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DECLASSIFIED928/rad5750i U bSmusNOV 0 5 188,(Unclassified upon removal of the basic letter)SECOND ENDORSEMENT on CG, 3d MarDiv ltr3/WEB/rwb over5750 Ser: 003A25869 dtd 15 September 1969From:Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force,To:Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code AO3D)Subj:Command Chronology for period 1-31 July 1969Pacific1. The subject chronology has been reviewed for completeness andis forwarded herewith.R.D. WHITEBy directionCopy to:CG, 3d MarDivCG, III MAFWASS";F,Egji034DECLASSIFIED 1

DECLASSIFIEDSECRETUNC3K/Jld5750/1Ser:IAIjJ12 OCT 1969(Unclassified upon removal from the basic letter)FIRST ENDORSEMENT on OG, 3d MarDiv ltr003A25869 of 15 Sep 19690 011 7 3 6 93/WEB/rwb over 5750 SeriFrom:TosVia:Commanding General, III Marine Amphibious ForceCommandant of the Marine Corps (Code A03D)Commanding General, IFleet Marine Force, PacificSubj:Command Chronology for period 1 through 31 July 1969 (U)1.Forwarded.BY ODRE0CTIOCopy to:CG, 3d MarDiv),,00I2COPY N4OFJOF/COPIESDECLASSIFIEDDECLASSIFIEDeelFII

DECLASSIFIED-3dHEADQUARTERSDivision (-)(ItRein),MarliFPO San Prancisco 96602MP3,/WEB/rwb5750Seri 003A25669when enclosureo.classified-iilf1 St' V4removedProu5 ComandMitig GeneralToiavis. Commandant of the Marine Corps (AO3D)1) 0Co- iding General, III Marine Amphibious Force2 Oommrdln General,sFleet Marine Force PacificSub ,is Command Chronoloff for period 1 through 31 July 1969 (U)Reals( n,lsI(1)WO P5750.1Ab MPACO 5750.SA3d Marine Division (-)(R ein),PNMP Command Chronology1. (U) In accordance with the provisions of references (a) and (b),enolosure (1) is submitted.I No.of oiCopy No.ofDECLASSIFIEDCopies'-"4


DECLASSIFIEDsOmREPART IORGANIZATIONAL DATACOMMKAIMSIGNAT IONCo'mu44igGeneral, )d NarDiv (Rein)Assistant Division ConmmanderRMGen W. L. JONES1-6 JulyBG*n R. FULLBER (Acting)6-12 JulyBGen R. FULLER1-6 July13-31 July13-31 JulySUBORDINATE UNITS3d Marine RegimentCol W. F. SIMLIK1-31 July4th Marine RegimentCol W. F. GOGGIN1-31 July12th Marine RegimentCol P. J. MULRONEBY1-11 JulyCol W. W. CROMPTON12-31 July1It Bn, 3d MarinesLtCol D. C. HERRON1-31 July21 Bn, 3d MarinesLtCol J. J. MJMONAGLE1-31 July3d Bn, 3d MarinesLtCol R. C. SCHULZE1-351 Julylot Bn, 4th MarinesLtCol C. E. WILLOOX1-31 July2d Bn, 4th MarinesLtCol W. C. BRrTT1-31 July3d En, 4th MarinesLtCol J. W. WOOD1-31 July3d Bn, 9th MarinesLtCol D. E. WOOD1-31 Julylet Bn, 12th MarinesLtCol M. V. WEST1-31 July3d4 Bn, 12th MarinesLtCol R. E.GIBSON1-31 July4th Bn, 12th MarinesLtCol J. SCOPPA JR.Maj T. L. EDWARDS1-11 JulyHqBn, 3d MarDivCol S. B. NCCARTY JR.1-31 JulylIt Antrao BnMaj W. A. GRUBBS1-31 July3d Engr BnLtCol J. R. LILLEY1-31 July3d Med BuOdr B. L. SLIMM NS (USN)Capt J. V. BROWN (USN)1-24 July2DECLASSIFIED12-31 July24-31 JulyENCLOSUR e (1)SCRBETI

DECLASSIFIEDSSORr3d MW DnMaj J. F. LAVINMaJ R. S. DAVIS JR.1-8 July9-31 July3d Reoon BnLtCol R. R. BURRMT1-31 July3d SP BnMaj J. B. KNOTTS1-31 July3d Tank BnLtCol J. 8LEGER JR.Maj R. G. ENNEDY1-15 July16-31 July9th MX BnLtCol L. J. TREMLAY1-31 July3d Dental CoCapt T. D. ST EPHENSON(USN)1-30 JulyCapt H. N. GLASSER (USN)30-31 July1st Brigade, 5th Inft Div (Mech)(USA)Col J. L. OSTEEN JR. (USA)1-31 July1-11 Inf (USA)LtCol W. J. BICKSTON (USA)1-31 July1-61 MohLtCol D. E. HARTIGAN JR.(USA)(USA)1-31 July1-77 Armor (USA)LtCol T.5-5 caT (USA)LtCol J. L. HADAWAY (USA)1-31 July5-4 Artillery (USA)LtCol J. A. JOHNSON (USA)1-31 July75th Support BnLtCol H. H. SMITH (USA)1-31 July(USA)A. MILLER (USA)1-31 JulyATTACHED UNWrS11thngr Bnlet 8" How Btry2.LtCol R. C. EVANS1-31 JulyMaJ K. E. SCESBEMaj W. H. BARNARD1-11 July12-31 JulyLUCATION1-31 July - Dong Ha, Republic of Vietnam3.STAP OMFLERSChief of StaffCol M. J. SEXT ON1-31 JulyAssistant Chief of Staff, G-1Col M. A. WEBB1- 31 JulyAssistant Chief of Staff, G-2Col C. R. STEPHENSON III1-31 JulyAssistant Chief of Staff, G-3F. R. ERAINCE001ColCol 0. G. MOODY1-17 July18-31 July3DECLASSIF1I DENCLOSURE (1)

DECLASSIFIEDSICRAssistant Chief of Staff, G-4Col F. R. DENORMANDIN1-31 JulyAssistant Chief of Staff, G-5Col We B.1- 1 JulyAssistant Chief of Staff, ComptrollerMajDivision Air OfficerCol C.T. CORCORAN1-31 JulyDivision Engineer OfficerLtCol W. L. PERSAC1-31 JulyDivision SurgeonCapt J. M. SANDORLIN (USN)Division InspectorLt W. P. AWCS (Acting)Col W. T. PHILLIPS1-3 July4-51 JulyDivision AdjutantLtCol J.1-51 JulyDivision Comm-Elooet OfficerCol J.LEMAY JR.1-31 JulyStaff Judge AdvocateCol J.R.1-31 JulyDivision Supply OfficerCol 3. C. DRLSBACH JR.1-51 JulyDivision ChaplainCapt J.1-31 JulyQuang Tri Combat Base CoordinatorCol T. P.Dong Ha Combat Base CoordinqtorCol T.4.AVERAOE RIGANB. C. DAY1-51 JulyR. FORMANE.OTELEVWSKIZOLLER (USN)O'CALLAGHAN1-31 July1-31 JulyW. ;LARIE1-31 JulyMONTHLY STRONGTHJ#UawOFF3d Marine Division (-)(Rein)USNENLOFFENLOFFENL1138303565937866 15,892UaNOFFENLOFFENL1521 324Headquarters, 4th Marine Regiment1822423Headquarters, 12th Marine Regiment353250661st Bn, 3d Marines341147254Headquarters,3d Marine Regiment4DECLASSIFIEDENCLOSURE (1)SECRET

DECLASSIFIEDsEcRUTs gssOFTBNLOFFENL2d Bn,3d Marines3811322513d Bn,3d Marines3311262551 t Bn, 4th Marine3411432492d Bn, 4th Marines3611421473d Bn, 4th Marines3210382493d Bn, 9th Marines3310902471st Bnt 12th Marines486442173d Bn,12th Marines5064331612th Marine.244410132661471921812505317162133160462333d )V Bn10158063d R*oon Bn387490403d sP Bn173402153d Tank Bn2753541129th )W Ba2640915022350338091139186064th Ban,EqBnr 3d MarDiv1it Axtrao Bad Engr Ba3dmd Bn3d Dental Co11thngr Bnlst 8" How Btry1lt Bda,0o7F5th Inmt Div (weoh)(USA)356E L5937ENCIOSURE (1)5DECLASSIFIEDSWCWT

DECLASSIFIEDIPART IINARRAT IVE SUMMARY1.OVBRVIrWThe 3d Marine Division (.)(Rein) maintains Headquarters (wd) atDong Ha Combat Base, while Division Headquarters (Rear) is locatedat Quang Tri Combat Base. The 3d Marines OP is normally located atOCB; the 4th Marines and the 9th Marines at VCB; and the 12th Marinesat DHCB.The slet Bde, 5th Inft Div (aoch) CP is at QCB. CombatSupport and Combat Service Support unit CP'O are located either atDHCB or TCB.During July, the 3d Marine Division (-)(Rein) conducted combatoperations in its A0 encompassing Quang Tri Province, Northern ICorps, the Republic of Vietname.Quang Tri Province is bounded bythe DMZ on the north, the Gulf of Tonkin on the east, Laos on thewest and southwest and Thua Thien Province on the south and southeast.There ae several distinct topographio regions within the DivisBon's AO.In the east, the coastal lowlands extend inland 10 to 15kilometers through sandy beaches and cultivated rice paddies. The6DECLASSIFIEDSNC040SME (1)SCRWsT

DECLASSIFIEDlowlands boecom rolling hills and plains, a transitional piedmontregion, then escalate into the rugged mountains of the Amamiterange running ojterally S to IW. The mountains are covered by aheavy Jungle aosnopy in most areas. In the southwestern sector ofthe MD, south, vest and northwest of Rhe Sanh,isa plateau ofrolling hills covered by small trees and scrub brush which extendsinto Laos.The primary roads in the Province areruns from the DMNZ, south, through Dong Hational Route 9 which extends from Dong Ha,meters through Vandegrift Combat Base, to7137 on the Laotian border.National Route 1, whichand QUang Tri, and Nasouthwest for 85 kilothe Lao Bao Pass at XDThe Cua Viet River commenoes at Dong Ha, flows east-northeast toits mouth, and empties into the Gulf of Tonkin. It is navigable byLCU's and is the principle logistical transportation route for theDivision.Quang Tri Province contains approximately 290,000 people locatedalmost entirely in the eastern lowlands and piedmont areas.Weather during July varied between hot, overcast and drissly andhot, bright and dry. Winds averaged 8 knots and rainfall totalled3.33 inches. Visibility normally was unrestricted. The daily meantemperature was 88 degrees, with the average high of 100 degreesand the average low of 76 degrees.FNCLOSURE (1)SaRMT7DECLASSIFIEDI

DECLASSIFIEDSWRO!2.COMMAND RELATIONSThe 3d Marine Division (-)(Rein) operated in Quang Tri Province,Northern I Corps, under the operational control of CG, XXIV CorpsSHeadquarters at Phu Bai).XXIV Corps was under OPCON to III MAFHeadquarters at Danang). The Division conducted combat operationsthroughout its AO with OPGON of the following major unites 3d Marines,4th Marines, 9th Marines, 12th Marines and the lit Brigade, 5th InfanUnits adjacent to and major units working eithertry Division (Msoh).in the Division AO or in direct support of the Division's activitieswere as follows 101st Airborne Division (A&,in cooperation with 3d and 54thARYN Regiments, conducts offensive operations to destroy NVA/VC mainforces, and VCI within an AO south of 3d MaxDiv AO.The 101st Air-borne Division is also prepared to provide a Brigade TF as XXIV Corpsreserve. A common boundary is shared and adjusted to the needs ofboth divisions. Upon request helicopters are loaned to the 3d MarDiv.1st ARYN Division conducts unilateral operations and combinedoperations throughout rith DTA, which consists of Quang Tri and ThuaThien Provinces, to destroy NVA/VC main forces, VCLF and VCI, to conduct resource denial operations, and to conduct a pacification program.4th 0AG conducts operations designed to destroy the VO infrastructure, provides hamlet security, initiates civic action programsand assists and supports pacification development plans within the3d MarDiv AO.Task Force Clearwater assists the 3d MarDiv by protecting andcoordinating the waterborne logistic craft involved in movement ofpersonnel on the Cus Viet and Perfume River LOC's, and conducts dayand night riverine operations on these and adjacent waterways.108th Artillery Group provides general support reinforcing firesto the 3d MarDiv artillery.t A conducts aerial counterinsurgency operations against theenemies of GVN within ICTZ, and such other places as directed by higherauthority, provides fixed and rotary wing aircraft for all-weathersupport of ground troops, and participates in the air defense effortand Mainland Sea Air Defense Region from assigned bases and such otherlocations as may be directed by higher J , in coordination with VNAF, supports ground action and provides airlift support as requested, conducts aerial mining as directed,and provides air defense of RVN.US Seventh Fleet provides shore bombardment and gunfire support,and employs the ARG/SLT as directed in the 3d MarDiv area of responsibility.8DECLASSIFIEDENCLOSURE (1)SECRsT

DECLASSIFIEDUS Naval Poroes, VN, in coordination with VNN and I ARVN Corps,destrcys, or otherwise immobilises, enemy military waterborne traffio, detects and destroys enemy orAft attempting waterborne infiltration in ooastal and contiguous waters, conducts mine countermeasure operations, conducts operations on inland waterways to enforce curfews and interdicts attempts by the eneqr to infiltrate ordistribute personnel or material, provides protection for shippingin coastal harbors, conducts psychological operations and supportsmilitary civic action programs.PMG- provides logistical support (all classes) to all Marineunits of the 3d MarDiv, and Class I support to USA units in NorthernSector ICTZ.26th General Support Group USJ provides logistical support(except Class I and V) to USA unite in ICTZ.32nd Naval Construction Regiment provides Engineer support withinthe AO as requested. Main function is maintenance and upgrading ofRt #1, Rt #9, Rt #561 and It #560, and construction of permanent livingstructures and base defenses.MACV Advisory Group provides advice to RVNAF and performs liaisonfunctions between RVNAF and US/TWMAP forces.10th Political Warfare Bn, ARVN,in ICTZ.conducts psychological operations7th Psychological Bn, USA, advises 10th Political Warfare Bn (ARVN)and supports 3d MarDiv psychological operations as requested.9th Specoil Operations Sauadron provides aviation support for airborne broadcast and airleaflet drop in conjunction with psychologicaloperations as requested.Comany C, 5th SFGA advises, assists and supports VietnameseSpecial Forces, continues surveillance and patrolling in support ofoffensive operations with particular emphasis to western approachesto IGTZ.9DECLASSIFIEDENCLOSUR. (1)SECR&

DECLASSIFIED3. MISSIONS ASSIGNED3d Marine Division (-)(Rein) IMP, in cooperation and coordinationwith 1st and 2nd ARVN Regiments, conducts offensive operations todestroy NYA/VC main forces, VCLP and VOI within AO, and to interdictenemy LOC's and neutralise enemy base areas within AO; conducts surveillance and interdiction of DMZ and Laotian border; assists GVNforces in the defense of Dong Ha and Quang Tri Cities; provides support for the Pacification Development Plan, other civil activities,and the GVN resources control and denial program within the Aw; isprepared to provide forces in support of CIDG and resettlement areaswithin the AO; and is prepared to assume 101st Airborne Division (AM)task as Corps Reserve on order.ENCLOSURE (1)10SCRETDECLASSIFIEDI

DECLASSIFIEDMWIn4.OPOASTIONS SUT'ARYDuring the month of July the Third Marine Division conducted atotal of eight o.)erations, t'orr of which were concluded during themonth. Of particular signifioanoe during the month was the redeployThe 1st an stood down fror ofment of the 9th Marines to Okinawa.fensive operations at the beginning of the month and departed DanangWith the departure of the 1st Bn, the 2ndon the 15th of the month.Bn, which had been providing secirity for Vandegrift Combat Base, stood2nd 'n departed at the end of thedown and prepared for redeployment.month and the 3d i1n, in turn, stood down Lfor izs expected departure on15 August 1969.knother significant event was tne deac,ivatIon on 7 July 1I'69 ofrask 'orce Hotel which had previously conducted all Third arine ,iv.owever, with theision operations in the western porbtion of the ,O.redeployment of the 9th Marines it was no longer necesnary 'or theDivision to have this caommand and logistical extension.Several measures were taKen to comrp.ensaLe for che rpduction in theDivision's strength caused oy redeployment.'he exbrcme western tfrontier of the AO became a reconnaissance zone, infiltrated by both 3dteconnaissance Jn and 3d ?orce ?eco :vaissance Co teams. Also, the 1stA'IV1 Division corenced two regimntal-sized operations in tue southernportion of t-he A0.OPERATON fIDVHIO CAfYONOn 16 July 1969 the 3d .arines cot enced C.peration Idaho Canyonin the same .eneral area of operations as Operat on Virginia -idge.friefly, the 1st in continued to operate romn, and provide securityfor, fixed posLtions along -toute 9.:he 2nd fn conducted extenrsive search and clear oneratl.ons northof Elliot ombat Base in the vicinity of the lazorback and in thevicinity of LZ Jierra (XD 9462)."The 3d 3n continued operatinr from Cam Lo, ý-2 and ,-4. On 28July, the 3d arines assumed operational control of lst In., 11th infandCo, 1st "n, 77th Ar-or.2he trmy units were employed in searchand clear operabions north and west of ',.The majority of sporat.ic gromund activity took place in and northof the Eutter's iidge area. kn 24 July at o00oH a patrol from I/3/3observed one NVA and engaged him with small arms :'ve.-he Paurolsearched the area and Found 1 NWVL'C).T'aey followed a blood trailand made contact .ilh an aclditLoonal 3 .o 10 'VA.'hey swept the areaand d(iscovered 2 ad1it oial Vo( :) and 3 .,K-47's. 'he patrol continuedsouth and ounmd mnother NTV(C) and 1 iK-47.'he patrol 1hen followedmore blood trails and found one wounded 1 J Ww tueed to surrender11ENCLOSURE (1)ORDECLASSIFIEDDECLASSIFIED

DECLASSIFIEDand was killed. A further search of the area revealed 1 more NTAbody. Throughout the act 'vity there was 1 USMN KIA and 3 YTA(E).Significant enemy activity was noted along Houte 19. The 3d Marines employed ambushes nightly along this .ain logistical artery toVandegrift Cambat iase.,emiy interdiction of Ioute 49 was reducedsignificantly during July by these tactics.The 3d a1rines continued Operation Idaho Canyon throughout July.Activity consisted of minor sporadic contacts.July casualty totals were:USMCUSAKIA13.JIA(E CGN V11G[ IA IDGEOperation Virginia lidge was conclucted by the 3d 7.arines. Theoperation had commenced on 30 April 1969 and continued to its conclusion on 16 July 1969. The area of operations extended north ramthe vicinity of loute ;9 to the Demilitarized Zone.It was boundedon the ea:u by the 2d ARVI -egt AO and on zhe west ty uhe HlerkimerMountain AO.During July the 1st. operated north of "utter's'idge in thevicinity of LZ Sparrow (YD P564). The 2d :n operated along Zoute "9,with the 2? and 1 Co at trie 'Khe Gio Hridge (YD 0256).ý' andCo'sconducted sec 4rity patrols and ambi:shes along Zoute "9 while H Coprovided security for and conducted patrols from '31SFuller (1" 01n ).The 3d Bn operated f 'om the Cixed positions along koute i61.TiheCP and I Co operated fromr .aan Lo (YD 125), K Co operated from A-2 andM Co operated fror. X-h. L Co conducted e:tensive search and clear operations southwest of Long Ha. An e tens on oof .he Vir.inia Uidge AOinto the Mai Loc TAO-R as required fo- thi, operation. L Co conductedseveral successful nighit amrObushes.Typical of these, was an ambushon 05040OOH July. .'he ambush fireci on 2 UVA soldiers in the ;illzone.A search of the ambush site at first light revealed a total of 5 1A IA.COn 9 July the CP and A/l/3 helilifted to FSBoperations southwest of Sý' f'ullor.On 10 July /1/3 relieved E/2/3 atthen moved to .11iot Combat Base where2nd M. E Go then com enced operationsoperatLng in ,he vLcinity of LZ SierraH/2/3 ca9ller.encedthe 'he ic 'ridge. 2 and ' Co'sAhey joined (/2/3 and the CP ofnorth of Alliot and : Co began(X 9M62).The 3d 1arines continued operations in this posture uutil the closeof Operation Virginia idge.12DECLASSIFIEDENCLOSURE (1 (i886RO.

DECLASSIFIED. 'V,.@July casualties 1CDET00603010PO 90DET801330NVAVCTotal cas-alties for the operation 5582NVAVCrdC141CSWC34OPERATTON GmORGIA TARImmediately upon the conclusion of Operation Herkimer Mountain on16 July 1969 the 4th Marines commenced Operation Georgia Tar in the sameThe 3d Bn, 9th Marines provided security for "Vandearea of operation.L Co conducted search and clear operations0145).Lu(YDandCagriftnorth of FSB Cates and Hill 950.On 22 July 1st Bn, 4th Marines helilifted to Vandegrift upon leavingThe CP and A Co remained at Vandegrift whileOperation William's Glade.On 25A Co moved to Ca Lu and provided security for that installation.July C and D Co's helilifted to LZ Holcomb (Y' 1143) and commenced aThe battalion continued operationswestward sweep tcxTard Vandegrift.inthese areas for the remainder of July.There were no significant enemy contacts during July.Total casualties for July were:"IAA( ON KI, TD-T1ricCS[C1230UN1Tr.PT,Operation "erkiirer 1ountain was conducted by the 4th Mlarines.Theoperation comaenced on 9 1ay 1969 and was concluded on 16 July 1969.,st4n,th 'LrLnns oeraft ed f or Vande--ri.ft.heand C Co'lthat area.'whaIa e.provided security for Vandegrift and conducted Datrole in2 Co operated from !ill091XD 92 Lý4) a .,ill9 u (XD 4 ).P Co conducted search and clear operations west of Vandegrift.The 2nd Bn,4th Marines conducted oq'erations fraom3B ;ussell(XD 9159) and in the vicinity of LZ Sierra (XD 9462).The 3dni, 4th Marines participated in Operation Herkimer Iountainon 1 and 2 July and comienced Operat on Arlington Canyon on 3 July.13DECLASSIFIEDENCLOSURE (1)SECR7

DECLASSIFIEDOn 8 July the 1st Bn moved to the Division R&R center at Cua Viet.The 3d Bn, 9th Marines relieved them of their responsibilities atVandegrift, FSB Cates and Hill 950.Contacts during July were minor.Casualties for July Final casualty totals OPERA%TION ARLINGTON CANYONOn 3 July 1969 I Co, 3d Bn, 4th Marines conducted a heli-borneassault into LZ Uranus (XD 8853) commencing Operation ArlingtonCanyon. The battalion CP then helilifted to LZ Uranus and initiallycontroled the operation from tha position. On 14 July the CP helilifted to Elliot Combat Base and then on 19 July to FSB Cates. L/3/4and D//4 moved overland into the Arlington Canyon AO and conductedsearch and clear operations southeast of LZ Uranus. D/l/4 left theoperation on 8 July, when 1st Bn, 4th Marines moved to Cua Viet.On 8 July T/3/A helilifted to LZ Cougar (XD) 8559).The zone hadbeen secured by a platoon from E/2/4. M Co then swept southeast intothe Arlington Canyon AO.K Co made the battalion complete when ithelilifted into LZ Scotch (XD 9156) on 10 July.On 14 July the Arlington Canyon AO was extended north to the DM2.2nd Bn, 4th Marines, operating from FSB Russells then operated in theAO.In the latter part of the month, when 3d Bn, 9th Marines moved toVandegrift to stand down for redeployment, the 3d Bn, 4th Marinesassumed responsibility for FSB Cates and Hill 950. K Co heliliftedto these positions on 24 July. This was followed by the movement ofI, L, and 1! Co south into the Georgia Tar AO where they operated forthe remainder of the month.There were no significant contacts during July inCanyon AO.the ArlingtonENCLOSURB (1)14DECLASSIFIED-ia

DECLASSIFIEDCasualty totals for July 100CSWC00OPERATION IROQUOIS GROVEThe lst Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) continued the operation during July.The area of operation extended east fraom Dong Ha and Tuang Tri to theGulf of Tonkin. The southern boundary roughly followed the ruang TriThua Thien Provincial boundary. This line also serves as the boundarybetween the 3d Marine Division and the 101st kirborne Division.The Bde is organized into three task forces, Task Force 1/11 Infantry, Task Force 1/61 Infantry (I4ch) and Task Force 1/77 Armor.During much of July Task Force 1/61 was involved in OperationsUtah Mesa and ':!illian L' s Glade. When operating in Iroquois Grovethe 1/61 maintained responsibility for conducting mounted patrolsalong the north bank of the Cua Viet Ziver. This mission was rotatedfrequently between the three organic companies.On 17 July C Co commenced a cordon and search operation in the vicinity of Binh An (YD 4063).It provided the Division Reaction force fraom this position from 17-22July.Task Force 1/11 operated from FSB Sharon with major emphasis onthe area to the south and southwest and in Base Area 101 in particular.Task Force 1/11 effectively employed its reconiaissance teams throughout thesouthwestern portion of the AO.Task Force 1/77 ope.,ated froman FSB Nancy (XD 439). Throughout themonth, Task Lorce 1/77 companies frequently were under operational control of either Task Worce 1/11 or Task Force 1/61. Task Force 1/77conducted armored operations southwest of FSB Nancy and in the WunderBeach (YD 4857) area.Contacts were light during July.Casualties for July W22DETIWC414CSWC11230OPERATION UTAH MESAJoint Task Group Guadalcanal continued Operation Utah Mesa duringthe month of July. The Joint Task Group included 3d Tank Bn, 9th Marines and Task Force Mustang.Mustang was caomprised of B and C Co'so1515NREDECLASSIFIEDENCLOsURE (1)

DECLASSIFIEDlst Bn, 61st Inf (Meah) as well as C Co, 1st Bn, 77th Armor. USforces continued to operate in coordination and cooperation with the2nd and 3d Bn, 2d ARVN Regt. The ARVN operated in their own AO northeast of the Utah Mesa AO. FSB Quantico (XD 8743) and FSB Snith (XD 7838)were the major operational bases for the ARVN during July.The Task Force Mustang CP and 1/3/9 operated from FSB Tenaru (XD 8235),while B/1/61 operated in the vicinity of Tenaru. The remainder of TaskForce Mustang operated from FSB Saigon (XD 8127).On the morning of 1July at 0345H FSB Saigon was attacked by an estimated NVA company, usingmortars, SAF and RPG's. The defenders employed organic weapons, tanksand artillery to repell the enemy. At 0600H the attack ceased and thearea outside the perimeter was swept.leswlts of the contact were 40NVA(C), 1 POW, 11 AK-47's, 1 SKS, 3 RPG-7's, 5 RPG-2's, 2 RPD machineguns, one flame thrower, numerous grenades and ammunition, 6 lbs ofPolish demolitions, 1 Russian radio and 1 signal lamp were captured.There were 4 FR WIA(E).The 3d Bn, 9th Marines, minus I Co,conducted extensive search andclear operations east of LZ Snapper (XD 8434). The Bn (-) met limitedenemy resistanoe prior to their return to Vandegrift on 7 July. Onthe following day I Co helilifted to Ca Lu (YD 0145).Operation Utahlesa officially closed on 9 July when Task Force Mustang moved overland to Ca Lu and then on to FSB Sharon.During July there were only limited contacts.Casualties for July ties for the operation 31ORP4ATION WIL'ZIL!'S GLADEWilliam's Glade was a joint Army and Marine Corps operation.Theoperation was conducted in the "backyard" area, located generally southof Dmng Ha, west of Quang Tri and east of Mai Loc.On 12 July, the 1st Pn, hth Marines, under the operational controlof the lst Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) began sweeping south from -:ong HaCombat Base.B Co, lst Ban, 61st Inf established blocking positions eastof FSB Angel (ID 1848), C Co 1st n, 51st Inf established blocking positions southwest of Dong Ha Combat Base, while A Trp, 4th Sqd, 12th Cavcompleted the blocking posture by setting in position in the vicinity of12 Pedro (YD 2448).DECLASSIFIEDDECLASSIFIED(1)

DECLASSIFIEDZoýIFMUNC itP,SOa 16 July, C/1/61 returned to FSB Sharon (YD 3349) to conduct maintenance of its equipment. The following day A Co, lst Bn, 11th Inf joinedthe operation. The Caepany moved by truck to Cam Lo (ID 3259) and conducted search and clear operations to the south. By this date 1/A hadconcluded its southward sweep which resulted in no significant eneny contacts. The battalion then commenced operations from company patrol basessouth of FSB Angel. They continued to operate in this area until 22 Julywhen the battalion helilifted to Vandegrift Comanbat Base. On the same dateA/1/61 moved overland fron Cua Viet to FSB Angel to relieve B/1/61, whichthen returned to Operation Iroquois Grove. On 23 July, A/1/11i returnedto FSB Sharon. At this time only A/L/61 and A/4/12 continued to conductoperations in Williau's Glade.There were no significant contacts throughout the operation.Operation William's Glade was augmented into Operation Iroquois Groveon 26 July at 0600oH.Final casualties for the operation were:vcA2iNAATIA12DET17b2117DECLASSIFIEDENCOSURE (1)

DECLASSIFIED9-e c 'roclo'0Im-o0I 8Cl*.LI fli-Icj0000H00000HH00m 'CC\jm00NH00N0t-nIr4I- tHQ Io0E*4S0 lo I-0IwI0o0o00V-L\ 1000000"00H-I0r oo CJ0wo0C-imc%J\.Q0O4*000 w0ON r-HH-ci0I010H'-t*CI18FNCLOSMRE (t)-SEeR DECLASSIFIED

DECLASSIFIED**6.1.INTuLLIGaECE SUmiPLYEnemny Activitya. General.Enemy activity within the Division AD decreasedto the 1ows-a evel cf the year. There were four ground attacks,two probes, three ambushes, 48 harassing fires and seven attacksby fire. The enemy expended 438 rounds of mortars and rockets against3d Marine Division Units. This was a decrease of approximately 34%Based on heavy sensorfram last monthe enemy round expenditures.activity, AC and recor sight ngs of enemy and heavy trail activity,it appeared as if the enemy's primary mission was to position hisforces and surplies on the periphery of the Division AC, whilemaintaining pressure on the central DMZ area.b.Enumeration(1) On 1 July 1969, C/1/61 and B/1/77 located in the vicinityof ID 815725 was attacked by ar estimated company employing mortars,small arms fire and RPG's. Contact resulted in 40 7VA KIA and onePJ.The PW identified his unit as the 20th Sapper Company,Regiment,(2)24th304th Division.Attacks by fire and harassment fires duringp the rnthof July decreased significantly cvar the level attained during themonth of July. The most significant rocket attacks during thisperiod occurred on 14 July when i'V3/3 at A-4 and K/3/3 at C-2 receiveda total of seven harassment fires in which the eremy expended a totalof 32 - 122un rockets.On 9 July 1969, 4/2 ARVI (vicinity of ,D 2475) made(3)contact with an NVA dompany wtLich resulted in 28 ITVA KIA. Documentsldal nts offound on the enriy KLA's by 2d AAlt reportedly identifiethe 279th Regiment. Also on 9 July, 3/2 ARVN! (vicinity YD 1769)made contact with an IYVA Company which resulted in 14 IVA KIA's andone FW. The .W was identified as being a i,emrber of the 7th Company,27th Battalion, 31st Regiment.(4) In the southern rcrtion of the AO, elements of theTh3 first beinglet AAV?% Regiment had two significant contacts.on the 20th of July when, ccntact was made in the vicinity cf (D 172268with an enemy bor pany 6uarding the 88th 'VA lospital. Subject contactresulted in 28 YVA XIA's and 2 PW's who reportedly were froi: theK-34 and K-12 Battalions. Cn 21 July in the vicinity of YD 175272contact was made with an YVA bompany which resulted in 33 1VA KIA.ENCLSOURE (1)19DECLASSIFIEDSEaRV

DECLASSIFIED*(5)*Meanwhile on 20 July, RF forces at rhat Le (vicinityYD 202615) were attacked by-an NVA oompany.Subject contact remultedin 33 IVA KIA's (RF count) anu six P'ds. Interrogation of the PW'sidentified them

1-351 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-11 July 12-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-31 July 1-24 July 24-31 July e (1) I. . 11th ngr Bn 33 809 1 13 lst 8" How Btry 9 186 0 6 1lt Bda, 5th Inmt Div (weoh)(USA) 0o7F 356 E L 5937 ENCIOSURE (1) 5 SWCWT DECLASSIFIED. DECLASSIFIED

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