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BILLY GRAHAMThis report also covers MANY other Well-KnownTV Preachers who are Illuminists and FREEMASONSCompiled ByKaren E. ConnellEXTENDED LIFEChristian Training MinistryThe FREE MASON

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSContentsBilly Graham the Free Mason. 6Proof that Billy Graham is a Mason. 6The Deception of Billy Graham—A mind Control Front . 7A List of Known and Credible Witnesses. 10Clarifying What Is Looked For In Proof . 11The Motivation of the Co-Authors. 12Clarifying what is Acceptable Testimony . 12The Policies of Deception by the Billy Graham Crusade Staff. 14Billy Graham’s Active Role in Satanic Ritual Abuse . 16Billy Graham is part of the people who implement the Monarch program . 19Another possible clue about Billy Graham’s hidden life comes from Billy Graham himself. . 19The Nugen Hand Bank. 21The Apostle Paul warned Christian leaders . 21Information and quote comes from: “China the Untold Story” by The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc.,1995. 22How Billy Graham Plays a Key Role in Reprogramming Monarch Slaves . 23References . 25Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness, by Marshall Frady. 25A Startling Exposure- Billy Graham and the Church of Rome by Ian R. K. Paisley. . 26Billy Graham Reformer? Politician? Preacher? Prophet? A Chronological Record Compiled fromPublic Sources By the Church League of America 1951-1982. . 26Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church by Erwin Wilson. 27Widespread Concerns among Christians . 27Doctrinal Concerns . 28One World Church and Government Concerns . 29Concerns over the Lack of Depth of Crusade Conversions . 29Concern over His Ministry Methodology . 31Concern over Billy Graham’s Acceptance of Communism . 31The Actual Heritage and Name of Billy Graham. 32Billy Graham is a 33 Mason . 33In terms of a paper trail we have the following . 34Other famous Free Mason Ministers . 36Robert Schuller . 371

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSNorman Vincent Peale . 37Oral Roberts . 37Big Time Fleecing of John Bennett . 39Inadequate Reactions . 40Summary . 41King Pins of the Christian Mafia . 43BILLY GRAHAM . 43TIM LAHAYE . 44The Council of National Policy (CNP) . 47Other members of the CNP have included:. 47Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF) . 48American Freedom Coalition . 49Women’s Federation for World Peace . 49Family Federation for World Peace . 49National Religious Broadcasters . 49The Washington Times Foundation . 50Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable . 50ORAL ROBERTS . 51TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) . 52Other False Teachers and Preachers . 53BENNY HINN . 54Scandals: . 55Ruth Heflin. 55JOEL OLSTEEN . 56RICK WARREN. 56Leonard Sweet . 57Kenneth and Gloria Copeland . 59Learning to Discern the “Signs” of the Times . 61The enemy created the false church going back almost 2000 years. 61Hand signs of Illuminati, Freemasonry, and Kabbalah. Learn to recognize them, and see whouses them . 62A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words . 65A Simple Conclusion . 962

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSIntroductionBy Karen E. ConnellI realize that the material contained in this Watchman Report, is going to be very disturbingto many who have not investigated what is being reported in this material. It was more thandisturbing for me, when I was first made aware of these things early on in my ministry.Many will be angered and shocked like I was and others will become defensive andantagonistic towards those of us who are bringing this information to the forefront, which Iwas also tempted to be, when my favorite ministers were shown to be involved with theoccult. However, the Lord confirmed to me through His word and with many evidencesthat these things are—sad but true.For those who doubt the information contained in this report, I tell you—do your ownresearch. I have. The Lord alerted me to much of what I am sharing in this report at thevery beginning of this ministry back in the 90’s. I understand that the truth is not alwayspleasant, especially when it meddles with our “sacred cows”—but these need to beslaughtered if they are from Satan!The purpose for this report is to educate God’s people on how immense Satan’s schemesare and how far reaching into Christianity they are entered, especially through the use ofthe New Word Order’s Illuminati and the Free Mason organizations. The spiritualinfluences associated with these satanic organizations are powerful to say the least, butnot more powerful than our one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is author of all truth,and if it is received, it will bring freedom to any who are being influenced or bound by whatis being covered in this report.We cannot fight an enemy that we do not recognize, therefore it is imperative that we knowwho the enemy is and how he operates and who his ambassadors are. Masses ofimmature and Biblically illiterate Christians are being deceived and led onto the broad roadof destruction that will end in the eternal Lake of Fire. We need to become informed ofwhat Satan is doing and most of all we need to be Biblically sound in our Christianfoundation.I pray the Lord will cause the readers of this report to become aware of what has beengoing on for thousands of years in the kingdom of darkness through the various occults ofthe Luciferins, so they can discern their messages and supernatural work among thechurches in this endtime.I think the following quote from Lisa Haven, a strongly informed and mature Christianresearcher whom I greatly admire, states accurately what modern Christianity is facing:3

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONS“Christians now-a-days place a higher value on their lifestyle than on theirspiritually, and a vast majority of Christian churches have abandoned keydoctrines to such an extent that they no longer should be considered Christian.“Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not comeexcept the apostasy comes first, unless the predicted great falling away ofthose who have professed to be Christians has come, and the man oflawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom, of perdition.”(2 Thessalonians 2:3)Jesus warned us that counterfeit tares would grow exceedingly at the End ofthe Age and that unparalleled spiritual deception would rise and many wouldbe deceived. Far too many American Christians have totally ignored God’swarnings and have become spiritually blinded beyond belief. This has becomeso widespread that many Evangelical leaders have united themselves with thesecretive group known as, the Freemasons.Tom C. McKenney, co-author of “The Deadly Deception,” revealed a shockingstatistic. In July 1989 he listed two of the largest Protestant denominations inthe United States, and replied, “Through our best estimates, 90 percent of oneand 70 percent of the other have pastors who are members of the MasonicLodge.” (This has increased greatly since then).There is an unbelievable amount of Churches being led astray by false religiousleaders claiming themselves to be messengers of God, when in fact they aremessengers of the enemy The truth is, the evidence will speak for itself.It is clear that many churches have collapsed into apostasy. Furthermore manyhave joined the ranks of signing the 501c3 tax-exempt status, which allows themto be controlled by the state to the point that they are not allowed to share anypolitical views. This includes bills that are passed in regards to abortion, gaymarriage, Bible studies, church regulations, Christian candidates running foroffice, etc. They legally can’t share their views about anything, politicallyspeaking. And if Christian candidates aren’t backed by the Christian church,then who is backing them? No one, which is why Christian’s in government4

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSpositions are few are far between, I’d even go as far to say that near none arein office. Welcome to your 501c3 effect.All this to say that Freemasonry has its finger in many churches today. Not allchurches are impacted, but many are. Some churches are good, strong, godlychurches, while others are there to deceive the masses. Probably the best wayto tell if your church has been effected, is to pray, ask for discernment and letGod guide you, and he will show you the truth.”As Lisa states there ministries out to deceive the masses, which are his Luciferian “plants”within Christianity. They are made to look like “genuine Christian ministers,” however theyare not. That is exactly what Jesus taught us in the parable of the wheat (true Christiansand churches) and the tares (Satan’s Luciferian plants).Matthew 13:24-26The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seedin his field But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed taresamong the wheat, and went his way But when the blade was sprungup, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.It is time for Christians to WAKE UP and GROW UP into the truth that will set them freefrom all deception.1 Timothy 2:3-4God our Savior would have all men to be saved, and to come untothe knowledge of the truth.I pray you will carefully and prayerfully read all of the material contained in this report andallow the Lord to guide you in your opinions and judgements that will determine the manychoices that you will be faced with in the days ahead—for these choices will have abearing upon your personal eternal destiny and that of your loved ones.5

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSBilly Graham the Free MasonSource: am-free-mason/Proof that Billy Graham is a MasonThe following information is inresponse to a reader’s comment who,like many I’m sure, do not thinkGraham could possibly be is a mason,because of “unfounded claims” thatcirculate on the internet,” therefore hethinks these claims are not legitimate.It goes way beyond the fact that hisname appeared on a list of famousmason’s and even beyond the fact thatI called another lodge personally andspoke to the masonic librarian soon after the story broke who confirmed that he was in facta mason. Proving it was not just a “clerical error” in printing the list. I have recentlystarted reading Fritz Springmeier’s 1material who had much more info on Graham then Ihave previously seen. Fritz had the opportunity to converse with 4 high level illuminatimembers who knew in detail the mind control techniques used to create monarch slaves.Frtitz has spent over 10 years in prison for getting this information out.1Fritz Springmeier spent the first 10 years of his ministry researching and reporting on the mind control aspect ofthe Illuminati. His vast knowledge and research on this subject is highly credible and well documented. However, aswith many Christians who delve into the occult for “research” purposes—they often get caught up in the very webthey are investigating. The Bible does say that “knowledge puffs us up (with pride)” (1 Corinthians 8:1). Thisunfortunately has been the case with Springmeier. Sadly, there is much documentation to prove that he is currentlybeing controlled by the very Illuminati forces he started out to expose. This seems to have happened while he spent10 years in prison for getting this forbidden information out. I have included a DVD interview with Fritz, by TimothyAlberino, as an additional companion resource for this report, simply because he relays some powerful informationon the Illuminati and their mind control tactics. I do not however, endorse Fritz Springmeier’s ministry. The DVD,and this Watchman report may be requested free of charge from this ministry at www.extendedlifeCTM.org6

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSDon’t believe the mainstream media folks. Thesource for the following information on BillyGraham was taken from Fritz Springmeier’s Book“The Illuminati Formula Used to Create anUndetectable Mind Control Slave” 1992, byWheeler and Springmieer.The Deception of Billy Graham—A mind Control FrontIn 1992, Billy Graham broadcast all over the U.S. his radio show called Embrace America2000. In the Louisiana area, it came over the KJAM Lafayette Station. During the show,Billy Graham told the American people we need to embrace the New World Order. BillyGraham is also on record stating that people can have salvation through paganism (anothername for witchcraft). For instance, in McCall Magazine (Jan. 1987) Graham stated,“I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost–were going to hell. I no longerbelieve that. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God–throughnature, for instance.”Pagans believe that salvation can be obtained through nature. This is not a pleasant story.Billy Graham has been built up to be the most respected popular person in America. Whowants to find out they have been deceived? We will try to give you the facts, or evidence,and may God grant you wisdom as you read this. This section is not propaganda for ourown personal views.Years ago, when Fritz set out on his search, he had no final outcome in mind. Fritz isn’tconcerned with concealing facts one way or the other. There is no desire to stampede ourreaders anywhere. We do want to clarify many issues. We do want to help the truth seeker.But the co-authors personally have no battle to win, except that truth be brought forth. Theissues at stake are not trivial.7

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSHistorically, Billy Graham’s deception is one of the “greatest” deceptions that has everbeen perpetrated. Some might argue the greatest, making Benedict Arnold, Quisling, andthe Trojan horse pale into insignificance.Allow us to introduce you just briefly into the world of the Illuminati. All top hierarchySatanists are required to have covers. The Illuminatus will have multiple personalities, andhe or she will have one personality that is particularly shown to the outside world. They(the Programmers, handlers and the Illuminati councils) try to get the best covers that theycan. They like to be clergymen, but they are also mayors of big cities, lawyers, doctors,etc.A Christian psychiatrist who has worked with numerous victims of Satanism and MultiplePersonality Disorder wrote this observation after having worked with a large number ofex-multi-generational programmed satanic multiples,“Some Satanists have invaded the church as it is the perfect cover for them. Theymasquerade as angels of light and gravitate towards positions of leadership in order to havemore influence. Because much of what they say is sound doctrinally, they are rarelydetected. Most survivors whom I have worked with had Satanist parents who were in highpositions in churches; many were pastors.” (Dr. Fox, Loreda. The Spiritual and ClinicalDimensions of Multiple Personality Disorder. Salida , CO : Books of Sangre de Cristo, p.196.)Let us repeat what Dr. Loreda Fox said, “Most survivors whom I have worked with hadSatanist parents who were in high positions in churches; many were pastors.” She didn’tsay “some,” she said MOST. Independently, we have discovered the very same thing.People don’t grasp that just because a preacher can sincerely preach what seems a “perfectsermon,” doesn’t mean that he can’t also be part of the satanic hierarchy. What is happeningwith the Illuminati’s ability to create programmed multiples is that we are getting perfectpreachers who are secret hierarchy members.Some of their “perfect sermons” are full of slides, such as “the Christian people need to getinvolved in the voting process”. Christians love to hear such things, it tickles their ears, butthe truth is that the entire voting process has been captured and corrupted. Voting machineshave repeatedly been exposed to have been rigged, and the controlled media and public8

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSdenial have prevented Americans from giving up their myth that the common man’s votesrun this nation. (The subject of election corruption is dealt with in Fritz’s newsletters, etc.)In Fritz’s Be Wise as Serpents book (which exposed Billy Graham as a Luciferian in 1991),it is explained that high level Satanism is Gnosticism which requires that “the Force” ofthese great satanic magicians be balanced. In other words, in high level Satanism your gooddeeds must balance your evil deeds. People do not realize that unless someone does “good”deeds they cannot be a high level Satanist. That is why some of the greatest philanthropistsare also our leading national Satanists.To see Billy Graham do something commendable does not disqualify him from Satanism.In fact, it is a requirement if he’s been part of the Illuminati, such as ex-insiders/witnessessay he was. In fact, it wasn’t until working on this book that an eyewitness to the mindcontrol abuse of at the hands of Billy Graham offered to help contribute to this section ofthe book. In other words, an eyewitness helped write this. This eyewitness account by theCo-author matches what the list of eyewitnesses that Fritz assembled in 1993 have said.But the eyewitness went further and exposed B.G. crusades’ skillful use of Monarch slavesto launder drug money.Several police officers have stated that today, there is for all practical purposes no policetraining helping police to understand Satanism. They are highly trained in many areas, butSatanism is avoided. When an SRA case involving multiplicity in Olympia, WA recentlyhappened, the police who investigated the case found that they were treated as internationalexperts in Satanism by other policemen. They themselves knew that they knew very little.Where are the experts to teach us about how the Illuminati functions? Where are the expertswho know who are in the Illuminati? There is no college open to the public that teachesAdvanced Illuminati Studies 401, and gives degrees in Satanism. The expert witnesses arethose who have managed to leave the Illuminati and Satanism, and stay alive long enoughto talk. But the other side will argue, how can we verify the testimony of your witnessesFritz?Remember what happened to over 100 people who had some type of knowledge about theKennedy assassination? Jim Marrs in his book Crossfire on the Kennedy Assassinationlists 103 people who were key figures in knowing about the assassination who have died,many in circumstances that indicate assassination. The story we are dealing with here is9

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSjust as sensitive to the elite as Kennedy’s assassination, because it involves theirpreparations for the creation of a false Christ, called by Christians the Antichrist, who willbe the master handler/programmer.A List of Known and Credible WitnessesIf the authors were to call my list of witnesses up to the witness stand–which I can’t for itwould be a death sentence to many of them, the list would include: 1 Council of Foreign Relations member, who is secretly against the New WorldOrder 1 National Security Agency person, who is against the New World Order 1 CIA high level administrator 2 Satanists, still in covens, but unhappy enough with the situation to talk 4 ex-Satanists, 3 of which are eyewitnesses, all Christians now 2 ex-New Age leaders who worked with the Conspiracy, both became Christians 1 ex-33 Mason, now a Christian Various Christians who have worked with Billy Graham, Pastors, etc. Various therapists working with SRA victims The man who ran Security at the Sacramento Crusade Alice Braemer, a woman who worked as a secretary for Jeanne DixonNone, except for a couple of exceptions, none of these people knew anything about whatthe other witnesses (sources) had said. The high degree of validation and collaboration thatseparate testimony by witnesses who have never seen each other and live in different partsof the country is very powerful. There are several questions that pop up into people’s mindswho are not familiar with who Fritz is, and are not familiar with these witnesses. The typeof worries some readers could be naturally having might be: But how are we, the readers,to know how accurate these people are? Are they trustworthy? Do they have a reputationfor honesty? Could they possibly be giving false information to discredit a great man ofGod?These kind of questions can be natural questions for people unfamiliar with how thisinformation was obtained. But we assure you, that what we pass on from theseeyewitnesses can be relied upon. None of these worries have any substance to them,because the manner in which Fritz came to find out about Billy Graham has generally been10

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSwhile he was researching other things related to the Illuminati. The author has not been outto build a case, the case has built itself from numerous detached witnesses who havenothing to gain by telling what they know. These witnesses have not come to Fritz to feedhim bogus information.Just the paper trail on Billy Graham is very revealing in itself. Generally the informationof these witnesses has been confided by these witnesses to their trusted friends. Initially,these witness have had no idea that the information they confided in their trusted closeassociates would go beyond their most trusted friends. These trusted friends then have hadpermission to let me contact them or find out their information. The reason why thesepeople are believable is that the information they reveal could get them killed, and second,the manner and circumstances of how the information has originally unfolded has neverbeen in any fashion or method that could be construed as an attempt to give falseinformation.Clarifying What Is Looked For In ProofToo many people are considered guilty unless proven innocent–which means that alegitimate search for truth has NOT taken place. On the flip side, we must bear in mindthat hidden information that has laid dormant for years may totally reverse ourunderstanding of something. Exceptional circumstances may surprise us. If some item doesnot lend itself to totally irrefutable, totally unqualified claims, then knowing this, the properinvestigator uses words like “almost certainly” and “most likely”. If the investigator feelsstrongly that everything is totally clear, he may declare that something is correct “withoutqualification.” This is the nature of proof.We need to understand the qualifications and reservations that often are attached toevidence or conclusions. But we certainly do want to press our investigations as far aspossible to get as many “unqualified” conclusions as possible. Of course, by the time wewrite this, we have already done our investigating, and have one conclusion without anyqualification: Billy Graham is working for the Satanic Hierarchy. We want to try tointroduce the material in such a way that you will get some sense of the search, so that youwill not simply accept our conclusion but will make rational spirit-led critically-thoughtout decisions about Billy Graham.So for the sake of the reader’s investigation, please, let us unshackle ourselves from ourprejudices and preconceived labels. Let us suspend our judgment about Billy Graham oneway or the other, until we have thoroughly studied, prayed and gained discernment about11

BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONSthis. It might be interesting to get some of the Masons, who casually without realizing whatthey were saying, have talked about Billy Graham’s membership, or other aspects of hisMasonic involvement.It’s doubtful that such men would be of any value on the witness stand. Their numerousMasonic oaths to lie and conceal Freemasonry under penalties of gruesome death wouldtend to have more influence on them than swearing on a Bible. (See Duncan’s MasonicRitual book, p. 30 for the 1st Degree oath.) This type of witness, because they talkedaccidentally and casually are very valuable witnesses to whoever accidentally hears them,but unfortunately they must be assumed

4 BILLY GRAHAM AND OTHER FREE MASONS “Christians now-a-days place a higher value on their lifestyle than on their spiritually, and a vast majority of Christian churches have abandoned key doctrines to such an e

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The meteoric rise to prominence, that Billy Graham experience resembles other Masons who have had their careers made for them by the New World Order. Billy Graham made his first confession of faith under the Evangelist Mordecai Ham. It appears Billy Graham has been a Mason since the 1940s. His rise to fame started in Los Angeles. In 1949, his

informado de la popularidad de Billy Graham puede se han inflado. Billy Graham es un Masón de grado 33 Este es un tema importante, sin embargo, aun si Billy Graham no fuera un 33 Mason, hay muchas cosas que está haciendo que s

Rev. Graham said Bill Clinton would be a good Christian evangelist and that Hillary should "run the country". In expressing his long-standing devotion to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Billy Graham showed the same worldly heart which prompted Dr. Cathy Burns her to write, "Billy Graham: A Hidden Agenda".

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watched film footage of Billy Graham’s preaching so that he could ‘‘practice theaccents,gestures, come a Korean-speaking Billy Graham’’ for those five days.4 In documentary foot-age of the event, Kim

BILLY GRAHAM CHRISTIAN WORKER’S HANDBOOK ATopical Guide with Biblical Answers to the Urgent Concerns of Our Day Edited by Charles G. Ward Original material compiled by the Christian Guidance Department of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in conjunction with the Co

(Comment: Billy Graham Pkwy exit 33 of I-85 THE "LOUISIANA MASONIC FAMILY" WEB SITE REPORTS THAT THE REVEREND BILLY GRAHAM IS A FREEMASON!!NEWS BRIEF: The Louisiana Masonic Family Web Site has a section entitled, "Famous Masons" In the subsection entitled, "Other Famous Masons", they report that the Reverend Billy Graham is a Freemason!

Grove. Billy Graham told me his good buddy Richard Nixon had recommended me to him. _ For many this is quite a shock, but witnesses have testified that Rev. Billy Graham was a 33rd degree Freemason. One witness identified Rev. Billy Graham as one of the officiating members at his induction as a 33rd degree Freemason. Even Lodge membership roles .

Billy Graham and the Cold War Pre-Visit Reading: Billy Graham's Message: "The Cross" Leningrad Holy Trinity Cathedral Leningrad, U.S.S.R. (now St. Petersburg, Russia) September 12, 1984 I am honored and overwhelmed at the gracious words of Metropolitan Anthony, and I greet you

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Hodder & Stoughton H3 754 Strength for the Journey Falwell, Jerry Simon and Schuster H3 1471 Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story Felix, Antonia Newmarket Press 928 The Life of D.L. Moody Fitt, Arthur P. Moody Press H5 2018 Just as I am: The autobiography of Billy Graham Graham, Billy Harper Paperbacks H3 665 Rebel with a Cause Graham, Franklin .

Freemason and an important Mafia figure before he came to Christ, had even been the go between for Billy Graham and Joe Banana, a Mafia kingpin. It was David Hill, who innocently believing in Billy Graham, arranged the meeting for the two men.

Graham Billy Dr. 9/27 1996 Beasley Graham George 12/19 1998 Beasley Graham George C. 1/ 1979 Edwards Graham George G. Dr. 6/30 1994 Campbell . Mason Thomasine Grayson The Honorable 11/07 2008 Sanford Mason, Jr. David Ceth 9/24 1982 Riley Mason, Jr. J. Lorin Dr. 6/30

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Billy Budd is widely known to be the definitive edition of the text. See, e.g., William Domnarski, Law-Literature Criticism: Charting a Desirable Course with Billy Budd, 34 J. LEGAL EDUC. 702, 704-05 (1984). Melville began writing Billy Budd between late 1885 and early 1886. The

Anatomy 2-5 Indications 5 Contra-indications 5 General preparation 6 Landmarks 6-7 Performing the block 7-8 Complications 8 Trouble shooting 9 Summary 9 References 10 Appendix 1 11. 6/10/2016 Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block: Landmark Approach 2 FASCIA ILIACA COMPARTMENT BLOCK: LANDMARK APPROACH INTRODUCTION Neck of femur fracture affect an estimated 65,000 patients per annum in England in .