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Time to focuson visual acoustics

Focuson the eye and the earOur eyes and ears are the gateways to our minds, and theirperceptions affect our wellbeing and productivity. That iswhy visual and acoustic design are equally important whencreating indoor environments.Ecophon Focus caters for both, offering stunning visualacoustics. Delighting the eyes while soothing the ears.Entering a universe of design flexibilityEcophon Focus is our most comprehensive product family,created with people and their activities in mind. Suspendedwall-to-wall ceilings with excellent acoustic properties,appealing looks and the flexibility to suit every need make theFocus family the perfect toolbox.Stay updated on the latest Focus news at ecophon.comThis publication shows products from Ecophon product range and those of other suppliers. The specifications are intended to provide a general guide to which productsare most suitable for the preferences indicated. Technical data is based on results obtained under typical testing conditions or long experience in normal conditions. Thespecified functions and properties for products and systems are only valid on condition that instructions, installation diagrams, installation guides, maintenance instructionsand other stated conditions and recommendations have been taken into consideration and followed. Deviation from this, such as changing specific components orproducts, will mean that Ecophon cannot be held responsible for the function, consequences and properties of the products. All descriptions, illustrations and dimensionscontained in this brochure represent general information and shall not form part of any contract. Ecophon reserves the right to change products without prior notice. Wedisclaim any liability for misprints. For the latest information go to www.ecophon.com or contact your nearest Ecophon representative. Ecophon Group 2017Idea and layout: navigator. Printer: Skånetryck AB. Cover: Getty Images/CCat82/NavigatorSaint-Gobain Ecophon AB10 edges – offering a wide range of design possibilities11 sizes – allowing you to choose just the right appearance16 colours – a range of natural and attractive colour options3 lighting solutions – optimal integration of exclusiveEcophon lighting 6 unique additional solutions – for stylish level changes,wall endings and free-hanging ceilings123RF/Studio-e.se

Ecophon Focus Ez 600x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostEcophon Focus Ds 600x600 mm,Ecophon Focus Fixiform Ds 1200x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostPeter de KanEcophon Focus Lp600x600 mm, Akutex FTWhite Frost and Silk Slate

Focuson visual designWhen entering an indoor environment it’s hard to ignore thevisual impression. With roots in Swedish design tradition,Ecophon Focus offers a wide range of design options with theflexibility to choose colours, edges, panel sizes, grid visibilityand lighting. With Focus it’s easy to create a unique expressionperfectly in line with the overall architecture.Blend in Ecophon Focus can create a subtle accent, quietly supportingthe overall interior design by following the lines and shapes ofthe room. or make a statementBut Ecophon Focus can also be bold and brave, byemphasizing colours and lines to create an eyecatching featurein the interior design.Teddy Strandqvist/Studio-e.seSee more images at ecophon.com

Ecophon Focus Ds 1200x1200 mm,Akutex FT White FrostÅke E.son LindmanEcophon Focus Lpin various sizes,Akutex FTVolcanic AshMatthijs van RoonEcophon Focus D/A 1720x600 mm,Akutex FT White Frost

ZENBER InterieurEcophon Focus Ds 600x600 mm,Akutex FT White Frost, Ecophon Dot LEDMenno EmminkEcophon Focus Ds 1200x1200 mm,Akutex FT White FrostStudio VHFRickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seEcophon Focus E 600x600 mm,Akutex FT White Frost

Ecophon Focus A 600x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostFocuson acoustic designPeople perform very different tasks in an open-plan office,a classroom or a hospital ward. To enable people to performto the best of their ability, every indoor environment must bedesigned to suit the designated activity. That’s why Ecophonhas developed Activity Based Acoustic Design. By definingthe needs from three perspectives, you can find the optimalacoustic solution for every indoor activity and space. ActivityWhat will people do in the space? Computer work,phone calls and team activities all have their own specificprerequisites. PeopleWho are the people performing the activity? The age group,the number of people and any special needs are all factors toconsider.Ecophon Focus Lp in various sizes,Akutex FT White Frost, Ecophon Line LED SpaceWhat are the physical properties of the space itself? It’s size,its location within the building and the building materialsused are important aspects to take into account.Rickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seLearn more about acoustic design at ecophon.com

.seEcophon Focus Dg 1800x600 mm,Ecophon Focus Frieze, Akutex FT White Froston sizeWith Ecophon Focus you can choose from eleven differentpanel sizes. The large sizes are unique on the market and onlyoffered by Ecophon.Learn more about sizes at ecophon.com123RF/Alexandre Zveiger/studio-e.seFocus10 edgesoffering a wide range of designpossibilities

Ecophon Focus SQ 1200x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostFocuson the edgeA total of ten different edge options makes Ecophon Focus flexible in terms of design. Edges can be made visible toemphasize the direction of the room or create distinctivepatterns, or concealed for a more seamless look.11 sizesLearn more about edges at ecophon.comallowing you to choose justthe right appearanceEcophon Focus Ds 600x600 mm,Ecophon Focus Ds Level change,Akutex FT White Frost and Dark Diamond

Focuson the gridRickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seConnect T15 and T24,White, Grey and BlackConnect is Ecophon’s grid system in galvanized steelwith excellent load bearing capacity. The different Focusproducts can make the grid visible, partly visible (recessed) orconcealed. Choose from three colours: white, grey and black.Ecophon Focus Dg,Connect T24, BlackStudio-e.seLearn more about Connect at ecophon.comRickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seEcophon Focus Lp in various sizes,Akutex FT WhiteFrost and Silk Slate.16 coloursa range of natural and attractivecolour options

123RF/Moodboard/studio-e.seEcophon Focus E 600x600 mm,Ecophon Focus Fixiform E 1200x600,Akutex FT White Frost and Summer BreezeEcophon Focus A1800x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostFocuson colourAkutex FT is a unique and superior surface developedby Ecophon. It has great light reflectance properties and incombination with the glass wool, Akutex FT provides optimalacoustics. The updated colour range includes sixteen attractivecolours inspired by nature.Studio VHFLearn more about our colours at ecophon.com

Rickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seEcophon Focus Lpin various sizes,Ecophon Line LEDFocuson lightingRickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seEasy integration with lighting and ventilation is a majorbenefit with Ecophon Focus . Ecophon offers threecompatible luminaires designed to fit in wherever goodlighting is needed: Ecophon Dot LED, Ecophon Square 43 LED and Ecophon Line LED.Ecophon Focus Ds600x600 mm,Ecophon Square 43 LEDLearn more about integration at ecophon.com3 lighting solutionsoptimal integration ofexclusive Ecophon lightingRickard Johnsson/Studio-e.seEcophon Focus Ds600x600 mm,Ecophon Dot LEDEcophon Focus Ds1200x600 mm,Ecophon Focus Wing1200x200 mm,Akutex FT White Frost6 uniqueLukáš Růžekadditional solutionsfor stylish level changes, wallendings and free-hanging ceilings

Ecophon Focus E 1200x600,Ecophon Focus Frieze, Akutex FT White FrostFocuson transitionsIn the Ecophon Focus family, there are six unique additionalsolutions for level changes, wall endings and free-hangingceilings. They are designed to give the ceiling an integratedappearance that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.Learn more about our unique solutions at ecophon.comMartin PalvénEcophon Focus Ds 600x600 mm, Ecophon Focus Fixiform Ds, Akutex FT White FrostSzymon PolańskiHans Georg EschEcophon Focus Flexiform A 1200x600 mm,Akutex FT White FrostEcophon Focus Ds 600x600 mm, EcophonFocus Ds Level change, Akutex FT White Frost123RF/Alexandre Zveiger/studio-e.seMichael van OostenEcophon Focus Ds 1200x1200 mm,Ecophon Focus Edge 500,Akutex FT White Frost

Ecophon Focus overviewEdge designSizesAbsorptionclassConnect gridEcophon Focus AAEcophon Focus BProduct150-1200 mmXLT15 / T24600x600x20,1200x600x20,1200x1200x201600x600x20, 1800x600x20,2000x600x20, 2400x600x20CDirect fixing600x600x20Ecophon Focus 20, 1800x600x20,2000x600x20, 2400x600x20Ecophon Focus 20, 1800x600x20,2000x600x20, 2400x600x20Ecophon Focus D/AAT24BandrasterEcophon Focus EAT15 / T24600x600x20,1200x600x20,1200x1200x20Ecophon Focus EzAT24600x600x40Ecophon Focus FCDirect fixing600x600x20,1200x600x20Ecophon Focus LpAT24600x150x20, 600x300x20,600x600x20, 1200x150x20,1200x300x20, 1200x600x20Ecophon Focus SQCDirect fixing600x600x20,1200x600x201720x300, 1720x600,2000x600, 2400x6001600x600x20, 1800x600x20,2000x600x20, 2400x600x203011 /Ecophon Focus Edge 500T241800x600x202400x30x80Ecophon Focus Fixiform DsAT241200x600x20Ecophon Focus Fixiform EAT241200x600x20Ecophon Focus Flexiform AAT241200x600x30Ecophon Focus FriezeAT24Ecophon Focus Most Ecophon products comply with the emission requirements of Finland’s leading information centre for the construction sector, theBuilding Information Foundation RTS. Products labelled M1, which is the best emission class, have the lowest emission values for a numberof substances harmful to health.www.rts.fi/english.htmFocus Ez is not available for: Canada, China, India, Russia, Australia and Singapore.

Colours – Akutex FTEcophon LightingPossible combinationsWhite frostNearest NCS colour sample S 0500-NLight reflectance 85%.Golden FieldNearest NCS colour sample S 1040-G90YLight reflectance 61%.Volcanic AshNearest NCS colour sample 2002-YLight reflectance 56%.Sunset HeatNearest NCS colour sample S 2070-Y60RLight reflectance 20%.Silver StoneNearest NCS colour sample S 4502-YLight reflectance 29%.Ruby RockNearest NCS colour sample S 4050-R10BLight reflectance 7%.Silk SlateNearest NCS colour sample 7000-NLight reflectance 13%.Dark DiamondNearest NCS colour sample S 9000-NLight reflectance 4%.Summer BreezeNearest NCS colour sample S 1515-B50GLight reflectance 54%.Morning DrizzleNearest NCS colour sample S 1002-BLight reflectance 69%.Silent SteamNearest NCS colour sample S 2010-BLight reflectance 45%.Cloudy DayNearest NCS colour sample S 1500-NLight reflectance 62%.Ocean StormNearest NCS colour sample S 4020-R90BLight reflectance 24%.Pale PearlNearest NCS colour sample S 2005-R30BLight reflectance 55%.Moonlight SkyNearest NCS colour sample S 7020-R90BLight reflectance 7%.Highland FogNearest NCS colour sample S 2005-GLight reflectance 55%.Focus Flexiform A, Focus FriezeEcophon Dot LED,Ecophon Line LED,Ecophon Square 43 LEDFocus Ds Level change, Focus Edge 500,Focus Fixiform Ds, Focus Frieze, Focus WingEcophon Dot LED,Ecophon Line LED,Ecophon Square 43 LEDFocus Edge 500,Focus FriezeEcophon Dot LED,Ecophon Line LED,Ecophon Square 43 LEDFocus Edge 500, Focus Fixiform E,Focus Frieze, Focus WingEcophon Dot LED,Ecophon Square 43 LEDEcophon Line LEDFocus Ds, Focus Dg, Focus EFocus DsFocus EFocus AColours – Connect grid and Ecophon Focus Edge 500Focus A, Focus Ds, Focus Dg, Focus EFocus Ds, Focus EThe Akutex label guarantees that the product carryingit has a superior surface technology. Our research anddevelopment will always focus on visual aspects, acousticproperties, working environment, architectural trends andenvironmental aspects. This ensures that Akutex is alwaysone step ahead.Connect white 01Nearest NCS colour sample: S 0500-NGloss 20Connect grey 01 metallicNearest NCS colour sample: S 2502-BNatural variation in gloss and colour can occur.Connect black 01 mattNearest NCS colour sample S 9000-NGloss 3Focus Edge 500Connect white 02 texturedNearest NCS colour sample: S 0500-NGloss 2

Ecophon is the leading supplier of acoustic solutions. We contribute to healthier indoor environments,improving quality of life, wellbeing and working performance. As evolution has adapted the humansenses to a life outdoors, our focus is to bring the ideal acoustic environments of nature into ourmodern indoor spaces. We know they will have a sound effect on people.The principles guiding our work are grounded in our Swedish heritage, wherea human approach and a common responsibility for people’s lives and futurechallenges come naturally.Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group, a world leader in sustainable habitat solutions.This is also one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, constantly innovating tomake living spaces more comfortable and cost-efficient. Saint-Gobain offer solutions tothe major challenges of energy efficiency and environmental protection. No matterwhat new needs emerge in the habitat and construction markets, the future is madeof on.com

Ecophon Focus Fixiform E A T24 1200x600x20 Focus E Ecophon Focus Flexiform A A T24 1200x600x30 1600x600x30, 2000x600x30, 2400x600x30 Focus A Ecophon Focus Frieze A T24 2400x600x20 Focus A, Focus Ds, Focus Dg, Focus E Ecophon Focus Wing A T24 1200x200x5

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