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INTEGRATED AGRICULTUREAQUACULTURE PROJECT PROPOSALSOLWEZI DISTRICT, ZAMBIAThis project is the outcome of a group efforts to whom credit andtechnical responsibility go. This project is based on an assignmentwhich was given to course participants and supervised by Dr. AbdelRahman El Gamal as a part of “Fish Culture Development” Trainingcourse” in 2014. This annual course is organized by the EgyptianInternational Centre for Agriculture - (EICA). Names, photos andcountries of the team members are shown above and in a followingslide2014

Members of the GroupAlick Grunnie MbeweZambiaBishnu Prasad KhanalNepalNabayunga Stella WalugembeUgandaMohamed Zahangir AlamBangladeshSharaf El-Deen Zakaria HarounSudan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Project is targeting 3 enterprises (Poultry rearing, Fishand Vegetable farming) on 3 hectares of land. Fishfarming being the key enterprise. Its to be located in Solwezi district in Zambia. Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa with atropical climate and has a surface area of about 752,618Km2. In Solwezi District, however, the consumption of fish iseven much lower due to the massive increase inpopulation coupled with a lack of a major natural fisheryin the province.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY cont’d The per capita consumption of fish currently stands at6.5 kg. The soils in the district are clayey loams, implying thatthey are good for fish farming. The most commonly cultured fish species in theprovince are Oreochromis andersonii (Three spottedBream), Oreochromis machrochir (Greenhead Bream)and Tilapia rendalli (Redbreast Bream). The Project Proposal is about integration of O.andersonii with broiler chickens and vegetables.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY cont’d Fish production target-14.35 tonnes 1800 broilers per batch with an average weight of 3kgper bird. 40,000 cabbage pieces per season, with an average of0.8kg per head.

INTRODUCTION Integrated fish farming is a system of producing fish incombination with other agricultural/livestock farmingoperations centered around the fish pond Integrated aquaculture entails increasing the productivityof water, land and associated resources while contributingto increased food fish production Integrated aquaculture entails increasing the productivityof water, land and associated resources while contributingto increased food fish production.

INTRODUCTION cont’d This maximizes land utilization within a specific area, as italso utilizes land which would have otherwise been idle andalso makes one system of farming benefit from the other This closed system reduces costs associated withaquaculture and makes use of land which would otherwisehave been unutilised. This closed system reduces costs associated withaquaculture and makes use of land which would otherwisehave been unutilised. Fish convert plant and animal waste into high qualityprotein and simultaneously enrich pond mud for use asfertilizer on crop land

INTRODUCTION cont’d The systems also feed into each other as shown asthere are various interactions

OBJECTIVESGeneral: To maximize aquaculture production by way ofsynergic interactions with other farming systems onthe same piece of land.Specific: To increase per capita fish consumption in SolweziDistrict and surrounding areas To reduce unemployment amongst the youth

OBJECTIVES Cont’dSpecific: Cont. To increase income and tap into the foreign market To effectively use land which otherwise would be idle To pass on knowledge about integrated aquaculture To reduce the cost of conducting aquaculture To promote aquaculture in the area

PROJECT SITE AND DESCRIPTION Solwezi District is the Provincial Capital of North WesternProvince of Zambia. Its coordinates are 12.4167o S and 26.2305o E. The district is endowed with many water resources andwetlands making it an ideal place for fish farming makingit highly potential for the growth of aquaculture The district also has good soils, clayey loam soils that areideal for pond construction and crop farming purposes. The stream where water will be tapped from is free frompollution The project is easily accessible and has an all-weatherroad

PROJECT SITE AND DESCRIPTIONMap Showing the location of Solwezi District

JUSTIFICATION High demand for fish, chicken and vegetable High aquaculture potential Availability of perennial streams which enable pondfilling and drainage by gravity Fertile soils which are ideal for agriculture Good climatic conditions Availability of mono sex fingerlings Availability of labor

WATER SOURCE The source of the water is a perennial streamwith a gentle gradient that will allow filling anddraining of ponds by gravity. This will reduce costs associated with digging aborehole and pumping water in and out of theponds.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This will be a semi-intensive system where mono-sex cultureof Oreochromis andersonii (Three Spotted Bream) will becultured in integration with broiler chickens and vegetableson a 3 hectare land. The fingerlings will initially be conditioned in hapas mountedin rearing ponds for two days to monitor their performanceand check for mortalities and to ensure that only those withgood qualities are stocked. These will then be transferred to production ponds whichhave been fertilised using chicken manure to reduce the costof production and increase profit margin.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION (CONT.) The fingerlings will then be fed on a formulated feed with 40%crude protein at 5% body weight. This will be reduced as the fish grows older to 3% of theirbody weight for six (6) months, twice per day. The stockingdensity will be 4 fingerlings per square meter. The ponds will also be fertilized every two weeks or as whenthe bloom reduces in order to maintain high levels ofplankton in the ponds. Water parameters like Dissolved Oxygen (DO), PH andTemperature will be checked everyday using a water checkerand results recorded. Others like salinity will be measuredseasonally. Additionally, some vegetable waste will also be fed to the fish.

RIVERDrainage CanalRearing PondsOfficeWatertreatmentfacilityProductionPond 1ProductionPond 6ProductionPond 2ProductionPond 7ProductionPond 3ProductionPond 8ProductionPond 4ProductionPond 9ProductionPond 5ProductionPond 10Pond inletsPoultryHouseGardenPond outletsInlet CanalPond inlet

RATIONALE The direct discharge of fresh chicken manure to the fish pondsproduces enough natural fish feed organisms and increasesproduction without the use of any additional manure/fertilizer. The transportation cost of the manure is not involved. The nutritive value of applied fresh manure is much higher andis dry and mixed with bedding materials e.g. rice husk. Some parts of the manure is consumed directly by the fish. No supplementary feed is needed for the fish or if needed, it isin reduced amounts. No extra space is required for chicken farming as chicken housewill be constructed on the side of ponds. More production of animal protein will be ensured from thesame area of minimum land

ADVANTAGES The overall farm production and income willincrease. Pond sediments will be used to fertilise thevegetable gardens, thereby reducing cost ofmanuring of vegetables The pruned vegetables can be used to feedthe fish.

CULTURE TYPE This will be a semi-intensive system wheremono-sex culture of Oreochromis andersoniwill be cultured in integration with broilerchickens and vegetables-cabbage. It is also all about a closed energy flow systemwhere one agricultural sub-system feeds intothe other to maximize benefits and reduceoperational costs.


WATER PARAMETERS Water parameters will be measured everyday using awater checker viz dissolved oxygen (DO),temperature and pH . Turbidity will also be measured using a secchi diskevery week

OPERATION COSTSAquaculture Sub-system-Fixed CostsS/N ITEM DESCRIPTION12345678COSTQUANTITYLand (Traditional and privately3,200owned)Pond Construction(a)Productionponds-1,200(b) Conditioningponds-3503 73,970OfficeandStoreroomConstructionOffice Furniture & Computer &PrinterVehicle (4X4 pick up)Water CheckerFish BucketsSlashersWeighing ScaleUNIT(USD)TOTAL COST (USD)

Aquaculture Sub-system-Operational CostsS/N ITEM DESCRIPTIONUNIT COST (USD)QUANTITYTOTAL COST (USD)1Fingerlings0.08 (per fingerling)64,0002Maize Bran3.92 (25Kg)3Fish Feed-Grower (40%CP)36.89 (50Kg) 144 Kg/day X 3 months(12,960 Kg)9,561.894Fish Feed-Finisher (30%)34.55 (50Kg) 336 Kg/day X 2 months(40,320 Kg)13,930.565Hapas (8mX2mX1m)74.002148.006Seine Net 8501005,120.00392.00Sub-total37,992.45Grand Total111,962.45

Poultry Sub-system-Fixed CostsITEMQUANTITYPoultry House1 with semi detached 2poultry units and store.(Brick house with ironsheets).Feeding troughs40 feeding troughs376Manual drinkers15 drinkers118Lighting fixed/ Infra Red 5 lampsLampPRICE (USD)1,569125Water tank- capacity of 1 tank-plastic10,000litres.1,500Total cost3,688

Poultry Sub-system-Operational CostsITEMQUANTITYDay old chicksFeeds; Starter mash Growers mash. Finisher mash2000 per patch1,56032 bags of 50kg.60 bags of 50 kg48 bags of 50 kg9041,6951,357Stress packVaccines; Gumboro New castle Coccodiosis400 litresDewormers1 packAntibioticsElectricity costsWaterLabourWood shavings / coffee husksTotal costs1 packmonthlymonthly8 weeks8 sacks200g2000ml1 pack (100 doses)COST ( USD)27.857.8515.703.9215.7030.819.27721.65,698

Vegetable Sub-system-Operational CostsItemQuantity requiredSeeds30 sachets5.1153Fertilisers4 litre jerry can of DI GROW46.146.1Insecticides andpesticides-Assorted varietiesMangozip, syperlacer etc15.7157.71Tractor-ploughing2 acres57.5115Labour/casualworkers.3- one permanent and 2temporaryFuel /transport costs .105 litresTotalUnit price (USD)Amount/ budget(USD)1151.46153.3640.11

Vegetable Sub-system-Fixed CostsItemQuantityrequiredUnit price(USD)Budget (USD )Farm tools ; Wheel barrows. Shovels. Rakes Hoes Watering cans Spray pump( 20 715.731.441.7021.9838.4Safety boots339.25117.75Gum boots37.0621.16TOTAL444.84

DEPRECIATIONItemAsset Value ( )Life SpanYearly Depreciation( )Land9,600--Pond construction12,700--Office and Storeroom Construction7,00020350Office Furniture & Computer & Printer2,0005400Vehicle (4X4 pick up)42,00058,400Water Checker5001050Fish Buckets50510Slashers80240Weighing Scale4058Hapas148274Seine190295

DEPRECIATION (Cont.)ItemAsset Value ( )Life SpanPoultry House.Feeding troughsManual drinkersLighting fixed/ Infra Red Lamp1,56937611812520551Yearly Depreciation( )78.4575.2023.60125Water tank- capacity of 10,000litres.1,50010150Wheel burrows.Shovels.RakesHoesWatering cansSpray pump( 20 litre 8515.7020.854.4019.2Safety bootsGum boots117.7521.162158.8821.16

PROJECT OUTCOME Increased fish,production.poultryandvegetable Increased per capita fish consumption. Increased income.

PROJECT FINANCE-FISH PRODUCTIONItemValueSelf-finance%ValueExternal finance%ValueFixed CostsLandPond ConstructionThis project willbe self-financedfor up to 10.7%and 89.3% by ffice and Storeroom Construction7,0000Office Furniture & Computer & icle (4X4 pick up)Water CheckerFish BucketsSlashersWeighing ScaleSub-total00Operational CostsFingerlingsMaize BranFish Feed-Grower (40% CP)Fish Feed-Finisher (30%)Hapas ne Net 5

PROJECT FINANCE- POULTRYItemValueSelf financePoultry Housing.Feeding troughsManual drinkersLighting fixed/ Infra Red Lamp%Fixed Costs1,5690376100118100125100Water tank- capacity of 10,000 liters1,500Sub-totalDay old chicksFeeds; Starter mash Growers mash. Finisher mashStress packVaccines; Gumboro New castle CoccodiosisDewormersAntibioticsElectricity costsWaterLabourWood shavings / coffee husksSub-total0External tional 000000100100100100000030.819.207721.6

FINANCE TABLE-VEGETABLE SUB-SYSTEMItemValueSelf finance%External financeValue%ValueFixed CostsSeedsFertilisersInsecticides and pesticidesTractor-ploughingLabour/casual workers.Fuel /transport .57Operational CostsFarm tools Wheel barrows. Shovels. Rakes Hoes Watering cans Sprayer (20 liter capacity)Safety bootsGum bootsSub-totalGrand 7

MAIN ACTIVITIESPOND CONSTRUCTION AND STOCKING There will be two types of ponds, namely conditioning andproduction ponds. The size of the conditioning ponds will be 500m2 each. Twohapas, with the measurement of 8mX 2mX1m, will bemounted in these ponds and will stocked with fingerlings forconditioning for 24-48 hrs. Thereafter, the fingerlings will be transferred to tenproduction ponds measuring 50mX30m (1,500m2) each. The stocking rate is 4 fish per square meter The fingerlings will be fed with fish feed containing 40% CP at5% body weight for the first three months, then reducingquantities to 3% of body weight and 30% CP.

POULTRY REARING 2000 day old broiler chicks will be reared in each productionbatch, for a period of 6 weeks to 8 weeks Poultry farm size is going to be 150 m by 150m. 3 poultry houses are to be constructed size 20 m-length by 5m-width with a storeroom of 4 m by 4 m. Stocking rate will be20 birds per square meters during brooder, then 10 poultrybirds per square meters in the next growing stages hence splitin the 2 houses. The broilers will be reared in sequential manner, as first batchgets to 3 weeks, another batch of 2000 day old are stocked.

VEGETABLE PRODUCTION 2 acres of land will be utilized for horticultural growing, inparticular cabbage- Gloria variety. Production period will be 16 weeks per batch grown. Spacing will be 10 inches apart in rows and 36 inchesbetween each plant.

ACTIVITY CHART- AQUACULTUREACTIVITIESLand acquisitionPond constructionFertilisation of pondsProcurement of hapas/netsNet/hapa mountingProcurement of H6789101112

ACTIVITY CHART-POULTRYMONTHACTIVITIESConstruction of poultry housePreparation of poultry houseProcurement of feeding and drinking equipmentProcurement of vaccines.Procurement of FeedsProcurement and stocking of chicksPoultry raisingSelling of first batchCleaning and rest to the poultry houseProcurement of feedsProcurement of vaccines.Procurement and stocking of second batch chicksPoultry raising of second batchSelling of second batch broilersCleaning and rest to the poultry houseProcurement of feedsProcurement of vaccines.Procurement and stocking 3rd batch chicksPoultry raising of the 3rd batch chicks12345678910 11 12

ACTIVITY CHART-VEGETABLEMONTHSACTIVITIESProcurement of farming equipmentClearing of the landPloughing of landNursery bed preparationSowing of seeds in NurseryPreparation of the main bedTransplanting of Cabbage Seedlings.Weeding.Harvesting and sales of Cabbage.Land Preparation for subsequent plantingSowing of seeds in NurseryTransplanting of Cabbage Seedlings.Weeding.Harvesting and sales of Cabbage.123456789101112

PROJECT OUTPUT (COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS)Net Income Total Sale Income - Total Expenses (inUSD)PERFORMANCE INDICES1. Production costs of fish per kg 37,992.45/14,348.80 2.65 (From 2nd cycle)Cost of fish per Kg 6.00Since production costs of fish per kg is less than cost of fish per kg after sales, theenterprise is viableProductivity per m2/cycle: Total fish (kg) in a cycle0.95 KgArea of farm (m2)2. Net income Total sale income - Total operating cost 69,190.40 - 37,992.00 31,198.403. Percentage return on operating cost 31,198.40 X100 82.1 % (2nd Cycle)37,992.45This shows that the project is viable

MARKETING Advertisement will be done on the local radio andtelevision stations. Most of the fish will be sold at the farm due to highdemand. The surplus will be taken to the market. Grade A (250g and above) price 5/kg Grade B (150g and 250g) price 4/kg Grade C ( 150g) price 3/kg

PROJECT OUTLOOK Competition- no competition at the moment Sustainability- by re-investment, qualified staffemployed, high demand of fish, chicken &vegetables and low cost of production Challenges- High cost of feed Threats-disease outbreaks, & pest attack onvegetables

FINANCIAL APPRAISAL-Total Investment CostItemValue ( )Rate (%)Rate (%)Fixed AssetsBuildings and civil works21,26952.5Subtotal 121,26952.52,00052.5500105.0Fish buckets1052.5Slashers8021.0Weighing scale4052.5Hapas/seine nets33821.0Feeding troughs/drinkers49452.5Lighting bulbs12510.5Subtotal 23,587105.0Water tank1500105.015731.51621.0Office furnitureWater checkerWheel burrowsShovels

FINANCIAL APPRAISAL-Total Investment CostItemValue ( )Rate (%)Rate (%)Fixed AssetsRakes3121.0Hoes4221.0Watering cans & sprayer6021.01,806105.0Safety boots1182.01.0Gum boots211.00.5Vehicle42,0005.02.5Subtotal 442,13910.05.0Total Fixed AssetsPre-operational Costs68,801Pre production expensesInterest during constructionTotal Pre-production CostsWorking CapitalTotal Investment Costs150.00.0150.00.068,951Subtotal 3

AnnualDepreciationDepreciation %Depreciation ValueItemAsset ValueResidual ValueDepreciation and Amortization (USD)Buildings and civil works21,269.00 0.0Fixed Operational Costs3,587.00 0.03,587.00 10.0358.70Vegetable tools1,806.20 0.01806.20 10.0180.6042,138.90 0.042138.90 10.04,213.907,860.00 20.0%1,572.00VehiclePre-operational costsTotal7,860.00 0.076,661.10 0.021,269.00 5.076,661.101063.507,388.70

Annual quantities and values ofproductionQuantitiesOperating efficiencyQuantities Produced and sold (in kg)Fish Sales (Grade B & C)Fish Sales (Grade A)Sale RevenuesFish Sales (Grade B & C)Fish Sales (Grade A)Chicken salesCabbage salesTotal 0057,395.2010,444.006080.0085,398.20

Maintenance and Administrative CostsItemAssetValueMaintenance AnnualRate %ValueMaintenanceBuildings and civilworksFixedCostsOperationalVegetable toolsVehicleFixed Assets Insurance ive Costs(4% of value ofsales)3,415.90Total7,012.30

Wages and SalariesItemNumberMonthlyWagesAnnualWagesFarm manager12002,400.00Pond operator11001,200.00Poultry worker11001,200.00Garden worker11001,200.00Security Guard11001,200.00Total .008,820.00

Annual Operating CostsItemMaterial costMaintenance&Administrative CostWages and 70

Materials and Fingerlings CostItemFeeds and maize branFingerlingsTotalCost23,884.505120.0029,004.50

Working CapitalItemBasisValueInventories:Feed1 year23,492.45Medicine1 year4,693.81Sub total28,186.26Cash requisites.wages & salaries1 year8,820.00Over heads (Contingency)1 year8,603.30Maintenance & Administrative costs1 year7,012.27Sub totalAccounts receivableTotal24,435.571 month sales7116.5259,738.35

Key economic parameters of the IntegratedAgriculture-Aquaculture ProjectIndicatorInternal Rate of Return(IRR)Pay Back PeriodNet Present ValueValueComment33.5% Project is viable2.98 years 78,206 Project is viable sinceNPV is positiveNet Present ValueBenefits 385,215Net Present Value-CostsBenefit-Cost Ratio 307,0091.25 Since B/C rati

•Project is targeting 3 enterprises (Poultry rearing, Fish and Vegetable farming) on 3 hectares of land. Fish farming being the key enterprise. •Its to be located in Solwezi district in Zambia. •Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa with a tropical climate and has a surface area of about 752,618 Km2.