System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

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System Wide InformationManagement (SWIM)Presented to:Date:March 16, 2015National Defense Industrial AssociationSystems Engineering DivisionPresented by: Jim Robb,SWIM Program Manager

Delivering NextGen Major InvestmentsLegacy SystemNextGenRadarVoice CommunicationsDisparate InformationTower controllerTerminalSatelliteVoice & Digital CommunicationsAutomated Decision Support ToolsEn-routeTerminalTowerNextGenAutomatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), System-Wide InformationManagement (SWIM), DataComm, National Airspace System (NAS) Voice System(NVS), Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)2FoundationalEn Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)2

SWIM: Information Access to Transform the Aviation CommunityLegacy operating environment:Point-to-point connectionsSWIM operating environment:Data Exchange(Published once, consumed by many)

NextGen Information Sharing ArchitectureMission Services/Application Layer:FDPS, STDDS, ITWS,AIM, etc.Common Support:Data Standards &HarmonizationEnterpriseMessaging:SWIM Core ServicesPhysical Network:FTI Operational IPnetwork providessecure transport

SWIM Infrastructure DeploymentNAS Enterprise Messaging Service BZMEOEXExisting NEMS NodesNEMS GatewayZTLR&D and FNTB NodesPlanned NEMS Nodes 2015ZFWZJXZHUZANPNOCCZMAMission Support Nodes (Admin)ARTCC SitesFTI Operations Center

Status of SWIM ServicesSWIM Terminal DataDistribution SystemSTDDSTime-Based FlowManagementTBFMSpecial UseAirspaceNOTAMDistributionServiceNDSNew AeronauticalSituationalDisplay to Industry (ASDI)Traffic Flow ManagementSystemSUAEnhanced WINSDisseminationWeather and RadarProcessorEWDWARPSWIM Flight d TerminalWeather SystemITWSSFDPSFTIN E S G - security gatewayNationalWeather Service2015NWSCorridor IntegratedWeather SystemSep’15CIWSExternal ConsumersWeather MessageSwitching CenterReplacementWMSCR

SWIM Product PortfolioAeronautical DataAeronautical Information Management (AIM) Special Use Airspace (SUA) DataExchange: Provides notification and status regarding airspaceSWIM Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS)*: Provides flight data and updates to clientsfor filed and active flight plans Interim Altitude Information Automated Radar Terminal System(ARTS) Flow Control Track/Full DataBlock Information Beacon Code ReassignmentBeacon Code RestrictedFlight Plan Data Bank (FDB) Fourth LineInformationExpected Departure Time Information Point Out InformationPosition Update InformationTentative Flight Plan Information Inbound Point Out InformationHandoff StatusFlight Plan information Flight Amendment Information Converted Route Information Cancellation InformationDeparture InformationAircraft Identification AmendmentInformationTime Based Flow Management (TBFM): Provides metering information Hold Information Progress Report InformationFlight Arrival Information Flight Plan Update Information SUA data, dynamically provided in theAeronautical Information ExchangeModel (AIXM) standard AIXM SUA definitionsNotices to Airmen (NOTAM) Distribution Service Digital NOTAMs AIXM 5.1Flight and Flow DataScheduled Time of Arrival (STAs)Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs)Meter Reference Elements (MREs)Assignments Airport configuration informationSatellite airport configurations Tentative Aircraft identificationAmendment InformationTentative Flight Plan RemovalTentative Flight Plan AmendmentInformationTrack InformationDrop Track Information Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS): Provides flight data and flow information Flow Constrained Area (FCA) / FlowEvaluation Area (FEA) Ground Stops (GS) Airspace Flow Program (AFP) Reroutes Aeronautical Situational Display to Industry(ASDI)Ground Delay Program (GDP) / UnifiedDelay Program (UDP) Advisories Collaborative Trajectory Options Program(CTOP) Airspace Data Publication Service*: Published by SFDPSSWIM Terminal Data Distribution Systems (STDDS): Collects and publishes data from 100 airports Airport Surface Detection Equipment,Model X (ASDE-X) streaming data serviceand Runway visibility data Runway Visual Range (RVR) DataSurface Movement Events (SME) Tower Departure Events (TDE) Sector Assignment Status Special Activities Airspace (SAA)Route Status Altimeter SettingOperational Data Publication Service*: Published by SFDPS Traffic Count Adjustment Beacon Code Utilization Instrument Approach Count Adjustment Geographic Beacon Code Utilization Sign In Sign OutGeneral Information Message Publication Service*: Published by SFDPS General Information*Service in development and on-ramping process

SWIM Product Portfolio (cont.)Weather DataIntegrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS) Data Publication: Provides specialized weatherWeather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) Publications: Providesproducts in the terminal area Airport Lightning WarningNWS textual aviation weather products Transmission of voice Pilot Reports(PIREPs) to WMSCR Configured Alerts Forecast Accuracy Tornado Detections Wind ProfileAnomalous Propagation (AP) IndicatedPrecipitationAP Status Forecast Contour Gust Front Estimated Time to Impact Forecast ImageGust Front TRACON MapMicroburst TRACON MapPrecipitation 5nm Precipitation Long Range Storm Motion 5NM Precipitation TRACONStorm Motion (SM) Storm ExtrapolatedPositions (SEP) 5nmSM SEP Long RangeSM SEP TRACONTerminal Weather Text NormalHazard Text 5nmHazard Text Long RangeHazard Text TRACONITWS Status InformationMicroburst Automatic Terminal InformationService (ATIS)Runway Configuration Storm Motion TRACONTerminal Weather Text SpecialWind Shear ATIS Tornado AlertAltimeter settingsStored PIREPsEnhanced Weather Information Network System Current Icing Product (CIP) Weather Research and ForecastingRapid Refresh (WRF-RR) Model Data North American Mesoscale (NAM) Model Data Global Forecast System (GFS) Model Data Airmen's Meteorological Information(AIRMET) National Convective Weather Forecast(NCWF) National Convective Weather Diagnostic(NCWD)Aviation Routine Weather Report(METAR)Significant Meteorological Information(SIGMET)Collaborative Convective ForecastProduct (CCFP) Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) PublicationsCorridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS) Data Publication*: Provides specialized 3D stormrelated weather information in the Enroute area Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) Mosaic(1km resolution) VIL Forecast Contours (Std. Mode) VIL 2-hr. Forecast VIL Forecast Contours (Winter Mode) Echo Tops Mosaic (1 km resolution) Echo Tops Forecast Contours Echo Tops 2-hr. ForecastSatellite MosaicStorm Info: Echo Top TagsStorm Info: Leading Edges Growth & Decay ContoursForecast Accuracy: Echo TopsForecast Accuracy: Std. PrecipForecast Accuracy: Winter Precip Storm Info: Motion Vectors WARP Maintenance and SustainmentServices (WMSS)*Service in development or on-ramping process Next Generation Weather Radar(NEXRAD)

SWIM Service ation(Data Arch, Design,HSV test)Operations Rollout /CutoverTerminal Automation Modernization andReplacement (TAMR)In ProgressIn ProgressTBDSep’15Data Comm Network Services (DCNS)Monitoring ServiceIn ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015NAS Information Display System (NIDS)ConsumerIn ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)Segment 2In ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015 Common Support Services –Weather (CSSWx)In ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015 Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)In ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015-16NAVLeanIn ProgressIn ProgressTBD2015-16Program

Current SWIM ConsumersConsumerData Type / SubscriptionAirlinesConsumerData Type / SubscriptionResearch & DevelopmentAmerican AirlinesASDE-X / LGA, BOS, MIAKent StateCIWS / all productsDelta AirlinesASDE-X / LGAMIT - Lincoln LabsASDE-X / all airports, WMSS NEXRADFedExASDE-X / MEMMITREASDE-X / all airportsJetBlueASDE-X /all airportsVolpeASDE-X / all airportsUnited AirlinesASDE-X / all airportsUSAIRASDE-X / PHX, DCAIndustryAllianceASDE-X / MEM, ATL, JFKAirports, FAA Facilities, & FAA ProgramsARINCCIWS / all productsAtlanta Airport AuthorityASDE-X / all airportsLockheed MartinASDE-X/ ATL, CLT, MSP, DTW, BOS, IAD, LASSan Francisco (SFO)Airport AuthoritySFO Airport Surface Surveillance Capability(ASSC) dataMOSAIC ATMASDE-X / LGA, JFK, BOS, ATL, PHL, EWR,ORD, IAD, CLT;ITWS / all productsSouthern CaliforniaTRACONASDE-X / San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beachairport dataPassurASDE-X / all airports / STDDSCIWSWMSS NEXRAD /all radar sitesRockwell CollinsCRCTASDE-X / LGA, EWR, JFKSabreOASISHWDS / all productsSensisCIWS / all productsASDE-X / all airports;ITWS / all productsASDE-X / ATL, JFKWARPEnhanced WINSVeracityASDE-X / LGA

How to become a user of SWIM services Getting started – Email your request –Contact Jim Robb, FAA Manager Enterprise Infrastructure Services Team, AJM-312Phone: 202-267-8357 (desk), 703-622-8563 (cell); e-mail: Two things are needed:1.2.Establishing an IP service connection to an FAA network security gateway; andEnsuring your application follows the FAA’s governance policies and standards forproducing/consuming SWIM data productsTake advantage of FAA-published user documentation Listed on the next slide

FAA Documents Available to SWIM Consumers* FTI OPIP User Guide (for External Connections) SWIM User Guide SWIM Jump-start Kit*Available


Contact InformationJim Robb, SWIM Program Manageremail: jim.robb@faa.govChris Pressler, SWIM System Engineeremail: chris.pressler@faa.govLinda Chen, SWIM Flight Data Publication Service Leademail: linda.chen@faa.govJeri Groce, SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System Leademail: jeri.groce@faa.govJoe Lahoud, SWIM Implementation Leademail:

related weather information in the Enroute area Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) Mosaic (1km resolution) VIL Forecast Contours (Std. Mode) VIL 2-hr. Forecast VIL Forecast Contours (Winter Mode) Echo Tops Mosaic (1 km resolution) Echo Tops Forecast Contours Echo Tops 2-hr. Forecast

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