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YOUR ASIAN PARTNERIN THE BIG DATAREVOLUTIONGRUTERGruter has the technology totake your company global.Truly global.GOING GLOBALWITH GRUTERBig Data Platform DesignGruter specializes in helping companies develop successful Big Dataenvironments by designing carefully-modeled best-fit data platformsolutions. Gruter's expertise extends across the full data life cycle,ensuring prescient architecture, robust build, timely deployment andsimple operation and maintenance. Through a spirit of partnershipand collaboration, Gruter provides its clients with the tools, know-howand support needed to put Big Data to work for immediate bottom-lineoutcomes.Analytics ServicesData Feed ServicesGruter provides powerful social networkGruter also serves rich data feeds toanalytics and management servicescompanies which lack internal Big Datawhich put companies in control of theirfacilities. Through simple APIs, databrand in Asia, and bring localcan be accessed and utilized withoutengagement sensitivity to globalthe cost of maintaining internalmarkets.platform and systems.Big Data Platform DeliveryCompanies which are taking the plunge into the Big Data pool can save time and capital by installingGruter's full end-to-end Big Data platform, complete with in-house training, local customization, anduser-friendly web-based management

THE DATA DRIVEN COMPANYGRUTERThe tech team at Gruter is on a mission to empower companies withbetter data and deeper insight.Bio-informaticsThe challenge was to enter an entirely new domain in a hot tech area we wereunfamiliar with. Our client, we had to solve a massive storage problem: the complete genome of each individual maps to hundreds of GB. Our primary architectural goal was to design a system which was highly scalable and cost-effective.Hyeong-joon KimChief ArchitectMoreover, it had to be powerful enough to efficiently index and fetch specific sections of the genome at speed.Security and anomalous transactionsThe challenge was to design and configure a Big Data platform which could analyze enormous data streams from disparate data sources in real time in order todetect anomalous activity patterns. Collaborating with a global partner, we had tosolve a massive problem: performing real-time analysis on data flows requireshighly sophisticated event processing. Fortunately, Hadoop is the ideal solutionfor this problem.Jeong-shik JangR&D LeaderOur TeamData acquisition and deliveryThe challenge was to help a global web media giant crawl social network sites inTaiwan and Hong Kong in order to provide timely mass coverage data for portalcontent delivery. Collaborating with Yahoo!, we had to solve a massive problem:we had to acquire content from highly disparate sources across the web, norm-Doo-haeng LeeData Analystalize their formats, and deliver them in a timely fashion. To get the job done wefine-tuned our in-house smart crawler,

THE MOST SCALABLE BIG DATA PLATFORMON THE PLANET: QOOBAHQoobah is a revolutionary and fully-scalable Big Data platform based on Hadoop and the Hadoopecosystem of technologies. Combining a range of powerful open-source and in-house solutions,Qoobah is the culmination of Gruter's extensive data platform experience and can be tailored to suita wide range of local requirements.FEATURESIntegratedReliableData management handles control each stepof the data life cycle from harvesting, storageand analysis, to distribution.Data replication and redundancy giverobustness to data and meta dataprocessing.ScalableFlexibleScales to meet data flow requirementswithout system or service interruption.Modular design enables components to bemodified to suit local requirements.AccessiblePowerfulUser-friendly web UI and managementconsole simplifies queries in distributedenvironments.Distributed architecture facilitates maximumthroughput across the system.AffordableCutting-edgeHigh scalability and open-sourcecomponents on x86 machines supportlow-cost builds and conserve capital.Integrates the latest technologies into theHadoop ecosystem ensuring optimalperformance.QOOBAH COMPONENTS AND APPLICATIONSUser Analysis System (Social CRM, Log Analysis)Development APIUser Program (MapReduce)Machine Learning(Mahout)High-level Analysis ScriptLanguage (Hive)Data Collection(Flume, Sqoop)Real-time Analysis(Esper In-house)IndexingBatch Analysis Platform(Hadoop MapReduce)Search Store(Elastic Search)Near Real-time Analysis(Cloustream)Large-Scale StructuredData Store (HBase)Relational DataStore (RDBMS)File Store (Hadoop File System)Data Bus (Bamboo)Data Flow Management (Cloumon)Data Serialization / Network Protocol (Thrift, Netty)Distributed Coordinator (Zookeeper)Open-sourceIn-houseMonitoring / Management (Cloumon)

THE MOST USER-FRIENDLY HADOOPMANAGEMENT SOLUTION ON THE PLANET:CLOUMONTMThe powerful Hadoop open-source software stack requires careful integration, calibration and monitoring, which is why Gruter has developed its own in-house cloud management solution, Cloumon.With a user-friendly interface and management console, Cloumon enables system administrators tooptimize the Hadoop ecosystem and take control of the cloud across the full data life cycle.Hadoop File System ManagerHadoop MapReduce ManagerSystem monitoring and status managementFile managementMulti-cluster managementAutomatic server registrationFEATURESZooKeeper ManagerMapReduce cluster managementMapReduce job monitoringJob schedulingHive ManagementZooKeeper cluster managementZnode managementZnode ACL managementZnode watcher managementSchema managementQuery workbenchMapReduce task monitoringFlume ManagerMetrics MonitoringFlume cluster managementData flow managementAdditional Source, Sink and Decoratorplug-insCPU usageDisk usage (per partition)Network in/out trafficMemory usageHBase ManagerHBase cluster monitoringHBase data managementCLOUMON (HADOOP & HADOOP ECOSYSTEM MONITORING SOLUTION)Flume ClusterFlume MasterFlume NodeZookeeper ClusterZookeeperZookeeperZookeeperRegion ServerHadoop ClusterNameNodeFlume ManagerZookeeper ManagerHBase ManagerHive ManagerHBase ClusterHMasterCloumon Application ServerHadoop ManagerHost ManagerManager View(http)Job SchedulerAlarm Service(Mail, SMS)DataNodeDBMSCassandra ClusterCassandraJob WorkflowCassandraCassandraMetrics DataManagement

THE SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS SERVICETHAT BRINGS ASIAN ECONOMIC GROWTHTO YOUR DOORSTEPSEENALPowered by Gruter's revolutionary Big Data platform, Seenal givesyou access to Asian language social data from twitter and facebook tolocal market blogs. With a user-friendly web interface and feature-richreporting capabilities, Seenal is the global social analytics monitoringand engagement service you've been looking for.Languages: Korean; Japanese (under dev.); Chinese (under dev.)Media Channels: twitter; facebook; major local market blogsFEATURESMeasurable MetricsConversation ManagementIntelligent quantitative metrics facilitatechannel management, consumer engagement, and message dissemination.Integrated conversation managementdashboard enhances customer andmarket engagement.User-friendly data visualization graphsand tools give clarity and poignancy.Influencer IdentificationSentiment AnalysisClever analytics algorithms identifyimportant topics and voices, ensuringeffective and efficient listening.Powerful sentiment algorithms conveyweighted signals, enabling strategicengagement and risk management.SEENAL (SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING)

JOIN THE BIG DATAREVOLUTION GRUTERTrusted business partners and active tech community members, Gruter is working hard tohelp its friends and clients seize the exciting opportunities afforded by Big Data and Asianregion growth.Korea National Big Data Strategy Forum MemberKorea Hadoop User Group MemberACTIVITIESCloudata Open-source Project Member (, Korea Community Day 2011Presenter, Social Analytics Insight 2012Presenter, KRnet 2012SamsungYahoo! KoreaYahoo! Hong KongYahoo! TaiwanJoinsMSNThe Gvt. of South KoreaSKCheil WorldwideYonsei UniversityThe Hankook IlboGS

WELCOME TOTHE TECH CENTER OFNORTHEAST ASIASouth KoreaChinaJapanPacific OceanGRUTER, INC.5F Sehwa Office Building 889-70,Daechi-dong, Kangnam-gu,Seoul, South Korea 135-839 82 2 508 5911 82 2 508 mIndian E-GENERATINGPRODUCTSGRUTERTHE DATA-DRIVENCOMPANYCutting-edge platformarchitecturePowerful analytics andengagement toolsBig Data technology anddelivery excellenceThe latest HadoopecosystemtechnologiesNative Asianlanguage supportLocated in the techcenter of Northeast AsiaSocial and internalnetwork analyticsThe future ofbusiness intelligencetechnologyUser-friendly cloudmanagement

Flume Cluster Cloumon Application Server DBMS Flume Manager Zookeeper Manager HBase Manager Hive Manager Hadoop Manager Host Manager Metrics Data Management Data Job Workflow Job Scheduler Alarm Service (Mail, SMS) Manager View (http) Zookeeper Cluster HBase Cluster Hadoop Cluster Cassandra Cluster Flume Master Zookeeper HMaster NameNode Region .

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