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Module 1: Finding Your PassionContentsOverview to Module 1 Part A & BPart A: Finding Your PassionPart B: CLP Meets Reality: Disarming resistanceExploring Creative Life Purpose (CLP)25 Potential Roadblocks Your creative voice can lead you to life purposeLet your creative life purpose lead the wayThe values driving a creative life purposeTips for crafting a creative life purpose18 Pathways to 8.19.Show empathy and compassionCuriosity can inspire a passionSpeaking to your spiritRead visually inspiring literatureBe inspired to produce a bookVisit a galleryThe creative philosophies of othersCreate through playSeek solitude in wild placesInspired by soundAweA passion for cultural diversityConnecting with nature in a place you call homeInspiring connection with natureBeing present in the moment: acting spontaneouslyThe joy of technologyDon’t just imagine it; do it!CamaraderieCollaboration: a pathway to purpose Collaborating with creativesCollaborating to a corporate visionCollaborating for philanthropyCollaboration for activismCollaborating for knowledgeCollaboration between feeds on fearLearning to love moments of darknessCreative failure: a state of mindDevelop tenacityMaking tension work for youGranting yourself permissionCreative comfort: creative deathFinding self confidenceTurning negatives in positivesRetaining your optimismResistance and procrastinationFinding timeSnap to the present momentOver-thinking can kill creativityTaking creative risksTrust your gutStriving for originalitySet and achieve goalsManage self-doubtBetween a rock and a hard placeRetain your focusDon’t get lost on adversityShoot for shifting goalpostsRetrain your brainBeware of digital distractionPart C: Living with CLP: Meet 11 Photographersadd concepts from youtube to video introductionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v 0mm57rH1sTE Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway to Purpose

Module 2: Projects with Purpose Overview to Module 2 Part A & B Passion: the fuel that drives all projectsPart A: Developing and Managing ProjectsContents1.2.How Projects are Born You never know where your first project may lead Rewards take many forms All projects provide multiple pathways3.Planning and Implementing Projects A start-up photo collection project 3. How many images do I need?Not all projects need a defined planCreating a style to suit a project How to assess your asset management needsHow a creative life purpose hub can work for youManaging digital collectionsEstablishing an online digital project hubPresentation software: vision boards and presentationsProtecting your files - a personal approach4.Part B: Developing Project Themes with Purpose1.2. The benefits of following themesLandscape Project Themes Following the topographyLandscape from aboveAir charters: a pathway to paradiseThe art of landIconic landscape projectsLandscapes featuring the night skyLandscape and wildlife themesLandscape and the human formBotanical Project Themes Botanical habitatsClimatic and seasonal themesFlowering plants themesWildlife Project Themes Establishing a Project Management HubTree projects Eucalypts: a tree family project Mountain ash: a single species project Tree Day: a community-based project Trees: a global projectFlowering plants and fauna projectsReptilesDeadly and dangerous wildlifeAmphibiansMarine invertebrates: a panorama of themesMarine fish themes Sharks and rays: vital projects Fish and humansBird projectsSpiders and insectsMammal project themesWildlife: a human connectionWildlife care projectsWildlife conservation projectsHistory and Cultural Project Themes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CultureEarly explorers and settlersHistorical architecture & transport themesRural landscape themesAustraliana project themesUrban project themesAround Australia travel projectsPeople in natureAustralians as projectsDocumenting your family: a life long projectPart C: Adding Flavour to Projects1. with imagesStorytelling with wordsProjects that pluck heartstringsAnthropomorphic storytelling: a viewpointAdding artful elements for kidsAdding artful elements to gift productsTextile project themes Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway to Purpose - Module 2: Projects with Purpose

Module 3: The Art of Seeing ArtContentsOverview to Module 3 Part A & B1., feeling, sharing – a never-ending cycleIt’s all about feelingAn emotional connection with your subjectsYou are uniqueLosing inhibitionsA feeling for the momentTrust in the moment: nothing else mattersYou can step back into the playful youPart A: Weather and Time Of Day1. a light hunterThe ‘is-ness’ of weatherPre-visualising outcomesSkywatchingThe ‘feeling’ of lightPlanning for windless weatherDiffused lightBack-light and rim-lightStormy weatherSunrise and sunset: the golden hoursTwilight: the blue hourTwilight plus tungsten lightHarsh lightNatural light underwaterLight and aerial photographyThe Quest for Artistic Elements1. Line that leads the eye2. Shape Shape and silhouette Shape and shadow Emphasising shape3. Form and modelling4. Space5. Tone (value): light and shade6. Texture7. Colour The emotion of colour Colour relationships Harmony and discord in colour8. Pattern and repetitionThe Principles of Design1. B: The Art of Photographic Design7.1. Selecting an angle of view2. Low angle of view3. High angle of view8.9.10.Design and story: joined at the hipHorizontal vs vertical and loose vs tightSeeing in focal lengthsBalance Using visual ‘echoes’ On the run The rule of thirds Balance through framing Shifting emphasis with ratio croppingScale and proportionEmphasis Emphasis through compositionMovement Using image planes to evoke actionRhythmVarietyUnity Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway to Purpose - Module 3: The Art Of seeing Art

ContentsModule 4: Capture and CamerasOverview to Module 4 Part A,B,C & DPart B: Choosing a CameraPart A: A Creative Life Using a Camera1. Art Of Capture1. Balancing lightness and darkness Histogram and - adjustments HDR photography2. Composition Compensation via composition3. Balancing sharpness and softness Depth of field Aperture selection Focus stacking Focusing a lens Landscape: where to focus? Back-focus techniques Extreme close-up Selecting a focus area mode Using shutter speed for creative effect Primary causes for soft photographs4. Managing colourThe Craft Of Capture1.2.3.4.ISO: the creative photographer’s anchorBalancing ‘the exposure triangle’Steve’s settings: a personal approachJPEG v RAW: determining the qualityChoosing a camera Q & AWhy I choose single lens reflex camerasWhat’s coming in cameras 2019?Choosing a camera based on priceChoosing a camera based on capture techniqueChoosing a camera based on digital file applicationPart C: Choosing Camera Accessories1. Camera lens focal length and field of view defined Short focal length zoom lenses Long focal length zoom lenses Telephoto converters Fisheye lenses Prime fast lenses for bokeh effect Macro lenses Macro lens alternatives2. Tripods and tripod accessories3. Artificial light sources4. Wildlife photography: how to hide yourself and your kit5. Toting and protecting cameras and accessories6. Steve’s cameras and kit7. Maintaining and cleaning your cameraPart D: Field Photo Settings and Tips1. plantsTreesSpiders and insectsMammals6. Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway To Purpose - Module 4 Capture and CamerasFrogs and reptilesVenomous snakesBirdsThe built environmentPortraits of Australians

Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway to Purpose - Module 5: The Digital DarkroomModule 5: The Digital DarkroomContentsOverview to Module 5 Part A & B1. The evolution of the digital darkroom2. How I merged my digital darkroom with my CLP3. The voice inside your headPart A: Awakening the Artist Within1. the child withinRepresentational or fine art: does terminology matter?Selecting images for artful interpretationExercising our creativity: playing in the digital darkroomTurning to others for influenceFeeding our need to connect with othersCreating an Artistic Vision1.2.3.An artistic vision based on themeAn artistic vision based on styleAn artistic vision based on techniquePart B: Building a Digital Darkroom1.2.3.4.A laptop for field and studioTo print or not to printProtecting your image assetsPrimary files for capture and digital darkroom applicationsPart C: Choosing and Using Post Production Software1.Free post-production software apps.2.Why I chose the Adobe ‘All Apps Plan’ Adobe Photographers Plan Choosing a high end alternative to Adobe3. Lightroom Classic CC tutorials: a personal choice3. Lightroom Classic CC - your creative life hub How an organised photo collection can enhance your CLP Lightroom Classic CC ‘Library' module features4. Lightroom Classic CC ‘Develop' module features Using the histogram Regional and global masking HDR processing in RAW Lens profile and haze adjustment Photo-stitch panoramas Photo-stitch drone panoramas Non-destructive cropping5. Adobe Photoshop CC features Photoshop CC : creating composite images Removing unwanted elements Creating blur effects Creating a spot colour effect Masking and composite imaging Creative image layering and masking Layering with textured grunge filters Replacing backgrounds Creative use of Photoshop filters6. Software Apps for creative innovative styles Sensor size for digital artFile type settings for digital artTaking a ‘roundtrip’ with multiple software AppsTopaz Studio 2: software for photo-art creativesTopaz Impressions in StudioBlack and white in Topaz Studio 2Textures and filters Topaz Studio 2Oil paint surface textures in Snap Art 4Impasto surface textures in Snap Art 4Global and regional sharpeningManaging essential detailWorking with layers and brushesPreparing files for printSizing files for printPart D: Art and Words Finding wordsPart E: Art on Walls

Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway to Purpose - Module 5: The Digital DarkroomContentsModule 6: Connecting with CommunityAn Overview to Module 6 Part A & BPart B: Going Public: 6 Primary Challenges1. Defining your community Community embodiment: a personal story2. Timing: todays topics touch people1. A: Going Global: Growing Your Profile and Skills1. in the opportunity ageThe language of sustained engagementBuilding a CLP web hubCreating a social networkSocial media: words and imagesBroadcast media: using your influencePhoto sites: showcasing your photographsBranding the creative youBuilding a service-based business Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Working outside the square10. Building a product-based photo business A hobby can become an enterprise Funding a dream: a personal storyA web of fears: should I be scared of the internet?The pain of judgement by others Photographic copyright: how anxious should I be?Creative competition: debunking the mythRisky business: finding a mentorManaging distractionsPart C: Gifting and Serving Your Community1. a heart-felt pathwayPublic speaking: lessons learnedNew pathways: music and photographyCreative life purpose: using your influenceOpen-mindedness meets self-confidence: a life lessonThe power of acknowledgementJoin in the global awakening and change the worldA lifetime open invitation to stay connected Steve Parish Masterclass - Photography: A Pathway To Purpose - Module 6: Connecting With Community

Fisheye lenses Prime fast lenses for bokeh effect Macro lenses Macro lens alternatives 2. Tripods and tripod accessories 3. Artificial light sources 4. Wildlife photography: how to hide yourself and your kit 5. Toting and protecting cameras and accessories 6. Steve’s cameras and kit

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