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St. George’sAnglican ChurchGeorgetown, ONAnnual Report to VestryReports and Financials of the year 2011Held on February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012Annual Report to VestryAGENDA1. Opening Prayer1.1. Appointment of Vestry Clerk1.2. Signing of Declaration1.3. Business Arising and Adoption of the Minutes of the Vestry held during 20112. Report of the Executive2.1. Report of the Rector2.2. Report of the Assistant Priest2.3. Report of the Wardens3. Reports from Parish Organizations and Acceptances4. Elections and Appointments4.1. Appointment of Rector‟s Warden4.2. Election of People‟s Warden4.3. Appointment of Deputy Rector‟s Warden4.4. Election of Deputy People‟s Warden4.5. Delegates to Synod 2012-20134.6. Alternate Delegates to Synod 2012-20134.7. Election of Youth Delegate to Synod for 20124.8. Election of Delegates to Youth Synod for 20124.9. Election and Appointment of Members of Parish Council5. Adoption of 2011 Audited Financial Report6. Appointment of Auditor of the 2012 Financials7. Adoption of 2012 Diocesan Mission and Ministry8. Presentation and Adoption of 2012 Budget9. Motions and New Business9.1. Annual motion to authorize Corporation to enter into agreements with non-parish groups regarding the use of Churchproperty9.2. Motion for Adjournment10. Closing Prayer-1-

The Opening of VestryOpening PrayerAlmighty and Ever-living God, source of all wisdom and understanding, be present with those who take council in this vestry forthe renewal and mission of Your Church. Teach us in all things to seek first Your Honour and Glory. Guide us to perceive whatis right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.Appointment of Vestry ClerkSigning of DeclarationThe Declaration will be circulated around the meeting. Please read the declaration before signing it. Your signature is requiredto be a voting member of this vestry.Business Arising from and the Adoption of 2011 Vestry minutesA motion will be required to accept the minutes of the 2011 Vestry MeetingsMinutes of Annual Vestry Meeting – February 6, 2011, 11:00 amAn updated and complete copy of the Annual Report to Vestry is available 2011/02/20110206annualreporttovestryv2.pdfOPENING PRAYEROpening prayer said by Reverend Canon Rob Park.2) APPOINTMENT OF VESTRY CLERKErin Bryan agreed to record the minutes.3) SIGNING OF THE DECLARATIONThis was passed around for all to sign.4) BUSINESS ARISING AND APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of the 2010 Vestry and theSpecial Vestry in October 2010;Moved that the minutes of both Vestries be approved as written: Charles Clifford, Seconded: Jan Costain. Passedunanimously.5) REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVEReport of the RectorPlease refer to Rev‟d Canon Robert Park‟s report in the Annual Report to Vestry.Report of the Assistant PriestPlease refer to Rev‟d Nancy Rowe‟s report in the Annual Report to Vestry.Report of the WardensPlease refer to the report by Ian Oldaker, Mark Kohler, Paul Skuriat, and Helen Vandermey in theAnnual Report to Vestry.Henriette Thompson had a question about STEAM. It will be discussed under New Business.Charles Clifford had a question about the deficit and this will be discussed under Financial.6) REPORTS FROM PARISH ORGANIZATIONS AND ACCEPTANCES-2-

Please refer to the reports in the Vestry Reports. Rev‟d Rob handed out a supplement to the Parish OrganizationReports (Audit Report and Tuesday Bible Study) that were missed. This can also be obtained from the abovewebsite.Starting this year, the money from the Catering group will only be used for special projects and not put into thegeneral fund.Henriette Thompson said that she was very proud to be a part of this Parish and was happy to see all the greatthings that people do. Paul Skuriat wished that more people came to Vestry.Correction to the Parish Statistics: Confirmation: 0, Marriages: 4, Baptisms: 12, Funerals: 15.Moved that the Vestry reports be accepted as written, with the above corrections: Pat Durant, Seconded: KevinSharpe; Passed unanimously.7) ELECTIONS AND APPOINTMENTSAppointment of Rector‟s WardenIan Oldaker has agreed to continue to serve as Rector‟s Warden for 2011.Election of People‟s WardenPaul Skuriat allowed his name stand for re-election. No other nominations were presented.Moved that nominations cease: Paul Armstrong, Seconded: Sarah Gartenburg. Paul Skuriat elected byacclamation.Appointment of Deputy Rector‟s WardenMark Kohler has agreed to continue to serve as Deputy Rector‟s Warden for 2011.Election of Deputy People‟s WardenHelen Vandermey agreed to run again for 2011. No other nominations were presented.Helen Vandermey was acclaimed to the position of Deputy People‟s Warden.Delegates to Synod - 2 year termPeter Henderson and Helen Tazzman will continue, having been elected in 2010.Alternate Delegates to Synod – 2 year termJan Costain and Cathy Rankin will continue, having been elected in 2010.Election of Youth Delegate to Synod for 2011There were no nominees for a Youth Delegate to Synod, therefore St. George‟s will not be sending a YouthDelegate to Synod in 2011.Election of Delegates to Youth Synod for 2011Lorynn McLean allowed her name stand for election. No other nominations were presented. Lorynn McLean wasacclaimed as the Youth Delegate.Election and Appointment of Members of Parish CouncilResult: Parish Council new members: Pat Durant, Kyle Jones, Erin Bryan, Karen Gibson, Jan Lehman, JudyShowers, and Alice Strachan. Thank you to those who are continuing and the new members.8) APPROVAL OF 2010 AUDITED FINANCIAL REPORTThere was additional money donated and with the generous donation of the Armstrong‟s (the Parish thanks them),the church is entering 2011 with a surplus of almost 78 000. However, 58 000 was donated as a capital donationand the Catering Group‟s money will now be used for capital projects which means that there is only a minimalgeneral operating fund surplus.Motion to accept 2010 Financial Report: Charles Clifford Seconded: Jean Lorriman. Passed unanimously.9) APPOINTMENT OF REVIEWER (AUDITOR) OF THE 2011 FINANCIALS-3-

Les Walsh was appointed as auditor at our Special Vestry in October 2010, to replace the then current auditor ReaGibson who died earlier in the year.Auditor for 2011: Les Walsh was nominated; no other name was put forward.Moved: Paul Skuriat, Seconded: Mark Kohler. Passed unanimously.10) ADOPTION OF 2011 DIOCESAN MISSION AND MINISTRYDiocesan Mission and Ministry (Assessment) - 52 124.26 (preliminary estimate; this is expected to decrease whenthe Diocese gives us the recalculated value for 2011).Moved: Paul Skuriat, Seconded: Ian Oldaker; Passed unanimously.11) PRESENTATION AND APPROVAL OF 2011 BUDGETPaul Skuriat explained how the budget is set up. He explained that a lot of budget items are simply changing by theCost of Living amount. Rev. Nancy Rowe‟s salary was changed because her position was amended from a 0.4part-time position to a 0.5 part-time position.INCOME ITEMS: Paul has asked that people please consider changing to Pre-Authorized donations. There was adiscussion about how a person would preauthorize through a credit card, for which there is a small charge(currently paid by the Diocese).Hall Rentals is different from the previous year because the Open Door income and expenses will be accounted foron a separate line in the budget. We have budgeted 10 000 for Special Events – Fundraisers. Our hope is thatnew ideas on how the church can work together to raise money and have a good time will be presented in the NewBusiness section.EXPENSE ITEMS: Most are yearly cost of living raises. natural gas prices and warmer weather meant that muchless was spent on gas last year.Age of the church means that there are specific maintenance projects that are going to need to be done.Henriette Thompson brought up that the Anglican Foundation offers help for building maintenance (Rev. Robinformed us that we are members in good standing). It was suggested that we submit a proposal to receive someassistance (Kevin Sharpe will look into this option).Advertising – we have removed our weekly advertisement from the Georgetown Independent. It is felt that onlineadvertising (the website) is a better use of the money.There is an 11 000 difference between income and expenses (deficit), however, it is felt that the revenueprojections are conservative. Bridgett Rosser is concerned that we are presenting a budget that is in deficit. PaulSkuriat said that we can make it look like it is a balanced budget, but that is not the best approach in the opinion ofthe Corporation. Bill Hyde has said that by projecting a deficit budget, this may help to maintain our momentum infundraising that began in 2010. 9 500 in donations from 2010 will be earmarked for Nancy‟s ministry for 2011. This makes the 2011 budget abalance budget (not a deficit budget).Moved that the budget as presented be approved: Bill Hyde, Seconded: Pat Durant. Passed unanimously.ANNUAL MOTION TO AUTHORIZE CORPORATION TO ENTER INTO AGREEMENTS WITH NON-PARISHGROUPS REGARDING THE USE OF CHURCH PROPERTYThat Corporation have authority to enter into agreements with non parish groups who want to rent our facilities;Moved: Charles Clifford, Seconded: Sarah Gartenburg. Passed unanimously.MOTION“The Vestry of St. George‟s Anglican Church, Georgetown urges the Government of Ontario to immediatelyintroduce a 100 per month Healthy Food Supplement for all adults on social assistance as a first step towardsfulfilling the promise of a transformative Social Assistance Review.”Rob talked about how the Diocese of Niagara is hoping that all churches agree to this so that they can send thismotion to the Minister of Finance.Moved: Rev. Rob Park. Seconded: Paul Skuriat. Passed unanimously.NEW BUSINESS-4-

STEAM – an attempt for the five churches in the Halton Hills area to work together in their ministries. St. George‟shoped that we could work together, eventually to amalgamate the five churches. however, three of the churchesjoined together during the past summer to form a cluster (St. Paul‟s, St. John‟s and St. Stephen‟s), that currentlyshare a rector (Rev. Canon Dr. Margaret Murray) and a curate (Joan Dunn). After almost 2 years of attempting tomake this project work, the Management Committee decided that STEAM was not meeting its desired goal.Henriette Thompson asked about how the missioner’s role has changed (she is now the rector of the cluster andno longer the missioner). Also, how does the bishop feel about this (he appointed Margaret Murray as the rector ofthe cluster). The St. George‟s STEAM members feel that this is now a conflict of interest and therefore, that theSTEAM process is done. The clergy are continuing to meet and work together. However, it is felt that the otherparishes are not yet ready to discuss this issue. Henriette Thompson has asked that we seek guidance from thebishop for our future community ministry. Ian Oldaker discussed the churches in British Columbia. Pat Durantasked if the bishop was aware of our sense of betrayal. Rev. Rob said that there was discussion about St.George‟s joining in the cluster, but that was not an option.MOTION – “Be it moved that the Vestry of St. George’s, Georgetown engage the Bishop and leadership ofthe Diocese of Niagara further in a process of discernment and multi-year planning for a vibrant Anglicanministry presence in Halton Hills.”Wardens will discuss this and act on it.Moved: Henriette Thompson. Seconded: Jenny Tuffin. Passed unanimously.FUNDRAISERS – Poker Run was suggested by Paul Skuriat. Antiques Roadshow (open also to non-St. George‟s people) and Tea Room was suggested by Kyle Jones. Gourmet Dinner hopefully will continue this year. Dance Silent Auction Talent Auction with Dessert and Coffee was suggested by Karen Gibson. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner was suggested by Paul Skuriat. Pat Durant and Jenny Tuffin agreed toorganize this. Jam Making Session was suggested by Sarah Gartenburg. Helen Vandermey suggested that we have askills session once a month (Jam making, pickling, cooking class).ADJOURNMENTCharles Clifford moved the meeting be adjourned.CLOSING PRAYERVestry 2011 closed with a prayer from Rev. Rob Park.-5-

The ReportsReport of the RectorThe year 2011 was yet another fulfilling year for me as your parish priest. St. George's continues to be a place that is fullof people who support the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ in our community. Because of you and yourcommitment in this goal, it continues to be an honour to help to lead you in this important work. An important part of myhope, in writing this report, is to help every member of our community to see and celebrate just how far reaching the workwe do in Christ's name reaches.Our Diocese of Niagara has been living out a new vision since 2008 and St. George's has been doing its' part to live itout here in Halton Hills. In 2011, the diocese took steps to help clarify and strengthen that vision. So, to help usunderstand better how our role plays its' part in that bigger vision for Niagara, I have laid out the ministry we do togetherhere in our community with that larger diocesan vision. It is a vision that has five important areas.Continuous Culture of InnovationFor the Diocese of Niagara and for St. George‟s, a Continuous Culture of Innovation is "To faithfully follow the God ofinnovation in His mission to the world by making disciples, taking risks, and creating new expressions of church in ourdiocese."In 2011, we at St. George‟s have added three new ministries to reach out into our community and create opportunities forpeople to connect with Christ, with our Kid's Camp PD Day programs, our Baby Talk group for new mothers, and byincreasing our presence on the internet and social networks with better digital communication. These are in addition toother recent innovations we continue to grow and develop like Messy Church, the Spirited Study and the AdventBreakfast Study. The good people at St. George's are very supportive and trusting of new ideas and new ways toproclaim the good news and build community.Prophetic Social Justice MakingFor the Diocese of Niagara and for St. George‟s Prophetic Social Justice Making is about ensuring that "the Diocese ofNiagara is recognized by Anglicans and the wider community as a leader in advocacy and justice for the benefit of allbeings; a faith community that practices what it preaches transforming lives by the grace of God."In 2011, St. George's took two important new steps to speak for justice in our community and the world. At our 2011Vestry meeting, St. George‟s unanimously passed a motion supporting our diocese in its' petition to recommend aprovincial "Healthy Food Supplement" for all adults on Social Assistance. Also, more locally, I have beenparticipating, on behalf of St. George's, in community meetings about Youth Issues held in town and in and throughthose meetings I have liasoned with the local Public Health Nurse, administration from both High Schools, the localpolice, Open Door staff, students, and parents. These new initiatives are in addition to our continued support of theFresh Food Box program, Community Unity Clean Up days, and the Open Door youth drop-in centre. Your supportand volunteering help makes a difference in the lives of others.Generous Culture of StewardshipFor the Diocese of Niagara and for St. George‟s, another important area of the vision is a Generous Culture ofStewardship. The goal of this area is that people in our church "are recognized for the way their giving reflects God’sgenerosity, their honesty and faithful care of every gift, and the manner in which their resources are used effectively toGod’s glory. They have established a high level of trust, and know that parishes working together are stronger togetherthan alone."Every year, St. George‟s works hard to cultivate a generous spirit among its members in how they reflect God‟s owngenerousness to us through their time, talent, and financial support of Christ‟s mission in our community and the world. Aperfect example of this in 2011 was the Time and Talent Auction that so wonderfully helped us to recognise and-6-

celebrate the skills and gifts that God has given us at St. George‟s. We also benefitted from blessings of the AntiqueAppraisal Show, the Gourmet Dinner, the sale of some wonderful Spices, and the year round work of the Cateringgroup. Previously, we met with Jim Newman, our Diocesan Stewardship Consultant, encouraging us in our year-roundStewardship to use more narrative ways to talk about our finances, to help people get beyond the numbers on aspreadsheet. We also continue share the cost and some other resources with the other local Anglican Church forrunning our successful VBS summer camp.Life Changing WorshipThe Diocese of Niagara and St. George‟s believe that Life Changing Worship should be an important part of everychurch. Our vision is that St. George's and all of "the Diocese of Niagara’s parishes are strengthened by offeringtransformative worship experiences that make the Gospel message accessible to the wider world in ways that helppeople experience God and engage the holy in their hearts, heads, bodies and souls."Worship and liturgy is, not surprisingly, very central to our ministry at St. George‟s. We are constantly striving to worshipGod in Christ and to make a difference in the lives of all who participate in that worship. At each and every service weoffer, we hope people‟s lives will be changed, just as our Diocesan Vision intends. An important part of our approach hasbeen to offer a full menu of styles and times to choose from. There are scheduled services on Sunday mornings,Wednesday evenings, Thursday mornings, and Friday mornings. We worship in styles ranging from very traditional at 8am on Sunday Mornings to very contemporary at 11:15 am Sundays. St. George‟s has services that meet the needs ofseniors two Friday‟s a month at the Bennett Health Centre and the needs of our community‟s busy families at 5 pm onthe second Wednesday of every month at Messy Church in our parish hall (complete with dinner!). All of these worshipopportunities are made available with the hope of transforming the lives of those who worship with us and they are onlymade possible by St. George's great volunteers and your support.Outstanding Leadership for MinistrySt. George‟s leadership understands the importance of both working together and working to grow in skill and ability. Weare always looking for new ways to strengthen and improve our leadership abilities. The vision of the Diocese of Niagaraand of St. George‟s for Outstanding Leadership for Ministry is expressed this way, that "Lay and clergy leaders in theDiocese of Niagara, working together in partnership, nurture disciples and make new disciples who follow Christpassionately and live out God’s mission in the world."In February 2011, The Rev’d Nancy Rowe attended the “International Consultation on Messy Church” held inAbingdon England. Nancy has also been working hard here in Canada promoting Messy Church putting on "MessyFiestas" for folks interested in learning more about Messy Church. One of our important lay ministries at St. George‟s iscarried out by our Pastoral Care Team. In 2011, two members of our parish, including our pastoral care teamcoordinator, Wendy Lovely, attended a seminar on pastoring to families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. St. George'salso continues to help provide a place for theological students to grow in their understanding of parish ministry, and weare currently enjoying the presence of Dan Cranley in this role. And lastly, in 2011, I was given the opportunity to take atwo month sabbatical that included both study in the area of church development and a 10 day tour of Israel.My Thanks and Looking AheadWell, I guess you can see why 2011 was so fulfilling for me at St. George's! Together we have accomplished a lot andwe have entered into some new and exciting ministry, much of which will be continuing in 2012.I must take this moment to thank the leadership of the warden's, Paul Skuriat, Ian Oldaker, Helen Vandermey, andMark Kohler, for their leadership, time, talent and support. I would also like to thank Janet Armstrong for her work asour parish treasurer. These are just a few of the people who offer leadership to the work and ministry of St. George's andall are deserving of your thanks and gratitude, but like the others, do their work for God's glory.I would also like to thank The Rev'd Nancy Rowe, for her continued caring ministry in our community, Sue Graham, ourhard working Parish Administrative Assistant, Ron Greidanus our versatile and talented musical leader, StephanieMacLean, for her nurture of our church school, and Dianna Cannon, for keeping things clean.Most of all, thank you to all of you for your continued prayers and support of the work we do together in Christ's Name.Peace, The Rev‟d Canon Robert W.A. Park-7-

Report of the Assistant PriestMarshall McLuhan said. “We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror.” It is an interesting idea and very true.We cannot see into the future, we have only the past and sometimes we don‟t even see that very clearly. It is a scarythought. The past holds great appeal. We know how it turned out. We have suffered through the pain of mistakes andlived to tell the tale. We have benefitted from good decisions and are tempted to remain in that comfortable place. Weare, however, not called to drive backward, or even to let the car idle. We are called to boldly drive into the future. Weare all like the trapeze artist. We have to let go of the past and hang suspended in midair, reaching for the trapeze barthat has not yet arrived. If we do not let go, then we will be left hanging, with no place to go. The past has taught us onevery important truth and that truth allows us to trust that when we let go, we will not be abandoned in midair. If wefaithfully seek God‟s guidance, if our actions are guided by the principle of bringing forth God‟s vision of justice throughservanthood, then we can confidently have our hands open, ready to grab the trapeze bar when it comes. God is withus.We continue to have our challenges. We have an old building, and like a vintage car, it is a thing of beauty to look at, butthe care and cost of keeping it running is daunting at times. Our expenses threaten to outrun our income and byDecember the finances cause a great deal of nail biting. There are far too many available seats on a Sunday morning. Itis an interesting truth however, that challenges are the fertile ground in which growth occurs.We continue to be blessed by dedicated, hardworking and skilled people at St. George‟s. It takes many hands, mindsand hearts to keep a Church viable. It is a blessing in my life to work alongside Rob. His wisdom and many talents are ahuge asset for St. George‟s. Sue is amazing. How she holds all the pieces together is a wonder. The Wardens andTreasurer bring a myriad of skills and a love of St. George‟s that guide the decisions made on your behalf. They workseemingly tirelessly doing what needs to be done. I have observed with joy the many people who help to make thevaried ministries of St. George‟s successful, and there are the small, but dedicated few who keep the building standingand beautiful. One highlight this year has been watching Baby Talk grow from a tiny seed of an idea into such a vibrantministry.I attended the International Conference in England on Messy Church in February. It was great to have those days tothink solely about Messy Church and I came back with new ideas, great resources and a renewed vision for St. George‟sMessy Church. The Messy Church team has now grown to eighteen people who work as leaders, greeters, kitchencrew, and craft prep crew. I continue to provide Messy Church workshops notably in New Hamburg, Ottawa, VitalChurch Conference in Toronto, Burlington and Burgessville this year. There are several more in the works for 2012.Many Messy Churches have sprung up from these workshops.I continue to work as an On-call Chaplin at the Georgetown Hospital and as part of that ministry provide a service every 6weeks to the residents of Continuing Care. Bimonthly I join the St. George‟s team to provide a service at the BennetCentre as well.Vestry marks the beginning of a new year at St. George‟s. Fasten your seat belt, get a good grip on the wheel, adjustthat rear view mirror and together we will boldly drive into the future with not just our rear view mirror, but God as ourGPS.Respectfully submitted,The Rev‟d Nancy Rowe-8-

Report of the WardensThe parishioners are to be thanked for once again allowing us to finish the year on a positive note. Throughout the yearwe carried a deficit in our bottom line, but after all the dollars had settled after Christmas, we managed a small surplus. Itis always a challenge trying to balance the needs of our calling to serve others while keeping a positive cash flow andyou are all to be thanked for your continued giving of time, talent and treasure to keep St. George's open to all.Stewardship letters went out in early September which did result in some small increases in givings and we are verygrateful for the generosity of our parishioners.This year saw us put a fresh look to our upper and lower lobbies and lounge, thanks to the generosity of Paul and JanetArmstrong. New lighting, carpeting, paint, ceiling tiles, and a hand rail all installed in time for Easter, gave a muchneeded updating to the first impression to the many that use our facilities on a daily basis. Our thanks also to theproperty committee for all their extra work in getting this project completed.The Rev. Canon Rob Park, our rector, and the Rev. Nancy Rowe, our assistant priest have once again continued to leadus in ministry in many different and varied services that are offered at St. George's throughout the year. Rev. Rob took atwo month sabbatical in February and visited the Holy Land and took time to do some studies. He came back energizedand enthused. His sense of humour and leadership style is much appreciated by the Management Committee. Rev.Nancy‟s creativity and enthusiasm for her work are always evident in all her roles within our church, much to the delightof everyone she comes in contact with.Vacation Bible school was once again offered this past July with much success and the children and their parents weremost appreciative of the enjoyable time that was had by all, thanks to the many volunteers and led by Rev. Nancy. Anoff-shoot of this, Kid's Cafe, was also offered on several PD Day sessions as well. This gave many children in ourcommunity a first opportunity to begin their faith journey.To help keep our deficit as low as possible, we held some very successful fund raising events during the year. A Timeand Talent Auction was held in September with many varieties of time and talents bid on by members of ourcongregations. Also an antique appraisal show, in October, was put on and many members of the community came outto have their own antique or collectible items appraised by our guest professional appraiser. This past November, wehad a repeat of our gourmet dinner, graciously catered by Yvonne Oldaker. Some wonderful jazz music was enjoyed byeveryone throughout the evening and the dinner menu savoured by all in attendance. Once again a successfulNovember bazaar was put on by many volunteers with our cookie trays being a big draw. Other fund raising venturesincluded our pancake supper, epicure spice and wreath sales, as well as a donation from the Anglican Men‟s Group.There are many who have given a lot of time and energy to every aspect of our church and it does not go unnoticed andwe are truly blessed to have such a caring group of people in our midst.Also, in September, we were successful in once again getting some much needed income by renting out our parish halltwo days a week to a personal trainer who was offering fitness classes and personal training sessions, which were alsoenjoyed by many in our congregation. It is our hope to continue to develop relationships and partnerships with outsidegroups if we are to continue to sustain ourselves in this community for the future.Other new outreach initiatives this year also saw two parishioners, Vicky Kidd and Kyle Jones, start a “Baby Talk” groupwhich attracted a dozen or so new mothers, from our local community who enjoyed getting together on Friday morningswith our Breast feeding and nursing coaches to talk about issues and resolve problems dealing with being a new motherand socialize with each other.This annual report will show a record of all that our congregations have accomplished to work for the good of our church,for the people in it, and for the people beyond it. But they point as well to something deeper and more significant; to thewillingness of the members of our congregations to live out their faith in what they do. While what is done may beremarkable, why it is done is even more so. The work and aspirations recorded in the pages of this report are animpressive response to God's call to be a church and to follow Christ's way of love. May God's grace continue to developin all of us.Many thanks for your continued support throughout the year.Respectfully Submitted,Ian Oldaker, Rector‟s WardenMark Kohler, Rector‟s Deputy WardenPaul Skuriat, People‟s WardenHelen Vandermey, People‟s Deputy Warden-9-

Reports from Parish OrganizationsMusic MinistryIn reflection of the past year and years past, I always look back to see what worked and what didn't, where did thingsgo and how are things going to move forward. I hope you feel at St. Georges as I feel that musically things are as greatas they always have been from once I arrived 12 years ago.Going in reverse looking back on this past year, I first want to reflect on Christmas. As usual, fo

Report of the Rector Please refer to Rev‟d Canon Robert Park‟s report in the Annual Report to Vestry. Report of the Assistant Priest Please refer to Rev‟d Nancy Rowe‟s report in the Annual Report to Vestry. Report of the Wardens Please refer to the report by Ian Oldak

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