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IRECORDMAILA MONTHLY REVIEW AND DETAILS OF THE LATESTPOPULAR' RECORDS ISSUED BY E M I RECORDS LTD.HMVCapitol, Columbia. ParlophoneVol. 3. No. 2.!SS 111-11F)Miss High -Vitality that is)h1 G PIFebruary, 1960TOP CAPITOLSTAR DUE HEREClub and television datessinger Mark MurphyANOTHER star visitor to Britain from America-this time 'Record Mail' was preparing towelcome, at the time of going to press, Capitol starsinger Mark Murphy.Mark Murphy is due to openatonStark - he's been in the LPManchester. on Februarrof something" ITI177) - wasLondon'sAstorClubFebruary 15 for two necks and best-selling charts ssith suchthen moses on to the Cabaret discs as "This could be the start( lub,28. On February 14 he will be born into a musical family.seen on television's "Music Shop". His parents and brothers andsisters all sing.From high school and singinghe moved on to Syracuse Univer-sity and acting, but continuedto sing for school club groups andconcerts.IMPRESSEDIn the summer of 1952 Markwasheardinanafter-hoursclub by Sammy Davis Jnr., whowas working in the area, andSammy was sufficiently impressedto arrange for Stark to be introduced to Stan Kenton.Kenton admired, but did nothire. Mark who went on to a jobwith a combo for a summerresort job. He continued with hissinging and, after a few setbacks,wentto New York where heRECORD MAIL REPORTERfinally won full recognition andsuccess.GLAMOROUS MARION RYAN - one of Britain's mostSilver Discfor the Avonstelevised singing stars - has joined E.M.I Records. A welcome,then, from 'Record Mail' to the 'Miss Hi -Vi' of showbusiness. And,as we explain above, that's just another way of describing thechampagne personality of this strawberry -blonde charmer.Leeds -born Marion - she has made over 300 television appearances-will be heard on E.M.I's Columbia label. Besides other television datesEARLY this year popular Columbia recording she has set a marathon TV run record with Granada's "Spot the Tune"artistes The Avons made an appearance at the show, now in its fourth year.59 Club in Hackney, a youth club founded by FatherJohn Oates, deacon of that area. On that occasionthey were supporting Adam Faith, who had won aSilver Disc to mark the 250,000 sales of his hit record"What Do You Want", presented to him by themusical paper 'Disc'.The Avons made a promise then to return to theclub if they were ever honoured with the same award- and return they did - to be presented with theirown Silver Disc (by disc jockey Sam Costa), for their"SevenLittle Girls Sitting In The Back Seat"(DB 4363). Now they are winning new honours withtheir "Pickin' Petals" (45-4413).SANG WITH THE BANDMarion was working in a Leeds' store when the Ray Ellington Quartet came to town.The only singing she had done before this was in a school choir, and the bath - but thisdid not prevent her asking Ellington if she might sing with the band.And sing she did. The number was "Embraceable You". Fifteen hundred dancerspaused in their slow -slow -quick -quick -slow to listen - and applaud. Marion Ryanwas on her way.Since then she has scored - and scored again and again - in radio and television, on records andon the stage.Why should Missneed a thermometer at the picture above? Well, on the day site signed herrecording contract with Columbia, when our picture was taken, she was due to have an operation forappendicitis. Non, we're happy to report, Marion is fighting fit once .nore.

RI -CORD \ I All2 VO1ClEMI*00000m4Rev ,(ley(71/1(771 /;/YOU,4 OU/DE-THE GREATEST -EVER EXAMPLEand floit9kXOF MOTION PICTURE ART!70 AzzAft" AT THE DROP OF AHAT," Michael Flandersand Donald SwannParlophone PMCI033" CHU CHIN CHOW,"Inia Te Wiata, JulieBryan, H.M.V CLP1269" THE CROOKED MILE,"Elisabeth Welch, JackMacGowran and MillicentMartin H.M.V CLP1298" THE DESERT SONG,"Edmund Hockridge, JuneBronhill H.M.V CLP1274" DIE FLEDERMAUS,"Sadler's Wells OperaCompanyH.M.V CLP1272" EXPRESSO BONGO,"Cliff Richard,Columbia SEG7971" GIGI,"Soundtrack,MGM -C-770" THE HOSTAGE,"H.M.V 7EG8491" IRMA LA DOUCE,"Julie Dawn, Barry KentH.M.V 7EG8399" THE KING AND I,"(Soundtrack)Capitol LCT6108" MAKE ME AN OFFER,"Daniel Massey, Dilys Laye,Diana Coupland, MeierTzelnikerBy PETER HAIGHEVERYTHING there is to be said about "Ben-Hur",has been said. At first its length may be a deterrent,but this is not the case. In fact, I have never known threehours and forty minutes pass so quickly - the only thingthat seemed to be long was the fifteen minute interval!Just in case there is a reader of this column who hasn'theard about "Ben-Hur", very briefly, it is "A Tale of theChrist". Judah Ben-Hur is a wealthy and influentialPrince of Judeah, whose childhood friend Messalareturns as Roman Governor of the conquered state.DRAMATIChis task took him two years.The conflict of moral and And in some masterful wayspirit that springs up between Dr. Rozsa has made the back-them culminates in a dramatic ground music so much a part PICTURED HERE is the thrilling, already -famous chariot raceand incredibly exciting chariot of the essential atmosphere and sequence front "Ben-Hur".pageantry of the film, thatThe film begins with the birth certainly from my point of view,the manger in when I look back to any part,Bethlehem, and ends with the the music is quite as clear in mycrucifixion outside Jerusalem. mind as the picture.race.of Christ inInterwoven,Ben-Hurspower andMessiah.Hur" after being involved in aDirector William Wyler and discussion in a train in AmericaSam with an elderly gentleman whowhat claimed to be an agnostic.will surely stand as the greatest Which goes to prove that greatexample of motion picture art works so often emerge from veryever. Until some even greater small beginnings.the producer, the lateZimbalist, have achievedtechnique emerges, nothing willYou can hear the musical highsurpass "Ben-Hur".Music has been written by the lights from "Ben-Hur" recordeddistinguished American com- by the Symphony Orchestra ofposer Dr. Miklos Rozsa, and Rome on MGM -C-802.Here's a musicalfull of charm!by NEAL ARDENH.M.V CLP1333" THE MERRY WIDOW,"WellsOperaSadler'sCompany,H.M.V CLP1226" MY FAIR LADY,"Peter Knight Singers,Parlophone GEP8676" OKLAHOMA,"(Soundtrack)Capitol LCT6100" ON THE TOWN,"Dennis Lotis, StellaTurner, Lionel Blair,Noele Gordon,Shane Rimmer andRita WilliamsColumbia 33SX1177" SHOW BOAT,"Shirley Bassey, MarlysWaiters, Don McKayH.M.V CLP1310" SLEEPING BEAUTY,"Norrie Paramor,Columbia SEG7925" WEST SIDE STORY,"Marlys Wafters, DonMcKay H.M.V 7EG8429isthe story of Just as a footnote, you mayawakening to the be interested to know thatstrength of the General Lew Wallace wrote "Ben-THE night I went to see "Make Me An Offer" it wassnowing. Also there was a North-East gale. Hadanyone made me an offer for my tickets I would gladlyJONI JAMESLittle things mean a lotI laughed at love45 -MGM 1050JIMMY JONESHandy manThe search is over45 -MGM 1051MARVIN RAINWATERNothin' needs nothin'The valley of the moon45 -MGM 1052MARK DINNINGTeen angelBye now baby45-MGMI053M -G -M 'Singles' - 6s (inc. purchase tax)have accepted. How wrong I should have been!This is a story set in the EastSide of London and, like those public at large - it doesn'tin New York's West Side, the matter which. Diana Couplandinhabitants are not very rich - as the young wife has an excellentthough they hope to be.stage presence and sings sweetly.A performance of great charmCHARMBut unlike the American musi- and strength is given by Danielcal, which is astringent, harsh Massey as Charlie, a young art and bitter, "Make Me An lover trying to be a dealer,Offer" is full of charm. Though for art and business accumenthe characters would "do" you seldom mix in one person.for threepence and then make atleast 100% profit on the deal,they are a lovable lot.Inthe book, bySays he: "Why do dealers ingood goods do bad, while dealersin bad goods do good?" A queryWolf of some perplexity. But in replyinnermost let me make him a prophesy.characters are revealed - some- In the case of the musical,Mankowitz,theirthing very unusual in a British "Make Me An Offer", themusical.The lyrics,too,by goods heregooddisplayed will doMonty Norman are gay, deep - good.thinking affairs. Don't worry "Make Me An Offer" is wellabout that; you won't have to represented on record. Davidthink, Mr. Norman's done it Heneker, who wrote the show'salready.music with Monty Norman, playsGEMS(on the piano) a selection onThe cast of this show is full of H.M.V45-POP691,Dianaacting gems. Wally Patch and Coupland sings "Love Him" onMartin Miller as two friendly 45-POP690 and there is theto make original cast LP recording onmoney from each other, or the H.M.V CLP1333.enemies, out solelyOLD TIME DANCE SERIESHARRY DAVIDSON AND HIS ORCHESTRADonella tangoDashing white sergeantSCD2125THE MAX JAFFA TRIOFeaturing Jack Byfield (piano)and Reginald Kilby ('cello)Czardas (Monti)MAX JAFFA AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA(Solo violin - Max Jaffa)SCD2127Black eyesVIENNA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRAConducted by Herbert Von KarajanDie Fledermaus - Overture (0p.56) - PartDie Fledermaus - Overture (0p.56) - ConclusionISCD2101SCD (Columbia) 'Singles' -6/115d. (inc. purchase tax)

RECORD MAILFebruary .19603GERRY WILMOT'SJIMMY JONESJOHNNY PRESTONHandy man/The search is overRunning bear/My heart knows45-MGM1051"RECORD HOP"ANOTHER newcomer to me- who won'tremain astranger for long. JimmyJones proves to be an impres-A Famous Disc JockeySurveys the Music Scenesive visitor - and his treatment of "Handy man" hasquite an impact upon theThislistener.couldwellmake a big opening for thisHI THERE! Well there's quite a selection this month- including several of the newer names. I urge youto extend a welcome to Johnny Preston and Jimmy Jones,while Chris Martin and Jerry Lordan are back with newtalented M -G -M artiste. "Thediscs. I know that you'll enjoy the meeting.dealer's.searchisMERCURY 45-A MT1079adynamic singerwith an impelling style thatwill halt you in your recordHERE'Sover" is also acompelling ballad. Don't passover this new name nexttime you're in your recordtracks.JohnnyPrestonleaps through the top side -"Running bear", whichtops. Happy listening!There's a big demand foran artiste of Johnny Preston'scalibre - and I was particularly impressed by thisnumber and the singer. "Myheart knows" makes anexcellent coupling for thisnew releasePreston.byJohnnyDICKIE PRIDEBetty Betty/No JohnMALCOLM VAUGHANOh, so Wunderbar/For everyone in loveCHRIS MARTINCOLUMBIA 45-DB44031 don't regret a thing/Point of no returnTILL in the Columbia stableTHE SIX O'CLOCK RECORD SHOWS - and a lad with a con-H.M.V 45-POP692H.M.V 45-POP700HERE'S another great twosome from H.M.V's big voiced ballad singing star Malcolm Vaughan.THIS is a great second recording by this new H.M.Vstar - and I spotlightparticularly his version of"I don't regret a thing"from the film"HappyAnniversary". There's somedelightfulsupportfromwith Ray Orchardtrasting style - Dickie Pride.This boy can really bounceon Mondays, 6 p.m. - 6.45 p.m.through a number - andnever better than on thisYOUR RECORD DATEwith Gerry Wilmotnewest and greatest recordrelease of his.on Mondays, 11.15 p.m. - 11.30 p.m.GOOD TURNSFrank Cordell - and thecombination of both artisteorchestraa happy one.andis,with Jack Goodindeed,on Tuesdays, 9.30 p.m. - 10 p.m.Reverse too has lots ofpotential - this time theorchestralbackingA RECORD CROPcomespicked by Ray Orchardfrom Ken Jones. Keep aneye on Chris Martin. He'squiteaon Tuesdays, 10 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.singer - and I'mwe shall hear verymuch more of the name.sureMIDNIGHT ON LUXEMBOURGwith Gerry WilmotTuesdays, 12.00 - 12.30 a.m.TONY BRENTMalcolm has never beenin better form - and he doesOh, so Wunderbar/Just as much as everMIDNIGHT ON LUXEMBOURGjustice to aon "Oh, soWunderbar". This reallyCOLUMBIA 45-DB4402Wednesdays, 12.00 - 12.30 a.m.tremendousgreat songhit - and onmust be aform it certainly deserves to bring plenty oflaurels to this popular star.thisThere'sanicebackingwith "For everyone in love"- but I'll stick my neck outparticularlyfor thementionedside.firstFrankCordell - as always - hassupplied the perfect orchestral backing.HERE'S another fine versionof this new song - "Oh,so Wunderbar", sung in theimpeccableBrent.styleof TonyThis suits him perfectly,and Tony is really in greatform on this disc. Lookslike being a ding-dong between Tony and MalcolmVaughan. I think that theyBOTH have a hit record ontheir hands here.with Ray OrchardBoth sidessides are compelling :4- and I'd find it hard toselectoneinparticular.laurels will be awarded to g"Betty Betty", a really greatDickie Pride waxing, helpedalong in dynamic style by 5.accompanimentof Ken gJones.Don't overlook the reverse agive the flip side a spin forPoor me/The reasonWho could be bluer/HERE'S the hit disc sellerwith a wonderful new release - and it looks as ifAdam will certainly repeathis recent well -deserved TopTwenty honours. He hasstyle and distinction - and"Poor me" has every qualityfor a hit disc."The reason" too makeslike too the accompani-ment from Martinwarn you! John Barry accom-Slavinwhose name has been gracingexcitementsome very fine discs of late.To sum up? Oh, so Wunder -panies - and really helpsthepacealong'andRECORD HOPwith Gerry WilmotPARLOPHONE 45-R4627on Fridays, 10.15 p.m. - 11 p.m.aE,ANOTHER comparative newcomer and I'm pleased towelcome him again.The name is Jerry Lordan - and the style is refreshingMIDNIGHT ON LUXEMBOURGand commanding. Both num-THE SIX O'CLOCK RECORD SHOWthey suit perfectly.I think I go forearliestDon't say that I didn'tDo I worry?tions and as you can imagine,Adam Faith waxing to yourthewith E.M.I Star D.J'son Thursdays, 12.00 - 12.30 a.m.with Ray Orchardbers are his own composi-double -sidedcouldn't dobetter than add this newcollection atopportunityMIDNIGHT ON LUXEMBOURGWEEKEND CHOICEyour money!PARLOPHONE 45-R4623excellentwith Sam Costa- "No John". This couldJERRY LORDANbuy - you5:g:IT'S RECORD TIMEon Thursdays, 10 p.m. - 10.45 p.m.on Fridays 10 p.m. - 10.15 p.m.ADAM FAITHan-5I think perhaps the biggestbar!theslightly plaintive - "Whocould be bluer" - thoughI keep finding myself turningover to "Do I worry?"for extra pleasure. However,I really feel that Jerry has agreat potential in "Whocould be bluer".isalready having enormoussuccess in the States.Most of all - watch out for a really great song -"Oh, So Wunderbar". There are two versions here one by Malcolm Vaughan, the other by Tony Brent.With such tine artistes - you can imagine that they areisthe name - and he reallywith Sam CostaFridays, 12.00 - 12.30 a.m.with Teddy Johnsonon Saturdays, 6 p.m. - 6.45 p.m.featuring all the latest and greatest hits fromH.M.V: CAPITOLS COLUMBIAI PARLOPHONEs/4 -G -M s 1111111111111111111111Mla

RECORD MAIL4JAZZ SCENE - AND HEARDIt's Clarinetsto the Fomby NEVIL SKRIMSHIREFebruary 1960EP ROUNDABOUT TOP .20by Mervyn DouglasLIFDSHELLO AGAIN ! Quite an assortment this month,and several varied vocal styles. Nice offering fromMichael Holliday and, while still in ballad class, anotherI. CHRIS BARBER'SJAZZ BAND 33SX1158,2. CLIFF SINGSCliff Richardsparkling issue from Tommy Edwards.we are able to offer you all four clarinetists on one record.There are duets by Sandy andArchie, and by Acker and Terry,EXCITLNGsolos by each of them, and, aswell as the monumental quartetSince Kid Ory and his bandmentioned before, there is a visited this country last year,track by Acker, Sandy and Terry. many people have looked forwardknow; Blue suede shoes;snake and the bookworm.Theamongthetitlesare"Hiawatha rag", "Louise" and4. THE COUNTRY'SThe ways of love; The thingswe did last summer; Now andthen, there's a fool such us I;MGM -EP -712THIS is one of my favourite1 pop ballad singers. He has avoice of distinction, nice control,and recognisable diction. It'san easy and flowing style thatmakes all his work so very easyto listen to and digest.Try "The things we did lastsummer" and "That's all" as"Here comes summer" and an appetiser. I'm sure you'llReturning to the clarinet - of"Blue suede shoes".be won over by Tommy Edwardsaman whose name isThis is further concrete proof - if you haven't been already.and"Elephant Stomp". The quartet synonymous with the clarinetthat the discovery of 1959 was I find this a most satisfying EP.number is called "Slabs blues",and the vocal trio is heard on in swing, if not jazz, we have on no flash -in -the -pan. and that aMGM -C-805, "The Benny Good- long successful future lies ahead"Boodle -am -shake".Accompaniment for the various man Treasure Chest." These are of him.PAUL ANKAtracks is supplied by an assort- previously unissued recordingsment of rhythm sections, fromPhil Seamen and Jack Fallon,to the banjo, bass and drums ofthe Acker Bilk and Terry Lightfoot bands. On some tracksfrom 1937 and 1938, featuringIt's time to cry; Lonely boy;the original orchestra, trio, and Put your head on my shoulderquartet, and of course such Don't ever leave me.COLUMBIA SEG7985topline men as Harry James,Fred Hunt of the Alex Welsh Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson PAUL ANKA is here, notonlyas a singing star in hisandGeneKrupa,allofwhomband is on piano, and Billown right, but as no meanBramwell of the Mick Mulligan were with Benny at the time.composer.All the song successesband is on guitar or banjo.Also heard is the never - here arc from Isis own pen.Quoting from the sleeve note forgottenguitarist"Whether as solo demonstrations Christian, who virtually startedof jazz talent, or as two, three, a new movement in solo guitaror jour -part improvisations thrillingin thetr impact, these tracks stand playing, and who influencedlikeguitaristsas convincing proof of the strength modern -styleBarney Kessel.of British jazz today."WINCHING SONGSME Frank SinatraLCT6I796. EYDIE GORME ON8. GIGIH.M.V 7EG8545HIS is rather a refreshingI record by Joe Gordon and hisFolk Four. Even if you don't3351141.I. NAT 'KING' COLEILCT618212. OLE TORMECLPI29515. SONGS FORSWINGIN' SELLERS33SXI20516. SOUNDS LIKE GENETI207VINCENT17. SWEET SONGS FORPMD106919. THE FABULOUSSHIRLEY BASSEY33SXI17820. TIME TO CELEBRATEErosmelodic and ear -catching.All of them arc Joe Gordonarrangements, and mostly tradi-tional, and have been given amodern lustre that adds to theI. A GENE VINCENTRECORD DATEinEAPI-10592. ACKERS AWAYAcker Bilk3. CLIFF (No.who hasn't caught up with Joe4. COME FLY WITH MEand 2)ICliff Richard and TheDriftersSEG7903/7910ontheturntable.Frank SinatraOfEAPI/2/3/4-920S. CHU CHIN CHOW7EG85236. EDDIE CALVERTSEG7944Two of the numbers are alreadySerenade in blueI love you45-AMTI078unable to treat yourself to that,Russ ConwayTime to celebrate; It,, just this EP is a way of partiallywild about Harry; You must rectifying the situation.have been a beautiful baby;Both items have virtually beIt's a long way to Tipperary; come "classics" of their kind,45-AMTI079SARAH VAUGHANYou're my babyEternally45 -AMT 1080Harbour lights(By the) Sleepy lagoonand have proved that humourcan still be put on record, ifboth the artist and the materialis right. In both cases here it is so,I weren't planning to have a and Peter Sellers has never beenparty, START one with a RussEP, Russ invites you to celebrate.45-AMT108145-AMT1082'Also available on 78 r.p.mMercury 'Singles' - 6s. 4d. (inc. purchase tax)"The Trumpet Volunteer" is a- nothing in particular - but "wickedly, delightful" impressionof some of the overnight recordcelebrate.ThisERNESTINE ANDERSONYou, you, youThere are such thingsDown at the Old Bull and Bush;Brown eyes (why are you blue?).COLUMBIA SEG7982'VE said it before, "If youthe fabulously successful LPby Peter Sellers and, if you wereConway record." Here on this funnier.THE PLATTERSisErnie Heckscher 7EG85048. EXPRESSO BONGOCliff Richardagay,infectious starsof today which broughtrecord for any tune, and if you're outbursts of protest trom fans"tired, listless, feeling run down, who thought that they couldcan't get the washing quite as recognise their own particularwhite as you should, can't telldifference between butter favourite."We need the money" is anand marge", then Russ Conwaythein the "handy family size' will impression of the big businesssoon cure all those things.in the Stately Homes of England.SEG797I9. FRANKIE AVALON(No. 3)10.17EG8507I LIKE MENEAPI-1131Peggy Leetip-top Anka and I THESE are two items fromcannot rate it too highly.TIME TO CELEBRATEJOHNNY PRESTONRunning bearMy heart knowstwo others are his compositionsPeter Sellersfrom the film "Girls Town"The trumpetvolunteer; Weand I can see these enjoying the need the money.tremendous success of his prePARLOPHONEGEP8784vious compositions.45-AMTI077GEORGE JONESMoney to burnBig Harlan Taylor7. DANCE PARTYbig hits, and these will be welcomed on this package. The THE BEST OF SELLERS (No.2)This isSEG7940equal appeal to me, but then I'mbiased. However, I urge anyonecourse I didn't need to tell youthat "winching" means courting.Or did I?FRANK DRONE33SX I 197Russ ConwayTOP aothink you'll find this El' boilsplace45-AMTI072CLPI322118. THE BEST OFSELLERS Peter SellersGordon yet to give this one aVerdie MaeTake this heartPMCIIIIPeter Sellers14. SEVEN AGES OFACKER Mr. Acker BilkThe titles on this EP are ofPHIL PHILLIPSCLPI3I5Mel Tome13. RONNIE HILTONfully appreciate the Scots dialect,detractingMGM -C-7709. HELLO MALCOLMVAUGHAN CLP128410. MR. ACKER BILKElla Fitzgeraldthe miles to Dundee.original withoutany way.CLPI323STAGE7. THE KINGSTONTRIOT1199SWINGERSJoe Gordon Folk FourKissin' in the dark, Fair Annie;The wee toot clerk; The road andITI197BEST5. COME DANCE WITHTommy EdwardsCOLUMBIA SEG7979HERE'S a record for all Cliff That's. all.Richard enthusiasts and, IPresumably on that track Archie to a record of the band featuring assure them, it's just what thewas content to sit and listen to Red Allen on trumpet. It is now doctor might order. The goldenthree bandleaders sing and play. available on H.M.V CLP1329, boy of records has done it again,and among the titles are "Ain't and his infectious style is perYes, sing and play.misbehavin' ", Sister Kate", and fectly showcased on this welcomethe seldom -recorded "Tishomingo EPJAMBOREECliff sails delightfully throughThe record, which is in the blues".this foursome of songs, and it'sLansdowne series on Columbia,nice hearing his interpretationsTOPLINEis called "Clarinet Jamboree",andMGM -C-786Cliff Richard and The ShadowsHere comes summer; I gotta33SX11923. CONNIE FRANCISCouple of crisp, beaty offerings from two excellentMR. ACKER BILK, Sandy Brown, Terry Lightfoot exponents - Paul Anka and Cliff Richard,For off -beat humour there's Peter Sellers, and for anyand Archie Semple are surely among the top jazzclarinet players in this country. The first three are band- mood, an enjoyable platter from Russ Conway. Happybe with you again next month.leaders, and Archie Semple, of the Alex Welsh band, listening, andCLIFF SINGS (No. 1)has led his own groups on record, so it is with pride thatTHE WAYS OF LOVEI. IN CONCERTGordon MacRaeEAPI-98012. KEN'S PARTY PIECESKen Morris7EG8519Russ ConwaySEG7957FREDERIKSEG792613. MORE PARTY POPS14. NINA AND15. OKLAHOMASound TrackEAPI /2/3/4-59516. PICK OF THEPLATTERS (No. 4)ZEPI03117. SINGIN' SWINGIN'Louis Armstrong7EG849518. THE BEST OFSELLERSPeter SellersGEP877019. TOMMY EDWARDSMGM -EP -70720. WHITE HORSE INNVocal Gems7EG84138The above are listed alphabetically

February 1960RECORD ISTSISSUESHIGHLIGHTS FRO fl HOLLYWOODYOURLIFEELMER'S TUNESSTART TRENDCAPITOL'S sound track successes over the past fewNAT!years have shown themselves to be the result ofbrilliant forethought - not only in the film and stageshow fields but in the ever-growing television sector.The recent triumph of the "Peter Gunn" theme music has nowbeen followed by the smash hit "Staccato's Theme". It underlines the'VAT 'KING' COLE has justnowadays.version of the internationallyfamous "This Is Your Life"TV series.tremendous influence the small screen is exerting upon the chartsbeen featured in the AmericanIt also has a personal significance for Elmer Bernstein. Becausethis composer gave Capitol one of its biggest -ever theme musicsuccesses with "Main Title" the credits music from the motion pictureRelatives and friends of thesinger flew to Hollywood fromall over the States to appear on"Man With The Golden Arm"!Listen to "Main Title" and to "Staccato's Theme" and you'llhear the same driving, surging force which Bernstein manages toproduce for powerful contemporary subjects. The one seems to bevery much a development of the other. Indeed it is to Bernsteinthat much of the credit must go for the revolutionary swing over tomodern jazz for current sound track scores."Johnny Staccato" began quietly on the screens here in Britain.but soon its jazz -loving detective hero was making more and morepeople stay up late to catch the show. And, undoubtedly, Bernstein'smusic has not only helped the mood 'and atmosphere of the programmes it has, in itself been one of the drawing attractions.Within days of the music's release by Capitol on a single disc, itshot into the British Top Twenty. The music on the recording Is conducted by Bernstein himself. On the turnover is another theme fromthe show "Jazz at Waldo's".And for more news of the "Staccato" music, take a look at thereviews by S. B. Richards in these pages.Composer Bernstein is now hard at work on still another moviescore - for the Tony Curtis film "The Rat Race".SINA TRA SWEEPSTHE POLL AGAINthe programme - they includedCapitol Records President GlennE. Wallichs who called NatFollowing news of the label's successes in the"One of the best song salesmenin the business."Among the surprise guests and the show certainly came as aN.A.R.A.S. "Grammy" awards, comes news thatCapitol has also cleaned up the Annual Disc JockeyPoll run by "Billboard".surprise to Nat - was the manIn the poll Capitol had more winning artists than any otherrecording company.Frank Sinatra chalked up twice as many votes as his nearestwhofirst gave the star the'King' nick -name. This wasBob Lewis. Back in 1937 Lewiscompetitor and was named Favourite Male Vocalist and TheMost Played Vocalist. His Album "Come Dance With Me"was also voted Album of the Year. "Come Dance With Me" which also won a "Grammy" - polled more than three timesas many votes as the No. 2 album.The Kingston Trio were named Most Promising Groupand the Most Played Group of the Year. Other Capitol bigwinners were Jonah Jones as Most Played Instrumental Group;George Shearing Quintet Favourite Instrumental Group.Nat King Cole was second only to Sinatra as "Favouritewas responsible for giving Colehis first important job . at theSwanee Inn, Los Angeles.Pals AreScreeningMale Vocalist.On the feminine side Peggy Lee, June Christy and Dinah ShoreTHOSE off -screen buddies FrankSinatra, Dean Martin andSammy Davis jnr. are now teamingwere listed among the Ten Favourite Female Vocalists.Altogether 28 Capitol stars were toted into poll places.Take The Beat From TakW AY STARR whose "Riders in the Sky" has been tipped11 for the Twenty by British critics has been touring theStates in connection with her Capitol LP "Movin' ".up on screen too. The tremendoustrio share honours in "Oceans 11"now being shot around Las Vegas.COMPOSER -CONDUCTOR -ARRANGER Tak Shindo is theGARLAND, recoveredThe album is certainly living up to its title - and should J1:1)1"newest name to sign a Capitol contract,from the liver complaint whichA graduate of Los Angeles State College, Tak Shindo has been be a smash in Britain too. Kay's really back in the groove with kept her in hospital over Christmasmaking a name for himself in most fields of show business recently. big TV appearances - in the Como Show for one - as proof and New Year, is reported to be inHe has won composing conducting and arranging credits for radio. of her renewed record successes.good health and high spirits.television, films, stage shows and records. Now he joins CapitolReason for the latter could beKay has already been hard at work in the Hollywood Studios the fact that she hopes to signunder an exclusive long-term pact which could make him internationally famous. His first 1.P for the company is being recorded now.recording more album material which will be here this year. up for a new film any day non.

RECORD MAIL6February 1960MUSICFELIX LEADSTHE CHARGE!CAPITOLSH.5 REVIEW OFTill I:.11:1111 I:. LEASES O.COMING your way soon will be one of the moststirring LPs ever made. It's "Charge!" by Felix1'.11 Pi TOLyYour Radio Luxembourg Disc JockeyASELECT group of sides to review this month, notmany, but something for everyone, and as always,TOMMY continues to widenhismusicalhorizons,Gonna Do", 45-CL15111.Ci.lME and the River",ishe could to encourage his son to study music and bought him aviolin at the age of eight.Parental intuition was obviously right because by the timeSTILL waiting for release inthis country because the stageshow hasn't arrived here yetTa slow, dreamy, romantic Capitol's original castand ballad. Nat, backed by a gentle "The Music Man".turns in a couple of tine jobs on Dave Cavanaugh, and a bigthis disc. Both backings are by vocal group. He sits on the riverNelson Riddle, with the big bank, and as the river flowsbouncing band leading into a gently by, sings about his girl.bright show tune on the top A beautiful number.deck. A really polished perfor- He penned the flip side himself,mance by young Sands drives the and plays it with the CavanaughFelix Slatkin was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1917.Althoughthat's a good musical place to come from there had been noprofessional music makers in his family's history.Felix's father changed all that. A barber by trade he did allOLthe finest!TOMMY SANDS: "1 Gotta NAT "KING" COLE: "TimeHave You", and "You Hold and the River", and "Watcha'the Future", 45-CL15109.Slatkin and the Light Brigade.MANRAY ORCHARDisLP ofShow has now been runningtwo years on Broadway and thelatest news is that the album hasbeen justas


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Texts of Wow Rosh Hashana II 5780 - Congregation Shearith Israel, Atlanta Georgia Wow ׳ג ׳א:׳א תישארב (א) ׃ץרֶָֽאָּהָּ תאֵֵ֥וְּ םִימִַׁ֖שַָּה תאֵֵ֥ םיקִִ֑לֹאֱ ארָָּ֣ Îָּ תישִִׁ֖ארֵ Îְּ(ב) חַורְָּ֣ו ם

2 34.7215 -111.9907 Highway 89 Bridge 1 3 34.7133 -111.9891 Scouting Location 1 4 34.7101 -111.9869 Irrigation return 1 5 34.7082 -111.9822 Rock bar 1 6 34.7068 -111.9549 Great Verde Lake Bed 1 & 2 7 34.6920 -111.9658 Scouting Location 2 8 34.6930 -111.9622 Skidmore RAP 2 9 34.6903 -111.9658 Prairie Lane RAP 2

SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS 11F-4 ENGINE OVERHAUL 4G69 Valve stem projection mm Intake 48.33 48.83 Exhaust 48.34 48.84 Oil pan and oil pump Oil pump side clearance mm Drive gear 0.08 0.14

Feb 107,4 r 109,6 111,4 113,5 112,3 109,1 r 111,0 r 109,2 Mar 111,9 109,9 111,4 116,8 111,8 110,5 112,2 111,0 . STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA 6 P0151.1 Construction Materials Price Indices, March 2019 Table 2 - Construction input price index (CIPI): material purchases by type of service Service Weight .

10 AES Accelerator 111 10.1 Introduction 111 10.2 Features 111 10.3 Functional Description 111 10.3.1 AES Algorithm Operations 111 10.3.2 Key, Plaintext and Ciphertext 111 10.3.3 Endianness 112 10.3.4 Encryption and Decryption Operations 114 10

1 Brandon, Sy Trio for Brass 111.00 PA 2 Pachelbel, Johann Fugue 111.00 SPR 3 Pachelbel, Johann Fugue "Magnificat" 111.00 SPR 4 Robb, Rodger 4 Contrary Movements 111.00 Scm 5 Running, Arne Aria & Allegro 111.00 SP 6 Uber. David Trio 111.00 SthMC-2 7 Schmi

AQIS SPICES User Manual 3 Icons for the Buttons Sr. No. Icon for Button Meaning 1 Save Record 2 New Record 3 Delete Record 4 Search Record 5 Expand 6 List of record 7 Navigation to next record in list 8 Navigation to previous record in list 9 Navigation to next set of records in list 10 Navigation to first set of records in list 11 Navigate to last record

August 2020 8 of 23 5. Student Course Registration EIS Default Name: xxxxreg.asc Where xxxx is the school/division number. Record Type Description H Course Registration Header Record 1 record per file I Identifier Record 1 record per student D Course Detail Record (follows identifier record) 1 record per course

PIAGGIO/VESPA ET2 50 Alle 044437 89,- 111:-NRG Extreme MC3 AC 50 Alle 044436 89,- 111:-NRG MC-2 LC 50 96- 044419 89,- 111:-Zip 50 (30 km/t) 96-99 044417 89,- 111:-Zip 50 4-Takt 00- 044434 89,- 111:-SCOOTERNØGLEN · NYCKELN 2011

NP60 111 Full-04 16.7 0.6574200 23 0.600 88 111 Full-06 20.9 0.8234200 25 0.670 69 111 Full-08 24.2 0.9534200 27 0.830 75 111 Full-12 31.8 1.2524200 34 1.100 70 111 Full-16 40.6 1.5984200 44 1.500 80 IT01 00 NOTE: Die and dial settings are app

Collectively make tawbah to Allāh S so that you may acquire falāḥ [of this world and the Hereafter]. (24:31) The one who repents also becomes the beloved of Allāh S, Âَْ Èِﺑاﻮَّﺘﻟاَّﺐُّ ßُِ çﻪَّٰﻠﻟانَّاِ Verily, Allāh S loves those who are most repenting. (2:22

World Records gained with Napier Lion Engine Power 1919 - Height record of 30,000 feet 1929 - Land Speed Record at 231.3 mph 1929 - Air Speed Record at 336.3 mph 1930 - Water Speed Record at 100.13 mph 1931 - Land speed record at 246.1 mph 1932 - Land speed record at 253.9 mph 1933 -Air Long Distance Record at 5,309 miles

HE-NCM oltage NCM-111 ] E Q U Discharge profiles HV spinel vs. NCM-111 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 0 Capacity [Ah/kg] oltage] 50 100 150 NCM-111 HV spinel E Q U Performance benefit calculated in a model cell Gravimetric energy density [Wh/kg] Volumetric energy density [Wh/l] NCM-111 219 606 HE-NCM 15% 5% HV spinel 8% 8% Marked voltage .

Government of Pakistan www.smeda.org.pk HEAD OFFICE 6th Floor LDA Plaza Egerton Road, Lahore Tel 111 111 456, Fax 6304926-7 Website www.smeda.org.pk Helpdesk@smeda.org.pk REGIONAL OFFICE PUNJAB 8 th Floor, LDA Plaza, Lahore, Tel: (042) 111-111-456 Fax: (042)6304926-7 helpdesk@smeda.org.pk REGIONAL OFFICE SINDH 5TH Floor, Bahria Complex II, M.T .

INVOICE NUMBER TRANSACTION AMOUNT VEHICLE COUNT DUE DATES TAX YEAR 111-01-050602 9,000.00 30 05-15-02 2002 111-02-050602 9,000.00 30 05-22-02 2002 111-03-050602 9,000.00 30 05-29-02 2002 111-04-050602 9,000.00 30 06-05-02 2002 Section 58.1-3527 of the Personal Prop

Chapter 3 - Atomic arrangements A family of planes contains all the planes that are crystallographically equivalent. In cubic system, planes with same indices, irrespective of order and sign, are equivalent – (111), (111), (111) belong to {111} family – (100), (100), (010), and (001) belong to {100} family – (123), (123), (312)

Isol A1 6 5 22 31 111 1 A2 5 4 22 31 111 1 B1 9 5 33 41 111 2 B2 9 5 22 42 111 2 . Reinforced concrete foundation to engineer’s requirements 2. SUPER-STRUCTURE Reinforced concrete structure to engineer’s requirements 3. WALLS External – Pre-cast . resistant plaster ceiling boards with emulsion paint fi nish to Architect’s selection .

4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for port 6100 as well. Note: If both Port 80 and Port 6100 are not successfully forwarded, you will not be able to connect to your system remotely over the internet. Please make sure these ports are forwarded before continuing with your System Setup. Error: I could not see your service on on port (6100)

Criteria for IRB approval of research as defined at 45 CFR 46.111, 21 CFR 56.111 and receive the approval of a majority of the quorum. Source: 45 CFR 46.111; 45 CFR 46 Sub parts B, C and D 21 CFR 56.111; 21 CFR 50 Sub part D Applicability: IRB Staff, IRB Members Policy: To ensure a thor

Baking equipment Electrical equipment Other equipment Furniture Cooking equipment and starter packs : 37 Annual costs for cooking skills lessons: o Summary of annual costs for cooking skills lessons : o Store cupboard ingredients breakdown and costs o Ingredient breakdown and costs for suggested recipes o Other consumables : o : Replacing equipm nt: 41 Cooking and food skills for .