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For Daily updatesvisit: www.rubber4u.blogspot.inFor more details:www.rubber4u.comVol. XII 0181st APRIL 2021IRODURFor your requirement ofDENKA CHLOROPRENERUBBERPOLYISOCYANATEHARDENERSE462 Dark BrownE730N Water Clear(from Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. Japan)GRADESM-30 / M-40 / S-40V / PS-40A,PM-40NS, DCR-40A, A-30, A-90,A-100, A-400, DCR-15H, M-130H& www.irtubes.comRUBBER FOR YOU - PRICE INDEXIndenting agents forWestern Region of India onlyTel.: 022 - 2850 5115, 4963 4057Fax: 022 - 2852 1013Email: spartanagencies@gmail.comRUBBER P R I C EFor sales enquiries contact:SPARTAN AGENCIESTPU for AdhesivesElastollan BonduraAS626 - AS632 - AS632BZinc Oxide Active AZO945 SA45AZO805 - AZO808Synthetic Rubbers Rubber Chemicals176174172170168DELHI CHEMICAL& RUBBER PRODUCTSRSS4 - KottayamRSS3 - Bangkok178H - 172.00 170.00H - 171.00L - 169.00Tel.: 011 - 43573990,8383936459, 9873388884E-mail: dcrpnd@gmail.com166164 162.20vessel proved futile. The incidentAfter having left stranded for162L - 162.20occurred on Egypt’s Suez Canal,almost a week, container ship160Evergreen was finally ‘refloated’ on MAR 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 31 just north of the port of Suez earlyon 23rd March, the Ever Green,Monday, raising hopes that theVisit: /Statistic/Commodity Marketsregistered in Panama, lost control andbusy waterway will soon be reopenedran aground causing a traffic jam of cargofor a big backlog of ships. Authoritiesvessels in the region.expected operations to return to normalwithin days. Clearing the queue ofIndia has evolved a four-pronged planvessels may take as long as two and ato address the Suez Canal crisis,half days, with canal operationsrerouting vessels, prioritisingreturning to normal within four days,perishable cargo, stabilising freightSuez Canal Authority Chairman OsamaRabie said at a press conference.rates and handling expected bunchingup at Indian ports. Rerouting aroundThe Suez Canal, 120 miles (193 km) Europe and Asia must circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope entails a delaylong, 79 ft (24 m) deep, and 673 ft (205 the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. of 15 days. India’s shipments of oil,m) wide, provides the shortest routetextiles, furniture, cotton, autobetween the continents, and carries After the world’s key waterway channel components and machine parts tonearly 100 ships a day. Any blockage of blocked by a container ship run Europe, North America and Souththe Suez Canal means all ships between aground, massive efforts to move the America could get delayed. Meanwhile,Suez Canalcrisiswww.ber ub ber.comImporter & Distributor ofPeroxidesPeroxide Paste for Silicone Extrusion (DCBP)Liquid Peroxide for Silicone Molding (101)Smell-less Peroxide Paste for MoldingPeroxide for Plastics / CrosslinkersDi-cumyl Peroxide (DCP)Speciality Granules Masterbatch for Rubber & PlasticsPhone: 91 22 25092756 Extn. 207 Mob: 9082849756E-mail:, himanshu@berubber.comSecond Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

NATIONAL - Update 4 Uoil prices shot up in anticipation ofprolonged disruption.The Suez Canal jam affected more than150 vessels and as many as 540.716TEUs stuck. The Ever Green has an allIndian crew, all the 25 of whom arereported safe and accounted, butconcern was rising in India about theimpending impacts of the massive seachannel crisis caused when one of theworld’s largest container ships got stuckin the narrow canal. Much of India’sexport travels west.Evergreen Marine Corp., headquarteredin Taoyuan City of Taiwan received anotice from the Japanese owner of EverGiven that the chartered vessel ranaground in the Suez Canal at around 8am local time on 23rd March. The EverGreen was bound for the port city ofRotterdam in the Netherlands fromChina and was passing northwardsthrough the canal on its way to theMediterranean. The vessel’s Japaneseowner Shoei Kisen Kaisha apologisedfor the incident, and stated thatdislodging the boat was provingextremely difficult.The Suez Canal crisis compounded theproblems facing Indian ports andexports. While exports won’t be affectedmuch in March, the impact may getconsiderably evident by May-June.Indian cargo deliveries will be delayedboth ways, Indian exporters operatingon a payment against delivery model willbe impacted in particular as this cohortof exporters will have to combat workingcapital crunch at least in the short tomedium term.2Even if Suez Canal operates at 100%efficiency, the backlog that the vesselhas created itself will take a substantialamount of time to clear, and the dominoeffect is expected to sustain for themedium term. While Indian exports arepredominantly westbound, its importscome in from the countries to the east,such as China and the Far East.However, a large amount of high-valueimports originate from the westerncountries including Germany, Italy, andUnited States.Be Online with your Productsto beat the Covid-19 PandemicIMPACTGet direct responsethrough youradvertisementcontact details(E-mail ID’s & URL)WTI Crude OilCrude(May Contract)PricesUS 59.50On 31st March 2021- At 18:30 pm CST01 Mar31 MarFor more details contact: 91 – 8087187855E-mail: Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

NATIONAL - Update 4 UContainer traffic has already beenwitnessing its share of troubles. As 12major ports in India witnessed aconsiderable dip in cargo traffic for the11th consecutive month in February2021. Micro, small and mediumenterprises (MSMEs) among Indianexporters have been especially hard-hit.3Secretary General of the Federation ofIndian MSMEs (FISME), Anil Bhardwaj,had revealed to the media earlier inMarch that during the last six to eightmonths, the freight charges haveincreased from 800 to 2500. The jamin the Suez Canal will also create afurther demand-supply imbalance,forcing freight rates to further escalatefor all types of vessels.The Suez Canal blockage has disruptedeast-west shipping, could impact India’strade and curtail key manufacturingsupplies while raising transport costs asshipping rates spike due to the crisis.tural rrububber does not fulfill most criteriaNaturturalubberfulfillNaThe taskforce on the rubber sector setup by the Union Government hasrecommended treating natural rubber asan agricultural product and its inclusionunder the minimum support prices(MSP) scheme, the Centre told the LokSabha. However, natural rubber has notbeen included in the selected 25 cropsfor which MSP is notified every year asit does not fulfill most of the criteria forinclusion under the scheme. Thecommodity is also not covered under thecomprehensive scheme for studying thecost of cultivation of principal crops inIndia, Union Minister of State forCommerce and Industry, Hardeep SinghPuri said in a written reply.Centre fixes MSP for 25 agriculturalcrops. MSP for the crops is fixed on thebasis of recommendations of theCommission for Agricultural Costs andPrices (CACP).The CACP, while recommending MSPof mandated crops, considers variousHigh raw material prices hits industrial units hardExactly a year ago, the pandemic hitthe nation and lockdown was imposed,the industrial units got shut leavingmanufacturers, traders, industrialists introuble. Towards the end of the year2020, the situation got a little normalisedand the manufacturers gathered somecourage to get back on track. But therelief was little, as high prices of rawmaterial like iron, copper, furnace oil,zinc, rubber chemicals, played a majorspoil sport. The industrialists are notable to work properly, failing to meet thedeadlines of the orders because offactors which inter-alia include the costof production, overall demand-supplysituations of various crops in domesticand world markets, domestic andinternational prices, inter-crop price parity,terms of trade between agriculture andnon-agriculture sector, Puri said.skyrocketing prices of the raw materials.bringing youworldwideRubber Industry NewsNeeraj Arora, president of the RubberFootwear Manufacturers Association,said this happened for the first time inthe history where the prices of thechemicals had doubled.Now, the second wave of Covid has proveddouble whammy for the industrial units.The manufacturers said that they hadstarted managing their units after bigdifficulties, but this second wave and otherissues have made them your finger TipAny Where,Any Time.www.rubber4u.comTrade Date: 31st March 2021Click:IndiaMonthMarch 2021April 2021May 2021June 2021July 2021(Prices in . / 0173.00-169.80171.26173.50172.00173.00100% FREE SubscriptionRead by 112382 viewersSecond Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021For more details contact:Call: 91 -

NATIONAL - Update 4 U4Tripuraexports natural rrububber to NepalripuraexporxportsnaturturalubberNepalRubber Board official ArunabhaMajumder, who is the General Managerof the Rubber Board promoted marketingcompany - Manimalayar Rubbers Pvt.Ltd., said a 18 tonne rubber sheetproduced in Tripura was imported by ashoe manufacturing company atBiratnagar in Nepal. The consignmentwas flagged off and is likely to reach itsdestination in a week through the BiharNepal border route.At present, Tripura is cultivating naturalrubber in 85,500 hectares and produces62,000 tonne annually. More than 1.5lakh families are directly and indirectlyassociated with rubber cultivation in thenorth-eastern state. According to theofficials of the Tripura Industries andCommerce department, more than 90%of the total rubber produced is sentoutside the state, earning nearly .600crore annually as the state has norubber-based industries.Transportation of natural rubber throughBangladesh or exporting it to theneighbouring country is not possible dueto various restrictions imposed by theBangladesh government. TheBangladesh government only allowedtransportation of raw rubber (latex) notin the form of sheets through theircountry or to export. Technically,carrying or export of raw rubber is verydifficult, an official of the Industries andCommerce Department said.Where your executives don’tREACH,Tyres to becomecostlierTyre manufacturers may raise pricesagain due to an increase in naturalrubber prices. The increase might be5% on average, said industry sources.Tyres manufactured in India have a ratioof 40% natural rubber and 50% ofsynthetics rubbers.This will be the third price increase bythe companies after the lockdown. Thecompanies have already increasedprices by 2-4% and this has happeneddue to an increase in prices of crudederivatives. Oil and its linkedderivatives such as carbon black forman integral part of a tyre company’sraw material basket.The price of natural rubber has increasedfrom .115 a kg as on 20th May 2020 to .171 a kg on 16th March 2021 andcurrently trading at .170 a kg. Thissurge in prices would eventually affectthe price of vehicles and tyres.Reachesover112000Readersreachesthat too the Concerned Person 91 – 8087187855 E-mail: u.comSecond Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

NATIONAL - Update 4 UAuto vol umes to growThe India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) Continued preference for personalrevised its outlook for the auto sector to mobility and demand across urban andimproving for 2021rural markets will beThe validity of fitness certificate,22 from negative onpositiveforall types of permits, driving licenceaccount of a likelyPassenger vehicleand registration or any otherrevivalacrossand two-wheelersdocuments, pertaining to motorsegments aided byand can grow by 18vehicles are further extended topositive consumerto 22% and 16 to30th June 2021. The validity of thesentiments amid20% respectively indocuments, which expired sincemacroeconomic2021-22.the beginning of the lockdown intailwinds as theMarch 2020, was earlier extendedeconomy recoversCommercialtill 31st March 2021.from the Covidvehicles can recordpandemic.high double-digit growth in 2021-22 of 25to 30%, aided by an uptick in industrialInd-Ra expects auto volumes to rebound production, increased infrastructure andat 16 to 20% y-o-y in 2021-22 after construction activities and a low baserecording an estimated decline of 14 to owing to the slowdown over 2019-20 to18% in 2020-21. Passenger vehicle, two- 2020-21. Nevertheless, the monthlywheelers and commercial vehicles can sales in commercial vehicles segmentrecord a decline of 5 to 8%, 13 to 16% are likely to achieve 2018-19 levels onlyand 30 to 35% respectively in 2020-21. by 2H of 2021-22.Huge potential for rubber cultivationsThe Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Meinin a meeting with the Chairman cumExecutive Director of Rubber Board ofIndia, Dr K N Raghavan has urged torevive the rubber plantations inArunachal Pradesh in order to boost theeconomy of the people.Chowna Mein said that there is hugepotential of rubber cultivations in the Stateand it has come up in a big way in thewhole of NE States some years back.However, there is reluctant among thepeople to grow because of the nonmarketing of their product. He urged theRubber Board to made subsidy availableto the farmers and increase their activitiesby conducting workshops for the peoplein order to restore the lost confidenceamongst the people on Rubber cultivation.Arunachal has highest land bank in theNorth East and has the potential to becomethe Rubber bowl of the North East.Dr Raghavan have assured to bring moreareas under Rubber cultivation in theState and also assured to impart trainingto the rubber growers for tapping and tofurther facilitate in marketing of the rubbersheets after harvest.5No proposal to bringpetroleum under GSTAt present, there is no proposal to bringcrude oil, petrol, diesel, jet fuel (ATF)and natural gas under Goods andServices Tax (GST), Finance MinisterNirmala Sitharaman said in a writtenreply to a question in the Lok Sabha.The law prescribes that the GST Councilshall recommend the date on which thegoods and services tax be levied onpetroleum crude, high-speed diesel,motor spirit (commonly known aspetrol), natural gas and ATF. So far, theGST Council, in which the states arealso represented, has not made anyrecommendation for inclusion of thesegoods under GST. The Council mayconsider the issue of inclusion of thesefive petroleum products at a time itconsiders appropriate keeping in view allthe relevant factors, including revenueimplication, Finance Minister said.The excise duty rates have beencalibrated to generate resources forinfrastructure and other developmentalitems of expenditure keeping in view thepresent fiscal position, Anurag SinghThakur, Minister of State for Finance,said giving reasons for raising the levy.India’s fuel consumption fell for the secondmonth in a row in February 2021 to itslowest since September 2020. Petroleumproduct consumption fell 4.9% to 17.21million tonnes in February as demand forboth petrol and diesel fell, according todata from the Petroleum Planning andAnalysis Cell (PPAC) of the Ministry ofPetroleum & Natural Gas.M a n y R e a d e r s , M a n y S e c t o r s ,Providing DirectLink to yourbut one Platform .URL & E-mail An Unique e-Marketing el.: 91 – 8087187855Email: promotyourself@rubber4u.comFor daily updates: www.rubber4u.blogspot.inwith an Unique Single Window information,where your advertisement is visible throughout the surfing,which no other website provides.Second Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

NATIONAL - Update 4 U6rtilisersfertilirtilisesersLimits on purchase of fePlantation sector in Southern India saidthat the Ministry of Chemicals &Fertiliser’s proposed decision toimplement a maximum limit for purchaseof subsidized fertilizers. The Ministry hasproposed the limit be fixed at 200 bagsper month per plantation.The United Planters’ Association ofSouthern India (UPASI) president,Prashant Bhansali said that the limitprescribed is very low for the plantationsector. The size and production of theplantation has to be taken into account.The allocation will have to be on a perhectare basis rather than per plantation,as the size of plantations ranges from afew hectares to a few thousandhectares. Each hectare of plantationrequires from 2 bags to 4 bags per monthdepending on the land productivity. Anyreduction in the allotment of subsidisedfertiliser will adversely impact manygrowers and the production will drop inlarger plantations, if adequate fertiliseris not applied. Plantations require thefertiliser during certain months of theyear, depending on the rainfall, andtherefore will not be in a position to buyevery month. The limits, if any, will haveto be allotted on an annual basis. Theannual requirement of fertilizers variesfrom 24 bags per hectare to 48 bags perhectare. Entitlement should be based onland holdings and land area is a morepractical criteria.The arbitrary fixation of limits withouttaking into account practical criteria willadversely impact the competitiveness ofthe industry, especially when it is goingthrough a difficult phase due to the risein the cost of production on account ofhigh wages and input costs.The proposed restrictions will haveserious implications for the exportcompetitiveness of plantationcommodities and will deny level playingfield in the international market. TheDepartment Related ParliamentaryStanding Committee on Commerce in its102nd report had observed that the highcost of production in plantations wouldadversely affect price competitiveness inthe world market. Accordingly, theCommittee had recommended to theDepartment to ensure that fertilisersubsidy is available to growers and toengage the State Governments for timelyavailability of fertilizers. The proposedmeasures will no way help in preventingthe misuse of fertiliser but will put genuinegrowers of plantation crops into greatdifficulty and inconvenience and,therefore, it is not justifiable, said Upasipresident.Govt offers sops to buy new vehiclesIndia will offer tax breaks and financialincentives to encourage owners to scraptheir old vehicles as part of a policy thatseeks to promote the use of fuel-efficientand cleaner automobiles while drivingsales of new vehicles.The automobile industry has beendemanding a vehicle scrappage schemeto generate demand for new vehicles whichhas remained subdued for the past twoyears. Welcoming the scrappage policy,the Society of Indian AutomobileManufacturers (Siam) said in a note thatindustry body will work closely with the roadtransport and highways ministry on issuessuch as the best way forward to expeditetesting infrastructure in a sustainable andscalable manner and the possibility ofinitiating vehicle fitness testing much earlierin the life cycle of a private vehicle, as isdone in developed countries.Commercial vehicles older than 15 yearsand passenger vehicles more than 20 yearsold will have to be scrapped if they fail topass fitness and emission tests, accordingto the country’s first-ever vehicle scrappageprogramme. Owners who voluntarily scrapvehicles will earn a road tax rebate of 1525% and a waiver of registration fees onthe purchase of a new vehicle. Automakershave been encouraged to offer a 5%discount on the purchase of a new vehicleagainst a certificate of vehicle scrapping.The scrap value of old vehicles will fetchowners around 4-6% of the price of a newvehicle, according to the policy.The policy in the long run is expected toimprove the fuel efficiency of vehicles,boost localisation, increase theavailability of low-cost raw materials forindustries and increase the GST revenuefor the Indian govt. Phasing out of theold vehicles is expected to increase thedemand in the industry and the overallturnover of the auto industry wouldincrease by around .5.5 lakh crore fromthe current .4.5 lakh crore.Ministry of Road Transport and Highways(MoRTH) has confirmed that the rulesfor fitness tests and scrapping centreswill be notified by 1st October 2021.Mandatory fitness testing for heavycommercial vehicles will begin from 1stApril 2023, while the other categories ofvehicles will be mandated for fitnesstesting in a phased manner starting from1st June 2024.Nitin Gadkari, minister for roadtransport and highways, said the policywill help reduce vehicular pollution,increase demand for new, fuel-efficientvehicles and boost employment. Thenew policy does not have any penalprovisions to help protect low-incomefamilies that own older vehicles.Fitness centres will be established ina public-private-partnership model tocheck vehicles and this can create alot of jobs. Investments ofaround .10,000 crore will be requiredto set up such centres.Second Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

NATIONAL - Update 4 U7JSS ties up with IRIA memorandum of understanding between IRI and JSSMahavidyapeetha was signed. JSS Mahavidyapeetha ExecutiveSecretary C.G. Betsurmath and R. Mukhopadhyay, Chairman,Governing Council, IRI, Mysuru, exchanged the documents inthe presence of Shivarathri Deshikendra Swami of Suttur Muttand other top officials of the Mahavidyapeetha.The centre has been established at an estimated cost of .60crore. IRI has decided to dedicate the Centre of Excellence toD. Banerjee, who is known as the Father of Indian RubberIndustry. The centre is aimed to be empanelled with RSDC,NSDC, and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurshipas a premier institute of skill development of rubber sector inthe country, according to a press release from IRI.The global economywill not achievea V-shaped recovery after theCovid-19 pandemickcilCatsJus o nliatedct yatCon of an mentesiterhetvA d S e e ce&enreDiffFor more details Call or Click: 91 – 8087187855 E-mail: u.comRubber & Rubber relatedCompaniesEquit y on Bombay Stock ExchangeCompany Name16.03.2120 MICRONSAKZOINDIAAPCOTEX INDS.APOLLO TYRESAVT NATURALBALKRISHNA INDS.BASF INDIABATA INDIABIRLA TYRESCEAT LTD.DOLFIN RUBBERSEASTERN TREADSELGI EQUIPEMENTSGOODYEAR (I)GOVIND RUBBERGRP LTD.GULF PETROHARRISON MALAYALHIMADRI CHEMICALINDAG RUBBERJK TYRE INDS.KESORAM INDS.KHADIM INDIAM.M. RUBBERMAHALAXMI RUBTECHMODI RUBBERMRF LTD.NOCIL LTD.ORIENTAL CARBONPHILIP CARBONPIX TRANSMISSIONPTL LTD.RELAXO FOOTWARERELIANCE INDS.RISHIROOP RUBBERRUBFILA INTERNAT.SOMI CONVEYORTINNA RUBBERTTK HEALTHCARETVS SRICHAKRVAMSHI RUBBER LTD.YASHO INDUSTRIES38.4536.1535.202399.202184.8 .7545.001638.701627.55 1690.452215.652081.60 2073.551487.401487.65 1404.6526.9525.0022.751577.551538.85 .60120.5593.4086828.85 84618.85 90869.60874.152100.452089.05 40NA36.80NA552.35532.55494.601794.801809.15 1776.2519.5519.4519.40248.25263.50341.75(Source: BSE)JSS Science and Technology University (JSS STU) Mysuru,which is in the forefront in bridging the gap between industryand institution, has collaborated with Indian Rubber Institute(IRI) to set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) at their campus.The JSS has provided 10,000 sq. ft of land on long lease to IRIfor establishing the Centre. The JSS has provided 10,000 sq. ftof land on long lease to IRI for establishing the Centre.Stock Market 4 You23.03.21 31.03.21THE RUBBER AND CHEMICALMERCHANTS ASSOCIATIONrcma.india@gmail.comSecond Section - Rubber4U - 1st April

In the Current ScenarioFor PROMOTINGyour productsTHIS SPACEAVAILABE@ .750/- per insertion40% DISCOUNTon yearly basisFor more details contact: 91 - ate4UCURRENCYCHANGETEEXCHANGERATECURRENCY EXEXCHANGE RARATEEXCHANGERATECurrencyChinese (Yuan)Europe (Euro)Indonesian (Rupiah)Japanese (Yen)Malaysian (Ringgit)Singapore (Dollar)Sri Lanka (Rupee)Taiwan (Dollar)Thailand (Baht)US (Dollar)Vietnam (Dong)On 16th MarINR/1UnitOn 31st .562.3373.230.0031Your Customers areSomeone else Prospects,If you won’t take care of them,Someone else will .Lots of optionAvailable to fit yourAdvertising BudgetFor Advt. Rates ysia, the world’s biggestThailand is expected to providerubber gloves manufacturer, is18% of the total, followed by 10%racing to increase production tofrom China and 3% fromclose a supply gap caused by theIndonesia, it said.covid-19 pandemic that it warnscould last until into 2023. TheGlove demand is expected toglobal supply of rubber gloves isbe robust until the secondVisit: /Statistic/Notices/Currency Conversionprojected to reach 420 billionquarter of 2022 as new normspieces this year, some 80 billion piecesdue to Covid-19 are expected to stayshort of the projected demand of 500and sustain current elevated demand.billion pieces, according to thePost pandemic, we think, demand forMalaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturersgloves will still grow more than preAssociation (MARGMA).Covid-19 rates, with an estimatedannual growth of between 12% andThere was a shortfall of 100 billion pieces15%, compared with an annual growthof rubber gloves last year, when globalof 8% to 10% before Covid-19.demand reached 460 billion but supplyOverall, the situation looks robust forwas only at 360 billion. In 2019, thet h e g l o v e i n d u s t r y. D u r i n g t h eshortfall was 40 billion pieces, whenpandemic, glove demand surged toglobal demand was 340 billion pieces, rubber gloves this year, 67% of that will b e t w e e n 2 5 % a n d 3 5 % , s a i dwhile supply reached 300 billion pieces. come from Malaysia, MARGMA told a MARGMA president Dr SupramaniamOut of the estimated global supply of virtual briefing on the industry’s outlook. Shanmugam.DemandDemandcontinuesto outstripsupplyysupplysupplYour Customers can besomeone else prospects.If you don’t take care of them,then someone else will .Be online to reach your Potential Customersat the lowest tariff to get Maximium ResponseFor more details Call or Click:Tel.: 91 – https://join.rubber4u.comwww.rubber4u.comAdvertise inRubber4U& reach,Make in IndiaMarkethaving a reach ofover 67,118 domesticreaders & worldwideover 1,12,382 readersSecond Section - Rubber4U - 1st April 2021

interNATIONAL - UpdateMeanwhile, the rubber glove industry isexpected to invest up to RM3 billionannually for capacity expansion,research and development andautomation to reduce reliance on foreignworkers. While productivity in glovemanufacturing has improved over theyears from needing 9.7 workers toproduce one million gloves back in2008 to needing 1.7 workers to producethe same quantity in 2020, the industryaims to further improve this ratio to 1.5workers for one million gloves by 2024,said Supramaniam.The demand for gloves will continue to risepost pandemic due to enhanced healthawareness, increased use of gloves in9industries such as the food and beverageand aviation industries, and an ageingpopulation. Global demand is far higher thansupply and expects this trend continuingnot only for 2021 but also going into 2022,with 13,318 gloves being used every singlesecond. The lead time currently is aboutseven months for the gloves to be deliveredto the end customer.Risda aims to raise household incomeRubber Industry SmallholdersDevelopment Authority (Risda) is aimingto raise smallholders’ monthlyhousehold income to RM4,500 throughthe newly launched Risda StrategicPlanning Model 2021-2025. The strategicplan is a continuation of Risda’s previousfive-year plan which ended last year andwas formulated in line with the 12thMalaysia Plan.According to a report, more idle rubberlands in the country have been recordeddue to declining number of rubber tappersand the unattractive prices of naturalrubber. While according to last year’sindustrial data, 63% or 682,914 hectareof rubber plantation in the country havebeen identified as abandoned as tappersstruggled to make decent returns duringthe pandemic.At a press conference, Rural DevelopmentMinister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad saidamong the initiatives formulated throughthe strategic plan is to encourage younggenerations to be involved in domesticagricultural production. We hope the newinitiatives introduced under Risda’s 20212025 strategic plan will help encourageyounger generations, especially thosefrom families who own rubber plantations,to continue working on their families’ lands.We want to promote Malaysia’s rubbercultivation and increase the localproduction given the high demand forrubber medical products by the healthcareindustry.The government has also increased theallocation for the rubber replantingprogramme. Risda also received anadditional allocation of RM15.7 millionto manage the plant’s disease,commonly known as pestalotiopsis.Risda Strategic Planning Model 20212025 is targeting seven key areas vizreplanted rubber plantation, increasedproductivity, farm commodity prices,human capital development, increasednumber of entrepreneur smallholders,higher household income and profitgrowth of Risda-owned companies.This year, the ministry has set asideRM410.8 million for Risda to implementa development programme involvingRM322.1 million for the smallholderrubber plantation area programme;RM58.7 million for productivityenhancement and smallholderdevelopment programmes; and RM30million for a new revenue developmentprogramme, said the minister.Think about pandemic situation, adapt and movealong with the technological trendRight time to change,ThinkofFutureMould your

(from Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K. Japan) GRADES M-30 / M-40 S-40V PS-40A, PM-40NS, DCR-40A, A-30, A-90, A-100, A-400, DCR-15H, M-130H & DCR-25 For sales enquiries contact: SPARTAN AGENCIES Indenting agents for Western Region of India only Tel.: 022 - 2850 5115, 4963 4057 Fax: 022 - 2852 1013 Email: www .

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2 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 01.06. 3 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 01.01. 4 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 15.08. 5 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 03.02. 6 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 02.05. 7 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 01.08. 8 Available from Standardization Documents Order Desk, Bldg. 4 Section D, 700 Robbins Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094, Attn: NPODS .