GoldSupermarket FlowersDance DynamicsDYNAMYX DanceCompanyBellevue Dance AcademyHardCor Performing ArtsiDance ProjectiDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDance DynamicsKerri's Dance StudioiDance ProjectPremier Title - Teen Mr Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioGo CrazyDance DynamicsPremier Title - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioTornDance Dynamicslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php3/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 12-14 SoloPlace12345Routine NameStudioPerfectSing Sing SingSentimentalMoneyDreamiDance ProjectiDance ProjectAmy Beam INDElements Dance ConceptKissesTitle - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlace12Routine NameStudioLe Jazz HotSentimentaliDance ProjectAmy Beam INDNovice 15-19 SoloPlace1234567Routine NameStudioDrowningIncompleteHappierGet AwayBe KindWithout MeIts Been AwhileBellevue Dance AcademyCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage DanceIntermediate 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1234RunLet It All GoLonelySmile5Hurt67ArmsGood Girl8Confess9Call Me Mother10Why Her Not MeKerri's Dance StudioThe Dance WorksiDance ProjectVilla Dance CompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyiDance ProjectMelinda's School of DanceDYNAMYX DanceCompanyHardCor Performing ArtsDYNAMYX DanceCompanylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php4/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresPremier Title - Miss Dance AmericaPlace12Routine NameStudioRunGood GirlKerri's Dance StudioMelinda's School of DanceAdvanced 15-19 SoloPlace1234567Routine NameStudioEastsidePiecesTake YoursWild HorsesWhere Do We GoGooeyIn Da ClubiDance ProjectPiccoli Dance TheatreDance DynamicsPiccoli Dance TheatreElements Dance ConceptElements Dance ConceptDance DynamicsTitle - Miss Dance AmericaPlace123Routine NameStudioPiecesWild HorsesGooeyPiccoli Dance TheatrePiccoli Dance TheatreElements Dance ConceptNovice 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1You're The One That I Want2Carwash3Crush on You456Follow the LeaderBe Like MePeanut Butter JellyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyHardCor Performing ArtsDYNAMYX DanceCompanyAimee's Premier DanceDance DynamicsDance AtlanticIntermediate 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlace12Routine NameStudioI'll Be ThereLet's Hear It For the BoyElements Dance ConceptiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php5/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresNovice 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio123Hand ClapLets Get LoudRock N Roll All Nite4You Know All of Me5678910Lil GangstasTightropeSome Days You Gotta DanceIce Cream Paint JobPerfect Isn't EasyOut of the OldHardCor Performing ArtsiDance ProjectHardCor Performing ArtsDYNAMYX DanceCompanyVilla Dance CompanyiDance ProjectHardCor Performing ArtsDance AtlanticBellevue Dance AcademyCenter Stage DanceIntermediate 9-11 Duets/TriosPlace12345678Routine NameStudioOn FireGet ReadyKeep Your Eyes OpenCongaGirls Night OutSomething WildMe & My GuyAin't Been DoneDance DynamicsThe Dance WorksThe Dance WorksDance DynamicsiDance ProjectThe Dance WorksDance AtlanticThe Dance WorksAdvanced 9-11 Duets/TriosPlace12Routine NameStudioNo Bad NewsRinse & RepeatiDance ProjectiDance ProjectNovice 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Heart to HeartHigher LoveiDance ProjectiDance Project34Self LoveOut of LoveKerri's Dance StudioiDance Project56FootprintsGoodbyeBellevue Dance AcademyiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php6/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresIntermediate 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1We Tried2You Know Me3Ballroom BlitzDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyHardCor Performing Arts4Half LightDYNAMYX DanceCompany45I'll Be ThereI Am The BestBellevue Dance AcademyiDance Project6I'll Be There7You'll Find a Way8MugshotiDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDance Dynamics9Hustle10ResolutioniDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyAdvanced 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Now Hit A LickDance Dynamics2100 Pure LoveiDance ProjectNovice 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1RescueCenter Stage Dance23Paper AirplanesSeed of EvilCenter Stage DanceCenter Stage Dance4ControlCenter Stage DanceIntermediate 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1GloriousiDance Project23Don't ChaCloudHardCor Performing ArtsiDance Project45Work SongNo Rights No WrongsiDance ProjectiDance Project67Below My FeetTrainwreckThe Dance WorksKisses8Rise UpKisseslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php7/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1IronicElements Dance Concept23ScarRockin' With the BestDance DynamicsDance Dynamics45bad guySafe And SoundiDance ProjectDance DynamicsNovice 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Achy Breaky2I Will Wait3Jump Jive4The Weather Girls5B.E.A.T.iDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyAimee's Premier Dance6Cooties7Dive in the PooliDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompany89WipeoutIko IkoAimee's Premier DanceiDance Project10In HarmonyLindsay Lee's DanceIntermediate 8 & Under Small GroupsPlace12Routine NameStudioRock It!Dive in the PooliDance ProjectiDance ProjectAdvanced 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12I Gotta FeelingGenie in a BottleKissesKisses3Over the RainbowKisseslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php8/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresNovice 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Car Wash2Youth3Upside DownAimee's Premier DanceDYNAMYX DanceCompanyiDance Project4Hot Wings5Power6Uptown Girl6Heaven On My Mind7SuckerDYNAMYX DanceCompanyBellevue Dance Academy89Cruella de VilSomething To Believe InBellevue Dance AcademyCenter Stage Dance10FlashlightCenter Stage DanceBellevue Dance AcademyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyiDance ProjectIntermediate 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12CootiesRescue MeDance InspirationiDance Project34Nice To Meet YaFriend Like MeDance InspirationDance Dynamics56Hit Me UpHold On To MeiDance ProjectThe Dance Works7Game TimeAimee's Premier DanceAdvanced 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1The WitchesiDance Project23AppelknyckarjazzCongaiDance ProjectiDance Project4Map That Leads to YouiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php9/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresNovice 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1O God Forgive UsVilla Dance Company23Hard To GetWork ItVilla Dance CompanyVilla Dance Company45Got Your NumberNot My NameHardCor Performing ArtsiDance Project67Mean GirlsI Dare YouBellevue Dance AcademyThe Dance Works8LostThe Dance WorksIntermediate 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1We Were Living in a Dream2I Wish I Was the Moon3BadDYNAMYX DanceCompanyDYNAMYX DanceCompanyHardCor Performing Arts45SWVIt's Going DownDance DynamicsDance Dynamics6StayDYNAMYX DanceCompany7Living ProofDYNAMYX DanceCompany8Good JobDYNAMYX DanceCompany910Boys vs. GirlsNo RootsDance AtlanticiDance ProjectAdvanced 12-14 Small GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioFancyiDance ProjectIntermediate 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Pon De ReplayDance Inspiration23Too ColdSoldierVilla Dance CompanyVilla Dance Company45AllegrettoThe MotherDance InspirationThe Dance Works67MinefieldsStop Callin'The Dance WorksVilla Dance Companylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php10/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Flyers DirectSometimes It Hurts InsteadDance DynamicsiDance Project34Let Me OutWriterDance DynamicsiDance Project5Fake IDiDance ProjectNovice 8 & Under Large GroupsPlace12Routine NameStudioCopacabanaGo With the FlowKearney School Of DanceLindsay Lee's DanceNovice 9-11 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12You Can't Stop The BeatMamma MiaKearney School Of DanceiDance Project34HeavenTurn it UpAimee's Premier DanceLindsay Lee's DanceIntermediate 9-11 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Birthday PartyBroadway's BeetlejuiceDance DynamicsDance Dynamics34FamilyA'int Your MamaThe Dance WorksKearney School Of Dance5680'sToca TocaKearney School Of DanceThe Dance Works7FinesseThe Dance WorksAdvanced 9-11 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioGoneiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php11/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresNovice 12-14 Large GroupsPlace12Routine NameStudioGot Your NumberKings & QueensiDance ProjectiDance ProjectIntermediate 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Water Under the BridgeiDance Project23I'm Over ItMiss WalkeriDance ProjectiDance Project480's Tap AnthemiDance Project5I Will WaitDance Dynamics67I Came HomeRun The ShowKearney School Of DanceThe Dance Works8I'm Not SorryDance Dynamics9My WorldThe Dance Works10Put it DownKearney School Of DanceNovice 15-19 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioDrivers LicenseCenter Stage DanceIntermediate 15-19 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1AttentionKearney School Of Dance2Her Skin As ArmorKearney School Of Dance34ThrowbackPoseThe Dance WorksKearney School Of Dance5Mt. EverestKearney School Of Dance6WomanThe Dance WorksNovice 9-11 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Don't Stop Me NowBellevue Dance Academylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php12/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresIntermediate 9-11 LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioThe RunwayiDance ProjectIntermediate 12-14 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1CommonThe Dance Works2The Devil Went Down to GeorgiaiDance Project3Hooked on a Can CanKearney School Of Dance45Viva Las VegasMisdemeanorKearney School Of DanceVilla Dance Company6GirlsKearney School Of Dance11 & Under Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioSing SwingiDance Project12 & Over Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioBroadway's Moulin RougeDance Dynamics8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioAchy BreakyiDance Project8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioRock It!iDance Project8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioI Gotta FeelingKisseslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php13/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlaceRoutine NameStudio1Don't Stop Me NowBellevue Dance Academy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioThe RunwayiDance Project9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioThe WitchesiDance Project11 & Under SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioSing SwingiDance Project12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioGot Your NumberiDance Project12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioWe Were Living in a DreamDYNAMYX DanceCompany12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioFancyiDance Project15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioDrivers LicenseCenter Stage Dancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php14/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioAttentionKearney School Of Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioFlyers DirectDance Dynamics12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioBroadway's Moulin RougeDance DynamicsCostume - 11 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1I Don't Speak FrenchiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php15/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores8 & Under Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioAchy BreakyiDance ProjectDYNAMYX DanceCompanyI Will WaitB.E.A.T.Aimee's Premier Dance8 & Under Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioRock It!iDance Project8 & Under Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioI Gotta FeelingKisses9 - 11 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioDon't Stop Me NowYou Can't Stop The BeatBellevue Dance AcademyKearney School Of DanceMamma MiaiDance Project9-11 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioThe RunwayCootiesiDance ProjectDance InspirationBirthday PartyDance Dynamics9-11 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioThe WitchesiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php16/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores11 & Under Golden Tickets - Grand LinesRoutine NameStudioSing SwingiDance Project12 - 14 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioGot Your NumberO God Forgive UsiDance ProjectVilla Dance CompanyGot Your NumberHardCor Performing Arts12-14 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioWe Were Living in a DreamDYNAMYX DanceCompanyCommonThe Dance WorksWater Under the BridgeiDance Project12-14 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioFancyiDance Project15 - 19 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioDrivers LicenseCenter Stage Dance15-19 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioAttentionPon De ReplayKearney School Of DanceDance InspirationToo ColdVilla Dance Company15-19 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioFlyers DirectDance DynamicsSometimes It Hurts InsteadiDance Projectlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php17/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores12 & Over Golden Tickets - Grand LinesRoutine NameStudioBroadway's Moulin RougeDance Dynamics8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NoviceAchy Breaky - iDance Project8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateRock It! - iDance Project8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedI Gotta Feeling - Kisses9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceDon't Stop Me Now - Bellevue Dance Academy9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateThe Runway - iDance Project9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedThe Witches - iDance Project11 & Under SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesSing Swing - iDance Project12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceGot Your Number - iDance Project12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateWe Were Living in a Dream - DYNAMYX Dance Companylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php18/22

5/2/2021Dance Scores12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedFancy - iDance Project15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceDrivers License - Center Stage Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateAttention - Kearney School Of Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedFlyers Direct - Dance Dynamics12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesBroadway's Moulin Rouge - Dance Dynamicslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php19/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresPHOTOGENIC, COSTUMEENTERTAINMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY,AND CLASS ACT AWARDSCostume - 11 & Under SoloI Don't Speak French - iDance ProjectChoice Awards ReportChoreography 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineName200Dancers NamesStudioHeavenKynslee Bures, Lauryn Parker, Lilly Buethe, Ava Murry, AinsleyPegan, Makinley Ramsey, Atlee Rumbaugh, Emma Sieh, EmmaVik, Leah Woodward, Claire IbsenAimee'sPremierDance321FamilyLucia Benner, Lainey Wohlgemuth, Avery Autry, Hadley Benner,Delaney Denney, Paisley Dutcher, Samuel Haskett, KaitlynJohnson, Gabriella McKeag, Lucille Sertich, Lily Ulmer, BrooklynWallerTheDanceWorks340SingSwingSavannah Klee, Hannah Kitt, Emma Dush, Reagan Messersmith,Eden Broberg, Ally Gaver, Laci Kollath, Brenna Messersmith,Raegan Roebuck, Emily Winter, Jadyn Wunderlich, RayaAlexander, Emma Wunderlich, Madi Moore, Alecia Retzlaff, NaomiRobertson, Morgan Hiesterman, Sophia Langan, Gracie Wilcox,Charley Kallhoff, Aubrey Peterson, Brooklyn Rasmussen, KaylynnBehne, Jess Larson, Maddi Klee, Reagan Cutsor, Hailey Haynes,Nicole Peterson, Braelyn Winslow, Dayanera Rullo, LaurenSueper, Kierslyn Cattau, Ryloh Roewert, Kelti Siegel, IzabellLeffers, Reese Barnett, Mya Langan, Taylin Erb, Halle Gabel, EvaJohnson, Kennadie Kapels, Cambell Tessendorf, Charlotte Siegel,Ainsley Huettner, Lillyan Staub, Payton Loeffler, Indie Roewert,Brylie ReigleiDanceProjectChoreography 12 & OverEntry#RoutineNameDancers Nameslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.phpStudio20/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresChoreography 12 & OverEntry#RoutineName115Dancers NamesStudioAllegrettoRegan Wolff, Bailey VerMaas, Skylar Ostronic, KaraCarlsonDanceInspiration134FlyersDirectAlena Meyer, Andon Fernau, Conner Devlin, MarriahPotterf, Morgan GriessDanceDynamics48We WereLiving in aDreamGraci Roberts, Savannah Goss, Sierra Goss, IrelynnJames, Brianna Bryant-mcgee, Addison Schmitt, JocelynLawDYNAMYXDanceCompanyEntertainment 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineName153Dancers NamesStudioGeniein aBottleReese Baker, Adelynn Bishay, Priya Dawson, Adriana SpencerKisses208YouCan'tStopTheBeatAddalea Jordan, Alexis Becker, Broxlynn Fast, Grace Means,Harper Krantz, Harper Robinson, Jazlyn Godfrey, Lilly Taillon,London Tool, Maelie Drabek, Teagan TrueKearneySchoolOfDance82Don'tStopMeNowAmelia Quint, Emberlyn Bauer, Kaitlyn Harris, Violet Larsen,Faylinn Leffers, Kira Vossen, Heidi Light, Lana Hanssen, EvieLight, Scott Quint, Franklin Tudor, Emma Vossen, AlexisAugustyn, Sophia Comcowich, Hannah Downing, SamanthaLanning, Scarlett McVay, Olivia Nordby, Courtney Osborn, JayceeOsborn, Wilhelmina TudorBellevueDanceAcademyEntertainment 12 & OverEntry#100Routine NameDancers NamesStudioBoys vs.GirlsPayton Burg, Jersey Phippen, Aliyah Williams, CleviJohnson, Jayci Reed, Chloe Updike, Tye Houser, LandonHagen, Taylee /All Results.php21/22

5/2/2021Dance ScoresEntertainment 12 & OverEntry#Routine NameDancers NamesStudio2MisdemeanorJaelyn Benton, Lauren Comes, Larissa Kirschenman,Nelley Pelzer, Ashlyn Pruitt, Layla Vesper, SophiaBrockman, Samantha Beireis, Bionca Wendt, KylieTempleton, Drayce Moore, Raegan Sievers, BreeAndreasen, Joy Brown, Davin Brown, Sydney Sanny,Ismael Elba, Taliya James, James Brown, Gracie FlinnVillaDanceCompany87BadAshlyn Herrig, Elli Heiden, Jordyn Linn, Mary ClareMatthewsHardCorPerformingArtsPhotogenic 11 & UnderEntry #Routine NameDancers NamesStudio341PhotogenicAvery AutryThe Dance WorksPhotogenic 12 & OverEntry #Routine NameDancers NamesStudio179Wild HorsesTaylan UlrichPiccoli Dance Theatrelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php22/22

Hot Wings Bellevue Dance Academy Power DYNAMYX Dance Company Uptown Girl iDance Proj ect Heaven On My Mind DYNAMYX Dance Company Sucker Bellevue Dance Academy Cruella de Vil Bellevue Dance Academy Something To Believe In Center Stage Dance Flashlight Center Stage Dance Intermediate 9-11 Small Groups Place Routine Name Studio Cooties Dance .

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MITSUBISHI METALWOOD CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONS mitsubishirayongolf.com Model Flex Weight Torque Tip Size Butt Size Launch Spin Tip Stiffness Fubuki J 60 X 66 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid S 64 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid R 61 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid Fubuki J 70 X 74 3.6 0.335 0.600 Mid

Low Mid High Launch Spin Low Mid High Launch Spin KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Wedge Flex R S X Tip.355" .355" .355" Weight (g) 115 125 135 Torque N/A N/A N/A Launch Mid Mid Mid Program Stock Stock Stock KBS TOUR 105 Flex R S X Tip.355" .355" .355" Weight (g) 105 110 115 Torque 2.5 2.5 2.5 Launch Mid-High Mid-High Mid-High Spin Mid-High M

3 Wild and Cultivated Species of Cotton 27. G.armouianum D2-1 America 28. G.harknessii D2-2 America 29. G.klotzschianum D3-K America 30. G.davidsonii D3-d America 31. G.aridum D4 America 32. G.raimondii D5 America 33. G.gossypioides D6 America 34. G.lobatum D7 America 35. G.trilobum D8 America 36. G.laxum D9 America 37. G.turneri “D .

Bottom rail, mid & top railS Top Rail Mid-Rail Bottom Rail how to measure mid-rail height When measuring the mid-rail height it is important to measure to the center point of where you would like the mid-rail to be placed. As the mid-rail is the same size as an individual louver, it will be placed approximately /- 1” for the specified height.

kingdom. Three degree programs are offered at PRC: Master of Divinity; Master of Arts in Religion; Master of Theology. 11. Mid-America Reformed Seminary Mid-America Reformed Seminary was established 1981 and is located in Dyer, Indiana. A small school, Mid-America’s student/faculty ratio is 6:1, giving students a more personal connection with .

Karate Do Federation and its managers, members, employees (hereinafter collectively “Mid America Goju” and “IOGKF”) providing to the Applicant training in Karate and the Applicant’s request to be trained in this field by Mid America Goju and IOGKF, the Applicant hereby agrees to assume any and all risks of injury and hereby waives .

To resume welding, return the con-trol to the desired sensitivity setting. 1 Recommended Sensitivity Settings Stick Electrode Mid-Range Short Circuiting (MIG) Low/Mid-Range Pulsed & Spray (MIG) Mid-Range Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) Mid/High-Range Plasma Arc Cutting/Welding Low/Mid-Range

To update the program data, you need to play the following MIDI data in the order indicated using your MIDI Data Filer. 1. flash.mid (Program data about Program Update) 2. remote.mid (Remote Program Data) 3. main.mid (Program Data about Main CPU normal operation) 4. preset.mid (Preset Library Data ) 5. diag.mid (Diagnostics Program Data )