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2020-2021PROJECT GUIDELA CROSSE COUNTY 4-HPlease contact us at 608-785-9593 or lacrossecounty4h@lacrossecounty.org with questions.

HOW DO I ENROLL IN LA CROSSECOUNTY 4-H?All 4-H enrollments are completed by using4HOnline (wi.4honline.com). 4-Hmembership is open to youth year round.However, any youth wishing to participatein any competitive event as a 4-Hmember must be enrolled by April 1st.Please note that in order to participate inthe Wisconsin State Fair, youth must beenrolled in 4-H prior to March 1st as that isa Wisconsin State Fair Exhibitor Rule.All projects that youth wish to exhibit mustbe in their 4HOnline profile by April 1st.For example, if they want to exhibit jam atthe Fair in July, they must be signed up forthe Foods Preservation project in 4HOnlineby April 1st.WHAT IS A PROJECT?A “project” is simply a topic that youth canexplore. On the following pages, you’ll finddescriptions and resources on a widevariety of major topics-art to woodworking,photography to rabbits, clothing to smallengines and so much more. As youthexplore a project, 4-H thinks you’ll learnmore than just subject matter. You’ll learnlife skills, too. These are valuable skillssuch as understanding yourself,communicating and working with others,problem solving and decision making thatcan be used the rest of your life.An EEO/AA employer, University of Wisconsin-Extension providesequal opportunities in employment and programming, includingTitle VI, Title IX, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)requirements.ARE 4-H PROJECTS DONEINDIVIDUALLY OR AS A GROUP?Both, since some projects like fishing orbiking may be more fun when done as agroup. Others, like making a dress orcreating a drawing may be doneindividually.ARE 4-H MEMBERS EXPECTED TODO THEIR OWN PROJECT WORK?Since 4-H is a “learn by doing” program,leaders, youth leaders and parents maytell or show a member how to dosomething, but members are expected tolearn how to do things themselves.WHY SHOULD I BE A 4-H PROJECTLEADER?4-H is a great opportunity to becomeinvolved in your child’s development as a 4-H Leader or Volunteer. For moreinformation on how to sign up as anExtension 4-H volunteer, visit our onlinewebsite at unteers/.HOW DO I ORDER PROJECTLITERATURE?In the following pages, suggested projectliterature is listed for each project. 4-Hmembers may receive free pieces ofliterature as part of their membership.Any online resources will not count.It is important that you do not use4HOnline to order your literature, as itis not accurate to our county. After makingyour selections using this guide, fill out theProject Literature Request Form at https://goo.gl/LTS3eR to order your literature.

TABLE OF CONTENTSANIMAL SCIENCES .47Beef, Cat, Dairy, Dog, Dairy Goat, Meat/Other Goat, Horse, Horseless Horse, Pets,Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary ScienceCLOTHING & TEXTILES .7Clothing 1-3, Crocheting, KnittingCOMMUNICATION ARTS .7-8Communications, Creative Writing, SpeakingCOMMUNITYINVOLVEMENT .8Citizenship, History & Heritage, International, Self-Determined, Service Learning,Youth LeadershipCONSUMER EDUCATION .8-9Consumer Savvy, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Workforce ReadinessFAMILY, HOME & HEALTH .9Child Development, Health, Home EnvironmentFOODS & NUTRITION .10Cake Decorating, Foods & Nutrition, Foods Preservation, Microwave CookingMECHANICALSCIENCES .10-11Bicycling, Electricity, Scale Models, Small Engines, Tractors, Woodworking 1-4NATURAL SCIENCES .11-13Adventures, Adventures-Bicycling, Adventures-Canoeing, Adventures-Winter Travel,Backpacking & Hiking, Entomology, Exploring Your Environment, Fishing, Forestry,Recycling, Shooting Sports, WaterPERFORMING ARTS .13Clowning, Music, Theatre ArtsPLANT & SOIL SCIENCES . . .13-15Crops, Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Home Grounds, House Plants, Plant Crafts, Vegetables,Wildflowers

ANIMAL SCIENCESBEEF Identify breeds and parts of the animalHalter break and show a calfFit and judge cattleLearn about feed ingredients, behavior andparasitesStudy nose-print identificationLearn carcass composition and retail meat cutsExplore selection and judging and present oralreasonsLearn about careers, health, reproduction, etc.Discover how to market your animal and byproductsProject Literature:Bite Into BeefGuide to Raising Healthy Beef Cattle 272files/A3858-04.pdfHere’s the BeefLeading the ChargeMooving AheadPreparing To Lead /PreparingToLead.pdfRising To the TopShowmanship.Leading To Win /ShowmanshipLeadingToWin.pdfYouth and Dairy Cattle: A Safe Partnership 616.pdfDOG Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn basic skills for care and trainingLearn how to keep a dog healthy and groomedExplore health and nutritionDiscover genetic problems and population controlLearn showmanship and training techniquesInvestigate responsible breedingExplore careers related to dogsProject Literature:CAT Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn to care for, handle and groom your animalLearn about cat senses and soundsExplore tricks to teach a catLearn how to travel with a catLearn about feeding and emergency careDetect signs of illness and health issuesLearn showmanship and cat behaviorExplore community laws and animal welfareProject Literature:4-H Cat Project Health Supplement 15/10/4H369C.pdfClimbing Up!Leaping ForwardPurr-fect Pals4-H Dog Judging Guidelines 015/10/4H458.pdf4-H Dog Project Health Supplement 015/10/4H369F.pdfThe Basics of Training Your Dog 015/10/4H436.pdfCanine ConnectionDog Obedience - Novice & Beyond 015/10/4H439.pdfDog Resource HandbookA Guide to Showmanship 05/4H437-A-Guide-To-Showmanship.pdfLeading the PackWiggles and WagsDAIRY Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn how to select and show a calfAssemble tools needed for packing a show boxLearn about housing and hay qualityLearn about milking and food safetyExplore ways to keep an animal healthyPractice pregnancy detection and delivery of a calfLearn body-conditioning scoringPromote dairy productsExplore various dairy industry careersProject Literature:Cowabunga!4

GOAT - DAIRY Select, manage, fit and show goatsLearn responsible goat ownershipLearn to keep your goat healthyPrepare for kiddingDevelop judging skillsLearn how to milk a goat properlyLearn about genetics, disease and breedingStudy body-condition scoring and linear appraisalUnderstand bio-security and prevention measuresGain leadership and explore career opportunitiesProject Literature:4-H Dairy Goat Project Health Supplement 015/10/4H369E.pdfGetting Your GoatGuide to Raising Healthy Goats 85805.pdfShowing the WayStepping OutGiddy Up & GoHead, Heart & HoovesHorse ScienceHorses & HorsemanshipJumping to New HeightsRiding the RangeStable RelationshipsHORSELESS HORSE(youth does not own a horse) Explore horse behavior, terms and breedsLearn grooming, saddling and bridlingLearn about safety and equipmentExplore judging and oral reasonsLearn selection, training and showingExplore horse breeding, genetics and heredityUnderstand horse diseases and preventionLearn about fencing, pasturing and housingExplore horse-related careersLearn how to make riding apparel and equipmentProject Literature:GOAT - MEAT / OTHER Identify meat goat breeds and partsLearn to select a good animalFeed and care for a meat goatRecognize meat goat diseasesSelect a veterinarian and purchase breeding stockUnderstand reproduction cycle and keep recordsFit and show meat goatsLearn to control diseasesUnderstand bio-security and quality assuranceEvaluate goat pasturesProject Literature:Growing with Meat GoatsGuide to Raising Healthy Goats 85805.pdfJust BrowsingMeating the FutureHORSE (youth owns a horse) Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn horse behavior and termsSaddle, groom and bridle your horsePractice horse safety and horse selectionPractice horsemanship and judgingLearn about tack, feeding and diseasesPractice showing a horse and trail ridingExplore horse breeding, genetics and heredityUnderstand horse diseases and preventionLearn about fencing, pasturing and housingExplore horse-related careersProject Literature:Giddy Up & GoHead, Heart & HoovesHorse ScienceHorses & HorsemanshipStable RelationshipsHow to Show Model Horses w/How-to-Show-Model-Horses.pdfPETS Explore your favorite pet or select a pet Identify body parts Learn to provide a safe environment and design aspace Explore animal digestion and feeding Shop for pet supplies and explore products Determine the animal’s sex and proper health Study behavior and communication Understand how genetics work Explore animal welfare issuesProject Literature:Pet PalsScaling the HeightsScurrying AheadPOULTRY Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn parts, functions and quality of the eggLearn how to select, handle and groom poultryLearn about fitting, incubating and exhibitingObserve and manage a healthy flockIdentify and prevent diseases5

Learn to feed and house birds Learn about buying, banding and feedingProject Literature:Bantams R209.pdfChicken Breeds and Varieties 272/files/A2880.pdf Flocking TogetherGuide to Raising Healthy Chickens 85801.pdfPigeons 015/10/4H135spf.pdfRaising Waterfowl 311.pdfScratching the SurfaceTesting Your WingsRABBIT Identify breeds and parts of the animalLearn about selecting and handling rabbitsExplore health issues and feedingLearn to market and select show rabbitsGive oral reasons and judge rabbitsLearn to tattooKeep records of animalsLearn about breeding and geneticsDesign a rabbitryLearn about disease prevention and animalregistrationProject Literature:4-H Rabbit Project Health Supplement 015/10/4H369I.pdfAll Ears!Making TracksWhat’s fs/A385802.pdfRams, Lambs and YouLeading the FlockShear DelightSWINE Identify breeds, feeds and animal partsPractice judging market hogsIdentify pork meat cutsPractice fitting and showing a hogMake a swine health care planIdentify diseases and design a herd health planPlan and organize a facility expansionLearn to make breeding and culling decisionsManage a feeding programProject Literature:Exploring Swine Health & HusbandryGoing Whole HogGuide to Raising Healthy Pigs 85803.pdfJudging Market and Breeding Swine 01/4H412.pdfPutting the Oink in the PigThe Incredible PigVETERINARY SCIENCE Learn different breeds and genetics of animalsInterpret animal behaviorIdentify feed nutrients and food safety experimentsDescribe animal life stages and systemsCreate health records for your animal(s)Discover the importance of immunity and biosecurity Consider ethics and animal welfare Learn about veterinary careersProject Literature:SHEEP Identify breeds and parts of the animalObserve behaviorIdentify and judge uses of wool and by-productsFit, show and market sheepLearn to identify parasites and diseasesPromote meat safetyUse medications safelyExplore careers in the sheep industrySet sheep production goals4-H Veterinary Science Project Animal HealthSupplements 015/10/4H369.pdfAll Systems GoFrom Airedales to ZebrasThe Normal Animal 015/10/4H323spf.pdfOn the Cutting EdgeProject Literature:4-H Sheep Project Health Supplement 015/10/4H369J.pdfGuide to Raising Healthy Sheep (PDF)6

CLOTHING & TEXTILESCLOTHING 1 - Grades 3-5 Identify sewing tools and machine partsThread a sewing machine and identify fabricsSelect and purchase a patternSort clothes for laundry and remove stainsDonate a sewing projectProject Literature:The Laundry ProjectUnder ConstructionCLOTHING 2 - Grades 6-8 Identify types of fabric constructionsSew different buttonholes and seam finishesUse pressing tools and thread a sergerResearch different laundry productsProject Literature:Knitting Made EasyCOMMUNICATION ARTSCOMMUNICATIONS Engage in non-verbal, verbal and written activitiesStrengthen your personal communication skillsEncrypt codes, write songs and give directionsLearn to become a confident communicatorPresent oral reasons, plan and present speechesPractice making good first impressionsPolish your communication skillsExplore communication careersWrite resumes and interview for a jobProject Literature:Fashion ForwardThe Laundry ProjectCommunication Activities for 4-H Clubs 015/10/ComActivfor4 HClubs.pdfCommunications Curriculum Module 1 (grades 3-5)Communications Curriculum Module 2 (grades 6-8)Communications Curriculum Module 3 (grades 9-13)CLOTHING 3 - Grades 9-13CREATIVE WRITING Explore language and creative expression Stimulate your creativity and self-expression Enrich your joy of book readingProject Literature:Use specialized sewing tools or equipmentCombine patterns to create a designCreate outdoor wearDesign and embellish a garmentUse a computer to print on fabricProject Literature:Refine DesignCROCHETING Learn to select and purchase yarn, thread andequipment Explore crocheting and finishing techniques Understand care instructions for crocheted itemsProject Literature:The 4-H Crocheting Handbook (PDF)https://issuu.com/usuextension/docs/the 4h crocheting handbook/20KNITTING Discover what to consider when buying yarn ortools Learn knitting and finishing techniques Correct knitting errors Learn how to care for your knitted itemsProject Literature:Creative Wordworking 015/10/CreativeWordwork.pdfCrazy about Books Reading Circle 015/10/CrazyAboutBooks.pdfThe Writer In YouSPEAKING Plan, practice and present an effective speech Gain confidence in public speaking Plan, practice and present an effectivedemonstrationProject Literature:4-H Public Speakers Handbook 015/10/2 PublicSpeakersHnd.pdfFinding Your Voice7

COMMUNITYINVOLVEMENTCITIZENSHIP Discover and discuss public issues Plan a project to change or improve yourcommunity Learn about your local, state and U.S. governmentsProject Literature:SERVICE LEARNING Learn to give back to your communityIdentify community needsPlan and implement your own service projectShare your project plan and outcomes with othersConduct a project evaluationProject Literature:Agents of ChangeRaise Your VoiceCitizenship Adventure KitYOUTH LEADERSHIPHISTORY & HERITAGE Learn your family’s history and ancestryRestore or renew an old objectResearch ethnic objects, foods or storiesLearn about home remediesCelebrate your personal history Project Literature:Family History Treasure HuntIt’s All in the Family 015/10/5 ItsAllinFamily.pdfVoices From the Past 015/10/4-VoicesfromthePast.pdfINTERNATIONAL Learn how to be a global citizen Gain knowledge and understanding of othercultures Explore global interconnectednessProject Literature:Diversity: The Source of Our StrengthAssess your leadership skillsPractice effective communication skillsSet goals and resolve conflictExplore how leaders are differentPractice teamwork and group trustWrite vision and mission statementsContribute to a group project or serve as a clubofficerProject Literature:Leadership Road TripUnderstanding Conflict 870.pdfCONSUMER EDUCATIONCONSUMER SAVVY 1 - Grades 3-5 Learn your shopping styleLearn to find goods and servicesKnow the difference between wants and needsWrite a savings and spending planStart a savings accountProject Literature:Beginning Consumer Education (PDF)SELF-DETERMINED Create your own project or expand on an old one Select a project, develop a plan and identifyresources Carry out and evaluate your planProject Literature:Designing Your Own Project 015/10/4H272.pdfCONSUMER SAVVY 2 - Grades 6-9 Identify your personal spending values Understand advertising appeal and its effects See how peer pressure can influence yourpurchases Understand the risks of shopping on the InternetProject Literature:Intermediate Consumer Education 0ALL%20Intermediate%20Level.pdf8

CONSUMER SAVVY 3 - Grades 1013 Define consumer responsibilities and ethicsUnderstand your consumer rightsUse comparison shopping techniquesUnderstand the costs of owning a vehicleProject Literature:Advanced Consumer Education 0ALL%20Advanced%20Level.pdfENTREPRENEURSHIP Practice the skills needed to be an entrepreneurExplore businesses, products, marketing and pricingCreate a business planStart your own businessProject Literature:The Case of MeDiscover the E-SceneYour Business InspectionPERSONAL FINANCE Learn money management skills and how to live ona budget Learn about wants, needs, values and goal-setting Explore ways to use and save money Learn the benefits and drawbacks of credit Survey and select financial servicesFAMILY, HOME &HEALTHCHILD DEVELOPMENT Find out how you, babies and children developLearn how to make toys safe for small childrenLearn to take care of yourself and othersSee what makes your family specialDevelop family rulesCheck for safety hazardsExplore how to be an affective parentGain experience as a teacher or coachMake babysitting and first-aid kitsProject Literature:Home Alone: Preparing for Self-Care 885.pdfUnderstanding Child Development 5165HEALTH Practice first-aid skills to treat basic injuriesLearn how to respond to someone who is chokingAssemble a first-aid kitIdentify your personal talent areas in health careExplore hygiene, nutrition and physical activitiesShare what you learn with othersDesign your own fitness planTrack your plan and review your progressInterview individuals in the health and fitness fieldsProject Literature:My Financial Future Advanced NotebookMy Financial Future Beginner NotebookFirst Aid In ActionGEM: Get Experience in MindfulnessKeeping FitStaying HealthyYour Thoughts Matter: Navigating Mental HealthWORKFORCE READINESSHOME ENVIRONMENT Explore what it takes to get your first job Discover how to assess job possibilities in thecommunity Create job scenarios Recognize your learning style(s) and personalqualities Project Literature:Project Literature:Build Your FutureLearn about home care and maintenanceMake small decorative items for the homeExplore the world of home interior designLearn to handle home tasks and entertain guestsLearn the principles of home design andarrangement Learn about purchasing furnishings for the home Restore or make a heritage itemProject Literature:It’s My HomeMakeover My Space9

FOODS & NUTRITIONCAKE DECORATING Learn frosting techniquesExplore how to use edible decorationsLearn cake and cupcake recipesIdentify serving sizes and time managementLearn to serve cakes properlyProject Literature:Cake Decorating Project and Record BookFOODS & NUTRITION Explore why nutrients and vitamins are importantUnderstand media messages about foodMake main dishes, basic baking and recipesDiscover how to store food properlyDevelop your own exercise programLearn to divide large-quantity packages for familyuse Conduct a food activity with young children Learn to divide recipes and make substitutions Plan menus on a budgetProject -10)11-13)FOOD PRESERVATION Learn the basics of preserving food safely Identify the best way to preserve specific foodgroups Explore preservation equipment and machinery Learn food preservation recipesMicrowave Cooking CooksMicrowave.pdfMECHANICAL SCIENCESBICYCLING Learn the essentials for getting started safelyExplore lifelong cycling habitsLearn safety, road rules and route planningChoose a bike that’s right for youPractice bike maintenancePlan for short or long ridesProject Literature:Bicycling for FunConducting a Bicycle Rodeo 015/10/4H380.pdfWheels in MotionELECTRICITY Understand how to use electricityIdentify electrical materialsWork with electrical equipmentLearn to read and wire circuit diagramsCommunicate in Morse CodeDevelop a basic electrical tool and supply kitUnderstand the symbols on wires and cablesIdentify electrical parts and devicesLearn how to solder and prepare parts for assemblyProject Literature:Entering ElectronicsInvestigating ElectricityMagic of ElectricityWired for PowerProject Literature:Boiling Water Canning Project ManualDrying Project ManualFreezing Project ManualPressure Canning Project ManualSCALE MODELSMICROWAVE COOKINGProject Literature: Discover how the microwave works and learn to useit safely Understand watts Learn shielding, defrosting and browning techniques Adapt recipes for the microwave Learn to make gifts such as play dough andornaments Prepare all kinds of foods and recipesModel Railroading 5 02 Model Railroading 2015.pdf4-H Model Building hx?t f&i 5569Project Literature: Assemble and create scale models of trains, cars,etc. Learn to obtain materials you need in construction Learn to display your model and judge it10

SMALL ENGINESWOODWORKING 3 - Grades 7-8 Compare different types of hinges Enlarge scale-drawn woodworking plans Use a hand plane and build a laminated cuttingboard Compare different grades of plywoodLearn the basics of small enginesExplore external and internal engine parts and toolsIdentify the use of small engines and safety issuesLearn about engine sizes and safety issuesExplore different jobs related to small enginesTear down and rebuild an engineLearn to use diagnostic toolsResearch rules and regulations in using smallenginesProject Literature:Nailing It TogetherProject Literature:Crank It Up!Tune It Up!Warm It Up!TRACTORS Learn and identify parts of the tractor Understand the basics of tractor maintenance Learn about different fuels and engine coolingsystems Research different safety features and rules Practice farm and tractor safety Understand the mechanics of engines Identify accessory equipment Learn types of oil systems and fuel safety Identify and work with operational systemsProject Literature:Learning More: Learning About Agricultural Tractors &EquipmentMoving Out: Learning About Your Tractor & FarmMachineryStarting Up: Getting to Know Your TractorTractor Operations: Gearing Up for SafetyWOODWORKING 1 - Grades 3-4 Learn safety practices of using wood and toolsUse various hand tools (e.g. hammer and saw)Identify types of nails and woodSand and paint a piece of woodProject Literature:Measuring UpWOODWORKING 4 - Grades 9-13 Use a table saw, router, powered circular saw andsander Learn to make more difficult joints Evaluate exotic and veneer woods Create inlays and overlays Test various adhesivesProject Literature:Finishing UpNATURAL SCIENCESADVENTURES Learn how to camp safely in all weather conditionsInvestigate camping equipment and clothingBuild a campfire and cook a mealPractice tying knots and first aidLearn to use a map and compassProject Literature:Camping AdventuresADVENTURES - BICYCLING Learn how and where to bicycle safelyPlan a bicycle camping tripDesign and build a bicycle obstacle courseConduct a bike maintenance checkProject Literature:Bicycling for FunWheels in MotionWOODWORKING 2 - Grades 5-6 Identify functions of various tools Practice safety techniques Select a project to build (e.g. bird house or footstool) Use a screwdriver and combination squareProject Literature:Making the Cut11

ADVENTURES - CANOEING Learn how and where to canoe safelySelect and care for equipmentExplore aquatic environmentsPlan a canoe camping tripCanoe a riverProject Literature:Canoeing 5 09 Canoeing 2015.pdfADVENTURES - WINTER TRAVEL Discover winter travel on cross-country skis andsnowshoes Select and take care of equipment and clothing Experience a winter overnight campout Discover how trees, plants and animals prepare forwinterProject Literature:Teaming with Insects 1 (grades 3-5)Teaming with Insects 2 (grades 6-8)Teaming with Insects 3 (grades 9-13)EXPLORING YOUR ENVIRONMENT Use your senses to explore the environmentLearn how the environment is affected by pollutionExplore wildlife habitats and trackingLearn about groundwaterResearch pollination and how it worksExplore the world of biotechnologyLearn the features of insect creaturesBegin to understand biodiversityLearn how climate affects how we liveProject Literature:Earth’s CapacityEcosystems ServicesProject Literature:No LiteratureBACKPACKING & HIKING Plan a hike, select items and pack the foodLearn to organize and pack a backpackPrepare a first-aid kitLearn to use a compass, map and triangulationPrepare for dangerous weatherPractice “Leave No Trace” principlesStudy various organism habitatsSelect backpacking gear, including a tentDesign a non-tent backpacking shelterDevelop a personal conditioning programProject Literature:Backpacking ExpeditionsHiking TrailsENTOMOLOGY Learn about insects, their behavior and life cyclesDiscover parts of an insect’s bodyCollect and compare insectsExplore how insects communicate and moveLearn how an insect protects itselfExplore insect habitatsCreate an insect displayMake an identification keyExplore various gardens and habitatsFISHING (a.k.a. Sportfishing) Identify types of tackle and organize a tackle boxIdentify different types of bait and fish in your areaLearn to take proper care of your catchLearn to tie fishing knotsSelect a recipe and cook a fishCollect and analyze aquatic lifeLearn to reassemble a fishing reelMake artificial flies and luresModify fishing equipmentProject Literature:Cast Into the FutureReel in the FunTake the BaitFORESTRY Identify forest types, products and treesAge trees by counting ringsUnderstand forest competitionLearn how trees move water from soil to canopyDiagram a leafUnderstand forest changes and their impactSelect urban tree planting sitesIdentify different biomes by continentIdentify an unknown tree using a keyProject Literature:Explore the Deep WoodsFollow the PathReach for the Canopy12

RECYCLING Learn about the impact of solid waste on theenvironment Learn to reduce, reuse and recycleProject Literature:Youth and 4-H Music Project Guide /4H620MP.pdfProject Literature:Wisconsin Recycles dfSHOOTING SPORTS Learn about different disciplines including archery,muzzle loading, pistol, rifle and shotgun Discover the laws of hunting and conservation Learn to clean and care for weapons Learn proper shooting safetyProject Literature:Archery Member Record BookMuzzleloader Member Record BookPistol Member Record BookRifle Member Record BookShotgun Member Record BookWATER Identify water conservation and pollution issuesExplore issues in your home, community or schoolSelect an issue to focus onDevelop and implement a planProject Literature:Rain to Drain: Slow the FlowThere’s No New WaterTHEATRE ARTS Study acting, sound, movement, voice and speechLearn different ways to play a sceneTry pantomime, clowning and improvisationBecome a puppeteerStudy costumes, makeup, stage sets, props andsound Learn stage management Create sounds and disguisesProject Literature:Imagination in Action 1 (grades 3-5)Imagination in Action 2 (grades 6-8)Imagination in Action 3 (grades 9-13)PLANT & SOILSCIENCESCROPS Learn about variety selection, germination andplanting Learn about nutrients, harvesting and storage Explore uses and marketing strategies Scout for pests and diseases Study growing techniques Compare production costsProject Literature:PERFORMING ARTSCLOWNING Discover the history of clowning Develop yo

HORSE (youth owns a horse) Identify breeds and parts of the animal Learn horse behavior and terms Saddle, groom and bridle your horse Practice horse safety and horse selection Practice horsemanship and judging Learn about tack, feeding and diseases

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Milestones. 07/17/2019: Known Extension Campus Email Outreach to SCOs and SAAs. 08/05/2019: Extension Campus Go-Live. 09/30/2019: Missing Extension Campus Submission Deadline. 11/04/2019: Second Extension Campus Upload . Go-Live. 12/01/2019: Colmery Sections 107/501 Go-Live. 12/16/2019: VA Systems Updated to allow for manual input of Extension .

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Cooperative Extension — April, 2016 reorganization process for Cooperative Extension, a division of University of Wisconsin-Extension, has begun planning for a reorganization that will sharpen its focus on education, streamline administration, and meet state budget cut mandates. During March, UW-Extension leaders charged an 11-member steering

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