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Siebel Enterprise Marketing SuiteComplete Stack That Fuses Insight and lesPartnersBranchesStoresPOS/ATMsWirelessBills &StmtsReal Time DecisioningRole-Based, End-To-End Marketing SolutionsPlanning& ResourceManagementSegmentation& ail& lete Customer and Business InsightEnterprise Data Integration and Analytics PlatformLegacy FinancialHRSupply ChainOperational r InteractionSystemsOtherOperational &Analytic Sources

Leading Companies Across IndustriesChoose Oracle For MarketingComms, Media& EnergyFinance &InsuranceConsumer &PharmaTravel &DistributionHigh Tech &Mfg

Acknowledged Product and IndustryLeadershipForrester 2006 EMM WaveSiebel ratedstrongest EMMplatform for bothB2B and B2CmarketersSource: The Forrester Wave : Enterprise Marketing Platforms, Q1 2006, Elana Anderson, February 3, 2006

Review of Siebel Enterprise Marketing Update on What’s New in SiebelEnterprise Marketing 8.0 Campaign Management Marketing Resource Management Web Marketing Summary & Closing Insert Picture Here

Enhanced Offer ManagementProgramCampaignOffer AEmail treatmentDM treatmentPhone treatmentOrder ManagementOffer A Promotion A 10% OffOffer B Promotion B 20% OffOffer BEmail treatmentDM treatmentPhone treatmentCampaignLoyalty Promotion

Offer Usage Scenario: Intelligent UpSellingMarketingCustomerOrder MgmtRTDRTDCreatesfamilyof offersOutboundcampaignsto drive demandCustomer callsin responseStartsconversationPublishoffers to RTDPresentsofferCreates orderwithassociatedpromotionPredicts “best”up-sell offers

Enhanced Offer Management andAllocation - Benefits Simplifies campaign setup since you do not need aseparate campaign for each channel Reduces data entry by enabling a single campaignto target multiple segments and treatments Improves ability to measure offer performanceacross campaigns and channels Streamlines Order Management and Loyaltyintegration by linking offers to product promotionsand loyalty promotions

Review of Siebel Enterprise Marketing Update on What’s New in SiebelEnterprise Marketing 8.0 Campaign Management Marketing Resource Management Web Marketing Summary & Closing Insert Picture Here

Marketing Initiatives Marketing Initiatives are high level corporatepriorities or themes that guide where yourmarketing activities should be focused For example ‘Become #1 in segment x’, ‘Increase brandequity 20%’, or ‘Enter the South Asian market’ The Marketing Initiatives feature enables you to : Define the top priorities for your company or organizationfor a given period (year, quarter) Associate these priorities with marketing funds (budgets) Associate these initiatives with each of your marketingtactics (campaigns, programs, events)

Marketing Funds Improves alignment between individual teamsand the corporate priorities Enables you to answer question such as: What specific marketing activities are we implementingto achieve this objective? How much funding have we actually given to each ofthe initiatives? Increases return on marketing investments(ROMI) by ensuring that marketing activities arefocused on top priorities

Budget Requests Multiple budget owners can contribute money tothe same marketing tactic from For example, Corporate Marketing and Field Marketingcan each contribute 50% of the cost for a jointcampaign Spread the money from an approved budgetrequest across multiple tactics For example, an approved 20,000 Budget Requestfor ‘Event Marketing’ could be divided across twoevents 10,000 each

Purchase Orders Purchase orders (POs) are approved purchaserequests for a certain amount and marketingpurpose Your company may approve and generate POs in aseparate procurement system Two types of purchase orders Blanket (recurring) One-time Track Committed spend by associating your POsto your budget requests, programs, campaignsand events

Collateral and Asset Management Enables you to: Track the physical inventory of your marketingcollateral Monitor when inventory is likely to deplete Submit requests to replenish Benefits More easily monitor inventory levels Secure better prices on production and fulfillment jobs Streamline the distribution process

MRM 8.0 Highlights - Benefits New marketing “initiatives” to better alignstrategy and investments Enhanced marketing budgeting andfinancial management to further streamlinethe financial planning process New collateral and asset management forimproved cost tracking

Review of Siebel Enterprise Marketing Update on What’s New in SiebelEnterprise Marketing 8.0 Campaign Management Marketing Resource Management Web Marketing Summary & Closing Insert Picture Here

Web ServicesProvides a library of pre-built web services to enablemarketing messages to integrate with customer-facingweb applicationsWeb Services focused on Web Marketing and EventMarketing Personalized web offers Create response Subscription management Event management

Web Services – Events ExampleEventDetailServiceEventRegistrationService

8.0 Web Services Investments Benefits Enable our customers to use familiar webdevelopment tools to construct customerfacing sites Create event websites with highly brandedlook and feel Blend web treatments into existing website pages Enable online management of subscriptionlists

Siebel Marketing 8.0- SummaryOffer managementCampaignManagementMRMWebMarketingMeasure the effectiveness of offersand treatmentsMarketing InitiativesAlign marketing plans, budgets andactivities to company prioritiesMarketing FundsmanagementAllocate and track marketingbudgets across your organizationPurchase OrdermanagementLink procurement information withmarketing activitiesCollateral and assetmanagementManage the fulfillment andreplenishment of marketingmaterialsWeb services for Eventsand Web MarketingIntegrate campaign and event datainto your custom website

For More rm, siebel

Siebel Marketing 8.0- Summary Campaign Management Offer management Measure the effectiveness of offers and treatments Marketing Initiatives Align marketing plans, budgets and activities to company priorities Marketing Funds management Allocate and track marketing budgets across your organization Purcha

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May 27, 2014 · Adding status data to Siebel's reason code list of values Editing the Siebel configuration files Siebel commands and events Events (name-value pairs) CTI events . to manually or automatically associate the activity to a given Siebel entity. Extensive integration model: CIC’s plug-in methodology allows additional customization for specific .

- Use Siebel Tools to examine parent and child object definitions The Siebel Data Model - Describe the purpose of the Siebel Data Model - Describe the role of primary and foreign keys, indexes, and user keys - Identify prominent tables in the Siebel Data Model Siebel Business Components - Define a

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Siebel Customer Order Management Administration Server 230,000 50,600.00 Customer Siebel Order Validation Engine 0.0000 0.0000 Electronic Order Line Siebel CRM Not Requiring Base - HelpDesk Siebel Asset Management 350 77.00 Application User Siebel Change Management 230 51.00 Application User

The Siebel High Interactivity Client accomplishes this by separating data transfer from the user interface refreshes. The Siebel Smart Web Architecture was extended in release 7.7 to include a test API called Siebel Test Automation, making Siebel the first CRM system to be designed for

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