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November 2020Atfalati Ridge Elementary andmore updates on the 2017Bond, starting on page 9LOVE FOR HSD STUDENTS, page 15LOVE was on the Fence and throughout our community, asdonors and partners stepped up big-time to support HSDstudents and families in the face of the pandemic.Superintendent's MessageReturn to school planningpage 2Career and College PathwaysSoaring to new heights with thestart of the O-ACE pathwaypage 6The Show Must Go OnHSD thespians get creative intheir fall 8Superintendent’s Message 2 Feeder Updates: HOA, MEC, HBP 3 Century & Glencoe 4 Hilhi & Liberty 5 CCP 6-7 Student Achievement 8 Bond 9-13 Community Partners 14 Volunteers & Donors 153083 NE 49th Place Hillsboro, OR 97124503.844.1500

2 A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School DistrictNovember 2020Hillsboro School District Mission:Engage and challenge all learners to ensure academic excellenceOnce we start meeting the required health metrics, we anticipate needing four to five weeks totransition entire grade levels of our youngeststudents back to in-person learning, roughly following the steps shown in figure 2.1.Superintendent’s MessageReturn to School PlanningOn Friday, Oct. 30, Governor Kate Brown released updated health metrics and guidance—developed in conjunction with the OregonHealth Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE)—for the return of students to in-person learning.After reviewing this information and evaluatingwhat it means for our district, we developed aproposal that was shared with the School Boardat a special session on Monday, Nov. 9, and unanimously approved: Grades 3-12 remain in ComprehensiveDistance Learning (CDL) through the endof Semester 1 (ends Jan. 28, 2021).Continue preparing for the possibilityof bringing students in grades PreK-2back for in-person learning as early asmid-January:¶ This would happen only IF Washington County health metrics andthe calendar (holidays and naturalbreaks) allow.¶ Prior to Winter Break, staff and families will receive a communicationletting them know whether or not amid-January return for students inPreK-2 is possible.Increase the number of students participating in Limited In-Person Instruction(LIPI), according to established criteria,until we are able to return K-12.Under the current health guidelines, countiesmust have a COVID-19 case rate of 100 or less per100,000 of population, and a positivity rate of 8percent or less for the disease in the previous 14days, before they are eligible to start planning fora return of elementary students—by grade level, starting with PreK and Kindergarten—to theclassroom. Planning for this return is to be donein consultation with the local health authority.Refine transition plan,communicate withHealth AuthorityNotify staff andcommunity; continuesafety protocol trainingThroughout the transition, the County mustcontinue meeting these health metrics in orderto continue progressing toward the physical return of students and staff.When we do return to in-person learning, wewill follow all recommended health and safetyprecautions such as: All staff and students wear facemasks(current guidance states that face shieldsshould not be worn alone unless there isa need for the person’s mouth to be seenfor communication purposes or thereis a medical reason the person cannot/should not wear a facemask)Physical distancing of 6 feet is maintainedStudents have 35 square feet of space intheir learning areaHealth screening questions are answereddailyHeating and ventilation systems are circulating air continuously and are drawing in more outside air during occupiedtimes; they are also running at least twohours before and two hours after occupied times, and doing “night purges” pushing air that’s inside the building tothe outsideHealth hygiene practices are followed:using hand sanitizer and washing handsfrequently, covering coughs and sneezes,staying home when sick, and avoidingclose contact with people who are illWe will send out a district-wide update on ourplans for Quarter 3/Semester 2 in mid-January.These plans will be based on the health situationin our County at that time.We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we have worked to keep studentsand staff safe, while providing them the besteducation possible through CDL. We know thishas been difficult for everyone and will work asquickly and efficiently as possible to facilitate atransition back to our physical schools.Here are some links to helpful resources:HSD 2020-21 School Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) Press Release: Points: version 4.0.0: Summary Chart: Metrics fully,Mike ScottSuperintendentDetailed information on our health and safetyprotocols and procedures for managingsituations where students begin to feelill at school will be provided prior to areturn to in-person learning.Please note that even when students are able to return to in-person learning opportunities, whether those are full-time or part-timein a hybrid model, we will continueto offer CDL and will need to be prepared to return to CDL by cohort, school, or district if thehealth situation warrants the change.Communicatetransportation plan andschedules to impactedfamiliesTransition time for staffAs of October 29, 2020Figure 2.2Transition time for studentsFigure 2.1HSD Board of Directors, 2020-21Erika LopezChairMartin GranumVice ChairMark WatsonSee Eun KimLisa AllenJaci SprossYadira MartinezMya Smith Ilhaam Ikramullah Devlin KnillStudentStudentStudentRepresentative Representative Representative

November 2020A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School District 3With Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) looming, the choice was uponfamilies this summer to decide where their kids would go to school. Wouldthey stay at their home school and engage in CDL with other neighborhoodstudents, or would they opt for Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA), whichutilizes more defined curriculum obtained through providers like FloridaVirtual, Odysseyware, and eDynamic Learning? More than 1,200 studentsdecided to do the latter—nearly a five-fold increase from previous years.The student body is so large, in fact, that HOA brought on an assistant principal, Shannon Freudenthal, to oversee the elementary grades.HOA was the first non-charter public online school in Oregon back in 2012.Initially, it served students in grades 7-12; over the years, however, the schoolhas gradually expanded its grade levels, and currently serves students K-12.Aside from full-time enrollees, many students (at the high school level, inparticular) access one or more classes at HOA to supplement the classesthey take at their home school. This has been a great way for students toget the additional educational experiences they’re seeking without havingto look outside of the Hillsboro School District.To learn more about the differences between CDL and HOA, see this comparison chart: its opening in 2012, Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA)was the first non-charter public online school in Oregon.To learn more about the differences between HOA and online charterschools outside of the Hillsboro School District, see this comparison more about HOA at all ofthealternativeprogramsoffered,MillerEducation Centerhad its largestgraduating classin 2020.Important Meal InformationDuring Comprehensive DistanceLearning (CDL), all meals will bedelivered via bus routes. Deliverieswill take place Monday throughFriday on school days, and willinclude both breakfast and lunch.All children in HSD, ages 1-18, willreceive their meals free of charge.To find out the location and time ofthe meal delivery for your student,visit addition to bus routes, there willbe 6 locations where children canpick up their meals from 11:45 a.m. 12:45 p.m.: RA Brown, Century,Lincoln Street, Poynter, SouthMeadows, and Evergreen.WE ARE HIRINGSCHOOL BUS DRIVERS!Available Six-hour positions Paid training All licensing and fees paid uponsuccessful completion of trainingBenefits Medical, dental and vision insurance Employee assistance program Basic life insurance Basic accidental death anddismemberment insurance Long-term disability insurance Public Employee Retirement SystemQuestions? Contact Transportation at503.844.1123Starting Wage of 20.85Learn more and apply more details,

4 A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School DistrictNovember 2020Century High SchoolR.A. Brown Middle SchoolElementaries:Butternut Creek Imlay Indian HillsLadd Acres Reedville TobiasLadd Acres held a virtual read-a-thonwhere you could read to a pet orstuffed animal. Seen here is first gradeteacher, Ms. Walsh, reading to her dog.On Saturday, Sept. 19, Century HighSchool student government held acollection event for victims of thewildfires in partnership with the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley.Hillsboro Schools Foundation fundeda Sensory Path for Tobias Elementary.The sensory path will provide calming breaks for all students and willimprove engagement and academicgrowth.Imlay held a school-wide pumpkindecorating competition where students could decorate a pumpkin astheir favorite book character.Glencoe High SchoolEvergreen Middle SchoolElementaries:Free Orchards Jackson Lincoln StreetMcKinney North Plains PattersonGlencoe Strong Stickers weredesigned and given to students andstaff to show unity and support foreach other.On Friday, Oct. 23, the staff at Free Orchards Elementary School wore pinkin recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Three Free Orchards staffmembers have gone through diagnosis and treatment within the last threemonths.PattersonElementary'ssecondgrade teachers held a superhero day,where students spent time sharingtheir personal strengths and celebrated others' superpowers, all whiledressed as superheroes!

November 2020A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School District 5Hillsboro High SchoolSouth Meadows Middle School Groner K8Elementaries:Brookwood Farmington View W.L. HenryMinter Bridge Rosedale Witch HazelStaff members who are virtuallyteaching on-location at W.L. Henrywere surprised with messages thanking them for their hard work.Students at South Meadows MiddleSchool have demonstrated (and beenrewarded for) outstanding attendanceand engagement in online learning.FarmingtonView ElementarySchool's principal,Mr. Petrick, rewarded students whohave had excellentattendance in CDLwith the opportunity to throw a water balloon at himwhile duct taped toa wall!Witch Hazel Elementary's Mr. Ahernsends an encouraging message.Liberty High SchoolPoynter Middle SchoolElementaries:Eastwood Lenox MooberryOrenco Quatama West UnionMessages of encouragement left by students toteachers at Mooberry Elementary School.Liberty High School's Advanced Culinary Class held a crêpe plating competition. Crêpes are a type of verythin pancake served either sweet orsavory that originated in France.A huge thanks to Ms. Cairns from LenoxElementary School for making sure ourannual bulb planting tradition didn't getmissedthis year.(Via Instagram: @hsdlenox)

6 A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School DistrictNovember 2020Career and College Pathways: Soaring to NewHeights with our Community Partnersby Brooke Nova, Coordinator of Career and College PathwaysProviding clear and viable pathways for all students remains a high priority in the Hillsboro School District as we continue our focus on careerand college readiness. Here are some updates to our work.O-ACE ProgramWe are excited to announce the opening of a new Career and CollegePathway program this school year: Oregon Aerospace Careers for Everyone (O-ACE). O-ACE is a high school pathway program for studentsinterested in careers as aviation maintenance technicians, avionics technicians, or professional pilots. One goal of our program is to diversifythe industry by introducing nontraditional (female and/or non-white)candidates to the field. Our first alpha cohort is comprised of 9th gradestudents who are taking the introduction course, which is taught by abilingual, licensed female pilot.The O-ACE program is unique and was made possible by a two-year planning process and multiple partnerships, demonstrating HSD’s strengthin being more community connected. One key partner has been the Oregon International Air Show board. They raised money through the Oregon Air Show Charitable Foundation (OASCF) to fund the renovation ofthe former KUIK radio station space at the Hillsboro Airport into a classroom (see picture below). The work of transforming the space is beingdone by members of the Hillsboro Rotary Club International—anothervaluable partner—who have generously donated their time and talentsto the project.Students from all of our high schools can apply for the O-ACE program.The courses are built into the students’ daily schedule and are currently being delivered through our Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)model. Once in-person learning resumes, our CCP school bus shuttle system will take students from their home school to the airport and backagain. What is exciting about the location is that while students are learning concepts about aerospace, they will be able to see the industry rightoutside their classroom.In addition to supporting renovation of the classroom space, OASCFfunds have also been reserved for program supplies and materials. Formore information on how to make a contribution to the OASCF for theO-ACE program please contact Air Show and Hillsboro Rotary board member Judy Willey;Hillsboro Rotarian Don Suhrbier; Hillsboro Schools Foundation Executive Director Aron Carleson; and Portland Community College AVS &AMT instructors Larry Altree and Marshall Pryor.InternshipsAnother focus of our Career and College Pathway work is increasingaccess to internships. We are excited to see these numbers grow as industry partners continue to reach out and request HSD interns throughour Intern Request Form, available at you are interested in supporting our Career and College Pathwaysprogram by hosting a student intern, offering a company scholarship,or making a donation, please refer to for our staffcontact information. A huge thank you to all our community partnerswho hosted our students in the 2019-2020 school year, and to the Hillsboro Chamber’s School-to-Career program staff for placing them!Career Pathway One-PagersAs a reminder, in our CCP communication toolkit are our high schoolone-pagers. These one-pagers highlight the courses that are a part of aspecific pathway, as well as careers and postsecondary possibilities aftergraduation, and skill sets students will learn within a particular pathway.We hope that by providing clear information to students and families, wewill strengthen their understanding of our wide variety of CCP offerings.(See samples on our CCP webpage under the “Show Me at My School”tab.)A new tool and part of our communication plan this year is elementaryone-pagers that align to our high school career pathway opportunities.In our CCP program we strive to ensure our students are more careerready, and by exposing students to career and post-secondary opportunities early on, we will jump-start their understanding of industriesin our community. For elementary students, this entails learning aboutskills and interests that connect to certain career pathway programs andwhat those might look like in Hillsboro. All of our elementary one-pagerswill be available on our Career and College pathway website.A third critical partner has been Portland Community College (PCC)at the Rock Creek Campus. PCC’s Aviation Science (AVS) and AviationMaintenance Technology (AMT) faculty have been a tremendous helpin designing the integration of PCC dual credit offerings with the highschool class offerings. In addition, students who are in the PCC programhave founded a non-profit Flight Club that will enable high school O-ACEstudents to access flight hours after school.We want to acknowledge the commitment, support, and energy of theOregon International Air Show, and specifically the work of board member Chris Barber. We also want to thank the following partners: OregonHigh school one-pagerElementary school one-pagerFormerly the KUIK radio stationoffice at the Hillsboro Airport, thespace has been renovated into aclassroom, thanks to funding fromthe Oregon Air Show CharitableFoundation (OASCF).

A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School District 7November 2020Hands-On Learning and Postsecondary PreparationAnother great way to engage students in exploring career and collegepathways is by providing hands-on learning opportunities. The HillsboroChamber is assisting in this effort with their Career Academies, whichare a focused experience sustained over multiple sessions that allowstudents to meet professionals from a variety of different, related paths.Academies may include hands-on activities, projects, or certi icationsand require attendance at several sessions adding up to a total of 12-15hours. Current academies are available in health sciences, web design,construction trades, robotics, and more.While students are learning about careers in our community, they canalso learn about postsecondary opportunities available through our colleges/universities, trades and military. Some schools that have visitedrecently are the University of Oregon, University of Portland, GonzagaUniversity, and Portland Community College.In addition, each of our high schools has offered FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)/ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application) workshops in the evenings ( for information about the FAFSA/ORSAA). OnTuesday, Nov. 17, at 6 p.m. there is a scholarship event that is open toevery high school student, which will feature information sessions andwriting workshops. Please contact your high school’s School-to-CareerSpecialist (a directory of names is available at learn more about this and other events and upcoming admissionspresentations, events or to get individual support for making decisionsabout your future next steps.PartnershipsThanks to the commitment of the Hillsboro Schools Foundation (HSF),funds are being raised to equip each middle school with supplies, materials, and equipment to create an exploratory career-technical education(CTE) elective course. This year, HSF raised enough money to out it R.A.Brown Middle School with curriculum and materials. The inal fundraising efforts are focused on South Meadows, whose program is slated forcompletion in 2020-21. For more information on how to donate pleasego to The elective is designed as a STEM lab - sort ofa re-imagining of the shop class of the past - where middle school students can both learn valuable skills and ind out more about a variety ofcareers.We appreciate our partnerships with postsecondary entities as they arecritical supporters of our CCP program. A couple of exciting highlightsto share in regard to Portland Community College are: 1) We began ourHIllsboro School District Early College program, students are locatedat PCC’s Hillsboro Center; and 2) We are entering the third year of ourPATHE program, which provides targeted support for irst generation seniors as they prepare to transition into their irst year of college. We areexcited to continue growing these programs and promoting our connection with Portland Community College.We are also inding new and innovative ways to connect our classroomteachers to our industry partners. Creating these connections will helpour HSD graduates develop strong professional skills that will enabletheir success not only in post-secondary schooling, but as an adult in theworld of work. A piece of this process has included our Perkins Careerand Technical Education needs assessment. Teachers and administrators, along with our postsecondary and industry partners, have helpedanalyze data about our CTE programs in order to identify focal areas forthe next four years. The goals that will be set by this collective team willhelp us move forward in sustaining strong programming.Thank you to our industry partners, donors, nonpro its and postsecondary partners that help to strengthen and support our career and collegepathways work in our community. We appreciate you!For more information about Hillsboro School District Career and CollegePathways, visit our website at CAREERSFOR EVERYONEIndustry DemandBoeing 20-year jobs forecast, July 2018622,000 Commercial Techs635,000 Commercial Pilots858,000 Cabin and CrewCareersExperientialLearningPartnershipAviation ScienceAviation Maintenance TechnologyDrone AviationAviation STEM ExpoLearning LabMiddle School STEMPCC/HSDOregon Airshow Charitable FoundationPort of

8 A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School DistrictNovember 2020Student Achievement SpotlightThe Show Must Go OnLeave it to the creative types to figure out how to safely pull off live theatre productions in the middle of a pandemic—that’s our high schooltheatre educators for you! Each of them is working hard not only toprovide their own students with an engaging and meaningful theatreexperience, but also to create opportunities for middle school studentsin the newly-minted HSD Middle School Theatre Club.In October, GlencoeTheatre teacher LoriDaliposen and her students produced twoclassic radio plays inpartnership with localradio station KQRZ:“The Whole Town’sSleeping” and “TheVisitor.” Students didall of the acting andsound effects for thepair of mysteriousthrillers.This December, Liberty Theatre will produce “Proof” by David Auburn. Theatreteacher Janet Van Wesssecured permission fromAuburn to film andPromotional artwork for Glencoe Theatreand KQRZ's radio plays “The Whole Town’s stream the play, whichwill present someSleeping” and “The Visitor.”unique challenges in avirtual environment.“How do characters look at each other?” Van Wess muses. “How do theypass a notebook or a backpack between them ‘onstage’? How do soundeffects get recorded?”“Proof” is the story of a young woman, Catherine (played by sophomoreChloe Alombro), whose mentally ill father Robert (played by senior Harrison Gerlach) has just passed away. Robert was a brilliant mathematicsprofessor, but required care for many years as he was not lucid. Catherine’s sister Claire (played by Kaitlyn Chism) arrives from New Yorkfor the funeral and to sell the house. The plot is further complicated byone of Robert’s former thesis students, Hal (played by senior Leo Uhlig),who discovers a notebook with an amazing mathematical proof. But isthe proof Catherine’s or did Robert write it in moments of clarity?The play deals with themes of familial love, duty, and mental illness—through the lens of math and reason. It won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize andTony Award for Best Play. To Van Wess’ knowledge, no other high schoolin the country is performing this play, this way, this year.Four showings of the final video will take place over the first two weekends in December. A link will be available to purchase and the audiencewill all watch the play at the same time, 7:30 p.m., just as if they weregoing to the play in person. Visit for moreinformation and to purchase tickets.The Middle School Theatre Club has been meeting since late September,with students from all HSD middle schools in attendance. They haveplayed improvisational games, learned about how to act on TV, and areincreasing their performance skills. Each session is led by one of the HSDhigh school Drama Clubs. The hope is that students will begin workingon a variety show in December, and that in January recordings of thevarious talents will be completed and posted to the District’s YouTubechannel for all to enjoy.Support our young thespians by staying tuned to our weekly Hot Newspublication and to our website at for updates on these andother theatre performances.The cast of the Liberty High School production of "PROOF." Topleft: Harrison Gerlach, Top right: Leo Uhlig, Bottom left: ChloeAlombro, Bottom right: Kaitlyn ChismStudent Technology SupportHSD has deployed more than 12,000 Chromebooks and more than2,000 WiFi hotspots to students since the spring to support distancelearning. We are also using generously-donated funds to pay for morethan 50 families to participate in the Comcast Internet Essentials program, which provides low-cost internet access to families in need.There are more sponsorships available for qualifying families. Fill out the Request for Resources form on our website( if you are interested. All families currently supported by the District sponsorship program and any addedin the future will have their program participation fees paid by HSDthrough the end of the 2020-21 school year.For more information about the Internet Essentials program, visitinternetessentials.comIf students are struggling with their technology, there are several waysto get help. First, they should visit the Student Tech Support websiteat If they are unable tofind the answer they need, they can call the Student Tech Help Desk at503-886-8956 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Ifsomeone is not immediately available to answer, leave a message withyour name and phone number and you will receive a call back. Eveningcalls until 8 p.m. are available by appointment. Support is available inEnglish and Spanish. You can also email questions or support requeststo

November 2020A LOOK INSIDE Hillsboro School District 39 Atfalati Ridge Elementary: the rising sunilluminates the beams of the new school underconstruction in North Plains, as crews start earlyon installing roof joists and pouring concretefor the second floor.Atfalati Ridge Elementary SchoolNew ConstructionFormerly called “ES28” asits working name, the 28thelementary school in theDistrict now has an of icialname, “Atfalati Ridge,” adopted by the School Boardon Oct. 27 after a community process.Atfalati (ah-TFAH-lah-tee), means “The people” in the indigenous Tualatin Kalapuyan language. Coming soon is the selection of a mascot and school colors.Project UpdatesThis third year of the bond has seen the completion of some of its biggest projects. A fiber optic network now connects District buildings tothe City of Hillsboro’s HiLight fiber backbone. The Brookwood Elementary School campus has been completely replaced. Renovations andadditions to Glencoe and Hillsboro High Schools rejuvenated the agingschools. A new Transportation and Support Services campus providesa northern hub for District operations and houses one of the District’snewest career-technical education programs. Renovations also werecompleted at several schools to upgrade equipment, building structures, work and classroom spaces, and roofing.Currently underway is construction of the new elementary school inNorth Plains, recently named Atfalati Ridge to honor the indigenouspeople of the area. New gyms are nearing completion at W.L. Henry,Minter Bridge and North Plains Elementary Schools as constructionbegins this month for gyms at Ladd Acres and McKinney ElementarySchools, and by March for Jackson Elementary. Planning is already inprogress for other upcoming projects. View the latest updates Beam Signing:about 170 nameswere added to thisbeam in mid-October. The beam willbe placed over Atfalati Ridge’s mainentrance. It is the firstof many commemorations to come inthe school’s history.View the ceremony the highlights COVID-19 restrictions prevented agroundbreaking ceremony when constructionbegan in April, an alternate celebration wasplanned: a beam signing open house for thecommunity, held outdoors on Oct. 12, 13 and15. School Board Chair Erika Lopez and NorthPlains Mayor Teri Lenahan provided openingremarks. Signees ranged from a descendant ofpioneers Joseph and Virginia Meek to a 1950sNorth Plains alumnus to youngsters barelyable to sign their names. State Rep. JaneenSollman, Board members, SuperintendentMike Scott, City councilors, and staff addedtheir signatures. Not just any beam—thisone will be placed above the entrance to thenew school so visitors will walk directly underneath it for decades to come (even if it ishidden in the ceiling). Look up and know thebeam is there and part of the school's history.Atfalati Ridge is currently being constructedin the Sunset Ridge area in North Plains andwill join the existing North Plains ElementarySchool in fall 2021 to serve the community.Watch for upcoming news of the boundarychange process that will determine the newattendance areas for both Atfalati Ridge andNorth Plains Elementary Schools.

410 olDistrictDistrictNovember 2020Fiber OPTIC PROJECTProject ArchiveOne of the bond’s most ambitious projects involvedthe installation of infrastructure for a iber opticnetwork to connect all ofthe District’s buildings the City of Hillsboro’s newHiLight* iber optic backbone. Originally conceived as a stand-aloneproject, this developed into a mutually-bene icial, long-term partnership with the City toreduce our reliance on independent serviceproviders for broadband.“Our network services are no longer dependent on what our ISP contracts limit us tobased on pricing,” explained Jordan Beveridge, HSD’s Chief Information and Technology Of icer. “Rather, our network capacity andsp

Atfalati Ridge Elementary and more updates on the 2017 Bond, starting on page 9 November 2020 LOVE FOR HSD STUDENTS, page 15 LOVE was on the Fence and throughout our community, as donors and partners stepped up big-time to support HSD . On Friday, Oct. 30, Governor Kate Brown re-

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