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Analytical Laboratory Testing Services425.883.3881May 1, 2020

Analytical Laboratory Testing ServicesMay 1, 2020Table of Contents General Information1 Organic Compounds5 Trace Metals7 State Specific UST Programs8 Hazardous Waste Characterization (RCRA)9 Sediment Parameters (SMS)10 General Chemistry11 Sample Collection and Preparation12 Sample Preservation, Storage and Holding Times13 Contacts and Location

General InformationWe appreciate the opportunity to offer our services to you and your company. OnSite Environmental, Inc.(OnSite) is a full service environmental laboratory that has been providing high quality analytical testingservices to the northwest environmental community since 1992. We appreciate the client relationships that wehave established during this time. The following is a comprehensive description of the services offered byOnSite. It includes a schedule of fees, rush service charges, turnaround times, bottle and shippingrequirements, deliverables, and other customer support information. We look forward to putting ourtwenty-four years of analytical laboratory experience to work on your environmental projects.Quality Assurance/Quality Control:OnSite Environmental, Inc’s laboratory quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) is conducted under theguidelines of our Quality Assurance Manual. The Quality Assurance program is an essential part of theanalytical procedures used by all levels of our professional staff and encompasses all aspects of analyticalactivity, from sample integrity and data quality to proper documentation. Standard practice includes the analysisof method blanks, duplicate samples, matrix or blank spiked samples, and duplicate spiked samples, with eachbatch of samples processed through the laboratory. A copy of our current Quality Assurance Manual is availableupon request or can be downloaded from our website at Standard OperatingProcedures (SOPs), which detail the procedures of all the operations of our laboratory, are also available uponrequest, and are listed in Appendix B in our Quality Assurance Manual.Project Managers/Client Interface:OnSite has a commitment to ensure that samples are analyzed in a timely manner and that analytical results arereported in compliance with project specifications. Our project managers work with our clients in coordinatinganalytical projects and facilitating work through the laboratory. Project specific QA/QC, data deliverables,reporting requirements, and methods should be discussed with your OnSite project manager. For larger projectsand projects requiring shorter turnaround times, it is important to communicate the scope of the project with thelaboratory. Your project manager is always available to answer questions concerning your analytical data anddiscuss the status of your samples.Sample Containers:OnSite will provide sample containers with appropriate preservatives, coolers for transportation, labels, andchain-of-custody forms at no cost to our clients. We will ship the appropriate sample containers by non-priorityservice at no cost. Priority courier or shipping service of supplies may incur a charge. Sample containers andpreservatives vary with different analytical methods, so please contact the laboratory for specific requirements.Sample Pickup Service:OnSite will provide free sample pickup and delivery of sample supplies at locations within King, Pierce, andSnohomish counties. For locations outside this area, contact the laboratory for special pickup arrangements,and cost. We can pickup samples at a field location or at your offices. To schedule a pickup, please contactyour project manager.Sample Receiving Hours:Sample receiving hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm – Monday through Friday (except holidays), and Saturday8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Sample delivery on holidays and after hours is available, but should be scheduled withyour project manager prior to submission. Samp cause MTBE often coeluteswith common gasoline components.For soil analyses, the price includes the cost of an EPA 5035A sample kit.Holding time is 3 days. Tedlar bags are provided at no charge.6 back

Trace MetalsAnalysisMethodPriceEPA 3000 Series15EPA 200.810ICP Metals (per metal)EPA 6010D/200.712ICP-MS Metals (per metal)EPA 6020B/200.820Mercury by Cold Vapor AAEPA 7470A/7471B/245.1301EPA 7470A/245.1601EPA 7196A501SM 3500-Cr B401SM 3500-Fe B55Sample Preparation (including filtration)Drinking Water Sample PreparationLow-level Mercury (water) – 25 ng/L (ppt)Hexavalent ChromiumSoil (DI water extraction)WaterFerrous IronTRACE METALS PACKAGE PRICES(These prices include all sample preparation costs. Prices mayvary depending on project specific detection limit requirements.)MTCA Metals (5 analytes)(As,Cd,Cr,Hg,Pb)SoilWaterEPA 6010D/6020B/200.7/200.8245.1/7470A/7471BRCRA Metals (8 analytes)(Ag,As,Ba,Cd,Cr,Hg,Pb,Se)SoilWaterEPA 6010D/6020B/200.7/200.8245.1/7470A/7471BPriority Pollutant Metals (13 oilWaterEPA 6010D/6020B/200.7200.8/245.1/7470A/7471BTarget Analyte List (TAL) Metals (23 ,Mn,Na,Ni,Pb,Sb,Se,Tl,V,Zn)SoilWaterEPA 0170170240270TRACE METALS ZincTlSnTiVZn1 Price includes sample preparation cost.Please note that pricing assumes the achievement of MTCA Method A cleanup levels.7 back

State Specific UST WTPH-Dx75Acid/Silica Gel Cleanup (after initial analysis)EPA 3630C/NWTPH-Dx40Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX 2NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8021B75NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8021B85NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8260D115NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8260D120Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX/MTBE/EDB/EDC 3NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8260D125Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX plusGasoline additives/oxygenates 3,4NWTPH-Gx/EPA 8260D140EPA 8021B70EPA 8260D100VPH120VPH/EPA 8021B140EPH200EPH/EPA 8270E/SIM340VPH/EPH/EPA 8021B/8270E/SIM430WASHINGTON TPH METHODSHydrocarbon IdentificationGasoline Range Organics2Diesel and Heavy Oil Range Organics 1Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX/MTBE2Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX 3Gasoline Range Organics/BTEX/MTBE3BTEX 2Gasoline additives/oxygenates3,4WASHINGTON FRACTIONATION METHODSVolatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons (VPH) 2VPH with targeted VOCs by GC2Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH)EPH with targeted SVOCs by GC/MSE-TPH with all targeted compounds1Price includes acid/silica gel cleanup (EPA 3630C), if requested with initial analysis.For soil analyses, the price includes the cost of an EPA 5035A sample kit, if required.3For soil analyses, a low-level EPA 5035A sample kit may be required.4EDB, EDC, MTBE, TBA, TAME, and ETBE28 back

Hazardous Waste Characterization (RCRA)AnalysisMethodPriceCorrosivity (pH)EPA 9045D20Ignitability - Liquids (Flash Point)EPA 1010A40EPA 102060Reactive Cyanide 1SW-846 Sulfide 1SW-846 Cyanide 1EPA 9012B55Total Sulfide 1EPA 9030B45Total Halogens (TX) 1EPA 907655Paint Filter LiquidsEPA 909520Ignitability 1TOXICITY CHARACTERISTIC (TCLP) AND SYNTHETIC PRECIPITATION (SPLP)LEACHING PROCEDURESTCLP/SPLP ExtractionEPA 1311/131290TCLP/SPLP Extraction - Multiphasic SamplesEPA 1311/1312110TCLP/SPLP Zero Headspace Extraction (ZHE)EPA 1311/1312110TCLP/SPLP ZHE - Multiphasic SamplesEPA 1311/131214020Sample Grinding/Cutting/CrushingANALYSES ON TCLP OR SPLP LEACHATEVolatile Organics (12 analytes)EPA 8260D150Semivolatile Organics (13 analytes)EPA 8270E320BenzeneEPA 8021B/8260D65Metals (8 analytes)EPA 6010D/7470A120Organochlorine Pesticides (7 analytes)EPA 8081B120Chlorinated Acid Herbicides (2 analytes)EPA 8151A170TCLP Complete List (40 CFR 261) withextractionEPA 8260/8270/60107470/8081/81518001Subcontracted analysis.9 back

Marine Sediment Parameters (SMS Analyses)Analysis 2MethodPriceVolatile Organics 3(Dichlorobenzenes (2) and 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene)EPA 8260D100Semivolatile Organics PAHs, Chlorinated Benzenes, Phthalate Esters,Ionizable Organic and Miscellaneous ExtractableCompounds.EPA 8270E/SIM380PCBs (as Aroclors)EPA 8082A90Organochlorine Pesticides 3(Hexachlorobutadiene and Hexachlorobenzene)EPA 8081B120EPA 6010D/6020B/7471B120Plumb 1981/EPA 350.350ASTM D422ASTM D42260120Total SolidsSM 2540G20Total Organic CarbonEPA 9060A60Plumb 1981/EPA 9030B45Acid Volatile Sulfides 1Aug 1991 draft80Dioxins/Furans 1EPA 1613/8290720Krone340Metals (8 analytes)(Ag,As,Cd,Cr,Cu,Hg,Pb,Zn)Ammonia 1Grain Size 1Sieve/pipetSieve/pipet and hydrometerTotal Sulfides 1Butyltin 11Subcontracted analysis.2For other Site Specific Compounds, contact your project manager.3For samples with low TOC values and/or high percent moisture content, this method maybe required to meet SMS sediment cleanup objective levels for the listed compounds.10 back

General ChemistryAnalysisMethodWater PriceSoil/Solid PriceAlkalinityEPA 310.2/SM 2320B20---SM 5210B55---EPA 300.0/9056A2035EPA 410.445---Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD – 5 day) 11BromideChemical Oxygen Demand (COD)12ChlorideSM 4500-Cl2040SM 2510B/EPA 9050A2030EPA 335.4/EPA 9012B5555SM 4500-F2040EPA 6010D/SM 2340B40---SM 4500-NH32050EPA 353.22535EPA 353.23550EPA 353.22035EPA 353.22535EPA 351.2/SM 4500-Norg4060n-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM)EPA 1664A80---HEM, Silica Gel Treated (non-polar)EPA 1664A95---HEM and Silica Gel Treated HEMEPA 1664A110---ConductivityCyanide, TotalFluoride12Hardness e 2 (when also analyzing Nitrite)Nitrate Nitrite2Total Kjeldahl (TKN)1Oil and GreaseParticle Size Distribution (PSD)pHPhenols, Total 1Phosphate, Ortho2Phosphorus, Total21Laser Diffraction80---SM 4500-H/EPA 9045D2020EPA 420.4/90655050EPA 365.12540EPA 365.13550SM 2520D20---Total Dissolved (TDS)SM 2540C20---Total Suspended (TSS)SM 2540D20---TotalSM 2540B20---SM 2540E/EPA 160.42525SM 2540F20---Salinity 1SolidsTotal Volatile (TVS)1Settleable (SS)Sulfate2Sulfide 1Total Halogens (TX)1Total Organic Carbon (TOC)Turbidity12ASTM D516-112040SM 4500-S2/EPA 9030B3045EPA 90765555SM 5310B/EPA 9060A4560EPA 180.120---Subcontracted analysis.Soils are prepared with a DI water extraction per section 10-2 in Methods of Soil Analysis (MSA).11 back

Sample Collection and PreparationAnalysisEPA MethodPricePowerStop Handle 15035ANo ChargeEasyDraw Syringes 15035AIncluded in analytical priceField preservation kit – VOCs 25035A10Field preservation kit – NWTPH-Gx 25035AIncluded in analytical priceVOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDSRRSAMPLE PREPARATIONSample compositing – soil4/containerSample compositing – water6/containerSample sieving or grinding5/sampleMulti-increment sampling (maximum 30 sub-samples)50/sampleCLEANUP PROCEDURESSilica Gel Cleanup3630CNo ChargeAcid/Silica Gel Cleanup (with initial analysis)3630CNo ChargeSulfur Cleanup3660BNo ChargeFlorisil Cleanup3620CNo ChargeAlumina Cleanup3611BNo Charge12Other soil collection devices are available. Contact your project manager for details.We provide several different types of field preservation kits. Contact your projectmanager to discuss which is appropriate for your project.12 back

Requirements For Containers, Storage and Holding Times For Analytical MethodsWatersContainer/Preservationand StorageNumber ofContainersEPA 8021/826040mL glass vial (VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC314 days to analyzeSemivolatile Organic CompoundsEPA 82701 liter amber/ 6oC27 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionChlorinated PesticidesEPA 80811 liter amber/ 6oC27 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionChlorinated HerbicidesEPA 81511 liter amber/ 6oC27 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionOrganophosphorus PesticidesEPA 82701 liter amber/ 6oC27 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionPCBsEPA 80821 liter amber/ 6oC2NoneEDBEPA 801140mL glass vial (VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC214 days to analyzeDissolved GasesRSK 17540mL glass vial (VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC214 days to analyzeEPA 8015M40mL glassvial (VOA)/ 6oC27 days to analyzeEPA 16131 liter amber/ 6oC21 year to analyzeHydrocarbon IdentificationNWTPH-HCID500mL amber/40mL glass vial(VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC2 each14 days to analyzeGasoline Range OrganicsNWTPH-Gx40mL glass vial (VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC314 days to analyzeVPH40mL glass vial (VOA)/HCl pH 2, 6oC314 days to analyzeNWTPH-Dx500mL amber/HCl pH 2, 6oC214 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionEPH1 liter amber/HCl pH 2, 6oC214 days to extract, 40 days toanalyze after extractionMetals (except Mercury) total/dissolved - field filterEPA 200.7/200.8500mL HDPE/HNO3pH 2, 6oC16 months to analyzeMetals (except Mercury) dissolved lab filteredEPA 200.7/200.8500mL HDPE/ 6oC16 months to analyzeMercury - total/dissolved - field filterEPA 7470/245.1500mL HDPE/HNO3 pH 2, 6oC128 days to analyzeMercury - dissolved - lab filterEPA 7470/245.1500mL HDPE/ 6oC128 days to analyzeHexavalent ChromiumSM 3500-Cr500mL HDPE/ 6oC124 hours to analyzeFerrous IronSM 3500-Fe250mL amber/HCl pH 2, 4oCNo headspace124 hours to analyzeParameterMethodHoldingTimeORGANICSVolatile Organic CompoundsGlycolsDioxins/FuransUST PARAMETERSVolatile Petroleum HydrocarbonsDiesel Range OrganicsExtractable Petroleum HydrocarbonsTRACE METALSHDPE - High-Density Polyethylene13 back

Requirements For Containers, Storage and Holding Times For Analytical and StorageNumber ofContainersHoldingTimeSM 2320B250mL HDPE/ 6oC114 days to analyze148 hours to analyze128 days to analyzeGENERAL CHEMISTRYAlkalinityoBiochemical Oxygen DemandSM 5210B1 liter HDPE/ 6 CBromideEPA 300.0250mL HDPEChemical Oxygen DemandChlorideoEPA 410.4250mL HDPE/H2SO4 pH 2, 6 C128 days to analyzeSM 4500-Cl250mL HDPE128 days to analyzeoConductivitySM 2510B250mL HDPE/ 6 C128 days to analyzeCyanide, TotalEPA 335.4250mL HDPE/NaOH pH 12, 6oC114 days to analyzeFluorideSM 4500-F250mL HDPE128 days to analyze16 months to analyzeHardnessIgnitabilityNitrogen, AmmoniaNitrogen, NitriteNitrogen, NitrateSM 2340Bo500mL HDPE/HNO3 pH 2, 6 CoEPA 1010250mL amber/ 6 C128 days to analyzeSM 4500-NH3250mL HDPE/H2SO4 pH 2, 6oC128 days to analyze148 hours to analyze148 hours to analyzeEPA 353.2EPA 353.2o250mL HDPE/ 6 Co250mL HDPE/ 6 CoNitrogen, Nitrate NitriteEPA 353.2250mL HDPE/H2SO4 pH 2, 6 C128 days to analyzeNitrogen, Total Kjeldahl (TKN)EPA 351.2250mL HDPE/H2SO4 pH 2, 6oC128 days to analyze228 days to analyzeOil and Grease (HEM)EPA 1664o1 liter CWM/HCl pH 2, 6 CoLaser Diffraction500mL HDPE, 6 C1NonepHSM 4500-H60mL HDPE1Analyze immediatelyPhenols, TotalEPA 420.4250ml amber/H2SO4 pH 2, 6oC128 days to analyze148 hours to analyzeParticle

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE), State Agencies, or other recognized methodologies. We update our analytical methods to the latest versions of these methods as they are published by their respective oversight agencies.