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Table of Contents:6What is Figure 8?7What can I expect?9The Workouts16 Signature Moves31 Measure your Success34 Strategies for Success36 Maintenance38 Testimonials2

Welcome to Figure 8!Congratulations on your decision to achieve a healthier body and healthiernew life! After ending my competition journey, I had a huge hunger to createa EFFECTIVE Latin dance training program for anyone who wants to get alean, sexy dancer’s body without having to learn complicated dance steps.Using dancer’s CORE training from my competitive training days, I created thiseight-week total body fat-melting program. The entire program is based onLatin dance-style hip actions. It progresses from learning the three basic hipmoves (hip sway, hip tuck, and hip roll) into more rhythmic dance drills. You’llexperience firsthand how effective these moves are for your abs, heart, andentire body.Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t ever danced before; just follow my lead inevery step of the way and I promise you will be amazed at what this programcan do for your body.In order to get the most out of the Figure 8 online video programs, I encourageyou to read this Figure 8 Fitness ebook from cover to cover and see my videointroduction under the heading “Figure 8 Express.” If you have been inactive fora while, please get an okay from your doctor.I hope that you are fired up and motivated to take this journey with me. I’mhere to inspire you to move and to help you realize that your transformation iswithin your reach. You just need to believe in yourself, and the rest will fall intoplace. Eight weeks from now, you’re going to see dramatic changes. You’ll havethe energy and confidence to walk tall. You’ll be strong, lean, and toned. Andthe best part is, you’ll have a blast doing it. So get ready to begin this journeywith me. Join me and let’s Figure 8!Yours in Health,

JAANAKUNITZJaana Kunitz started her dance journey 25 years ago, back home in Finland, and madeher mark in the ballroom industry by winning numerous medals in the US, NorthAmerica, and World DanceSport Championships.Jaana is more than a lean, beautiful dancer. She’s an excellent, cutting-edge dancefitness innovator, too. Not only does she hold a certification in fitness, but Jaana hasalso designed, choreographed and/or directed well-known home fitness exerciseprograms that have sold millions of copies around the world.4

Jaana is an expert on how the human body functions and whatyou need to do in order to achieve a dancer's lean body. She's thego-to girl for total body tranformations through dance. You'll learnhow to unleash your body's natural power to melt stubborn fatlayers as well as tone incredibly strong and powerful core muscles.Entertainment is in Jaana’s DNA—no wonder her dance exerciseprograms get millions of people to get up and move. She knowsexactly how to carefully handpick dance movements and fusethem with the rhythm and music so that they are incrediblymotivating and inspiring to perform.Jaana is known for her over-the-top, hyper-enthusiastic personality. She makes the class intense yet veryfun and has a way about her that makeseveryone want to DO MORE!Jaana has appeared on numerous nationaltelevision programs, including PBS’ “Championship Ballroom Dancing,” NBC’s “DanceSport Series,” and Goodlife TV, ESPN, and OleSuzanna. She also appeared in the feature filmDance With Me starring Vanessa Williams. Jaanais an ACE-certified fitness instructor and alsocertifies instructors and Master Trainers inFigure 8.5

What is Figure 8?In 2005, after ending my successful competitive Latin dance career, I realized that there was a void inthe fitness industry. Gyms and fitness studios were flooded with dance workouts focused on complicated choreography and no time for effective core conditioning while dancing. I discovered that bydoing specific, targeted, Latin hip actions in repetition, like in my competitive training days, I was ableto achieve the highest level of muscle conditioning and improved cardio endurance simultaneously.And so the Figure 8 program was born.I’m so honored to see that thousands of women at all fitness levels are now training with Figure 8, fromeveryday women who just want to feel and look their best to some of the world’s most elite dance athletes. When you begin Figure 8, you will quickly notice that you’re in control of how much you want tochallenge yourself in each workout because you can simply move your body within your own range ofmotion to add or decrease intensity. Due to such a wide variety of dance styles, hip actions, and theirrhythms, Figure 8 is very motivating and keeps you in the program long enough to see real fat-meltingresults. Your body will go from soft and flabby to lean, sculpted, toned, and flexible. And the best partis—you’ll look sexy, you’ll move sexy, and you’ll feel like a brand new person!As you begin exercising, you will discover that Figure 8 is based on the three hip movements: hip sway,hip tuck, and hip roll. These three hip actions are the foundation for the entire Figure 8 training. Here iseach hip action and the primary muscle group it targets.Hip SwayHip TuckHip RollWith the hip sway, you moveyour hips side to side. Thiscontinuous pendulum motiontargets the external and internalside obliques, giving you a narrowwaistline.With the hip tuck, you crunch yourabs forward and back. This movement targets the upper, middle,and lower abs, giving you lean, flat,beautiful abs.With the hip roll, you rotate yourhips a complete 360 degrees.This fires and stretches the back,sides, and front of the midsection, giving you a perfect corsetlike contour.Figure 8 is based on three hip movements: hip sway, hip tuck, and hip roll are the foundation forthe Figure 8 training.6

What can I expect?I have designed a three-phase workout program where you progress safely from the fundamentals tomore advanced cardio training and muscle conditioning. Make sure that you are able to comfortablyexecute each phase before moving on to the next.Phase 1: LearnDuring the first four training days you will learn the 3 essential core moves that are the foundationof entire Figure 8 training. You will master the skill to properly activate all the important core muscles;transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique and your back. You will alsolearn how adding a proper breathing technique to your exercise movements will make your workoutseven more effective. You will instantly feel your spine stretching and lengthening - increasingcirculation, reducing tension in the joints and muscles.Phase 2: BurnDuring weeks 2-4 we concentrate on burning off your body’s excess fat layer. In this phase, I walk youthrough simple yet extremely effective core cardio movement patterns that are performed in multiplerepetition to a variety of exhilarating rhythms and tempos. Your heart rate will stay in a perfect fatburning zone while simultaneously laser targeting your core muscles. Core Cardio Learn, Burn andBlast programs includes an intense “metabolic accelerator,” segment. These are power moves that youexecute for about 30-60 seconds, at a time. It’s sort of like doing eight to ten 100-yard sprint intervalswith your abs, but without the need to run anywhere. That means they’re great for burning caloriesand boosting your post-workout metabolism, which results in even greater fat loss.Phase 3: SculptIn this final phase you will add sculpting workouts to our cardio training. Here I show you my specialbody toning moves that precisely targets your arms, back, shoulders, legs and your glutes withoutdumbbells or fear of getting bulky. My unique body sculpting sequences will work numerous musclessimultaneously, including in different directions. Soon you will look leaner, more toned and much“tighter”. You’ll continue to lose fat and by the end of this phase, you’ll not only have toned arms, liftedbum and lean legs BUT you have achieved YOUR ideal Figure 8 Physique.7

You can easily modify the workouts if you find them to be either too easy or too hard. Ifthe workouts are Too hard:Make the workout a bit shorter.Exclude all the arm movements and focus only on the core and hip actions. Take a restbreak if you really feel like you need it.Too easy:Increase the length a little.Add more range of motion.Add more abdominal compression.Add more mind-to-muscles connection.Add some weight by including weighted gloves, ankle weights, or a weighted vest.Just remember to be aware of your current fitness level, and never sacrifice good form forperformance. It’s hard to get healthier if you can’t move because of injuries.On the Figure 8 Workout Plan, you will have either one or two days off each week, butthat doesn’t mean that you can get lazy and quit moving.You MUST stay active during those days, so I recommend adding some incidentalexercises to your daily activity. Incidental movements could be, for instance, parkingfurther away from the shopping center, trying not to sit still for more than half an hour ata time during the day, taking the steps instead of the escalator, or getting out and doingthat gardening that you have been putting off.Remember to track your progress by taking your measurements and photos in thebeginning of this workout calendar, then continue taking your measurements everyseven days and your photos every 30 days. You’ll be amazed by the change!Figure 8. Is a fast, effective cardio and core conditioning workout system Burns fat Helps build a strong, lean core Increases muscular endurance Benefits people of all fitness levels (beginners to pro athletes) Can be performed in a small area anywhere (home, hotels, or outside)8

Learn the FoundationTHE WORKOUTS 3 CORE MOVES TIPS LAYERING ONE-ON-ONE SIGNATURE MOVES3 CORE MOVES(Total Running Time 0:07:21)You will learn the three essential core moves thatare the foundation of entire Figure 8 training;hip sway, hip tuck, and hip roll. Jaana shows youprecisely how to activate all your important coremuscles; front abs, those hard to reach deep abs,your side obliques and wrapping all the way aroundto your lower back.9

THE WORKOUTSTIPSONE-ON-ONEThis short program gives you bonus informationhow to enhance your Figure 8 results with the useof proper breathing, abdominal compression and afull range of motion.Here you go over all the 15 signature moves ofFigure 8. Jaana shows you slowly and preciselyhow to move your body like a competition Latindancer and how to fire all your core muscles whiledancing Merengue, Samba, Salsa, Paso Double, Jive,Rumba, and Bolero. You learn the proper techniqueand form such as how to keep your back straightand your abs engaged while moving your hips inmultiple directions.LAYERINGSIGNATURE MOVESHere Jaana shows you the unique Figure 8 layeringsystem that all the Figure 8 dance choreography isstructured. You will practice Samba Walks, and PasoLunges one layer at a time; first, you learn a properfootwork; second, how to do fluid body actions;and third, how to gracefully use your arms. Thisworkout will increase balance, gain core controland gives you tools to modify all the future Figure 8exercises to your skill level.Now it’s time to turn up the music and performMerengue, Samba, and Paso Double Basics. Jaanagives you simple marching exercises to developmusical awareness, improve balance and poise as aLatin dancer.(Total Running Time 0:04:22)(Total Running Time 0:07:25)(Total Running Time 0:56:01)(Total Running Time 0:06:22)10

Burn the Excess FatTHE WORKOUTS DANCE MAX DRILLS 10 MINUTE ABS CORE CARDIO LEARN back view* CORE CARDIO BURN back view* CORE CARDIO BLAST back view*10 MINUTE ABS(Total Running Time 0:09:30)This is a quick core training circuit to get your abs,obliques and lower back toned. Jaana shares hermost effective, powerful dance moves to maximizeyour core strength. Do this workout anytime youare short on time or want to squeeze in some extraab work with other programs.DANCE MAX DRILLS(Total Running Time 0:45:53)CORE CARDIO LEARN back view*(Total Running Time 0:41:17)Now you are starting to dance five Latin dancesback to back to the music which will challengeyour cardiovascular endurance. Jaana will showone dance pattern at a time without cyclingthe choreography so it easy to follow. You willmaximize your dancing skills with repetitive coreisolations drills. This workout, along with the Phase1 programs, is recommended for beginners to getbest results.Jaana introduces her unique dance drills to kick upthe calorie burn. You will learn how to move yourhips seamlessly as you perfect your dance abilityprogressing from slow, easy pace moves to fastpace rhythms. This workout is great for tighteningand toning your core muscles from a variety ofdifferent angles.* This program is also available as a back view online. Some Figure 8 dance moves such as turns and some circular hipactions can be quite challenging to learn when you are facing Jaana, especially when you are a beginner. Use the backview video anytime you feel you need more instruction on directions on feet, hips, and arms.11

THE WORKOUTSCORE CARDIO BURN back view*CORE CARDIO BLAST back view*Jaana leads you through more fluid hip moves andfurther progresses the challenge by introducing fundance plyos into the cardio routine. There are lowerimpact variations of all the moves so you can goat your own pace, stay safe and still get a great absculpting workout.This advanced cardio workout superchargesyour calorie burn through the roof. You will notonly experience a great cardiovascular workout,but you will become stronger as you go throughcompetitive style dance drills to get you trimmedand toned.(Total Running Time 0:45:47)(Total Running Time 0:52:14)Sculpt a Tone, Lean Body* This program is also available as a back view online. Some Figure 8 dance moves such as turns and some circular hipactions can be quite challenging to learn when you are facing Jaana, especially when you are a beginner. Use the backview video anytime you feel you need more instruction on directions on feet, hips, and arms. UPPER BODY SCULPT LOWER BODY SCULPT RHYTHMS TONING STRETCH AND FLEXUPPER BODY SCULPT(Total Running Time 0:29:17)In this program, Jaana takes the intensity down anotch and works with resistance bands to targetchest, back, shoulders and arms. You will continuebuilding lean, beautiful muscles, and the bonus - itwill accelerate your fat burn even while you sleep.12

THE WORKOUTSLOWER BODY SCULPTSTRETCH AND FLEXThis workout features the most effective lowerbody moves that attacks your hips, butt, and thighs.Jaana makes this workout motivating by alternatingPaso Doble and Jive moves and their rhythms. You’llnot only improve your lower body strength but alsoburn calories faster. No weights needed.This program is designed to increase your flexibility,prevent injuries and tone and tighten your bodyfrom head to toe. In the first segment, Jaana guidesyou to free your muscle tension with the Bolerostanding series and ends with an on the floor seriesachieving overall balance and a sense of well being.(Total Running Time 0:28:36)(Total Running Time 0:26:35)RHYTHMS TONING(Total Running Time 0:44:26)This is an an effective fat-burning, muscle-toningworkout without the use of any equipment. You willsculpt your arms with an invigorating Merenguedance moves, bubble up your bootie with a fiercePaso Double dance and sculpt your entire bodywith a super fun Afro-Brazilian Samba routine.13

Ultimate ResultsTHE WORKOUTS DANCE PLYO 1 DANCE PLYO 1INSTRUCTION DANCE PLYO 2 DANCE PLYO 2INSTRUCTION BROADWAY BODY BURN back view*DANCE PLYO 1 INSTRUCTION SEXY ABS EXTREMEDance Plyo 1 Instruction is a tutorial session whereJaana narrates the most important techniqueand alignment cues for all the dance movementpatterns that are used in the Dance Plyo 1 program.Follow along as Tsha slowly demonstrates fivepowerful high-intensity dance drills without theuse of any music. Mastering the Plyo 1 dance moveswill help you get lean, strong, and agile like a truedance athlete. This video must be watched beforeattempting the Dance Plyo 1 program.(Total Running Time 0:10:05)DANCE PLYO 1DANCE PLYO 2This is a high-intensity interval-training (HIIT)workout where competitive dance and plyometricsmeet. You will dance five 2-minute insane danceintervals with 30-second recover breaks between.The best part of this workout is that your bodycontinues to burn fat 24 hours after you stopexercising. This program is very demanding andisn’t for beginners.This high-intensity interval-training (HIIT) takesyour fat burn to the extreme. Jaana reveals thetraining secret that the top professionals do to gettheir bodies ready for the competitions. You willdance five 2-minute rigorous dance intervals with30-second recovery breaks between. This programis very demanding and isn’t for beginners.(Total Running Time 0:19:54)(Total Running Time 0:19:50)14

THE WORKOUTSJNL FITNESS GUIDEDANCE PLYO 2 INSTRUCTIONSEXY ABS EXTREMEDance Plyo 2 Instruction is a tutorial session whereJaana narrates the most important techniqueand alignment cues for all the dance movementpatterns that are used in the Dance Plyo 2 program.Follow along, as Erin slowly demonstrates fivepowerful high intensity dance drills without the useof any music. Mastering the Plyo 2 dance moveswill help you get lean, strong and agile like a truedance athlete. This video must be watch beforeattempting to dance the Dance Plyo 2 program.Hit the floor and attack your abs from everyangle without doing traditional crunches. Jaanaguides you through a sequence of highly effectiveand challenging exercises, focusing on precisemovement and form. You will get flat, firm, sexy absfast!(Total Running Time 0:11:06)(Total Running Time 0:15:08)* This program is also available as a back view online.Some Figure 8 dance moves such as turns and somecircular hip actions can be quite challenging to learnwhen you are facing Jaana, especially when you area beginner. Use the back view video anytime you feelyou need more instruction on directions on feet, hips,and arms.BROADWAY BODY BURN back view*(Total Running Time 0:25:31)Time to put your Broadway attitude on. Jaanachallenges your cardio conditioning with her heartpumping Lindy dance moves. You will shimmy a lot,shake a lot and shrink your waistline fast.15

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E SDuring Jaana’s professional training days, she created her own signature dance moves thatwere extremely effective at giving her rapid, ab-toning results. These moves are the basis ofthe Figure 8 training repertoire. Although you learn these moves with each Figure 8 program,it might be a challenge for you to remember the names or how to perform them properly.Here are photos of the 15 Signature Moves as a great mental note of proper form, action, andtargeted muscle groups. Have fun and refer to them as often as you need.11MERENGUE TRI WALKSTARGET MUSCLES:Shoulders, biceps, triceps, obliques, and lats.SET UP:Stand with ankles closed, knees straight, andabdominals tight. Raise both arms in front, withelbows pointed sideways.ACTION:1.2.As you bend your right knee, slide your ribcageright and stretch the left hip sideways, creatinga tremendous pulling sensation from hip toribcage. Perform a tricep extension with yourleft arm keeping the elbow pointed towards theceiling.Repeat on the other side.2TIP:To challenge your coordination skills, try walking 4sets forwards and 4 sets backwards.16

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S2MERENGUE PADDLE TURNSTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, abdominals, obliques, back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand on your right foot, knee bent and left foot pointed forward, holding the right arm upabove your head, elbow curved. The left hand rests on your left hip bone. Align the right ankle,the right hip bone, the right shoulder, the neck, and the right hand in one line.ACTION: pivot your body around 360 degreesAs you push off from the ball of the left (front) foot to swivel ¼ turn, perform a full hip circleto the right. The right hand draws a circle on the ceiling at the same time. End facing theside wall.Repeat the action, and finish facing the back wall.To finish: Repeat the action one more time, and finish facing the front. Close your feet, andrepeat on the other side.12317

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S3MERENGUE TRIPLE CRUNCHTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, obliques, lats, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your legs wide, knees bent, and toes pointing forward. Hold both arms up abovethe head, hands together, and elbows out.ACTION:1.Compress abdominals. As you shift weight, flex the spine to the right. You should feelmaximum contraction on your right oblique muscles.Repeat on the left side.On the third crunch, add a knee lift; the left foot touches the inside of your right knee.2.3.To finish the set: Repeat the three crunches on the other side.12318

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S4SAMBA CRUNCHTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, abdominals, back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, knees straight but not locked, and belly tucked in. Yourarms are up in line with shoulders, elbows bent.ACTION:1.2.Exhale. Bend both knees and flex your spine (tuck your tailbone under and make the chestconcave). You should feel maximum contraction with your front abs. Imagine both armsare pushing away from a wall to stretch the shoulder blades apart.Straighten the knees and return hips, spine, and shoulders to a neutral alignment. Keepthe abs tucked in. Squeeze the shoulder blades together to bring the elbows back to thestarting position.1219

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S5SAMBA SIDE ROCKSTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, obliques, back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet together, weight on the right foot. The knees are slightly bent and abscompressed. Hold hands together in front of your thighs and point elbows out.ACTION:1.2.3.Step in place with your left foot, and raise arms up in a circular motion in frontal plane.Extend right leg sideways and place weight only on the ball of the foot. Crunch stronglyyour right oblique muscles to elevate the right hip up. Your right side should have a strongcurve that looks like letter “C.”Repeat the action on the other side.1220

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S6SAMBA BATUCADASTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, obliques, and bicepsSET UP:Stand with your feet together, abs compressed, and lean upper body slightly forward. Upperarms are close to your sides with your biceps flexed.ACTION:1.2.As you crunch your right oblique muscles, point your right foot to the side. Extend and flexthe bicep muscles and finish with the hands on the opposite side of the pointed foot, asshown. Hop gently to soft knees as you return to the starting position: feet closed, spineneutral, and upper arms close to your sides.Repeat on the left side.TIP:Try to keep your head in one place. During the bicep curls, imagine that you have dumbbellsin both your hands and that every single curl feels heavy and firm.up your speed, as youtransition from one leg to the next. Focus on kicking your leg out as far as you can on eachmove.1221

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S7SALSA CHASSESTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, obliques, triceps, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet together. Knees are slightly bent and abs compressed. Arms are up on theshoulder level with hands in front of the chest and elbows pointing out.ACTION:1.2.3.As you shuffle your right foot to the side, extend the right ribs out and lift the opposite hipup. In this rib-to-hip opposition stretch, strongly punch your fists to the left by extendingyour triceps muscles. Close your feet, and repeat 3 more times to the right.Close your left foot to your right foot and bring your arms close to your sides as shown, abscompressed.To complete the set: repeat the 4-chassé sequence to the left.12322

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S8SALSA TWISTSTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, abdominals, obliques, back, and bicepsSET UP:Keep your spine straight, and stand on your right foot, knee bent and left foot pointed forward.Arms down at your sides.ACTION:1.2.Swivel the ball of the left foot, and strongly twist your hips to the right, keeping the torsostationary. Curl your biceps out and away from your sides.Repeat the twist, and curl your biceps towards the midline of the body. (The elbows areout and hands crossed in front of your chest as shown.) Repeat seven more times, and thenswitch to the other side.1223

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S9SALSA SIDE ROCKSTARGET MUSCLES:Hip flexors, abs, obliques, back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet together, knees straight, and abdominals tight. Raise both arms in front, elbowspointed sideways.ACTION: your ribcage to the side, and take a small step to the right with a soft knee. The left handdraws a small circle in front of your chest like you are washing an imaginary window.Replace the weight on your left foot and repeat the action; slide ribs to the left while the right handwashes an imaginary window.As you close your feet, flex your hip joint, and pull the left knee up. Your thigh should be parallelto the floor. Strongly twist the torso towards the raised knee. Aim the right elbow to touch the leftknee.Repeat on the other side.12324

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S10 AB BLOCKTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, abdominals, obliques, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your legs wide, knees bent, and toes pointing forward. Arms are at your sides withyour elbows and wrists flexed.ACTION:1.2.Keep your hipbones facing forward. Exhale and strongly twist the torso to the left. Swingyour hips to the left, and punch your right arm across your chest, maintaining the strongflexion of your wrists.Repeat the action on the other side and continue blocking until you have finished a totalof 8 sets.TIP:You must keep your entire core tight to make this movement effective.1225

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S11 PASO DOBLE LUNGETARGET MUSCLES:Quads, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet together. The hip flexors are stretched forward. Hands are closed and upabove the head.ACTION: forward with your left foot, and bend your knees until your right thigh is parallel to thefloor. Twist your torso left, and drop your arms down outside of your left thigh. Straightenyour left knee halfway up as you bring both arms up above your head.Flex your left knee back to a 90-degree angle. Twist your torso right, and drop your armsdown inside of your left thigh. Repeat for 2 more pulses.Push yourself back to the start: feet closed, hips stretched forward, and arms up.Repeat on the right side.TIP:Arms draw figure 8 motions during each triple lunge.12326

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S12 PASO DOBLE SQUAT OLETARGET MUSCLES:Calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, lower back, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet together. The hip flexors are stretched forward. Hands are closed and upabove the head.ACTION:1.2.Inhale and squat down. Push your hips back and down. Knees should be at a 90-degreeangle. Cross your arms in front of your chest.Press through your heels to come up, and perform a strong calf-raise. You must pinch yourbuttocks together and stretch your hips forward. Extend your arms up until your fingerstouch each other. Keep elbows bent.1227

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S13 PASO DOBLE THROWTARGET MUSCLES:Glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, obliques, and shoulders.SET UP:Stand with your feet in a wide stance, and turn your toes out. Arms by your sides.ACTION:1.2.3.Lower yourself by bending your knees until both of your thighs are parallel to the floor.Raise your arms to chest level with your palms facing forward.Stay low and cross your right knee behind the left one, like you are performing a deepcurtsey. Strongly twist the torso to the left, and wrap the arms around your body.Repeat on the other side.TIP:With both movements, keep your abs tight, back straight, and your knees and toes turned out.1228

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S14 JIVE HIGH KICKSTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, abs, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet closed. Your knees should be slightly bent with your abs compressed andyour arms should be down at your sides, elbows flexed.ACTION:1.2.3.Turn your body to the left corner, and lift the left knee up while keeping the foot hangingfreely under your hips. To kick, straighten the left leg high and pop your weight to the ballof the right foot. Extend both arms up.Right after you deliver the explosive kick, retract the left leg, and return to a stable jivestance: lean forward, abs tight, and arms on your sides.Repeat on the right side.12329

F I G U R E 8 S I G N AT U R E M O V E S15 JIVE CHARLESTONTARGET MUSCLES:Quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, abs, and shouldersSET UP:Stand with your feet closed. Your knees should be slightly bent with your abs compressed andyour arms down at your sides, elbows flexed.ACTION:1.Lift the left knee up while keeping the foot hanging freely under your hips. To kick,straighten the left leg high in front of your body and pop your weight onto the ball of theright foot. Extend both arms up.Right after you deliver the explosive kick, retract the left leg in: left foot touches the rightknee. Pull elbows in to your sides.Bend your knees and step backwards with your left foot, allowing the back knee to comeclose to the ground. Keep your weight on the front heel and maintain a straight torso.Touch your left hand to the floor. Do not round your back. Push back up with the back footand return to the standing position.Repeat on the other side.

MEASURE YOUR SUCCESSLET'S GET THOSE PHOTOSYou are about to get into the best shape of your life, so let'smake sure y

each hip action and the primary muscle group it targets. Figure 8 is based on three hip movements: hip sway, hip tuck, and hip roll are the foundation for the Figure 8 training. With the hip roll, you rotate your hips a complete 360 degrees. This fires and stretches the back, sides, a

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